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From the NYT Opinion page:

The Newest Jim Crow

Recent criminal justice reforms contain the seeds of a frightening system of “e-carceration.”

By Michelle Alexander, Nov. 8, 2018

Michelle Alexander became a New York Times columnist in 2018. She is a civil rights lawyer and advocate, legal scholar and author of “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness .”

… But what’s taking the place of cash bail may prove even worse in the long run. … And increasingly, computer algorithms are helping to determine who should be caged and who should be set “free.” Freedom — even when it’s granted, it turns out — isn’t really free.

Under new policies in California, New Jersey, New York and beyond, “risk assessment” algorithms recommend to judges whether a person who’s been arrested should be released. These advanced mathematical models — or “weapons of math destruction” as data scientist Cathy O’Neil calls them — appear colorblind on the surface but they are based on factors that are not only highly correlated with race and class, but are also significantly influenced by pervasive bias in the criminal justice system.

Maybe this sounds crazy, but I’ve got an idea for solving the problem of too many black men in jail, so let me just throw it out there. Here it goes:

Black men should try committing fewer crimes.

Okay, okay, I know, it’s too radical, it would never work in a million years. But still … You gotta admit it would be a win-win solution.

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From the New York Times:

One Legacy of Merkel? Angry East German Men Fueling the Far Right

By Katrin Bennhold
Nov. 5, 2018

… As of 2015, she added, they also feel threatened by young male migrants, who do not necessarily live anywhere near them, but whose difficult journey proves they are everything eastern men are not — dynamic, determined and driven — “otherwise they would not have made it here in the first place.”

Also, let me offer a belated congrats to our own iSteve commenter Whiskey on his new job as Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times.

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The high tech graverobbing business has finally started to get its hands on some New World DNA. American Indian tribes have been particularly resistant to letting ancient skeletons found in their region be genome scanned, so most of the ancient DNA work in the past involved Canadian or Latin American skeletons. But now some American Indian tribes are opening up to being sweet-talked into letting DNA scientists like David Reich have a look.

Most of the results in the three new studies are pretty much in line with what physical paleontologists had hypothesized a long time ago: Siberians crossed over the Bering Strait and had a real good time hunting big, dumb beasts all the way down to Tierra del Fuego. Carl Zimmer reports in the NYT:

The genetic data suggest that this group spread swiftly across much of North America and South America about 14,000 years ago. The expansion may have taken only centuries.

“It’s basically an explosion,” Dr. Willerslev said.

The man from Spirit Cave in Nevada belonged to this so-called southern branch of migrants. He also was closely related to a 12,700-year-old boy found on the other side of the Rocky Mountains in Montana, Dr. Willerslev also found.

But the man from Spirit Cave also turned out to have a close genetic link to 10,400-year-old skeletons found in Brazil, on the other side of the Equator.

David Reich of Harvard University and his colleagues found a similar pattern in their own research, published on Thursday in the journal Cell.

They uncovered a link between the ancient Montana boy and another group of ancient South Americans, including a 10,900-year-old skeleton in Chile. Like Dr. Willerslev’s work, the kinship suggests that migrants moved quickly from North America to South America.

“We agree that this must be a rapid radiation,” said Dr. Reich.

But much as the old Big Picture was confirmed, there is also new detail of subsequent migrations and conquests among New Worlders.

Starting about 9,000 years ago, both teams found, additional waves of people moved southward. Dr. Willerslev’s research suggests the new arrivals mixed with older South American populations.

Dr. Reich, on the other hand, sees evidence for two waves of migrants who completely replaced the people who had lived in South America.

Reich, whose father was head of the Holocaust Memorial in D.C., tends to see ancient genocides in his data, events bloodier than other scientists perhaps feel comfortable theorizing.

The new research also revealed instances of remarkable continuity, kinships that spanned thousands of years.

Dr. Willerslev and his colleagues compared the genome of the man from Spirit Cave to those of four sets of remains found nearby in Nevada’s Lovelock Cave, who lived as recently as 600 years ago.

All of these people were closely related, his team found, despite being separated by 10,000 years of history.

A similar bond was found in the Andes. John Lindo of Emory University and his colleagues analyzed DNA from seven people who lived at high elevations between 6,800 and 1,400 years ago.

