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Cory Booker Apologizes for Holding Up Anti-Israeli Sign, Explains That He Thought It Was Merely an Anti-American Sign
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From the Jewish Telegraph Agency:

Sen. Cory Booker says he had no idea sign he held is linked to pro-Palestinian movement

August 3, 2018 3:52pm

Sen. Cory Booker, seen as a likely contender for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, appears in a photo appearing to endorse a slogan of the pro-Palestinian movement.

A Booker spokesman told JTA the senator had no idea the sign had anything to do with Israel.

Booker, a New Jersey Democrat who is known for his closeness to the Jewish community, is seen posing while holding a sign reading “From Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go” and depicting a crumbling brick wall. The slogan was coined by the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, which posted the photo Friday on Twitter.

The sign likens President Trump’s Mexican wall proposal to Israel’s security barrier.

A spokesman for Booker, Jeff Giertz, said Booker believed the sign referred only to Mexico.

“Just before delivering a speech in New Orleans, Senator Booker was approached by dozens of people for photos,” Giertz told JTA in an email.

“In one instance, amid the rush, he was posing for a photo and was passed a sign to hold – he didn’t have time to read the sign, and from his cursory glance he thought it was talking about Mexico and didn’t realize it had anything to do with Israel,” Giertz said. …

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stirred outrage from Democrats in 2017 when he favorably likened another Israeli wall – on the border with Egypt – to Trump’s proposal.

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  1. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:


  2. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    “What I meant was…… ”

  3. Big Bill says:

    That boy just ain’t too bright. He holds up signs that random folks hand to him … and grins and grins and grins.

    • Replies: @415 reasons
    , @Russ
    , @MBlanc46
  4. Trump should post that photo to his Twitter. How did Zuckerberg’s big investment in the Newark School System play out? Was there any research assessing the investment?

    I thought Corey Booker’s performance at NetRoots was the best that I have ever seen him speak. His public speaking and emoting have really improved. He is clearly taking lessons in anticipation of his presidential run. I was impressed even if his voice pitch is just too high.

    Still, he is basically doing a pale imitation of Obamaism. His speech came off as a progressive religious sermon. I think we will soon realize just how unique of a political persona Obama was and Corey Booker can’t quite pull it off.

    I think Corey Booker could make for a solid VP choice.

  5. @Big Bill

    No kidding!

    “A spokesman for Booker, Jeff Giertz, said Booker believed the sign referred only to Mexico.”

    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. It’s the second word on the sign.

    • LOL: AndrewR
    • Replies: @Barnard
    , @Ben tillman
    , @tyrone
  6. Thomas says:

    Oh, you were going to run for President? No shekels for you!

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  7. Anonym says:

    Palestine is a Feminist Queer(y) Refugee Racial Justice Issue. Apparently.

    • Replies: @anon
  8. Disappointed our host neglected to include the obligatory Purim dancing with Cory Booker & Shmuley Boteach.

    Seems relevant.

    • Replies: @Currahee
    , @Reg Cæsar
  9. Wilkey says:

    99.9% of the American public: “Israel has a wall?”

    It’s funny but not surprising that of all the Israeli political controversies the MSM will talk about the wall ain’t among them. More Americans, by an order of magnitide or more, know about Hungary’s wall than about Israel’s. But Hungary is a big important country that’s always in the news, while Israel is an unimportant little backwater that might as well be the Andaman Islands.

  10. @Thomas

    He’s not White, so he can be (((redeemed))).

    If Sarah Jeong can (((find forgiveness))) he can too:
    — ( )

    • LOL: AndrewR
  11. Anonym says:

    There is even a Chad perspective on Palestine. I found these funny. I don’t want to turn Unz into reddit or 4chan but I think these are topical and Cory Booker doesn’t interest me much.

    “Runs Illuminati or something”

    And a counterpoint.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
    , @AndrewR
  12. Anonymous[234] • Disclaimer says:

    Quickly walking back a mild criticism of Israel? Well that settles it: this guy *definitely* wants to run for President.

  13. eah says:

    UGA Journalism Professor Apologizes for Calling GOP Candidate Brian Kemp a ‘Nice Guy’ in Tweet

    Professor Charles Davis, who is the Dean of UGA’s prestigious Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, tweeted shortly after the race was called for Kemp on Tuesday, “I went to high school with GOP guv candidate @BrianKempGA. We played YMCA ball from childhood. Politics be damned. He is a nice guy, always was. Kind to a fault. He’s a friend, always has been, and will be when we’re old(er) and grey(er). That’s how all this should work, people.”

  14. anon[389] • Disclaimer says:

    I thought queery too at first. I think it’s actually: Feminist / Queer / Refugee / Racial Justice

  15. I guess “From Botswana to Assam” didn’t have the right ring to it.

  16. JimB says:

    Why, it’s almost as if Cory Booker is an…


    I think his presidential timber has dry rot.

    • LOL: eah
    • Replies: @CCZ
    , @Pat Boyle
  17. TheBoom says:

    Booker might be dumb but he is not stupid. One doesn’t need a 3 digit IQ to understand that (((some people))) are more equal than others and you don’t get on (((their))) bad side.

  18. Sam says:

    Still astounding to me that the “master brander” in chief hasn’t figured out how to triangulate the wall by bringing up Israel’s wall. He should talk about it openly and in commercials for the wall and border security, wait for media outrage and obfuscation and at that point call in a favor from Netanyahu. Get him to come here and make a defence of it. He should even be making campaign ads on it. Force the media to acknowledge that they are the same and that if one is illegitimate than so is the other.
    Hell, he could bring in Orban(and Salvini) to make it a triple triumph defence of borders in Israel, America, Europe.
    Make it a quadruple event by bringing in the Australian PM and the cool commander in their anti-illegal immigration ad. Make a big photo op out of it and invite other nationalist leaders in Europe, whether in power or not, to join in as well.

    The new international right can get legitimacy from each other if they join up and support each other. It’s highly unfortunate that they are so lacking in a vision for how to counter globalism even now when they are in power. They should be pulling the same scam of supporting/creating NGO’s that have a nationalist orientation. Instead of getting stuck in fights about cutting subsidies to the normal globalist NGO’s they should move funding to favored ones. And make sure to wink to their own national corporate/financial funders/lobbies that if they want government privileges/rent seeking/etc. then they should support the nationalist NGO’s financially as well as publicly. You want to create a industry of consultants, lobbyists, etc. who want to get in the nationalist business. And get the UN to choose them and give them a stamp of approval on top to really drive it home and drive liberals crazy.

    Essentially, you take the liberal globalist power structure of legitimacy and use it for good. Only Bannon seems to have any transnational vision.

  19. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    “Israel has a wall?”

    Yeah, but it’s a good wall, unlike the bad wall Trump’s trying to build.

    Just as we’ve learned again this week: There’s good racism (ours) and bad racism (yours).

    • Agree: Dan Hayes, bomag
    • Replies: @ic1000
  20. CCZ says:

    “Presidential Timber” – not even a 2 x 4.

    Maybe the “Russian Bots” have found a 2020 candidate. I wonder how the NY Times, WaPo, HuffPo, etc. and the mainstream media would portray a “President Booker” – Vladimir Putin Summit?

