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Another Job Americans Just Won't Do Anymore: Serial Killer
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Serial killers have been around in small numbers for a long time, but they appeared to explode in numbers over the course of The Sixties. The good news is that they seem to be down somewhat in this century.

Interestingly, serial killing appears to have been closely correlated with the general homicide rate, while mass shootings took longer to get going and don’t appear to have fallen along with the general homicide rate. Perhaps serial murder is just another form of murder, while mass shooting murder correlates more with the suicide rate? It’s a particularly evil form of suicide.

But, just because serial killer is another one of those jobs Americans won’t do as much anymore doesn’t mean America has to do without fresh serial murderers. From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

Dallas man accused of killing 12 elderly women maintains he’s innocent, attorney says

A Dallas man who authorities believe killed 12 elderly women in the Dallas/Fort Worth area says he’s innocent and was surprised by his recent indictments on capital murder charges, his attorney said Thursday.

Billy Chemirmir, first accused of killing an 81-year-old woman in Dallas last year, was indicted on six additional capital murder charges in Dallas County this week. Officials with the district attorney’s office confirmed Thursday that he’s also been indicted in five capital murder cases in Collin County.

Police say Chemirmir posed as a caregiver or maintenance worker at senior living facilities in the Metroplex while killing and robbing women. …

Chemirmir has lived in the Dallas area for more than a decade, but court records note that he is a citizen of Kenya. Immigration authorities have placed a jail hold on him. …

Before his arrest in March 2018, Chemirmir had a criminal history in North Texas, according to Dallas and Addison police reports and Dallas County criminal court records.

He was sentenced to 180 days in jail and fined $1,250 in June 2011 for driving while intoxicated in Addison, court records showed. He had been arrested in December 2010 in Addison on the DWI case. Just months later, he was arrested again on a DWI charge in Dallas and later sentenced to 70 days on that charge, according to court records.

Chemirmir was in trouble again in 2012. Dallas police responded to a disturbance call shortly before 3 a.m. on July 29, 2012, in the 5700 block of Spring Valley Road.

Chemirmir’s girlfriend told Dallas police he had come home drunk from a strip club and the two argued. She later went to bed and tried to go to sleep, but Chemirmir came into the room and began punching her, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Thursday.

He then grabbed a small pot and hit her in the back of the head with it, Dallas police said in the warrant. He also kicked her in the back.

Chemirmir stopped the assault, but he started cutting a couch with a knife, according to the warrant. His girlfriend called 911 and he was later arrested.

Chemirmir posted bail, and waited for years for his trial on the assault.

Before that occurred, Chemirmir was taken into custody in June 2016 and charged with criminal trespass. He had entered and remained in the Edgemere Retirement Community in Dallas without permission, according to Dallas police reports. He also was charged with failing to identify himself.

One of the women who was killed, Phyllis Payne, lived at Edgemere, according to an obituary and a lawsuit filed by her family that was settled .

As law enforcement and local medical examiners dig through about 750 elderly deaths in an attempt to find more possible victims, Yaksic thinks there are more.

“The scope of Chemirmir’s crimes is probably vast since he became adept at breaking into residences undetected or appearing to belong there to perform maintenance knowing that he would be overlooked,” Yaksic said.

Remember my idea for the National Immigration Safety Board that would study the causes of high profile immigration disasters? Shouldn’t somebody look into what is wrong with our immigration system that this immigrant was allowed to run amok all those years?

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  1. Jake says:

    An article of Liberal faith has been that serial killing is a white man thing. The Negro, being Numinous, is not a serial killer. If it seems he is, then either white racists have framed him or else white racism forced him to strike out in some way to show his great pain, caused by whites. Which means whites are the actual cause of all black killing.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
    , @Shay
  2. But the women he killed were probably just old Becky’s who had it coming because they voted for Trump, so that makes it ok, right?

  3. Chris Santuae, Edgemere’s executive director, said in a written statement Thursday, “We abhor the breadth of allegations against Mr. Chemirmir…”

    Is that what he really meant to say? I wonder if someone will tell our president about this latest advertisement for open borders? Kenyan, you say? Could he have been one of Barack’s missing sons? He sure has that characteristic look of entitlement. Almost like …Charles Blow.

  4. wren says:

    Every official that knew he was in the country illegally, but did nothing about it, has blood on his hands, and very possibly a whole lot of blood.

