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From Mediaite:

Random House Reportedly Spikes Book From Controversial Author Fearing it Could ‘Amplify Anti-Islam Sentiments’

by Joe DePaolo | 10:51 am, July 6th, 2018

Random House is reportedly spiking the planned publication of a book from a controversial German author over worries it could drum up anti-Islam sentiment.

According to German outlet Bild Daily (via Agence-France Presse), the publishing giant is pulling the plug on a book titled Hostile Takeover — How Islam Hampers Progress and Threatens Society, by controversial German writer Thilo Sarrazin.

Did we mention that Thilo Sarrazin is controversial?

The book, which was slated to hit stores next month, was pulled because of fears it could “seize on and amplify anti-Islam sentiments,” according to a Bild Daily source at Random House.

In a previous work titled Germany Does Away With Itself, Sarrazin reportedly asserted that undereducated Muslim migrants were making Germany “more stupid.”

That book sold something like one million copies.

This new work, according to AFP, was said to involve “a critical close reading of the Koran.”

That sounds … controversial.

Yuck. It should go without saying that some things are simply not said. This isn’t 1968 anymore when every new book was promoted as being controversial. The victors of 1968 didn’t struggle and triumph to vindicate principles such as freedom of speech. The fought to win, to crush their enemies, forever. So, we now have norms of proper decorum.

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  1. A couple of Germans, years ago, wrote some controversial books, and modern German authors have to pay the price.

    • Replies: @Anon
  2. “This isn’t 1968 anymore when every new book was promoted as being controversial. We now have norms of proper decorum.”

    In case anyone wonders if the reforms in Western culture since the 1960s were sincerely meant or just stalking horses to create a new Establishment, the evidence just keeps rolling in…

    • Agree: L Woods, Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @JackOH
  3. Well the book likely would amplify anti-Islamic sentiments, at least if it was read by people whose sentiments in this regard could be amplified any further.

    “Yes it is a fine book that you wrote, Mr. Nietzsche, but we fear it might amplify anti-Christian sentiments, so, you know…”

    And this is why The Antichrist was never published.

  4. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    This new work, according to AFP, was said to involve “a critical close reading of the Koran.”

    Holy Shiite! No reputable publisher would ever put out a “a critical close reading of the Bible.”

    • Replies: @MBlanc46
    , @Rosamond Vincy
  5. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    But it’s not anti-Islam. It’s anti-invasion.

    The truly anti-Islamic forces are the Globalist Invaders who spread Wars for Israel all over MENA and made a mess of things, leading to deaths of 100,000s and uprooting of millions.

    Germany has no business taking over other nations but, at the very minimum, has the right to preserve itself, right? Globo-Invaders say NO.

    The funny thing…

    Why all this globo-elite hostility toward Europeans now? You’d think NYT and Western European elites would be pro-European since Europeans have done a remarkable job of getting along after WWII. They gave up all their empires. They buried the hatchets. Except for nastiness in Yugoslavia, no wars among Europeans. Mutual respect and getting along in peace. And with the fall of communism, the far-left was gone along with the far-right. There could have been continentalism built on moderate nationalism that allows for mutual respect and cooperation. (Russians also gave up their empire in the hope that it would lead to more cooperation and trade.)
    Because of European good behavior since the end of WWII, one would think the World Elite attitude would be Long Live Europe. You’d think Europeans would be deserving of praise.

    Instead, the globo-elite attitude toward Europeans is harsher than ever. In some ways, it’s worse than the victorious Allies’ attitude toward Germany and Japan. After all, despite all the destruction and mayhem, when the dust finally settled, the Allied Policy was to allow Japan and Germany to survive as nations. Also, in both Japan and West Germany, the US favored moderate-nationalist conservative regimes as bulwark against communism. In other words, moderate nationalism was fine as long as it didn’t mess with other nations and favored peace; and it sure as hell was preferable to international communism.
    Given all the bad blood in WWII and all the horrors committed by Japan and Germany, one would think both nations would have been destroyed after the War out of justice and revenge. And stuff like Morgenthau Plan and worse were floated for both Germany and Japan. But the final decision was to turn them into Normal Nations. Let them survive, let them thrive, let them pledge to peace. And Germany and Japan did pretty well under this regimen.

    So, given the fact that Germany and Japan have been Good Nations since the end of WWII — if anything, it was France, UK, and Netherlands that got embroiled in nasty anti-colonial wars and it was the US that got mired in bloodbaths in Asia — , one would think there wouldn’t be any pressure to have Germany and Japan destroy themselves. They learned the lesson and paid their dues.

    But instead, both nations(especially Germany) are now under pressure to really abolish themselves demographically, geographically, and culturally.
    Incredibly, the forced Peace after WWII was saner and more humane than the current pressure for Germany to become non-German and into something like Islamo-Africa. And this madness is pressed upon Swedens, Norwegians, and Finns as well, peoples who had nothing to do with fascism, WWII, or communism.

    So why is this happening?

    The people who now control the world have globo-imperialist ambitions that sees Diversity as a weapon for weakening and taking over every nation. After all, even nations without German Guilt are pressed upon with the SAME agendas.

    Imagine someone commits murder. He is caught, punished, reformed, and forced to be a normal law-abiding person. And the person passes this challenge with flying colors. He has made himself a good decent normal person.
    But then, he is told that he must harm himself and finally commit suicide to be a better person. What nuttiness.