  21. eah says:


    But this needs to be understood and emphasized because scum like Yglesias will bring it up again and again as if they are making a significant, telling point:

    …the gap between the scores of Whites and Asians seems to make absolutely no difference in the quality of civilizations and institutions Whites and Asians are able to build (unlike the difference between Whites and Blacks) — in fact, judging by immigration flows, Whites have created by far the highest quality and most desirable civilizations and institutions — the White/Asian gap is of no practical significance…

    Whites don’t need Asians, period.

    • Replies: @Anonym
    , @bomag
    , @Berty
    , @Ed
  22. Anon[406] • Disclaimer says:

    That sign is classic accidentroll.

    I’m sure it was meant in earnest, but it could have a troll meme created by some joker.

  23. Dan Hayes says:
    @Clifford Brown

    Clifford Brown:

    Thanks for the video. Booker’s good but compared to Obama he’s rough around the edges.

    Booker had a checkered career as Newark’s mayor. Sky-high murder and crime rates. He purportedly didn’t even live there. But it didn’t seem to make any difference as he was easily elected to US Senate.

    There have been questions about his sexual proclivities. But in these enlightened times according to Borgoglio: “Who are we to judge”.

  24. Anonym says:

    I was thinking a video map of nationalist governments (in white countries) taking power over the last decade, month by month would be cool. On youtube.

  25. Sean says:

    ‘Limo for Netanyahu’

    Still astounding to me that the “master brander” in chief hasn’t figured out how to triangulate the wall by bringing up Israel’s wall

    Triangulation (psychology)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Triangulation is a manipulation tactic where one person will not communicate directly with another person, instead using a third person to relay communication to the second, thus forming a triangle. It is also a form of splitting in which one person manipulates a relationship between two parties by controlling communication between them.

    Triangulation may manifest itself as a manipulative device to engineer rivalry between two people, known as divide and conquer[1] or playing one (person) against another.

    Trump has given Netanyahy recognition of Jerusalem, if Trump then destroys Iran then that gives him the inside track with the Israelis over-against the Israel lobby, and when he tips the wink that America will support the expulsion of most West Bank Arabs to the already existing Palestinian state of Jordan, Yoni’s brother will know what to do.

  26. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    That yellow fellow holding the sign looks like he has leukemia.

  27. Art Deco says:

    Cory Booker is one of the better examples of someone building a career out of sheer hype abetted by the reality that newspaper reporters are a component of the social nexus for which the Democratic Party is the electoral vehicle. Any conscientious Mayor of Newark will understand himself to have one job, and that is to restore public order. During the last leg of Sharpe James tenure, the median of each year’s offense rates were as follows:

    Murder: 29.5 per 100,000
    Rape: 30 per 100,000
    Robbery: 474 per 100,000
    Aggravated Assault: 490 per 100,000
    Burglary: 889 per 100,000
    Auto Theft: 2,115 per 100,000
    Arson: 74 per 100,000

    During Booker’s 2d term, the rates were:

    Murder: 34.1 per 100,000
    Rape: 20.3 per 100,000
    Robbery: 710 per 100,000
    Aggravated Assault: 394 per 100,000
    Burglary: 757 per 100,000
    Auto theft: 1,310 per 100,000
    Arson: 20 per 100,000

    Booker left office prior to Ferguson, btw. I’d give Booker props where there was improvement. The thing is, it’s the robbery rate which is most salient in influencing a normal person’s sense that the streets are his and not the property of hoodlums. Compare the Booker years to Robert Bowser’s in East Orange. Bowser’s tenure saw declines (on the order of 2/3) in every category of offense. Newark is about 50% black. East Orange is 85% black (and not particularly affluent blacks).

    The New Jersey major media couldn’t even bother to ascertain where Booker actually lived. People who have lived on the block of the structure he used as a voting address have been adamant that you saw security personnel loitering about that place during the day, but you didn’t see the mayor and if you looked in the windows, you could see there’s hardly any furniture in the place. He has neither a wife nor any children.

    Prior to his time as mayor, Booker spent several years on the staff of a couple of grant money vent pipes, functioning as GC for one of them. One of these (“Newark Youth Project”) is as evanescent an organization you could imagine. The only reference I find to it not drawn from accounts of Booker’s career is on the Linkedin profile of a sales rep who otherwise has spent his adult life in Britain.

  28. Anonymous[367] • Disclaimer says:

    This guy seems about as sharp as the bowling ball his head resembles

  29. Dan Hayes says:
    @Art Deco

    Art Deco:

    Thank you for supplying the relevant background info on Booker. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

    BTW, I’m surprised that Newark if only 50% black. But there can’t be that many Portuguese there, can they?

    • Replies: @Alec Leamas
  30. Somebody ought to buy Booker an Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics course.

  31. Anonymous[188] • Disclaimer says:

    Whoa! Will this be Cory Booker’s ‘Hymie Town’ moment? Nah, probably not …

  32. I suspect he learned more about the real world from the (((phone call))) he received immediately after holding the sign, than he had in the entirety of his life up to that point.

  33. unit472 says:

    While correlation is not causation you’d think people would have caught on to the reality that black politicians do not head successful governments. There are no black Lee Kuan Yew’s. Never have been and probably never will be. Managing complex bureaucracies is not what black people are known for. Aspiring to run them is another thing because , as they say in Texas, negroes are all hat and no cattle.

    While a few Fortune Five Hundred companies have had black CEO’s none have EVER been star performers in terms of share price or earnings. In most cases the company languishes or declines. See Sears, McDonalds, Citigroup, Darden Restaurants etc. The same is true for negro politicians. How many Detroits, Baltimores, New Orleans etc. does it take before people realize negroes are not good managers of other people’s money.

  34. Arclight says:

    Booker is such a blatant political opportunist that there is no real risk of him being a presidential nominee, thankfully. Of course he knew what was on the sign and yes, he totally approved.

    • Replies: @Cloudbuster
    , @JMcG
    , @MBlanc46
  35. gregor says:

    Ahem, Israel has a “security barrier,” as explained in the article. Totally not the same as this proposed “wall” with Mexico! FALSE EQUIVALENCY RAAARHH!

  36. Anonym says:

    Yglesias is kind of right, although with his trademark intellectual dishonesty. Instead of saying

    Imagine if instead of lightly mocking white people’s rice cookery she had just said white people are intellectually inferior to Asians because of genetics.

    …if he said…

    Imagine if instead of wishing extinction on white people, delighting in cruelty to old white men, and variations on those themes she had just said white people are intellectually inferior to Asians because of genetics.

    Well, other than some clarifications, e.g. East Asians not Jungle Asians, and for all that their societies are generally worse to live in (with the possible exception of Japan) and playing catch up to white societies… it would be right in some respects. Race realist conservatives would have far less issue with it really.

    • Replies: @eah
  37. Corn says:

    I too get the impression Booker wants to run for President, but he seems to lack gravitas.

    Also, rumors abound here and there he prefers white women. Would this really hurt him with blacksbin primaries?

    • Replies: @Gary in Gramercy
  38. Aardvark says:

    Dear Fledgling Politician,

    There is no doubt you have a great deal of things on your mind; kissing ass and raising money probably occupy a lot of it. However, it would behoove you to pick up a map and study where other parts of the world are. For example, you might be surprised to find out simple things like Europe is not in Texas.

    If you had consulted a map, you might have been able to recall the Palestine actually is subsumed by borders Israel. With some deductive reasoning you could have then concluded that a wall was most likely between Israel and Palestine.