The researchers estimate that people who lived above 7,500 feet in the mountains were separated from the lowland populations between 9,200 and 8,200 years ago. Today, the mountain people still show a strong genetic link to the ancient remains.

“This is not something that you see in most other regions of the world,” said Dr. Reich.

Perhaps the Altiplano highlanders had evolved some adaptations to thin atmospheres, making them harder to dislodge by lowland newcomers.

In 2015, Dr. Reich and his colleagues found that some living people in the Amazon carry some DNA that’s most similar to that of people who live today in Australia and New Guinea.

This was a very weird discovery — that about 2% of the ancestry of a few Amazonian tribes appeared more closely related to Andaman Islanders in the Indian Ocean than to anybody else closer.

The researchers speculated that their ancestry included an unknown group, which the scientists called Population Y, who separately made their way into the Americas.

This got some attention for awhile, but nobody made much progress on the question of how could anybody get from the Indian Ocean to Brazil.

In their new study, Dr. Reich and his colleagues found no trace of Population Y — but Dr. Willerslev’s team succeeded in identifying their DNA in some of the 10,400-year-old skeletons in Brazil.

So, a little bit more evidence that this is for real.

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You often hear that there is no vote count fraud to speak of in America’s big cities, but the first election I experience up close in Chicago, the Illinois gubernatorial election of 1982, might lead me to think otherwise. The GOP candidate had been well ahead in the surveys, but then on election night the results were surprisingly close. Vote counting went on for days before the Republican finally won.

This recent swatch of history isn’t well known, but a 2016 Salon article by Mary Frances Berry reports that 63 Cook County Democrats were subsequently convicted of vote fraud.

In The Making of the President, 1960, Theodore White reports that he was hanging out with the Kennedy staffers at Hyannisport while the protracted 1960 Illinois vote count was dragging on:

“Even in the most corrupt states of the Union, one cannot steal more than one or two percent of the vote… The AP was pressing its reporters for returns, and the reporters were trying to gouge out of the Republican and Democratic machines their vote-stealing, precinct by precinct totals. … It was downstate (Republican) versus Cook County (Democratic), and the bosses, holding back totals from key precincts, were playing out their concealed cards under pressure of publicity as in a giant game of blackjack.

“… the AP ticker chattered its keys once more and reported: ‘ With all downstate precincts now reported in, and only Cook County precincts unreported, Richard Nixon has surged into the lead by 3,000 votes.’

“I was dismayed, for if Nixon really carried Illinois, the game was all but over. And at this point I was jabbed from dismay by the outburst of jubilation from young Dick Donahue, who yelped, ‘He’s got them! Daley made them go first! He’s still holding back — watch him play his hand now.” I was baffled, they were elated. But they knew the counting game better than I, and as if in response to Donahue’s yelp, the ticker, having stuttered along for several minutes with other results, announced: ‘With the last precincts of Cook County now in, Senator Kennedy has won a lead of 8,000 votes to carry Illinois’s 27 electoral votes.’

Later that evening, Kennedy told his friend Ben Bradlee of an early call from Daley, when all seemed in doubt. “With a little bit of luck and the help of a few close friends,” Daley had assured Kennedy before the AP had pushed out the count, “you’re going to carry Illinois.”

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For awhile, I’ve been pointing out a couple of trends. In one, America seems to be slowly drifting toward what might be called hypocritocracy or Rule by Actresses, in which whatever actresses happen to be complaining about at the moment dominates public life.

For example, the Democrats doing well in Tuesday’s election only seems to have made Democrats crazier. For example, here’s a tweet from actress Ellen Barkin:

Screenshot 2018-11-08 18.20.09

Ellen, you were born in 1954. Your family then white-flighted from the Bronx to Flushing in Queens. I doubt that in the 1960s your parents were warning you about watching out for a gentile white man in the dark. How were you supposed to tell gentile from Jew in the dark? C’mon, admit it, they warned you to watch out for blacks & Latinos in the dark, like, say, the black sex killer who raped and murdered Kitty Genovese in 1964 in Kew Gardens next door to Flushing.

But, I bet, you just retconned your memory from black to white to be PC. Right?

The point about actresses is that whatever they feel is what they believe, at the moment. At the moment, Ellen Barkin feels hatred toward white gentiles, so she probably sincerely believes at this instant that her beloved parents warned her to be wary not of blacks when alone in the dark, but of white gentiles.

The other trend is that movie directors seem to be cautiously drifting in the opposite direction.