    • Replies: @BB753
    , @Paleo
    , @allahu akbar
  6. JackOH says:
    @Almost Missouri

    Yep, agree 100%. Meet the new boss . . . .

  7. BB753 says:

    It makes sense. Once Europeans are no longer feared, they can be crushed easily. “Oderint dum metuant!” Or: let them hate, so long as they fear! Once you’re no longer hated and feared, you’re basically dead. That’s the situation in Europe. Thanks, America!

  8. syonredux says:

    Steve Ditko, Spider-Man Co-Creator and Legendary Comics Artist, Dies at 90

    Spider-Man and Doctor Strange with Stan Lee, has died at age 90.

    The New York Police Department confirmed his death to The Hollywood Reporter. No cause of death was announced. Ditko was found dead in his apartment on June 29 and it is believed he died about two days earlier.

    In 1961, Ditko and Lee created Spider-Man. Lee, the editor-in-chief at Marvel Comics, gave Ditko the assignment after he wasn’t satisfied with Jack Kirby’s take on the idea of a teen superhero with spider powers. The look of Spider-Man — the costume, the web-shooters, the red and blue design — all came from Ditko. Spider-Man first appeared in Amazing Fantasy No. 15. The comic was an unexpected hit, and the character was spun off into The Amazing Spider-Man. Ditko helped create such classic Spider-Man characters as Doctor Octopus, Sandman, the Lizard and Green Goblin. Starting with issue No. 25, Ditko received a plot credit in addition to his artist credit. Ditko’s run ended with issue No. 38.

    In 1963, Ditko created the surreal and psychedelic hero, Doctor Strange. The character debuted in Strange Tales No. 110, and Ditko continued on the comic through issue No. 146, cover dated July 1966.

  9. frizzled says:

    I assume Random House doesn’t want itself the subject of a violent worldwide fatwa, so they can’t be blamed for being circumspect. It is fair to note all of Western Europe now has de-facto Sharia Law.

    • Replies: @PiltdownMan
    , @ChrisZ
  10. Dan Hayes says:


    Well at least Sarrazin’s work got to the pre-publication stage. Whereas some 16 years after its first appearance an English translation of Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together has yet to receive non-samizdat publication.

    • Replies: @TheBoom
    , @Seamus Padraig
  11. Random House publishes “Banned Book Week” reading lists that consist, by definition, of controversial books.

    So they don’t seem afraid of stirring up controversy among non-Muslims, but very afraid of stirring up controversy among Muslims. It’s as if they think Muslims are unable to react to controversy as constructively as other kinds of people.

    Isn’t that kind of racist?

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  12. MBlanc46 says:

    “Holy Shiite!” Nice one.

  13. Paleo says:

    I like your post, but it is too bad we cannot call the globo-imperilists by name. They seem to transcend ethic boundaries. It’s hard to say what holds them together.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
  14. gregor says:

    OT: Turkheimer responds to Cochran’s review of Zimmer.

    This Turkheimer is same guy that co-wrote the Vox article about Murray and Sam Harris. I didn’t get through his rebuttal since he wasn’t getting to the point and I gathered that it was more of his typical obfuscation. He likes to distract with points about polygenic traits and indulge in philosophical digressions about genetic determinism, etc. Dude is a hack.

  15. I hope someone is translating this book into English. I will put it at the top of my “must have” list along with “Two Hundred Years Together.”

  16. bored identity is jaded enough to remember how, nowadays a half-woked, The Economist covered the whole “Germany Is Doing Away With Itself ”affair almost a decade ago:

    Sarrazin vs the Saracens

    “…In one survey conducted by a television news station, 95% of the respondents did not think his statements went too far.”

    • Replies: @julius caesar
  17. bored identity is also old enough to remember whan Mrs. Hirsi’s visit to some wishy-washy-chick- think -thank in Kangaroocourtistan was abruptly canceled after she dared to compare sporting Saracen’s Ninjahadi Uniforms with being wrapped in a flag decorated with a naughty giant fylfot:

  18. ChrisZ says:

    Thanks Syon. It’s fitting that I first read of Ditko’s death on Sailer.

  19. @frizzled

    I assume Random House doesn’t want itself the subject of a violent worldwide fatwa, so they can’t be blamed for being circumspect. It is fair to note all of Western Europe now has de-facto Sharia Law.

    It’s is striking how censorious the climate has become, not just compared to the atmosphere of late 1960s (when the young boomers used the tolerant intellectual world of their parents as their newfound playground, as Steve points out) but since as recently as the late 1980s.

    It is impossible today to conceive of an author like Salman Rushdie, whose book, The Satanic Verses was an hip magical realist mish-mash of bits of the Koran, Islamic history, and assorted current events, getting the broad and deep support that he did, not just from his publishers and boomer-era literary peers in the West, but across the board.

    It is impossible that a Salman Rushdie, today, would get a knighthood.

    Unlike the Marxist-Leninists of the Bolshevik revolution, who started cracking down within a couple of years of October 1917, the tyranny of the children of the Sixties and their inheritors was delayed in its onset.

    • Replies: @Cagey Beast
    , @dfordoom
  20. ChrisZ says:

    To the contrary, frizzled, blame away. What a pathetic betrayal by Random House of the literary work of Salman Rushdie.

    I just looked up “The Satanic Verses” on Amazon. Check out who the publisher is:

    • Replies: @International Jew
  21. trelane says:

    I know little of the German culture except through Hogan’s Heroes and Kraftwerk. But shouldn’t General Burkhalter or one of the guys from Kraftwerk put a stop to this. Shouldn’t Random House be sent to the Russian front.