    Oh wait, what the hell am I talking about?

  39. bomag says:

    … it would be Forbidden Truths That America Needs To Hear, I guess? [Yglesias tweet]

    Ha ha. Yglesias playing some HBD judo, but it reveals too much: HBD lives rent free in his head; and, being the good leftist that he is, he has been trained to think in terms of Forbidden Truths that he can know but not common man.

    Plus, he and his ilk and everyone else freely and often talk about Asian high test scores, so this is something he imagines his political opponents wanting; a case of psychological projection.

    • Replies: @eah
  40. D. K. says:


    I just came across an obituary for my former law-school dean and professor, who died late last year. Its closing caught my attention:


    Funeral services will be private, and a memorial service will be announced in a few weeks. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR).

    Published in The Arizona Republic on Jan. 4, 2018


    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Russ
  41. James P says: • Website

    Lie much? He had to have read it before he held it. He just got caught. Only when the outrage kicked off did he go “Shit….”

  42. @Arclight

    Booker is such a blatant political opportunist that there is no real risk of him being a presidential nominee, thankfully.

    Wait, are you suggesting John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were something other than blatant political opportunists?

  43. Corey Booker is a filthy politician whore for the money-grubbing slobs in the private equity scam. Corey Booker went on TV and defended the actions of private equity shysters such as Mitt Romney.

    Steve Sailer, or one of his commenters, might be in with Corey Booker. Sailer — or one of his commenters — once utilized a video of Corey Booker catching a well-thrown pass in between coverage while Booker was playing for Stanford or some California team.

    Why didn’t Sailer or — one of his commenters — show a picture of some linebacker smashing the hell out of Corey Booker instead of a play that put Booker in a positive light?

    Is California Sailer — or one of his commenters — a partisan of the West Coast offense? Does Sailer, or one of his commenters — like Stanford because Elway and his father are associated with that team?

    Corey Booker is a weak whore who could be crushed on the private equity issue and open borders mass immigration question. White Core American voters will reject globalizer whore Corey Booker regardless of whether or not he can catch a football in zone coverage.

    Who would think to tarnish the political reputation of a politician by showing him making a decent play for a twenty or thirty yard gain? Would you show Steve Young — of New England origins — running down the field for extra yardage without his helmet if you wanted to point out that Young is in with the Hunstman gang?

  44. Pat Boyle says:


    Today it will be warm. I will turn on the air conditioner. But for all those who wonder why anyone would continue to live in California – let me explain.

    In Europe today it is supposed to get to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Here in Oakland is will get up to 74.

    Oakland – bad government, good climate.

  45. @Clifford Brown

    To me in that video Cory Booker looks like a mediocre amateur actor barely remembering his lines.

    I never got that impression with Obama. Bland, not terribly interesting, sure. But a pretty solid and engaging performance. And an impression of sincerity.

    Booker looks like he is sincerely trying to impress us. And trying to sincerely talk himself into believing whatever bs he is mouthing.

  46. @Anonymous

    As indicated elsewhere “a pale (!) imitation of Obama”, not unlike Slick Clinton trying mightily, but less than successfully, to imitate his hero (and roll model) JFK.

  47. @Art Deco

    Booker has the following two ingredients 1.) The requisite amount of melanin 2.) A big mouth, out of which platitudes and homilies spew like water out of a geyser.

  48. Barnard says:
    @415 reasons

    That would also mean he completely ignored the shirt of the woman next to him in the picture. This is a case where the politician in question is so stupid it is a plausible explanation.

  49. @Sam

    The antipodean Campbell Celtic military guy has his eyes set too close together. It is a problem much like the Poles deciding to put their country between Russia and Germany.

    I approve of his message that says to Third World Invaders intending on invading Australia that:

    NO WAY


    Some young Austrians and other young people of European ancestry used the Australian message to dissuade Third World Invaders from invading Austria:

  50. Tyrion 2 says:

    Those are 4 quite different and interesting ways of framing the conflict.

    • Replies: @Anonym
  51. @415 reasons

    Palestine is a city in Texas.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  52. @Pat Boyle

    In Europe today it is supposed to get to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Here in Oakland is will get up to 74.

    Oakland has nice weather but Oakland doesn’t have 97 percent humidity like New Hampshire currently has.

    74 degrees and dry air? Boring! Give me that Kokoda Trail Papua 97 percent humidity any day. Rot your disposition right quick, though.

  53. @Anonymous

    Sounds like election interference and collusion to me.

  54. @Art Deco

    When crime numbers go up it’s because of Trump. Using the same logic one of those NYT morons used to explain the black/white disparity in interracial violent crime, to whit, that there being more of them, whites that is, makes for a target rich environment so it’s no wonder that there are more B on W crimes than the opposite. See?

    Anyway, more crime today is because under Trump the nation’s economy is moving right along, low unemployment etc. means there are more affluent targets for robbers to home in on. So no wonder.

  55. t says:

    OT: today in the Great Nazi Panic:

    ‘NOT a Nazi’: Worcester County Sheriff’s Office defends employee’s tattoo

    • Replies: @t
    , @t
  56. @Wilkey

    All the Christians know. We’ve been there and seen it…. what the heck is THIS?… and what’s more, we understood from our tour guides that it was necessary, if harsh.

  57. Bugg says:

    Booker as a closeted gay guy who doesn’t even live in New Jersey is totally compromised. If his APIPAC-oriented campaign contributions go away he would be in big trouble. He was probably first notified about this disaster by his campaign finance staff.

  58. jim jones says:
    @Pat Boyle

    You are guilty of reading sensationalist newspaper headlines, here in London it is a pleasant 28° Celsius

  59. @Pat Boyle

    74 and you turn on the AC? I leave my thermostat set at 79.

    • Replies: @Pat Boyle
  60. El Dato says:

    It’s like everybody knows that Iran has Da Bomb but that little Mediterranean Port Country just has a Kibbutz or two.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  61. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Booker doesn’t know what he’s doing, grovels to Israel and can speak eloquently, but doesn’t write his Mein Kampf speeches?

    He’s a perfect Dem candidate for POTUS. The shekel stream flowing his way should surpass the Mississippi during a flood.

    He’ll make an excellent Israeli VP in charge of North American affairs.

  62. tyrone says:
    @415 reasons

    That makes him perfect for the first real black president.

  63. Karl says:
    @Pat Boyle

    26 Pat Boyle > Here in Oakland is will get up to 74

    perfectly comfortable temperature for shitting in the street without expensive air-conditioning

    would youallow me to donate a carton of toilet paper to the local do-gooders?

  64. Pat Boyle says:
    @Clifford Brown

    I have no insider knowledge and I know very little about Booker. But my guess is that he will soon be found to have pinched the butt of some campaign worker and be consigned to political oblivion.

    That’s just how it goes now.

    • Replies: @larry lurker
  65. NYT reader says: • Website

    This story isn’t attracting much attention. . .

    Black fatally shot by police after defending home against intruder

  66. Pat Boyle says:

    Why should anyone be surprised at a mulatto’s low intelligence? People with his genetic attributes probably average about an IQ of 90. Presidents probably should score about 125-145. Not really out of reach but less probable than if he were a standard European Caucasian, an Ashkenazi Jew or an East Asian.

