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Americans First vs. the Next Americans
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Trump believes in Americans, and sees the purpose of the federal government as being to “promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

Obama believes in foreigners who haven’t gone through the formality of being Americans yet.

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  1. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Miss West Virginia is apparently on Obama’s side.

    • Replies: @Zach
  2. In the case of the Baracks Obama, Sr and Jr, they went from pre-American to post-American without passing through American.

    • Replies: @Lagertha
    , @Mr. Rational
  3. TheBoom says:

    As cynical as I am, I still am consistently amazed and saddened by how the vast majority of educated citizens I meet agree with Obama and are more concerned with the welfare of would be Americans than the real thing. Emma’s poem supersedes the constitution. It is closer to being a modem day Zeroeth commandment that takes the place of those old fashioned 10 that are probably cisgendered, racist and misogynist bigotry anyway.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  4. Zach says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Miss West Virginia and the rest won’t be wearing bathing suits, so no one will ever hear her answer. Trump’s contribution to the world of beauty pageants is missed.

  5. Miss West Virginia and the rest won’t be wearing bathing suits…

    Really? What time and channel is this on?

  6. pyrrhus says:

    I think that Ezra Klein should be deported so he can experience the joy of being a not-yet American…

  7. @TheBoom

    …are more concerned with the welfare of would be Americans than the real thing

    You give them too much credit. They’re concerned with the welfare of themselves.

    Note that the cost is never borne by themselves.

    • Agree: San Fernando Curt
    • Replies: @TheBoom
  8. Ibound1 says:

    That’s exactly right

    I believe in what America once was and should be again.

    Klein and Obama believe in what America could be – a third world hell hole governed by an heredity nobility dispensing favors to freaks

    Exactly correct

  9. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Okay, Jewish elite rule should be ‘was’. We need a new elite made up of non-whites, especially Muslims.

    Of course, Klein and his ilk push for more Diversity to ensure the continuance of EXISTING elite rule. He acts like he’s for the New to push out the Old, but he wants to replace much of White America with Brown America to ensure the continuance of OLD JEWISH POWER via divide-and-rule of Diversity.

    Klein is for replacing the Old Masses with New Masses in order to ensure the domination of Old Power(which is Jewish and should count as Old Power because Jewish Immigration experience happened over 100 yrs ago).

    If White America is doomed due to immigration pushed by Klein and Co., white people should go the Jeremy Corbyn route. Ally with Color against the Ruling Elite.

    No more “I stand with Israel”. Time for “I stand with West Bank and Gaza”.

  10. The media’s treatment of the optimistic, aspirational MAGA slogan and the general optimism of Trump’s campaign as “dark, dystopic” or “backward-looking” was a clear whiff, and they keep making the same mistake.

    O/T Norm Macdonald has an upcoming Netflix celebrity interview series. It appears any navel-gazing or ideogogy is (predictably and wonderfully) absent.

  11. Anonym says:

    The difference between Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas is that Netanyahu believes in Israel as it once was, and Abbas believes in what Israel can be.

  12. songbird says:

    Ezra also believes that they are the Omega Americas.

  13. The best American is the least American.

  14. newrouter says:

    “Obama believes in foreigners who haven’t gone through the formality of being Americans yet.”

    Part of a malignant tumor works for me.

  15. nebulafox says:

    Ezra Klein has an extremely punchable face.

    He’s also probably the epitome of the intellectual issues facing younger Americans, above all the lack of ability to critically think beyond platitudes. I say this as a younger American with a full appreciation of how much the Boomers screwed up the country and screwed us. If you wish to view them for what they are, that Ezra Klein is the walking symbol of Beltway Millennial affluent white liberalism speaks to it.

    Probably also a symbol of Jewish-American intellectual decline, too. Its kind of sad when you think of how steep of a fall it has been, from Los Alamos to Vox. America has made them softer and lazier, like most whites in general. (Just the truth. Doesn’t mean I buy the plutocratic BS on mass immigration.) Asians have taken over there-they put in the work and have the drive that Jews used to have. Hey, nothing lasts forever.

