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Did Roseanne Confuse Valerie Jarrett with Huma Abedin?
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Roseanne Barr may well have gotten Obama’s Iran-born righthand woman Valerie Jarrett, who isn’t at all distinctly black-looking (especially after all the work she appears to have had done), confused with Hillary’s Saudi-raised righthand woman Huma Abedin, who has often been accused of having ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Stir in a few Ambien and a comedienne’s knack for non-sequitur connections …

Everybody is assuming “planet of the apes” is a metaphor for sub-Saharan Africans. (Why?) But I’d hardly be surprised if Roseanne used it instead as a metaphor for Jarrett’s unrealistic-looking make-up and plastic surgery, topics that Roseanne likely thinks about a lot. (The recent revival of The Planet of the Apes franchise used excellent computer generated imagery, but the famous original 1968 version, which came out when Roseanne was a teen, used blatant rubbery masks.)

I’m not an expert on Roseanne, but I bet she now and then makes mean jokes about what other ladies of a certain age (Jarrett is 61, four years younger than Barr) do to try to stave off the ravages of time.

Do you think Roseanne thinks about plastic surgery on occasion? From the New York Times in 1996:

After Nips And Tucks, What Is ‘Roseanne’?

For the last few years the sitcom ”Roseanne” and the star Roseanne have been dancing around a tricky question, How can a rich, powerful, surgically revamped Hollywood star remain a working-class heroine? This season the show is confronting that question with a plot twist that might be the smartest, or the worst, thing the show ever did. The fictional Conner family won the lottery, $108 million worth. Roseanne Conner had a fast, tongue-in-cheek plan for spending the cash. ”I’m getting me a ton of plastic surgery,” she said.

The real Roseanne has already been there, of course. In the eight years since her show began, she has transformed herself from a stand-up comic making jokes about being a domestic goddess in a trailer park into a glitzy celebrity trailing gossip wherever she goes. She has turned into a one-name wonder, like Cher or Madonna. And she has transformed her face, as every week’s opening credits proudly display. In a series of photographs from the show’s beginning to now, Roseanne, after about a ton of plastic surgery, comes to resemble a distant relative of her former self.

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  1. I would not be surprised if Roseanne has a pill dependency and was not thinking very clearly when tweeting. Studios will likely demand stars who are at risk of making PR errors delete their Twitter accounts.

    • Replies: @Percy Gryce
    , @Dave Pinsen
  2. Maybe she’ll have to step up throwing down the J-card … was this the first throwdown?

    But the reality is that Roseanne had the temerity to go after one of the women closest to Obama. Remember what happened when Joan Rivers called Michelle O a tranny? Roseanne has, at least for now, escaped with her life.

    • Agree: TheBoom, PV van der Byl
    • Replies: @Forbes
    , @sayless
  3. She posted the following about Huma Abedin some time back per the Daily Beast: “In an August 2016 Twitter rant, she claimed “jew hater hillary clinton’s handler huma weiner is a filthy nazi whore.”

    She tends to re-tweet a lot of fringe conspiracy stuff about Pizzagate and the like. No indication she actually meant Huma A instead of Valerie J, She re-tweeted the below.

    • LOL: Seamus Padraig
  4. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    I doubt it was ambein It was cocaine and alcohol.

    • Replies: @larry lurker
  5. Clyde says:

    Her show was on hiatus until next season’s filming starts. She was under lots of pressure and the show was a smash. So she’s celebrating and loosening up with pill popping. Ambian was just one — My take. This drug is called a hypnotic? lol
    Was she tweeting under the influence, some influence? Yes. Just shows how stupid and cruel powerful Hollywood liberals are. They fired 200 people who worked on that show, most were liberal I am sure/

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  6. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    They have you thinking and talking about them, so you have given them pieces of your life.

    If it feed$ Hollywood or Washington, best to ignore.

    Let them tie each other to the same anvil and jump off the same bridge.

