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After 14 Years, a Decision in Malibu
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For years, I’ve been following the saga of U2 guitarist The Edge and his attempt to build 5 houses on 150 acres in Malibu. It’s almost as if it’s a metaphor or something for Malibu celebrities’ Locals Only xenophobia, but which is of course utterly different from deplorables in the hinterland wanting to enforce immigration laws.

Plus, it’s revealing about why talk of Affordable Housing in California never goes anywhere.

It has been a pretty evenly matched fight: after all, The Edge is the buddy of Bono, the ultra-connected U2 singer.

Now, from The Daily Mail:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘He’s finished!’ U2 guitarist The Edge’s dreams of building $100million family compound on an untouched Malibu mountainside are shattered after he loses a 14-YEAR legal battle

The Edge’s five-home project overlooking Malibu, called ‘Leaves in the Wind,’ has been 14 years in the making amid a drawn-out battle with environmental protesters who claim he wants to ‘pave over paradise’
Now the California Supreme Court denied his petition to review the case, shattering his construction plans
The 57-year-old rocker could re-apply to Los Angeles County planners for new building permits, but it would be another costly years-long battle
‘He’s finished – the California Supreme Court was his last resort,’ a lawyer for the Sierra Club tells DailyMailTV
His lobbying and legal bills are estimated to be more than $10million, a small fraction of his estimated $340million net worth
Evans bought the 151 acres of untouched land at Sweetwater Mesa in 2005 for $9million, overlooking Malibu’s pier a thousand feet below
The project would have set Evans back an estimated $78million in construction costs, including $24million for the access road alone


PUBLISHED: 14:46 EDT, 18 June 2019 | UPDATED: 18:52 EDT, 18 June 2019

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  1. As Henry Kissinger is reported to have said about the Iran-Iraq war, “It’s a shame both sides can’t lose.”

    • Agree: Lot, Triumph104, Mr. XYZ
    • Replies: @Thinker
  2. AHAAAAA! Evans! I’m sure he didn’t mean for us to find out he’s just a regular guy with a last name and all, but it slipped out here. You really screwed the pooch on this one, Edge Evans – you are no longer in the same league with Cher and Madonna.

  3. Barnard says:

    He should sell the land to the federal government and Trump should build dorm style housing for illegals on it immediately. Time to put those 40 years of preening virtue signalling to work Edge.

  4. He should simply stock the property with wild carnivores, preferably the aboriginal ones. How much more environmental can you get?

    Better yet, clone mammoths from iced DNA, and set them loose. Malibu will have La Brea beat by a woolly margin.

    Why we’re so fixated on bringing back the woolly mammoth

  5. newrouter says:

    Malibu needs “affordable housing”. Edge is the man to do it.

  6. Nice job, Sierra Club, saving that 150 acres. During that 14 year period in which the Sierra Club saved that 150 acres of land, about 20,000,000 more people came to this country. Even stacked and packed as in Manhattan, NYC (wiki says ~ 70,000 people / mi^2), these newcomers would need 300 square miles (190,000 acres) just to live, not to mention hundreds of times that much to be supported with food and water.

    With newcomers living in the typical exurban McMansions on 3/4 acre lots, even your undocumented gentlemen living @ 10/house (about 10/acre counting streets), I come up with ~ 3,000 miles^2, so only about 12 to 15 THOUSAND times more land than Edge Evans’ spread that you all screwed him out of saved for the trees, the bees, the whales, and the snails.

    Oh, Gelbaum, crap … we can’t talk about this. Steve, you may need to wipe this comment, if you want to stay a member in good standing of the Sierra Club.

  7. Dumbo says:

    environmental protesters who claim he wants to ‘pave over paradise’

    More likely, rich people who do all they can to defend their property while doing all they can to destroy middle-class and working class people’s neighborhoods.