  22. A year ago Richard Dawkins was abruptly dis-invited from an appearance he was scheduled to make at KPFA, the local hippie radio station, due to comments he made about Islam. After years of heaping scorn on Christianity, he apparently made the faux pas of doing the same to Islam. Whether he had been making these statements all along or just recently, KPFA suddenly “got religion” and decided they did not want a beef with the religion of peace. The talk-truth-to-power pussies took a dive.

    The about face was particularly funny when considering the high handed attitude they have towards religion. Like the good Communists / atheists they are, they always seem to take a particular delight in mocking and ridiculing religion. There are other exceptions of course. They play black gospel music on Sundays and seem to like Buddhists somewhat but they reserve a particular hatred of monotheism including Israel.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  23. @gregor

    The core of his argument seems to be that human behaviour is too complex to be genetically determined, and thus allele frequency differences among populations must account for a small sliver of the variation we see among races. I could try to sympathize with that (I have been closer to his position in the past), but his subtle sophistry doesn’t help.

    He often says that “nobody denies” that there are differences deeper than the skin among populations, even though plenty of goodthinkers do just that. He practically claims that human behaviour has nothing in common with animal behaviour. And he writes and defends things like this:

    Why don’t we accept racial stereotypes as reasonable hypotheses, okay to consider until they have been scientifically proven false? They are offensive precisely because they violate our intuition about the balance between innateness and self-determination of the moral and cultural qualities of human beings.

    What’s all this? Self-determination of moral qualities means what exactly? This reads like an example ripped from an obfuscation manual.

  24. TheBoom says:
    @Dan Hayes

    Just a complete cohencidence that only one book from one of the most well known authors of the 20th century ( that focused on Jewish behavior) hasn’t been published in the West. Only a rabid Nazi would think there might be a correlation between what he noticed and publication status.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  25. ChrisZ says:

    Every one of these Ditko pages is gold, Syon. He only did about 40 Spider-Man stories, but they comprise the Bible of “modern” comic books. I don’t think there’s anything in the subsequent 50 years of comics storytelling that he didn’t anticipate.

    I also like his design work on the Question: a man in fedora, business suit … and no face! His opinionated, right-wing TV host alter ego was kind of a forerunner of Bill O’Reilly.

    Also worth noting is that Ditko was the designer who junked Iron Man’s clunky original armor and engineered his sleek red-and-gold version. And it was Ditko who took over the failed Hulk strip after Jack Kirby’s departure, gave it a new storytelling formula, and turned it into a profitable book.

    Truly an original. Funny that he’s also named Steve.

    • Replies: @Stan Adams
  26. trelane says:

    Who names their company “Random house” anyway? A burglar ? A serial rapist? What is meant by a random house? Is this a publisher or a probability and statistics datum? What exactly is meant by “random” and “house”. Sounds deep state to me.

    • LOL: PiltdownMan
    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Stan Adams
  27. @trelane

    Did Random House publish “Random Harvest?”

    • Replies: @FPD72
  28. “This new work, according to AFP, was said to involve “a critical close reading of the Koran.””

    The Roman Catholic Church (pre-Vatican II) did critical close readings of the Koran and stated that Islam was a Christian heresy. If cuck pope Frannie would state this, Western European would begin to solve its problems faster.

    Mr. Sarazzin should contact Catholic publishing firms to see if they will publish his book.

    • Replies: @Old Palo Altan
  29. @Anon

    “Why all this globo-elite hostility toward Europeans now? ”

    Because a europe with external immigration controls is the “third way.” It combines right wing trump style nationalism with left wing bernie sanders socialism…and the two concepts dovetail perfectly.

    This is because both philosophies reject globalism or, more specifically, corporatism. Under both of these philosphies, nations are run for the benefit of their people, not international businesses. This method of governance is a huge threat to almost everyone currently in almost any position of power in the U.S.

    The best way for people like Rupert Murdoch, Jeff Bezos, Zuckerberg, etc to prevent this third way from occuring is to make it impossible for national identities based on durable features (race, culture, etc) to form. This is the political reason “all” opinion makes want immigration. To prevent a viable alternative to globalism from occuring. And this is why they promote it in every country on earth. Even ones in europe.

    If europe had external immigration controls, along with a functional economy, a united, peaceful monoculture, and an extensive welfare state, it would not only prove that Trump was right about EVERYTHING he has ever said, but would prove how full of shit Obama, Schumer, Paul ryan, Sergey brin, warren buffet, MSM, etc are, and always have been. It would also draw in huge portions of the left, and EFFECTIVELY DESTROY BOTH REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT PARTIES AT THE SAME TIME.

    The entire power structure of the United States would flip over instantly, and for at least 2 generations, if not more. The whole “Who, Whom” relation, to steal from steve, would reverse. Instead of power being spoken to truth, truth would be spoken to power; then power would change hands, and the whole current infrastructure of public intellectuals, pundits, media figures, pandering politicians, deep state snakes, and the like would come tumbling down.

    That’s what explains the hostility.

    • Replies: @Anon
  30. Anon[415] • Disclaimer says:

    OT: Turkheimer responds to Cochran’s review of Zimmer.

    This Turkheimer is same guy that co-wrote the Vox article about Murray and Sam Harris. I didn’t get through his rebuttal since he wasn’t getting to the point and I gathered that it was more of his typical obfuscation. He likes to distract with points about polygenic traits and indulge in philosophical digressions about genetic determinism, etc. Dude is a hack.

