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America Is Running Out of White Children to Solve the Problems of Nonwhite Children
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The Whole Woke World has gotten worked up during the last few weeks about the need to Crush Segregation: white children must be tracked down and bused to black schools to provide the locals with Integration. We must return to 1971 and do busing all over again!

Of course, this logic is incompatible with the other logic that: Hey, white people, this isn’t 1971 and you aren’t the huge majority anymore. Your days are numbered, baby!

But who care about logic?

Here’s a Pew graph from 2014 of estimated percentage of America’s public school students who are white, from 1997 to 2022:

Anybody know what the white percentage of public school students was in, say, 1969?

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  1. I don’t know the percentage, but know it was too high for Diversity reasons.

  2. 2014 was apparently the year when the New Math finally kicked in. I know, it means the separate minorities together became a majority, but it’s still stupid terminology. Are whites still the “majority” when that olive green* bar becomes longer than the light-grey one, such as in California?


    * Who knew that Hispanics had that nice olive green skin tone? I give Audacious Epigone lots of credit for his graphs having appropriate colors. It make it so much easier to read them quickly.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Reg Cæsar
  3. Beliavsky says:

    Thomas Edsall has an opinion piece in the NYT that is more informative and balanced than the title would suggest:
    Integration vs. White Intransigence: Separate has never been equal.
    July 17, 2019

    He cites a paper
    School Segregation, Educational Attainment and Crime: Evidence from the end of busing in Charlotte-Mecklenburg
    Stephen B. Billings, David J. Deming, Jonah E. Rockoff
    NBER Working Paper No. 18487
    Issued in October 2012
    NBER Program(s):Children, Development of the American Economy, Economics of Education
    We study the impact of the end of race-based busing in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools (“CMS”) on academic achievement, educational attainment, and young adult crime. In 2001, CMS was prohibited from using race in assigning students to schools. School boundaries were redrawn dramatically to reflect the surrounding neighborhoods, and half of its students received a new assignment. Using addresses measured prior to the policy change, we compare students in the same neighborhood that lived on opposite sides of a newly drawn boundary. We find that both white and minority students score lower on high school exams when they are assigned to schools with more minority students. We also find decreases in high school graduation and four-year college attendance for whites, and large increases in crime for minority males.

    He quotes another paper:

    ‘A substantially different and disturbing picture emerges in “The Significance of Segregation in the 21st Century,” by Ingrid Ellen, Justin P. Steil, a professor of law and urban planning at M.I.T. and Jorge De la Roca, published in City and Community, a journal of the American Sociological Association.

    The three authors suggest that a factor underpinning continued segregation is the possibility that measures of education and employment are highest for whites who live and work in the most segregated communities.

    They write that “it appears that segregation may not only undermine outcomes for minority groups but also enhance them for whites.”

    The authors note that

    the associations between segregation and wider racial gaps for both groups (blacks and Latinos) are large, robust to other specifications, and if anything, have increased over time. Interestingly, it appears that these increases are driven by a growing association between segregation and positive outcomes for whites.

    The authors go on. “In 1990, black–white segregation appears to be largely unrelated to outcomes for young white adults,” but “by 2010, black–white segregation is positively associated with the probability that a white resident has graduated from college, is not idle and works in a professional occupation.”’

  4. Anon[108] • Disclaimer says:

    The number of blacks seems to be on the downward trend also. Sooner or later they’ll be at feather Indian level.

    I wish that busing and desegregation advocates would explain in detail how it would help. For instance:

    — White teachers behave differently if white kids are in the room? How exactly? Can we see some annotated video?

    — Facilities and supplies will improve? How, exactly? Does such stuff affect learning? How much? How do we know that? Can’t we just list up the deficiencies and fix them, rather than bus? Didn’t the meltdown of the brand spanking new Willie Brown school in San Francisco show that it’s not the paint on the wall, it’s the kid in the chair?

    — We don’t know, but there’s something mysterious going on in those white schools. Those crackers won’t tell us what they’re doing, so busing is the last resort.

    — OK, so busing won’t make our dumbass kids smarter, but we’re hoping it makes white kids dumber, through a combination of head injuries from acting up black kids and general degradation of the learning environment. The gap can be closed from either direction.

  5. El Dato says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    “White will stay a majority until morale improves”

    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
  6. El Dato says:

    “it appears that segregation may not only undermine outcomes for minority groups but also enhance them for whites.”

    “Segregation be racist because it allows whites to pull ahead!”

  7. Tiny Duck says:

    Read Nikole Hannah Jones and get back to me

    She explains how Children of Color are given no resources when compared to white children

    • Replies: @getaclue
  8. Anthony Lukas had this one under control in his book “Common Ground”. All anyone has to do is read it as it has all the horrors of the Boston busing debacle, including the Big Shots who lived in the suburbs and yelled really loudly about the racist proles needing to be bussed.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  9. Arclight says:

    The left always frames this as white parents going out of their way to keep their kids out of schools with a large black student body population and thus taking resources away that would help them, but the rise of charter schools indicates that quite a few black parents are on the same page as white parents on this subject.