  16. Even those with unprecedented, outlandish, thoroughly undeserved privilege as American Jews now enjoy cannot genuinely believe that we can throw away our past and the population primarily responsible for it – and remain America.

  17. I’ve said for quite some time that we could survive corrupt and incompetent elites, but our real problem seems to be the way that our midwits are so easily manipulated by really bad ideas and affects that confer status. Chesterton wrote in illuminating paradoxes, but our midwits are obsessed with paradoxes for their own sake, believing that knowledge, experience or skill within the ken of an average man is the mark of being unexceptional or common. For the midwit, ideas are fashions that distinguish him from the lower classes. Absurd new ideas no matter how ridiculous must be adopted by the midwit and integrated into his identity for him to maintain his position relative to the lower classes and hold his status anxiety at bay. This is why the words “female penis” can be written one after the other or said with a straight face. Once the midwit adopts the new fashion, there can be no debating it as an idea, because the debate threatens the midwit’s very identity and precarious class position.

    • Replies: @Discard
  18. I think America can be better than Ezra.

  19. TheBoom says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Not that simple. They do, for the most part, prefer the grifters over bad whites and truly think anyone is evil who opposes mass immigration because the foundation of the US being Emma’s poem. Educated whites tend to think diversity will be better. They just won’t admit they want that diversity (of the full vibrant type) for the bad whites, not themselves. The main benefits, besides cheap labor, that the vibrants provide good whites is by the satisfaction that their side will win and the virtue signalling that they get to do by opposing Trump and bad whites.

  20. TheBoom says:

    Very good. Will use that without attributing it to you.

  21. @Reg Cæsar


    (Note the chagrin on the runner-up on the right . . .)

  22. Trump got elected, because for 50 years the elites have insisted on “improving” America, without ever actually making it better for native born Americans.

    America 2018 pales in comparison to the “America that once was”.

    Dumber, fatter, poorer, less free, more corrupt, and hopelessly divided is not progress.

    Given the amount of decay, and the level of hostility of the ruling class towards the natives- Trump is actually pretty weak medicine. We really need trials.

    • Agree: densa
    • Replies: @Marielle
  23. @nebulafox

    Ezra Klein has an extremely punchable face.

    The whole coterie possess extraordinarily punchable faces. Klein has one, but there are many among them even more tempting. The faces of Alex Pareene and Dylan Matthews come immediately to mind, as if fashioned from some soft fleshy material specifically to accept the human fist.

  24. @Reg Cæsar

    LOL! – one of your best retorts, Reg.

  25. Anon7 says:

    Now it’s getting interesting. Barack vs. The Donald. Let’s see how far he gets with “It’s not who we are” this time.

    My favorite approach is to say things like “3.9 percent unemployment. Join the Resistance!” And “Black and Hispanic unemployment lowest in history. Join the Resistance!” And “Everyone’s 401K has added trillions in value. Join the Resistance!” Democrats once valued irony.

    The problem is that people who support Mr. Trump cannot hold a conversation with Democrats because the Dems simply won’t stand still for it.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  26. Twinkie says:

    Obama believes in foreigners who haven’t gone through the formality of being Americans yet.

    This is, simply put, mental illness. And the mentally ill are now in charge.

    I think Jennifer Rubin has an op-ed about how Trump is destroying law enforcement in America. You know, because protecting the border and preventing unlawful migration is, apparently, unlawful somehow. Truly we live in the bizarro-world, in which up is down, male is female, and law enforcement is unlawful.

  27. Obama believes in foreigners who haven’t gone through the formality of being Americans yet.

    To riff off Mr. Sailer’s recent post.

    “Look at me. I’m American now.”

    • Replies: @Hunsdon
    , @Anonymous
  28. AnonyBot says:

    They do, for the most part, prefer the grifters over bad whites and truly think anyone is evil who opposes mass immigration because the foundation of the US being Emma’s poem.