  7. George says:

    Holmes, I think you’ve got it. I would add Valerie Jarrett in some or most pictures looks white. I would even say she has an Eastern European or Slavic look. She could pass for Jewish. Maybe Jewish Roseanne just looked at some pics of Jarrett figured she was Jewish and didn’t consult Wikipedia.

    Jarrett’s familly history is not especially African.

    One of her maternal great-grandfathers, Robert Robinson Taylor, was the first accredited African-American architect, and the first African-American student enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[4]

    • Replies: @anonymous
  8. CK says:

    Her show has all that America can aspire to:
    Dependent female child and its entitled teen brat mooching off working class parents.
    Mixed marriage child and father waiting while wife finishes another tour in some middle eastern nation. Pussy hat wearing unmarried wall crashing aunt.
    Dim bulb other child trying to be a rent a womb.
    And really uplifting and “edgy” dialogue … liberal pieties dialogue.
    And with Goodman and Barr TV is officially a vast waist land. ( courtesy of Newton N. Minnow)

  9. Sirhc says:

    Jarrett’s odd face is the result of botched (ain’t it all?) plastic surgery??

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @e
    , @Anonymous
  10. @Clyde

    Just shows how stupid and cruel powerful Hollywood liberals are. They fired 200 people who worked on that show, most were liberal I am sure/

    I suppose I should be more charitable, but these 200 Liberals are part of an industry that paints me and mine the enemy, for being, well, WHITE. My White ancestors, all of our ancestors, are the ones that made it so comfy for these liberals that hate us right down to handing over the media megaphone through which they denounce us. White Men=Rape. Riiight. Honest examination of AG and FBI stats shows Jews in Hollywood rape, Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims on the streets rape at rates thousands of times higher than White men, most of this against White women, appropriately enough since feminism drives most of this. But White men get credit for this criminality of others. These ‘poor’ 200 people from Barr’s show derive their succor from this culture. So this is just the best, hilarious and wonderful.

    Forgive me my lack of forgiveness and my mirth at seeing these reprehensible cockroaches eat each other. You’d think their followers would notice their own hypocrisy in all this. They turn out to be the worst of all. But yeah, Trump’s the problem.

    • Replies: @CJ
    , @Byrresheim
  11. Katusov says:

    Rosie should not have issued an apology after her tweet. SJW’s always see an apology as an admission of guilt and will continue the attacks.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  12. Coag says:

    It’s all in the perm. Valerie Jarrett objectively looks like Helena Bonham Carter’s character from the 2001 Planet of the Apes movie. Even liberals have to snicker at the comparison down to the late 90s mall salon hairstyle. Just as it’s hilarious to point out that George W. Bush often resembled a chimp puckering up its lips to make a hoot, or that Trump shares characteristics with an orangutan.

    Roseanne should have doubled down instead of conceding that her opponents have any coherence whatsoever. Humans of any race being ape-like should be acceptable. She could attack her opponents as arch-creationists. In fact non-apelike people shouldn’t be trusted.

    • Replies: @gp
  13. @Ali Choudhury

    They just need to have someone else manage those accounts. That’s what many gaffeless stars do.

  14. This is what Winning looks like.

    No. 1 rated television show with boy wearing a dress — cancelled!

    ABC / MSM mediaverse further exposed as hair-trigger PC enforcer Obama sycophants. Trump gets a tweet out of it.

    Unemployable Roseanne now a 24/7 alt-right Twitter presence, with nothing to lose and even fewer inhibitions than before. A big slice of her TV audience is angry and looking for an outlet, such as the 2018 elections.

    Plastic Streisand Effect : sudden attention to Valerie Jarrett photos makes the public consciously aware that she does, in fact, resemble a Planet Of Apes rubber mask. “We were 8 years in power” only to be remembered forever after as a cheap film prop.

    And it is barely a day into the affair.

  15. eD says:

    I’m not a PR or media type, but my guess is that the best way for the network suits to handle this is to put out a statement reminding people what their actors and other employees say off the set does not reflect the views of the corporation, and then advise Barr privately that she should delete her twitter account.

