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A Tale of Two Tweets
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“For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: ‘It might have been!’” — John Greenleaf Whittier

What might have been:

But what is:

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143 Comments to "A Tale of Two Tweets"
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  1. 1. Denial<———————–Glenn Fleishmann is here (as is most of the corporate Left)
    2. Anger
    3. Bargaining<——————————-(the rest are here (those talking about the SDNY, etc.)
    4. Depression
    5. Grief

    • Replies: @El Dato
  2. Anonymous[760] • Disclaimer says:

    Expectations for Trump:
    50% Pat Buchanan
    50% Silvio Berlusconi

    Reality of Trump:

  3. Hunsdon says:

    NPR is desperately trying to put a brave face on, pretending that there’s more to come, more and better besides. I know, I know, Schadenfreude is a sin, but hey, I’m fallen, what can I say?

  4. 793 days, and counting, and Donald J. Trump is still our President. Read it and weep, Rachel Madcow.

    793 days, and counting, and still Zero miles of new wall, no Executive Order ending “Birthright Citizenship,” increasing numbers of illegals crossing the border and being released into the interior of the US if they are caught, increasing “H-Series” visa issuances, and US military boots on the ground in a growing number of places questionably in the US’ national interest.

    WTF, Donald J. Trump, do you want to be re-elected as our President?

    • Agree: MBlanc46
  5. Tiny Duck says:

    People like kid rock are direct causes of the tragedies like the terrorusm in new zeal and

    This is why we need to hate speech laws and codes

    The very fact a place like even exists is a testament to the white supremacy that controls America

  6. Anonymous[318] • Disclaimer says:

    Hey, Jordan Peele’s new flick made back its entire budget in just 1 day of wide release:

    Oh wait… The movie only cost $25 mil… Therefore this proves nothing about something-or-other… I’m sure that will be the measured judgment of Twitter (“where no one knows you’re actually SWPL”)

  7. AKAHorace says:

    Has any recent US president not played golf ?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  8. Cortes says:

    The daughter was a fan…

  9. @AKAHorace

    Carter and Truman didn’t play golf, maybe one other president back to Taft.

    Reagan had mostly aged out of playing but he was moderately devoted to the game when younger.

    GWB, who stopped playing golf over the war, made his first lifetime hole in one this month.

  10. guest says:

    Did CNN just tweet “bathed in golden light” and “teenagerhood?” Are they writing an eighth-grade poem? Or are “bathe” and “golden” meant to remind us of Pee-pee-gate?

    • Replies: @Lugash
  11. guest says:
    @Steve Sailer

    I think we all remember: “Now, watch this drive,” because it was repeatedly hammered into our heads.

  12. GWB, who stopped playing golf over the war, made his first lifetime hole in one this month.

    Well, at least he’s done something he can be proud of.

  13. guest says:

    That Michael Tracy has it backwards. Trump campaigned on fighting the Uniparty (not explicitly, but by implication). He represented transcendence of playact partisanship for the Real Thing, at least on his Big Four issues.

    People are overly apt to think reshuffling around this or that platform to be some sort of transcendence. Trump wasn’t a trans-politician or an anti-politician but a man seeking to represent a mass of people who had been ignored for a long time. And so far not doing all that well, but the bar is low.

  14. Forbes says:

    Apparently, I’m not sufficiently woke to know who Glenn Fleishman is.

    Kid Rock? I recognize him.

    CNN? Remind me?

  15. IHTG says:

    Actually, what some people were expecting was 50% Pat Buchanan, 50% Bernie Sanders.

    “Give the Democrats Medicare-at-55 and a minimum wage hike in exchange for immigration restriction!”

    Yeah, a billionaire boomer Republican is going to do that. Sorry guys, you don’t get a political realignment in a single election.

    • Replies: @R.G. Camara
    , @Mr. Anon
  16. @Steve Sailer

    He really took the war as a mission from God. We got unlucky a better one didn’t come along. I’d have settled for Jake and Elwood’s.

    • Replies: @Roderick Spode
  17. Anon[529] • Disclaimer says:

    25% Berlusconi
    25% Koch Brothers
    25% Fox News loudmouth
    25% Jeb Bush

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  18. Cortes says:

    Shakespeare had it wrong. It should’ve been

    “First, kill all the golfers.”

    In ? “Tinker, Tailor..” Le Carre has “Control” warning Smiley about the golfers. He was right.

    From experience, though not in the same environment.

    • Replies: @Dtbb
  19. One of many great Kid Rock lyrics:

    “I don’t like small cars or real big women, but somehow I always find myself in em.”

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Buffalo Joe
    , @jeppo
  20. Trump is the Uniparty. His only innovation lies in how effectively he duped the electorate into thinking he was not.

    • Replies: @e
    , @Desiderius
  21. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    That’s utter bullshit. Both parties immediately aligned to ensure that was an impossibility. Recall Trump likely supported single payer systems for provision of medical care as he said in the debates. Practical in stable reasonably homogeneous populations of related peoples. Numerous similar examples.

