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Julian Castro

Tulsi Gabbard

Kamala Harris

As I’ve been pointing out since 2010, whenever you hear about how Castro is Presidential Timber because he has sterling executive experience as the mayor of one of America’s ten largest cities, San Antonio, somebody is pulling the wool over your eyes and trying to get you to imagine that being mayor of San Antonio is like being mayor of New York or Chicago.

Instead, being mayor of San Antonio is like being Mayor McCheese in a McDonald’s commercial. San Antonio has a highly paid City Manager who is in charge of the government.

Mayor is merely a ceremonial job who gets paid $20 per city council session to bang the gavel at beginning and end of each meeting.

During Castro’s years as Pretend Mayor, Sheryl Sculley was City Manager and got paid a couple of orders of magnitude more money than Castro did:

Other weird facts about Castro: He can’t speak Spanish and he has an identical twin brother in the House of Representatives.

Weird facts about Harris and Gabbard: too many to itemize.

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  1. Anon[418] • Disclaimer says:

    Farrakhan / Sarsour 2020
    Make America address the JQ

    Were stealin the alt right support away from Trump !!!!

  2. Daniel H says:

    Gabbard, Harris, Gillibrand, Warren. Think cat-fight, played out over months, and on prime-time media. It will be awesome.

  3. Lot says:

    They are the least similar identical twins I can think of. Julian could easily pass as East Asian and looks kind of strange overall, his brother just looks normal Mexican.

  4. Mr. Anon says:

    Gabbard has at least spoken out against the War Machine and has drawn the criticism of fellow Democrats like Howard Dean, Neera Tanden, and Maisie Hirono. I’ll give her that, at least. She’s the Democratic Party’s token anti-MIC representative – like Dennis Kucinich, but taller and more macho.

    That aside, she seems to be pretty socialist. And as far as I’m concerned that’s “not who we are” (can’t conservatives use that term too?).

    • LOL: Bubba
  5. Mr. Anon says:

    Julian could easily pass as East Asian…….

    That struck me too. If I didn’t know he was a latino, I’d have pegged his background as being west of the International Date Line.

  6. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Waiting for the comments on Ms. Gabbard’s ancestry….

    (posted and edited as #2 in this thread)

  7. Instead, being mayor of San Antonio is like being Mayor McCheese in a McDonald’s commercial.

    Hey, good one, Steve! I really liked this short but informative, single-point post. Though you say there are too many pieces of weirdness on the other 2, I’d still like to hear some. San Antonio is the only one of America’s large cities that I’ve never been to – got down as far as LaGrange on a road trip and then cut northwest.

    BTW, would it be even wierder if Mr. Castro ran with his identical-twin brother as the VP candidate, or vice versa? How would we know? How would THE RUSSIANS! know? How could the Congress impeach him if they so desired? It seems like a great way to avoid security worries too. “Who’s on Air Force One?” “I dunno, so long as they don’t shoot down the both of them, we’ve still got some asshole to pretend to run the country.”

  8. Lot says:

    Speaking twins and Mayor McCheese, he has a Franco-Belgian twin named Quickos:

    The chain is called Quick, and I think the biggest Euro headquartered fast food chain. It tasted closer to Wendy’s than McDonalds.

  9. Bubba says:

    Queen Oprah Winfrey runs the Democrat Party these days and I think she will announce, excuse me, endorse Kamala Harris (the illustrious Howard U. graduate) as the Democratic presidential candidate for 2020.

    • Replies: @Clifford Brown
  10. Anonymous[201] • Disclaimer says:

    OK, but aren’t most Presidents just ceremonial office holders?

    I kid! I kid!

    Keep on believing they are strong men.

  11. eded says:

    Castro can’t speak spanish? How difficult is it to learn spanish in San Antonio especially when you’re Mexican-American and have time on your hands because you have a do-nothing job? That strikes me as pure laziness.

    • Replies: @rufus
    , @Corn
  12. @Anon

    It won’t be alt-right support you get, but I highly encourage you in your endeavor. The quicker the “coalition of the fringes” comes apart, the better.

  13. @Lot

    Alain Soral mocked a campaign in France against the Quick hamburger chain switching to halal meat. Soral said “ah yes, ‘stop Islamizing my Americanization!’ “.

    • Replies: @Lot
  14. Anonym says:

    Why not Bustos/Cortez 2020?

    I was going to look for an anti-immigration or at least, non-rabidly pro-immigration Democrats but couldn’t find any. So I had to pick other common attributes for these strange bedfellows.

    • Replies: @jon
  15. @Daniel H

    I would love to see Gabbard hijack the Democratic nomination the way Trump did with the Republicans.

    • Agree: Bubba
  16. @Lot

    Moslem umbrellas, doing the sheltering that American umbrellas just won’t do.

    I’d still keep my distance in case one of these were to blow, Lot – many of these travel in cells, but still are controlled by the same Middle-Eastern umbrella organization.

    • LOL: Anonym
  17. @Daniel H

    Ooohhh. You’ve got me thinking about buying cable-TV.

  18. dearieme says:

    I’m disappointed that Trump has ignored my advice to recruit Ms Gabbard as his VP candidate for 2020. I’m sure he could teach her how to jump ship from the Demorats – he did it himself after all.

    • Replies: @Uilleam Yr Alban
  19. Bubba says:
    @Daniel H

    I believe that the Dems slogan will be “No Beckies Need Apply” so that will probably whittle it down to a Gabbard and Harris catfight.

    And I don’t think any normal guy could stomach listening any of them, only fantasizing they were as sexy as Julie Newmar – the awesome catwoman!



  20. Clyde says:

    So many years of being mentored by Willie Brown pays off. So I am going with the Divine Miss K and Beta-Max. Top, bottom, (of the Democrat ticket) can go either way. Little known is that Beta married into billionaire type money. Wife’s father is loaded.

    • Replies: @Ghost of Bull Moose
  21. George says:
    @Daniel H

    “It will be awesome” “cat-fight, played out over month”

    Why all Jews should skip the next Women’s March

    Southern Poverty Law Center, Emily’s List Distance Themselves From Women’s March Following Controversy Neither appear on the roster of groups behind this year’s Women’s March

    Diversity is their strength

    1/19/19: The #WomensWave

  22. @Bubba

    But she is “interviewing” Beto on February 5th in Times Square. I wonder why?

    Oprah is pretty New Agey so I think she is attracted to Beto’s positive vibes. He’s the optimistic candidate. Kamala is a much more darker personality and rarely seems happy. I bet Oprah would prefer Beto to Kamala.

  23. @Lot

    That black hamburger bun looks like the one Burger King sold a few years ago that made people literally shit green.

  24. Anonymous[241] • Disclaimer says:

    The difference between Tulsi Gabbard and Kamala Harris is illuminating.
    Harris seems to have used her “exotic” background in the paradigmatic Dem-bureaucratic way, as a tool for getting boxes checked and advancing herself to the top.
    Gabbard, by contrast, until she started getting reined in as she got national attention, seems to have relied on her odd background in at least something like the way “diversity proponents” claim it always works, as a resource that can help develop interesting new perspectives. She formerly opposed the LBGT agenda, but was “corrected” on that, and it seems the organs of the lying press are now pushing her to “correct” her former support for “foreign dictators”. (Presumably this is because Trump must be accused of supporting foreign dictators, so Democratic candidates must all oppose this.) If she were REALLY an anti-LGBTist, pro-nationalist, surfin’ Samoan, I might have even voted for her over a waffling Donald. But she will not be ALLOWED to be that, and I think I’m giving up on elections anyway. (Donald might not be waffling, but I still think I’m giving up on elections.)

    I do have more of a positive feeling towards Gabbard than towards any Democrat since Kucinich, but I see now that they are FORCED TO SUBMIT.

    • Replies: @Coag
    , @jon
  25. Boy, the Dem 2020 field is really gonna be something else when it comes to factions. Chicago 68 will look like a tea room in comparison, I think.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  26. syonredux says:

    They are the least similar identical twins I can think of. Julian could easily pass as East Asian and looks kind of strange overall, his brother just looks normal Mexican.

    Hoollian “El Chino” Castro

  27. @Redneck farmer

    Ha! Really? They would have had to cast identical twins to play the president and vp … maybe Steve could suggest them …. no, wait …

  28. Gabbard is particularly interesting. She has a Samoan-European Catholic father and a “Hindu” white as snow European mother.

    The Hinduism derives whence? The Hare Krishnas, one of the hordes of 60s-80s quasi-Hindu spiritual movements (cults?) that were en vogue among certain whites (including many Jews). (Why quasi-Hindu? Because Hinduism typically means castes determine ones spiritual merit and the ceiling of spiritual merit one can reach per incarnation, and random whitish “international” types do not have a caste.)

    As Age of Aquarius cults go the Hare Krishnas are relatively benign (cf. the Rajneeshies and their attempt to poison the water supply of some eastern Oregon yokels whose land they took over via electoral swamping).

    BUT – Gabbard’s family appears to have followed an offshoot led by a white guy surfer dude named Chris Butler, who has faced the typical accusations of abuse against devotees.

    How is this playing out in political posturing? Well, Gabbard just censured fellow HI Democrat Senator Hirono for trying to make Knights of Columbus membership (fundamentalist Catholic) disqualifying for the federal judiciary.

    Why does Gabbard care? Because if KofC membership is disqualifying for the judiciary, Chris Butler-brand Hare Krishnaism is disqualifying for the presidency.

  29. @dearieme

    “I’m disappointed that Trump has ignored my advice to recruit Ms Gabbard as his VP candidate for 2020.”

