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Color and IQ
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Here’s a new paper:

Filling in the Gaps: The Association between Intelligence and Both Color and Parent-Reported Ancestry in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997

Meng Hu, Jordan Lasker, Emil O.W. Kirkegaard and John G.R. Fuerst

Received: 9 April 2019 / Accepted: 20 May 2019 / Published: 22 May 2019

Abstract: Little research has dealt with intragroup ancestry-related differences in intelligence in Black and White Americans. To help fill this gap, we examined the association between intelligence and both color and parent-reported ancestry using the NLSY97.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997 is similar to the famous NLSY79 featured in The Bell Curve. “The NLSY97 consists of a nationally representative sample of approximately 9,000 youths who were 12 to 16 years old as of December 31, 1996.” They were given the military’s AFQT/ASVAB entrance exam and used to renorm it.

We used a nationally-representative sample, a multidimensional measure of cognitive ability, and a sibling design. We found that African ancestry was negatively correlated with general mental ability scores among Whites (r = −0.038, N = 3603; corrected for attenuation, rc = −0.245). In contrast, the correlation between ability and parent-reported European ancestry was positive among Blacks (r = 0.137, N = 1788; rc = 0.344). Among Blacks, the correlation with darker skin color, an index of African ancestry, was negative (r = −0.112, N = 1455). These results remained with conspicuous controls. Among Blacks, both color and parent-reported European ancestry had independent effects on general cognitive ability (color: β = −0.104; ancestry: β = 0.118; N = 1445). These associations were more pronounced on g-loaded subtests, indicating a Jensen Effect for both color and ancestry (rs = 0.679 to 0.850). When we decomposed the color results for the African ancestry sample between and within families, we found an association between families, between singletons (β = −0.153; N = 814), and between full sibling pairs (β = −0.176; N = 225). However, we found no association between full siblings (β = 0.027; N = 225).

So the idea here, if I understand this correctly, is to test the theory that colorism (racial discrimination against darker skinned African-Americans) is the reason that whiter-looking blacks have slightly higher IQs.

But among 225 full sibling pairs, the difference is negligible.

My guess is that blacks tend to discriminate against other blacks in favor of lighter skin, but whites don’t, because the One Drop Rule means that whites classify people as Black or Not Black and generally group them together conceptually.

It would be interesting to reproduce this analysis in Brazil, where there appears to have traditionally been a lot of society-wide discrimination in favor of the fairer sibling, especially the fairer sister in the marriage market.

Differential regression to the mean results indicated that the factors causing the mean group difference acted across the cognitive spectrum, with high-scoring African Americans no less affected than low-scoring ones. We tested for measurement invariance and found that strict factorial invariance was tenable. We then found that the weak version of Spearman’s hypothesis was tenable while the strong and contra versions were not. The results imply that the observed cognitive differences are primarily due to differences in g and that the Black-White mean difference is attributable to the same factors that cause differences within both groups. Further examination revealed comparable intraclass correlations and absolute differences for Black and White full siblings. This implied that the non-shared environmental variance components were similar in magnitude for both Blacks and Whites.

Perhaps, though, in the future U.S., blacker blacks might have higher IQs due to legal immigration of African elites?

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  1. anonymous[429] • Disclaimer says:

    Whites seem to discriminate at a certain point ime–where they think someone might be mixed.

  2. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    I seem to remember Murray saying that the NLSY had two race fields in the database: One for self-reported race, and one for race as perceived by the investigator (each kid is visited by a meatspace person). Murray said that the two fields rarely differed. I don’t know about 1997, but I’d be interested in whether the two fields are diverging nowadays, with Shaun King types writing down black and the investigator writing down white. That would be an interesting trend to follow, and of course it would help explain any rises in black IQ or black cognitive performance in general (Ph.D.s, bar exam pass rates, etc.). To the extent that a “black” person has little African ancestry, then he would not necessarily match African psychometric traits.

  3. Wilkey says:

    Perhaps, though, in the future U.S., blacker blacks might have higher IQs due to legal immigration of African elites?