    School district administrators are in a tough spot – they would love to have more white and Asian kids to buff up district test scores and graduation rates, but they have to offer magnet and charter schools to do it, which the progressives hate because it leads to ‘segregation.’ When those schools inevitably outperform the rest of the district, there are demands to alter the racial makeup, school performance goes down while disruptions go up, parents of all stripes who don’t like the result pull their kids out, lather, rinse, repeat.

    It seems to me the only real answer is that at a relatively early age (like 2nd grade) kids need to be sorted into classes/schools that fit their capabilities. The strongest kids usually get separated out into accelerated programs, but there’s no reason to make the average kids suffer too.

  10. Wilkey says:

    So how are they going to go about it this time? The last time busing was forced on white people we mostly moved to completely different jurisdictions – cities, counties, school districts. Judges couldn’t force students across those boundaries, or weren’t yet brazen, stupid and/or woke enough to try. This time I think they will be, or a Democratic Party-controlled government might actually give them the power to do it instead of them just conjuring the power ex nihilo.

    The resurrection of busing is quite possibly the greatest gift that Leftists could give to so-called “white nationalism.” Many whites and Asians have paid a shitload of money to buy homes in neighborhoods with good schools without much diversity. It’s just about the biggest hit to their interests (and their wallets) you could make, attacking both their kids and their home values. Most people don’t think of immigration, welfare, and affirmative action as costing them anything more than a few nickels. They’re way off, but that’s another conversation.

    But with busing you’re talking about a number in the 5-6 figures, and it’s instantly easy to grasp. Private schools are in the 5 figures a year, per child. A drop in your home values (because it’s no longer in a neighborhood with good schools) could easily be on the order of $100,000 or more. That’s years worth of work destroyed by the brazen act of a few politicians or a single judge. In fact, when you hear about the difference in average net worths of whites and blacks I suspect a lot of that difference is just simply due to the greater value of owning a home in a mostly white neighborhood. It’s not wealth that the government can create through a program. It’s wealth created by whites simply by virtue of being more pleasant to live around and less likely to rape your daughter or sell drugs to your son.

    For the last 30 years suburban tiger moms and soccer moms haven’t had to worry too much about what the Democratic Party might do to their interests. This would completely change that. It would make suddenly make them realize that Kamala Harris is a lot more threatening to their interests (their real interests) than Donald Trump.

  11. prosa123 says: • Website

    Once you get into the second generation Hispanic children are less “minority-ish” and often sort of muddle into mainstream (i.e. white) American culture.

  12. I keep hearing how Chicago is the most segregated city in the world, but when I am there I see people of all races in most parts of the city and suburbs. The only mono-racial part of the city are the solidly black areas, but blacks seem to live all over. Lauren Underwood, for example, grew up in Naperville:

    • Replies: @mmack
  13. Travis says:

    US Census data from 1970 Indicates 85% of school-aged children were white. But 95% of hispanics were classified as white in 1970. Since hispanics were about 4% of the US population in 1970 we can estimate that 81% of the school children were non-hispanic white in 1970.

    census data – 1970 – 2010 – 2020*
    whites < 20 – 63 M – 45 M – 42 M
    non-white — 14 M – 38 M – 43 M

    US census projected population of non-hispanic white Americans under 20 years-old will be 49% of the youth population in 2020.

    in 2010 there were 18 million less whites under the age of 20 than in 2010, and there were 24 million more non-whites. thus the white population fell by 29% as the non-white population almost tripled. We are certainly running out of white children. In 2018 just 1.8 million white children were born with almost 2 million non-whites born. There will be 21 million less white children in 2020 compared to 1970. With so few white children compared to 1970 , it will be near impossible to integrate our schools.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. @Wilkey

    What a great comment! I had many of these thoughts about the idiotic revival of one of the most stupid of all the ideas of the civil rites era myself. You wrote it up very well. I think, for the women voters, it’ll be more the safety of their children than the house values (though definitely both) that will “trigger” them.

    May I use this comment on my blog, Wilkey?

    • Replies: @Wilkey
  15. Peak White children. Rationing in the face of shortages.

    White children are a scarce resource to be shared.

    If only there were a way to produce new ones.

    • LOL: Abelard Lindsey
  16. Ibound1 says:

    Easy solution: Every white child shall do one shift at two different schools every day. First shift at first minority school at 8:30-12 (a half hour for lunch and a half hour to be bused to a second school) then a second shift from 1 to 4:30 at the second minority school. After school activities shall be evenly divided by placing them every other day at each school. Private schools shall be forbidden – except for children of VP level executives at companies that support transgender rights.

  17. bomag says:

    I found that Edsall piece to be a dreary read: Black people ruin everything; can’t seem to help themselves; White people can raise them up a little bit by sacrificing a lot, but White people are racist and don’t want to help Black people.

    It read like Black people are a social pathogen against which sociologists are madly searching for a cure. Integration seems to help, but there are nasty side effects. Stay tuned as we channel the power of White people into fixing Black people.

