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Claremont Hate Crime Hoax
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Hate Crime Hoax
— A reader replies:


When will
Professor Kerri Dunn be charged with promoting a climate of hate against
White American men? Wasn’t that the intention behind her actions? When will the college have a teach in on the need some people have to construct White American heterosexual men as the “Other”?
Can black, hispanic, Jewish, gay, muslim, immigrant and White feminist groups have an identity without seeing themselves as aggrieved victims of this hateful “Other”?


other social psychology professor should look in to this topic.


you think that’s over the top, here are excerpts from criminal
professor/criminal Kerri Dunn’s rabble-rousing speech
at the massive all-university "anti-hate" rally on March 10
(as reported at


you so very much. Thank you, um, and thank you so much for being here…
As a psychologist, I teach on a regular basis about the nature of
prejudice. And we talk about how prejudice nowadays is supposed to be
modern, and covert, and based on ignorance, and stereotyping. And I
thought these acts aren’t ignorant. This isn’t the result of some covert
thought. This was a well planned out act of terrorism.


I don’t believe for one second it was one person. I think that there’s a
group here, a small group, but I do believe that there is a group here
that perpetuates this in all different kinds of ways. And I think if you
confronted those people they would deny it because they’re cowards.


are not looking for open dialogue. They are not looking for discussing
whether the word [racial epithet] is an appropriate word to use with
people of color. They’re sneaking around at nighttime writin’ this
[expletive] on walls.


as I said at the faculty meeting and as I’ve said before I think that
calling these acts acts of ignorance is a dangerous misnomer.


I do think is that (inaudible) the espousal of a certain ideology and
being in a free country I certainly believe these people have a right to
their ideology, but we have a right to ours as well. 


what I did that pissed people off so much and made them ruin my
beautiful 1992 beater Honda Civic was that I said let’s get together and
say our ideology is more popular than yours. 


is more popular than segregation. Love is more popular than hate. 


what I did to wind up in as much trouble as I wound up in. The
other thing that I, I also wanted to address, um, was in my class when I
talked to people about – what are you gonna do, I said, I kept saying
what are you gonna do, these are your friends under attack, these are my
friends under attack, these are your colleagues, these are your peers,
you’re my students who are being attacked. What are we gonna do? Many
people responded with, well you know Professor Dunn, we’ve always been
taught that we should be racially blind, and that by not paying
attention to it and not calling attention to differences we would
minimize them. You know, that’s a beautiful, beautiful, explanation – or
should I say, um, all right, piece of [expletive] -


has absolutely no substance and no utility in society wherein we are
founded on diversity. The Statue of Liberty stands every day of all of
our lives theoretically welcoming people to this land to become part of
us. So to say that we should act like we’re colorblind I really believe
is an excuse. I believe it’s an excuse to remain lazy, it’s an excuse to
turn your head. And it’s an excuse to allow these idiots to continue
with their agenda.


thing and I’ll shut up, for real, for a little while anyway -

chants: "Don’t shut up"; applause)

what I want to say is from my position, and from the position of me
feeling like a victim, I can’t say thank you enough to the
administration. They have been there supportive of me. Um, Pam Gann is
here at a rally, as president of CMC. Torry Sun is here as well, and
many many other administrators are here, and I have to say they’re doing
not just what they have to do administratively, but they’re doing what
they should be doing as human beings. And I think the message -


think that the message that we need to take from this is that social
change comes about on different levels and through different means. Some
ways social change takes place is in the box office, um, is in the
voting office, when you vote. Other ways – maybe it takes place in the
box office, um, it definitely changes our attitudes. Um, it takes place
on individual levels, it takes place on group levels, but it’s, for
things like this, when these events that were going on were beyond the
reach of the police, but they were offensive and terrorizing to our
friends, us individually, um, our peers, our colleagues, the action that
need to take place is exactly what you are doing right here. And I just,
you know, I want to end this by saying as a group, we stand here, and we
say we’re pro-diversity and anti-hate -


and that the people who espouse these hateful ideologies, really, I said
earlier today should go underground. What I meant is that they should go
to hell.

of Recording]

(Republished from iSteve by permission of author or representative)
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