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From the New York Times:

‘We’re Self-Interested’: The Growing Identity Debate in Black America

Why a movement that claims to support the American descendants of slavery is being promoted by conservatives and attacked on the left.

By Farah Stockman
Nov. 8, 2019

In Hollywood, Harriet Tubman is played in a new movie by a black British woman, much to the annoyance of some black Americans. On the United States census, an ultrawealthy Nigerian immigrant and a struggling African-American woman from the South are expected to check the same box. When many American universities tout their diversity numbers, black students who were born in the Bronx and the Bahamas are counted as the same.

Strikingly, this article doesn’t mention the illustrative example I always bring up: Barack vs. Michelle Obama.

I get the impression that offering helpful examples of concepts is considered unprestigious writing.

Anyway, the emergence of Barack Obama at the Democratic convention in July 2004 may have put an end to the campaign of Harvard professors Henry Louis Gates and Lani Guinier that went public in June 2004 to raise awareness of how affirmative action at Harvard was less and less benefiting the descendants of American slaves (e.g., Michelle, not Barack).

A spirited debate is playing out in black communities across America over the degree to which identity ought to be defined by African heritage — or whether ancestral links to slavery are what should count most of all.

Tensions between black Americans who descended from slavery and black immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean are not new, but a group of online agitators is trying to turn those disagreements into a political movement.

“Online agitators” is the 2019 equivalent of “outside agitators” in a Sheriff Bull Connor press conference in 1965. While “online agitators” are presumptively Bad, “online activists” are of course Good.

They want colleges, employers and the federal government to prioritize black Americans whose ancestors toiled in bondage, and they argue that affirmative action policies originally designed to help the descendants of slavery in America have largely been used to benefit other groups, including immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean.

The American descendants of slavery, they say, should have their own racial category on census forms and college applications, and not be lumped in with others with similar skin color but vastly different lived experiences.

The group, which calls itself ADOS, for the American Descendants of Slavery, is small in number, with active supporters estimated to be in the thousands. But the discussion they are provoking is coursing through conversations far and wide.

Those who embrace its philosophy point to disparities between black people who immigrated to the United States voluntarily, and others whose ancestors were brought in chains.

Roughly 10 percent of the 40 million black people living in the United States were born abroad, according to the Pew Research Center, up from 3 percent in 1980. African immigrants are more likely to have college degrees than blacks and whites who were born in the United States.

A 2007 study published in the American Journal of Education found that 41 percent of black freshmen at Ivy League colleges were immigrants or the children of immigrants, even though those groups represent 13 percent of the black population in the United States.

In 2017, black students at Cornell University protested for the admission of more “underrepresented black students,” who they defined as black Americans with several generations in the United States. “There is a lack of investment in black students whose families were affected directly by the African Holocaust in America,” the students wrote to the president of the university.

University administrators say that black students from other countries contribute to increased diversity on campus, even if their admittance does not mitigate the injustices of American slavery. Many black immigrant groups are also descended from slavery in other countries.

Or slave traders in African countries.

… This year, responding to requests for “more detailed, disaggregated data for our diverse American experience,” the Census Bureau announced that African-Americans will be able to list their origins on census forms for the first time, instead of simply checking “Black.”

Critics consider the movement a Trojan horse meant to infiltrate the black community with a right-wing agenda, and question why the group would target Democrats, who have been far more open to discussions of reparations.

“You are willing to let Donald Trump win, who clearly says he doesn’t see reparations happening?” asked Talib Kweli Greene, a rapper and activist who has become a vocal opponent of the group. “Get out of here!”

