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Blog News: 3rd Straight Million Pageview Month
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My iSteve blog first reached one million pages viewed in a month in August 2017 and then once again last January. But now we’ve reached a million pageviews for three months in a row, August, September, and October 2018.

This time I swear I’m going to take it a little easier on myself in November and not reach that milestone for a fourth month in a row.

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  1. I think is now at around 3 million pageviews, so presumably you account for about a third of its total traffic.


    • Replies: @vinteuil
    , @rufus
  2. Crazy NYT editorials for the views!:)

  3. istevefan says:

    With the election coming up, traffic could explode especially if there are contested races with recounts and the circus that would surround such recounts.

    Note: Here is a link to the Trump rally taking place right now in Columbia, Missouri.

    • Replies: @istevefan
  4. Steve, many congratulations. I couldn’t have accounted for more than 60,000 of those views. 70,000 tops!

    • LOL: Desiderius
    • Replies: @Simple Psuedonym
  5. vinteuil says: • Website
    @Anatoly Karlin

    Here’s hoping you’ll soon account for another third.


    • Agree: Bubba, Dissident
  6. istevefan says:

    A couple observations about the Trump rally so far. First, I like how he pulls up in Air Force 1 right to the hangar which perfectly frames his jet in the background.

    Second, he is using a 757 tonight and not the 747. I like that as a taxpayer because it saves us money. The 757 is much cheaper to operate. Did other presidents ride in the 757? I don’t recall Obama doing it, but I can’t be fore sure.

    • Replies: @istevefan
  7. Come out of the closet, Steve.*


    *In case anybody didn’t read about it, Mr. Sailer has his office set up inside a walk-in closet at home. His high daily level of productivity indicates he never comes out of the closet, but he is not Tom Cruise and this is not South Park.

    • LOL: Liza
  8. Boggles the mind. Steve hits one million page views for three months in a row and drinks out of red plastic cups.

    Some d-bag like Jonah Goldberg earns well over $400k a year. How many people a year read him compared to Steve? How many minds does he influence compared to Steve?

    I could list dozens of other well-paid writers in the same boat. What a bunch of pointless whores.

    Steve will be remembered long after we’re all dead. Those guys won’t be remember past their grandchildren.

    Steve is a marvel. I may occassionally disagree with Steve (though it always makes me nervous because, well, he’s Steve and the odds that he’s wrong and I’m right seem kind of slim), but I never doubt the kind of man that he is.

    Thanks Steve!

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @Anon
  9. Anonymous[138] • Disclaimer says:

    OT: A question.

    What would happen if George Soros changed his mind? How would it play out? He has had multiple wives, so it could technically happen.

    Would he write an op-ed which would at first be written about with skepticism but slowly over a year or so the Huffpo/ Daily Beast / Atlantic opinion pieces would come around to agree? Would they continue to defend Popper’s outdated ideas indefinitely in the face of elite repudiation? How many billionaires would it take to cause the body-temp-IQ journos to reverse themselves, and which ones? Soros and Bloomberg? Consensus from Goldman Sachs? Would Soros and others slowly leak these ideas to wholly owned mouthpieces to be published as the original ideas of these meat-puppets before publicly reversing? Exactly how would it happen? The why is not important. He could decide that causing WWIII would harm his eternal image. It’s very unlikely, but definitely possible, so how would it go down?

    The leftwing journalists and politicians are lapdogs for international power and money, does anyone doubt this?

  10. Luke Lea says:

    OT but a nice comment over at the Washington Post on the new “Willie Horton” ad that Trump is tweeting:

    “What Americans want is “domestic tranquility,” one of the great objects of government that our Constitution aimed to secure. We want to be free to enjoy the beauty of our country, and all it has to offer, without being disturbed by angry mobs or being lectured about how “racist” we are for wanting to be able to live in peace and safety — to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.”

  11. @Anonymous

    Soros left Popper behind long ago. That’s the heart of the problem.

    BTW iPhone autocorrects Soros.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Reg Cæsar
  12. istevefan says:

    Trump is now trolling. He is discussing anchor babies and is pointing out it is not just coming from south of the border. He declared that China is now using birth tourism to mint US citizens. He rattled off a list of offending nations, but did not mention Russia. Then he segued into chain migration.

    I love it. You know the media only wants to discuss Russian birth tourism.

  13. Anonymous[138] • Disclaimer says:

    Erroneous answer.

