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2018 in Review
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Scan 2018-12-28 0002

1966, maybe?

I think we are on track to make iSteve’s first ever year with 11 million pageviews. We’re already at the most blog posts ever in a year with 1,746 and most comments with 244,868 and 17,466,289 words of comments. Thanks, folks, that’s a lot of commentage.

As I’ve been telling my wife, I’d really like to shut down blogging and help her with chores around the house to get ready for 2019, but what with missing a day awhile ago with system problems, it’s coming down the wire.

As I’ve mentioned, we’re off to a good start with the final iSteve fundraising drive of 2018. December is one of the three months of the year (along with April and August) when I hassle you for donations. I sometimes find myself discouraged, but then my loyal readers chip in with cash in its manifold forms, which I find highly encouraging. Say not the struggle nought availeth.

Large or small, I find each to be a personal message of encouragement to keep doing what I’m doing.

Here are eight ways for you to contribute to me, iSteve:

First: You can use Paypal (non-tax deductible) by going to the page on my old blog here. Paypal accepts most credit cards. Contributions can be either one-time only, monthly, or annual. (Monthly is nice.)

Second: You can mail a non-tax deductible donation to:

Steve Sailer

P.O Box 4142

Valley Village, CA 91617

Third: You can make a tax deductible contribution via VDARE by clicking here.

Please don’t forget to click my name at the VDARE site so the money goes to me:

Screenshot 2017-12-23 15.25.23

VDARE has been kiboshed from use of Paypal for being, I dunno, EVIL. But you can give via credit cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, check, money order, or stock.

Note: the VDARE site goes up and down on its own schedule, so if this link stops working, please let me know.

Scan 2018-12-28 0002-1Fourth: [Warning: Does this work?] You can use Bitcoin using Coinbase. Coinbase payments are not tax deductible. Below are links to two Coinbase pages of mine. This first is if you want to enter a U.S. dollar-denominated amount to pay me.

Pay With Bitcoin (denominated in U.S. Dollars)

This second is if you want to enter a Bitcoin-denominated amount. (Remember one Bitcoin is currently worth many U.S. dollars.)

Pay With Bitcoin (denominated in Bitcoins)

Fifth: if you have a Wells Fargo bank account, you can transfer money to me (with no fees) via Wells Fargo SurePay/Zelle. Just tell WF SurePay/Zelle to send the money to my ancient AOL email address steveslrAT — replace the AT with the usual @). (Non-tax deductible.) Please note, there is no 2.9% fee like with Paypal or Google Wallet, so this is good for large contributions.

Sixth: if you have a Chase bank account (or even other bank accounts), you can transfer money to me (with no fees) via Chase QuickPay/Zelle (FAQ). Just tell Chase QuickPay/Zelle to send the money to my ancient AOL email address ( — replace the AT with the usual @). If Chase asks for the name on my account, it’s StevenSailer with an n at the end of Steven. (Non-tax deductible.) There is no 2.9% fee like with Paypal or Google Wallet, so this is also good for large contributions.

Seventh: send money via the Paypal-like Google Wallet to my Gmail address (that’s isteveslrATgmail .com — replace the AT with a @). (Non-tax deductible.)

Eighth: I recently added Square as an 8th fundraising medium, although I’m vague on how it works. If you want to use Square, send me an email telling me how much to send you an invoice for. Or, if you know an easier way for us to use Square, please let me know.


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7 Comments to "2018 in Review"
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  1. Okay, I changed the name and URL from 2018 to 2018 in Review. Let’s see if that fixes things.

  2. BB753 says:

    Steve, if you actually read 244,868 comments a year you deserve as much money.. in British pounds!

  3. J.Ross says: • Website

    Watching recently the RiffTrax edition of the early-80s sports movie Spiker, I was completely taken with SouPlantation. I dimly remember most restaurants I was dragged to in the early 80s either retaining that halfway-done Art Nouveau thing from the late sixties, or having the sort of clean, unfinished light wood, in simple and neat arrangements, flowered over with ivies and tropical plants, seen in the SouPlantation sequences (Spiker contains more than one). It is a very striking style, embracing nature and artifice in equal measure, and a welcome contrast from one of the other major styles of the period: polished steel everything.
    Looking SouPlantation up, I expected them to have gone under long ago because of the name. In fact they are successful, still in business, and spread widely (although not as far as I know in Michigan).
    Of course, Spiker never shows the Soup Slaves.

  4. As I’ve been telling my wife, I’d really like to shut down blogging and help her with chores around the house to get ready for 2019

    There’s a new batch of Hondurans in town to offer a hand.

  5. Johnmark says:

    Hard to believe Vox Day gets over three times in page views that Sailer gets. Life is strange.

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