Recently, Hollywood has become the source of much of the frustration around the dividing line between United States-born African-Americans and black immigrants. When the black British actress Cynthia Erivo was hired to play the abolitionist Harriet Tubman, the casting received immediate backlash. Similarly, the filmmaker Jordan Peele has been criticized for hiring Lupita Nyong’o, who is Kenyan, and Daniel Kaluuya, who is British, to play African-American characters in his movies. …

William Darity Jr., a professor at Duke University, has written a series of reports about wealth inequality cited by Mr. Moore and Ms. Carnell. In one report, Dr. Darity found that the median net worth of white households in Los Angeles was $355,000, compared with $4,000 for black Americans. African immigrants in the city had a median net worth of $72,000. Dr. Darity’s research also shows that not all immigrant groups are wealthy. …

Ms. Carnell has also been criticized for her past service on the board of Progressives for Immigration Reform, an anti-immigration group that has received funding from a foundation linked to John Tanton, who was referred to as “the puppeteer” of the nation’s nativist movement by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

After all, the SPLC is above suspicion.

This summer, ADOS ignited a flurry of criticism after Ms. Carnell complained that Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat of California, was running for president as an African-American candidate but had failed to put forth an agenda for black people. She noted that Ms. Harris is the daughter of an Indian mother and a Jamaican father. Critics quickly accused Ms. Carnell of “birtherism” and xenophobia.

Has anybody asked Senator Harris’s father what his family in Jamaica told him his race was? I’ve met a beige guy from Jamaica who bemusedly observed that everybody calls in black in America and white in Jamaica. I presume Dr. Harris is, like say, Malcolm Gladwell’s mother, from Jamaica’s mulatto middle class.

And although Ms. Carnell and Mr. Moore say ADOS is a nonpartisan movement, the hashtag has been used by conservatives who support Mr. Trump.

“I like #ADOS,” Ann Coulter, a white conservative commentator, wrote on Twitter. “But I think it should be #DOAS — Descendants of American slaves. Not Haitian slaves, not Moroccan slaves.”

Good point.

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  1. Thomm says:

    Ann Coulter really does like her #DOAS. I wrote a whole song about it :

    She Dy-no-mite, she Dy-no-mite!!
    When we boink, it outta sight!

    I is black, and she is white,
    One matches the other like day and night!

    Those WNs, they quake with fright,
    But after a while, just burn with spite.

    Together, we set the stage alight!
    She Dy-no-mite, she Dy-no-mite!!

    • LOL: Jim bob Lassiter
  2. Patriot says:

    I’m a Professor at a big university. During my entire 30-yr tenure, the Federal and State governments, as well as the University itself threw millions of Dollars toward people of color, annually.

    Most annoying is that up until about 2000, ALL non-whites were eligible for aid. This included the children of rich Chinese and Indian physicians, businessmen and politicians still living in China or India. It didn’t matter. All that was important was that the student be a “Minority”.

    This aid was supposed to be for the descendants of American slavery, not rich Chinese. This fraud, this injustice opened my eyes, and was one of the things that caused me to turn to the Alternative Right.

    • Agree: Hail
  3. Kyle says:

    Weedparations for ADOS NOW!

  4. Gunner says:

    Shouldn’t it be something like “FSJC”, Family Survived Jim Crow? It’s not like someone whose last enslaved ancestor was a New York house slave in 1780 is really hung up on the actual slavery part of being black.

    • Agree: Ron Mexico
  5. But the discussion they are provoking is coursing through conversations far and wide.

    I guess this is the prestige-y way to write: “people are discussing the idea.” I especially like the way she added “far and wide” at the end. That’s why you earn the big bucks at the NYT.

  6. It’s all a sinister plot.

    First, we’re going to get descendants of slaves recognized as deserving of special treatment…and then it will be on to descendants of serfs!

    And when was serfdom outlawed in Poland?

    Why, as late as 1864. Compare and contrast to the Emancipation Proclamation.

    The sun is about to rise for Polish America.

    • Replies: @Redneck farmer
  7. This aid was supposed to be for the descendants of American slavery, not rich Chinese

    Or so you thought. The aid was for the school, indirectly. Whom it was channeled through is a minor point.

  8. Lot says:

    Article attempting to metoo Mayor Bloomberg for his habit of making Trumpian comments about women.

    As with Trump, he’s old and the jokes are funny! Especially for off the cuff quips.

    “What, is the guy dumb and blind?” he is alleged to have said upon seeing her wearing an engagement ring.

    He is reported to have said, of the computer terminal that made his fortune, “It will do everything, including give you [oral sex]. I guess that puts a lot of you girls out of business.”