  14. ladderff says:

    Steve, you’re one of a very small group of people I know only through online writing whom I aspire to meet some day. (Some college friends and I used to discuss driving up to Vermont and dropping in on Milton and Rose Friedman but sadly it’s too late for that.) Obviously there are some security issues there; might have to wait until your retirement. Meanwhile I’ll continue to PayPal you and wish you and yours continued good health and fortune.

    • Replies: @Seminumerical
  15. You better hope there isn’t a hate hoax on a golf course.

  16. J.Ross says: • Website

    Russian hackers are subverting our democracy and Republicans want to stop blacks from voting, but meanwhile in North Dakota, the Democrats are telling hunters that voting will cost them their hunting licenses.

  17. J.Ross says: • Website

    You are presupposing that Soros is some kind of divine gumby in direct ownership-style control of the press.
    Soros is Soros. He name-drops Popper the same ignorant and meaningless way a Che t-shirt wearer references Marx.
    I don’t think Soros owns any major newspapers. Globalist newspapers flak for him because they already agree with him. Were he to depart from that ideology they would presumably no longer defend him.
    >he had multiple wives
    >this proves he changes his mind
    One day you will see what’s wrong with your reasoning here.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @anon
  18. Luke Lea says:

    Again off topic, but something interesting I’ve noticed is the difference in the way Trump uses the word “folks” compared to the way Obama did. With Trump it’s in the American vernacular, but with Obama it has a certain leftish connotation. Obama talked about “folks” like they were out there somewhere, whereas Trump actually addresses them, saying things like, “Well, folks, . . .”

    • Replies: @Coemgen
    , @Lowe
  19. istevefan says:

    Wow, he just wrapped up his rally in Missouri. Tomorrow he will rally in West Virginia in the afternoon, and in Indiana in the evening. His plate is full for the weekend. He will return to Missouri again on Monday.

    He is doing the same thing now that he did two years ago at this same juncture. He is going balls to the wall on rallies in the final days of the campaign. The other side doesn’t have anyone with the energy and stamina to keep up with this guy. And the media have resorted to not even covering these rallies that much anymore.

    He has a great chance of single-handedly keeping the House and expanding the lead in the Senate. He pulled the GOP’s pants out of the fire two years ago when they backstabbed him. He might just do it again this year despite the pathetic performance of the GOP Congress. If the GOP continues to waste this guy’s term in office,they deserve to be exiled to a third world nation.

    • Agree: BenKenobi
    • Replies: @anon
  20. NickG says:

    It would be good right and proper for The Unz Review to be re-branded ‘iSteve and ensemble’.

    • Replies: @Lowe
  21. ChrisZ says:

    Another million page view month? Congratulations!

    (And if I may say so, I called it back in the olden days of the Warren DNA debacle. Those were good times.)

  22. Anonymous[138] • Disclaimer says:

    Not at all. Soros does not control the press through direct coercion. Soros and a few dozen others control the official zeitgeist intentionally or not because of the human instinct to follow the powerful. Game theory explains caucasian anti-white acolytes.

    It is similar to the prisoners dilemma. Do you sacrifice your accomplice (other whites) in order to please the police (powerful NGOs and donors)? The anti-whites have sold out their kin in order to climb the coastal elite ladder, even though the ultimate result will be their own destruction. If all the whites refused to play the game at all, they would all come out with a far better result. By turning on each other, they sacrifice long term gains for short term ones.

    You arent really so naive that you think these people have sense of morality for the common good do you? Have you ever met these creeps? They would step on their own mothers.

  23. If the GOP continues to waste this guy’s term in office,they deserve to be exiled to a third world nation.

    True, but we do not deserve what the Democrats have in store for us.

    Vote R on Tuesday!

    And congratulations Steve, the count is most impressive.

  24. JackOH says:

    Steve, congrats. I’ve mentioned this before, but you’ve cultivated a unique eye and a unique voice for social and political criticism. It works. Somebody with literary chops ought to take a look at how you’re persuading people.

  25. jim jones says:

    There are so many comments on UR now that reading each thread takes too much time

  26. Trmplvr says:

    “This time I swear I’m going to take it a little easier on myself in November and not reach that milestone for a fourth month in a row”

    Reminds me of President Trump’s absolute best line of the speech he gave tonight:

    “I’ve kept MORE promises, than perhaps ANY other president in the history of this office! At this point, I’ve kept promises that I haven’t even MADE! It’s true!”

    I must have laughed for five minutes! LOVE the guy! Thank god for him.

    Congrats, Steve! You’ve worked very hard for a long time, and I’m very happy for your success!