    • Replies: @Louis Renault
    , @Autochthon
  16. I can’t speculate on Roseanne’s intake of mood-altering substances. No doubt, there is much merit to the comments already posted here on that subject.

    Yes, Huma Abedin has all sorts of strong family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and maybe Roseanne was confusing Huma with Valerie Jarrett in some way.

    But, keep two things about VJ in mind:

    1. She was a red diaper baby.
    2. She was born in Iran.

    Her parents were relatively light-complectioned black Americans rather than Persians, though, and her father was a medical doctor. While the family wasn’t Muslim, Valerie Jarrett’s environment was hostile to traditional American society from the beginning and defaulted to sympathy for anti-American causes and regimes on every occasion.

    Roseanne may have been addled, but she wasn’t all wrong.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Karl
  17. anonomy says:

    Maybe she was making a scientific observation and just didn’t write it in the proper format.

  18. This image might show what she was thinking.

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  19. I think it is the horrible Tim Burton remake between the original Planet Of The Apes and the New CGI POTA that is in reference. Tim Burton famously loves old fashioned practical effects, and used make up on humans to make his apes, just less severe make up than the original, so that his apes came off looking pretty human. LOOK at Helena Bonham Carter as “Ari” in Burton’s POTA and look at a picture of Jarrett…. tell me you don’t see similarities. Of course W was compared to a Chimp over and over and over… but the Left’s hypocrisy is a well deep and wide and no complaint about it ever sticks

  20. How can a rich, powerful, surgically revamped Hollywood star remain a working-class heroine?

    The article easily answers it’s own question.

    Conner had a fast, tongue-in-cheek plan for spending the cash. ”I’m getting me a ton of plastic surgery,” she said.

    Cosmetic surgery is aspirational for White Working Class women.

  21. songbird says:

    That’s the impression that I got: she was talking about the rubbery-looking face. The “muslim brotherhood” part of it seemed non-sequitur and drug-induced. Huma doesn’t look a lot like VJ, but maybe she was confusing their roles and not their faces.

  22. @academic gossip

    Don’t forget all the lefties working in production and the ecosystem surrounding this show just got their jobs cancelled…

    …And ABC/Disney being so petty they threw away a billion dollar project

    #MAGA #Winning

  23. @academic gossip

    That’s actually a pretty good summing up of things. Roseanne was reliably left-liberal.i wonder if this is because she took a call from Donald Trump on her show?

  24. Jack D says:

    I don’t think it was Huma. Jarrett really does look like one of the original Planet of the Apes ape women, not because she is black but maybe because of all the plastic surgery she has had.

    • Replies: @snorlax
  25. Rotten says:

    Instead of apologizing, she should have said that her Twitter comment was a reference to the politics of Jarret.

  26. I really don’t understand the controversy; her commentary seems to be that which Don Rickles used to make on gays, Blacks, whatever. And people PAID to see and hear that. So she wants to be on the leading edge of identity humor; isn’t that the whole point of recognizing the reality of America?

    Disney can do what it wants vis-a-vis diversity.

    So can customers.

    • Replies: @sayless
  27. “Everybody is assuming “planet of the apes” is a metaphor for sub-Saharan Africans“

    No, anyone who says “ape” in any way plausibly or implausibly associated with anything black gives the mob permission to burn the witch.

  28. Currahee says:

    Valerie certainly scores high on Paper Bag Test (or is it Plastic Bag Test?)

  29. She came from Commerce City, which is the little, industrial shit area on the north side of Denver. (If you can call anything in Colorado “industrial.”)

    Never my cup of tea, but I was happy when she returned with a TV show that was pro-Deplorable. Now she’s gone and f*cked it all up. Even our side seems to be ruled by actresses.

    The best thing would be if we all grew some thick skin and just let others make fun of whatever: what animals we look like, etc. Let everyone be like Don Rickles.