  8. @Achmed E. Newman

    Though Sierrans for US Population Stabilization won’t touch the JQ, it does expose Sierra Club treason:

    — [ ]

  9. Lot says:

    Agree, but no need to buy any land first. Hundreds of Africans were just dropped off at the San Antonio Greyhound bus station. Malibu, with its caring citizens, great wealth, and low population density is an ideal place to send refugees.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  10. Mr. Anon says:

    His lobbying and legal bills are estimated to be more than $10million, a small fraction of his estimated $340million net worth

    Desert sky
    Dream beneath a desert sky
    The rivers run but soon run dry
    We need new dreams tonight


    She is liberty
    And she comes to rescue me
    Hope, faith, her vanity
    The greatest gift is gold

    • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
  11. 68W58 says:

    So Evans spends $9 million on the property and another $10 million in his legal fight which is “a small percentage” of his fortune. It looks to be about five percent, which is a fair part of anyone’s total worth and now the property is effectively useless to him. But it is hard to have much sympathy for him given that he failed to see what was going on in California politically and how that might impact his plans. But this is the problem with “elite” whites-they always seem to think they are exempt from the perfectly predictable consequences of the policies they propose.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  12. Daniel H says:

    He’s finished – the California Supreme Court was his last resort,’ a lawyer for the Sierra Club tells DailyMailTV

    Sierra Club, right. Apparently the Sierra Club has been suborned by some wealthy controller from even whispering the “I” word. Sierra Club, worse than useless, they are the enemy of the true environmentalist.

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
  13. @Lot

    Stay out of Malibu, Obwandiyag!

    • Replies: @Hunsdon
  14. istevefan says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    You beat me to it. I hate the f*cking Sierra Club. They go after this rocker over a measly 150 acres, but took blood money to remain silent as prime land in the rest of the nation gets paved over for the immivasion.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  15. Thinker says:

    Good. F the rich! They’re just a bunch of globalistards these days who’re ready to fuck over everyone else for their own enjoyment. It’s immoral to build a $78m home, even if you could afford it. The rich these days are a bunch of classless assclowns with their conspicuous consumption, like Rome before its collapse.

  16. @Mr. Anon

    I guess after all that time and money, The Edge just still hasn’t found what he’s looking for.

    • Replies: @Lurker
  17. foulkes says:

    He also gave a $1 mil bribe/donation to the Sierra Club at some point in the saga

  18. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    When you are a rock star, it’s all mailbox money anyway, plus the property still has some value-when the steezers completely take over California he’ll be able to bribe his way to getting permiso to build on it. Of course Malibu will not be worth what it is now, being Mexican land, but he’ll (or his kids or whoever buys it) still be relatively rich.

  19. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Hoodoo Don Lancaster says that “Sierra Club Hike Straight To Hell”, used to be a popular bumper sticker in Arizona. Needs to be revived.

  20. Wilkey says:

    He should sell the land to the federal government and Trump should build dorm style housing for illegals on it immediately. Time to put those 40 years of preening virtue signalling to work Edge.

    I mean seriously, why hasn’t that strategy been tried?

    • Replies: @Barnard
  21. i mean i’m not saying anything new here, but it’s endlessly tiresome how the foreigners who lecture us, U2 in this case, once they get big money, the first thing they do is leave their dinky country, move to the US, then try to build some giant mansion.

    all the while, they keep singing songs and doing political activism about how much america and the west sucks.

  22. Lot says:

    Edge paid $9 million for 151 acres. That should tell you that whoever sold him the land believed developing it was hopeless.

    $9 million won’t get you even 2 developable acres in Malibu.

    Edge wasn’t just a guy looking to build a dream compound of houses, but hoping to get an unearned windfall through a lawsuit that would turn his $9 land purchase into $30 million or more.

    He could have done things the democratic way and convinced his neighbors of the benefits to his development. Or just found a suitable legal lot, which, yes, exist even in LA County.

    • Agree: South Texas Guy
  23. Barnard says:

    Because the average Republican office holder would rather live in a place like Malibu than his own district.

  24. As I said in the other thread, the remedy is partying in St. Tropez on your yacht with barely legal teenage girls:

    • Replies: @Anon
  25. I can’t believe the news today!