    Turkheimer is a smart guy: he discovered the first three laws of behavioral genetics. Compared to his Vox coauthors Harding and Nesbitt, however, he floats off into the ether sometimes.

    He also seems really sensitive about anything that may have an effect on the Jews, and of course Cochran wrote that book. At one point Turkheimer countered an argument about blacks maybe having some common traits by saying that if that were true, then someone could claim that Jews have a genetic propensity to (insert Jewish stereotype). Yes, someone could say that Jews have group traits, and in fact they probably do, as do all population groups.

  31. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Prof. Woland

    When Christians killed you for blasphemy against Jesus, the Pope, and whatever else they saw as His Representative on Earth, people in the public eye did not publicly badmouth Christianity.

    Now Muslims kill you if you blaspheme the Prophet, and people in the public eye do not publicly badmouth Allah, His Prophet, or Muslims generally.

    It seems like there is a common theme here.

    • Agree: BB753
    • Replies: @BB753
  32. Anon[261] • Disclaimer says:
    @Redneck farmer

    Which two Germans?

  33. bartok says:

    The victors of 1968 didn’t struggle and triumph to vindicate principles such as freedom of speech. The fought to win, to crush their enemies, forever.

    “The Shortest Way with the Dissenters,” by Daniel Defoe, was no satire after all. h/t Moldbug

  34. Steve, typo:

    The fought to win, to crush their enemies, forever.

  35. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:
    @allahu akbar

    Because a europe with external immigration controls is the “third way.” It combines right wing trump style nationalism with left wing bernie sanders socialism…and the two concepts dovetail perfectly.

    Yeah, but how is the current logic justified?

    Just think about it. Germany and Japan did some real horrible stuff in WWII. As punishment, they could have gotten the Carthaginian Peace. Just wipe them off the map. But they were allowed to survive and even thrive. And maintain national integrity, revive culture and even bit of pride. Maybe it owed to shifting winds of the Cold War, but punishment stage soon ended and normalization and rebuilding began real fast. (And after the Cold War, Germany was allowed to reunify).
    The Shoah thing didn’t come to the fore in Germany until the 60s. If anything, lots of people who served in Nazi system were returned to daily life. (Maybe not such a bad idea given what happened to Iraq after the Baathers were all fired and blacklisted.)
    In WWII, both nations acted abnormally, so they were pressured to be Normal Nations. And they became such, and all was well. Name one nation Germany invaded since WWII? If anything, UK, France, US, and Russia were involved in many more wars and violence. Japan didn’t invade anyone either.

    But now that Germany has made the effort to be normal, they must NOW be wiped out by demographic imperialism? What is the logic of this?
    They do something horrible in WWII, and they are allowed to survive and thrive and keep their nation.
    They act real nice in the post-war order, and they must now be destroyed. For what? For having been normal, sane, and peaceful? Of course, all that Shoah Cult has made a lot of Germans a bit funny in the head. Like Jews, they see everything thru the lens of Shoah. So, if there are ‘refugees’, they’re the New Jews and turning them away is the new shoah.
    But if Germans really really do care, why don’t they denounce US neo-imperialism and militarism in the Middle East that are closer to Nazi madness? Germans were silent about Hitler’s aggression in WWII, and they’ve also been silent about US neo-imperialism(mainly fueled by Zionism) that has destroyed so many lives in the Middle East. It’s all so twisted.

    Despite the brutality of the war’s end and the harshness of the Occupation, it seems the Anglo/American and even Russian terms of Peace for Germany and Japan were actually milder than what globalism is demanding of them(and other nations). The post-war theme was for Germany and Japan to be normal and good nations. They could survive and go on existing… as good nations. They lost out in political and military power but their national security was guaranteed by either US or Soviet empire.

    But what are the terms of globalism on Germany and other nations? ABOLISH YOUR NATIONS. What?!? And why? For the sin of having been Normal Nations since the end of WWII?
    But then, in a world where ‘gay marriage’ is the New Normal, maybe the Old Normal of Peaceful National Sovereignty is the ‘new nazism’. So, globalist-imperialism, which actually resembles Nazi aggression and Japanese ambitions, is the New Democracy, and the desire for nations to be Normal Nations that neither invades nor is invaded is the New Nazism. Total crackpot. Are we to now denounce the Hungarians of 1956 who resisted the Migration of Soviet Tanks and Troops?

    • Replies: @Blubb
    , @Dieter Kief
  36. Curious: You think they’d print it to give people something to burn. I guess they’ll just have to be content with burning flags.

  37. @trelane

    “We just said we were going to publish a few books on the side at random,” which suggested the name Random House.

  38. @ChrisZ

    It is a shame that he had to die alone.

  39. Sarrazin must be a very brave man. Writing about Koran means he will live the rest of his life under threat of some crazy Muhammad stabbing him.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  40. @bored identity

    And yet, Merkel remains the Chancellor of Germany (despite her troubles). Her party is the largest party in German parliament even after Million Men March. Had 95% of Germans voted for AfD, Germany would be on its way to rebuilding itself instead of abolishing itself.

    The revealed preferences of voters suggest that a significant portion, perhaps even a majority, would allow Germany to abolish itself in order to feel good and “not racist” about themselves.

    • Replies: @Old Palo Altan
  41. JackOH says:

    Just publish Sarrazin’s fucking book already! Part of me wants to get all Peter Finch and Network about Random House’s decision.