    This sort of statement once would have been called racial prejudice but after a century of testing with millions of subjects – it’s just science.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
    , @Jack D
    , @Josep
  67. @Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    Disappointed our host neglected to include the obligatory Purim dancing with Cory Booker & Shmuley Boteach.

    We’ve gone from Booker T Washington to Booker 2 Washington. And it’s all Uncle Shmuley’s fault.

    I.e., us.

  68. AndrewR says:

    Are you Steve’s alt? You have the exact same writing style – a true (or at least sincerely believed) claim immediately followed by a completely sarcastic claim. It’s bad writing.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  69. Art Deco says:
    @Pat Boyle

    There’s no indication that Booker’s general intelligence is the least bit lacking and likely exceeds Obama’s. The problem with both men is not that they are unintelligent but that they are unserious. Booker also gives off the odor of a compulsive yarn-puller, which Obama does not. It’s a reasonable wager the Newark Youth Project never existed, that he’s never actually lived at the locations he’s used as a voting address, and that his peculiar stories are in fact fictions. One of his opponents (Steve Lonergan) said that on a lark his staff had attempted and failed to locate the site of one of Booker’s more embarrassing tales. You wouldn’t think there would be that many all night nail salons any place; Booker actually did claim to frequent one somewhere in Newark. Lots of people are complicit in these fictions, among them Booker’s security detail and the major media in New Jersey.

    • Agree: Desiderius
    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @Jack D
    , @Reg Cæsar
  70. AndrewR says:

    I think they get an exemption from fasting during war.

    • Replies: @Anonym
  71. fitzGetty says:

    … he’s none too bright, lads — out of the race, now !

  72. AndrewR says:
    @Art Deco

    Compulsive lying hasn’t hurt Donald Trump…

  73. Anonymous[266] • Disclaimer says:
    @D. K.

    OT, and completely separate from the humorous sabermatics thing (which I laughed at).

    Always depresses me— even scares me when I think about it— to see secular funeral services. Most people have always lived as practical atheists but at least they gave lip service to the God and showed deference to a Creator in death. Nowadays there is not even the slightest regard for God when people die. Hypocrisy is not the worse thing, making hypocrisy not possible is. The former has always been with us, the latter is relatively new.

    When John Von Neumann was dying from cancer at the young of 53 he contemplated the scary reality of eternity. Von Neumann, one the greatest pure intellects of the 20th century and founder of game theory and other mathematical fields, said to his friends, “So long as there is the possibility of eternal damnation for nonbelievers it is more logical to be a believer at the end.” He called for a priest to give him Last Rites. While Von Neumann lived as practical atheist (or agnostic) he had always said to his friends (which included Einstein and Gödel), “There probably has to be a God. Many things are easier to explain if there is than if there isn’t.” Today such comments made to NYT-reading urban elite sophisticates would be a reason for ostracization and ridicule. Scary times we live in.

    • Replies: @Ian M.
  74. Jack D says:
    @Pat Boyle

    While what you say may be true of a randomly chosen mulatto, it cannot be said to be true of Cory Booker since we know certain facts about him. For example that he has a law degree from Yale Law School. Even though blacks are given a preference in admissions to Yale, they are still the cream of the crop of blacks. If the average Yale Law student has an IQ of say 135, the average black student has an IQ of at least 120. Much below that and that student is not going to make it to graduation or pass the bar (both law school exams and the bar exam are anonymously graded so AA gets you in but it doesn’t keep you in, which is why 1/3 of blacks who start law school never pass the bar exam, but Booker did (and Hillary flunked).

    I’m guessing that the photo op only lasted a few seconds and Booker didn’t fully stop to think about the implications of the sign. He was in some leftist setting and assumed “these people are my fellow travelers on the left – they are my friends,” without stopping to think thru the full implications. Hillary the control freak who make Machiavelli look like a duffer, would have thought thru the implications – she considers the implication in the way she orders a cup of coffee (which is why the footage of her being tossed into the van was so bad for her – she is always in control but she lost control of the narrative at that moment) but Booker was just trying to be nice.

  75. Jack D says:
    @Art Deco

    These are the kind of things that may be covered up even for Senators but not for Presidential candidates. If Hillary runs again you can be sure that her slimeball crew will be digging up dirt.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  76. @Art Deco

    There are rumors Cory has/had a white girlfriend in Brooklyn, and that he sort of lived with her.

    I suppose we could have another unmarried president, like Buchanan. However, being a bachelor is one thing. Being furtive about where you live or who you’re dating will just strike voters as weird.

    Asking Pompeo what he thought about gay sex was weird. This quote is also a little much:

    “…People who think I’m gay, some part of me thinks it’s wonderful. Because I want to challenge people on their homophobia. I love seeing on Twitter when someone says I’m gay, and I say, ‘So what does it matter if I am?”

    And, as you said, the tall tales.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  77. Berty says:

    Yglesias is aging horrendously.

  78. @Art Deco

    There’s no indication that Booker’s general intelligence is the least bit lacking and likely exceeds Obama’s…

    Talk about damning with faint praise.

    Booker also gives off the odor of a compulsive yarn-puller, which Obama does not.

    There are intriguing indications that both may have been pulling more than just yarn. Keep an eye on Booker’s nominal church. When the down-lows start showing up down-dead, the covering-up will shift into a higher gear.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  79. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    I suppose we could have another unmarried president, like Buchanan. However, being a bachelor is one thing. Being furtive about where you live or who you’re dating will just strike voters as weird.

    I forget… was Buchanan or his VP “Aunt Nancy” and the other “Miss Fancy”?

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  80. @Art Deco

    Murder and robbery go up, while everything else goes down? Did criminals start robbing and killing each other rather than the general public?

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  81. t says:

    More here:

    The SJW won’t admit he was wrong

    “We were able to have a conversation with the Superintendent at the Worcester House of Corrections this afternoon. We discussed the impact of the ’88’ symbol and how terrifying it is, regardless of the intent behind the tattoo. Going forward, this officer will have the tattoo covered to where it is not visible.

    Our allegiance is and has always been to our community behind bars and their families and loved ones. We work to free as many people held for ransom throughout the Commonwealth as possible to the stated goal of ending cash bail. We position this work within the racist and white supremacist underpinnings of our Criminal Legal System. Black people in Massachusetts are 8 times more likely to be incarcerated than white people and Latinx people are 4.9 times more likely to be incarcerated than white people. These numbers are significantly higher than the national rates and point to a systemic issue in jails and prisons throughout Massachusetts. It is a privilege to not understand what ’88’ means, a privilege not afforded the groups of people who have been and continue to be targets of people who wear those numbers with pride.

    This individual tattoo needed to be addressed and it was. We will continue challenging racism wherever we see it and we will continue posting bail throughout Massachusetts for people who can’t afford to post for themselves.”

  82. Sen. Cory Booker says he had no idea sign he held is linked to pro-Palestinian movement

    From Atlanta, Georgia
    to the Gulf Stream waters
    from Palestine to Mexico
    I’m gonna spend my dough
    a-chasin’ shock and blow
    Gimme gimme good gov’nin’
    make it all right…

  83. Marat says:

    Cory could use a wife/assistant/AV editor in the front of the house. He has ambition, but is lacking in discipline – similar to Kamala, before Her time.

  84. Anon[202] • Disclaimer says:

    This paragraph is interesting:

    Saman Modarage also had taken the bus.
    Modarage is a Sri Lankan native who fled his country in 2005 during a civil war. He had settled in suburban Washington and worked at a liquor store in Prince George’s County.