    • Replies: @Uncommon Cents
  18. I listened to a City Journal podcast about Carranza, the NYC school chancellor, who’s obsessed with racial justice, white racism holding minority students back, and the evils of segregated schools. Turns out, whites are only 15% of the students in NYC. Latinos are 40%, Blacks, 30%, and Asians, 15%.

    These people can’t even count.

    Good luck redistributing all the white kids.

    • Replies: @ricpic
  19. bomag says:

    isteve material in that article:

    Saunders provided data describing how the 36 suburban jurisdictions of South Cook County, Illinois, changed as these jurisdictions went from 10.7 percent black in 1970 to 55.4 percent black in 2017.

    In some South Cook jurisdictions, the black population grew exponentially from 1970 to 2017: Calumet City, from 0.0 in 1970 to 67.5 percent in 2017; Country Club Hills, from 0.1 to 69.2 percent; Dolton, from 0.2 to 91.1 percent; and Riverdale, from 0.1 to 94.3 percent.

    As the black share of South Cook’s population rose, the area began to fall sharply behind Chicago and other suburbs of the city.

    Wow. That’s some rather epic levels of race replacement, and now we’re supposed to ship White kids back in to fix things.

  20. anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    Brookings has published data on the demographics of children under 15 years-old, going back to 1980.

    pop under age 15 — 1980 – 2000 – 2018
    non-hispanic white – 73% — 60% — 49%
    Non-white ———– 27% — 40% — 51%

    This data is more inclusive than public school data, and indicates that even if the leftists abolish private schools they cannot find enough white children to integrate our public schools today.

    the number of white children under age 15 has declined over the 2010-2018 year period by 2.2 million, which represents a decline of 6% from 32 million white children to just under 30 million in 8 years. With white fertility falling each year since 2007 we should expect the number of white children to decline each year for decades until reaching 0 by early in the next century. Blond hair will be extinct in the year 2100. While the number of white children is declining rapidly, the number of blue eyed children is falling even faster. Back in 1950 a third of Americans had Blue eyes. today just 12% of American have blue eyes.

    • Replies: @writer girl
  21. Art Deco says:

    Certain problems of non-white children can be satisfactorily addressed by sequestering trouble-makers, sorting students at every school into instructional tracks moving at different paces, redistributing instructional man-hours at the secondary level from half-assed exercises liberal education to vocational-technical courses, revamping teacher-training programs, and liberal use of regents’ examinations administered by proctors working for the state government. All things the vested interests do not wish to do. (Some other problems of non-white children can be addressed by law enforcement. Still other problems are just part of the human condition and not amenable to public response).

    • Agree: Triumph104
  22. Anon7 says:

    This study provides the necessary tables going back to 1850:

    120 Years of American Education: A Statistical Portrait

    (Assuming that the proportions of adults to children is the same for both races)

    If you want to dig deeper, this gives the actual number of live births by race 1933-1998, which removes the need to assume that the proportion of white to black school age children is the same as the proportion of white to black persons of all ages.

    Live Births by Age of Mother and Race: United States, 1933-98

    • Replies: @Travis
  23. @prosa123

    Or they absimilate and become more churlish, self-pitying and ethnically hostile. There’s a lot of this out there.

  24. Art Deco says:

    As always, what controls were they using?

  25. @prosa123

    True in the past. But with 25% of the youth population now Hispanic , assimilation is reduced. Back in 1999 about 25% of Hispanic females married a white American, while today 80% marry a fellow Hispanic.

    In 2o10 most Hispanics identified as white on the census. Yet the liberal media considers schools To be segregated when they are 90% Hispanic , even when 55% of the Hispanics self-identify as white. Thus The NY Times will label schools which are half white-Hispanic as segregated because the whites are Hispanic.

    If white-Hispanics were considered white today, then very few of our schools would be considered segregated.

  26. This scam with “majority minorities” may forever trigger the clueless boomers. The 15% blacks are somehow conflated with the 20% “hispanics”, although one is an ethnicity, and the other – a race. A large number of Beto Orourkes are whiter than the average Caucasian. Even if the skin tone may be misleading, many of the “Hispanics” grow in decent families, and are decidedly NOT-lumpenproletariat. Being unelectable due to Catholicism is different from being unelectable due to congenital bastardism.

    • Replies: @prosa123
  27. We should expect the number of Native Americans students to soar on the 2020 census as more white Americans realize they are .01% Indian, like Senator Warren.

    The number of Americans claiming to be part Indian increased from 3 million in 2000 to almost 6 million on the 2010 census, with 2 million Americans claiming Cherokee heritage. . If all the Americans who are 1/64 th Native American claim to be mixed raced in 2020 the white population will decline by 25 million as the mixed race category increases dramatically.

  28. Lugash says:

    There’s another issue with busing: Upper middle class moms won’t let their kids ride the bus even short distances to upper middle class schools. Every school day fleets of SUVs shuttle the Madisons, Ashleys and Jaydens to and fro. You think they’re going to be happy about driving 40 minutes to a ghetto school?

    Make it happen Dems!