  27. anon[389] • Disclaimer says:

    You are presupposing that Soros is some kind of divine gumby in direct ownership-style control of the press.

    not long after soros bought a bunch of shares of Netflix, they started churning out SJW and anti-white garbage

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  28. Coemgen says:

    DJT, if he wasn’t so busy with elections and other presidential stuff, would certainly dub thee: High Energy Steve Sailer.

  29. @Desiderius

    BTW iPhone autocorrects Soros.

    Change the settings to accept Esperanto.

    Ŝanĝu la agordojn por akcepti Esperanton.

  30. anon[389] • Disclaimer says:

    trump is the hardest working man in politics

    what is he, 75 years old? the rest should be ashamed

  31. @Anonymous

    I’m old enough that I can remember back to the 1990s when Soros first created the Open Society Fund or whatever it is called to help get the newly independent nations of Eastern Europe up to speed with Western capitalism, democracy, rule of law, etc. Back then it was all pretty innocuous and I even supported it in vague hands-off way. I even knew a young woman attending the Open University thingy in Budapest. It all seemed so middle of the road bourgeois back in that pleasant, peaceful decade. Indeed, it was middle of the road bourgeois back then. In those days the media mavens treated Soros somewhat gingerly as a wealthy merchant prince with some pretensions that might be too big for his intellectual britches, but whose Foundation work might be doing someone somewhere some good, so why make too big a fuss?

    But then after 9-11 and the Iraq Attaq, something changed. Soros became obsessed with George W Bush as a boogieman who must be defeated. (It’s funny because Soros’s view of Bush then was similar to the views of Bush on Unz comment threads now, if for somewhat different reasons.) The Open Society, or maybe other NGOs Soros bankrolled, left off the high-minded education stuff and became weaponized instruments of partisan politics. Over years of blackening W’s name, they never managed to unseat Bush, though they did assist in making his brand toxic and scouring Congress of his shakier allies. My impression is that it was at this time that he became a big funder of specifically Democratic party politics and a self-certifying hate figure for the right. I too was annoyed with him because I felt that by becoming just another billionaire monkeying around in American partisan politics, he was betraying the promise and potential of those dewy years of idealism in 1990s Europe. And I still feel that way tbh.

    I don’t know why he went through this shift. Maybe it always there latently and was brought out by some event, like an (((ethnic))) reaction to a Repub displacing a Dem in the Oval Office. Or maybe it was more of a pull than a push: Dems and media types (redundant I know) figured out that all of that sweet Foundation money could be spent on them instead of on those deplorable Eastern Europeans if they could make Soros into /their guy/, so they did. Whatever the case, his capital and Western globo-progo politics really merged in this period.

    So yes, minds do change, though I think Soros is too old now for any more evolution. Although … this might sound strange, but I don’t think he is actually personally as radical as we rightists portray him. Soros is old and tired and spends what time and energy he has hobnobbing with Davos types, giving speeches no one will gainsay to his face, and marrying globalist girls. He’s built these foundations with ten- or eleven-figure endowments, and other than the people at the top, who spend their time blowing smoke up his *ss, he has only the foggiest idea what his minions’ minions’ minions are up to. He hasn’t checked up on them in a long time and definitely won’t be doing so in the future. So he’s left a big heap of money behind him and Conquest’s Second Law has taken over from there. And in the absence of oversight, this has become the financial fuel for a lot of the increasingly unhinged left’s worst instincts and schemes.

    I still think that “Soros” is a reasonable, shorthand way of referring to this program, even though, in my opinion, George Soros himself does notactually oversee or often isn’t even aware of what is happening with his former fortune. At this point it is on autopilot and whatever Soros actually believes doesn’t matter anymore.

  32. Coemgen says:
    @Luke Lea

    When Obama says “folks” he’s actually saying volks (with all its connotations).

  33. Ever thought about finding a volunteer to read your posts, and maybe a truncated version of the comment thread, to make a podcast? People with office jobs can take a few minutes to glance at your site, but there are tons of people who have jobs where they can’t visit a website, but they can download and listen to a podcast (e.g. truckers.)

    Regardless congratulations! How many page views does Freidman or Kristof get? My guess is about the same order of magnitude, despite having the marketing might of the New York Times behind them. Not fair that they get paid more, of course, but nobody will remember those hacks a week after they retire.

  34. the signal to noise ratio has never been lower here.

    but it’s good for steve’s livelihood. and i support that. he’s a good guy writing on hard topics and has been going since 2000.