    How much immigration are we talking about? With ~45 million blacks already in the U.S. that would probably have to be quite a lot of African elites – enough to offset the advantage lighter skinned blacks already have.

    You’d also have to factor in intermarriage of these African elites. They might be darker, but they or their children would be likelier to marry light-skinned blacks or even whites (see: Barack Obama, Sr., or those 5 black Harvard grads in your recent post whose father was a Ghanaian-immigrant physician but whose mother is white).

    If the U.S. elite gets darker in the future (actually I assume it already is) it will have nothing to do with African immigration and a lot to do with Asian immigration. If the “white” elite gets darker it will be more due to intermarriage with Asians (as with the 1/4 Japanese James Holzhauer) than with elite Africans.

  4. jb says:

    We found that African ancestry was negatively correlated with general mental ability scores among Whites…

    I’m puzzled. My understanding was that American whites had very little Sub-Saharan admixture — in fact that most had none at all, and for most who did it was only a few percent. (I believe this was the subject of a couple of Steve’s posts). How could you get any meaningful correlation out of that? Could a few percentage points of black ancestry really have such a large impact on intelligence that it would show up in a survey like this?

    OK, I actually spent a little time looking at the paper. Ancestry was all self-reported, and apparently 20 “white” parents of the 8,984 youths reported some black ancestry, so that must be where the correlation comes from. Doesn’t seem like much to work with, but I guess the main focus of the paper is skin color and intelligence in blacks, and they’ve got better data there.

  5. If this article is correct, IQ disparities are the last thing humans will be preoccupied with when the cake-eating mobs lose access to their Betty Crocker delights. It will be all Id, less Ego amd zero Superego at that point. When mass-scale Big Ag breaks down, mass shows of force will be the determining factor. The home of the good furniture and the Bastille stormers, France, is often not at the tippy top of the Big Powers list, but it’s pretty close to the the US’ output where agriculture is concerned. The French don’t seem to produce food using the top-down monopoly-farming method that could lead to a superbug catastrophe. France may rise again!

  6. Anonymous[278] • Disclaimer says:

    If you could’ve just toned down the public wrong-think during the 2000s, this is just the sort of Barry-friendly observation that would have elevated you to Differential Athleticism Noticer Czar

  7. Veracitor says:

    Paging Lewontin… Please pick up the white courtesy phone…

    • LOL: 95Theses
  8. the One Drop Rule means that whites classify people as Black or Not Black and generally group them together conceptually.

    Except that the “Rule” isn’t even known to the vast majority of white folks, much less followed by them. In the Current Year, to be “mixed race” is both a lauded goal and an increasing reality for many.

    We even had a president like that, and by most accounts he was neither black nor non-black. Rather “blackish” or more accurately mixed-race.

  9. @Wilkey

    ” . . . and a lot to do with Asian immigration.”

    You left out “Hispanic/Latino” immigration as a significant factor. Take a look-see at Jeb Bush’s Azteclets.

  10. Well, I guess we’re going to find out, aren’t we?

  11. @Wilkey

    I’ve noticed that with white male / black female pairings, African and Caribbean-born women are greatly overrepresented.

  12. Jack D says:

    As I read this, more African blood makes you dumber on average {“African ancestry was negatively correlated with general mental ability” – a surprisingly frank admission which I hope is not career endangering for the authors) . However, among sibling pairs, while one sibling may turn out darker than the other due to variations in the way the DNA deck gets shuffled each time a child is created, their genetics are in fact similar overall (as well as their home environment) and so is their intelligence. So this is precisely the result that you would expect.

    Generally speaking, all explanations for differences in black performance that are based on “racism” don’t stand up to scrutiny and explanations that rely solely on environment don’t do so hot either. The only theories that really fit the data are those that rely on some combination of genetics and home environment.