    • Replies: @TheBoom
  30. Don’t know if Barr confused the two, but I think I did. When I saw the picture of Jarrett, I didn’t recognise her.

    Is it known what, if anything, triggered Barr’s tweet against Jarrett? Had Jarrett recently been in the news? And what are Jarrett’s supposed links to the Muslim Brotherhood?

  31. Forbes says:
    @The Alarmist

    Roseanne had the temerity to go after one of the women closest to Obama.

    Hasn’t/didn’t Valerie Jarrett moved in with the Obama’s in their new DC digs…

    • Replies: @Clyde
  32. BenKenobi says:
    @academic gossip

    Lenin said “the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

    Now we can say “The Left will give us the ammunition with which we will shoot them (metaphorically and in self-defense).”

  33. Stogumber says:

    “How can a rich, powerful, surgically revamped Hollywood star remain a working-class heroine? ”

    Leftists are stupid. Take Dolly Parton, who has come from a dirt-poor family and has been proud or even boastful about her plastic surgery. Which didn’t damage, but improve her working-class-redneck cred – because that’s what a lot of working-class-redneck women would do as well, if they had the money.

    • Agree: Dave Pinsen
  34. OT unusually Onion-esque article on NXIVM bdsm pyramid:

    The headline and first five paragraphs seem like a deliberate, sustained imitation of the Onion style as a format for reporting Real News.

    • Replies: @CK
  35. Truth says:

    They have plastic surgery to hold off ever more obvious the Y-chromosome, for the most part. It is a Hollywood “actresses’” greatest enemy; not age.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  36. CJ says:
    @Jim Christian

    Q. Whaddaya call 200 Hollywood liberals thrown out onto the street?

    A. A good start.

  37. Anon[162] • Disclaimer says:

    What do you mean by “ain’t it all?”?

  38. Anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    She said she thought Valerie Jarrett was Jewish, so it’s unlikely she confused her with Abedin:

    “Roseanne Barr I Was Ambien Tweeting … And I Thought Valerie Was Jewish”

  39. @eD

    A bit late for that. They might want to have the legal team look up “breach of fiduciary duties” since they just blew a $1billion on a policing a twitter account. I wonder who signed the initial deal with Rosanne. Why are they still employed?

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  40. @Jim Christian

    No need to be charitable in the least.

    If you do not wish bad on these people, you are a moral paragon already.

    While I keep trying hard not to wish anyone any harm and mostly succeed, I don’t even think about compassion for those (please insert insult to suit your personal taste).

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  41. Anon[162] • Disclaimer says:
    @PV van der Byl

    Her father worked under a pro-American regime in Iran.

    • Replies: @PV van der Byl
  42. Clyde says:

    Hasn’t/didn’t Valerie Jarrett moved in with the Obama’s in their new DC digs…

    This is what we heard months ago. Is she still bunking there? Who knows. I think VJ is a major Mooch confidant and buddy, in addition to being the éminence grise behind Obama. She is sly and conniving, so a natural fit with Hussein. Valerie Jarrett is a slumlord too.

    Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett Linked to Real Estate ……
    Ms. Jarrett refused to comment to the Globe on the conditions of the complex. “Like Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett is a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine. And it is no stretch to say that she was a slumlord,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “We have real concerns about Jarrett’s ethics.

    • Agree: jim jones
  43. TheBoom says:
    @Buzz Mohawk to remember back to the time of Rickles when a Jew was comically abrasive and getting the joke was a sign you were not uptight

  44. Thomm says:

    Zira wasn’t ugly (Charlton Heston was willing to kiss her). But still…

    Regarding the likelihood of Abedin being the intended target, the reaction would not have been much different.

    AbedinAbedinAbedinAbedin;That’s all, Folks!