    My initial reaction to her has also been positive. My post above does not affect that reaction.

  30. Anonymous[241] • Disclaimer says:

    This is actually somewhat ingenious.
    Farrakhan can make the case that he has been a national figure for decades, and has the right to be included in televised presidential debates. I don’t like Sarsour at all, but damn if she isn’t a conniving bitch, and for that matter I don’t like Farrakhan, but the guy does have some skill at doing what he does.
    They could pull 3% nationally, I think. I wouldn’t be surprised if a substantial portion of their vote came from “f*** it all” whites.

    • Agree: bomag
    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
    , @Reg Cæsar
  31. Lot says:
    @Uilleam Yr Alban

    Small correction, Knights of Columbus are not “fundamentalist” but completely mainstream, essentially a Catholic version of Rotary International or Masons.

    Had no idea she was Euro-Samoan.

    • Replies: @Inquiring Mind
    , @jon
  32. The lost children of race mixing like Harris and Gabbard have a void where an identity would have gone in the child of an organic relationship between a man and a woman from the same people. They try to fill this void with drugs, sexual hedonism, radical ideologies and the quest for political power to compensate for their inadequacies, only to discover that these palliatives don’t really work. We have seen enough of these screwed-up lost children lately as public figures that we shouldn’t let them have political power, and not just for our own sake, but for theirs as well.

  33. Tulsi kind of reminds me of Sheryl Crow.

    I’m an unabashed Tulsi fan and have been for years. She hates Clinton, surfs, worships Krishna and supports Bashar al-Assad.

    She ‘s basically marriage material.

  34. @Achmed E. Newman

    Mayor McCheese was a 1970s cultural appropriation of the TV character H.R. Pufnstuf by the McDonald’s Corporation. I reckon that’s a lot like Castro, a modern-day cultural appropriation of a big-city mayor by the Democratic Party.

    I smile thinking that Castro might permanently be saddled with the Mayor McCheese moniker.

  35. @Cagey Beast

    She’s certainly the best looking woman of the bunch, but I seriously doubt she has any chance of getting the nomination. For one thing, she seems put off by foreign policy adventurism. Today’s Democratic Party has no principles other than If Trumps for it, then we’re against it, and vice versa.

  36. Anonymous[187] • Disclaimer says:

    Moved to central TX recently– not sure if many folks here even know who Julian is. No local “war stories” of anything that happened while he was mayor. Contrast w/ Kevin Johnson in Sacramento, who was a fixture in the media (typically for inopportune reasons). Also, there is still at least 1 Beto sign on every residential block here, and the election was months ago.

  37. Lot says:
    @Clifford Brown

    In a divided field Oprah could be King-Maker.

    Last time she named the new King, it was a touchy-feeling white guy from the South.

    • Replies: @Clifford Brown
  38. Bubba says:
    @Clifford Brown

    Kamala is a much more darker personality and rarely seems happy.

    That sums it up and is spot-on! She’s a Darth Vader in drag and reminds me of sourpuss Michelle Obama.

    I hope the big O supports a narcissistic loser like the beta “Beto”, but I doubt she will do it. The Dems went all out for him to win and he lost close to $80 million outspending Cruz nearly 2 to 1. So I think their Beto hangover will prevent him from any further consideration regardless of more lame Hispanicization of the white Irishman.

    Considering the Dem leadership these days, I don’t think whitey will be on the ticket in 2020 especially after the Hillary/Kaine ’16 debacle.

  39. JohnnyD says:

    I don’t think Tulsi Gabbard has a chance: She refused to support Hillary after the DNC screwed Bernie Sanders; she’s also a serious opponent of military intervention in the Middle East, especially Syria; and she also dared to notice that radical Islam is a problem.
    Essentially, readers of this blog would like her more than the DNC.

    The Huntington post is already attacking her:

    • Replies: @George
    , @SunBakedSuburb
  40. @Clifford Brown

    Tulsi is a serious babe.

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  41. Lot says:
    @Cagey Beast

    Wouldn’t halal meat taste worse because the blood is drained? I’ve never compared side by side, but most guides to cooking beef say you want to make sure the “juices” don’t spill out before cooking.

  42. @Lot

    All of her hocus pocus aside, I like Oprah. I don’t care what anyone says. She’s very American.

  43. Barnard says:
    @Cagey Beast

    Not possible for two reasons.

    1. The Democrats establishment is much more competent at blocking insurgent and outsiders than the Republicans.

    2. She doesn’t have that much appeal to the average base Democrat voter.

  44. @Anon

    Here for it, if only for the massive cognitive dissonance it would cause.

  45. snorlax says:
    @Mr. Anon

    She’s now pro-war because Trump:

  46. @Jack Hanson

    Yeah, and imagine if we had the same kind of cops to bust some heads too. Pat Buchanan had a column some months ago about his reminiscing about watching all that from up in a hotel room. It sounds like he pretty much enjoyed it. Between cat-fights and cops beating up democrats, I’d just have to get the cable connected.

  47. @Clifford Brown

    OT but Oprah reminds me of what Steve said recently about black women “having their strengths” but not being terribly scientifically-minded. Obviously Oprah is an incredibly smart person–there’s no other way of going from poverty to billionaire in 20 years–and she has successfully navigated and used to her benefit the ferociously competitive American media industry, but with all that intelligence and success she is still totally attracted to pseudoscientific, feels over reals bullshit, from homeopathy to implicit bias, and in fact that stuff and her passion for it is pretty much the basis for her success. I honestly don’t think it’s a cynical ploy, she legitimately believes all of it. So Oprah seems to be a good example of what a typical black woman’s strength and weaknesses look like amplified to (their absolute?) extreme by a very high IQ creative and competitive individual in an elite position. This makes the ‘black female science genius’ meme Hollywood has been trying to push lately (did anyone watch Annihilation?) even more hilarious.

    • Agree: Peter Johnson
    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
    , @Anon
    , @TTSSYF
  48. Thirdtwin says:

    “…like being Mayor McCheese in a McDonald’s commercial…”

    Or like being Lord Mayor of London?

  49. Johnny789 says:

    She sure had that waist to hip ratio thing going on.

    • Replies: @bomag
  50. Ed says:

    It’s just not commented upon much in the mainstream press that Dems are a radical party. These candidates would have been scoffed at 25 years ago, now they’re the norm.

    Gillibrand has reportedly met with 30 high powered women and asked them for their support as she launches her gender infused campaign.

    • Agree: TTSSYF
  51. @Lot

    Halal and kosher are the same in this respect, so you should know.

    • Replies: @Lot
  52. Some people are already saying the DNC will block any insurgents for the perceived front runner, but therein lies the rub.

    EVERYONE thinks their candidate is the “front runner”, and any attempts by one person or group to play ‘king maker’ isn’t going to go over well. Each faction is going to be rabidly insisting every other candidate is literally Trump, and refuse to support the others. This ain’t even touching how far and hard to the Left the primary is going to run, with any deviation to win the part of America that isn’t insane coastie Mau Mau’d.

    Can’t wait!

    • Agree: ben tillman
  53. Tiny Duck says:
    @Daniel H

    Ummm no

    Liberals love one another and unlike conservatives are not evil

  54. Anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    During his tenure as mayor, there was a song on the charts called “Run This Town” by Jay-Z. Castro recorded a promo for San Antonio rap station 98.5 fm where he said,

    “Hi this is mayor Julian Castro, and when I Run This Town I listen to 98.5 The Beat” and then the DJs would play the Jay-Z song.

    He’s really such a creepy dork.

    Everyone who supports Trump, register Dem and vote for Tulsi in the primary. We need to fight rat-fucking with rat-fucking.

  55. Dr. X says:

    Julian Castro

    Tulsi Gabbard

    Kamala Harris

    None of the above. They’re all being mentioned only for purposes of identity politics. None of them has a serious record of accomplishment or the ability to connect beyond a pretty narrow base. I realize that identity politics is paramount for the Dems, but Gabbard is “too white” for the black vote, Castro has zero going for him other than his Mexican looks and name and that’s not enough, and Harris comes across as a nasty bitch passing herself off as “black” when she looks like an octoroon and is married to a Jew. Rachael Dolezal looks blacker than Harris.

    It’s early yet. Bernie and Biden are too old and too white, but they would be stronger candidates than any of the above.

    • Replies: @gregor
  56. Bugg says:

    How might the Dems address Kamala Harris’ career advancement largely being a result of fellating Willie Brown? As others have noted, she also is a real Debbie Downer. Silly liberals overlook this in their zeal for a minority female candidate, but the rest of us will not. And it’s not like she’s all that sharp either.

  57. Tulsi Gabbard is a Hawaii Army National guard major, and served in Iraq as a specialist in a medical unit. She received a Combat Medical Badge and an Army Commendation medal. The former used to be awarded to medics who rendered service while under fire, and the latter is a level below a bronze star, awarded for valorous service while “in direct contact with the enemy.”

    I don’t know what the exact criteria for the awards are, in our times, as opposed to, say WWII, when both of those awards would have immediately commanded great respect.

    Kamala Harris makes very little of her Indian Hindu background, but as far as I can tell, her Jamaican Stanford University professor dad was mostly absent during her upbringing, and her Indian grandparents helped out her single mom biologist mother while she was being raised in Montreal.

    Her mom had a Ph.D. from Berkeley in endocrinology, and her dad is a first-rank development economist at Stanford. I expect Harris’ educational career, at Howard U. and Hastings law school, was a bit of a disappointment to them.

    • Replies: @Jack Hanson
  58. @Clyde

    Kamala held many positions under Willie Brown. She is charismatic, though, and projects competence like a TV judge.