    It may be endemic to the odd structure of the US federal government relative to parliamentary systems that see the creation of new parties, coalitions with very focused groups of voters in small parties etc all the time.

    Our swamp was desperate to keep the gravy train rolling and after the shock it was no holds barred to ensure the sinecures, graft, quasi deep state would preserve. Careerism, to be most charitable, alone
    required that the useless dogma that had been memorized not be exposed as sophistry and self serving playacting to satisfy lobbyist paymasters.

    I could ramble on here, but the notion that Trump is superman who can not only crush his opponents but then revolutionize political philosophy within two years of victory is a joke from twitter goons and journalists types.

  22. TWS says:
    @Tiny Duck

    You’re back. Dang good to see you back in form. Our own plagiarist Godfrey Elfwick.

  23. Okay, here’s another one:

    Gold links and minks and shrimp dinners on the bayou,

    Them is all the things that I ain’t gonna buy you,

    It’s like one of them freak things, hit it once maybe every couple week days,

    I got no love, I got no riches, I don’t roll vogues, and I ain’t got switches,

    I got no game, I can’t reward you, but if you want a long one, baby

    I got one for ya!

  24. Ibound1 says:

    The GOP should disband the FBI, the State Department, the CIA, the Justice Dept. and any other agency they can. If this is what the Democrats do with these agencies when they are out of executive power, imagine what they will do with them when they are in power.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @MBlanc46
  25. Lugash says:

    “Teenagerhood” might be a reference to Epstein?

  26. Dtbb says:

    That was a line from “Caddyshack”.

    • Replies: @Cortes
  27. Dtbb says:

    I love the way the sunbeams are hitting Trump. Neat effect or…?

  28. J.Ross says: • Website
    @The Alarmist

    “Now, now, young lady, that’s just the speed of light.”

  29. @IHTG

    Trump’s personal goal has always been destroying NAFTA and the other free trade rot. A worthy goal, but not worth sacrificing immigration for. He’s fine with national healthcare, but again, it won’t get him the end of NAFTA, so he’s not going to work on it.

  30. Hail says: • Website
    @The Alarmist

    do you want to be re-elected as our President?

    He’d rather be loved by Israelis (near and far) than actually support his own people.

    • Agree: Cortes, RebelWriter
    • Replies: @Desiderius
  31. @Steve Sailer

    When golf became the sport upper-middle class older men did business over is about the same time presidents became famous for it. Which was cause and which was effect?

    Used to be fishing was a popular activity for older men to while away their hours on vacation doing, but it’s lost a lot of its appeal as more “active” vacations have been in vogue. And yes, golf is more active than a lazy day fishing—unless we’re talking that deep-water speedboat and marlin fishing. I know there’s a movement called “Take Me Fishing” as the fishing community tries to win back people.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  32. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Which war?

  33. @R.G. Camara

    Maddow interrupted her fishing vacation in Tennessee to do her show tonight. Mueller emergency.

    A real throwback, that one.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
    , @R.G. Camara
  34. @Ibound1

    It wasn’t Democrats. It was Cold War holdovers covering for Hillary because they were afraid of Bernie. Then one thing led to another.

  35. Anon[289] • Disclaimer says:

    His groupies are as ugly as he is.

  36. Lot says:

    Good news from Europe: The Dutch Senate election saw the two anti-immigration parties go from 9 to 17 seats, with the brand new party run by Thierry Baudet winning the most votes of any party.

    Baudet is 37, an agnostic “cultural Christian,” favors burka bans and no Muslim migration, pro Israel, and has a little bit of Indonesian ancestry.

    Looks like he’s taking the torch from Geert Wilders.

    Damn straight!

  37. The name “Kid Rock” is increasingly hilarious now that he’s in his late 40’s.

  38. MBlanc46 says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Haven’t seen much of you around here lately, TD. You weren’t missed.

    • Replies: @res
  39. MBlanc46 says:

    The GOP should disband itself. Then perhaps we could make a start on those other things.

  40. res says:

    Has anyone been tracking TD and Corvy sightings? They seem to dis/appear together.

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  41. @Tiny Duck

    The very fact a place like even exists

    Apparently it doesn’t exist in your sentence.

  42. @Lot

    What’s with the French name, though? “Thierry” was kind of a masculine “Linda” or “Jennifer” in France. Rocketed to the top, then slid.

    • Replies: @Lot
  43. J.Ross says: • Website
    But why would Barr sit quietly on evidence that Trump is a Russian? Unless … BARR ALSO IS A RUSSIAN! IN FACT THEY’RE ALL RUSSIAN!

  44. Anon[934] • Disclaimer says:

    Picture of Trump right at the edge where the shrubbery meets the pillars. He’s just looking for where the steps are before he heads down on them. Libtard photog just tried to make it look like something else.

  45. @Steve Sailer

    “GWB, who stopped playing golf over the war, made his first lifetime hole in one this month.”

    That’s nothing. 16 years ago he had a slam dunk.

  46. @Mis(ter)Anthrope

    Mis, If Rock leaned left instead of right, those would be Pulitzer Prize winning lyrics.