    298 years after the first English colony, Roanoke Island, was established in the current US…

    276 years after the first permanent English settlement in the current US…

    107 years after the Declaration of Independence was written…

    100 years after we won our independence from the United Kingdom…

    95 years after the US Constitution was ratified…

    88 years after the Naturalization Act of 1795 (‘naturalization is reserved for free white persons) was passed…

    3 years after the 1880 Census found the US to have a population of over 50 million…

    And 1 year after the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act (passed in the House by a margin of 5.5 to 1, and US law for 61 years)…

    …Emma Lazarus comes along to tell us what the United States is *really* about. Thank God we had her instead of 298 years of law and history to draw from.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  29. eah says:

    …what America can be.


    Now stfu.

  30. Lot says:

    “Abbas believes in what Israel can be.”

    In vain!

    • Replies: @Anonym
    , @AnotherDad
  31. Lagertha says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    The Stanleys were true believers (members) of Communism. And, like the mores of communism, they sacrificed their grandson to “toe the line.” If Barack ever understands how he was actually, used by his white grandparents for their narcissistic views, he may understand and……can’t even…be triggered! :) ! I hope Obama one day, understands how he was used. My family in Europe knows he has been used…it is just sad that he was so duped. So many people in Europe know that he was and continues to be duped and used.

  32. The difference between Barack Obama and Donald Trump is Trump believes in what America once was, and Obama believes in what America can be.

    In other words, Donald Trump believes in America, and Barack Obama doesn’t.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  33. @nebulafox

    Ezra Klein has an extremely punchable face.

    Backpfeifengesicht, as the Krauts say.

  34. @Anonym

    The difference between Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas is that Abbas believes in Israel as it once was, and Netanyahu believes in what Israel can be.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  35. The difference between Barack Obama and Donald Trump is Trump believes in what America once was, and Obama believes in what America can be.

    This is so weak, falls into the category of liberal fogwash. By offering some grand vision of the future, without telling us how many whites are going to be unfairly displaced, or worse (Becky murders), Obama offered nothing. Trump at least offers a return to some sort of meritocracy. That it would be at the expense of less capable people who feel entitled is just a bonus.

  36. Sailer is right, but Obama’s rhetoric about a bright and prosperous future is actually VERY powerful. Hope is a powerful message. Religions are based on hope.

    Obama is actually a slick politician. He’s realized that the current SJW approach of demanding White Devils to submit to the Inevitable Browning of American might be dangerous politically for the Democrats, and is trying to bring back some kind of slippery “proposition nation” to attract moderate white voters.

    It’s nonsense, of course, but it might work. It has worked in the past. Obama won the Rust Belt, Iowa, Ohio and even Indiana and North Carolina in 2008, and among these states he lost only North Carolina and Indiana in 2012. He won over many apolitical or moderate white centrists. Hope is powerful, even if it’s false hope.

    Trump supporters are underestimating the Democrats in the November elections, and I fear that the apathetic attitude of white republicans in mid-term elections combined with low approval ratings for many Republican candidates, and with the weak messages of the GOP, will lead the Dems to win the House by a considerable margin, and maybe even the Senate.

    The GOP is general lacks any sort of identity. Trump’s appeal to the white working class was based on building on the concept of American identity as a nation which preserves itself against globalization, but the Republicans aren’t capitalizing onto that.

    The GOP elite is still controlled by globalists, lobbyists, people who still believe in the idea that Latinos are “naturally conservative”. You might call them “cucks”, but they’re often the ones still calling the shots, so they’re Cucks in Charge. Few Republican candidates are exploiting nativism: Kobach and De Santis spring to mind.

    It’s good that they both managed to win their primaries, but the party isn’t really doing its best to promote them. Kobach will likely win, but with De Santis it’s a toss up, and he’d really benefit of a coordinated GOP strategy to get out the vote.

    The GOP elite is still wishy-washy about the nativist project. Confusion and mixed messages are very bad electorally. According to some polls Ted Cruz is struggling in Texas. Lying Ted has never been incredibly charming or popular, but he should have no trouble carrying Texas, even with the increasing browning of the state. He has no clear message to offer, though, and that’s hurting him.

    It’s becoming increasingly clear that voters ARE going to be divided on issues of identity. The Dems have embraced identity without hesitation, even if they’re trying to be appealing to moderate whites to win. So the GOP should stop trying to be the party which disdains identity and instead openly embrace nativism.