    • LOL: BB753
  29. Wretched public schools and their dismal demographics are nowadays a given, but what of Private and Parochial Schools and especially Homeschooling demographics?
    As Orwell might say, “If there’s hope, it lies with the non-government propagandized White children.”

    • Replies: @JMcG
  30. Jack D says:

    I think there are still enough white kids to integrate black schools. I don’t get the feeling that Hispanics are all that interested in having white kids bused to their schools or vice versa. “Race” in America is still largely about blacks. It’s “Black Lives Matter”. Hispanics punch below their weight politically. And I think that the political support for gals like Occasional Cortex is coming from white liberals, not from the Latino community.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
    , @Prodigal son
  31. Jack D says:

    Keep in mind that these are national numbers and the white kids are not evenly distributed. If you look at any big city school system, most of them are 85 or 90% or more non-white by now.

    LA public schools are 10.5% White (according to the school districts “Datos a la Mano” page). Chicago is the same. NYC is 15% white. Integration with whites is a lost cause in these cities.

    • Replies: @Whiskey
    , @Travis
  32. res says:

    Anybody know what the white percentage of public school students was in, say, 1969?

    This 115 page PDF from 1993 has a great deal of related information, but does not seem to answer that specific question.
    120 Years of American Education: A Statistical Portrait

    Chapter 2 starting on page 25 covers Elementary and Secondary Education and has a number of interesting figures and tables, but I am not seeing any direct answer to your question. Some that might be of interest
    Figure 1.– Percent of 5- to 19-year-olds enrolled in school, by race: 1850 to 1991
    Table 9.—Enrollment in regular public and private elementary and secondary schools, by grade level: 1869–70 to fall 1992

    This 659 page PDF looks like their primary source for data through 1970.
    Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970

    Page 387/370 has the most relevant information for your question (from 1953 to 1970), but I am not sure if it is public schools only. Looking at 7-13 year olds in 1969 we see 24.6 million whites and 4.3 million “Negro and other” which is 85% white.

    On pages 369-370 they give enrollment rates for whites and “Negro and other” from 1850 to 1970. Population numbers are available in
    Series A 119-134. Population, by Age, Sex, Race, and Nativity: 1790 to 1970
    on pages 15-18. Combining those sources of data would answer your question for earlier years, but is probably more trouble than it is worth.

    Also, a host of education resources:

    TLDR: 85% seems like a good estimate.

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @blake121666
  33. Jack D says:

    The white percentage seems to drop roughly 3/4 of 1% per year. So the white % of schoolchildren will hit zero in around 66 years at current rates if nothing is done to reverse this trend. This sounds crazy but in much of Latin American and the Caribbean this happened long ago. There are a few pure whites left but they are a statistical zero (e.g. Jamaica – 0.2% white) . It’s not at all impossible. The government doesn’t even have to violently expel the remaining whites. Just the usual level of crime in non-white societies persuades the stragglers to leave.

  34. This is a ploy by Keynesian to boost the economy. Another round of white flight and the building of new neighborhoods, shopping districts and schools will work wonders for the GDP.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  35. Anon[200] • Disclaimer says:

    Utah’s new public school enrollees in 2018 were only 39.5% white. Utah!

    If you are under 45, you are going to see almost every red state flip blue in your lifetime.

    • Replies: @ben tillman
  36. Whiskey says: • Website
    @Jack D

    Nope. No White person in the last 150 years has ever told Black people no so why would it start now?

    White peoples worship Blacks as holy objects of redemption. Upper middle class nice White ladies will happily sacrifice their kids for an Instagram like today.

    White kids will be rounded up and caught, shipped off to the ghetto.

    All of them. Even the upper class.

    Ilhan Omar says look at me. I am captain now.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  37. @Wilkey

    I was just talking to a mom in South Carolina about the local public high schools there. She says any person who can afford to put their kid in private school does so for as long as possible. She put her own kids in public HS after doing Montessori. Why? Well, the schools have an IB program that functions effectively as a white/Asian school within a school. It keeps the advanced students from being held back by the rest… especially the black students.

    She claims the different races are disciplined differently, with the most leniency for the blacks, and that everyone knows this. Talk about encouraging segregation! so the kids wind up self-segregating just to keep peace. So while the school is officially quite integrated, in reality it’s separate spaces for different races, just like in the 50’s.

  38. @Beliavsky

    Beliavsky, it’s a hideous article.

    The entire thing is a series of academics blame shifting the basic driving issue which is that black behaviors–crime, disorder, academic effort–are on average much worse than whites’.

    The other thing is it is steeped in this assumption–sprung from Jewish minoritarian, but now utterly mainstream in good-white thought–that the white majority just has *no* right to have it’s own stuff. White gentile/flyover/deplorable Americans are simply serfs to be ordered about for the good of minorities. It’s worse for white kids when they are subjected to a highly “integrated” school … so what! Minorities benefit. Who are white people to object?


    The other–bigger picture–thing to note is that this “white’s must integrate”, like all the things the “liberal” good-thinkers claim is normatively based on the idea that America is a “community”–we’re all in this together–so we arrange the entire community to help everyone in it out.