    #1 Is Random House worried about a fatwa or sumpin’? C’mon, if you’re in the scrivening business as a writer or publisher, your job is to make readers mad, sad, or glad. Are concealed carry permits an option in NYC? Remote starters for personal vehicles? Security training? Aren’t New Yorkers supposed to be tough, savvy people?

    #2 The controversial arts aren’t brain surgery. Your oppo’ll throw sex, violence, and money in your direction. Is there any credible speculation that oil sheikhs and other big-bucks Muslims are willing to use their cash to squelch publication of books and articles that are critical of Islam?

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
    , @Eagle Eye
  42. Blubb says:

    You are wrong.

    This genocide has been in the making since before the end of the second world war, it was just done with patience, and craftiness.

    First, between 9 and 13 million Germans “were lost” between the end of WWII, and the founding of the two German states. No one knows what happened to them.

    Second, the allies purposefully destroyed German history. They burnt more books than the Nazis ever did. They put new professors on place, and they determined what history we learnt at school. And it isn’t much, let me tell you. You learn about antiquity, then about medieval farming, and then about the French Revolution. I actually asked my teacher at one point what had been happening in Germany in the intervening 1000 years, reply: nothing interesting. Cut a people off from their roots….

    What we see today is exactly the “new world” that Churchill asked the English to fight for, and they did – though they now regret it.

    And let’s not forget that Poland was invaded because of the Danzig massacre. But oh, damn! No one remembers that part, either.

  43. BB753 says:

    Except the Inquisition gave you a fair trial. Not so with Muslims. Any believer can chop your head off.

  44. FPD72 says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Nope. The first edition was published by Macmillan 1941.

    I first saw the 1942-43 movie based on the novel in 1978. I still haven’t read the novel but now own the DVD of the film. A real emotional tear-jerker. Greer Garson was incredible.

  45. @PiltdownMan

    You’re quite correct:

    - The intellectual and cultural climate was far more lively, even as recently as the Eighties.

    - What we have now is essentially the same as what the Bolsheviks wanted. They just attempted to impose it all suddenly, rather than use the Fabian technique of incrementalism.

  46. Ibound1 says:

    Germany is prosperous and you can feel the wealth when you are there. They have full employment, a generous welfare state and no defense costs to worry about (the US idiotically takes care of that). Thanks to the Euro, which is much cheaper than the Mark would be, they are an export machine. Far more than China, it is Germany which destroys our high end manufacturing. Germany has a captive market in the EU. For most Germans that is all they see: the prosperity. I was just there. They like Merkel, their “Mutti”. The “refugees” are not the first thing on their minds as far as I could tell.

    • Replies: @BB753
  47. This isn’t 1968 anymore when every new book was promoted as being controversial. The victors of 1968 didn’t struggle and triumph to vindicate principles such as freedom of speech. The fought to win, to crush their enemies, forever. So, we now have norms of proper decorum.

    That’s one of the oddest things about the current ruling class of America: it engages in a permanent cultural war against the majority but does so using its indoor voice. The New York Times, the New Yorker, PBS, CBS News, the Aspen Institute, National Geographic, etc all push what is objectively a hard New Left agenda but does so in even tones. They wear button-down oxford shirts, go on Morning Joe dressed for a garden party and publish articles calling for the abolition of White America under a logo featuring a jaunty Knickerbocker gentleman. It’s weaponized blandness. This is how they won.

    Just have a look at the latest Aspen Institute get together. Note too the tiny number of views their talks get:

  48. According to German outlet Bild Daily…

    Any connection to Picture Taglich?

  49. @ChrisZ

    Ok, I see the publisher is Random House. So what are you saying? That they do have a spine after all?

    • Replies: @ChrisZ
  50. Jim Given says:

    Isn’t the type of speech in this book (according to the few examples posted) clearly illegal in Germany?

    I thought there were “hate speech” laws in Germany; those being laws against speech that the ruling class hates.

    Will this book become still another volume accessible only on the Internet?

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  51. anonymous[324] • Disclaimer says:

    Some questions to ponder:
    1. What documentation is there showing Soros/other funding of which events?
    2. What is the average age, income, ethnicity, location and family size of Sailer readers?
    3. Where did said readers and their offspring attend college?
    4. Where are the minutes of meetings or telephone/text transcripts discussing and approving Seth Rich murder, Vince Foster murder, you see the pattern.
    5. Who can provide DNA samples of Chelsea, and of Harry?
    6. Left to reader

  52. As if anyone here needed convincing, but this is another example as to how the publishing industry is completely controlled. It doesn’t need to be censored. The gatekeepers simply will not allow “certain” things to be published, even if they know that there is a market.

    Imagine being an independent-minded first novelist. Not conservative, just skeptical of everything. No matter how well-written, your book won’t be published.

    There is an entire industry now growing up around self-publishing: editors, book shepherds, marketers, the works.

    That’s the future of good writing. Most of what’s being published today is Soviet era hackery.

  53. @syonredux

    Steve Ditko — one of the giants of the Silver Age.

  54. @syonredux

    Love those Doctor Strange panels. Thanks, Steve Ditko, for creating Doctor Strange.

  55. eah says:

    That book sold something like one million copies.

    It reached 1.1m not long after publication, back in 2010 — Bis Anfang 2012 wurden über 1,5 Millionen Exemplare verkauft — by early 2012 sales had reached 1.5m.

