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Aren't We All?
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From the New York Times:

Most workers who earn the minimum wage are older than they used to be …

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4 Comments to "Aren't We All?"
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  1. OT but the las Vegas cop killers were Bundy supporters according to yahoo

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  2. Let me guess, this was in the NYT next to an article extolling the virtues of comprehensive immigration reform.

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  3. I’ll wade into commenter luke’s OT pool: As far back as I can recall, vermin news media have referred to fascists/nazis as “right-wing” despite “Socialist” being part of the Nazi party’s name. But now that the cop killer couple identified themselves as anti-fascist, the media (ABC’s “Nightline”) drags an exec from his sewer/cash till at SPLC to denounce them as right-wing.

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  4. @gage parke

    Yes, the word socialist is in the name of the party. But once the Nazis came to power Hitler didn’t have much interest in actually adopting socialist policies. The real socialists within the party like Röhm and Strasser ended up being purged.

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