    750 suspicious deaths is a statistic and maybe not a tragedy, but very, very


  5. Shouldn’t somebody look into what is wrong with our immigration system that this immigrant was allowed to run amok all those years?

    What’s to look into? This one sentence features three reasons to have him deported, crime or no crime:

    Chemirmir’s [live-in] girlfriend told Dallas police he had come [i.e., drove] home drunk from a strip club

    This wouldn’t have been tolerated in the dead-ball immigration era of our childhood. But now we’re in the steroid era.

    Trump would talk like Kennesaw Mountain Landis, but too often swings between Ford Frick and Bud Selig.

  6. Chemirmir’s girlfriend told Dallas police he had come home drunk from a strip club and the two argued.

    Eat your heart out, incels.

    • Replies: @Anon
  7. istevefan says:

    Chemirmir has lived in the Dallas area for more than a decade, but court records note that he is a citizen of Kenya. Immigration authorities have placed a jail hold on him.

    The article did not mention whether or not he was legal or illegal. Of course it makes little difference because he should not have been here in the first place.

    Now in case we get someone commenting that White Americans have been serial killers too, and thus we have no right to complain about this guy just because he is an immigrant, read this:

    • Replies: @Redneck farmer
  8. “Shouldn’t somebody look into what is wrong with our immigration system that this immigrant was allowed to run amok all those years?”

    That’s not who we are.

    • LOL: Digital Samizdat
  9. Tusk says:

    The kinda bizarre but also wholly real aspect of the title cracked me up.

  10. @istevefan

    Oddly, the walls of psychiatric hospitals seemed to work in the past.

  11. eah says:

    “A Dallas man” — seems to be in competition with, albeit somewhat worse than, the typical “Florida man” — but in Dallas they do seem to be casting the net a bit wider, since this “Dallas man” is actually a ‘Kenyan man’.

  12. BB753 says:

    Many famous serial killers were in fact contract killers or procurers of victims, working for other people.

  13. Anonymous[327] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘ he came home drunk from a strip club’.

    One of the on the face of it absurdities of male sexuality is that healthy heterosexual males would, generally, have no internal reservations against tending to young, nubile female ass, in contrast to elderly post menopausal ass.

  14. Kylie says:

    This guy seems to have disappeared down the memory hole.

    From Wikipedia: “Angel Maturino Reséndiz, aka The Railroad Killer/The Railway Killer/The Railcar Killer, was an itinerant serial killer suspected in as many as 23 murders across the United States and Mexico during the 1990s. Some also involved sexual assault…He was born in Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla, Mexico. Reséndiz was in the United States illegally.”

  15. This is one seriously ugly,evil-looking son of a bitch!
    Recall Richard Pryor’s famous “Thank God we got penitentiaries” routine. The really bad guys,he said,to much laughter,should be “shot on sight!” Amen!
    An ugly looking dirty thing.

  16. Justus says:

    The question remains why we take the lowest common denominator of immigrants from shithole countries? The likelihood of savage acts exponentially increases when we siphon from the bottom of the barrel:

  17. Gee, it only took four paragraphs to get to the truth about this “Dallas man.” NY Times usually needs thirteen to get there.

  18. In the UK, one of the “Windrush Generation”, Delroy Grant, specialised in rape and assault of elderly white people in their homes. He’d stake out his victims carefully before hand, and searched the electoral registers to find new targets who lived alone.

    “Detectives believe the 53-year-old’s tally of victims could even be as high as 1,000. Many of the elderly men and women on whom he preyed have either died or are too traumatised, ashamed or confused to come forward.”

    1992: Grant carries out first of more than 500 rapes, sexual assaults and burglaries against the elderly.

    May 1999: After huge manhunt, his BMW is linked to a burglary in Bromley but police go to address of another Delroy Grant who is clearly innocent.

    2001: After Crimewatch features e-fit of the Night Stalker, he is named by a caller as Delroy Grant but inquires fail to trace him

    2003: Elderly woman indecently assaulted by Grant recognise him as a mini-cab driver working at a firm in Crystal Palace. Police fail to follow up on the information.

    2009: After countless further burglaries and sex attacks, Grant is captured in Croydon.