  35. @ladderff

    I’d like to meet Steve also. I’ve met Richard Feynman, John Derbyshire, Hugh Grant, Marvin Minsky, and I’ve bumped into John Cleese in a supermarket aisle. Oh! and, umm, I’ve also met Liz Hurley but I am not pround of it.

  36. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Almost Missouri

    James O’Keefe and Operation Veritas claim they can prove that Cruz rival “Beto” O’Rourke has been sending pre-paid cards to migrant caravans. Recall that O’Rourke’s campaign is massively overfunded. Trump has issued an executive order controlling the movement of property to our South after the Veritas report, however it sounds like it’s concerned with Venezuela.
    You’re right though: Soros has both his own direct activities and the wider category of aggressive plutocrat subversion that he was the trailblazer and public face for.

  37. AKAHorace says:

    All the best Steve,

    You are my hero, people talk about hate but you are one of the calmest, most even tempered comentators that I have read.

    I am trying to waste less time on the web. I will read you, Karlin, Nicholas Nassim Taleb and the mainstream media to get a balanced view. There is so much vitreol out there and it is so easy to waste time on the internet.

  38. Anon[127] • Disclaimer says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Steve hits one million page views for three months in a row and drinks out of red plastic cups.

    Sailer is clueless about currency. He collects three-dollar bills with Alexander Jefferson.

  39. Dan Hayes says:

    Almost Missouri:

    Unfortunately, I believe that you have woefully underestimated Soros’s pretensions and cognizant achievements.

  40. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:
    @Almost Missouri

    He’s the Bond supervillain of the right.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  41. Congratulations, Mr. Sailer. Thank you for stepping off the Magic Dirt of an ad career and being our host.

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  42. @Anonymous

    He’s the Bond supervillain of the right.

    Nah, he’s just David Rockefeller redux. He even looks like David, albeit less Jewish.

  43. @Almost Missouri

    Just one anecdote – in (I think) the 2009 European elections, which have a proportional element (so smaller parties can get seats – the nationalist BNP got two) a series of posters appeared in BNP target areas featuring various immigrant doctors, scientists etc – the message being “I’m an immigrant and I’m good for Britain”.

    The organisation behind them was some obscure anti-racist group which I’d never heard of before or since, but I found their website and guess who was a major funder?

    (I imagine these weren’t declared as election expenditure because they weren’t for any single party, just against a single party)

  44. Poor baby.

    Don’t expect any help from me.

  45. @Almost Missouri


    Andrea Soros Colombel: The founder and president of Trace Foundation, established in 1993 to promote the cultural continuity and sustainable development of Tibetan communities within China.

    Jonathan Tivadar Soros: A hedge fund manager and political donor. In 2012, he co-founded Friends of Democracy, a super PAC dedicated to reducing the influence of money in politics.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  46. @Almost Missouri

    He had already gone over to the dark side in 1998. His books were always muddle-headed even before then.

    He’s an arch predator who takes on whatever sheep’s clothing is at hand.

  47. FWIW: I found while looking for the answer to some right leaning question that I could not find at more main stream sites.

    Great work everyone!

  48. @Intelligent Dasein

    Field Of Dreams was a thousand centuries ago.

    Timothy Busfield is an annoying baby boomer boob who should be deported.

    At least his hair ain’t red like it used to be.

    Amy Madigan and Iris DeMent could be sisters.

    The globalizers won’t let the mystery be until they’re stopped.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  49. Lowe says:
    @Luke Lea

    This is a good observation. His use of the term folks always irked me, which meant basically all his speeches irked me. To say he used the term frequently is an understatement.

    He did usually use it the way you describe, in the third person, talking about hypothetical people somewhere out there. That was part of what irked me. The other part was that I could never believe Obama had used the word before the day he went into politics. His background suggested it was an affectation.

  50. Anonymous[421] • Disclaimer says:
    @theo the kraut

    Are these not worthy causes?

    Could the daughter be persuaded to promote the cultural continuity and sustainable development of certain native ethnic communities in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe?

  51. Lowe says:

    Hopefully there will eventually be a couple other Unz contributors at Steve’s level.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  52. J.Ross says: • Website

    Good point, I didn’t know about that, but for the most part Soros is not a media guy and the SJW stuff ruining entertainment started well before NetFlix.

  53. @Lowe

    Hopefully, there will eventually be a couple other Unz contributors at Steve’s level.

    Yeah, a couple or a dozen or more “Steves” would be just fine – great idea.