    I bet there are an awful lot of Sinhalese refugees fleeing the war …

    At least he’ll have an interesting reception if he winds up in Toronto.

    • Replies: @Twinkie
  85. Art Deco says:
    @Jack D

    Sen. Richard Lugar was in 2012 discovered to be using as a voting address a house he’d sold in 1977. A primary opponents’ staff discovered this and the Indiana media was willing to publish it. You have to ask about the previous 35 years. Did no reporter ever attempt to call him or visit him at home, or did the Indianapolis media know all about it and say nothing until Mr. Mourdock’s campaign gave them a choice between publishing it or making themselves undeniably complicit in the deception? What was strange about it is that Lugar had family in Indiana whose homes he could have used as a nominal address if he couldn’t afford multiple residences. The Senator from Kansas has used an apartment in Dodge City as his phony address (he’s lived in Washington since 1969 and his wife sells real estate in NoVa). Sen Robert Packwood used a trailer on his uncle’s property.

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Marat
  86. Art Deco says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Blacks tend to be Convention Baptist or African Methodist. I think he claims the latter.

  87. t says:

  88. Marat says:

    Cory doesn’t strike me as a butt pincher type. He’s smart and ambitious, and a “pleaser” to a fault. It’s that last part that always gets him in trouble. You would think the DNC would send in a teaching crew to tutor one of their assets in whom much has already been invested.

    • Replies: @Bugg
  89. Art Deco says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Neither. Some of Buchanan’s detractors used the term to describe him conjoined to Sen. Wm King. The two roomed at the same boarding house when they were in Washington.

  90. @Jack D

    “Pat Boyle’s” statement illustrates that, unfortunately, there is something to the left’s reluctance to study or publicize statistical generalizations about IQ by race, lest unsophisticated consumers of that information misunderstand and misuse it.

    • Agree: Escher
  91. AndrewR says:

    CNN actually calls Jeong’s tweets “anti-white.” Whether they have /our guys/ on staff or whether they buy into the neo-Marxist definition of racism (R = P + P) is irrelevant. No one, least of all pro-white people, should be using the word “racism” to describe anything anti-white. The word “racism” is simply too loaded. Even normie-cons call anti-white racism “reverse racism.”

  92. @Ben tillman

    Do its residents refer to themselves as “Palestinians”? I gotta get myself out there some day to take funny photos. It would be super-cool if there were a “Chabad of Palestine” to take a selfie in front of.

    The locals could make money off that name, same way the Amish businessmen of Bird in Hand, and Intercourse (Pennsylvania) do.

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @ben tillman
  93. @Twinkie

    Wow! I should take some time off and volunteer with that organization.

  94. Jack D says:
    @Art Deco

    It’s extremely common for long term Senators and Congressmen to “go native” and become permanent residents of Washington. Very rarely do retiring Senators return to their home state in the heartland. If you had the choice between the wealth and glamour of Washington or say Gary, Indiana, which would you choose?

    The whole residency thing is a charade. In an ideal world, the officials would just admit that they are now the Senator from Disney or the Representative from Exxon, but the reality of electoral politics requires that the official maintain a nominal residence. At what point will our elites do away with the formalities and rule directly like the Roman Emperors?

    • LOL: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Art Deco
    , @Art Deco
  95. Art Deco says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    No clue about the anomalies. Car theft I believe is sensitive to technology and might be out of phase with other sorts of offensives for that reason. There is one sort of security device which allows police to home in on chop shops and that can have a large effect on the quantum of car theft even with a small market penetration. Burglary rates may also be influenced by technology. What’s curious about the figures for rape and aggravated assault is that nationwide the decline in the frequency of these has been less pronounced than the decline in the frequency of murder and robbery. In Newark, they were out of phase entirely. I don’t think it was a demographic shift because the composition of the population did not change that much – some replacement of white Anglos with hispanics with most of that particular shift accounted for by Ecuadoreans.

  96. So he’s either a liar, or an idiot.

  97. Lot says:
    @Jack D

    Indianapolis is nicer and much cheaper than DC.

  98. Art Deco says:
    @Jack D

    I think it varies. Howard Baker died in Tennessee. Walter Mondale lives in the Twin Cities. Daniel Patrick Moynihan bought a piece of property in Delaware County, NY and I think spent his last years there. Olympia Snowe retired to Maine; her husband had lived in Washington for only a few years. Paul Sarbanes supposedly lives in Baltimore. If I understand correctly, Lugar was given a position in some family business and actually did return to Indiana. OTOH, Bob Dole stayed in Washington; his wife had no ties to Kansas and Dole’s home town has lost about 1/2 its population since he was the corporation counsel there 60-odd years ago; his wife grew up in North Carolina but never actually lived there after she was admitted to the bar.

  99. Lot says:
    @International Jew

    Palestine Texas has a very low Jewish population. The major employers are a large state prison and two Wal-Mart distribution centers.

    That general area also has the lowest Jewish population share in the USA, under 0.5%.

    • Replies: @CCZ
    , @Lot
  100. It was merely an anti-American sign?

  101. Mr. Anon says:

    “And I tell you, Newark has gifted me a wisdom that can only come from moons,…”

    And Mr. Booker’s white supporters are the sort of people who commonly referred to themselves as the “reality-based community” back during the Bush-the-younger years. Does their “reality” now include wisdom-conferring moon-spirits?

  102. CCZ says:

    Maybe Cory wanted to take down the walls at the Texas State Penitentiary at Palestine and liberate all of the inmates.

  103. Art Deco says:
    @Jack D

    If you had the choice between the wealth and glamour of Washington or say Gary, Indiana, which would you choose?

    Only 80,000 people live in Gary. Not exactly representative of anything anywhere else (except the most viperous slums). About 1.5 million people in greater Indianapolis. Not exactly a tank town. As for Washington, it’s an affluent town with an agreeable climate, but the planning and traffic flow are wretched. As for the affluence, I’m acquainted with a physician renting in Arlington. He cannot afford to buy the house if it ever came up for sale because the price would be north of $800,000. A house with similar floor space in an agreeable neighborhood in my home town would cost roughly $230,000.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @Lot
    , @D. K.
    , @Abe
  104. fish says:
    @Pat Boyle

    Yeah…..and the A’s are on fire,

  105. Lot says:

    The bottom of this page lists the Democrat-held congressional districts where Jewish voters may have tipped the election. I feel like we are about 5-10 years away from the Democrats becoming Corbynized and many of these districts going to the GOP.

    From what I can tell, British Jews have always been very Tory, but the extreme block voting happened because of Corbyn, causing Labour share to go from about 30% to 15%.

    In Canada, Jews voting for right wing parties was a fairly rapid switch that happened about 10 years ago after a history of voting almost as left as US Jews.

    The push of Jews out of the left in Canada seems to be more led by secular 2nd generation South Asian hard lefties, who organize the lower IQ and religious Muslims and perform the feat of uniting them with gays, SJW whites, and non-Muslim blacks. The same battlelines are happening in parts of California.

    • Replies: @Abe
    , @Art Deco
  106. Anon[358] • Disclaimer says:

    “Imagine if instead of lightly mocking white people’s rice cookery she had just said white people are intellectually inferior to Asians because of genetics.”

    Imagine is she replaced “white” with “black” and lightly mocked a certain demographic’s penchant for eating fried chicken. Tool.