    Robert Francis O’Rourke, The Kid Who Was Mayor Castro, Pocahontes, Ambiguously gay Corey, surfin’ Bernie Bra Tulsie, Uncle Joe, Bernie the nut who won’t crack, f-bomb mouse Gillibrand, Global Warmist Jay Inslee, everyone’s favorite mean-to-the-help matron Hillary.

    That’s 11 likely candidates. I’d say Liz Warren is a comer, a few more candidates will jump in. That stage is getting crowded already.

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  59. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Yep, she’s walking back her dissent … as do they all, including Dr. Paul’s boy and President (fka candidate) Trump.

    You should all STOP VOTING. Instead, it’s apparent from this thread alone that you’re already playing yourselves to wave the Red pompom in the next Most Important Election Ever(tm).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  60. Arclight says:

    If I had to live with one of these as president, it would be Gabbard by a long shot. She’s the only one of the three who hasn’t lived her entire life as some diverse version of Tracy Flick.

  61. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Maybe Sheryl Sculley should run. She has more executive experience than the rest of this field.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  62. anon[135] • Disclaimer says:


    Wouldn’t halal meat taste worse because the blood is drained?

    Same as conventionally slaughtered beef, the beast is still knocked by a captive bolt gunshot between the eyes, so there’s still incomplete blood loss when the throat is severed, since it is now comatose.

    • Replies: @Anonym
  63. Sorry if a repost/rehash of an earlier comment. I have a quick errand to do.

    Castro has *exactly* the same qualifications of an earlier S.A. mayor/HUD secreary, Henry Cisneros. A bid for the big office was in play too, at least in S.A. political circles, and went nowhere, which is where Castro’s will go. When Castro first ran for mayor, he lost to an old white Phil Harberger who was big in Texas politics when liberals could still manage to be elected statewide (also, interesting, Harberger is married to a survivor of the Andrea Dorea-she was almost killed in the wreck)

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  64. @South Texas Guy

    I spent six hours one night on deadline tracking down my hunch that the illegitimate Castro Twins of San Antonio are the biological sons of previous San Antonio mayor Henry Cisneros, who is widely said to be a “friend” of their single mother, a political activist.

    That would explain a lot of things.

    But, it turned out I was wrong. Their biological father is an obscure retired San Antonio public schoolteacher. I found photos of Julian attending his dad’s retirement party and, yup, they look quite a bit alike.

    • Replies: @Jack
  65. While we are talking about female candidates, I am going to nominate McKenzie Bezos as the most beautiful woman in the world at $70 billion ahead of whoever is the second most beautiful.

    • LOL: Hibernian
  66. @Anonymous

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a substantial portion of their vote came from “f*** it all” whites.

    Ahh, the f*** it all whites. Our numbers are growing. We should form our own party.

  67. @Lot

    The Knights are into more than meals-for-the-homeless. There is a four-lane state highway between major industrial towns with numerous billboards for “Adult” stores along a certain stretch. The Knights of Columbus have their lone billboard, “Pornography? What would Jesus say?”

    That billboard has changed to a more Social Justice angle, claiming that pornography is connected to human trafficking, which if you think about it, the lines of consent in filming it are probably iffy at best.

    The Washington DC Knights, to whom the appellate judge nominee belongs, responded to charges of being extremists by saying they served meals to the poor and “raised money for a medical scanner.” A scanner, right? An ultrasound scanner? As would be used in a women’s health clinic? A Catholic women’s health clinic? Trying to rescue women from the clutches of Planned Parenthood?

    If the Knights are about charity and community service, well, so is Hezbollah in their cultural context, which is why I support the appointment of that judge. The Knights of Columbus are indeed extremists, which is their whole appeal to any man under, say, the age of 60.

    • Disagree: Corn
  68. Anonymous[241] • Disclaimer says:

    Heterodox call:
    It comes down to Beto vs.Tulsi.

    Beto seems clearly (why else is he taken seriously) to be some guy promoted by big players behind the scenes. He is like the white Obama. He seems to be promoted as a “cool white boy” who can win. If big players are already backing him, then they are likely to continue doing so. If he has to run against Trump, he can play the cool boy and just blow off Trump’s attacks. The fact that he seems to have some angle where he can “play it cool” against Trump seems to be the major factor in his favor.

    In contrast to fake cool white boy Beto, Tulsi is the actually cool “diverse” chick. She hasn’t entirely succumbed to the dictates of those behind the scenes. Once it becomes clear that Beto is the “official” candidate, she’ll start accruing votes from some of the shocked “diversity” voters, and they’ll add to her initial pool.

    Ultimately Beto wins though. The nomination, I mean. If he becomes President we are really, really screwed, and there will be war in my life (and I’m in my 40’s).

    (I’m hard pressed to see any of the other Dem candidates ACTUALLY RUNNING AGAINST TRUMP. I’m assuming Trump makes SOME progress on “build the wall” and “drain the swamp”. Well, many would RUN against him, but would be goaded by his attacks and blow it. Beto seems such a fake that he could play that he doesn’t care, whereas Tulsi seems she could actually try to parry. The rest of them he could do like he did Pocahantas, perhaps excepting Bernie, who has NO chance in a general election.)

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Escher
    , @Lot
  69. @Anonymous

    …I don’t like Farrakhan, but the guy does have some skill at doing what he does.

    I’d rather hear him sing calypso than Bill Clinton blow sax.

    Steve posted the Sarsour/Farrakhan campaign portraits last week:

  70. Anonym says:

    Nice try anon. Google halal slaughter for similar videos.

    I didn’t see any bolt used. Halal is basically the same as Kosher ritual slaughter. I suspect part of the reason it is done like this is that some men of their tribe become accustomed to killing in peacetime.

    • Agree: Trevor H.
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Kevin O'Keeffe
  71. A Question: Is there an equivalent to Donald Trump who would or could run for the Democrat nomination?

    Is there a wealthy, outspoken liberal celebrity with a long record of business who is immune to embarrassment? That would have to be someone who would ride down a gold escalator in his own building and announce,

    “When Americans send white people to Washington, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re dying off. They bring racism. They bring misogyny. They’re stale and pale. And some, I assume, are good people.”

    • Replies: @adreadline
    , @CJ
  72. Is there a wealthy, outspoken liberal celebrity with a long record of business who is immune to embarrassment?

    Harvey Weinstein.

    • Replies: @dvorak
  73. @TheMediumIsTheMassage

    Orpah is all that, but the television thing magnifies it so that people think she’s truly on the level of billionaires, when she is really on the level of millionaires while being a billionaire. Let’s clarify that previous insane sentence:

    Her one big home run was owning her show and having it syndicated. That meant that she got to keep most of the revenue. Nationwide TV in America is the biggest money funnel humanity has ever seen, except for taxation, of which it is a form. (The revenue comes from ad sales, which are a tax built into every product you buy that is advertised. You the consumer subsidize your TV entertainment. It’s not free and it makes multimillionaires like Orpah.)

    Our nationwide, network television money funnel can turn a person with a hit show into a very rich person, when they simply have one show and one trick to perform. Orpah’s trick was being the black lady that white ladies at home with nothing to do liked to watch. She was good at it. It was her schtick and it made her a billionaire. Yes, she’s smart, and yes, she is perfect for American television. But no, she is no Henry Ford, and not even a Donald Trump.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @ScarletNumber
  74. dvorak says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Is there a wealthy, outspoken liberal celebrity with a long record of business who is immune to embarrassment?

    Harvey Weinstein.

    Mark Cuban

  75. @Dave Pinsen

    Maybe Sheryl Sculley should run. She has more executive experience than the rest of this field.

    Especially if she ran with John Sculley, former CEO of Apple. But he’s 79, and Vin Scully 91, so a Sculley Squared ticket announcing in Scollay Square isn’t a likelihood.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  76. @Buzz Mohawk

    But no, she is no Henry Ford, and not even a Donald Trump.

    Or even a Merv Griffin:

    He was the real thing.

    • Agree: Buzz Mohawk
  77. Kirt says:
    @Uilleam Yr Alban

    I’m not sure what the term “fundamentalist Catholic” is even supposed to mean, but the K of C guys I know are pretty much just regular guys. They go to church, take care of their families, cheer for their preferred sports teams and have a few beers every now and then. Like American Catholics in general, large numbers are Hispanic. I guess all that is fundamentalist by today’s standards. I understand Tulsi Gabbard’s father is a member of the K of C, so maybe that explains her objection to the anti-K of C positioning of her colleague.

  78. Tulsi is a Hindu name. Are there any other possible candidates with the same?

    Dhani Harrison is a Brit. He may be a “natural born citizen” from his mother, but he hasn’t lived in this country long enough to qualify, has he?

    Surya Bonaly is a naturalized citizen, so is not qualified. Too bad, because she’s living in Minnesota now, the Mother of Vice Presidents.

    Uma Thurman, perhaps?

    • Replies: @epebble
  79. @Buzz Mohawk

    Is there a wealthy, outspoken liberal celebrity with a long record of business who is immune to embarrassment?

    Warren Buffett.

    Until recently I wasn’t aware he had disowned his son’s adopted daughter, and it seems it was over she appearing at a documentary critical of the moneyed folks. It appears no one cared much, though. So whatever the man says goes. He is on his way out, so obviously he’s not running for anything (unless he secretly has the key to living forever), and he is very, very white, but still…

    ”I could end the deficit in five minutes. You just pass a law that says that any time there’s a deficit of more than three percent of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election. Yeah, yeah, now you’ve got the incentives in the right place, right? (Laughs)”

  80. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    Huge NO on Gabbard and Nikki Haley types. F them all including “Brawlin’” Bobby Jindal.