    Unfortunately for slave-descended American blacks, they are double losers on this score. There is nothing we can do about the genetics (at least in the short run) but all the government efforts to “improve” the home environment have been counter-productive. The optimum unit for raising a child since cave man times is a two-parent family and in only a couple of generations the gubmint has succeeded in breaking this 10,000 year old pattern to the point where it rarely exists in the black community.

    Caribbean and African blacks suffer the same genetic handicaps but the ones we get here (like S. Asians) are to some extent a pre-selected elite and not representative. Also their family structures have not been “helped” yet by the tender mercies of the US governmental system.

    • Agree: Travis
    • Replies: @Scott66
  13. Isn’t this study really saying that whites are more intelligent than blacks? Whites with African ancestry are more intelligent than those without and blacks with more European ancestry are more intelligent than those with less European ancestry.

  14. El Dato says:

    But what does it all mean?

  15. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    Better to use golf references with @Isteve…

    Rickie Fowler > Jimmy Holzhauer

  16. Scott66 says:
    @Jack D

    Africans don’t pratice the nuclear family. Blacks in the US followed the one man one woman structure because the dominant white culture imposed it upon them. While the government probably accelerated the transition back to African norms with the welfare state, it is really just the natural state of Africans.

    As whites diminish, all the white norms will disappear in the west. To think otherwise is a denial of the theory of evolution.

    • Agree: bomag
    • Replies: @TelfoedJohn
  17. OT: Naomi Wolf writes a book about the bad old patriarchy punishing how people choose to express love with their bodies …. but is spectacularly wrong about the actual history.

    Long story short, she misunderstood the legal term, “death recorded” to mean the death penalty for sodomy was carried out, when it meant the judge had decided not to apply a death sentence.

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
    , @Barnard
  18. From the conclusion section

    “While some argue that Jensen effects are readily accountable in terms of cultural factors [52], it so happens that known environmental effects generally do not produce these…Of course, it is always possible that some unidentified set of environmental factors, which happen to induce g-loaded differences whilst also preserving MI, cause the ancestry related differences. “

    Yeah, it’s also possible that at my current age, height — and above all, race — I can get a multi-million dollar NBA contract.

    C’mon, let’s just say it: “If you are a dark skinned individual with lots of sub-Saharan African genetic makeup, you’re quite likely to be dumber than whites and mixed race blacks. Nature is a bitch.”

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  19. Clyde says:

    My guess is that blacks tend to discriminate against other blacks in favor of lighter skin, but whites don’t, because the One Drop Rule means that whites classify people as Black or Not Black and generally group them together conceptually.

    As far as white men dating or marrying black women, the lighter ones are preferred. At one quarter black they can look very sexy and their hair can get straighter and straighter. Jussie Smollet has some good looking sisters and they halfsies.

  20. Kylie says:

    “Perhaps, though, in the future U.S., blacker blacks might have higher IQs due to legal immigration of African elites?”

    Perhaps. Or perhaps those African elites who are male and in the U.S. legally will impregnate white women, leading to more Barack Obamas.

    Either way, what a sunny future for America.

  21. TGGP says: • Website

    Spotted Toad (whose wife & children are of West Indian ancestry) agrees with your speculation at the end:

  22. OT

    Move over BBQ-Becky! Here comes Dog-lover Debbie (via NakedCapitalism):

    Aparently, the other races don’t love dogs as much as whites do.

    • Replies: @peterike
    , @El Dato
  23. Hail says: • Website

    If the “white” elite gets darker it will be more due to intermarriage with Asians (as with the 1/4 Japanese James Holzhauer)

    The funny thing about Holzhauer: He revels in his Japanese partial-ancestry (and vicarious-identity?) (through one grandmother). Source: Him, in interviews.

    In other words, James Holzhauer is not White, psychologically, despite even 75% European blood and presumably being able to pass most of the time. In other words, it’s hard to see how a Holzhauer’ed White America still “is” (thinks of itself as) White, at all.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  24. When we decomposed the color results

    The results will be allowed to decompose in another sense.

    Data rotting in the field. Several fields.