  107. Anon[263] • Disclaimer says:

    “At what point will our elites do away with the formalities and rule directly like the Roman Emperors?”

    As soon as republicans can no longer win the White House; demographic displacement via immigration is bringing that day ever closer. In the very near future, American presidents will be chosen in much the same way as the Chinese leader is – by party officials behind closed doors. America won’t even be a nominal democracy. Superdelegates and other party insiders within the democrat party will be able to chose a nominee months in advance, and then have their coronation legitimized with the fig leaf of an election against a republican destined to play the loser.

    …things are going to get very bad in the future.

    Each election will be characterized by extreme racial polarization and hate whitey campaigns. The government will become increasingly totalitarian – expect more anti-white speech codes (hate crime laws). Society will become ever more about dividing economic and political spoils among groups that hate each other – so more affirmative action and massively unaffordable social spending programs leading to continual boom/bust cycles (housing boom/crisis, minority mortgage meltdown). Comedy will remain dead. The quality of movies and basically all forms of art will decline admist the pressures of PC forced diversity efforts (how many gender swapped movies have failed miserably in recent times? …and they’re still doing it!).

  108. ic1000 says:

    Israel has a Wall?

    From the article quoted in the original post: “The sign likens President Trump’s Mexican wall proposal to Israel’s wall security barrier.”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  109. Anonym says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Those are 4 quite different and interesting ways of framing the conflict.

    Indeed they are. I didn’t even know the Palmach existed, or that the Stern Gang were the Lehi (I think?).

    The Chad framework is basically an embodiment or extension of Lenin’s “Who? Whom?” when viewed from the Sailerian perspective. The Chad in particular cracks me up – the MS Paint depiction is like some sort of ancient pagan idol, with his oversized appendages, his arms flailing about, and the look of the head.

    As a “Who? Whom?” meme, they can often be written by someone belonging to whoever the Chad represents. The Muslim (or at least, Lebanese) perspective is while not without humor, not particularly funny. Almost certainly it is written by a Muslim. Two of the other three are funny with some genuine LOL moments, e.g. “German Luger, probably a personal gift from Hitler”. The poor spelling is a nice touch.

    The Hezbollah bit was interesting because I had read the War Nerd’s perspective on the conflict. There is another article “A Hezbollah upon all of thee!” that I can’t access.

    You’ve encouraged me. If the Chad/Virgin meme is to Who? Whom?, then the Flagbearer meme is (at least somewhat) to concentric loyalties. Those on the left of the meme are those considered upstanding, strong and virtuous. Those on the right are increasingly smelly, diminutive, and pathetic. They are about as legion as the Chad meme AFAICT, at least from an image search. And they are from practically every perspective, in relation to every conflict, covering ethnicity, religion, ideology and more.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  110. Marat says:
    @Art Deco

    David Brock (one of his new organizations) now retroactively claims Lugar’s scalp by outing this info. The Indianapolis Star (a Quayle family legacy company and the stae’s major paper) pretty much raised Lugar as their own creature – from a long mayorship to pouring Lugar into retiring Sen Hartke’s big labor-owned seat. To his credit, Lugar never made any Quayle-size gaffes. But both he and big labor Bayh (Birch) got a little too accustomed to the lifestyle after decades. Brock did the job Gannett refused to do.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  111. @Art Deco


    You’re killing it, man.

    Keep up the good work.

  112. Lot says:
    @Art Deco

    The mortgage and taxes and insurance on an $800,000 house is about 4k a month with good credit and 20% downpayment. A big city doctor is doing something seriously wrong if he can’t swing that.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  113. Big Bill says:

    I want to see Trump make a highly publicized visit to Israel’s wall with Netanyahu, complete with pictures, video and speeches. Get some photos with Trump flanked by some of those cute Israeli border guardettes.

    The Israelis would be way cool with it, and it would drive Galut Jews into a foaming at the mouth frenzy.

    • Agree: Clyde
  114. D. K. says:
    @Art Deco

    I actually have toyed with the idea of returning to Gary— albeit to the Miller (Beach) area, on the northeast side of town, not to the old neighborhood in Brunswick, on the west side of town, where I grew up. In the early 1960s, our population probably was over 180,000, versus the barely 76,000 of today. In 1963, Martin Katz was elected mayor; upon taking office, in January 1964, he got the city council to desegregate the city’s housing. Within a few years, everything just seemed to “go south….”

  115. @Pat Boyle

    He appears to be a homo, as Steve has implied in the past. From his
    Wikipedia article
    (note the picture with “longtime friend Gayle King”):

    Booker has himself been the target of rumors about being gay and has generally refused to address these on principle, which he explained in 2013:

    “Because I want to challenge people on their homophobia. I love seeing on Twitter when someone says I’m gay, and I say, ‘So what does it matter if I am? So be it. I hope you are not voting for me because you are making the presumption that I’m straight.’”[208][209]

    Such words have never been uttered by a heterosexual male. Okay, maybe they have, but not by a straight black guy over 40.

    • Replies: @larry lurker
    , @Pat Boyle
  116. Abe says: • Website

    He should talk about it openly and in commercials for the wall and border security, wait for media outrage and obfuscation and at that point call in a favor from Netanyahu.

    Remember there was a corruption investigation against Bibi? What’s happened with that? My theory is that it was HIS deep state’s hit job, done because he has become sloppy after being so successful for so long. The shout-out to Trump and his wall was a nice, bro-tastic gesture, but from the cold-blooded, realist, no sentiments standpoint of Israel’s long-term interests, pretty dumb, as the last thing Israel should want is to be associated with such a lighting rod persona as Trump. Smart, if dishonorable, move would be to disavow Trump in word (even if totally agreeing with him in deed) and in fact use him to soak up SJWs energies- “Israel too believes no person is illegal…” yada yada.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
    , @Sam
  117. @larry lurker

    Whoops – credit to Ghost of Bull Moose for beating me to the Wiki quote.

  118. Abe says: • Website
    @Art Deco

    Sorry, despite the good overall comments both you and JackD have some really weird notions about what the rest of the country is like. Gary, Indiana ceased to be the delightful backdrop for THE MUSIC MAN a long time ago, instead vying in recent times (once Martin Visigoth King unleashed the true force of the Blackervanderung) for the dubious honor of America’s murder capital. No kidding I once had the misfortune to drive its local streets in the 90s and saw an 11 year old black kid standing on the median line of a 4 lane thoroughfare holding an uzi (admittedly I had no way to know if it was a toy). As for DC, I lived there one summer and let’s just say its clime had me wishing for the relative breezy ambience of St Louis in mid-August. And a doctor not being able to afford a $800K house? I have considered buying one before, and though I do OK my usual annual income is well below doctor levels.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  119. AndrewR says:

    Uh… that or he wants to continue to have any sort of career in politics or any other elite field.

    I don’t know of any US politicians who are openly partial to Palestinians.

  120. @Clifford Brown

    ‘…I think Corey Booker could make for a solid VP choice.’

    The difficulty with that is that if something should happen, then Corey Booker would be President.

  121. AndrewR says:

    Figured you out, Sailer.