    None of these people are blood & soil patriots. They’re all globalist operatives…

    Alien climbers, climbing the bureaucracy

  81. @Achmed E. Newman

    “BTW, would it be even wierder if Mr. Castro ran with his identical-twin brother as the VP candidate, or vice versa? How would we know?”

    The Castro brothers actually did this (at least) once a decade or so ago. One of the bros was supposed to be the grand marshal parade, but got the other one to fill in so he could something else that day.

  82. @PiltdownMan

    I have 4 ARCOMs. What matters is the “V” device (for Valor), otherwise they hand em out for whatever. There’s an infamous meme of a female SSG who got an ARCOM for doxxing soldiers posting non PC memes. No, seriously.

    You get a CIB/CFMB/CAB if the base you’re at eats a rocket. One of the first CABs awarded was to a female who had a mortar shell land a kilometer away and radio’d it in. The marines don’t do a whole lot well, but the requirements for their CAB require a 2 way exchange of fire.

    • Replies: @bomag
  83. epebble says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    The only ones with any credibility are:

    Nimrata “Nikki” Haley

    Piyush “Bobby” Jindal

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  84. dfordoom says: • Website
    @Mr. Anon

    Gabbard has at least spoken out against the War Machine and has drawn the criticism of fellow Democrats like Howard Dean, Neera Tanden, and Maisie Hirono. I’ll give her that, at least. She’s the Democratic Party’s token anti-MIC representative – like Dennis Kucinich, but taller and more macho.

    That aside, she seems to be pretty socialist.

    She’s sounding better and better!

  85. @Buzz Mohawk

    Her one big home run was owning her show and having it syndicated.

    By Oprah’s own admission, the person who gave her the idea of owning her own show, rather than being an employee of ABC per se, was the late Roger Ebert.

    This is why Regis Philbin, while successful in his own right, is no Oprah. ABC owned that show, just like it owns it current incarnation with Kelly and Ryan.

  86. @snorlax

    Thanks, Lot, for the reference to

    Maybe that explains why Julian Castro has a face that is disconcertingly uglier than Raul Castro’s is today, or even Fidel’s.

  87. Coag says:

    “She formerly opposed the LBGT agenda, but was “corrected” on that,”

    According to her, she came to hold laissez-faire attitudes on social issues after being profoundly shocked by oppressive behaviors of theocrats during her tour in Iraq.

    “and it seems the organs of the lying press are now pushing her to “correct” her former support for “foreign dictators”.”

    She is comically a consistent Bashar Assad supporter and appears to back American nonintervention or intervention depending on if it benefits the immediate fortunes of Assad.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Paul Rain
  88. Lot says:
    @fredyetagain aka superhonky

    While the blood of King David runs in my veins,* the only kosher meat I’ve had are Hebrew National all beef hotdogs and possibly some pastrami sandwiches.

    Even those I don’t eat anymore, preserved meats give you colon and stomach cancer. Pepperoni and sausage on pizza is the only exception I’ll make.

    *Figure of speech. King David is probably one of the many historical figures that is an ancestor of most living Europeans.

  89. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Clifford Brown

    Of course Oprah won’t endorse Harris. Harris is slim and naturally pretty. Despite years of plastic surgery altering her natural bull dog face, Oprah is fat and ugly and would never endorse the attractive Harris.

    I understand that Oprah intended to take over the First Lady role in the Obama administration but Michelle booted her out as soon as the first inauguration festivities were over.

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
    , @Lot
  90. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    What makes you think she was ever poor? Her family was terrible and her uncles father whatever molested her but they earned middle class salaries. She had enough money to go to college and got a media job as soon as she graduated hardly poor.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
    , @gregor
  91. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Assad is a great guy and so was his father. They’ve been fighting Israel and the USA forever and haven’t surrendered.

    • LOL: IHTG, bomag
  92. anon[162] • Disclaimer says:

    The discussion is about Halal slaughter in France, [#13], which will be similar in all other Western countries.
    You’ve come up with a video taken in the Third World, possibly Indonesia, and you’re trying to pretend that that’s the reality of Halal slaughter in the West.

    Wake up to yourself, cobber.

    • Troll: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @a reader
  93. anon[162] • Disclaimer says:

    The problem for Trump is the 4 year waiting period to exit the Paris Climate Treaty.
    That doesn’t expire until 2021, so there’s going to be a mountain of money against him in 2020.

  94. @Cagey Beast

    In Gabbard, you’re about to see the one ethnic woman the Dems are willing to gleefully toss under the bus. Not just that, but they will give her the moral equivalent of a gang-raping. Sad!

  95. @snorlax

    The reasonable thing to do would have been to organize the withdrawal from Syria behind the scenes, including all the diplomatic work, and once everything is in place, announce and immediately commence the withdrawal. Announcing and then waffling is reckless, especially since it gives the internal enemy more time to derail the withdrawal.

    • Replies: @Paul Rain
    , @Colin Wright
  96. tyrone says:
    @Cagey Beast

    The dems learned their lesson with Jimmy Carter ,the fix is already in ,the peons will find out who to worship in good order.

  97. The Democratic nomination will be won by whomever blacks eventually unify around.

    It won’t be Gabbard.

    It won’t be Beto.

    It won’t be Bernie.

    It won’t be Pocahontas.

    It definitely won’t be Castro.

    It may be Harris or it may be Biden.

    Booker will be an afterthought.

  98. George says:

    “Gabbard’s language is that of the old left, holding up the U.S. government as obsessed with unwisely projecting its influence, often for the sake of monied interests ― and, she asserts, in secretive risky ways ― while neglecting its own people at home. It’s a mode that echoes the kind of anti-elite talk that Trump built his campaign around while he lied about his past position on the invasion of Iraq. (Why have politicians of both parties gotten Americans trapped in these far-away places?)”

    The author throws the word old left around, possibly referring to Jane Fonda, but there never was an anti war left. Who was that antiwar left, LBJ? The closest thing to an antiwar period was Harding-Hoover period marked by isolationism and the development of aerial warfare and aircraft carriers. Maybe Democrat Grover Cleveland held the line for a while.

    “What Sanders and Warren have tried to do, notably in a series of recent speeches, is offer a vision of a new left that addresses voters’ deep skepticism of U.S. adventurism abroad without veering toward the idea that the world can’t be fixed and that’s just not Americans’ problem”

  99. Escher says:

    Beto certainly looks like he has some influential puppet masters. Choosing a Texan is a smart move. Can swing a huge bloc of electoral votes in the Democratic direction.

  100. bomag says:

    Loved her looks and talent.

    But she waited until age 48 to have a kid; an example of Hollywood/modern life suppressing fertility where it shouldn’t be suppressed.

  101. bomag says:
    @Jack Hanson

    female SSG who got an ARCOM for doxxing soldiers posting non PC memes

    Calls forth the adage: “it’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.”

  102. TTSSYF says:

    I don’t get that Kamala Harris is “pretty”, naturally or otherwise. She has heavy features and a long face, made to look longer by the way she wears her hair.

  103. TTSSYF says:

    No way do I think she has a very high IQ. No doubt she’s intelligent, and she has an engaging personality, but anyone who “legitimately believes” in pseudoscience can’t be highly intelligent…at least, not by my measure. And I think you underestimate how she’s benefited from affirmative action in the “ferociously competitive American media industry”. She’s as entirely self-made as Obama was in becoming President.

  104. George says:

    Tulsi Gabbard’s Homophobic Remarks Surface After 2020 Presidential Announcement

    At least twice the Hawaii Democrat publicly called the LGBTQ community and supporters of same-sex marriage “homosexual extremists.”

    Gabbard is the candidate of ‘Trump Democrats”. Ed Buck democrats are her publicist. Some homophobic dog whistling might help her with the blacks. I wonder if she would be advantaged if more Democrats enter the race and split the coalition of the fringes vote.

  105. Tulip says:

    I think Gabbard is great, and if she got in office, she would be more effective at implementing a realist foreign policy than the current occupant.

    Also, I have zero belief in her LGBT “makeover”, she is simply genuflecting from necessity, and her administration would likely be more supportive of religious liberty than any other democratic candidate.

    Last, unlike Harris, she does not seem to be someone who has built their career on grievance studies.

    Of course, for the above reasons, because she is a serious person with a brain, she stands no chance in the Democratic Party Machine.

    They’ll start with the gays, then they’ll take something out of context to prove she is an “anti-semite”, then the Neo-Cons will go after her foreign policy, and we will discover another spurious Russian connection, and ultimately she will be the Neo-Nazi Duginist Manchurian Candidate worse than Orange Man himself.

  106. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Even assuming for the sake of argument that your level of cynicism is completely justified, what does STOP VOTING (sic) actually accomplish, as opposed to, say, voting cynically?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  107. @Reg Cæsar

    VIN SCULLY / Steve Sailer 2020. Maybe the last ticket composed of two Californians that I could support.

  108. a reader says:

    The reality of halal/kosher slaughter is strictly the same in whichever country it is practiced.

    • Replies: @anon
  109. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Don’t forget two more New Yorkers with delusions of grandeur: Cuomo and deBlasio — they’ve both been firing up the leftist rhetoric lately.

  110. Is it really because she made homophobic remarks or because she is against Israel?

    Tulsi Gabbard’s Homophobic Remarks Surface After 2020 Presidential Announcement

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Commenter
  111. @Bubba

    I wanted to marry “Catwoman”/Julie Newmar in 1975. When I was 4.