    But this is in complete contradiction to their immigrationism, which is essentially a claim that America isn’t a community at all.

    Which is it?

    I think we know the answer … whatever screws deplorable white people is right and just.

  39. Travis says:
    @Jack D

    National numbers are not relevant. There is not a single state which has demographics comparable to the United States. No state is 62% white, 20% Hispanic, 13% Black, 5% Asian.

    The hispanic population of the United States is 21% , only 7 states have an hispanic population exceeding 19%.The Black population of the US is 13% , yet half the states are less than 9% Black.

    But if desegregation only concerns Blacks it will be easier to “desegregate”.
    The LA school district is actually 40% White since 55% of Mexicans consider themselves white. Thus the LA school district is not actually racially segregated if we allow Mexicans to self-identify as white.

    But will the courts consider a school which is 90% Hispanic and 10% Black to be segregated. If half the Hispanics self-identify as white the racial breakdown of the school would be 45% white and 10% Black. Would this be enough whites to satisfy the Leftist courts ? Or will the schools require Non-Hispanic whites to be considered acceptable ?

    A school district near me is considered segregated , and has faced numerous lawsuits due to the number of Blacks in the AP classes. This School district is 40% Black and 55% White, but the AP classes are just 10% Black so the school has faced litigation from the ACLU and the Obama Justice Department forced them to “desegregate’ their AP classes. Thus 10% was not Black enough.

    Once the democrats control the Presidency again, 10% Black will not be Black enough to pass muster with the courts in New Jersey. This was the case in Maplewood NJ when the Obama Justice Department came to town to desegregate the school. 11% was not enough Blacks to satisfy the Obama justice Department. But somehow NYC was still allowed to keep Blacks out of their elite schools, while here in New Jersey 10% Black was not enough blacks for Maplewood AP classes.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
    , @Autochthon
  40. Travis says:

    Thanks for the links.
    One issue with the live birth data, they start using Race of Mother instead of the actual race of the child in 1980. this distorts the data, as many white women have non-white babies since 1980.

  41. JMcG says:

    One of my daughters starts high school at a private Catholic girls school in September. Some of her summer reading was on the kitchen counter last night. A book about Harriet Tubman and another about some Danish girl who helps save her Jewish best friend from the holocaust.
    So look elsewhere for hope.

  42. AMW says:

    Once the Hispanic/Latino population is sufficiently assimilated to be called “White” (like Greeks, Italians, Irish, etc.), Whites will once again make up an overwhelming majority of schoolchildren.

    If this seems unrealistic, keep in mind that Hispanic/Latino is an ethnic designation, not a racial category, and that half of fourth generation Hispanics do not identify as Hispanic. A majority of those think that others consider them white.

  43. prosa123 says: • Website
    @Ad Nauseam

    A large number of Beto Orourkes are whiter than the average Caucasian.

    Beto himself IS completely white. He has a Spanish nickname, speaks the language well, and represented a mostly Hispanic congressional district, but has no Latin American ancestry.

  44. Can children actually be bused to a different jurisdiction for the sake of mixture of races? Obviously not across state lines, but across county lines? If they can’t be bused across county lines, then basically this is only an issue for large urban centers with mixed populations and multiple schools serving the same age group.

  45. Art Deco says:
    @John Taylor

    Unlike Martin Peretz, Lukas couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge how destructive were Judge Garrity’s social engineering schemes. He says “Arthur Garrity had no choice” (which of course is BS) and “the city owes him its profound gratitude” (which is also BS). The question, of course, is how self-conscious this dissonance was.

    It doesn’t require much inter-group antagonism to generate a great deal of residential segregation. Some modest preferences over who you’d prefer to have as a neighbor will do the trick. (Urban geographers discovered this 40-years ago). White flight among people I’ve known personally wasn’t generated by street crime, but by irritants generated by rude and rambunctious youngsters not disciplined. (Climbing on other people’s trellises, petty harassment of the family dog, fiddling around with people’s garden trash, attempted theft of Christmas wreaths, noisy play at 10:00 pm, and f-bombing elderly women). And it’s a reasonable wager that open-enrollment systems in metropolitan school districts wouldn’t have generated much integration because social engineering schemes are simply not a priority for anyone (or even of much interest to anyone) but an odd minority of salaried bourgeois (who, alas, are the mode among the judiciary).

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  46. Art Deco says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    An appellate court decision (IIRC in Michigan) ruled out compulsory cross-district busing. The year was 1974, IIRC. In the South, school district boundaries are commonly coterminous with county boundaries, and commonly encompass whole metropolitan settlements. Different up north.

  47. @Jack D

    “Race” in America is still largely about blacks.

    This. It’s who good-whites count. And it’s how–“slavery!”, “Jim Crow!”–all sorts of noxious anti-white, anti-freedom policies are justified, and how the slightest hint of interest in preserving one’s own race and culture–if white–is “racism!”

    Without blacks–the story of whitey’s lash on black bodies–the entire edifice crumbles.