    Das Buch heißt “Feindliche Übernahme – wie der Islam den Fortschritt behindert und die Gesellschaft bedroht” und soll nun am 30. August im Finanzbuch Verlag (Münchner Verlagsgruppe) erscheinen, wie am Freitag mitgeteilt wurde — his new book will now be published by Finanzbuch Verlag, and be available at the end of August — in the meantime he is suing Random House; that trial begins Monday: Am Montag verhandelt das Landgericht München den Fall.

    These days Sarrazin does not have a very high media profile — this is due at least in part to the AfD, which you can think of as the political Verkörperung/embodiment of some of the ideas in ‘Deutschland schafft sich ab’ –to say the least, it is vital to move beyond publishing books — or blog posts — and create a political movement that can effectively challenge the Establishment — the AfD is doing that — the recent somewhat artificial government crisis in Germany about migration was, in the view of many, all for show — it was cynically provoked by the CSU because the elections for the Bayerischer Landtag are coming in October and the CSU feared losing their absolute majority due to the AfD gaining — so they wanted to be seen as doing something about the migration problem — without the AfD the crisis would not have happened.

    • Replies: @theo the kraut
  56. @attilathehen

    “Catholic publishing firms”?

    The official Francis-led “Catholic Church” would be the last place to look to for support or even tepid sympathy with Herr Sarrazin’s thesis.

    He should try Regnery, which recently published Henry Sire’s The Dictator Pope, which everyone here with even a passing interest in organised religion should read to get a glimmering of an understanding of just how catastrophically bad Bergoglio is – for his Church of course, but also for whatever remains of Christian Europe and its former colonies.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  57. @julius caesar

    We will all live to see the day when the AfD is the largest party in Germany.

    The interesting question is this: which party will be the first to break ranks and enter into a governing coalition with it?

    My own hunch is that it will be the Bavarian CSU and the Free Democrats.

    • Replies: @eah
    , @Dieter Kief
  58. eah says:
    @Old Palo Altan

    We will all live to see the day when the AfD is the largest party in Germany.

    Among voting men in the former East Germany, the AfD was the strongest party in the recent Bundestagswahl.

    • Replies: @eah
  59. Dan Hayes says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    Seamus Padraig:


    A samizdat English translation of Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together has been cited in The Occidental Observer (20 February 2017).

  60. @eah

    Some trivia on Sarrazin’s new publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag belongs to Münchner Verlagsgruppe, which belongs to Bonnier Media Deutschland owned by the Swedish Bonnier Group, one of Sweden’s largest media companies. It was founded by Gerhard Bonnier, born 1778 in Dresden as Gutkind Hirschel, he moved to Kopenhagen in 1802 and changed his name. You wouldn’t expect Swedes to publish Sarrazin, but then the Bonniers aren’t degenerate Vikings like the rest, it seems… :-)ünchner_Verlagsgruppe

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  61. Dan Hayes says:

    theo the kraut:

    Thanks. And just to cross the t’s and dot the i’s:

    The Bonnier Group is a privately held Swedish media group controlled by the Bonnier family, a Swedish family of Jewish origin.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  62. dfordoom says: • Website

    the tyranny of the children of the Sixties and their inheritors was delayed in its onset.

    If you lived through the 70s you know that the proto-SJWs of that era never were the slightest bit tolerant of dissent. I can still remember when Australian university students shut down lectures by psychologist Hans Eysenck. They decided he was an evil racist Nazi and must be silenced. This was in 1977.

    The SJWs never ever believed in freedom of speech, and they never pretended to. They saw freedom of speech as a weapon with which to undermine society but they always made it clear that they had no intention of allowing freedom of speech to their political opponents.

    Conservatives at the time, naturally, failed to perceive this.

    • Replies: @Cagey Beast
    , @BB753
  63. Dan Hayes says:
    @Dan Hayes

    More information on the Jewish background of the Bonnier Group is given in the Forward to “The West and Its Enemies” by Daniel Hoglund (Occidental Observer, January 12, 2016)

    • Replies: @theo the kraut
  64. @dfordoom

    If you lived through the 70s you know that the proto-SJWs of that era never were the slightest bit tolerant of dissent.

    Yes, the 68ers adopted Maoist and Trotskyite militancy but ended up getting mentored by the Fabian gradualists who gave them jobs in the media, academia, the public sector and white-collar unions. From the perspective of the crypto-Maoists and crypto-Trotskyites, this was their “long march through the institutions”. For the Fabians, this was another successful application of their patented judo move. They directed the 68ers’ passions and resentments away from those with the real power and towards the White middle and working classes.

    Here’s a 60 Minutes piece from that time. We can see there were some bumps along the road but the globalists eventually got this crowd pointed in the right direction. Tony Blair, Bono, Common Purpose and Chris Hitchens were warming up offstage.

    Conservatives at the time, naturally, failed to perceive this.

    The conservatives were endlessly told to laugh off the “loony left” rather than cut off their funding and fight them for every inch of the institutions, both literally and figuratively.

    • Agree: BB753
  65. BB753 says:

    “no defense costs to worry about (the US idiotically takes care of that) ”

    It’s expensive, but not idiotic. Don’t you realize that Germany is an American colony? Or protectorate, if you prefer. The USA dictates its foreign policy. And a great deal of its internal policy. Having the second most powerful country in Europe (after Russia) as a puppet state is not a bad deal for America. Not so much for Germany.