    • Agree: Roderick Spode
  47. @Jokah Macpherson

    Jokah, I always thought the same about Bobby Kennedy. Drop the “y” when you hit your twenties.

    • Replies: @Dtbb
  48. Lot says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    He’s also of Flemish ancestry, and they all speak French as a second language. Probably sounds classy to their ears compared to “Geert.”

    Here’s him interviewed in English.

  49. Dtbb says:
    @Buffalo Joe

    Believe me, you can try to get people to call you Bob, but they won’t always cooperate. Especially when the surname is alliterative. I gave up and went with it.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  50. e says:

    What pure bull shit.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  51. K… Trump still failed us though.

  52. @Desiderius

    Jake and Elwood ended up in Joliet. I’d have settled to see GWB end his days in a similar institution.

  53. @Steve Sailer

    I suspect this to be the first time GWB got anything right first try.

  54. @The Alarmist

    Trump certainly hasn’t accomplished everything he promised and his base should continue to keep his feet to the fire.

    But . . . how many of us could have done better if we: (a) became president unexpectedly with zero political experience; (b) were visciously attacked 24/7/365 by the establishment media; (c) were subjected to attempted coups, frame-ups, and sabotage by the Deep State and the permanent bureaucracy; and (d) had a Congress that was 45% Opposition party, 45% Cuck/Never-Trumper, and maybe 10% populist supporters.

    Hey, nobody’s perfect.

    • Agree: Dtbb, Ron Mexico, jim jones
    • Disagree: Hail
    • Replies: @Alfa158
    , @Hail
  55. Mr. Anon says:

    Yeah, a billionaire boomer Republican is going to do that. Sorry guys, you don’t get a political realignment in a single election.

    That’s true. And you don’t get it by just electing a new President.

    • Replies: @BB753
  56. Alfa158 says:

    I think the biggest single factor is that only 10% of Congress is populist. And even some of those are Democrats who won’t give him anything because of partisan solidarity. You also might have added that Trump staffed his administration with obstructionists, Never-Trumpers, and outright opponents of his agenda.
    It’s a wierd position we’re in that a President can’t get anything done if his only supporters are the 63 million people who voted for him. I would have thought that was worth something.

    • Agree: bomag
    • Replies: @Travis
  57. @Anon

    25% Berlusconi
    25% Koch Brothers
    25% Fox News loudmouth
    25% Jeb Bush

    Oh please… did you want there to be 4 explanatory variables as an homage to the “4D Chess” meme?

    By appropriate dimension-reduction, you would get a better estimate from

    • 90% Likud
    • 10% Saatchi & Saatchi (or ad agency of your choice)

    Cela explique tout.

    He’s not the Messiah – he’s not even a naughty boy. He’s just another compromised bullshit-artist.

  58. anon[834] • Disclaimer says:

    I presume Mueller has at least left a lot of poisonous innuendo in the report, so that when it’s released (or leaked), it’ll give Trump another headache and sooth the rubes.

  59. kihowi says:

    Sort of sad that Trump has been reduced to schmoozing with types like Kid Rock after the “thinking Trumpers” (what there was of them) have left.

    Rock is similar to Larry the Cable Guy and Adnrew Dice Clay in that he plays a character all the time. He was a upper-middle-class boy who tried for a long time to be a rapper and after that didn’t work came up with his proud trailer trash/wigger persona. The archetypal representative of Trump’s remaining base.

    • Disagree: Desiderius
  60. a reader says:
    @The Alarmist

    Did you just mention “Birthright Citizenship,” ?

    The french media of course dutifully and absolutely factually reported the happy event.

    • Replies: @bomag
  61. a reader says:
    @Tiny Duck

    we need to hate speech laws and codes

    For once, I and undoubtedly many Isteve readers totally agree with you.

  62. El Dato says:
    @R.G. Camara

    6. “Captain Marvel will save us all”

  63. El Dato says:
    @theo the kraut

    “his current girlfriend is an Iranian refugee.”

    That’s not a bad thing.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
    , @theo the kraut
  64. BB753 says:
    @Mr. Anon

    Mostly, you don’t get anything by just voting. If you want anything done you’ve got to buy politicians, or have them removed by force.

    • Agree: Rosie
  65. @J.Ross

    The whole thing DOES appear to have been pushed by KGB/FSB deep cover types, now that you mention it!

  66. @Lot

    Baudet’s family is not originally Flemish, but French: they are old-time Huguenot refugees from the France of 1685 and the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

    His direct ancestry in the male line is upper middle class academics back to the early nineteenth century. His mother sheltered Jews during the war and is a “Righteous among the Nations”. The Indonesian blood comes from his paternal grandmother’s side and is very common in families (like her’s) which provided military officers and state officials in the old Dutch East Indies. As long as that blood is not from slaves it was always considered acceptable, even exotic. British India was very different in that regard.

    Baudet is both brilliant and charismatic. He’s got a string of degrees in history and law, and already, in his mid-thirties, has some dozen substantial books to his name, including a novel or two.
    I hope he has good bodyguards though – the Left is already wistfully (and in print) recalling the man who killed Pim Fortuyn.