    Very few people care about something as abstract as Randian objectivism or balancing budgets. Preserving your country and your hometown by clamping on illegal immigration is a much more concrete, visible issue. Populist parties are doing very well in Europe. Far too many Americans believe Europeans to be effete socialists, when actually the nativist revolution is going strong in Eastern Europe and extending to Italy and even Germany.

    The mid-term elections are likely going to be a disaster for the Republican Party. Hopefully they’ll be a wake-up call.

  37. Anonymous[356] • Disclaimer says:

    The obvious, logical, rejoined is no one can possibly know what ‘what might be’ is.

    It can be absolutely anything from an Iranian style theocracy to a homosexual Soddom and Gommorah with everything and anything in between.

    The whole notion of ‘conservatism’ in politics was the idea of sticking to what we know, what we like and what we trust.

  38. nebulafox says:

    Pretty much the worst thing that can be done for the Palestinian people, if not their leaders, is exactly what Western leftists do: giving them false hope that if they hold out for long enough, their moral pressure will somehow get the Israeli government to agree to right of return/Jerusalem, etc. Why? Because it is literally all they’ve got.

    Other Arab governments either are now aligned with Israel or are castrated due to the last decade or two of political chaos in the region. Russia, India, and China don’t care what the Israelis do in practice as long as order is maintained, and in the case of the first two, are probably somewhat ideologically sympathetic to Likud. And the Persians are far more concerned with keeping their eye on that young Saudi hothead then nuking the Zionist entity, whatever their propaganda says and whatever Bibi gets gullible Dominionist hacks in the GOP to believe. Bottom line: Israel is in a more dominant, secure position than it has ever been. You don’t have to be a hasbara fanboy or fond of the irritating tendency of the GOP to not treat Israel like the foreign nation (and major stealer of US intelligence secrets) that it is to acknowledge this basic reality.

    Take away that hope, and the Palestinians will have no choice but to face reality, accept that right of return ain’t happening no matter what government is in charge in Israel, and sit down. Then, all the global talking heads can start talking about concessions the Israelis might actually be willing give. Then: peace. The dying stops. Likely, life improves for the greatest aggregate number of people. The end.

    That’s what ideally would happen. That’s also what I know won’t happen, not least because the most radical people on both sides of the conflict are reproducing the most, and the nature of left-wing politics in Europe. Instead, the cycle will just continue until… damn it, Donald, stay away from that God-forsaken region if you want to get reelected.

  39. Trump believes in Americans, and sees the purpose of the federal government as being to “promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

    Come on Steve, you’re smarter than that. Trump sees the Federal Government as a trough where he and his cronies can enrich themselves. He believes the strong rule the weak, and the strong are entitled to take what they can.

  40. @Lot

    I like the 3rd pic with Judah Ben Trump on the right.

    • Replies: @Lot
  41. anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    Sort of gobsmacked here at how many think this post is really about Israel…

    • Replies: @Hunsdon
  42. Trump believes in Americans, and sees the purpose of the federal government as being to “promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

    Steve, this is well put. And you carve up these sleazy dweebs like the intellectual soft butter they are.

    But what we really need is to have TRUMP making this point–strongly, clearly and repeatedly.

    The Democrat/establishment/Jewish/swamp/coalition-of-the-fringes opposition isn’t going to melt away. But if Trump would just get his act together and make these fundamental points about who our elected officials are supposed to represent and whose interest they are supposed to work for, and further hammer home that his opponents not only don’t work in the interests of Americans but do not even see their jobs that way!–heck say the “T-word”, “treason”–this election would be over.

    But Trump can’t win on this basic “for ourselves and our posterity” point, if he doesn’t cut through the b.s. they throw up and make the campaign entirely about this point.

  43. Anonymous[281] • Disclaimer says:

    Not that you care, but that map series isn’t accurate. In the pre 1948 panels it colors all non-Jewish owned land as yellow (actually, the first panel seems to be completely yellow, supposedly “Palestinian” which is not true, since most of the land was unowned or in a sort of Ottoman overlord-ship. The first and second panels should be mostly grey. Then in the third panel it doesn’t show Jerusalem being set aside as the Corpus (it was not made “Palestinian” in the UN Partition plan) but rather colors it yellow. In fact the word “Palestinian” referring to Arabs was not used in the UN partition plan, since it hadn’t been invented yet. And the lies continue with the other panels but I won’t waste keystrokes.