    (The Atlantic is too prudish to say “head” or “a bj,” even in a quotation??)

    “The couple of days a week before I need to get my hair colored,” Quinn once said, “he’ll say, ‘Do you pay a lot to make your hair be two colors? Because now it’s three with the gray.’”

    • Replies: @PiltdownMan
  9. @Lot

    Article attempting to metoo Mayor Bloomberg for his habit of making Trumpian comments about women.

    A lot of people don’t remember that Mike Bloomberg used to be a bond trader and partner at Salomon Brothers in its heyday, circa 1980. Those guys were about as alpha-male as they came.

    • Replies: @Forbes
  10. Tariq Nasheed is a black entrepreneur, entertainer, philosopher, Youtuber and social critic who is a big proponent of the ADOS movement.

    Nasheed also has a side gig as the lead singer of Mink Slide, an R&B funk unit. Say what you will about Mr. Nasheed, but he is definitely an American.

    Tariq Nasheed also produced the seminal Hidden Colors documentaries about the hidden history of Aboriginal, Moorish and African Peoples. No wonder The Powers That Be at The New York Times fear this man.

    Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin

  11. Talib Kweli Greene

    His relation to Shecky is clear in these photos:

    Talib Kweli Greene =

    Geee, liberal twink!
    I wake belligerent.

    And, of course, a shout-out to “Calypso” Louis Farrakhan above:

    I blew ratlike Gene.

  12. Anon[839] • Disclaimer says:

    More granularity in the census, for sure. Ask about citizenship! Break down Asians and Hispanics. Jewish whites shouldn’t be combined with Christian ancestry whites. Ask about dual citizenship and passport possession. The more data, the better.

  13. @Colin Wright

    Don’t worry, Sascha Baron Cohen will have a film that keeps the Polacks in place.

  14. @Clifford Brown

    Tariq Nasheed isn’t respectable. So he’s not an iSteve Content Generator.

  15. Kronos says:

    Most annoying is that up until about 2000, ALL non-whites were eligible for aid. This included the children of rich Chinese and Indian physicians, businessmen and politicians still living in China or India.

    Did you encounter any rich African immigrants?

    • Replies: @Patriot
    , @Ed
  16. Sam says:

    Why a movement that claims to support the American descendants of slavery is being promoted by conservatives and attacked on the left.

    When will those on the right understand their ability to put the thumb on these intraleft disputes. Just like those on the right automatically give more credence to somebody attacked by the left or NYT the same is true on the left.

    So if righties want to push ADOS they do so by attacking it for conservative reasons. Get a Ben Shapiro to make the case that America is color blind and it’s against identity politics in this way. Additionally mention repeatedly how the African immigrants are thriving rather than bringing up Asians.
    Can even throw in some elements about how the free market should be open to all talents and that ADOS have to compete.

    The has been true of any brand or product touted by the far right. The companies end up getting branded by journalist always on the lookout for why “x product is/has long been a sign of white supremacy” and the company feel compelled to denounce. Granted, you probably can’t use this to make a shakedown the way Sharpton does.

    Although Anthony Cumia of Opie and Anthony invented a new anti-woke investment strategy that earned him and his cohost a bit of money last summer. It started last summer with the founder of Papa Johns pizza dropping the n-word on a call, media backlash and the stock dropping.As Cumia realized this is the type of irrational reaction the market produces and that as soon as guy resigns, apologizes or it blows over the stock rebounds as the fundamentals haven’t changed. This type of woke scandal happened a few times the next couple of months and they kept betting on it.

  17. iffen says:

    Sheriff Bull Connor

    Commissioner of Public Safety Bull Connor

    more commonly

    Police Commissioner Bull Connor

  18. The thing is, a lot of black ADOSs and non-ADOSs alike end up DOAs at the hands of DOAS.

  19. unit472 says:

    Anyone who paid attention to the listings at antebellum slave auctions knew there were distinctions within the category of ‘slave’ and it was reflected in the expected price. There were ‘likely girls’ ( cheap) and ‘fancy girls’ ( very expensive) . A sturdy ‘field hand’ ( dumb as a rock) and a slave with a ‘trade’ (expensive).