    • Replies: @Old Palo Altan
    , @Hail
  67. bomag says:
    @a reader

    “It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.”

    Notice the photos are of white babies. French journalists must go to the same training schools as US “journalists”.

  68. Travis says:

    most of the 63 million who voted for Trump started home during the midterms or voted for politicians opposed to Trump’s agenda. Most of the 63 million “Trump” voters also voted for Romney and McCain. 60 million of the Trump voters would have voted for Jeb if he was on the GOP ticket.

  69. @Jokah Macpherson

    Kid Rock has remarked on several occasions that he has the worst music name. He’s said he’s in the same group as Will ‘Fresh Prince’ Smith.

  70. jeppo says:

    I ain’t no G
    I’m just a regular failure
    I ain’t straight outta Compton
    I’m straight out the trailer

  71. @Old Palo Altan

    Oops! I got it wrong about his male line: not French, but southern Belgian (and thus French speaking). His immigrant ancestor fled to the Northern Netherlands, not for reasons of religion, but because the invading French were about to conscript him into the army of the Revolution. That was in 1795.

    Those of you who are diverted by questions of phenotypical dominance within families might like to google “Han Baudet”, our subject’s great grandfather. His spitting image.

  72. Thirdtwin says:

    For some reason, this reminds me of that time when Barky locked himself out of the White House. Talk about symbolic and what might have been…

  73. Anonymous[246] • Disclaimer says:

    Rock is similar to Larry the Cable Guy and Adnrew Dice Clay in that he plays a character all the time. He was a upper-middle-class boy who tried for a long time to be a rapper and after that didn’t work came up with his proud trailer trash/wigger persona. The archetypal representative of Trump’s remaining base.

    When I think of upper-middle class I think of growing up in Chevy Chase or Wellesley and going to St. Albans or Noble & Greenough. Not simply growing up well off as a son of a Michigan car dealer and getting arrested for fights at Waffle Houses.

  74. @Steve Sailer

    Carter was an avid fly fisherman, as were Hoover, Coolidge, and Eisenhower. Hoover created Camp Rapidan, later Camp David, as his fly fishing retreat near D.C. I’ve fished the river below the camp.

    Coolidge loved the sport so much that he may have spent more time fishing than governing, and some people said that made him exactly the kind of president we needed.

    Never heard that Truman was much of a fisherman, but I’ve seen a few photos of him fishing from a boat in big water.

  75. nebulafox says:
    @El Dato

    Agreed. I don’t get all the hate for the Persians around these parts. The Iranian regime is a nasty piece of work, but they are nowhere near as irrational as the Semites in Riyadh and Jerusalem want you to believe.

    Iranian migrants are a pretty secular bunch, anyway, as you’d expect from people who’ve had to live under a no kidding theocracy and are well acquainted with its dangers. Even the relatively pious ones tend to have a distaste for Islamism specifically and religion in politics in general as a result of their background.

    • Replies: @BB753
    , @YetAnotherAnon
    , @Svigor
  76. BB753 says:

    Iran is a large country. Arabs to the South, Turks, Tajiks to the North, Armenians, Persians and Jews elsewhere. I’ve met some Persians, and they’re generally more open and intelligent than Arabs. Also, Chiite Islam is slightly less crazy and backward than Sunnite Islam, particularly the Wahhabi kind spreading from Saudi Arabia. But, make no mistake, deep down they don’t like Americans. But who can blame them? You won’t find much love for Americans in Christian Serbia either for obvious reasons. American foreign policy seems to be more about “shock and awe” than “winning hearts and minds”.

  77. @Lot

    This guy is the best spoken politician I’ve heard in decades, and English is probably his third language!

    “Our political leaders are not representatives of the people in our capitols; they are representatives of Brussels in our capitols.”

    “The EU is an experiment against reality. It is something that cannot continue to exist…”

    “Open borders and a welfare state are disastrous combination.”

    He also notes that the EU always loses referenda in the Netherlands (which are then ignored), and that illegal aliens’ compliance with judicial deportation orders is strictly voluntary (which needless to say they don’t volunteer to comply with).

    All this in a suave, sophisticated, photogenic package. No wonder the left is openly calling for his assassination.

    • Replies: @Lot
  78. @nebulafox

    ” The Iranian regime is a nasty piece of work”

    So are the US and UK regimes, in their eyes – and with reason.

    We only used to get ratty with unpleasant regimes if they killed our people or harassed our traders. The hostage crisis was 40 years ago more or less.

  79. @Anonymous

    My expectations were less jaded: 25% Buchanan, 25% Coulter, 25% Perot and 25% BatMan. That is what you get for suspending willing disbelief past its shelf life: no BatMan and not even a Robin.

    It looks like the Italian BatMan is also shedding his Gotham-protecting cape, opting for a one-sided, neoliberal, importing-heavy deal with New Silk Road China, rather than beefing up his own country’s manufacturing, like a true populist hero.

    But, maybe, it is a trade-off for less wage-undercutting, mass-scale immigration and less social unrest in Italy.