  48. Art Deco says:

    A school district near me is considered segregated , and has faced numerous lawsuits due to the number of Blacks in the AP classes. This School district is 40% Black and 55% White, but the AP classes are just 10% Black so the school has faced litigation from the ACLU and the Obama Justice Department forced them to “desegregate’ their AP classes. Thus 10% was not Black enough.

    This is the sort of tale that reminds you the lawyer left conjoins stupidity, malice, and megalomania.

  49. TWS says:

    This is simply foolish. Race is a social construct. That means they can simply designate half of the students as, “white” on alternating days. Problem solved. Of course, the white children would have to be vilified on the, ‘white’ days.

    Perhaps our own tiny duck could pretend to be black and mock the faux white children.

  50. ricpic says:

    Carranza’s biggest problem is the high performing Asian kids. They may only comprise 15% of the overall student body but they’ve got Stuyvesant, Bronx High School of Science and Brooklyn Tech locked up. That’s why Carranza is hot to trot to eliminate all testing for admission to the “elite” high schools and evaluate students on…well, on God knows what.

    • Replies: @fish
  51. @Whiskey

    White peoples worship Blacks as holy objects of redemption. Upper middle class nice White ladies will happily sacrifice their kids for an Instagram like today.

    Sadly some of these gals are so looney that this is actually true.

    However, mostly the “nice white ladies” want *your* kids sacrificed. You start messing with their kids access to “good schools” full of upper middle class whites and Asians and they are going to be pissed. You see that’s an entirely different matter. They have a million and one reasons why their kid is “special” and their kids’ needs are not the same as deplorable kids’ needs.

    The utter preening bullshit from good whites in the US–especially good white ladies–coupled with their utter hypocrisy is beyond belief.

  52. Anonymous[135] • Disclaimer says:

    A very good example of this is shown by the myriad of female Labour MPs, in the UK, who make sure their sprogs go to either ‘selective’ schools – something that Labour damn near abolished – or to private fee paying schools – again, institutions which the Labour Party supposedly scorns.

  53. @Wilkey

    Busing was such a political disaster in the 70’s that I can’t believe any politician would promote it today. OTOH, Kamala Harris just might be young and dumb enough to think its a winning election issue.

  54. @Art Deco

    It doesn’t require much inter-group antagonism to generate a great deal of residential segregation. Some modest preferences over who you’d prefer to have as a neighbor will do the trick. (Urban geographers discovered this 40-years ago). White flight among people I’ve known personally wasn’t generated by street crime, but by irritants generated by rude and rambunctious youngsters not disciplined. (Climbing on other people’s trellises, petty harassment of the family dog, fiddling around with people’s garden trash, attempted theft of Christmas wreaths, noisy play at 10:00 pm, and f-bombing elderly women). And it’s a reasonable wager that open-enrollment systems in metropolitan school districts wouldn’t have generated much integration because social engineering schemes are simply not a priority for anyone (or even of much interest to anyone) but an odd minority of salaried bourgeois (who, alas, are the mode among the judiciary).

    Good paragraph Art.

    This minoritarian liberalism is at root a thuggish anti-human ideology. Essentially the demand that the most normal human behavior–preference for your kin, your people, your values, norms, culture–be overthrown.

  55. @AnotherDad

    I agree with ANOTHERDad. That is one reason why we will never see conscription reinstated. Perhaps, as part of reparations, we might see pilot programs implemented in red states and red districts

  56. Anonymous[693] • Disclaimer says:

    That great Australian social scientist, Frank Salter, more or less predicted and theorised all this years ago.
    If you can, try to read his work. The difference between Frank Salter and The Economist editorial board is the difference between a lion and a louse.

  57. Like everything on the Left, the whole theory and vocabulary behind their “segregation” trope is nothing but an illogical, incoherent mess.

    For example, blacks in LA are 12% of the LAUSD school population and are mixed in with a diverse student body of 72% Hispanics (who are themselves a diverse group from all over the world), 9% Whites, and 6% Asians.

    We all know that “diversity is our strength” and that Hispanic and Asian “vibrancy” are infinitely superior to bland, oppressive “whiteness.” So this diverse student body should be the ideal of any global multi-cultist. (With the possible caveat that it needs more South Asians).

    But No.

    It turns out than when diverse flavors of PoCs are put together in one place they somehow stop being diverse and wonderful and transform into a “segregated” block of “minorities” who are oppressed by inadequate access to “whiteness.”

    In other words, if PoCs can’t get any diversity benefits from being around other PoC groups, why are White people supposed to?

    Stated conversely, if PoCs get such a benefit from being around White people instead of other members of their own group (or other PoC groups), wouldn’t it follow that White people are also better off being around other whites instead of PoCs?

    Rhetorical questions of course. Nothing on the Left is based on logic. It’s all one big rationalization for why fixing everything will always be the White ̶M̶a̶n̶’̶s̶ Child’s Burden.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  58. eah says:

  59. El Dato says:

    What’s Krugman’s take on this idea. Seeing that invasive space aliens haven’t manifested, he is likely to promote some other make-do work..