    Then we would have to consider the former slaves date of manumission, for example, the census of 1850 for Richmond, Virginia noted that 40% of the negro population in that city were ‘free’. Obviously these freed slaves had a multi-generational head start on those who had to wait for their emancipation.

  20. Just as one can analyze the “black” component of universities’ student bodies, so one could analyze the “white” component. All these mainstream publications that discuss “racism” and “white privilege” and never even mention the ratio of Jews to non-Jews among the “white” students — well, they incline me toward a certain scepticism.

  21. @Patriot

    Since you are a Professor, maybe the following logic shouldn’t fail you, or Steve, or Ann Coulter:

    None of the people in question were ever slaves. None of them grew up in a household with anyone who has ever been a slave (OK, maybe a few of the actual Africans, but that doesn’t help your point). In the 2nd paragraph you even use the word “non-whites”, meaning obviously that the whites are eligible for absolutely nothing.

    Do you people realize that this bullshit about being a descendant of slaves can go on forever? It’s been 164 years now! What’s the cut-off time on this? If it will get to 2,000 years, maybe only 1,000, than perhaps all of us should be getting Affirmative Action and/or special admission, as lots of us will then be “officially” descendants of slaves.

    Lots of Americans have ancestors that were indentured servants, being treated worse than the slaves. Lots have just have ancestors that lived in extremely rough conditions or were killed or maimed in wars defending (arguably in some cases, but let’s not do that now) this country.

    There’s no way, Professor, Steve, and Ann Coulter, that you don’t know that the whole thing is grossly unfair to white people and often Orientals, and it’s completely unconstitutional, at least when practiced or mandated by the US government. Why do you defend this bullshit to begin with?! The material here is just arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.*


    * No, I’m not sure if that was ever really a real thing, so maybe that’s a stupid expression.

    • Agree: Jim bob Lassiter, Hail
  22. Now, on a lighter note, I’d always thought that “outside agitator” line was originally from future-Mr. Roper in The Graduate I never could find that scene on youtube, unfortunately, but it is the one in which Dustin Hoffmann is trying to rent an apartment from him in the heyday of the Berkeley, California ’60s turmoil. Yes, he seems to be the casting companies’ go-to guy for landlords!

    That movie was in the late 1960’s, so was that term a take-off on Bull Conner’s? In that case, I’ve yet again learned something here. I know you like movies, Steve, so you may have an answer for me.

    (Yeah, I don’t like things to be acrimonious on here, but that AA thing is a real head-scratcher for me. It’s maybe the 1% of politics that I don’t agree with you on, golf being non-political, and the same for Ann Coulter.)

  23. Anonymous[212] • Disclaimer says:
    @Clifford Brown

    Tariq is late to the ADOS party because many or most of his close associates are immigrant-stock blacks, including his long-time Nigerian assistant. Tariq is planning next year’s Foundational Black American Convention. He tried to fundraise for the convention on Kickstarter but had his campaign cancelled for some reason. He is now on Indiegogo.

  24. Ms. Carnell has also been criticized for her past service on the board of Progressives for Immigration Reform, an anti-immigration group …

    It has been well-established that immigration from Latin America is encouraged so that employers can hire Hispanics instead of blacks for entry-level jobs. Businesses often use employment agencies to screen out black applicants. Another tactic is for a business to close for remodeling, relocate to another facility, or change management and require employees to reapply for their positions with only a few blacks being rehired.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
    , @Alden
  25. ic1000 says:

    It’s not about what we are for. It’s about who we’re against. We are against the whites on the other side of the Cold Civil War.

    Very few DOAS’s object if a policy is bad for them, such as Affirmative Action benefits being showered on recent-arrival Africans, Hasidics, Conquistador-Americans, and South Asians.

    If they don’t care, why should we?

    This is just a corollary of Steve’s Coalition Of The Fringes idea.

  26. Ano says:

    Kamala Harris is neither an ADOS nor a DOAS.

    She is a DOSO.