    • Replies: @Wilkey
  122. Abe says: • Website

    From what I can tell, British Jews have always been very Tory,

    In one of Philip Roth’s books his character does a slow burn while listening to two ladies at the restaurant table next-over have a loud (probably intentionally so, for his benefit) convo about the awfulness of Israelis in particular, shading into Jews in general. In the 80’s he was married to Jewish-British actress Claire Bloom, so he probably got an earful of like stuff in real life, and while Roth was no Likudnick, he was based enough that being ambushed too many times by Vanessa Redgrave-wannabes in what he had assumed would be pleasant, congenial literati gatherings probably got on his nerves at some point. Interesting thing I learned here from another commentator is that Jews in Britain have a very bourgeoisie, pro-business image (unlike in the US, where even someone like Bernie Sanders gets to do the fake working class background schtick) and so I guess are considered fair game by the left due to their status as capitalist running dogs.

  123. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    Right? Because who could be against a ‘security barrier’? That’s just good sense.

  124. Art Deco says:

    He’s carrying a lot of debt. For the time being, his wife is earning very little. He’s not in one of the more lucrative specialties, either.

  125. Art Deco says:

    Gary is a viperous slum, as noted above. The Music Man takes place in Iowa. Ron Howard sings an ode to Gary.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  126. Art Deco says:

    British Jews tend to see themselves primarily as a confession rather than as an ethnic group; most are orthodox. I suspect if you surveyed orthodox Jews in the United States, you’d find that most are Republicans or see politicians as fungible.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
    , @kaganovitch
  127. Tyrion 2 says:

    This is clearly how all manner of dissenters from progressivism view Trump. Yet either those dissenters stand together or all fall one by one. There’ll never be a better time. Indeed, there won’t be another time.

  128. Russ says:
    @Big Bill

    He also fails to recognize that what he purports to bring to the presidency candidacy market in 2020 was more than saturated in 2008 and 2012.

  129. Russ says:
    @Clifford Brown

    Obama had the advantage of a fresh slate. Booker … hardly.

  130. A donkey is a domesticated ass.

    –Bernice Randall, When is a Pig a Hog?, 1991.

  131. Tyrion 2 says:
    @Art Deco

    From the re-introduction of Jews to Britain in the 17th C to the rise of Britain to global superpower, the only anti-Jewish laws were actually anti-Catholic laws framed as pro-Protestant and so anti-Jew as a side effect.

  132. Sam says:

    No, the smart would not be to do that. He needs Trump to do his bidding on Iran. The smart move is to do what he’s already doing which is enjoying American support without any strings attached. For him it is dangerous to keep dividing American liberal jewish opinion to brazenly. But that is not Trump’s problem and is in fact a major benefit. Trump merely needs to trade something for all the needless support he gives in Syria and with Iran.

  133. Russ says:
    @D. K.

    A nuclear physics professor whose class I once took is spending his emeritus years applying physics principles to baseball. We now know that the more the batter’s swing undercuts the pitch, the greater the likelihood of a pop-up.

  134. t says:

    My comments are stuck in moderation.

  135. Unfortunately, all these progressive racial identity politics groups have hijacked the Palestinian movement. They have done the Palestinians no favours. All you see at Palestinian civil rights rallies nowadays are shrieking lesbians, transsexual deviants and an assorted bunch of young white left wing libtards. They know next to nothing about the actual history of the Palestinian conflict. If you asked them anything about the Balfour Declaration or the 1948 Nakba, they’d just give you a blank soy boy stare.

    Nowadays, most of the actual leaders in the movement who come from the Palestinian Diaspora are women. I think Palestinian men are embarrassed by the SJW-infested trajectory the movement has undergone over the past 5-10 and are quietly tuning out. A lot of these Westernized Palestinian female political leaders are very comfortable peppering their speeches with SJW talking points which have little relevance to day-to-day life in the West Bank and especially Gaza. Many of these women marry white men and sometimes even Jewish men!

    It’s not the 1970s anymore when you had Edward Said schooling the West about the evils of Orientalism and Carlos the Jackal scoring dramatic victories against the Zionists. Instead, the radical left has turned the Palestinian movement into uninspiring and nonsensical identity politics drivel. I barely go to meetings anymore.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  136. Anonym says:

    I think they get an exemption from fasting during war.

    That was an Islamic joke, don’t be too demanding.

  137. Twinkie says:

    a liquor store in Prince George’s County

    Now he’s fleeing blacks.

  138. @Corn

    Yes, especially with black women. Whatever his predilections may be, he needs a black wife, and fast, if he is serious about a presidential run. The elderly black church ladies won’t turn out en masse for him otherwise.

  139. Anonymous[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @Canadian Observer

    So anti-Israel shit used to be cool when it was hard core Islamists and Soviet commies, but now it’s lame because it is an SJW front?

  140. Bugg says:

    Under Mayor Booker, Newark went from a nasty desperate slum to a nasty desperate slum with an NHL hockey arena in the middle of it.The Bill Gates thing with the Newark schools was a complete failure. You can sell Obama as the new historic first black president. But Booker, in addition to an odd personal life, did nothing to make Newark any better. How do you sell non-historic incompetence?

  141. Dan Hayes says:
    @Art Deco

    Art Deco:

    Correct. The Music Man takes place in Iowa. Its author Meredith Wilson patterned it after his home town, Mason City, which in the interim has gone from bucolic wonderland to opioid hell-hole.

  142. eah says:

    kind of right

    I didn’t say he was wrong — I admit he is “kind of right”, although I would not use the phrase “intellectually inferior” (personally, I have never met an Asian whose intelligence I envied; I have met and worked with Whites whose intelligence I envied) — Asians have higher average test scores than Whites, that is a fact — eg UCLA = University of Caucasians Lost Among Asians: although Asians are less than 20% of CA’s population, they are 32% of the student body at UCLA, where they outnumber Whites, who are significantly underrepresented, given their share of CA’s population — this is a direct result of Asians’ higher average test scores — but the difference is meaningless in that it has no practical significance.

    I don’t see how I can state it more clearly.

  143. Ed says:

    More to the point though white folks wouldn’t care because of the reasons you cite. They have functioning communities and countries. That on average they’re a few IQ points below East Asians is of little consequence.

    • Replies: @eah
    , @Edward
  144. Tyrion 2 says:

    I haven’t spent much time thinking about memes like these. They are incredibly effective though.

    What I particularly like is that they tap into the same emotional reasoning that so many clumsily propagandistic movies and TV shows do.

    Those are not just ruined by their clumsiness but the way in which it makes them entirely predictable.

    The Russian director of the sadly pretty average “Wanted” based his entire twist off subverting that; which was amusing.

    Have you watched the Murdoch Murdoch shows? They are really funny and often quite poignant. You can find them now at cheekyvideos. They’re all worth watching, but they really hit their stride about 10 episodes in. A very talented bunch.

  145. Ed says:

    The NeverTrump neocon pundits are going to have a heart attack when they realize despising Israel and being pro-Palestinian is no barrier to power in the Democrat party.

    Sure some donors will bail but they’re not as critical these days.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  146. eah says:

    Look, he’s scum — he only mentions it to insult Whites — but like I said, look at immigration flows — or any list of the world’s top universities (if you value that kind of ranking).

  147. eah says:

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  148. @Dan Hayes

    BTW, I’m surprised that Newark if only 50% black. But there can’t be that many Portuguese there, can they?

    Newark is lousy with Brazilians now. They’ve overtaken the old Portuguese areas like the Ironbound.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  149. @Art Deco

    Trump, indeed won the Orthodox neighborhoods in NY and NJ by substantial margins.