  25. Jack D says:

    Whatever society rewards you get more of. In the days when it was advantageous to be white, mixed race people used to try to “pass” as white. Someone like Holzhauer might get away with it – you’d think, “that guy is a little strange looking for a white dude” but you’d put it out of your mind (or maybe suspect him). He’d probably have a phony back story for anyone who asked – ‘my grandpa was Russian – bit of the Mongol in there!” Or maybe he’s say he was part American Indian.

    Nowadays we reward being “diverse” so mixed race people (even those who are only a little bit mixed race (Liz Warren) or maybe not at all (Rachel Dolezal) try to “pass” as minorities.

  26. @Scott66

    Not quite true, West Africans are much more family oriented than American blacks.

    • Replies: @EastKekistani
  27. OT: NYT article about how women’s soccer doesn’t get much support in “poor” countries:

    The Women’s World Cup’s Other Inequality: Rich vs. Poor
    Pay is not the only notable gap in women’s soccer. There is also the matter of federation support. Fund-raising in Florida, Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz know this as well as anyone.

    Not mentioned is that few people in the “poor” countries give a shit about women’s soccer.

    • Replies: @Federalist
  28. istevefan says:

    This skit from SNL features Garrett Morris and Julian Bond discussing the issue of intelligence and skin color.

  29. peterike says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    Aparently, the other races don’t love dogs as much as whites do.

    Based on my very Chinese apartment building, the Chinese LOVE dogs. It seems every other person has one. Some of the Chinese seem a bit less good at understanding pooper-scooper rules, but hey, diversity is our strength!

    • Replies: @Kylie
    , @istevefan
  30. Alfa158 says:

    That paragraph was a mandatory disclaimer inserted in an attempt to avoid being strung up from the nearest light pole. In the old Soviet and Maoist China days scientific papers usually opened with a paean to scientific Marxism and/or the thought of the great Chairman as the inspiration for the work.
    I would not be surprised if the author also realized that the statement is scientifically gibberish, but prefers to remain employed and enjoying the luxuries of food and shelter.

  31. The headline “Brussels Airport Demonstration” came up on a LinkedIn feed just now. Of course, what comes to mind is the recent kerfuffle at Charles de Gaulle in Paris.

    No, this is a very different kind of demonstration:

  32. “… the One Drop Rule means that whites classify people as Black or Not Black and generally group them together conceptually.”

    I’m not so sure of this; I’ve seen plenty of whites make a distinction.

    “It would be interesting to reproduce this analysis in Brazil, where there appears to have traditionally been a lot of society-wide discrimination in favor of the fairer sibling, especially the fairer sister in the marriage market.”

    Brasil seems like one of those places where you see whites making the distinction.

  33. @Reg Cæsar

    Kind of makes one think of the old question, “Who’s your daddy?”

  34. Anon[267] • Disclaimer says:

    Perhaps, though, in the future U.S., blacker blacks might have higher IQs due to legal immigration of African elites?

    Except that Lynn’s data has Africans clocking in a at what? 65-75 IQ? But obviously, the data is scarce and perhaps unrepresentative, and there may be quite a distribution of average IQs in Africa, as indeed there used to be in Northern Europe. That team in the Netherlands has been quite critical of Lynn’s African data.

    One thing I don’t understand is reversion to the mean: If high-IQ Africans come to the U.S., what mean will their children and grandchildren revert to? It could be analogous to wealthy, successful blacks athletes or entertainers having kids who don’t turn out that great.

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @AnotherDad
  35. @Cagey Beast

    Yeah but look at the job she did turning Algore into an alpha male.

  36. Jonah says:

    More European heritage/ less African heritage = lighter and smarter.
    Less European heritage/more African heritage = darker and dumber.

    Because Africans are darker and dumber than Europeans.

    Breaking news.

  37. Our state bar really ramped up the difficulty of our exam, a few of the years less than 1/2 of the takers pass, and in good years 65% do. That sweeps out a lot of stupid people, so the under 40 black lawyers tend to be as smart as anyone –some of the old time blacks are dumb, many of them are judges or administrative law judges (fancy name for hearing officers) in Detroit.