    Descendant Of Slave Owners

    She is also a member of another sub-group of the American populace.

    She is a P.H.O.N.Y

  27. Art Deco says:

    The employment-to-population ratio for blacks is 0.582 and that for hispanics is 0.635. Someone’s hiring blacks.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  28. Mike1 says:

    “Dr. Darity found that the median net worth of white households in Los Angeles was $355,000”. In a just world there would be real consequences for this kind of academic fraud.

    • Replies: @rexl
    , @Triumph104
  29. RobUK says:

    How many generations since slavery was abolished – seven, eight? And those individuals still believe themselves disadvantaged by it?

  30. Patriot says:

    I knew a few African students with rich parents. Most were reasonably good students with good work ethics.

    Interestingly most had been indoctrinated in Africa by American (((Media)))) to beieve that America was seething with White racism againts Backs, and that they were in extreme danger from the KKK, etc. Most thought that they would find kinship and safety with American Blacks, and moved into Black areas and tried to socialize wih them. But they quickly learned the truth, and then moved to White neighborhoods, shunned Blacks, and befrended Whites.

    Some Black African students old me that African-Americans were uncivilized, degenerate, stupid, lazy, and criminal. Some had been robbed, scammed, threatened, and dsrespected by their “racial brothers and sisters”. There was no love between them.

    My university was big on peer mentoship, and whites from the Suburbs were eager to tutor poor performing Black students, but students from Africa refsed to do so. They didn’t want anything to do with African-Americans, who they considered nothing but trouble and who they beived had created their own problems.

    This was eye-opening to me. The studets from Africa were more “racist” than Whites. But then again, they were the cream-of-the crop from Africa and most were smarter and had a strong moral sense. Not all, mind you. I know of two African students who went “Getto Thug” after ariving in America. Also, recent African imigrants are not from thr higher class, as before, and don’t seem to be as smart or moral.

  31. Mr. Grey says:

    But didn’t some Democrat say we need more brown and black immigrants to make us better Americans? Isn’t this also why white kids have to move out of the way and let others take advantage of the institutions their ancestors built?

  32. rexl says:

    Yes, this caught my attention, what baloney.

  33. @Clifford Brown

    Let me see if I got this straight. A guy named “Tariq” is all busily up in arms, finger-pointing about de turrrble ebils of de trrrrble slabery.

    “Tariq” of course is the name of the guy who led the Muslim invasion of Spain, which resulted in about seven centuries of Africans enslaving Europeans — far longer than even the most robust interpretation of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

    Yo, Tariq! When y’all be sending my white ass my reparations an’ sheeit?

  34. Jmaie says:

    Not thinking that “American” is a good choice of terms, as that could include example decendants of Brazilian slaves who should not be eligible. It should instead be “US” which would make the acronym DOUSS.

    Next up, a Venn diagram showing the overlap between DOUSS and DINDUS…

  35. I probably shouldn’t tell anyone at the NYT that Sojourner Truth was born a slave….in New York.

  36. I wanna know why they always have white British women play every single American woman part in every single American movie. What is this? Are they better on the casting couch or something.

    For instance, I was watching Lodge 49 and I thought, “That Liz, she’s a real American girl,” and found out she’s not even American AT-tall. Sheesh.

    And then there’s the Wire where the main big black guy AND the main white guy turn out to be English, too. What. They can’t find Americans who can speak ebonics?

  37. Forbes says:

    Well, at least they thought they were alpha males. More like pencil-necked nerds who swore like truck drivers and drank like fish. “Big swinging dick” is a double entendre. Wall St. traders were never known for their polite demeanor and decorum.

    He was “let go” (fired) when Phibro acquired Solly–apparently revenge is the best reward.

  38. Uncle Dan says:
    @Clifford Brown

    If he’s American, why doesn’t he wear an American name?

  39. “There is a lack of investment in black students whose families were affected directly by the African Holocaust in America,” the students wrote to the president of the university.

    There was no “African Holocaust in America”, as the numbers of African Americans attest.

    The Arab and Turkish slave trade used to castrate the male slaves, and kill the offspring of the females who were held in sexual slavery.