But perhaps that’s not too surprising, since who would know best what Rule by Actresses would really be like than movie directors?

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I always go back to a non-political example of why doxxing home addresses is very bad, because who knows what it could lead to. In 1979-1980, John Lennon emerged from his long drug fog and started once again giving coherent, witty interviews. One of his topics was the irony of the composer of “Imagine,” with its line about “imagine no possessions,” possessing several lavish apartments in the famous Dakota building on Central Park in Manhattan.

That John Lennon lived in The Dakota quickly became very well known. But that knowledge didn’t sound like much of a risk since The Dakota exists in part to provide rich people with a high degree of security in their homes.

Fans of Lennon began gathering routinely outside The Dakota to get a glimpse of the ex-Beatle coming and going. This also didn’t seem like a problem since the fans were respectful and Lennon, after years of drug problems in the late 1970s, was in an upbeat mood.

It looked like a happy ending for all concerned.

So … doxxing: don’t do it. Not to anybody. No matter how righteous you feel it would be.

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From Vox:

How to rethink our borders
Why some activists think it’s time for fully open borders.

By Dylan Matthews and Byrd Pinkerton Nov 7, 2018, 9:00am EST

But, honest, we were not thinking about open borders before Nov 7, 2018, 9:00am EST.

A victory for Democrats this midterms, President Donald Trump warned before the election, is a victory for a terrible, dangerous idea: open borders.

Trump is entirely making this up …

The idea that it was time for fully open borders just suddenly came to us at 8:59am EST. After the election. After … Trump was entirely making this up that we were just waiting for the election to be over to get back to our obsession with opening up your country to anybody who wants to come. We waited a full 8 hours after the polls closed in Nevada before getting back on our Open Borders hobby horse, so that proves Trump was lying.

But Fabio Rojas does want open borders, and on the latest episode of the Future Perfect podcast, he tells us why.

Rojas, a sociology professor at Indiana University Bloomington, is part of a small but growing movement of libertarians and leftists who are questioning the need for any restrictions on entering the United States. …

Leon Fresco, an immigration attorney who was the primary drafter of the 2013 “Gang of Eight” immigration bill and served as deputy assistant attorney general for the Office of Immigration Litigation under President Obama, has spent much of the Trump years trying to get a very tiny change to immigration law: a tweak to make it easier for Chinese and Indian immigrants to get green cards (they are currently limited by arbitrary per-country caps).

You can tell it’s a “very tiny change” because China and India are very tiny countries.

After all, what’s the maximum number of people affected? 2.6 billion? 2.7 billion tops.

The idea has massive bipartisan support, with senators from Tom Cotton on the right to Kamala Harris on the left signing on and 329 co-sponsors in the House (more than three-quarters of the House’s members).

But even that has been a struggle! …

Rojas, whose sociological work studies how once-fringe movements (like Black Power or the antiwar movement in the early 2000s) can become mainstream, is more optimistic. “A couple of hundred years ago, if you said that black people and white people were equal in the eyes of God, people would have been horrified. They would have said, ‘No, no, blacks and whites are different.’ But you just slowly make the argument,” he says. “We have to communicate with people and say: America is a great country when it’s a country of open doors.”

Here at Vox, we’re not for Open Borders. We’re just anti anybody who is anti-Open Borders, you hateful haters.

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Of course, this being California, where government officials haven’t heard about computers yet, who knows when the vote tally will be final. I hear there is still a mule train of ballots en route from the Seven Cities of Cibola.

Also, ballots with write-ins cast in extinct languages, such as Pictish, Etruscan, Crimean Gothic, Punic, Hunnic, and Guanche, plus several unidentified scripts, remain to be translated.

Moreover, the state election board is currently bidding on an Ebay auction for a cherry 1971 eight-track player on which they hope to play the cassette submitted by an illiterate Swiss cowherd who yodeled his vote in Romansch.

Update: Actually, I was confusing Young Kim with Lil Wayne:

Young Kim –> Lil’ Kim –> Lil Wayne

Also Young Kim –> Young Thug, Young Jeezy, and Young Greatness, who just came to a completely nonstereotypical demise: shot at a waffle house.