    • LOL: Bubba
  112. @advancedatheist

    The lost children of race mixing like Harris and Gabbard have a void where an identity would have gone in the child of an organic relationship between a man and a woman from the same people. They try to fill this void with drugs, sexual hedonism, radical ideologies and the quest for political power to compensate for their inadequacies, only to discover that these palliatives don’t really work. We have seen enough of these screwed-up lost children lately as public figures that we shouldn’t let them have political power, and not just for our own sake, but for theirs as well.

    I think there’s a lot of truth to what you say here. But I’d still rather have Tulsi Gabbard as President, than Joe Biden (or some other normie Democrat, irrespective of ethno-cultural background).*

    *I’m voting for Trump again, however

    • Replies: @Bubba
  113. @Peripatetic Commenter

    How many of the other potential candidates have made homophobic or transphobic remarks that we could bring up to smear them with?

  114. Jack says:
    @Steve Sailer

    I thought Castro(s) was Cisneros. I was like, ‘wow,he’s still around?’

  115. @Anon

    Class-creep: Part of The Man’s programme to help obscure the precipitous decline in standards of living in the F.U.S.A. aince the 1960s.

    You see this weird blurring of classes all the time: All the families on television live in giant homes none but the rich could afford, even though Dad is a trucker, Mom a housewife, and they’re supporting five kids. Part of Roseanne spectacular success and popularity was its realistic depiction of how the overwhelming majority of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, with constant, Herculean efforts needed to weather things like an automobile accident or a child’s orthodontia without falling behind in the rent (the mortgage?’ – hah!).

    Likewise many whose relative wealth (I’m not saying they were rich; mind the adjective!) permitted them to sustain or elevate their positions, like Oprah, are painted as rags-to-riches miracles in the style of Horatio Alger, demonstrating that with hard work anyone can make it in America! Such persons actively encorage the misapprehensions about their origins and the difficulty of their struggles, both for vanity (it makes them seem heroic and meretricious) and to propagate the myth that soothes the underclass now that the celebrity successes in question have become the elite.

    Recently the guy who ran for congress against Jeff Denham – a wealthy investment fund managing type living in San Francsico – was blasting the airwaves with adverts about his being being a salt-of-the-earth, hometown boy from the Central Valley whose parents were humble small-business owners.

    His dad was an optometrist! The practice was the “small business.” Optometry is very lucrative, epecially as against comparable fields like medicine which require far more resources – money, time, work, and intelligence – to enter. The guy was probably sent off to an elite svhool like the Belarmine Academy and spent little of his time in the Central Valely after puberty.

    Of course, Jeff Denham himself runs the schtick of being a humble farmer. Farmers, even those operating independently of agribusiness giants, are still by and large fabulously wealthy relative to anyone else around them, particularly in the Central Valley, where you either own acres and acres of land aquired cheap as free by your ancestors and use it to grow money disguised as almonds, or you hang out on the streets smoking meth between stints in the clink and gigs at McDonalds. (Unless you are an optometrist, of course!)

    We see this all the time with the trades especially: Joe the Plumber, Dave the Electrician, Sam the Carpenter. Those guys are loaded. They aren’t when they start out, and they aren’t if they never break out in their own after mastering the trade and getting licensed (because Joe, Sam, Dave, and all the other contractors are paying Paco & Taco pennies on the dollar to keep those other fellows locked out).

    But Joe, Sam, and Dave have a nice nig house with a boat in the driveway more often than not. They’ll tell you, though, they are middle-class, not like, say, lawyers or M.B.A.’s, who are rich college boys in the big city. Nevermind those college boys are servicing non-dischargable loans for hundreds of thiusands of dollars, working sebenty or eighty hours a week, and in many cases making $80,000.00 or so annually (often less!), with all the higher costs of living in megalopoli to boot.

    The myth holds for police, nurses, and firefighters, too. Teachers not so much, but, hoo boy, if you can manouvre your way into being a principal…

    “My mom was a nurse and my dad was a plumber; I’m just plain folks!” is anload of horseshit, and more people need to wake up to the fact.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  116. @anonymous

    She’s white and Samoan/Native Hawaiian (maybe 25 % her Dad looks half Samoan not full). Similar background to Jason Momoa. Does not reference her unique background as much as she could, which is cool. Although she does appear to tan regularly to look a bit more exotic.

  117. Can there be any clearer indication of their reason for supporting illegal immigration?

  118. @Kirt

    A lot of my male relatives are members- Knights of Columbus is super mainstream and not even that “right” by traditionalist Catholic standards. It’s the Catholic version of the Shriners, that’s it. Good for Tulsi for calling out the other Democrats on this.

  119. @snorlax

    In all fairness Trump has somewhat walked back on his own statement he was going to withdraw at this point. He’s letting John Bolton undermine him. His approval numbers probably went up after he made the Syria announcement but he’s obsessed with tv and he started listening to the angry pundits so he is now waffling.

  120. Big Bill says:

    Oh, wow! So what you are telling me is that Señor Julian Castro is yet another privileged white Democratic male who gets all the credit for the hard work of others.

    He steals this credit from the hardworking City Manager–a woman–laboring in silence and darkness, working her fingers to the bone as she sacrifices her children, her family, her very life essence for the people of San Antonio.

    How heartless!

    And now he wants climb up on her back and ride her to the Presidency of the United States claiming her work as his own!

    Perhaps this is the way things are done in Hispania, Señor Castro’s native homeland, but it shall not be so in the United States of America!

  121. @JohnnyD

    You’re right: Tulsi Gabbard has no chance. As a disaffected Democrat I find that fact depressing.

  122. @Lot

    Julian is one helluvan odd duck. His ear to ear smile makes him look like a mestizo Joker.
    The salient points from his announcement speech:

    >He is running in league with the Journofa Media. He made a point of specifically lauding the media & desperatly hopes they’ll be his PR agents

    >He is full open borders, Emma Lazarus etc. But it will be coddled in euphemisms for rubes like “family values”, “dignity”, “seeking opportunity”

    >He doesn’t care about any spending restraints & will attempt a single payer health care system

    >His interest in foreign policy is nil (apart from making America majority nonWhite asap)

  123. Whiskey says: • Website

    It is not 2015 anymore — the Dems got rid of the Superdelegate rule, which allowed Hillary! to win the nomination against Bernie Sanders. This was largely due to the collapse of the Clinton money machine following her loss and the ability of Sanders to insert a co-chair (Keith Ellison X) upon the Hispanic dude that Hillary wanted.

    Moreover the dynamics of the primaries are the same as in 2007 — whoever is the most anti-White, anti-Republican, anti-Republican President policies will rack up early win after early win among Virtue Signalling rich Whites and those aspiring to that status, and non-Whites.

    This means candidates will distinguish themselves with Open Borders uber alles, the natural progression being second or third class legal status and enserfment of White males to pay for free stuff for the Third World pouring in. Don’t think for a second that dudes like Bezos and Buffet are not 100% for this — anyone reading the Bezos love texts has to realize the man is an idiot who got lucky. NONE of our leadership class rises above the village idiot. The Hapsburg Royal family had more ability.

    This also means an insane desire to provoke war with Russia, and non-stop invasions of third world countries as a proxy for fighting Russia while bending over backwards to appease China. It means a total gun ban and confiscation of every gun (but only those owned by White men not aspiring rappers) and a legal doctrine allowing Blacks and people of color to not obey the law if they don’t want to. It means endorsing Black on White crime and violence, explicitly, as “fighting White privilege.” Don’t think that this is not wildly popular among rich Whites in the media, Hollywood, corporations, government, universities, and the military. Reginald Denny’s getting their daily beat down on live TV is a goal for these people — it means they are the superior chosen by fate/Hollywood and the Denny’s are the losers. Given no real distinction in dress, accent, etc. this is hardly surprising. A ruin of a nation to create class distinctions? Sure Exhibit A is the Bezos love texts. They really are that stupid.

    Out of this dynamic to be the most anti-White, anti-Historic American nation, anti White male a candidate can be, I’d imagine it would be Kamala Harris who wins. And she would be the prohibitive favorite against Trump. Trump has been bad for White men — he’s stirred up more anti-White male anger while doing nothing to make White men more powerful and able to deter expressions and actions of anti-White male anger. [Never ever ever have any illusions that a man with a daughter will do anything other than to cuck out 100% to appease Daddy’s little princess snit-fit over her gay hairdresser’s hissy fit.]

    The Knights of Columbus are a mainstream organization. I’d join if I had time. They mostly have cookouts to raise money for poor kids the diocese, scholarships, and other charitable endeavors. Dwight D. Eisenhower gave them a Presidential Commendation. Their position on abortion and euthanasia (wait until YOU get old) is that of the Catholic Church and 2,000 years of Christian teaching. [Muslims are against abortion too but no one every mentions that.]

  124. if the Dems nominate a diversity lightweight like Castro or Booker to march into the oval office like Barry Obama they will lose. I think the Dem political brains know this and will nominate Joe Biden

  125. @Anonym

    I suspect part of the reason it is done like this is that some men of their tribe become accustomed to killing in peacetime.

    That’s very clever. That never occurred to me, and I’ve never heard anyone else remotely hint at such a possibility. But now that you’ve said it, I feel almost certain you are correct.

  126. CJ says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    He may not fit your criteria exactly, but Mikey Bloomberg obviouly thinks he is more competent than any existing Democrat politician. And he’s probably right, and he could self-finance, and he hates Trump instinctively.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  127. Paul Rain says:

    Yes, as you point out, Gabbard has been against Zionist-backed terrorists taking control of Syria. It’s her best quality.