    What I have noticed is that darker skinned black lawyers will believe weird stuff and say so. Alka Seltzer cures diabetes and cancer, there is a vast conspiracy to give blacks AIDS (or make black men gay), Bush addicted black babies to crack, Trump is killing them because…

    This even though they are as book smart as the rest of the recent lawyers.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @Craken
  38. Tyto Alba says:

    The recent discussion about the tribal, cultural & genetic diversity among black Africans was a useful reminder that we might be simplifying things too much when we generalize to view all our Blacks as part of a single uniform collective.

    I’ve always wondered if the “loser” tribes of black Africans, whom perhaps cleverer & better organized rival black African tribes captured & sold into slavery, might not have been the best & brightest the continent had to offer. In other words, an adverse genetic selection even at the very beginning of the African diaspora. Has there ever been any serious inquiry in this direction?

    Yet another case of “They’re not sending us their best…”?

    Perhaps, though, in the future U.S., blacker blacks might have higher IQs due to legal immigration of African elites?”

    Indeed there’s plenty of evidence that current patterns of transatlantic emigration from Africa to the New World is brain drain of some of the best & brightest representing a skimming of the cream off the Dark Continent (with the important exception of those pathetic desperate difficult to integrate refugees from Somalia for example).

  39. El Dato says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    Everybody must keep a WHITE DOG.


  40. @Calvin Hobbes

    Few people in rich countries give a shit about women’s soccer either. But I get your point.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  41. Kylie says:

    “Based on my very Chinese apartment building, the Chinese LOVE dogs.”

    Lol! Yes. I had a Chinese couple as tenants. The wife told me she’d never even touched a dog till she petted my beagle. In no time, they were spoiling my dog outrageously. Having her come visit, sharing their meals, etc. I once walked by their open doorway to see my dog between them, watching TV. (They never invited humans over.) One Sunday, I heard a noise outside my door. (It was one of the increasingly rare occasions when my dog was with me, not them.) When my dog didn’t responded to their calling her, the husband put a “to go” plate of shrimp and veggies by my door for her.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  42. istevefan says:

    the Chinese LOVE dogs

    As pets,or food?

  43. Jack D says:

    Chinese cities are full of cute little pet dogs (the Chinese favor small breeds) and the supermarkets nowadays sell American style pet food, meaning food FOR pets, not food made of pets as a sign of prosperity. Most families only have 1 child and many have none, so it’s not surprising that they have child substitutes.

    Dogs are usually pretty loyal but cats are whores – it’s not unusual for cats to have a secret second family of humans that their real owners don’t know about.

    • Replies: @Kylie
  44. J.Ross says: • Website

    Even as the establishment warns about Russian hackers and social media manipulation, we are awash in totally unpoliced social media manipulation by the establishment and its far-left catspaws.
    There are no Antifa, BLM, BAMN, SPLC, or similar government agents masquerading as private leftists who have faced any real legal consequences for their defamation, domestic terrorism, and assault. One guy was given probation and allowed back to work, which did not demand he resign for trying to crack a skull with a heavy u-shaped bike lock, and other than that there haven’t even been prosecutions. A guy plotted on video to wreck an Amtrak train with passengers and walked.
    And there has been almost no mass media reporting of leftist violence, in a constant drumbeat about phantom Nazis and evil rightist activists. That’s hardly surprising, as one researcher has now shown that the social media activity of mainstream journalists intersects with Antifa-types like they were the same group.

  45. Jack D says:

    It’s normal for the point of origin of a species to have the greatest genetic diversity – if you go to the forests of Kazakhstan there are thousands of varieties of wild apples growing. For humans this is Africa – Africans have by far the most genetic diversity of all human groups. This include a range of IQ, from the pygmies who are unbelievably low to the Igbo who are known to be quite sharp. Smart enough to cheat white people, even Jews (Congressman Mezvinsky) at scams.

    • Replies: @BB753
  46. Barnard says:
    @Cagey Beast

    Wolf also tried to portray homosexual child rape of a six year old as a consensual relationship between adults.