Commenter TheMediumIsTheMassage points out that lately Lil’ Kim has been transitioning into a blonde Asian (or perhaps a Siamese cat), so I wasn’t too far off:

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From The Telegraph:

Dutch man, 69, who ‘identifies as 20 years younger’ launches legal battle to change age

Emile Ratelband claims that he identifies as 49 years old

By Our Foreign Staff
7 NOVEMBER 2018 • 7:59PM

A pensioner has begun a legal battle to be recognised as being 20 years younger than his actual age so he can go back to work and achieve greater success with women on Tinder.

Emile Ratelband, 69, argues that if transgender people are allowed to change sex, he should be allowed to change his date of birth because doctors said he has the body of a 45-year-old.

The entrepreneur and self-help guru is suing his local authority after they refused the amend his age on official documents. …

“When I’m on Tinder and it say I’m 69, I don’t get an answer. When I’m 49, with the face I have, I will be in a luxurious position.” …

“Transgenders can now have their gender changed on their birth certificate, and in the same spirit there should be room for an age change.” …

And he says his move would also be good news for the government as he would be renouncing his pension until he reaches retirement age again.

The judge said that he had some sympathy with Mr Ratelband as people could now change their gender which would once have been unthinkable.

But the court said there would be practical problems in allowing people to change their birth date, as it would mean legally deleting part of their lives.

The judge asked Mr Ratelband about the status of his early years, from 1949 to 1969, if his official birth date was put back.

“For whom did your parents care in those years? Who was that little boy back then?,” the judge asked.

Of course, if Emile was changing his gender to Emily, the judge would get in big trouble for asking that same question: “Who was that little boy back then?”

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In my new Taki’s Magazine review of the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody about Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury, I mentioned:

Queen came back more in fashion with a fine set at the 1985 Live Aid benefit for starving Ethiopians, which provides the climax of the film.

Despite the movie concluding at that orgy of celebrity self-congratulation, the biopic makes almost no effort to depict Freddie as a humanitarian … . Mercifully, Mercury was seldom a social justice scold.

Freddie’s royalism was reflected in his naming the band Queen. That wasn’t just a gay joke, it was also a tribute to the British Empire’s monarchical system under which his Parsi ancestors had prospered so remarkably (e.g., two Parsis represented London constituencies in the British Parliament under Queen Victoria). Here’s Mercury’s design for Queen’s logo, with each member represented by his astrological sign, such as Leo and Cancer, and Freddie by two fairy Virgos:

Freddie’s reticence in interviews is usually attributed to his trying to cover up his gayness (although if that were really a priority for him, he probably shouldn’t have named the band “Queen”). But it’s possible he was also cautious about talking to journalists for fear of saying something politically incorrect.

Freddie and his family had had to flee Zanzibar’s bloody 1964 black-power revolution, so perhaps he had personal reasons for not giving a damn about the racial obsessions of the age. For example, Bob Geldof almost didn’t invite Queen to Live Aid because in 1984 they’d violated the U.N.’s boycott of apartheid South Africa by playing Sun City.

Freddie’s Parsi parents had been born in India outside of Bombay and moved to Zanzibar for his father’s career with the British Colonial Office. Freddie was born in Zanzibar in 1946. He mostly attended a veddy English upscale boarding school back in India, where he was a Little Richard fan and formed his first rock ‘n’ roll band in the late 1950s.

Multiethnic Zanzibar was granted its independence from Britain in 1963, with an Arab sultan as constitutional monarch. But the black party won 54% of the vote, but was angered when that failed to translate into control of the government (sound familiar?). So a black power coup in early 1964 murdered not more than 20,000 Arabs, Indians, and Parsis. Zanzibar was eventually merged into Tanzania.

Commenter Almost Missouri points out this seven minute clip from the Italian 1966 mondo-documentary Africa Addio that is history’s only video from the 1964 massacre by black power revolutionaries of non-blacks, like Freddie, on Freddie’s native Zanzibar:

Roger Ebert practically blew a gasket denouncing Africa Addio in 1967:

“Africa Addio” is a brutal, dishonest, racist film. It slanders a continent and at the same time diminishes the human spirit. And it does so to entertain us.

It claims to be a documentary of what has happened in Africa since colonialism ended. It shows us sadism and tells us we must not fear to see the truth — but the sadism itself has been staged for the cameras. … If “Africa Addio” is to be believed, Africans have engaged in an orgy of bloodletting and pillage since the Europeans left.