    The Italian BatMan Lite may realize that—even if Italy ramped up its manufacturing—cheapskate, Italian employers would give most of the jobs to noncitizens—noncitizens receiving streams of welfare and child tax credit cash for their Italian-born kids that make puny pay that will not cover rent for non-welfare-eligible citizens acceptable.

  80. Hail says: • Website

    I see far too much of this talk, implicitly (sometimes more explicitly) excusing-away the Great Trump Betrayal. He failed in even the most basic of ways from the beginning. Signs point to it all having been a long con. (Reminder: “Highest Numbers Ever”).

    It’s time to let go. Say ‘No’ to Trump. It’s over.

    What a shame he was ever the spokesman for American nationalism. What’s all the worse is that he has served as an energy-sink for nationalist energies; he still has plenty of instinctive defenders even while the betrays his own people over and over.

  81. @Desiderius

    Maddow interrupted her fishing vacation in Tennessee to do her show tonight. Mueller emergency.

    She’s not gonna find much tuna in Tennessee.

  82. Hail says: • Website
    @theo the kraut

    Is Dutch bad boy Thierry Baudet the new face of the European Alt-Right?

    “his current girlfriend is an Iranian refugee.”

    (1) Since when are Dutchmen named ‘Thierry’?

    (2) Whatever happened to that half-Persian-by-ancestry figure in the U.S. Alt-Right in the mid 2010s? He was implacably hostile to Islam and claimed to have extensive contacts with an underground anti-Islamic nationalist movement in Iran. His name was Jason Reza Jorjani.

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @Reg Cæsar
  83. Hail says: • Website

    Dutch bad boy Thierry Baudet

    Apparently his grandfather’s mother (an Ernestine van Heemskerck) was from the mixed-race Eurasian caste in Indonesia called “the Indos.”

    Without any other non-European ancestry, this makes Thierry Baudet ca. 4-10% Southeast Asian, depending on the exact racial balance of the Eurasian great-grandmother.

    (They sure don’t make White racialists like they used to…)

    There is a whisp of the exotic in many of Thierry Baudet’s pics.

    Here is a pic of his grandfather, Ernest Baudet, who had a substantial amount of Southeast Asian ancestry via his mother:


  84. @Lot

    He’s also of Flemish ancestry, and they all speak French as a second language.

    The Flemish speak Flemish (a dialect of Dutch) and have Flemish names (this guy does not) and they definitely don’t speak French as a second language, the proper order would of course be English, then German, then French.
    You are thinking of the other large language group in Belgium, the Walloons, who indeed speak a dialect of French.

  85. @J.Ross

    But why would Barr sit quietly on evidence that Trump is a Russian?

    I can think of few more entertaining ways to suppress evidence than to have Barr sit on it.

    Though, like Al Sharpton, she ain’t the force she used to be:

  86. Trump back on the golf course. That hardly inspires confidence. Lazy spoiled rich guy continues to fool middle America that he gives a crap.

    • Agree: AndrewR, Hail
    • Replies: @El Dato
  87. Hail says: • Website
    @Old Palo Altan

    The Indonesian blood comes from his paternal grandmother’s side

    My understanding is this is mistaken: The non-European blood comes from Thierry Baudet’s paternal grandfather’s mother ( Thierry Baudet’s great grandmother).

    From what I read, this great-grandmother was herself a Eurasian, and not an “Indonesian” in a racial sense. When all is said and done, Thierry Baudet probably has a 6-7% Southeast Asian share of his personal ancestry, plus or minus several points. The great-grandmother could have been in a multi-generational Eurasian breeding pool in Dutch Indonesia (referred to as the “Indo” people) and it may be that Thierry Baudet doesn’t have a full-‘Indonesian’ ancestor for quite a few generations. See pic of Thierry Baudet’s grandfather.

    I wonder if knowledge of his non-European ancestry has allowed Thierry to advocate racialist politics, using his non-European DNA as a kind of political shield?

    • Replies: @Old Palo Altan
  88. @res

    “Has anyone been tracking TD and Corvy sightings?”

    Forget Corvinus; another red herring. I have proof in the form of photographic evidence of TD and Steve Sailer taking lunch together at Art’s in Studio City. I do not have audio; but the pixs clearly show them scheming their schemes.

    • Replies: @res
  89. @Hail

    (1) Since when are Dutchmen named ‘Thierry’?

    Faddism in names isn’t limited to the Anglosphere. Some Dutch are attracted to exotic monikers for their kids. I once knew a Pjotr.

    In European countries, you have to have the child’s name approved by local authorities, but the Dutch are more liberal than most. I have a bunch of foreign name dictionaries, and the Dutch one isn’t a dictionary at all. Just a list of approved names.

    Thierry is a French cognate of “Derek”, which actually looks more Dutch than English.