    • Replies: @L Woods
    , @Cagey Beast
  47. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Lawyer Guy

    There was a long-term homosexuality normalization mass media campaign, and a branch of it did target blacks. Blacks, blackly enough, complain in varying degrees of veracity about the part targeting them and ignore the parts targeting whites (or even cite it as proof that all whites are gay).
    Eddie Grffin had a skit, implied to be real, that as he grew in popularity as a standup comedian and possible actor, the Hollywood muckitymucks kept pushing this brilliant, sure-thing idea, that he do a movie as a transvestite. Ving Rhaimes (!) did do one, and Wesley Snipes was in an execreble, inferior knockoff of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
    And Russians swear by Alka-Seltzer for hangovers.
    But that other stuff is lottery-ticket-buying.

  48. @Federalist

    Few people in rich countries give a shit about women’s soccer either. But I get your point.

    Very few people anywhere care about women’s sports.

    Generally it is … a few women who play or played the sport and the dads of the women playing the sport. I cared about girls track when AnotherChild3 was competitive running track. (BTW, she’s XX female, not one of these “girls” who are winning HS girls track championships now.)

    I don’t pay attention to it now. Though i do know that Allison Felix is really quite attractive compared to Caster whatever “her” name is.

  49. BB753 says:
    @Jack D

    But not smart enough to create or sustain civilization by themselves.

  50. L Woods says:

    These are the same people that inform us that dating 18 year old girls is “creepy” and banging drunk chicks is “rape.”

  51. @Barnard

    It’s funny, when I saw her name again I thought I remembered agreeing with her on something years ago but that I couldn’t remember what. I’m certain it wasn’t this position on homosexual child rape though.

  52. donut says:

    Hey ya’ll it just occurred to me : we don’t need Trump to run the Trump Train

    They want Globalization ? Let’s give it to them .

  53. Kylie says:
    @Jack D

    “Dogs are usually pretty loyal but cats are whores – it’s not unusual for cats to have a secret second family of humans that their real owners don’t know about.”

    Yes…usually. My beagle had a third home in a boarding house with the black lady who, when filling out her rental application, glanced at my dog and told me flat out she didn’t like dogs. I gave my little whore one month to win her over.

    First week: (lady tenant overheard while cooking in the communal kitchen): “Get out of here, dog!”

    Second week: “Get down! You can lick the plate when I’m finished.”

    Third week: “Where are you? I got your plate ready!”

  54. Craken says:
    @Lawyer Guy

    Black lawyers are always more concentrated than white lawyers at the minimum IQ necessary to pass the Bar. So, they’re not as smart, even in such a selected group–this just falls out of the Gaussian distribution. What’s worse, they come from (and largely remain in) an outright low IQ culture. Since no one can be an expert in more than a few fields, is it surprising that they believe some of the conspiratorial notions current in their culture?
    But, if you really want to see this type of thing at the limit, go back and read the Liberian newspapers from the Ebola outbreak a few years ago: all conspiracies and only dumb conspiracies–they haven’t ascended from witchcraft to mythology yet.

  55. David says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Hard to believe that song didn’t make at least one stepdad a much better father.

  56. @Anon

    Except that Lynn’s data has Africans clocking in a at what? 65-75 IQ? But obviously, the data is scarce and perhaps unrepresentative, and there may be quite a distribution of average IQs in Africa, as indeed there used to be in Northern Europe. That team in the Netherlands has been quite critical of Lynn’s African data.

    No one should take Lynn’s specific numbers too seriously.

    Don’t get me wrong, Lynn’s book–IQ and the Wealth of Nations–is a super-important book. Maybe the most important one in recent decades. But only because it was just waving a big flag saying “not all human groups are as smart”, in contradiction to the reigning Stalinist-Gouldist “all groups are equally smart” ideology. Of course, that reigning Gouldist ideology is bone-headedly stupid, contradicting every principle of evolutionary theory known to man. (When individuals vary in a trait and the trait is under selection how can population groups be identical? What human traits would selection be working on more the last several thousand years if not our mental processes and associated behavior? Ok, disease resistance and maybe metabolism for changing diet?)