  60. Public education was established in order to provide what we now know as basic skills to desperately poor, White kids. As an alternative to those kids receiving no formal education at all.

    The consensus was that in order for our democracy to survive, future voters should at least be able to read the names on an election ballot.

    It was assumed that the non-poor would continue to send their own kids to private school (i.e. the little red schoolhouse), for whatever duration they deemed appropriate (generally 12 weeks per year, and done by eighth grade or so).

    And here we are.

    So, for example, if some non-White still can’t read by 12th grade, the left-wingers shrug their collective shoulders. But if statistics show that the non-White had not been surrounded by whatever the correct percentage of Whites, now that’s a problem that cannot go unsolved.

  61. @Wilkey

    The Government shouldn’t be picking winners and losers, e.g. good/bad schools.

    The Government shouldn’t be propping up/down home values.

    • Replies: @Wilkey
  62. @Achmed E. Newman

    2014 was apparently the year when the New Math finally kicked in.

    New Math was for the Jetsons and Flintstones. Today it’s fuzzy math.

    Tomorrow, nappy math.

  63. @Ibound1

    Students should be mixed together in 100,000-seat stadia, such as the LA Coliseum.

    Four [split-] sessions per day. 180 days per session. Eight sessions per year.

    One teacher per session (i.e. a student:teacher ratio of 100,000:1).

  64. @Hypnotoad666

    Nothing on the Left is based on logic.

    On the surface. The Gramscian underpinnings are quite consistent.

    Always ask, “Cui bono?”

  65. @Beliavsky

    I think even the die-hard Progressives have always known deep down that their whole “integration” program is just a recognition that it sucks to be around Black people.

    Knowing this, they understood that the biggest disadvantage of being Black is having to be around other Blacks. Thus, integration was always a program to improve the lot of black people by shifting this burden to white people. In other words, somebody has to “take the hit” by being around Blacks. So, of course, it should be white people to the maximum extent possible.

    • Agree: GermanReader2
  66. @Lugash

    Imported SUVs, double parked, driven by nannies, picking up kids wearing designer clothes and carrying $1,000 cellphones.

    Why can’t the parents of those kids be charged tuition?

  67. @stillCARealist

    any person who can afford to put their kid in private school does so for as long as possible.

    That’s somewhat backwards.

    I once met a mom who bragged about how she had gamed her local school district, for her kids, all the way though.

    She finagled her kids into the best schools/teachers/classes in the district (this was long before apps like ‘Rate My Professor”), sometimes even transferring a kid multiple times within the same school year.

    She chuckled, “With the money I saved, I could afford to send my kids to elite, private colleges!”

  68. @JMcG

    Unfortunately, as the nuns age-out, Catholics schools are increasingly being taken over by the expert (i.e. degree holding), secularist pedagogues, coaches, and psychologists.

    Which is to say, they’re becoming indistinguishable from their public school counterparts.

  69. @Jonathan Mason

    School districts, like voting districts, library districts, sewer districts, etc, are drawn up by crooked politicians for political purposes.

    A legislature could redraw district boundaries any time it wanted to.

  70. fish says:

    ……. and evaluate students on…well, on God knows what.

    Regular and generous donations from the white and Asian kids families!

  71. I think the solution is pretty obvious. The problem here is that Steve and all of you are thinking like white men. If we apply an African solution to the dwindling number of white children, there will be enough to go around. And what, you ask, is an African solution? Why, we give all the blacks machetes and drive them into white villages in the back of pick-up trucks. Whenever they see white children, they just take a piece for themselves. When every black child has his own piece of white child, there will be enough of white magic to go around.

  72. @Travis

    The LA school district is actually 40% White since 55% of Mexicans consider themselves white.

    No, it is not forty per cent white just because a bunch of people are vainly deluding themselves. Doubtless, at least fifty-five per cent of ugly or fat people consider themselves average, too; but that doesn’t mean they are winning any beauty contests or footraces. The Mexicans you cite are not white; they are shiftless mestizos and ineducable indios, the lot of them. (The white Mexicans in L.A. — all seven of them – are in private schools.)

    For all intents and purposes, L.A. – and Mexinchifornia at large – has no white students in its public schools at levels of statistical significance in its major metropolitan areas, and even many, perhaps most, of its rural areas.

  73. @res

    That sounds about right.

    When I went to parochial grade school in the ’70s, there was a policy in my school to have the racial demographics match the general US grade school racial demographics – and that was 13% blacks in the early ’70s. My school did that even though the 13% blacks couldn’t afford the tuition.

    So if parochial schools were doing that at the time, then the proportions would stay unchanged for the public schools. Therefore the 85/15 split you referenced would be about the same for public schools.

    But I went to grade school in Baltimore City – which was about 50/50 white/black at the time. So the Baltimore City public schools were VERY black at the time – probably the reverse of my parochial school – 15/85 white/black.