    She is at least a relatively consistent civic nationalist, which Trump has completely failed to be. That is not a particularly good combination with socialism, which can work fine, but only in an ethnically pure real nation, but it’s better than what Trump has actually delivered.

    I’d be interested to know what her father’s ethnic breakdown is. He’s got some typically Samoan features, but there seems to be some influence from more gracile ethnic groups there.

    • Replies: @Lot
  128. Paul Rain says:
    @The Big Red Scary

    Has Trump appointed anyone who isn’t a neocon bar Stephen Miller? I fail to see how such a thing could be kept secret.

    Assuming he wanted to keep it secret. Assuming it’s anything but a PR stunt while he continues to work for the Zionist agenda.

  129. Lot says:

    You should never call a woman ugly faced.

    Oprah has had some weight issues and bad hairstyle choices, but she’s good looking overall, and was a doe-eye beauty in her early 20s.

    • Agree: Bubba
    • Replies: @Ed
    , @Anone
  130. Big Bill says:

    Twenty years ago, some cheeky fellows at the US Patent and Trademark Office created a website to let the public search for US patents.

    One of the example database searches they provided was a search for “in/newmar-julie” [all patents by inventor Julie Newmar]. You can see that search page (with the Julie Newmar sample search) here:

    The Church Ladies haven’t tumbled to the inside joke … so far.

    If you run the Newmar search you will see that Julie got two patents:

    US 4,003,094: for “Pantyhose with Shaping Band for Cheeky Derriere Relief”; and

    US 3,935,865: for a “Brassiere”.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  131. Lot says:

    “promoted by big players behind the scenes”

    His father-in-law is a billionaire.

    • Replies: @Redneck farmer
  132. Curle says:
    @Mr. Anon

    People from HI tell me she’s not anti-white though she represents a district teeming with Polynesians and that she is distinguishable from Hirano and Shatz on that score. BTW, Sen. Shatz is an alumnus of Obama’s HS.

  133. Ed says:

    She was a beauty queen in her youth as well and it’s no small feat to have been made an anchorwoman in your early 20s in a major TV market.

    • Replies: @Anone
  134. I like Tulsi Gabbard, but she’s not going anywhere for the same reason I like her.

    She hasn’t expressed her unconditional submission to Israel. She hasn’t even announced yet, and the media are already sticking their knives into her.

    • Replies: @JohnnyD
  135. @The Big Red Scary

    ‘The reasonable thing to do would have been to organize the withdrawal from Syria behind the scenes, including all the diplomatic work, and once everything is in place, announce and immediately commence the withdrawal…’

    Had Trump attempted that, Israel would have got to work. It was only by announcing it out of the blue that Trump had a prayer of defying our masters.

    This isn’t to say I think Trump is a great guy. He isn’t. He’s merely better than the alternative, and his agenda doesn’t entirely coincide with Israel’s.

    • LOL: IHTG
  136. Castro is a colorless apparatchik who won’t go anywhere.

    Kamala Harris is a manifest idiot.

    Tulsi Gabbard hasn’t knelt down to Israel.

    None of them is going anywhere. The thought of Kamala Harris as President is literally frightening, while I’d like to see Tulsi Gabbard at least run while I think about voting for her — but none of them is going anywhere.

    The only potential winner I see in the Democratic stable is Beto whoever — but they won’t pick him. Too white, too male. So it’s going to be some ghastly race between Trump (hopefully!) and someone even worse. A 2016 rerun, while the United States continues to fall apart.

    A real estate huckster versus someone even worse; can you really judge a people by the leaders it chooses?

  137. @Mr. Anon

    ‘…That aside, she seems to be pretty socialist. And as far as I’m concerned that’s “not who we are” (can’t conservatives use that term too?).’

    These days, one takes what one can get. The operative question at the moment isn’t whether you like Tulsi Gabbard; it’s whether you prefer her to any of the other prospective Democratic nominees.

    It’s like Trump and the Republican field in 2016. You can’t have what you want; pick one of the choices the store is offering. Trump was better than Cruz or Carson (!), therefore…

  138. @CJ

    But Bloomberg has an actual executive accomplishment — pounding down the crime rate in NYC lower than anybody imagined it could go — that is, uh, problematic.

    • Replies: @Redneck farmer
    , @Lot
  139. Lot says:
    @Paul Rain

    Her father is a Christian Zionist and worked with some Pam Geller type pro-Israel organizations.

  140. gregor says:

    Her name, Oprah, is a permuted form of the biblical name Orpah. That sort of thing is often a sign of less educated parents. But I just checked and her legal name is indeed Orpah. Apparently people kept saying Oprah and it stuck. (This is an example of a linguistic phenomenon called metathesis.)

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anone
  141. jon says:

    Julian could easily pass as East Asian

    You’re right about the Asian thing. If I didn’t already know about him, and with the Spanish name, I would have assumed Filipino.

  142. jon says:

    I was going to look for an anti-immigration or at least, non-rabidly pro-immigration Democrats but couldn’t find any.

    Bernie Sanders:

  143. @Kirt

    I’m not sure what the term “fundamentalist Catholic” is even supposed to mean, but the K of C guys I know are pretty much just regular guys. They go to church…and have a few beers every now and then.

    How long have they been working for Kavanaugh?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  144. gregor says:
    @Dr. X

    If Biden tries to run, I would run lots of ads of him saying stuff like this:

    • Replies: @jon
  145. @Lot

    But, we’ll find out, HE’S BLACK IRISH!

  146. @Steve Sailer

    Bloomberg 2020:Magic Dirt For All Americans Of Color!

  147. jon says:

    I think I’m giving up on elections anyway

    That should work out well for you.

  148. jon says:

    The lost children of race mixing like Harris and Gabbard have a void where an identity would have gone

    You’re an idiot.

  149. Anon[378] • Disclaimer says:

    I always thought it was Harpo spelled backwards.

  150. @jon

    Do you not have eyeballs?

    Not since his elder wife’s and his own tests came back from 23 and Me.

    • Replies: @Lot
  151. @advancedatheist

    You mean like the offspring of a French and German couple being unsure whether they should be members of the Gestapo or Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys so they go all crazy and get into drugs and sexual hedonism and stuff.

    Yeah, I am sure that happens, like maybe one in 1,000 …

    Wait a minute. You seem to be describing a number of politicians I am aware of …

  152. Lot says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Yves Saint Laraunt is doing rap albums now?

  153. jon says:

    And if creepy Uncle Joe runs, expect a lot of ads like this:

  154. Lot says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Accomplishment is a little strong for what Bloomberg did: let declining lead levels, declining androgen levels, gentrification, and preexisting NYPD practices continue to work their magic.

    Maybe he was thwarting DeBlasios and Sharptons behind the scenes.

    I suppose we shouldn’t underrate “No major screw-ups.” W’s Iraq war cost about $6 trillion all-in. If he had instead done absolutely nothing but eat and sleep and clear brush for 8 years, we’d all be much wealthier. Maybe around $25,000 per capita wealthier.

  155. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Voting keeps people distracted and docile, which is why the Establishment wants you to do so. Commenter Buzz Mohawk and I discussed this under Mr. Buchanan’s January 4 column. In part:

    “I voted Libertarian for decades, but have stopped altogether for any USG office. (I last supported Dr. Paul when he sought the Republican nomination.)

    My “program” is a refusal to endorse by voting anyone who seems unworthy of the authority vested de jure and de facto in the public office. Donald Trump failed my test, although I preferred him by an order of magnitude to Hillary Clinton because he seemed merely unprincipled, not necessarily evil. When I recommended not voting around here circa 2015, I was attacked by Trump enthusiasts as a shill for Jeb, then for Hillary.

    There are still people on this website who, notwithstanding Pence/Bolton/Haley/et al and the broken campaign promises, await action on those beautiful Stephen Miller speeches. Many bought into the Bushling “Kav,” screeching when commenters like me pointed out his track record and how Chief Justice Roberts voted Establishment when it mattered to maintain the national “healthcare” racket. Now, many of the faithful will blame the newly Dem House for frustrating MAGA, and jack themselves up again for 2020. But nothing important will change, at least via political processes.

    Many Americans cling to the notion that they live in Exceptionalia, and owe fealty through participation. I have high regard otherwise for many of them, but am convinced that they are both deluding themselves and helping to indenture the rest of us and our children.

    My mind remains open, and I still believe that Dr. Paul was the real deal, hence the sabotage of his campaign. If a Rand/Tulsi candidacy were to emerge, I would consider getting back into voting, subject to investigating what they’d by then actually done. But my default assumption is that at this point in the Empire, anyone worthy of ruling is never even presented as an option.”

    • Replies: @jon
  156. @TTSSYF

    I don’t get that Kamala Harris is “pretty”, naturally or otherwise. She has heavy features and a long face

    Well, wouldn’t you have a long face if you had to do the things she did for Willie Brown?

  157. Pocahontas is making plenty of unforced errors:

    Elizabeth Warren Makes The Tough Call On… Ditching Columbus Day

    At this stage she certainly seems to have a 1/1024 chance of being the nominee.

  158. Anone says:

    Her parents may have given her a low class trashy name but they both earned middle class salaries.

    What’s education anyway? Sitting through $100,000 and 4 years of anti White racist brain washing?