  45. Karl says:
    @PV van der Byl

    16 PV van der Byl > Yes, Huma Abedin has all sorts of strong family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood

    they made some easy money off of being Sunni – but that’s what Pakistanis resident in Saudi ==do==

    Huma night have had a reduction-rhinoplasty, but not much of one. Any average wannabe actress/model in Karachi gets the shnozz shaved down MUCH further. THEY WANT TO LOOK WHITE

    Even ISIS only partly depends upon Islamic-fervor for its recruitment program. You’re aware of it because that’s the angle they show off in the West.

    In the MENA, they put a strong emphasis on the pussy that ISIS fighters get

    Very very ocassionally, you’ll see an older Palestinian guy make a suicidal attack here. Post-event detective work, usually shows that the guy was having bad personal-financial problems, with the immediately-attendant redpill problem of not getting much pussy at home

    Those are the guys who might take a gamble on the “72 Virgins” thing being true. They ALREADY feel that they’re in a life sentence of bad luck.

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
  46. Let them tie each other to the same anvil and jump off the same bridge.


  47. Deebe says:

    Possibly. Confusing Valerie Jarrett and Huma Abedin is as easy as confusing Joseph Goebbels and Steve Sailer.

    • Replies: @CK
  48. anonymous[376] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s ironic to hear and read about people who complain about white “privilege” trying to protect (as if she needs protection) a woman who exudes that very quality.

  49. Dave Pinsen says: • Website
    @Ali Choudhury

    Roseanne’s character on her show had a problem with pain pills, due to a knee injury. In real life, Roseanne broke her knee a couple of years ago, and tweeted pictures of a horrible scar after surgery to repair it. So, it’s possible she’s on some stuff.

  50. CK says:
    @academic gossip

    John Norman had the sex slave branding bit long before Ms. Mack.
    And I do believe that the ottomans and their predecessors way before Mr. Norman.
    Living property has a long history of being branded. Old Western Cattle Branding Irons are highly
    collectible and increasingly rare.
    It ain’t no thing if you are holding the Iron, it can be a thing if you are taking the heat.

    The newest form is Freeze branding using liquid nitrogen.

  51. CK says:

    Ambiguity, and first comment.

  52. What a great opportunity for Russia Today or Al Jazeera to enter the sitcom market and attract American viewers!

    • Replies: @S. Anonyia
  53. @Byrresheim

    If you do not wish bad on these people, you are a moral paragon already.

    Nah, bad Karma that. But I’m happy to see them destroy themselves once their deeds are done.

  54. L Bean says:

    Short answer, yes. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s getting a paycheck for her now almost constant Emmanuel Goldstein-ing. Come to think of it, her “original” character was meant to do this too. Up until the Roseanne show started no fat woman had a central role, and certainly no POOR WHITE TRASH fat woman, with a nasty mouth, and her sort of exaggerated slovenliness. It was clearly a “schtick”, but it really riled up people at the time. I remember older people referring to her as a “fat slob”, etc. Her face was plastered on every tabloid so even those who didn’t watch the show were forced to embrace her “arrival”. This is all before her real life scandals even commenced. Her being a whiney, crass fat person, who appeared to “play herself” on TV was enough to bring on the 5 minutes of hate in 1980s America. It was probably the first “hate watched” show.

  55. sayless says:
    @The Alarmist

    Joan Rivers, yes.

    “He’s gay and she’s a tranny.”

    She had to say it again for the reporter. She added we all know it or everyone knows it. It wasn’t meant as a joke.

  56. PapayaSF says:

    Roseanne made a bad joke about “Obama’s Rasputin,” who of course is a veteran of dirty and corrupt Chicago Democrat politics. Obviously she was in on Spygate, and obviously Obama was, too. Did Roseanne do this coincidentally? Because maybe her career suicide/sacrifice to the SJW mob will actually help focus attention on the leaders of the seditious plot to fix the election for Hillary, and when that failed, to overthrow Trump.

  57. Rapparee says:

    Everybody is assuming “planet of the apes” is a metaphor for sub-Saharan Africans. (Why?)