  26. @Barnard

    I live in Lamorinda and there is a decent sized lot right across the street from the BART station where the now deceased owners tried for years to build. First they tried some sort of higher density infill. Then they toyed with building an Indian Casino. Finally, after seemingly giving up, they planted crosses in protest of the Iraq war. In effect what they did is plan a cemetery right in the middle of a residential neighborhood similar to how Lincoln buried the Union’s war dead on Robert E. Lee’s plantation just to say F*** Y**. It has been there since Bush II and although the hippies that maintain it, if you can call it that, paid less attention to it when Obama got elected they still occasionally update the scoreboard sign counting the war dead in the Middle East. At first the community tried to stop it but apparently they have the right to free speech and because each cross is about the size of a realtor sign which is considered different than if there was one big sign saying F*** O**,

  27. Clyde says:

    The Edge
    Needed to hedge
    In case Malibu
    Tries to screw you

  28. @Achmed E. Newman

    Well said, Achmed.

    There is simply no conceivable way environmentalism and immigrationism can be held together in a logically consistent mental framework. They can only co-exist as just random items in a leftist/statist platform that includes screw whitey-ism.

    • Replies: @Olorin
  29. @Barnard

    He should sell the land to the federal government and Trump should build dorm style housing for illegals on it immediately. Time to put those 40 years of preening virtue signalling to work Edge.

    Well said Barnard.

    There’s actually a ton of measures like this that are purely executive in character and Trump could do by picking up the phone and ordering them done.

    Someday … someday … maybe we’ll get some conservatives who are willing to fight.

  30. Olorin says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Achmed, the question in my mind is whether this was a grass-roots or national Sierra movement.

    The latter beat back the former on immigration and population when Gelbaum bent Carl Pope over a barrel and paid him $150m for a good reaming…

    …but the honchos still let locals win one here and there.

    Of course the fact that immigration-/population-growth-based regimes are paving over millions of acres of wild land goes unmentioned by any but a handful…and even those won’t dare to mention all the triple parentheses at work on these matters.

    Having said all that, I don’t care that some effete emitter of lucrative noises and hoity-toity PC sentiments didn’t get to develop Pacific-front land. He can go back to Essex and develop something there.

    I understand from many years of Monty Python viewing that everyone is welcome to North Maldon, none more so than the businessmen and investors who shape our society of the future.

    No, wait–that’s North Malden. Maldon has the flake sea salt–that’s Kosher-approved! What a relief!

    There’s also New Malden, Kingston Upon Thames, “said to be one of the most densely populated areas of Koreans outside South Korea.” (Wikipedia. I looked it up figuring there had to be some sort of depressing demographic news since the time when I knew the area.)

  31. Pericles says:
    @Peripatetic Commenter

    I assume she then turned around and blamed white men, like that nutcase in Haiti did?

  32. @Achmed E. Newman

    A soul is a terrible thing to sell.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  33. Olorin says:

    When it comes down to a foundation board or meeting room where environmentalism and immigrationism are being pelota’ed against the wall for funding, believe me, immigrationism will win every time.

    There’s just not nearly enough PC or Conspicuous Altruism or, as you rightly note, Screw Whitey-ism involved in protecting the natural world from the tentacles of the lucrative Ape Hives.

    In fact, since conservative white men and women have been the prime conservationists, immigrationism is another way to Screw Whitey. (But we knew that.)

    Triple points if it also manages to Hurt Whitey by invading open or wild land that he holds particularly dear. Imagine hearing people discussing that illegal aliens invading, say, Big Bend National Park, and trashing the backcountry, is doubleplusgood because the National Park system is something only white racists created and support.

    Anything white people create or love is racism, we knew that. But the soul of our people is not a hive soul…and outside the hives there are few shekelmines. (Just “resources” that hivelords can dream of developing.)

    Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell, but cancer is a lucrative business.

    After all, I haven’t yet met a Mazama pocket gopher or snail darter or Miami tiger beetle that wants to buy a D.R. Horton inflatable-suburb wooden box with a 30-year mortgage resetting to the front end of the amortization/interest curve every time dad’s or mom’s employment is relocated.

    And…well, I’ll just deposit this here as my little pebble on a high-country cairn.

  34. Anon[407] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    Hookers and blow for all!

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