    8 Countries With Fascinating Baby Naming Laws

    Double Surnames: Can You Do That Here? –Amsterdam Mamas

    My daughter’s first name is Cohen which is consistently pronounced as two distinct syllables by Dutchies. Still, plenty of English speakers have misheard it as ‘colon’. (Yep, I named my kid colon but only because anus was taken).Amsterdam Mamas: Choosing an ‘international name’ for your child

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
    , @Hail
  90. @Steve Sailer

    Did Nixon play golf? Can’t seem to remember seeing him on the links but I suppose he did. If so he must have been godawful in as much as he was a certified klutz who had problems uncapping soda bottles.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  91. @Reg Cæsar

    Correct. I know a Syrian named Giovanni. His parents admired Italian culture and thought Giovanni was a cool-sounding name.

  92. Lot says:
    @Almost Missouri

    It’s uncanny how perfectly Dutchmen speak English. He is not unusual in that respect. Indeed he’s easier to understand for an American than a lot of regional British accents.

    When I first went there I learned how to ask “do you speak English” in Dutch to be polite. After the first couple days I realized this was not needed, and the reaction was a smile or laugh and “Of course I do.”

    A distant second in English ability in Europe are Denmark/Norway/Sweden. But there the accent is stronger and fluency lower. Norwegians have a small edge over the other Scandis because they are so rich they are more likely to study for a year or more in the US/UK when they are young.

    In Germany, English ability varies a lot by level of education, but the very basics are nearly universal in younger people.

  93. @Desiderius

    Its hilarious when dykes try so hard to affect masculinity. Of course, having a partial hatred and insecurity about it, they always get the concept wrong. It’s much like how they view being the”man” in the relationship means they get to abuse their partner (lesbian relationships are among the most physically abusive).

    I’m sure her fishing was quite hilarious to behold.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  94. Currahee says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Tiny, we really are concerned for you welfare, when we ask you to take your meds, we don’t want to doubling up like this.

  95. @Hail

    Did you not receive your free Trumpophone and did Trump not pay yo rent?

  96. @theo the kraut

    He has a female amour? Finally, the Euro-Right has a straight man or two. I sort of assume that all Dutch people are homosexual until they prove otherwise.

  97. @Hail

    You are correct. I misread some information about his father as being about him. In other words I was also wrong to say that his mother was a “Righteous among the Nations”: it was his paternal grandmother, who seems to be alive still, at 95.

    The genealogies of the van Heemskerck family which I have consulted are confused; suffice it to say that it appears that our Thierry has both Indonesian and Chinese blood back some five or six generations. The Chinese is through the van Heemskercks and the Indonesian through a very exotic family called David von Franquemont, which originated with a certain Carl Philip August David von Franquemont, who, born in 1772, was one of the four or five illegitimate sons of Karl Eugen, Duke of Wurttemberg.

    There are Indos, and there are Indos. The sort which Thierry descends from were always high class, and would not have thanked you had you pointed out that their features were not unlike those of their servants.

  98. Svigor says:

    I don’t hate Persians. I don’t want them in my country.

    • Replies: @James Speaks
    , @J.Ross
  99. @Dtbb

    Dttb, You’re right, my family often calls me Joey, even Papa Joey, but not in public. Enjoy your life Dttby.

  100. This would benefit from sidenotes. The NYT (paper of record for Israel) includes sidenotes in its online version. To wit:

    by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog (which is periodically included here at Unz.)
    There I was, back on the “Job Creators Red-Eye” from Silicon Valley to New York City, reading The New York Times. I was reading it the way God intended – in an actual newspaper.

    But when I logged onto my computer, I noticed The Times has a new feature: they now are writing footnotes to articles, putting them on the right side of the screen in a red font.

    This funny interview with the comedian Ricky Gervais featured 11 such “sidenotes”, as I guess they should be called. Here’s an example from that article about comedy: “4 – Trans-exclusionary radical feminist.”

    These sidenotes are clearly intended as a way to give the reader extra but broadly important information. I am waiting for the introduction of “sub-sidenotes” –in order to find out what “trans-exclusionary” means.

    Does this guy read iSteve? Does iSteve read this guy? Enquiring minds want to know.

    I digress.

    President Trump declared on Thursday that the United States should recognize Israel’s authority over the long disputed Golan Heights, delivering a valuable election-eve gift to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but jettisoning decades of American policy in the Middle East.

    Sidenote: The New York Times, like all good American journalists, follows the ‘inverted pyramid style’ of news writing, in which the most important fact comes first, with lesser facts following in order of importance. This is why the impact of this historic decision first deals with Israel and their elections, and strictly US concerns second.

    Interesting to see how the sausage is made, no? I guess it’s really “Israel’s paper of record”, then? I’m all for giving Golan Heights to the Israelis – fundamentalist Christianity won’t be proven correct until the Jews retake Israel.

    For the benefit of the (collective noun alert) Wisdom of iSteve readers, I offer the following sidenotes:

    For Tweet #1: Trump, leaving the White House, dejected b/c he has once again bent over for Bibi, comtemplates jumping from Marine One.

    Yup, that explains it.