    • Replies: @istevefan
    , @Jus' Sayin'...
  44. @nebulafox

    Probably also a symbol of Jewish-American intellectual decline, too. Its kind of sad when you think of how steep of a fall it has been, from Los Alamos to Vox.

    I’ll grant that there really has been some serious Jewish intellectual decline. And gentile intellectual decline as well.

    But Los Alamos to Vox. Isn’t really a fair comparison. Same time frame as Los Alamos lots of Jews were active members of the Communist Party and traitors like the Rosenbergs. My best Jewish friend from grad school is working at Los Alamos now and his political ideas … tend toward the typical Jewish nonsense.

    As I’ve pointed out several times, most Jewish intellectualism unconstrained by direct physical experiment/reality tends to be garbage.

    Jews–outside marketplace brass tacks–on average seem to tend toward being anti-empirical and prone to “flights of fancy” and utopian dreaming and scheming … and really do shitty ungrounded intellectual work, unless it’s checked by hard “that shit don’t work” constraints like you get in physics.

    Jews doing physics, chemistry, medicine (physical) … lots of good work. Jews doing psychology (or psychiatry), sociology, philosophy, law, politics … a disaster for the West.

    Reality is real–like it or not. If you don’t force yourself to bash your ideas against it … your ideas will be shit.

  45. Oh come on, Sailer! Everybody wants anemic economic growth and increasing dependency on government welfare programs!
    Nordic Aryan social democrats with vibrancy are Who We Must Be.

  46. Hunsdon says:

    “Look at me. I am America now.” (Even scarier that way.)

  47. Hunsdon says:

    In America, everything is about Israel. (Least it seems that way sometimes, doesn’t it?)

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  48. Just Bobby Kennedy’s “Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.” restated.

    The problem is, is that the Ezra Kleins of the world do indeed spend their intellectual coin “dreaming of things that never were” but they don’t seriously tackle the second half of the equation, which is in determining exactly how and why things are not how they “believe” they “can be”.

    Honestly answering “Why not?” and not just treating it rhetorically, entails real intellectual effort at getting to the ground of things and ascertaining why things are as they are.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  49. istevefan says:

    In fact the word “Palestinian” referring to Arabs was not used in the UN partition plan, since it hadn’t been invented yet.

    When were the terms ‘Native American’ and ‘First Nations’ invented?

  50. Chase says:

    Ok, so Trump believes in the Apollo Program, and Obama believes in building bridges that collapse slightly before they cut the ribbon on it. Got it.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  51. @Peter Akuleyev

    Haven’t his companies lost around a quarter of their value since his election?

    Ivanka and Jared are part of White House staff, so there’s that I guess. I think the highest paid position is $160K in an expensive town. Neither are particularly sharp. Or popular.

    The mandarin, billionaire, media, and academic classes all despise him. I don’t see him landing any cushy sinecures after he leaves office to enjoy his $250K/yr pension the remaining 10 years of his life.

    He’s really always just been a sole proprietor/real estate developer. The serious money is in creative stock deals as shareholder/executive of a public company, but he’s too egotistical and rubs too many people the wrong way to be head of a public company. I’m in that camp that thinks his wealth is overstated, maybe by a lot.

    Does he have any big connections in the energy or defense industries? Or even in highway contractors?

    He pretty much burned his bridges in New York real estate at the 2016 Al Smith charity dinner.

    • Replies: @Lot
  52. Issac says:

    Come home to Israel and bring the Kleins with you. We’ll put them to work on kibbutz.

  53. Carly Simon singing that damn Anticipation song is just as annoying as that anti-White mulatto Obama singing the glories of America’s transformation into a Third World shithole.

    Trumpy interfered somewhat in the globalizer’s plans to smash the life out of White Core America by using mass immigration to racially transform the United States.