    But hope, as the Irish saying goes, brings eternity (and not more Steves – see? – Not here and now – and not there and then, so to speak, too; and this can’t be any other way, because this writer Steve Sailer is a rare bird by his very nature).

  54. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    Something about her drives some people into a fit of idiocy.

    I call it DeMent Derangement Syndrome.

    Iris DeMent (born January 5, 1961) is a shameful American singer and songwriter. DeMent supports the feminist agenda through her music. DeMent’s musical style encompasses the genres country, Gospel, and folk music. Iris was three years old when the family moved from Paragould, Arkansas to Orange County, California, where as a teen she discovered she was in conflict with much of what was being taught in church and left. At 17 she quit high school, got a GED and went to work at K-Mart. DeMent married Elmer McCall in 1991, but the marriage subsequently ended in divorce. She married singer-songwriter Greg Brown on November 21, 2002.

    Iris DeMent’s is featured in Steven Spielberg’s movie TRUE GRIT at the end, singing the Gospel hymn, On The Everlasting Arms. Anytime Hollywood features someone’s Gospel singing, you can rest assure that something is very wrong spiritually in that singer’s life. Hollywood rewards the wicked and will not promote anyone who truly loves God.

    Iris DeMent sings one of the most evil songs ever written (see lyrics below), more vile than ACDC’s HIGHWAY TO HELL or BACK IN BLACK. I have more respect for open Satan worshippers, than I do for anyone who promotes and glorifies hatred and unforgiveness through their music. DeMent may not have written the song, but she has popularized it. Feminists love DeMent’s hateful song. DeMent sings the heathen song, GOD MAY FORGIVE YOU (BUT I WON’T). That’s too bad for Iris DeMent and every self-righteous hypocritical woman like her that follows her advice in the song, because the Bible teaches that God won’t forgive those who refuse to forgive. Matthew 18:35, “So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.”

    Songwriters: Harlan Howard-Bobby Braddock

    You say that you’re born again
    cleansed of your former sins
    You want me to say “I forgive and forget”
    But you’ve done too much to me
    Don’t you be touching me,
    go back and touch all those women you’ve met

    ’cause God may forgive you, but I won’t
    Yes, Jesus loves you, but I don’t
    They don’t have to live with you, we’ll neither do I
    You say that you’re born again, well so am I
    God may forgive you, but I won’t
    and I won’t even try

    Well, the kids had to cry for you
    I had to try to do
    things that the Dad should do
    since you’ve been gone
    Well, you really let us down
    You may be Heaven-bound
    but you’ve left one hell of a mess here at home


    God may forgive you but I won’t, and I won’t even try

    God May Forgive You (But I Won’t) lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

    Regardless of whatever excuse DeMent may make, the bottom line is that her music promotes a spirit of self-righteous hypocrisy and unforgiveness. The song exemplifies the hateful, one-sided, biased, hypocritical attitude of hundreds-of-millions of rebellious feminists who condemn husbands and fathers for everything, while looking-the-other-way when it comes to slacker wives and mothers who don’t clean their home, don’t love their husbands, nor do they take responsibility for their family’s needs.

    I triple-dog dare you to show me even one, even one, song that exposes lazy, lackadaisical, lying, loafing, good-for-nothing women who sit at home—bums, while their husbands pay all the bills and shoulder the family’s burdens. Iris DeMent sings that God may forgive you, “BUT I WON’T EVEN TRY” she says. That’s so evil. She won’t even try? The Bible calls that wickedness in the highest regard. Jesus plainly taught that those who refuse to forgive WON’T BE FORGIVEN either. Matthew 6:15, “But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” Jesus warned in John 10:35 that “the Scripture cannot be broken.” God means what He says. Consider yourself warned.

    I’m so sick of God-hating feminists portraying men as abusers, and women as victims. The children are used as a wildcard by feminists, as a weapon against their own fathers. Feminist women scrutinize men for everything fault they have, while totally ignoring the fact that women are EQUALLY sinners in God’s eyes. Feminism is often rooted in self-righteous hypocrisy. Jesus taught in Matthew 7:3-5 that anyone who points fingers is a hypocrite. I hear so many women bad-mouthing their former husband, but I never heard those women confess any of their own sins or faults. Feminism turns women into self-righteous monsters, holding men to an impossible expectation. Feminism has taught women to become intolerant of less-than-perfect men (and they’re all less-than-perfect). Feminism has women so indoctrinated that they’re freezing their eggs while waiting for Mr. Right. This is insane!!!

    He is however right about one thing:feminism is rooted in self-righteous hypocrisy.

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