  19. Moses says:

    “Dallas man” – lol

  20. Art Deco says:

    Outside of slum zones and points adjacent, 90% of all homicides are readily cleared by law enforcement because the perpetrator resides with the victim, or is a proximate relative of the victim, or is someone in the social circle of the victim. Murder by strangers or bare acquaintances is quite unusual. Where I’m from, a dozen unexplained homicides (outside slums &c) is what you’d expect when the population of your catchment multiplied by the number of years you’re assessing has a product exceeding 5,000,000. A dozen unexplained homicides is what the non-slum zones in the four counties around Dallas should experience in a year. That you had a dozen such homicides in retirement communities (which presumably have security cameras all over the place) doesn’t speak well of the detective skills of local police.

    • Agree: ic1000
    • Replies: @ic1000
    , @Olorin
  21. @eah


    The copy of Mr. Chemirmir’s birth certificate was disclosed by the State of Hawaii a long time ago.

  22. There are many in Texas who remember the grisly crimes of the serial killer Angel Maturino Resendiz (The Railway Killer), who was in this country illegally.

  23. ic1000 says:
    @Art Deco

    > That you had a dozen such homicides in retirement communities… doesn’t speak well of the detective skills of local police.

    The first requirement for pattern recognition is: Look. Per Dalrymple, Murray-at-Middlebury, etc., this is a pasttime in decline in Current Year America.

    • Agree: lavoisier
  24. Anon[320] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Lol beta male Heartiste readers are always preoccupied with “having a girlfriend.” Imagine being THIS preoccupied with something that normally 15 year olds are concerned about.

    This is why Heartiste could never transition from boy to man. He could never get beyond basing his self worth on the kind of snatch he does or doesn’t get. In the real world, married men and people who have access to women (ie normal people) are not preoccupied with “having a girlfriend.”

  25. Anon[406] • Disclaimer says:

    Christ, look at the snoot on that guy.

  26. res says:

    He was in the country illegally.

    I wonder who he voted for?

    Speaking of that. How hard would it be for ICE to check the voting rolls for any illegal immigrants they encounter? Might help give an idea of how many illegal immigrants are voting.

  27. People used to say lower birth rates were the reason for the reduction in overall murders, but that just applied to Gen X, a much smaller generation than the bigly Boomer Generation, the biglier Millennial Generation and the bigliest Z Generation.

    Five decades of Great Society-style and Neoliberal-working-families-style welfare, plus refundable child tax credit checks up to $6,431, worked to increase the American population mightily, especially among citizens in single-breadwinner households and noncitizens.

    Murder rates have been down overall due to mass incarceration. The USA has had 5% of the global population and 25% of its prisoners in recent decades. Hopefully, this won’t be true, but as the mass incarceration rate lowers, the “occupation” of serial killer may rise again, especially since millions of released prisoners will be underemployed, like so many other Americans.

    Interestingly, the Trump Administration is calling on employers to hire the newly released prisoners. They are doing that without reducing the number of new, legal immigrants let into the USA each year or the number of welfare-eligible illegal immigrants able to work cheaply, undercutting US citizens, with the promised wall.

    They are doing that even though 95 million US citizens of working age are out of the labor force, and most of them have never been imprisoned. They are doing that even though about 7 million new UC cases are processed every month for citizens counted as employed only because of recent UC applications. They are doing that even though half of all “employed” Americans work only part time.

    Americans and foreign nationals have been paid by US taxpayers via multiple welfare programs to have a heap of kids in recent decades, as long as they stayed under the earned-income limits for welfare by working part time for low wages, and most of these kids were raised by low-wage daycare workers.

    If the 300% increase in mass shootings between 2011 — 2014 is any indication, the result of the mass release could be catastrophic, increasing the violence rate even more than what mere kids shooting up schools have done, albeit it is incredible that a country based on liberty could have so many prisoners.

    This process will likely be exacerbated by the family-friendly, absenteeism-friendly employees in many goverment agencies whose job it is to track many of these issues. If a government worker had properly performed a background check, for instance, Dylan Roof, the mass shooter, would not have purchased a gun.

    It is very important, though, for most office jobs to be absolutely dominated by moms with spousal income, moms with rent-covering child support checks or single moms with access to multiple monthly welfare programs that cover their major household bills and refundable child tax credits that top out at $6,431.

    It is equally important that these moms are above firing, even when taking off many whole mornings, many whole afternoons, many whole days and many whole weeks, in addition to PTO & pregnancy leave. This is how quality work that keeps the American public safe gets done, including tracking “immigrants” with multiple arrests for violent crimes.