    For Tweet #2: Trump, the soreness in his posterior lessening after walking it off on the course, and completely forgetting his earlier humiliation while sharing big boob stories with someone who regularly did a Playmate more awesome than the Playmate he (officially) did not do, contemplates jumping (insert name here) in Marine One.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @James Speaks
  101. backup says:

    The reality on the ground is: If you and I don’t go into being part of the election process nothing will change. You know, the swamp will be drained by people that won’t explicitly say they will do so.

    Become active.

  102. @El Dato

    Didn’t mean it that way. Defies expectations of do-gooders. Geert Wilders has some Indonesian ancestry, too, btw. *

    * “he was born to a Dutch father and a mother born in colonial Indonesia,[28][29] whose background was mixed Dutch and Indonesian.”

  103. @Lot

    The father of an expatriate Dutch family told me he wasn’t bothering to teach his kids to speak Dutch. “Hardly anyone uses it,” he said dismissively. (They have substantial extended family back in the Netherlands, but I guess they all speak English as well, so why bother with a whole extra language just for family occasions?)

    So his kids are all fluent in English and they learn a little German/French/Spanish in school.

    I have certain admiration for the Dutch’s hard-headed practical sensibility about things.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  104. @Prester John

    Good bowler and deadly at poker tho.

  105. @R.G. Camara

    To her credit that’s how she chacterized it. Even money she’s married with two kids and back to blond within ten years.

    • Replies: @R.G. Camara
  106. @James Speaks

    No, prime McDougal doesn’t have to take a back seat to anyone.

  107. @Desiderius

    Not a chance, dude. She’s a Lifetime Lesbian. How do you think she got her Rhodes Scholarship—through merit? She used the old-lesbian system and played the victim.

    In ten years, if she’s off TV, she’ll be a fellow or chancellor or president at some university, like most upwardly mobile lesbians seek. And then her lovers will mysteriously throw themselves off roofs.

    if she’s not hung for her treasonous behavior in spreading the Russia Hoax.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  108. @Jokah Macpherson

    No more ridiculous than when The Who sings Talking “Bout My Generation: “I hope I die before I get old”….

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  109. @Svigor

    Many of our high rise building were designed by Persians. Go figure.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  110. @R.G. Camara

    She seems to cry a lot. Doesn’t feel like the whole schtick is really working for her. Unlike most lesbians, she has some traits the next generation could be pining for. Women can feel that sort of thing in their bones.

    Isn’t Sinema bi- now?

  111. @R.G. Camara

    Their whole generation just substituted “grow up” for “get old” and it was all good.

  112. J.Ross says: • Website

    There ought to be a long list of genuine problem minorities to politely but firmly expel well before you even bring up Persians.

  113. Hail says: • Website
    @Reg Cæsar

    My daughter’s first name is Cohen

    Why — would someone do this?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  114. res says:

    Did they play golf afterwards?

  115. @Hail

    It means “priest”, ie, a male. And a generic priest. Not an elevated Levy or Shapiro. Weyl and Possony determined that mere Cohens were underrepresented in Who’s Who compared to other Jews . The high-priest surnames were highly overrepresented.

    Neither Jews not Europeans use surnames as given names, and in many countries it’s ilkegal. It can have weird consequences– Husband O Kimmel. Young Boozer. Yelberton Abraham Tittle.

  116. @Jokah Macpherson

    He should run with The Rock on some ticket.

  117. @James Speaks

    Many of our high rise building were designed by Persians. Go figure.

    The Sears was designed by a Bangladeshi .

    • Replies: @James Speaks
  118. @Reg Cæsar

    The Sears was designed by …

    I had a Bengali working in my group. He got Friday afternoons off. The rest of us stayed for the free beer.

  119. @Autochthon

    Trump changes his mind eight times a day. He loves his country, it’s just that that country now comes with an empire attached that has the country by the short hairs. He’s letting himself get played on immigration because it doesn’t feel to him, and he always goes by feel, like a battle he can win right now or even one where he’s sure which side is right.

    If that changes, like if the Ds get to his right, then he’ll likely pay closer attention. Until then, the best option is making the case to influential people on the local level. Nation of immigrants is so ingrained it’s going to take effort but people sense something is off.

    • Replies: @Hail
  120. Anonymous[318] • Disclaimer says:

    Suburban liberals always assumed that Mueller was /theirguy/ but I never believed he would start throwing over tables and busting heads. He’s too insidery, too enamored of his respectability– ordering a hit on POTUS is the kind of thing that might earn you undying enmity from certain fellow insiders. Really now that Democrats control the House anyway his Russia shop had outlived its usefulness

  121. gda says:

    For some time it has become quite apparent that Jordan Peterson and Donald Trump are curiously similar.

    A recently read book review echoed that sentiment quite aptly.

    Jordan Peterson: “A Donald, for the Educated Reader”

    “These people are what the German sociologist Max Weber called ‘charismatics.’ They arrive at a time of crisis, make a cold world seem warm once more through emotional oratory, inspire a movement, and change the world: Buddha, Socrates, Christ, Lenin . . . as well as public intellectuals like Nietzsche, Sartre and Schopenhauer. They appeal today to the marginalized, to those for whom the world is an unforgiving place, to those who were hitherto ‘the norm’, namely men, Christians, Europeans, religious believers, heterosexuals, cis people, and traditionalists.”