    In the Indian subcontinent, there is a population of black Africans who are descended from slaves. They number 50,000 – or less than 0.005% of the Indian population. That represents a Holocaust.

    Although the Atlantic slave trade was brutal and revolting, African Americans are lucky that their ancestors were sold to buyers in the West and not the East – which would have required them to walk in chains across the Sahara Desert, suffer a more gruesome fate even than Kunta Kinte, and leave no descendants to claim reparations.

  40. “The American descendants of slavery, they say, should have their own racial category…”

    I’m confused, what’s that word after “own” and before “category”? Isn’t that an archaic term? Shouldn’t it perhaps be “People Who Think They Are American Descendants of Slavery”?

    Are we perhaps seeing the beginning of a Goodblacks/Badblacks schism in the black “community”?

  41. A few weeks ago, an Isteve commenter observed that women are biggest winners of the affirmative action game. I started to think about that. Let’s add Conquistador-Americans (Sailer’s brilliant coinage), who are smaller in number but nevertheless lucky to gain advantage for no reason other than having a Spanish surname — what a shameless hustle.

    At a large West Coast educational institution I visit, “white males” are about 10% of the student body. Younger faculty tend towards women, a few Conquistadors, and usually impressive NE Asians. There are next to zero American blacks and no visibly organized Native Americans – whom I wish were most helped.

    Diversity is celebrated with gaga eyes and fumbling justifications. A good chunk of students, and an increasing sector of faculty, are the offspring of corrupt, rich, third-world elites who hauled their loot here to be safe from revenge at the hands of the masses they cheated and crushed back home. Most of them count as “persons of color,” and a few use that to lord over the less pigment-privileged, in the same spirit as their parents did with violence and fraud to the sick and starving poor of the old country.

    • Replies: @Alden
  42. @Mike1

    The figures are correct. The median home value in Los Angeles is $600,000. Home values are part of a household’s net worth. Believe it or not, homes in white neighborhoods often have higher value than homes in black neighborhoods.

    There is a significant racial home ownership gap in metro Los Angeles, according to new data.

    The study, from apartment rentals website Apartment List, found that 44.4% of whites own a home in the L.A. area, more than double the African American home ownership rate of 21.4%.

    Asians have the highest rate of ownership, at 50.6%, and the Latino rate is 30.6%.

    The report, which is based on census data, also analyzed racial gaps by comparing the rate of white home ownership to the average rate of all other races combined.

  43. @Art Deco

    Use that logic the next time someone mentions that white tech workers are being replaced by H-1B visa holders from India.

  44. Surprised that no one mentioned HBO’s new series Watchmen, a late sequel to Alan Moore’s comic book.

    In a recent episode Skip Gates played himself as President Robert Redford’s treasury secretary, presiding over DNA-based reparations (“Redfordations”) under the Victims of Racial Violence Act.

    I don’t know how the series is going to play this all out, but worth an iSteve peek

  45. Ed says:

    Here’s an example of a child of a rich African. Davido, a huge Afrobeats star, was born in Atlanta. It appears this was merely a birth tourism thing as he was raised in Nigeria until his dad sent him back to the states in his teen years for schooling. To his dad’s chagrin he fell in with American blacks and neglected his studies.

    His dad is worth $300M+

    Davido was 16 when he had arrived in Huntsville, a year earlier. His father, Dr. Adedeji Adeleke, a well-known businessman and Seventh-day Adventist in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of over $300 million, dropped him off with his passport, $2,000 cash, and freshman registration documents for Oakwood University, a historically black Christian college. (People often attach the honorific ‘Chief’ to Dr. Adeleke’s name, referring to his wealth and power, largely earned through his founding of Pacific Holdings, a company that deals in steel, oil, gas, and more.) Davido had already spent time in the U.S.—he was born in Atlanta, and sometimes visited in the summer—but much about life in the States was new to him. “That was the first time I had a phone in America. There was unlimited calling. I never saw nothing like that before,” he remembers. “In Nigeria, you gotta pay before you get what you want.”
    The school roomed him with another international student, a Rwandan track athlete—“I was like, ‘Okay, wow. They just put all the African people together?’”—but he gravitated toward an upstairs neighbor named Jaymo, an American kid whose speakers constantly rattled Davido’s ceiling. “One day, I went to go check what the noise was. I went upstairs, opened the door, and the guy had a full studio in his room,” he says. “I told him that I was trying to do music, too. He asked me, ‘How much do you have to invest in equipment?’ And I said, ‘$2,000.’ He was like, ‘That’s too much.’” They went to Guitar Center with $500.