    Clear-cut case of hate hypochondria. Few entertainers are actually willing go The Full Michael Richards with their tasteless jokes these days (even whilst high), so the mob has to manufacture “racist” context out of whole cloth to get its fix of outrage- and I do mean “fix”, because outrage is one heck of an addictive drug. 2018 Twitter mobs are coming to resemble the drunks on Indian Reservations who imbibe rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer when the liquor stores close.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  58. @Anon

    She was hepped up on goofballs!

  59. sayless says:
    @Joe Stalin

    These days Don Rickles would give a lot of people a stroke.

  60. Anonymous[371] • Disclaimer says:

    What do you mean?

  61. @Anon

    I wasn’t suggesting her old man was a Shiite fundamentalist.

  62. @Katusov

    SJW’s always see an apology as an admission of guilt and will continue the attacks.

    Spot on.

    Recently I read an insightful piece about how big a mistake it is to apologise if accused of transgressing: that the SJWs whole outrage-schtick is a trial balloon, and if you fall for it, you’re fucked.

    It was on TakiMag, and was by David Cole (who rose to prominence as David Somebody-else, Holocaust-Denier… and then got the shit scared out of him). HE links in it to a much earlier piece along the same lines, fittingly entitled Apologize, My Ass.

    The money quote from the TakiMag piece:

    The reality is, the more you apologize, the more the left will come after you. If you show weakness, if you let them smell blood, you’re finished. The left preys on those they deem vulnerable. I wouldn’t compare social justice leftists to apex predators like lions or wolves, because lions and wolves are beautiful, dignified creatures who contribute positively to the environment. Rather, I’d compare them to the head honcho of a prison gang: a hyperviolent, disturbed semi-retarded thug ruling an irrelevant world of shit, a worthless human being of no consequence who brings only misery to those around him and who derives pleasure from taking the weak, those who surrender, those who give in, and making them his subservient “bitches.”

    Apologize to a leftist for hurty words and before you know it you’ll find yourself bent over with a sock stuffed in your mouth.

    And from ‘Apologize, My Ass’ –

    The problem with the “apology police” is that once you give in to them, they never leave you alone. You see that every time a comedian apologizes for making a “racist” or “homophobic” joke. Conan O’Brien is the king of apologies. He loves giving them. And the more of them he gives, the more he’s asked to give. He apologized for Sarah Silverman when she made a “racist” joke on his show, and soon enough he was apologizing again to the entire population of Quebec for the fact that Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog (you know, the puppet that insults people…it’s right there in his name) dared to make jokes about Montreal.

    When comedian Tracy Morgan apologized for making a “homophobic” joke in 2011, at his next show (and there’s video of this) audience members began demanding apologies right then and there for every slightly off-color or edgy joke he did.

    The apology police are cowards. They go after people who are easily bullied. That’s why I love South Park. Parker and Stone never apologize. I recall reading a blog from a “handicapped rights” advocate after the South Park episode “Crippled Summer” aired in 2010. The author was lamenting how Parker and Stone chose to portray the handicapped children in the episode as grotesque incarnations of Looney Tunes cartoon characters. But at the end of the post, the author admitted, “there’s no sense in protesting, since those guys never apologize.”

    Exactly. If you don’t apologize, you eventually get left alone.

    • Agree: PV van der Byl
  63. @Rapparee

    Few entertainers are actually willing go The Full Michael Richards

    First, let me stipulate that I can’t stand Michael Richards: not because of what he thinks, but because I’ve never laughed at anything he’s ever done. (George and Elaine – and George’s Dad – were the sole source of humour on Seinfeld: George’s Dad’s Festivus speech, especially).

    Bill Burr and Doug Stanhope, brother. They price themselves on messing with people’s heads.

    Bill Burr’s piece “There’s NO Reason to Hit a Woman” is a very good case in point. You will laugh.