    We are fortunate to have both of them at THIS time of crisis.

    Although our Donald may be a Very Special Genius, its kind of amusing, and probably a bit of a stretch to think of him as the Buddha……maybe more one of the more benevolent gods of chaos – say, the Chinese god Hun-Dun, perhaps?

  122. @Steve Sailer

    Back to Taft, Steve? I doubt that FDR played golf during his presidency, and for over a decade becoming president. I don’t know if he played as a young man.

  123. @kihowi

    He was actually quite a successful rapper. His “Devil Without a Cause” sold over 14mm copies.

    He just moved on to other things. He, unlike most other “rappers” as far as I can tell, understood “rap” is tiresome drivel.

    I don’t remember the exact words, but after his “Devil Without a Cause” album some interviewer asked him what his next album would be about. He said “I’m great, I have lots of money and women, everyone else sucks. The usual”.

  124. @e

    A compelling statement that cannot be argued with, to be sure.

  125. @Lot

    A girl I met in a Rotterdam bar told me that speaking fluent English is required for the the Dutch to graduate high school. I haven’t bothered to verify her claims though.

  126. Hail says: • Website

    Ron Unz on Donald Trump:

    For foreign policy reasons, I had strongly favored Trump both in the primary and in the general election, but I hardly regarded him as a thoughtful vessel for the positions he claimed to espouse. To put it bluntly, he struck me much like a highly-opinionated construction worker, angrily spouting off on politics in his local neighborhood bar, being right on some matters and wrong on others, but with none of his views based upon any deep understanding of the issues. I suspect that even many of Trump’s strongest supporters have gradually come around to a similar appraisal of their idol.

    In many ways, the failings of the Trump Administration illustrate the difficulties of that a superpower faces when it is run by a bar-stool political philosopher guided by his personal echo-chamber.

  127. @Hail

    “What’s all the worse is that he has served as an energy-sink for nationalist energies”

    What’s even worse than that is that Trump has served as an energy-stimulant for anti-nationalists. While almost every nationalist opportunity has been squandered, the anti-nationalists/#Resistance/GloboHomo has been all hands on deck for maximum effort. Immigration is higher, speech is more restricted, the media are even more depraved, insane and openly calling for genocide.

    In other words, we’ve gotten the worst of both worlds: none of the benefit of an offensive that never went through the formality of taking place, but all of the cost of weathering a full-scale counter-offensive. All incoming counterattack, no outgoing attack.

    Net-net, would a Hillary victory have been worse? It’s getting hard to say…

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @Lot
  128. Hail says: • Website
    @Almost Missouri

    Agree, sadly.

    Replaying June 2015 to (say) December 2015, what is a best(better)-case scenario for within-the-system, formal politicking?

    I’d propose this: Trump causing the same duststorm that he did but then dropping out and handing over his endorsement to Scott Walker, who then beat Hillary. President Scott Walker would quietly work to implement the NumbersUSA/FAIR immigration agenda as priority-number-one. No flashy talk, no gratuitous insults on a daily basis, no tweetstorms — and definitely no outsourcing the nation’s fate to a dual-citizen named Kushner. Just quiet work.

    • Replies: @Lot
  129. @William Badwhite

    Trump did this after he fired Comey too, IIRC.

    Lame as Trump’s gotten, ya gotta admire how he sticks his finger in his critics’ eye.

  130. Lot says:
    @Almost Missouri

    Hillary would have immediately imposed a bigger executive amnesty and locked in Dem control of the courts for 20+ years.

    Trump has arguably been worse than Obama, especially Obama’s first term. But a retread of Obama’s first term wasn’t one of the choices.

    Meanwhile, Trump losing would have given Ryan/Rubio/Kochs the upper hand in the party again.

    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
  131. Lot says:

    Walker was pretty solid on a lot of issues, but he was also pro amnesty and pro worker visa increases.

  132. BB753 says:

    Dutchmen seem to be less fond of their language than their Flemish cousins, who fiercely defend its use and vitality.

  133. @Lot

    Yeah, I considered that, but Justice Kennedy only retired because Trump asked him to, so the Supreme Court would not yet have changed, and given that the judicial leftists now openly use the federal bench as a one judge veto on anything they don’t like as their part in the energized Resistance I spoke of, I’m sure sure how much other judicial appointments matter.

    And it seems to me Ryan and the Koches did have the upper hand. What did they want that they did not get?

  134. @AndrewR

    Well, you could say that, but given that he moved from Old Amsterdam where they speak Dutch to New Amsterdam where they speak English, it is hard to be too critical. Also, while we’ve been criticizing modern Euros who have 1.3 babies sometime in their 30’s, this guy and his Dutch wife managed to have five kids and raised them all pretty successfully, so whatever cultural traditions he didn’t carry along, no one can accuse him of biological self-genocide.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  135. AndrewR says:
    @Almost Missouri

    I, for one, welcome our new non-Dutch-speaking Dutch overlords.

    • Agree: Lot
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