    Voters in the 2016 GOP presidential primary were waiting for a candidate to halt America’s immigration-induced slide into Third World demographics. Trumpy gave his opening speech to his presidential bid and he attacked illegal immigration and that sent the globalizers into a frenzy of anti-Trump hate. Sad!

    Jebby Bush agreed with Obama that the United States needed to be racially transformed by mass legal immigration and illegal immigration, and the GOP presidential primary voters told Jebby Bush to go to Hell.

    Tweet from 2015:

  54. Anonymous[255] • Disclaimer says:

    Look at me. I’m the American now.

  55. @Zach

    Miss West Virginia and the rest won’t be wearing bathing suits …

    That is a good thing judging by most of the women I saw in WV last weekend.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  56. Obama believes in foreigners who haven’t gone through the formality of being Americans yet.

    No, Obama and our (((overlords))) believe, or profess to believe, that We Are the World and the only qualification for moving to the United States is to be able to trace your ancestry to the planet Earth. Until we have the first birth in a space station.

  57. Marielle says:
    @Sandy Berger's Socks

    I’m ready to skip to the guillotines. Or just toss them alive on the funeral pyres.

    And I mean all of them- from the progressive thought leaders in government/media down to the last lowliest, blue-haired, screeching sack of cat shit. No forgiveness, no redemption, no pity. Follow that with a Manhattan Project level effort to identify the brain malfunction that leads to progressivism, and learn to catch and mitigate it early.

    And I no longer give a blue fuck how that sounds. Call me fascist or what have you, but what we thought we had before didn’t work. Why try to get back into that? It failed. America that was could not defend itself from even the most obvious and ridiculous internal enemies. It was subverted and gutted by people who wake up every morning confused by their own genitals. You could purge them all and it’ll just happen again and again until Giant Meteor wins an election.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  58. Lot says:


    Special forces K9 Oketz Units:

  59. @Hunsdon

    In America, everything is about Israel. (Least it seems that way sometimes, doesn’t it?)

    In America, in the Republican Party, the politicians talk all day long about Israel and they pander to the whims of Israel so they can get the votes of the evangelicals and the loot of the billionaire Jews.

    A nice smart lady — who I think is even nicer now that I might be taller than her since she likes to go on and on about how great tall people are — noticed during a GOP presidential primary debate that all the candidates were falling all over themselves trying to be the most obliging to the demands of Israel.

    This lady got a bit agitated because she thinks what happens in the United States is more important than what happens in Israel. This lady would like to see an immigration moratorium and she would like to see illegal aliens deported. She also wants a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States.

  60. @Anonymous

    “…In fact the word “Palestinian” referring to Arabs was not used in the UN partition plan…”

    Before its colonization by Ashkenaz, i.e. European, Jews, almost all the inhabitants of what now calls itself Israel — Christians, Muslims, Mizrahim, and others — were not Arabs but basically the same racial and ethnic types as lived to the north in Lebanon. Your use of the term “Arab” to describe these people is far more false, misleading and tendentious than the use of term “Palestinian”.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @Lot
  61. Discard says:
    @Alec Leamas

    Stupid ideas are the modern equivalent of sumptuary laws. You can’t stop an honest thinking man from wearing the same clothes as you to, but you can stop him from spouting the same words.

  62. @Lot

    The Frankish Kingdom of Jerusalem lasted nearly three times as long as Israel has to this point.

    Zionism is the strange ideology that it was a good idea to uproot almost all of Europe’s Jews and plant them in a colony 1,000 miles from their homeland, in a place surrounded by peoples, whose original antipathy for Jews has only been increased by the vicious, colonial racism since exhibited by the Jewish invaders. Up into the 1950s, even after the creation of a Zionist state, most Jews were not supportive of this ideology.

    Despite Zionist triumphalism I don’t think Zionism or Israel has a rosy future. Like so many past Jewish enthusiasms, e.g., Simon bar Kokhba, it will end in a disaster not just for its adherents but for all Jewry.

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Reg Cæsar
  63. @Jus' Sayin'...