  159. jon says:

    Voting keeps people distracted and docile

    So what are you doing to really solve our problems with all of your time and resources saved from being a non-voter?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  160. Anone says:

    That face you see is the result of hundreds of thousands of dollars and decades of plastic surgery as well as skin bleach.
    She’s had chin implants to create a feminine pointy chin and elongate her original bulldog face. She’s also had fat sucked out of her cheeks and implants in her cheek bones. Also lip resculpting

    There’s a pre plastic surgery picture of her in a Miss Memphis contest when she was about 20. I’ll see if I can find it

  161. jon says:

    I don’t get that Kamala Harris is “pretty”, naturally or otherwise.

    She looks OK if you catch here just right:

    But that was one pic out of a whole page of fuglies:

  162. Anone says:

    Have you ever seen her in person? I have many times when she was the San Francisco DA. She’s very pretty. She’s getting older and we all lose our looks as we age.

    Being the daughter, daughter in law and mother of dazzling drop dead beauties, I have very high standards of judging other women’s looks. I’ve seen her in person many times and in my expert judgement she’s very pretty. But naturally not as beautiful as my mother in law when she was young.

  163. Anone says:

    It was the Black Miss Memphis contest she was the only contestant so naturally she won the title.

  164. Bubba says:
    @Kevin O'Keeffe

    Agree with all you wrote; however, I am far less enthusiastic for Trump than I was in ’16.

  165. @TTSSYF

    You have to compare her to politicians, not women at large.

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  166. @Anone

    Proving yet again that women have very different views than men.

    In that picture she looks like she is remembering Willie Brown …

    • LOL: Jim Don Bob
    • Replies: @Dtbb
  167. TTSSYF says:
    @Clifford Brown

    And a lot of you men think women should never have been given the vote due to a lack of rational thought or over-emotionalism…

  168. @syonredux

    He could be easily cast as a new Star Trek character. Very little work for the make-up artist.

  169. Corn says:

    I’m actually heartened when a Hispanic can’t speak Spanish. Shows there’s at least some assimilation going on.

    Would you call a guy named Sullivan lazy if he doesn’t speak Irish? Or castigate a guy named Bob Schultz for not speaking German?

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Art Deco
  170. JohnnyD says:
    @Colin Wright

    Back in 2015, Gabbard was spotted at a Sheldon Adelson event. She’s perhaps the only person in the world who’s had their photo taken with both Sheldon Adelson’s wife and Bashar Al Assad.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  171. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Not sure what you mean by “our.” I try to work on my own problems, and help those in my real life who ask for help with theirs.

    When it comes to politics, Hollywood, etc., I can’t see any reasonable prospect for improvement. For me, it seems the best way to deal with corrupt institutions is to starve them by withholding my participation and consent. And I feel strongly enough about that to encourage others to at least consider the same approach.

    • Replies: @jon
  172. jon says:

    For me, it seems the best way to deal with corrupt institutions is to starve them by withholding my participation and consent.

    But what does this even mean in terms of politics? Are we going to not have a president, or a congress, because not enough people voted? You can starve Hollywood, or Starbucks, or whatever other industry/organization you don’t like by not “participating,” but you can’t starve the government that way. You just end up with an even worse group running things. It’s an idiotic solution to the problem.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  173. @Corn

    ‘…Would you call a guy named Sullivan lazy if he doesn’t speak Irish? Or castigate a guy named Bob Schultz for not speaking German?’

    No — but at least hopefully, Bob wouldn’t be asking for votes on the grounds that he’s of German extraction. Castro’s assuming he can hoover up all those Hispanic votes simply by virtue of his last name. If he is going to claim to be a voice for Hispanics, it’s reasonable to ask why he can’t even speak Spanish.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  174. MEH 0910 says:

  175. @JohnnyD

    ‘Back in 2015, Gabbard was spotted at a Sheldon Adelson event. She’s perhaps the only person in the world who’s had their photo taken with both Sheldon Adelson’s wife and Bashar Al Assad.’

    It’s all relative. Given the competition, Gabbard remains one of the more attractive choices out there. For starters, it’s not immediately obvious that she’s a complete idiot. That puts her ahead of Harris and Booker right there. She’s not an ancient Sixties relict; beats Sanders and Biden in that respect. Not as utterly useless as Pocahontas.

    Let’s see her square off against Beto Whatever. It’d be nice to at least potentially have candidates one might like.

    Then, the winner can run against Trump and we’ll have an actual choice. Not either (a) the Wicked Witch of the West, or (b) Door Number Two.

    • Replies: @JohnnyD
  176. Anon[211] • Disclaimer says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA women are notoriously TERRIBLE at judging other women’s looks.

    And for the record Tulsi is good-looking. She’s like what in her 40s and looks better than AOC with her ugly nose and beady little soulless rat eyes. AOC looks like a young RBG.

    • Replies: @jon
  177. Anon[564] • Disclaimer says:

    No, it’s more modernity, and atheism, that have this effect on some vulnerable people.

  178. jon says:

    AOC looks like a young RBG.

    Regardless of whether one thinks she is attractive now, I think all would have to admit that she is the type that won’t age well.

    • Replies: @Anon
  179. TTSSYF says:

    Of course I haven’t seen her in person. How many people who post comments here do you think have? I’m going by the pictures I’ve seen of her.

    Lots of people are very attractive when young. Based on the pictures I’ve seen of her, she has a long face and heavy, rather plain features, and she’s too brown. Attractive, yes, but not what I would call “pretty”. And good for you for being surrounded by beauties. It sounds like you think you deserve an award for it.

  180. Anon[378] • Disclaimer says:

    Shes already aging badly. Im surprised how many guys find her attractive.

    Her skin is already very loose for a childless woman her age. Her skin is an unhealthy tone and very greasy. Her hair is already thinning compared to her older pics.. Her face is starting to sag and she has bug eyes and huge buck teeth , a ratty nose and big ears . hmmmm what a sex kitten.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  181. JohnnyD says:
    @Colin Wright

    I agree with you that Gabbard is the best candidate. I was just pointing out that even Gabbard has to play ball with the ubiquitous Israel lobby.

    • Replies: @Tulip
  182. anon[132] • Disclaimer says:
    @a reader


    The reality of halal/kosher slaughter is strictly the same in whichever country it is practiced.

    Look, that video was made in Indonesia, and featured < 60IQ peasants paid to make a spectacle of themselves by some Western vegan activists.
    The reality of halal/kosher slaughter in the Western world is that it is monitored by veterinarians and regulated by the Departments of Agriculture.

  183. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kevin O'Keeffe

    (F)undamentalist Catholic is not a term of art: it’s usually “Traditionalist Catholic”, insofar as trad Catholics stick to as much of the ornate and “Romish” (to use a Prod term) pre-Vatican II world as is possible whereas mainstream Catholic churches are usually as Protestant as they can get away with in many ways.

    The K of C is like a junior version of the Masons for people who can’t (or are heavily dissuaded from joining) join the Masons. Plus it has a huge insurance operation. It is probably a little more working class than the Masons now, but who knows?

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  184. Dtbb says:
    @Peripatetic Commenter

    As Bruce Hornsby said: “Sometimes she spits, sometimes she swallows!”

  185. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Jon, you asked me a question and I have answered.

    I already said I would keep an open mind about, say, a Paul/Gabbard campaign. If you’re willing to consider abstention, here’s someone else’s argument:

  186. Jon says:

    Read your link. Your principled non-voter position is even more idiotic when expounded upon in more detail. This is his big dream:

    But even if we could convince half of them, say 33 million to stay home on election day, that would still overwhelm the Dummos 65 million to 130 million. One third joining the movement and it’s 120 million to 65 million-twice their number. What would our masters do? I have no idea but those relying on the bogus concept of “consent of the governed” would be made a laughing stock-something they can’t stand-humiliation.

    That’s it. We unilaterally disarm, the democrats win landslides in low-turnout elections, and … they suffer our wrath by humiliation? Seriously? That’s the grand plan? Like I said, idiotic. Accomplishes nothing, makes a bad situation worse, gives an excuse to people’s already lazy, selfish tendencies.

  187. Art Deco says:

    Class-creep: Part of The Man’s programme to help obscure the precipitous decline in standards of living in the F.U.S.A. aince the 1960s.

    There has been no ‘precipitous decline’ in living standards since 1969, except in your addled head.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  188. Art Deco says:

    In the Church, those who join masonic lodges are regarded as apostates, and excommunicate by the act itself. Gov. Pataki in New York joined a masonic lodge and then resigned from it (IIRC) saying he didn’t realize the implications. (Pataki’s the sort who is continually amused with himself and his homies over the scams he’s pulling on the rubes who voted for him; don’t imagine he’s attended Mass in decades).

    I think there’s some ceremony which attends membership in the Knights, but for the most part it’s a fairly transparent service organization. The subterranean aspect of masonic lodges isn’t present From the outside, they have an ‘organization man’ vibe, though not a sinister vibe. The big cheese layman in my old parish was a Knight and went around for a time ca. 2002 with a big lapel button which said ‘Support Our Priests’. That sort of disposition is less troublesome in the Knights than it is in re college alumni associations or has proved to be in re the Boy Scouts. It does have its drawbacks, though.

  189. Art Deco says:

    I’ll wager you the vast majority of Catholic Irish who arrived on these shores couldn’t speak two sentences in any Gaelic dialect. There was at one time a small population in County Kerry and some other loci who spoke Gaelic at home. I think they amounted to about 30,000 people ca. 1975. In Ireland, it’s a required subject in schools, but IIRC that’s only been the case since the 1930s. Organic survival of Gaelic dialects has been pretty much limited to Wales.

    I think it’s been a looong time since anyone ran for office on his German heritage bar in some very circumscribed communities – say, a city council race in Milwaukee.