  74. @JMcG

    The guy wrote nothing about papists; no one in his right mind reckons the papists are not themselves 1,000% GloboHomo. You had might as well have written, in response to a warning against dysgenic marriages, “Yeah? Well, my daughter took up with a Bengali-Canadian, and it ain’t no better than having an Arab for a son-in-law.”

    • Replies: @JMcG
  75. @Anon

    We already saw that 25 years ago when the Bolshies flipped the color scheme.

  76. @bomag

    Don’t worry black Ariel is here to save the day!!!

  77. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    The Future of the City Is Childless

    America’s urban rebirth is missing something key—actual births.

  78. Mr. XYZ says:

    Anybody know what the white percentage of public school students was in, say, 1969?

    My guess would be about 80%.

  79. @Jack D

    Depends on the state and what type is school is considered segregated. How many whites are required to desegregate a black school ? How many Blacks are required to desegregate a white school ?

    Will the feds require all schools to have the demographics of their State or County ?

    In Pennsylvania 10% of the population is Black , while neighboring Maryland is 30% Black. Will schools in PA be permitted to be 9% Black while Maryland schools are all forced to be 25% Black ?

  80. Not to Mention ALL the Black On White VIOLENCE, Have YOU Seen Colin Flaherty Videos LATELY!

  81. mmack says:
    @Mike Zwick

    On segregation: Just because Lauren Underwood was raised in Naperville doesn’t mean Naperville is some sort of Harlem. From La Wiki, Naperville’s latest demographic breakdown is:
    76% White
    15% Asian (Mostly Chinese and Indian)
    Less than 5% each African American and Latino

    Not surprisingly, the same page makes the point that the median income for Naperville is $105K. So if you’re African American and want to live in Naperville you’d better bring some cash.

    Chicago and Chicagoland (my definition being Cook County and the collar counties that stretch from the Wisconsin border as far south as Joliet and around to the Indiana border and “The Region”) is Blue in political outlook and can’t overtly segregate. So they “segregate” by house price. And Naperville is just the type of place that would fight tooth and nail the stupid idea of bussing their children to Calumet City, Dolton, Markham, or any other heavily “Diverse” city, or having “Diverse” students bussed into their schools.

    • Replies: @Mike Zwick
  82. GhostMW says:

    Glad I have no kids, so no grand-kids at risk. Sorry for all who have grand kids in the need-white districts. Check out North Dakota.

  83. Wilkey says:

    The Government shouldn’t be picking winners and losers, e.g. good/bad schools. The Government shouldn’t be propping up/down home values.


    Millions of parents have purchased homes where they have based on the quality of the local schools. If you suddenly redraw the boundaries for no reason other than to put more black and Hispanic kids in with whites then that would be the government “picking losers” and “propping down home values.”

    If the government reinstated busing it would be destroying tens or hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth and wasting tens or hundreds of millions of man hours. People would have to waste months worth of their time to return to a condition they were happy with, and much of the value of homes in white neighborhoods would be destroyed without a commensurate increase in the value of homes in minority neighborhoods. It would be a waste of American time and money on the order of the wars in Iraq or Vietnam – or both – and an immense drag on American productivity.

    Pick a system and stick with it. If you redraw boundaries or reinstate busing the net result will be – has to be – either overcrowded schools in white neighborhoods or white kids having to attend schools much further away from home.

    Sometimes a system is best simply because it’s the one that already exists, and because it’s the one millions of families have planned their lives around.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  84. @anon

    One product of forced integration (I have nothing against integration per se, but am not for the government-forced version.) is an increase in interracial relationships. I have seen so many white women with black men–I’m guessing that black women are not too happy that black men are choosing white women over them. A native American friend recently told me about how few true native Americans there are in comparison to decades ago. I don’t remember the numbers, but I recall being surprised that intermarriage has dwindled their numbers so dramatically. The same thing seems to be happening with whites, and maybe with blacks and other ethnicities. It’s almost as though some entities want this to happen, encouraging legislation, and providing support via mainstream media.

  85. @Wilkey

    [T]he government … would be destroying tens or hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth and wasting tens or hundreds of millions of man hours.

    That’s pretty much all governments do anymore. They never did much more than that, even at the best of times; governments are inherently evil and wasteful creatures, so my (and others’) brilliant ancestors ran away from them and set up places for us with a de minimus government. Then, of course, mistakes were made. Terrible, irreversible mistakes of Biblical proportions.

  86. @mmack

    I only brought up Naperville to make a point that the Chicago Area isn’t the dystopian place they make it out to be. The main point is that there are all races of people living in all areas of the metropolitan area. Naperville isn’t Harlem, but it isn’t Howard Beach either. BTW, the Chicago Area as a whole is 54% white and many of the whites are probably Hispanic, as Hispanics can say they are white on census forms. So it would be hard to realistically bus kids to make a difference in any way. My friend is a teacher in Schaumburg. She teaches her classes in Spanish.

  87. Zpaladin says:

    No mention of home schooling? The internet has made this a more viable option, with companies producing curriculum and organized community support. These were much rarer in the 1970s.
    Forced bussing will have to contend with the home schooling alternative.

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