  28. @Anon

    Thanks for explaining my joke.

    You’re right, though, about Heartiste. His thing with scripting conversations with women, ‘She’ll say this, and then I’ll be all, and then she’ll go, and then I’ll be like sick burn, and then we’ll bone.’ I showed my wife a couple of his things so sometimes we joke about whether she’s shit-testing me when she asks me to do something around the house or something.

  29. syonredux says:

    Serial killers have been around in small numbers for a long time, but they appeared to explode in numbers over the course of The Sixties. The good news is that they seem to be down somewhat in this century.

    Yeah, there might be a zeitgeist factor where serial killing is concerned (social upheaval= crazy killers ). For example, Germany seems to have experienced an explosion in serial killing between 1914 and the early ’30s:

    Friedrich Heinrich Karl “Fritz” Haarmann (25 October 1879 – 15 April 1925) was a German serial killer, known as the Butcher of Hanover, the Vampire of Hanover and the Wolf-Man, who committed the sexual assault, murder, mutilation and dismemberment of a minimum of 24 boys and young men between 1918 and 1924 in Hanover, Germany.

    Peter Kürten ([ˈpeːtɐ ˈkyːʁtən]; 26 May 1883 – 2 July 1931) was a German serial killer known as both The Vampire of Düsseldorf and the Düsseldorf Monster, who committed a series of murders and sexual assaults between February and November 1929 in the city of Düsseldorf. In the years before these assaults and murders, Kürten had amassed a lengthy criminal record for offenses including arson and attempted murder. He also confessed to the 1913 murders of a nine-year-old girl in Mülheim am Rhein and a 17-year-old girl in Loscheckes.[4]

    Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Großmann (13 December 1863 – 5 July 1922) was a German serial killer who cannibalized his victims. He committed suicide while awaiting execution without giving a full confession, leaving the extent of his crimes and motives largely unknown.

    Johann Mayer (born April 2, 1886 in Uersfeld – December 29, 1923 in Cologne), nicknamed “Stumpfarm”, was a German serial killer, who was sentenced to death for fourfold murder and one manslaughter.

    Friedrich Schumann (1 February 1893 – 27 August 1921) was a German serial killer. He is also known as “Massenmörder vom Falkenhagener See” (“Terror of Falkenhagen Lake”). Schumann murdered seven people and raped 11 women. He was 28 years old when he was executed in 1921.

    Adolf Gustav Seefeldt, last name also spelled Seefeld (born March 6, 1870 in Potsdam – guillotined in Schwerin on May 23, 1936) was a German serial killer.

    Karl Denke (August 12, 1860 – February 22, 1924) was a Prussian serial killer and cannibal who killed and cannibalized dozens of homeless vagrants and travelers from 1903-1924. He is often regarded as “The Forgotten Cannibal”, or “The Cannibal of Ziębice”.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  30. C’mon, cut Ch’murmur a break. Not every Kenyan is equipped with the charm, luck and influential (((friends))) needed to achieve a position from which to commit large scale murder legally.

  31. it seems like there are a lot of medical killers, and that’s a good field to be in, giving you hundreds of good targets.

    could be the final frontier of the serial killer. we’ve had several in the US and UK over the years.

  32. @syonredux

    The Germans do seem to be a bit over the top in their perversions – wasn’t some guy there killed not so long ago by a chap who he’d invited to castrate him and eat him?

    And now we have the medieval BDSM lesbian sex cult who left five dead bodies a week or two back. When it comes to deviance a l’outrance you have to give the palm to Germans.

    “The other woman in Caspari’s apartment was a 19-year-old identified in the press only as Carina U. Bild interviewed her parents, who said that she was a medieval folklore enthusiast who had recently met Weiss at his store, which was evidently a place where such devotees gathered.

    “She was raving about Torsten, Torsten, Torsten,” her father told Bild. “I don’t understand how someone manages in four to six weeks to manipulate someone like that.”

    Gaisbauer said that friends of the four female victims interviewed by police say the women had all been under Weiss’s hypnotic control. They reportedly engaged in extreme sexual acts, often involving BDSM, under his direction.”

  33. Olorin says:

    Precisely this.

    That whole MGTOW thing was arrested development on steroids. I’ve been glad to see it losing traction in the past year or two. Weird genre.