  66. BB753 says:

    Many conservatives still believe that liberals can be convinced by rational arguments. No, they don’t care what you say. Keep always in mind that liberals want absolute power: they hate the fact that you have still rights, a job, a family and a house and the right to vote and relative freedom of expression. They want to take that away from you. If getting rid of annoying conservatives means doxing you and getting you fired from your job or even killed for your ideas, then so be it.

  67. @Anon

    ‘No reputable publisher would ever put out “a critical close reading of the Bible.”’

    Except many have done just that, of course.

  68. @Paleo

    If you mean (()), why they would want more Muslims around is a mystery, given what’s happened in France, San Berdoo, etc. smdh

  69. @theo the kraut

    You wouldn’t expect Swedes to publish Sarrazin, but then the Bonniers aren’t degenerate Vikings like the rest

    Indeed they’re not. They are, of course, JEWS.

    So… JEWS publish book critical of Islam – which is perfectly acceptable, as anything Jews do is acceptable – and it’s also good for Jews. That’s good for Jews. Who knew ?

    • Replies: @theo the kraut
  70. @Faraday's Bobcat

    Isn’t that kind of racist?

    Taht’s funny, isn’t it (or is my remark so much sixtiesinspired, that the fun in it can’t be laughed about any longer? Just askin’… (I’m talkin’ as an eternal member of the Order of The Fabulous Furry Freak Bros. …. as I wouldn’t have had to admit anyways…I…guess…) .

  71. @Anon

    So, globalist-imperialism, which actually resembles Nazi aggression and Japanese ambitions, is the New Democracy, and the desire for nations to be Normal Nations that neither invades nor is invaded is the New Nazism. Total crackpot.

    Total crackpot. It’s about time to make a small differentiation: Between the holocaust on one side, and the conequences on the other.

    Next step would be to admit, that there are not that many lessons to be learned from Nazi-Germany. Especially since it takes a lot of insight, to make the right conclusions. JB Peterson, himself being accused of – being a Nazi, or at least as acting like one – in official statements of the Universiy of Toronto, not least… – Peterson asked Nazi-accusers factual questions about Nazism – with incredibly poor results.
    But without a decent factual basis, such accusations boil down to metaphors of the evil itself, really, and that is no rational category. It’s a modern day’s fetish.

    In such moments, I tend to recommend a small book: Finis Germania, by the German historian Rolf-Peter Sieferle (there are a few excerpts of Finis Germania of Sieferle translated into English to be found online).

    Ähh – no, Finis Germania is no typo, – and it’s no error of Sieferle either, he knew the Latin language quite well, so…it makes sense, not to write Finis Germaniae

  72. @julius caesar

    Brave, clear minded, with a great prose style (dry, humorous, dense). He until now has managed to find ways to critizise Islam and circumvent the sharia. I hope that that remains to be true after the publication of his new book.

    The attacs he had oto suffer so far came from the German left: Antifa, Black Block, Red Help, Youth of the Gren Party and the Social Democrats and the Left party – old Marxists, Anti-Imperialists – they all feel free to attack Sarrazin-readings and discusions with all kinds of “tactics” – lots of them phisically violent.

    • Replies: @julius caesar
  73. @JackOH

    Random House is owned now by a liberal German publishing house once called Gruner and Jahr. And they tend to grow more liberal every year – and support Angela Merkel’s open border policy very strongly. So…Sarrazin is, what an intellectaul should always be: He is is controversive…the difference now being, that what was once looke upon as being great, is now off limits (= taboo, almost).

  74. @Jim Given

    This hate speech laws thing in Germany is actually not as hot, as many people think. Sarrazins book – as all his others – will be printed soon, and sold in all (well – almost all) German bookstores. I always order my copy at my old leftists collectively run Schwarze Geiss (=Black Goat) bookstore, which led to interesting discussions so far, I have to say.

    • Replies: @theo the kraut
  75. @Old Palo Altan

    The Free Democrats fight the AfD and are fighting against all political action pro closing broders.
    These days, Kubicki and Lindner, the most important Free Democrtas, did all they could to make a – this word again, I can’t help its, but it’s true – a Nazi out of interior minister Seehofer from the CSU, who strongly opposed Merkel (I contradict commenter eah in that respect).

    The Freie Demokraten and the most important part of their vorters are all strongly pro open borders. Doctors, lawyers, pharmacists – all of them Free Democat voters, benefit heavily from the open borders situation – even dentists and who-not: Hotel-owners, landlords … because the highly subsidized immigrants mean work for all these people – and the state pays for them (at least 1,5 billions last year for lawyers, defending immigrants 350 000 individual cases (!) so far- all payed for by the tax payer.

    The Free Democrats are partners in crime with Merkel in this whole affair, as it looks like.

  76. @Dave Bowman

    > which is perfectly acceptable
    It’s not, he’s still considered racist and Islamophobe at worst, controversial at best, so will be his new publisher now that Random House cancelled the book. I think it’s a curios bit of trivia.

    > as anything Jews do is acceptable
    Since when? They’ve been highly, ugh, controversial with a lot of people in the last 1000 years.

  77. @Dan Hayes

    That’s interesting, I verified this statement in the archives of Dagens Nyheter: (
    Dagens Nyheter, 1997/08/23.

    Bonniers threatens free opinion

    Bonniers threaten the free expression of opinion in the long run. So thinks Håkan Carlsson, chairman of the Swedish Journalist Union (SJF).