    So waving the big flag and saying, “Hey races/ethnicities vary widely in intelligence and that’s a huge factor behind differential development”–super important.

    But the specific numbers are subject to all the issues of representative samples, specific tests, etc. etc. Don’t trust any specific numbers, it’s the big picture of *huge* racial gaps that is of note. The exact size of the gaps–and specifically what’s genetic–very hard to pin down with these widely diverging environments, including nutritition, disease and schooling.

    Actually the best guesses about the magnitude of the racial gaps comes not from any of this international data, but what we see right here in the USA in places like Shaker Heights or Oak Park. There we have kids living in the same neighborhoods, breathing the same air, getting the same innoculations, eating food from the same Jewel supermarket, going to the same school … and the gap is yawning.


    Just for fun, my SWAG on this stuff normed to whites:

    Northern European whites — 100 genetic, 100 in their self-created environment
    West African bantu blacks — 80ish genetic, 70ish in their self-created environment
    Indians — 105-75; Some Brahmin groups with long literacy tradition pretty sharp (skewing verbal), some fairly pure tribals really quite dumb; 100-70 in their self-created enviroment
    Ashkenazi Jews — 110ish skewing verbal relative to whites
    Other Caucasions — 95-85 Persians fairly smart, true pennisular Arabs pretty dumb
    Latino Mestizos — 90ish; 90-85ish in their self-created environment
    East “Fancy” Asians –105ish skewing spatial relative to whites
    SE Asians — 90ish
    Pure Australian aborigines, Andaman Islanders, San bushmen, Pygmies — from dumb to really dumb … but to be fair, well adapted to their particular enviroments, which is why all these variations exist.

    But these are nothing but SWAGs–with the emphasis on the G–consistent with the data we have but that’s it.

  57. How about an interesting–boring IQ continuum?

    Because the very most boringboringboringest people I know (after English people–the very most extrordrindryest boring of all), are the Chinese and the Indians.

    And sorry, the most interesting tend to be, oh, African, Hispanic, Russian, Texas white trash, you know, the dumb ones.

    • LOL: Chrisnonymous
  58. I know Africans who speak 12 languages and run pharmaceutical factories. I don’t know any whites like this.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @Jack D
  59. African-Americans grade low on the IQ scale because they intermarried with Irishmen.

  60. J.Ross says: • Website

    >speak 12 different flavors of Bantu
    >run a drug factory foreigners built because the president is your uncle
    >accomplished whites won’t associate with me
    Me neither but I wouldn’t go advertising it.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  61. @TelfoedJohn

    Not really. I used to personally know some of them.

  62. i thought this was gonna be about that color acuity intelligence test. farnsworth-munsell. which is fascinating.

    dumb people can’t order colors correctly. that’s a baffling result.

    but it comes directly into contact with another finding in anthropology. primitive peoples around the world don’t have words for all the ROYGBIV colors. in fact, if you give them small tiles with various colors on them, they have trouble ordering them as well.

    anthropologists find that primitive people always have a word for white and black, red and blue next, i think is the order, then either green, or yellow. if they have green they don’t have yellow, if they have yellow they don’t have green. then the next higher level is they have both green and yellow. then on to the next color. and so forth.

    that color procession moves upwards in same order, from all human groups around the world. so something psychological and not sociological is going on.

  63. @J.Ross

    A. No. French, English, Italian, Latin and 8 African languages, none of which are Bantu, but which are very hard to master and all quite different from one another you ignorant provincial backwoods boob.
    Which you can’t do. You can’t speak any languages. You can’t even write English right. Because you must be Irish.
    B. Nope. Because they have a degree in chemical engineering. Which you don’t. And you never built a factory, so what you all proud about something you never did for? I love these people who are proud of something someone who has the same skin color as them as done. Don’t be proud. You didn’t do it. You are a nobody. How dare you take credit for things other people have done just because you think they are your relatives or something just because of their race. You flatout idiot.
    C. You can’t speak 12 languages. No one you know speaks 12 languages. You don’t know any “accomplished” whites who speak 12 languages. You are not “accomplished.” Most “accomplished” whites I know and you know are big phonies. What are you going to do now, defend Bill Gates?