In this era when 23 year old interns churn out countless op-eds about how racist everybody must have been before they, personally, were born, it’s amusing to look back 51 years and see how wokely naive a mainstream voice like Ebert was about Africa in 1967.


My impression is that American conventional wisdom was extremely optimistic about newly independent Africa in the 1960s. For example, movies and TV shows set in contemporary Africa were popular in the 1960s, such as Born Free and Daktari, both in 1966.

Then over the course of the 1970s, American opinion turned more skeptical. For example, John Updike’s 1978 African novel The Coup, about an African dictator who was a cross between Gaddafi and Amin in politics but with the prose style of Updike in his memoirs, was a sizable bestseller. Today, the book is almost entirely forgotten, even though it was written by America’s most talented novelist near the peak of his career and is a refreshing break from his usual exurban adultery themes.

21st Century Americans just don’t want to think about Africa.

But Ebert had to admit:

Some of the footage, notably aerial shots of the Arab massacre [i.e., massacre of Arabs, Indians, and Parsis] in Zanzibar, is doubtless truthful.

Freddie no doubt believed it. Seventeen-year-old Freddie and the rest of his Parsi nuclear family, the Bulsaras, fled Zanzibar in early 1964 — whether before or after the massacres, I can’t tell for sure — to avoid black rule and as British citizens found a new home in England. The formerly independent island of Zanzibar was incorporated into rule by the Tanzanian mainland.

Freddie, despite all of his globe-trotting, never returned to visit his native island.

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Jeff Sessions is out of the Attorney General job.

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From my movie review of Bohemian Rhapsody in Taki’s Magazine:

Homo Superior
by Steve Sailer, November 07, 2018

Bohemian Rhapsody is a crowd-pleasing biopic about the life and sadly early death of Queen’s singer Freddie Mercury (1946–1991) that subversively depicts the roots of the AIDS epidemic. Rather than portray Mercury in the now-traditional manner—as a martyr to Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s homophobia—the film instead reflects his straight bandmates’ view of him as a vast talent who was allowed to ruin his health by the debauchery of the Gay Liberation era that never denied him whatever self-indulgence he craved.

Of course, his contemporaries had good reason to treat Mercury as someone special. In the judgment of the Who’s Roger Daltrey, Freddie was the most virtuosic of all rock singers, an extraordinary vocal acrobat. (Personally, I didn’t particularly enjoy his tone, but his skill at vocal ornamentation was unworldly.)

As a live performer, I’d rank him in the top dozen rock-star frontmen I saw in the 1970s and 1980s, but perhaps not quite in the top rank (say, Strummer, Springsteen, Byrne, Bono, Petty, Prince, Jagger, Hynde, and Davies).

Read the whole thing there.

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Good point, Bill. If only somebody with your foresight had been in positions of power and influence within the GOP since the 1980s.

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In the Eastern Time Zone, the Democrats’ Blue Wave is looking pretty small so far.

If this trend holds up, who and what do you think the Democrats and their media enablers will blame?

- Putin

- White men

- Not enough black murderers being allowed to vote

- The Voting Rights Act of 1982 that mandates gerrymandering of black and Latino districts to enable more black and Latino Democrats to be elected (Ha ha, just kidding, mentioning that would be racist)

- Legacy of slavery

- FDR’s redlining

- The Constitution

- Mercer, Adelson, and Miller

- GOP control of the media

- Not enough Inkoo Kang opeds about how hateful whites are

- Patriarchy

- The Constitution

- Americans

- The undocumented worker voters that they hired in front of Home Depot actually are Trump fans.

- Too much noticing

- The Caravan didn’t arrive on time

- The Democrats had proof of Trump colluding with Putin and that Christine Blasey Ford was telling the truth, but didn’t unveil it on time because they fell for NPC memes on Twitter about how the election was on Wednesday

- The unintersectional

- Beckys

- You

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Open thread.

Also, aren’t the Democratic strategists cutting it a little close with their timing of revealing their proof of Trump’s Russian collusion just before the Midterms?

And what was today’s Christine Blasey Ford Corroborating Evidence blockbuster? I missed it, but the Dems did deliver it, right?

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From Politico:

If the House comes down to California, get ready to wait

California’s voting rules could mean key races don’t get decided for days — or weeks.