  46. Interesting problem but foreseeable – even Caribbean blacks regard the US ones as lazy pampered thugs.

    – As already laid out in “The Dogs of War”, TPTB do not care WHICH black face they see (maybe they all look alike?). So if universities and employers are given a choice of Mafia Don´s dimwit nephews to hire at gunpoint, why is anyone surprised they opt for the lesser?
    Of course this makes a mockery of affirmative action which in turn makes a mockery of the equal protection clause which in turn …

    Repatriation Now! And no child left behind.

  47. @Clifford Brown

    He has three Doctors in the cast of Hidden Colors. I surmise it must be a movie about optical science.

  48. Alden says:
    @New Dealer

    I worked at UCLA, I worked all over the campus but mostly in the old medical school hospital complex. Half the medical students were women , almost all Asian, foreign Asians, not Americans. Men were about 90% Asian, mostly foreign or recent immigrants. 10% were a few White Americans with Spanish surnames a black or 2 and a few White American men. The White men were mostly Persians who had been turned down because of diversity. There’s an appeals process for everyone whose turned down by UC. But few families have the $20,000 to hire an attorney to file a discrimination law suit to win the appeal and be admitted on merit. That’s how the White men got in, family clan had the money to file a racial discrimination law suit.

    I still occasionally work on the campus on the other side of town, USC. Same thing, few Whites but the foreigners are more heavily Indian.

  49. Alden says:

    All this elaborate drug testing is another way to fire blacks. So is the counseling and warnings before being actually fired. So is the anti sexual harassment. It applies to all men, but since only black men do it, it gets rid of them. They can’t claim it’s racial discrimination since all these elaborate rules apply to everyone, male and female, black White and every shade of brown tan and beige.

    Unfortunately, only black men are screened out by these HR methods. There’s still too many black women in every workplace.

    I assume corporate America would rather spend vast amounts of money on HR departments than fight affirmative action.

    It was affirmative action that broke the private sector unions and destroyed the White male trades.

    But idiot White male conservatives applaud the destruction of the unions.

  50. Alden says:

    Off topic bad news. It looks as though the curry socialist Sawant won re election to Seattle city council. Chesa Boudin radical pro crime anti police activist won the San Francisco district attorney’s office. He promised to not even prosecute burglaries on the grounds burglaries are non violent crimes. Also promised to not prosecute non violent crimes of any kind. This of course included the endless car break ins and 5 thieves walking out of Big Buy with a 12 ft TV. Or Shreves and Tiffany with a handful of big diamonds. He’s one of those Soros sponsored DAs of course.

    Soros targeted District attorney offices not just to increase crime in each county his candidates won election.

    The state and national district attorneys associations are major lobbyists like the police associations. For instance, all those state “” victims rights” “use a gun go to prison” “three strikes you’re out” laws were sponsored by the national DA association. The DA lobbyists pushed the RICO laws through congress.

    Soros and the Jews short term plan is to get pro criminal anti victim anti police DAs elected in all the major big city counties. Long term is to install pro criminal DAs in the DA lobbying of legislators and lobbying associations. Plus of course recommending judges.

    It’s a long term clever plan and if it succeeds nation wide it will result in an explosion of unpunished crime, more pro criminal judges and removing the victims of crime use a gun go to prison and 3 strikes you’re out laws. Of course the local DA’s offices will soon get rid of all the victims support systems if Soros’ plan succeeds which I believe it will.

    All it takes is money to win any election

    Nothing has changed since mid sixties when Black Panthers Weatherunderground and the New Left began its successful assault on White Americans

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