    Carlsson’s statement comes the day after Marieberg, controlled by the Bonniers, buys Skånetidningarna Ystads Allehanda and Trelleborgs Allehanda via their subsidiary Sydsvenska Dagbladet.

    The Bonnier family owns a total of three of the country’s four tabloids and five morning newspapers. Bonnier also has interests in TV4.

    “Thus, Bonniers have crossed a line where they in the end could threaten the free formation of opinion, which in turn is the basis for an open and democratic society,” says Håkan Carlsson in a written statement.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Bonnier hotar fria opinionen

    Bonniers hotar på sikt den fria opinionsbildningen. Det menar Håkan Carlsson ordförande i Svenska Journalistförbundet (SJF).

    Carlssons uttalande kommer dagen efter att Bonniersdominerade Marieberg, via dotterbolaget Sydsvenska Dagbladet, köper Skånetidningarna Ystads Allehanda och Trelleborgs Allehanda.

    Familjen Bonnier äger totalt tre av landets fyra kvällstidningar och fem morgontidningar. Bonniers har också intressen i TV 4.

    - Därmed har Bonniers passerat den gräns som på sikt kan hota den fria opinionsbildningen som i sin tur är grunden för ett öppet och demokratiskt samhälle, säger Håkan Carlsson i ett skriftligt uttalande.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Remarkable still that they chose to publish Sarrazin, maybe the times are changing in Swedish media, too.

  78. @Dieter Kief

    > Schwarze Geiss (=Black Goat) bookstore

    So you live in fancy-wancy Konstanz am Bodensee? Jealous much, I am. Greetings from Berlin, Kreuzberg 36. So far I mostly order by mail, but I have some of these bookstores around, too…

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  79. ChrisZ says:
    @International Jew

    No, IJ. Maybe publishing “Verses” shows that RH had a spine once. But its more recent behavior is a betrayal of the principled stand it at least pretended to take back then.

  80. @theo the kraut

    Yep – the pohto might even show the roof of one of the houses I used to live in, House at The Thistle – built in 1352 if I remeber right – near the Cathedral. And that’s where Die Schwarze Geiß took off too – it’s now becoming a GREY Goat, mind you, since the young ones just don’t show up there any longer. – Not in need of a book, the young – they already have one – hehe.

  81. @Dieter Kief

    Yeah, it is quite strange that Antifa (and other anarchist movements) are allowed to operate with impunity in Germany, a country with a very strong state. A right-wing organization that did 10% of the shit that Antifa routinely does would be infiltrated by intelligence agencies and annihilated.

    Is it mere incompetence of the State or Antifa is seen as a shock troop that performs ugly but necessary task of the Ruling Class?

  82. @Dieter Kief

    >Doctors, lawyers, pharmacists – all of them Free Democat voters, benefit heavily from the open borders situation – even dentists

    Correct me if I am wrong, but most German towns I have been in North Rhine-Westphalia, or Baden-Württemberg are not so segregated by wealth. I had a friend whose father was a gardener and went to same school as another girl whose father is a neuro-surgeon. In such a society the negative effects of migration would not be contained within a small suburb, away from the doctors. In fact the surgeon I am referring to was recently mugged/beaten up by a bunch of Arabs on his way to work.

    I agree that Free Democrats are open border activists. But I do not understand how the doctors and pharmacists think they can transform the country, making some money out of it, without causing great troubles to themselves and their children. They expect they will just move out? (I guess it’s possible that bigger cities like Frankfurt or Berlin are far more segregated by wealth, so this argument would fail there.)

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  83. @Dieter Kief

    Everything you say is true, but my hunch is that the FDs will agree to be in rather than out when the opportunity presents itself; when, I mean, their traditional “partners” the CDU and the SPD have been reduced to derisory rumps with less than 10% of the poll each.

    Five years from now? Ten?

  84. Eagle Eye says:

    Is there any credible speculation that oil sheikhs and other big-bucks Muslims are willing to use their cash to squelch publication of books and articles that are critical of Islam?

    Some elites in Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia seem to be rethinking the kinds of Islam they would like to see flourish in their countries.

    Riding a tiger can be dangerous.

  85. @julius caesar

    I – ehh – – I’ll answer your question in a tangential way: All (sigh, sigh…) of those neuro surgeons etc. that I know or happened to know (I even worked for a short while in neuro-operating room as an assistant – a rather incredible story, which implied (about) one hour of instruction…) personally (and psychiatrists, doctors, lawyers etc.) have the following picture of the human nature: Humans react alike to the woods – the echo, that comes out of the woods depends on what you call in there, as the saying goes.
    If this might sound incredible to you, I still insist in all honesty: That’s just about how it is.

    The basic idea is: Hitler was bad, we’re good. (We have to be good – ad if you’re good, the world will be good to you in return).

    Short version: Blue-eyedness is the German state of mind, and Angela Merkel therefor is a true German chancellor.

    For some reason, I didn’t trust this worldview and started in my teen years to understand what’s wrong with this it. If I had to mention two strong impulses for me, to do so, I’d mention – eheh four: Motor-racing (which impressed me deeply as a kid – first hand experiences with all kinds of (illegal) motor-bikes and on the racing-track, which we happened to live near by (Hockenheim). Then priest Koch (as a kid) and then – Salinger and Henry Roth (Call it Sleep) and Hubert Shelby (Next Exit Brooklyn), then The Anatomy of the Human Destructiveness (Erich Fromm – a revelation, to this day).

    Thing is: I often times felt a little bit strange among my blue-eyed fellow Germans. I still do in a way.

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