    • Replies: @Corn
    , @Steve Sailer
  190. Corn says:
    @Art Deco

    You’re right. The Irish are by far a majority English speaking people. That said, in his book The New Americans (which I think Steve reviewed yeara ago) Michael Barone noted that of the first great wave of Irish immigrants in the 1830s and 1840s up to a third spoke little or no English.

    British rule alone didn’t tamp out Irish, emigration helped. My grandmother was from Ireland. Rural County Galway. She spoke Irish for what it’s worth.

  191. Tulip says:

    Sherrod Brown might run.

    He’s absolute shit on immigration, but pretty good on labor/pocket book issues, and despised by the oligarchs. He was against the Iraq War, so not a total idiot on foreign policy.

    It would be an interesting race, Brown v. Trump, but the oligarchs won’t let that happen, and Brown is probably too pale and too stale for the Vibrant Democrats (and the white Millennials appear to be airheads who don’t care about much beyond pronouns so it would go over their heads).

  192. Art Deco says:

    The heading makes plain they’re taking a fragment of the workforce of undefined dimensions and excluding the value of fringe benefits.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  193. CJ says:

    I saw Comma-law in person at an event about 15 years ago, and yes, she was attractive although aided by expensive clothing and makeup. Also, she was surprisingly short.

    That was then and this is now. She’s starting to look more middle-aged and angry. It wouldn’t be a shock to see that work out badly over a long campaign, but she’ll be a formidable force in the early primaries. In some ways I think she would be the dream candidate for Donald to run against.

  194. @Colin Wright

    It’s a weird and growing phenomenon, the phony authenticity for cash and prizes and the desire to be exotic. I think you don’t see it as often, or to as great a degree, among, say, the Germans and Irish, because they don’t get cash and prizes for being phony about their heritage or exaggerating their ethnicity of origin to distance themselves from The Evil White Man. Sure, they go to Oktoberfest or the local highland games; maybe they enjoy genealogy, but they don’t have chips on their shoulders or expect cash and prizes. (“I’ll have you know I am a proud Swede and I demand respect and recompense for the oppression of my people by this racist government….”)

    I will say there’s nothing quite as funny as watching a Jewban blowhard from Miami whose Spanish is atrocious lecture a woman from Bogotá about what is and isn’t authentically Colombian pronunciation because she (the Floridian blowhard) “grew up surrounded by South Americans!”

  195. J.Ross says: • Website

    First impression before reading through comments: look at Julian Castro affect heterosexuality in that pic.

  196. @Art Deco

    What fragment of the workforce would you reckon most of interest? The one that includes Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook? Their standard of living has in fact dramatically improved, to be sure. Gross national product purchasing power parity (“GDP-PPP”) is not meaningful for gauging standards of living; one necessarily must examine how the productivity is actually distributed. Warren Buffet and twenty hookers on skid row selected randomly have stratospheric wealth and income per capita. If you aren’t interested in how the pie is divided, you’re not interested in a meaningful discussion of the topic.

    In 1960, Americans could buy houses and raise families with hard work, a high school diploma, and a bit of luck.

    In 2019, Americans can rent apartments (along with other people, as flatmates) and watch Netflix’s programming via Wi-Fi.

    What fringe benefits are you invoking? Ubiquitous pornography? The ability to visit a national park without making a reservation months or even years in advance? Obama-phones? Freedom of association? Government cheese? A shared language and culture? Microwavable processed foods? Houses with yards? Ride-sharing applications? Shorter commuting times? Shortages of water?

    Are you certain you want to speak about “fringe benefits” to bolster an argument that standards of living for Americans are not declining? – and, to be clear, with regard to both “fringe benefits” and “fragments of the workforce” – I am writing about Americans, not invaders from China, India, Guatemala, etc. whose standards of living have doubtless indeed increased a hundredfold and more for the price of an airline ticket.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
    , @SafeNow
  197. anon[285] • Disclaimer says:

    That’s a very unlikeable face you have there, Julie Castrati.

  198. SafeNow says:

    How tall is Beto? He appears to be tall. Research says that height confers a significant advantage in a presidential election. But in any event, a Beto + Tulsi ticket would carry Texas, and thus the election.

  199. Art Deco says:

    You’re confusing assets and income. And it’s doubtful that the personal income of Bezos or Cook is predominantly composed of returns to labor at this point.

    Total cash compensation paid to workers in 2017 was $8,454 bn. That in 1973 was $709 bn. The number of employed persons in 2017 averaged 153.3 million, while that in 1973 averaged 85 million. Nominal cash compensation per worker in 1973 was just north of $8,300 per year and that in 2017 was just north of $55,100 per year. There are several price indices you might use. The one the Bureau of Economic Analysis features in the Personal Consumption Expenditures Index, which increased 4.46 fold between 1973 and 2017. So, in current dollars, the mean cash compensation per worker would be about $37,000. That amounts to a 48% increase in real terms. Fringe benefits per worker have increased 2.33x in real terms since 1973 and now average $12,200 per worker per year.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers employment and wage-and-salary data on occupations accounting for 94% of the working population, in coarse and fine categories. Right now, managers account for about 5% of the working population assessed and claim 12% of the total cash compensation paid. ‘Healthcare practitioners’ account for 6% of the working population assessed and account for 9.5% of the total compensation paid. Lawyers of various sorts account for 0.5% of the working population and 1.3% of the cash compensation paid. Science occupations (outside the academy) account for 0.8% of the working population and 1.2% of the cash compensation paid. Architects and engineers account for just north of 1.7% of the working population and 3% of the compensation paid. ‘Computer and mathematical occupations’ account for 3% of the working population and 5.3% of the cash compensation. Non-managerial ‘Business and Financial occupations’ account for 5.2% of the working population and 7.9% of the compensation. Teachers of various sorts account for 4% of the working population and 5.1% of the cash compensation. All told, that’s about 26% of the working population assessed and 45% of the compensation.

    The remainder of the working population is compensated at rates about 25% below the mean. That would be wages-and-salaries averaging about $41,000 per year, which is above the mean annual cash compensation paid for the whole workforce in 1973.

    Not sure if it maps precisely to the Federal Reserve data you cited, but there is a category labeled ‘Production Occupations’. They account for 6.3% of the working population and 4.7% of the compensation paid. So, they’re about 25% below the mean (or about the mean for those outside the professional-managerial categories named above). Non supervisory personnel in that category receive a mean annual wage about 5% lower than that (and still higher than the mean for the whole population of workers assessed in 1973).

  200. SafeNow says:

    An insightful analysis comparing 1960’s with 2019. But I don’t know about disparaging “invaders” from China, lumping them in with Guatemalans. Now, I only know LAWFUL Chinese migrants here in S. California, not visa-overstayers. So I admit I am in part extrapolating. But I can say that I find the Chinese lawful migrants here to be very hard-working, polite, decent, traditional, fairminded, and smart. In fact, they remind me of characters out of 60’s sitcom; Ward and June Cleaver, perhaps. America could do worse right now than Ward and June.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  201. Man, that’s a lot of can openers. I’m rushed, so I’ll mention one briefly.

    You’re continuing to completely ignore the supplies of housing and labour as well as the costs of education; your continued citation of averages continues to ignore allocation. What is a “healthcare practitioner?” We don’t have to guess, of course. Lookie, they include neurosurgeons and EMTs; opticians and orthodontists (and “all other” – orderlies…?). Reckon how many opticians can afford a mortgage and family in 2019 versus how many could in 1960. Say, what’s going on here?:

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  202. Bubba says:
    @Big Bill

    LOL! Thanks for that! I think this is from the early 90’s…

  203. @SafeNow

    Hardworking, polite. decent, traditional, fair-minded, and lawful people increase the costs of housing, decrease wages, and deplete water tables as much as any other kind.

  204. @Art Deco

    I asked an old man for directions in Limerick in 1987 and he replied in Gaelic.

    • Replies: @Corn
  205. Corn says:
    @Steve Sailer

    He must have had an odd sense of humor or didn’t want to chat. Gaelic monoglots had died out by then.

  206. MarcB. says:

    There must have been a lot of investment in grooming Julian Castro for high office because he is being pushed despite lacking any of the qualities typically required to attain it.

  207. Art Deco says:

    The PCE Index includes housing costs. The budgets of non-profits providing services to households are also included as a component in the PCE Index. I believe that covers higher education.

    In the occupational classification used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are four levels of granularity: ‘major’, ‘minor’, ‘broad’, and ‘detailed’. I provided you with the ‘major’ categories they use with a few exceptions, wherein I made use of the data for the ‘minor’ category. “Healthcare practitioners” is a minor category, one which explicitly exclude ‘healthcare support occupations’. ‘Healthcare practitioners’ means physicians, surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, physical therapists, &c. ‘Healthcare support’ would be nurses (among other things). My reference to ‘Lawyers’ was also to a minor category, excluding ‘legal support’ occupations. My reference to ‘teachers’ was to the sum of a couple of minor categories, which explicitly exclude ‘teachers’ aides’ and clerical staff in the education business.

    Not sure just who was included in the Federal Reserve data you cite, but non-supervisory production workers in the BLS taxonomy account for 5.7% of the working population right now. I’m not sure why you fancy they are so potent that they manifest what’s going on in the rest of the workforce all by their lonesome. If their cash compensation actually has declined by 7% since 1973, they would have to have received cash compensation about 12% above the mean in 1973. In the sort of skew distributions that prevail in income statistics, that would generally translate into a spot at about the 70th percentile of the working population. I suppose that’s possible. I don’t recall production workers being particularly common in the moderately affluent neighborhoods where I grew up, so that seems off.

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
  208. MEH 0910 says:

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