    No, the big problem in the US is the permitting of Irish immigration. You must be part Irish, you are so stupid.

    Congratulations. You got the illiterate Bengali laughing. That’s a real gold star on your pin forehead.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  64. All the whites on here I mean hear trumpeting black inferiority are inferior.

    Simple truth of human nature. Cannot be denied.

    • Replies: @Chrisnonymous
  65. This test is the bunk. It relies on what technically known as “bunk” otherwise known as lying.

    On the other hand, this is proven scientific fact, and you cannot refute it:

    Little Nigerian girls are smarter than you are.

    If you don’t know what I am referring to, don’t embarrass yourself with your stupid responses.

  66. @obwandiyag

    Are you really Thomm?

    Well… going on the ignore list anyway…

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  67. Jack D says:

    run pharmaceutical factories

    The very concept of “pharmaceuticals” and “factories” are European concepts. Before the white man came, medicine in Africa consisted of witch doctoring – casting spells and smoking cannabis. There are some Africans today who are smart enough to be taught the white man’s ways, but the indigenous Africans invented nothing – hard to do much if you don’t even have a written language.

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  68. @Jack D

    You didn’t invent them. YOU did not come up with these “concepts.” YOU are not responsible for any of these things you take such great pride in. It’s exactly like some dumb black guy taking pride in the invention of plasma. HE did not invent it.

    And, just like that dumb black guy, YOU invented nothing.

    So what you all on your high horse about? Dumbbell celebrating supposedly smart people it has no real connection with, but pretends it has a connection with because it makes it feel better about its loser self.

  69. @obwandiyag

    You got the illiterate Bengali laughing

    Should you really be the judge of literacy? Your comments have many things wrong with them. No structure at all.

    From your comments, I would guess you’re either a black, or most probably a native. My money is on the latter. Bengalis do better in Canada than your people that’s for certain. You’re either huffing glue or gasoline, or tieing yourself a noose as you prepare to rope, because your lives are so pathetic. The native reserves here..tsk tsk. Third world conditions in a first world country. Not to mention all the high school dropout rates, and the alcoholism. Subsidized by everyone else.

    Maybe your comments come as a result of all the metals and chemicals in your waters…. A hypthesis…

    Everyone in Australia, Canada and the US knows of the insipidity and the inoperativeness of the blacks and Natives(ie you) in their respective countries. Run along, little injun. Try not to beat your women or kill them like you always do. Or the many other useless things you do.

    You wouldnt know a thing about being accomplished, injun, none of your people ever did anything worthwhile, so you can hardly be a judge.

    How the hell are you making fun of the Irish when you’re a useless, no-good tax burden Native?

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  70. @Chrisnonymous

    Are you really Thomm

    Probably not.

    Still a massive turd though. Not an iota of self-awareness in this lowlife Injun ingrate.

  71. @BengaliCanadianDude

    Obviously Irish. Your “structured” 🙂 prose drips with innate subhuman inferiority.

  72. E e says:

    (since there is a discussion about Africans being multilingual)
    The Africans I’ve personally known have been very good at learning languages. When I was teaching math at a school with lots of recent immigrant students, the Africans could come in knowing only their local language(s) and maybe French, and in two months were almost completely fluent in English. The Chinese did very well on any math problems that didn’t depend on English instructions, but many could barely speak English, and the ones who’d lived in English speaking countries since childhood had grammar and pronunciation issues at the level of Africans who’d been here only a month or two. (Hispanic and Brazilian students were kind of in between, but they also got the most language support, so it’s hard to compare. I did find it odd that the school didn’t hire any Mandarin or Cantonese speaking aides, as long as they were spending that money…)

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