  150. Pat Boyle says:

    No doubt about it. I’m self indulgent. It comes from being pampered by glorious climate of the San Francisco Bay Area.

  151. Pat Boyle says:
    @larry lurker

    I wrote that he would probably get destroyed for pinching the butt of a campaign worker. I didn’t know or suspect that he was gay. I don’t know if these slightly fruity mulattos are accepted by the black community. I would have thought not, but skinny, weakly, girly Obama maintained his popularity with most of the negro electorate.

    We’ll see.

  152. Wilkey says:

    I’m not offended by your allegation, but Steve probably is. Steve’s writing style is quite good. BTW, how popular is your blog? Or do you prefer to stick to Pulitzer Prize winning novels?

    • Agree: Abe
    • Replies: @AndrewR
  153. AndrewR says:

    I gave you some constructive criticism and you’ve chosen to get all butthurt about it.

  154. Art Deco says:

    Hartke didn’t retire. Lugar blew him out of office with an 18-pt margin. Over the last 4 decades, Republicans have one 3/4 of the U.S. Senate contests in Indiana. The Democrats elected have tended to be people somewhat troublesome for party whips.

  155. Clyde says:

    Very good WaPo link . I wish these turd world refugees from America many good lucks in Troo-Dopia Canada! Yay Justine!

  156. @Sam

    ‘Force the media to acknowledge that they are the same and that if one is illegitimate than so is the other.’

    Well, they’re not the same. We want to build the wall on our border. Israel’s wall is in someone else’s country.

    Trump would be proposing to do what Israel has done if he wanted his wall to incorporate Baja, loop down to pick up Acapulco and Cancun, and perhaps snaffle up Mexico’s oil fields and any decent crop land.

    Of course we have a right to build a wall on our border. However, it’s not just inconsistent to condone Israel’s wall but condemn ours — it’s absurd.

  157. @Ed

    ‘The NeverTrump neocon pundits are going to have a heart attack when they realize despising Israel and being pro-Palestinian is no barrier to power in the Democrat party.

    Sure some donors will bail but they’re not as critical these days.’

    More than ‘some’ donors will bail.

    I went through a list of the top twenty contributors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

    85% were Jews. 70% were avowed Zionists. The leading contributor — somewhat disguised because he broke up his contributions under two names — was, in his own words, ‘a one issue guy and that issue is Israel.’

    The Democrats aren’t going to nominate someone who isn’t 100% Israel-approved. I promise.

  158. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @El Dato

    My first preference would be that no Middle Eastern nation had the Bomb. My second preference would be that if Israel had them Iran did too. The US would be forced to think in terms of no more Middle Eastern Oil as being more than a distant possibility, and Israel’s leader would have something to really bitch about.

  159. @Jack D

    There’s always an excuse, huh?

  160. MBlanc46 says:
    @Big Bill

    One can see his eyes and teeth in the dark?

  161. MBlanc46 says:

    Did he really not know what the sign meant? Or was he demonstrating his Leftist bona fides before he has to tack pro-Israel when the presidential campaign realy heats up next year?

  162. MBlanc46 says:

    I’d rather have Harris, but I’d settle for Booker. Trump is going to need the biggest knucklehead that they can find.

  163. @AndrewR

    I gave you some constructive criticism and you’ve chosen to get all butthurt about it.

    He has pointed out that you are an offensive pajama boy. Your criticism has never been constructive.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  164. Anonymous[312] • Disclaimer says:
    @Clifford Brown

    Bumper sticker, circa 2019

    Maxine Waters and Corey Booker 2020
    Why wait 30 more years for the country to go to hell?

  165. Anonymous[312] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not about what’s best for white folks writ large, it’s about what’s best for a certain small group of white folks.

  166. AndrewR says:
    @Charles Erwin Wilson II

    Calling me an “offensive pajama boy” is certainly not constructive. I’m sorry you have not gotten the love you have needed in your life.

  167. Edward says:

    Functioning communities and countries? One of the reasons that Trump was elected and that Brexit was voted for was because large sections of the population are suffering.

    In the US and the UK, we’re seeing problems with drug abuse among the white population. Life expectancy is declining in some (mainly white) areas in both countries (some mostly white areas of the UK have the same life expectancy as Ethiopia), and the burden of chronic disease is rising. Health inequalities are widening: as Linda Gottfredson has noted, differences in general intelligence may be the fundamental cause of health inequalities. Since the financial crisis, real incomes have barely risen in the UK.

    And no, very little of this can be blamed on free trade and immigration (many people voted Brexit to reduce white European immigration, incidentally). Even if it could, it would have happened under the watch of a mainly ‘white’ government. Thus, to call Europe and North America ‘functioning’ seems to me to be a huge overstatement.

    In Coming Apart: The State of White America, Charles Murray illustrates much of this, and more. He notes that the white ‘new lower class’ does just as badly as the non-Asian minority ‘new lower class’ on some of his metrics, leading him to conclude: “We are one nation, indivisible, in terms of whites and ethnic minorities. Differences in the fortunes of different ethnic groups persist but white America is not headed in one direction and nonwhite America in another. We are divisible in terms of class… Coming Apart may have told the story of white America, but its message is about all of America.”

    We could bypass all of this and look at the incomes along with the educational and occupational outcomes of Asians (particularly Chinese/Koreans/Indians/Japanese), Whites and Blacks. Asian-Americans live almost 10 years longer, on average, than White Americans. IQ matters, whether it’s a 6 point difference, a 10 point difference or a 15 point difference.

  168. ”CHRISTIANS” that criticize ISRAEL should ”SHUT-UP” until they return the 6,000,000 JEWS they ”SLAUGHTERED”.

  169. “Booker, a New Jersey Democrat who is known for his closeness to the Jewish community”


    • Replies: @Anonym
  170. ATBOTL says:
    @Art Deco

    Re: East Orange…

    The black American population has been largely replaced by black Caribbeans.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  171. Ian M. says:

    Hypocrisy is not the worse thing, making hypocrisy not possible is.

    Great statement.

  172. Josep says:
    @Pat Boyle

    Honest question: do you believe in Biblical creation (like I do) or Darwinian evolution? Just asking.

  173. Jdf28 says:

    He must have been thinking of Palestine, Canada. #openbordersnobodywants

  174. Art Deco says:

    The black American population has been largely replaced by black Caribbeans.

    The American Community Survey for East Orange, NJ, results for 2015 and 2016

    1. 15% of the population reports they were born in the Caribbean
    2. 17% of those who listed an ancestry declared for ‘West Indian” or a subset of West Indian
    3. Between 2009 and 2016, there was no change in the % identifying their ancestry as “West Indian”


    4. Between 2000 and 2015, the share of the population reporting that they were born in the Caribbean did increase…from 11.4% to 15%
    5. At the latter date, 58% of those born in the Caribbean were from Jamaica, Trinidad, or the Dominican Republic, all of which have a wretched problem with street crime.

    I just don’t think the phenomenon you’re referring to can do the work you want it to do.

  175. @International Jew

    You left out Blue Ball. By the way, Palestine, Texas, is pronounced Palesteen.

  176. Ibme says:

    A wall to keep Terrorists out totally different than that which results in Illegals clamoring for more anguish, imprisonment or more.

  177. just another loser Anti-American with a Sign?

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