    If you read the Time issue which covered the 1967 war, you’ll notice that “Palestinian” is used to refer to Isralis exclusively.

  64. Lot says:

    Lol took me a minute to figure it out.

  65. Lot says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    Completely false, there was absolutely no intermixing with the Slavs during the Ashkenazi’s 2000-year absence from Judea!

    • LOL: Jus' Sayin'...
    • Replies: @Anonym
  66. Lot says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    Well said. Trump liked getting rich, but he cares more about the USA than he does about money.

    No private industry does better with mass migration than developers either, as rich foreigners buy condos like candy and Heritage Americans flee diverse chaos further and further out into newly built suburbs.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  67. @TheBoom

    A constantly regenerating cheap-labor force also depresses wages, thereby diminishing inflation. Fotunes, even modest ones, remain intact in value. Smart money realizes this, and it’s primary reason for the grand, pompous humanitarian crusade to which immigration policy has decayed.

  68. @Reg Cæsar

    Sounds a lot like the wag who claimed that the United States went from barbarism to decadence without passing through civilization.

  69. Twinkie says:

    The first time I saw the IDF conscripts at the swearing-in ceremony at the Wailing Wall, the thing that surprised me the most was how short the Israeli 18-year old boys were. I’m about 6’2”, and they were all at least a head shorter, some much shorter still. They looked like American 14-year olds.

    • Replies: @Lot
  70. Anonym says:

    Bottom left, calling it, there’s the future NOW president.

  71. @Anon7

    Once they’ve been beaten, that will change. Until then you’re wasting your time.

  72. Anonym says:

    That’s some impressive Tikkun Olam those Jews be spreading.

  73. Yngvar says:

    They’ve dropped their skepticism towards the German Camp Dog. It was simply the best.

  74. Lot says:

    Why were you in Jerusalem?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Twinkie
  75. Lot says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    The Jewish Wars were a major cause of Roman decline. Imagine instead of three mass casualty civil wars, they had left a protectorate Herodian allied kingdom alone. A total defeat of the Persians would have been likely.

  76. Corvinus says:

    “Ezra Klein has an extremely punchable face.”

    Code for “I’ll just make this comment and slink down my hole without actually doing something about it”.

    “I say this as a younger American with a full appreciation of how much the Boomers screwed up the country and screwed us.”

    You would be in the minority (heh) here.

    The fact of the matter is that our nation’s history is based on this cycle:

    Newcomers arrive
    Newcomers are unwelcome
    Newcomers assimilate
    New newcomers arrive
    Old newcomers are unwelcome toward new newcomers
    Ad infinitum

    As a result, this Americans first vs. the next American is a simply a matter of “Who, Whom”. In other words, it depends on your perspective.

    • Troll: Mr. Rational
  77. Corvinus says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Gold box for you. Thank you for NOTICING.

  78. eyeslevel says:

    Trump and Obama both believe in Magic Dirt Theory. Anyone who steps on our magic dirt is transformed into an “American.”

    You cold do a scientific analysis of the dirt north of the Rio Grande and the dirt south of the Rio Grande and you wouldn’t find any explanation for the difference in wages and living standards.

    The people make the country, not the dirt.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  79. @Jus' Sayin'...

    Zionism is the strange ideology that it was a good idea to uproot almost all of Europe’s Jews and plant them in a colony 1,000 miles from their homeland

    What homeland is that?

    the vicious, colonial racism

    You lost me there. “Racism” isn’t a real word anymore, if it ever was.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  80. @Lot


    Why were you in Jerusalem?

    Old saying:

    내년 예루살렘에서

    • Replies: @Twinkie
  81. Twinkie says:

    Why were you in Jerusalem?

    Work – to learn how the Israelis did counter-terrorism.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  82. Twinkie says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    לשנה טובה תכתב ותחתם

  83. @eyeslevel

    Check the batteries in your sarcasm detector.  “Magic dirt theory” is a shiv, like “social justice warrior”.

  84. Anonymous[679] • Disclaimer says:

    Learn anything interesting that you can share?

    • Replies: @Twinkie
  85. Twinkie says:

    Learn anything interesting that you can share?

    They take their gloves off.

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