    Burr reckons that culling humans until there are about 30,000 left is a decent idea. Not because of the environment or any shit like that, but because the world is full of fat retards getting in everyone’s way, standing around lookin’ up at shit. One bit he does about fantasizing about driving his car through the crowds on a sidewalk, is a scary-funny hat-tip to “Falling Down” (the Michael Douglas movie where the workaday schlub just decides “Y’know what? Fuck this shit.”.

    If more people used the Southie Motto (“Go fuck yourself”), the world would be a better place.

    • Replies: @larry lurker
  64. Jim Given says:

    Obviously the commenters on this topic are more tuned in than I.

    My first reaction to Roseanne’s bizarre comments:

    “Omigod!! Hillary Clinton and Valerie Jarrett? They’re just so totally three-years-ago! Is she trapped in a time capsule? What must it be like; being obsessed with Valerie Jarrett?? I certainly never indulge in Tweeting, but I thought the Tweetstream was as up-to-the-minute topical as JohnyCarson’s nightly monologue used to be ….

  65. e says:

    Lots of people did not know VJ was black, a little or a lot.

    BTW, I can see how a person who had a keen remembrance of Planet of the Apes would have thought, “You know, she kinda looks like that ape.”

    Personally, I think VJ in that pic looks like a Filipina.

  66. @James N. Kennett

    The Russian government actually produces a lot of good movies and series already available on Amazon prime…

  67. gp says:

    Yes, I’ve seen side-by-side images of VJ and the hot ape girl (Kim Hunter?) from early Planet of the Apes movie. The images are _objectively_ similar in hairstyle, clothing, pose, head shape, etc. So the racist wrongthink is either in noticing the objective similarity, or in pointing it out.

    Will the umemployable pool of denounced racists, sexists, homephobes, etc grow into the tens of millions? How will they provide for themselves?

  68. Anonymous[506] • Disclaimer says:

    botched (ain’t it all?) plastic surgery??


    Good plastic surgery looks okay. Excellent plastic surgery gives female celebs many more successful years and isn’t commented on much.

    Kim Novak is an example of really bad plastic surgery.

    Nancy Sinatra now looks a little funny, but she’s on her third or fourth go around and is nearly 80. When she did Playboy she looked fantastic and that was probably her first surgery. Her layout was hot-not hot for fiftysomething, but hot. Legs, belly, boobs, waist, almost everything. And the crew at Playboy managed that despite the fact that L. S. Starrett could use her ass as a standard for flatness.

    I’m pretty sure Barbara Eden has had work. She’s quite old now, but ten years go she was in her mid-70s and I’d have went for that. It was good work. Stevie Nicks looks like she’s had some work one too and again, it looks good to me.

    The poster girl for really good work, IMO, is Deborah Harry. When she had her second go around four or five years ago, oh boy, she looked good. She’s starting to show a little drooping now, but I hope she doesn’t push it too much further or she will get kewpiedolled like Nancy. I’ve also noticed that D has a much fuller set of tits than in her Parallel Lines heyday. Looks good-she was sort of boyish then anyway.

  69. @e

    Personally, I think VJ in that pic looks like a Filipina.


  70. @Kratoklastes

    Burr once said that the sweet spot is when you have 80% of the audience laughing their asses off while the remaining 20% is upset that everyone else is laughing.

  71. @eD

    It’s always a double standard with this shit. Fresno the Hutt and her ilk get the kid gloves treatment from her employers (a university, no less!): “What Prof. Hutt says and does on its own time is nothing to do with her employment at the university; we must respect its racist, sexist rants made in its capacity as an individual…”

    But Barr (employed by a television outfit, thus much more plausibly able to say “look it, we make TeeVee shows with sometimes eccentric actors; we don’t purport to be imparting a morally upright example to impressionable youth like, say, a university ought to…”) gets the business immediately.

    Horse puckey.

  72. @Louis Renault

    A shareholder derivative lawsuit against Disney (ABC’s parent company) – for pissing away so much of the shareholder’s money by destroying a cash-cow to accommodate moral preening – would be exquisite.

  73. Anon87 says:

    Excellent CGI is an oxymoron

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