  34. Olorin says:
    @Art Deco

    That you had a dozen such homicides in retirement communities (which presumably have security cameras all over the place) doesn’t speak well of the detective skills of local police.

    Never misunderestimate the prevalence of geronticidal impulses in society.

  35. J.Ross says: • Website

    Lol beta male Heartiste readers are always preoccupied with “having a girlfriend.”

    Completely unacceptable lying. It’s an early and widely attested game commandment to not “have a girlfriend.” The blog is censored, the archives are not accessible, so you’re free to lie. Heartiste’s response to “what then should we do (with our genitalia)” wasn’t the correct one but neither was it what you are asserting it to be. What’s holding you back from claiming he was gay? He’s not going to stop you.

  36. Wilkey says:

    Probably one reason for a decline in the number of serial killers is that surveillance has gotten infinitely better since the 70s, when serial killers ran rampant, and jurisdictions are probably a lot better at sharing data, as well.

    Successfully becoming a serial killer is an exponential function. To commit, say, five separate murders, you have to get away with the first four for at least a little while. If the odds of not getting caught for any particular murder forty years ago were 50%, then the odds of committing five separate murders were (1/2)^4, or 6.25%. If the odds of not getting caught today are 1/10 then the odds of committing five separate murders are (1/10)^4, or 0.01%.

    I’m not saying my hypothetical odds are close to accurate, but if they are even close it could be a hundred times harder to become a “successful” serial killer today than it was 40-50 years ago. Even a smart murderer like Ted Bundy would have found it incredibly difficult to get away with what he did for as long as he did. He would have had to change his M.O. completely.

    We could easily have more would-be serial killers running around today than we did 40+ years ago. It’s just that they never get the chance to prove themselves.

  37. Shay says:

    It’s a known fact that a high majority of serial killers are white but that does not mean black/brown/red/yellow can’t be serial killers. It simply means that a serial killer is highly likely to be white than any other race.

    • Replies: @Wilkey
  38. @Wilkey

    Go watch the new documentary about Ted Bundy. He lived in a totally different, far less connected world than the present. They touch on this at points in the documentary.

    One example that stuck out to me was his escape from prison in Colorado and subsequent voyage to Florida. There is simply no way to do that in this day and age.

    • Replies: @Wilkey
  39. Wilkey says:

    It’s a known fact that a high majority of serial killers are white but that does not mean black/brown/red/yellow can’t be serial killers. It simply means that a serial killer is highly likely to be white than any other race.

    If you look at actual data, minorities and women comprise a much larger share of serial killers than stereotypes would suggest. In fact blacks are a larger share of serial-killers than they are of the general population. They just aren’t as great a share of serial killers as they are of killers overall.

    The most famous serial killers tend to be famous because they get away with a lot more killing, which requires somewhat higher intelligence, and because they kill in particularly gruesome ways. And, yes, because white serial killers garner more public attention than black serial killers – at least among whites.

    Oh, and I’m guessing that if you Google “American serial killers” or “American murderer” the list that Google produces, unlike that for “American inventors,” will not be mostly comprised of blacks.

  40. @Wilkey

    Bill James pointed out that cops were taught to always reject the idea that somebody was killed by a stranger until the end of the 1970s.

    • Replies: @Wilkey
  41. Wilkey says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Yep. And then there’s DNA evidence, and cell phone records, and God only knows what else. The use of ancestry sites in combination with DNA evidence takes the game to a whole new level.

    If you haven’t seen Mindhunter on Netflix I highly recommend it. There’s one season out and I think a second season coming out in August.

  42. Wilkey says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    That Virginia cab driver who killed the UVa student from England a few years ago kind of struck me as the Ted Bundy type. IIRC, he was convicted of killing another woman, as well, and was suspected in a long series of rapes and disappearences but never convicted of them. He was first identified through surveillance footage, iirc.

    Forty years ago he might have gotten away with dozens of murders, but in this century his “job” was a lot more difficult, and his bodycount, even if it’s the high estimate, is far lower than Bundy’s. Cab driver seems like it would have been a good job – 40 years ago – as perfect cover for a serial killer.

    Even if there are only half as many serial killers today as there were 40 years ago, it may very well be that the number of would-be serial killers is actually higher (or far higher) than it was back then. It’s just that the odds aren’t doing them any favors.

  43. @eah

    court records note that he is a citizen of Kenya

    Court records pfft. The MSM say “Dallas Man” so that’s what we’re going with.

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