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Clippers Deal Sure Thing
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From the LA Times:

NBA head Adam Silver has ‘absolute confidence’ Clippers sale will happen

Ben Bolch

The NBA commissioner says the proposed $2-billion sale of the L.A. Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be completed by mid-July.

Absolutely. (Assuming Ballmer stays out of rehab through then …)

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  1. ic1000 says:

    Hmmm. Ballmer doesn’t seem to have a mistress. Therefore, in the name of fairness as well as Justice, it’s essential that Commissioner Silver search Ballmer’s email archives for evidence of thoughtcrime. Also handwritten correspondence, surveillance tapes from his home security system, video store rental records, etc.

    Thanks heavens that there are so many activists, working so tirelessly to protect the vulnerable public from the wrong kind of predatory billionaires.

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  2. The Z Blog says: • Website

    According to Forbes, the Dallas Cowboys are worth $2.2 Billion. That includes Jerry World, the most amazing venue on the planet. Basketball teams have sold recently for about a quarter of what the Clippers are fetching. The Dodgers just sold for about the same money as the proposed Clipper deal.

    You would think that a clever newsman would see this as a good story to investigate. But all we get is crickets when the subject comes up. maybe they are just too tired from applauding themselves.

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  3. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    As the Guggenheim Group has learned, an essential element to an ambush is speed. They did not succeed in getting him to sell quickly, and now he’s getting PAID.

    I think the big question is not whether Ballmer can stay out of rehab, but whether the team will become the Seattle Clippers or the Seattle SuperSonics…

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