By KEVIN YAMAMURA 11/05/2018 05:09 AM EST

… The California slow-vote-count scenario means that if the balance in the House is close, the entire country may have to wait to know whether Democrats take back the chamber. … Two years ago, [Darrell] Issa’s narrow win wasn’t declared until the Monday after Thanksgiving, nearly three weeks after Election Day.

As I explained last June, California, the home of Silicon Valley, counts votes slower than Third World countries like Paraguay.

Of course, countries like Paraguay don’t have mail ballots coming in by slow boat and migrant caravan from Honduras, Guatelombia, the Galapagos Islands, the Kerguelen Islands, Transnistria, Abbottabad, Abkhazia, Azkaban, Raqqa, Narnia, and The Republic of Pirates.

Nor do these Third World countries have to provide, by legislation or court order, ballots in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Armenian, Navajo, Persian, Arabic, Syriac, Panjabi, Punjabi, Hmong, Mixtec, Esperanto, Hittite, Proto-Indo-European, Klingon, Linear B, Linear A, !San Clickspeak, Shavian Alphabet, Incan Knot Lingo, Runic, Voynich Manuscript, Semaphore, Canary Islands Whistle Speech, The Analytical Language of John Wilkins, American Sign Language, Thieves’ Argot, Pig Latin, Smoke Signals, Ouija Board, Enigma Encryption, Turing Machine, General Semantics, System Basic, Cityspeak, Telepathy, Dolphin, Assembler, COBOL, Coco Sign Language, HTML, PDF, Graffiti, Gang Signs, Tattoos, SMS, Bitcoin, and Emoji, plus certain languages spoken only by individual pairs of identical twins.

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Screenshot 2018-11-05 18.38.26

Oddly enough, this vicious 2008 rock-throwing Republican assault on a movie star (Kumar from the Harold & Kumar movies) doesn’t appear to have gotten any media attention whatsoever before Penn’s tweet today.

Here’s a 2008 local newspaper account of Kal Penn’s late August visit to the U. of Florida that leaves out all mention of any stoning of the celebrity, probably due to some sort of Republican conspiracy that controls the media. (I can’t find any news coverage saying he came back in November 2008.)

I’m not a geologist, but does Florida even have a lot of rocks conveniently at hand for throwing at saintly Obama celebrity supporters? Isn’t Florida mostly made out of mud and sand?

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There has been a vicious outbreak of white supremacist Trump backers vandalizing Brooklyn synagogues over the last few days. Fortunately, they’ve all been caught on security camera footage. First there was the alt-right Brandeis Black Studies major, then the white nationalist who culturally appropriated dreadlocks, and now The Jets from West Side Story:

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From The Economist:

Basic instincts

Identity politics are stronger on the right than the left
The Republican Party is increasingly unified around whiteness

Print edition | United States, Nov 1st 2018

In the popular imagination, identity politics is the stuff of queer-studies seminars and Hillary Clinton rallies. The excesses of intolerant university students raging against misogyny, racism and homophobia have been rigorously catalogued. Rather less attention has been paid to the appetite for a different kind of identity politics—one centred around whiteness and championed by President Donald Trump. This kind of right-leaning identity politics is more potent than the left-leaning version. There is no single cause which unifies the Democratic Party like the sense among some white voters that their status as top dogs is threatened, which binds the Trumpian Republican Party together.

It’s almost as if the Democrats could use a single cause which unifies their Coalition of the Margins … like their sense that whites deserve to be threatened.

For evidence of this, look no further than the president’s closing arguments a week before the mid-term elections on November 6th. Worried about the damage that a Democratic wave in the mid-terms could wreak, Mr Trump has fed his base an artery-clogging diet of red meat.

Isn’t this cliche out of date scientifically?

Recently leaked news that his administration is planning to rip up Obama-era rules on the treatment of transgender people was a poke in the eye for political correctness. The president has also seized on the useful image of a caravan of Central American migrants heading to the southern border.

Mr Trump and his allies have claimed that the caravan is an “invasion” harbouring, among other things, criminals, “Middle Easterners” (apparently meaning terrorists) and “diseases” such as leprosy. (At least the last of these can be deterred by a course of antibiotics.)

So what are you white Republicans worrying about? If, say, your child is in increased danger of catching leprosy at school, don’t you know that leprosy can be deterred by a course of antibiotics?

Checkmate, white people!

In summary, white people started it all by racistly noticing the fate that we at The Economist had long been working on for them.

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