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From the New York Times:

From an Anchor’s Lips to Trump’s Ears to Sweden’s Disbelief

… Just like that, without white papers, intelligence reports, an interagency meeting or, presumably, the advice of his secretary of state, the president started a dispute with a longtime American friend that resented his characterization and called it false. The president’s only discernible goal was to make the case domestically for his plans to restrict entry to the United States.

In contrast, the previous President leapt to a conclusion about a different country than Sweden before collecting data. As I wrote in Taki’s Magazine on July 13, 2016:

Last week, on his way to Warsaw on Air Force One, President Barack Obama was looking at social media. According to The New York Times, he alerted his press secretary that:

He had decided to make a statement himself as soon as they landed, and had told his aides to collect statistics demonstrating racial bias in the criminal justice system.

Now, you might think that’s putting the cart before the horse. Perhaps the administration should objectively evaluate the evidence first, rather than order its media flacks to dredge up some data justifying the president’s prejudices?

But that would be wrong. Everybody knows that culture or evolution can’t have anything to do with hereditary racial differences in performance. If you even consider those possibilities, you must be one of the bad white people you’ve been warned about.

What could possibly go wrong with President Obama spouting his racial prejudices?

Well, in this particular case, BLM terrorists in Dallas and Baton Rouge quickly followed up on President Obama’s outrage against the racist police system in this country by assassinating eight police officers.

When I heard about the Dallas massacre, the first thing that popped into my head was, “So Trump will be President.”


From the New York Times:

California Today: The State’s Hate Landscape
Mike McPhate

California appeared to witness a rise in hate last year.

In 2016, the state was home to 79 organizations with animus toward blacks, whites, immigrants, Muslims and other groups, according to a new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based group that tracks extremism. That’s up from 68 the year before. …

But the classification of other groups drew pushback.

Californians for Population Stabilization, a Santa Barbara group with thousands of members, was labeled anti-immigrant by the center. Mr. Potok attributed the determination in part to troubling remarks about race and eugenics made by people formerly linked to the group.

Benjamin Zuckerman, the group’s president, vehemently objected to the characterization. The organization’s objectives, he said, are twofold: environmental conservation and fairness to working Americans who are harmed by “over immigration.”

“I consider us pretty much just ordinary people,” said Dr. Zuckerman, who is also an astronomy professor at U.C.L.A. “We just have a view that too many people for a given environmental carrying capacity is just not good.”

But does Professor Zuckerman support unlimited, endless, infinite immigration?


So that make him a proponent of Hate.

Any other line of though might raise the question of whether the reason that the SPLC has $302,800,000 in financial assets is because it could be thought of as America’s most lucrative hate group.

But of course that’s unthinkable.


One man said it best 12 years ago. If only he were alive in 2017 to see how his wisdom about the true meaning of America has finally taken hold of America’s leadership caste:

“America is not only for the whites, but it is for all. Who is the American? The American is you, me and that. When we go to America we will become Americans and there is no a race or nationalism called America and the Americans are those Africans, Indians, Chinese, and Europeans and whoever goes to America will become American…American is for all of us and the whole world had made and created America. All the people all over the world had made America and it shall accordingly be for all of us. I will never feel ashamed when I claim for my right in America and it will not be strange when I raise my voice in America.”

Col. Moammar Gadhafi


Screenshot 2017-02-22 19.11.38

Clinton cabinet secretary and current UC Berkeley professor Robert Reich, having recently suggested (twice) that the Berkeley violence was likely an alt-right false flag, now attributes the latest Swedish immigrant riots to Donald Trump provoking them with his lies about immigrant violence in Sweden.


I’ve been pointing out for awhile that the elite conventional wisdom about how borders are immoral is getting ever more extremist, but I’m not sure I ever expected it to go this far.

So, feel free to covet thy neighbor’s wife and worship graven images, because Emma Lazarus’s Zeroth Amendment now applies not only to America but also to the Afterlife:

Screenshot 2017-02-22 15.44.14


From the New York Times:

U.S. Traffic Deaths Rise for a Second Straight Year

Last year, traffic deaths increased 6 percent, to 40,200, according to estimates released on Wednesday by the National Safety Council. The two-year increase — 14 percent — is the largest in more than a half a century.

… According to its estimates, 40,200 people died in accidents involving motor vehicles in 2016, a 6 percent rise from the year before.

… The 2016 total comes after a 7 percent rise in 2015 and means the two-year increase — 14 percent — is the largest in more than a half a century. …

Part of the increase is believed to stem from the improving economy, which has led Americans to drive more miles for both work and pleasure. But safety advocates say that explains only part of the trend because the number of deaths as a percentage of miles driven is also increasing.

They also point to data suggesting an increase in distracted driving. While cars and phones now offer advanced voice controls and other features intended to keep drivers’ eyes on the road, apps like Facebook, Google Maps, Snapchat and others have created new temptations that drivers and passengers find hard to resist.

“It’s not just talking on the phone that’s a problem today,” said Jonathan Adkins, executive director of the Governors Highway Safety Association. “You now have all these other apps that people can use on their phones.”

Another concern I have is that the high tech safety equipment on new cars might be backfiring for some reason. This could be tested by looking at what kind of cars are having these fatal accidents.

Government officials and safety advocates contend, however, that more than anything else, the increase in deaths has been caused by more lenient enforcement of seatbelt, drunken driving and speeding regulations by authorities and a reluctance by lawmakers to pass more restrictive measures.

Okay, but that just sounds like officials saying what they are officially supposed to say.

A patchwork of state laws leaves many areas where drivers can choose not to buckle up, with little likelihood of being stopped.

Okay but would be a more prima facie plausible argument for why death rates on the roads aren’t falling as fast, not why they have been going up relative to 2014.

Only 18 states have laws requiring seatbelts for both front and rear occupants and categorize not wearing them as a primary offense — meaning drivers can be pulled over for that alone. In 15 states, failure to wear a seatbelt in front seats is only a secondary offense — drivers cannot be given tickets unless they are pulled over for other violations.

“It’s still the same things that are killing drivers — belts, booze and speed,” Mr. Adkins said.

No doubt, but why the change since 2014?

In Alabama, steady budget cuts have resulted in a decline in the number of troopers patrolling the state’s 103,000 miles of highways.

Okay, there’s finally a change in inputs. But, say, governments in California had a lot more money in 2016 than a few years before.

…“I think speeding is the No. 1 problem. There are times of the day when we only have one or two troopers on duty in a county, so you can speed, and there’s no one there to deter it.”

Maybe what’s happening is that we’re seeing another manifestation of the Ferguson Effect. As you’ll recall, as the Obama Administration’s narrative about Ferguson turned out to be Fake News, the Administration ran a massive investigation of the Ferguson Police Department and found … that Ferguson was a Speed Trap!

For awhile this was the worst thing in the history of the world and the Justice Department used their Speed Trap to take over the Ferguson police department.

So, if the Obama Administration is out to abolish Speed Traps, the cops have a remedy: America has plenty of donut shops.

With the huge rise in homicide rates since 2014, it’s quite clear that the spikes are often centered in cities with massive Black Lives Matter agitation. In contrast, I haven’t seen any data about where road deaths are up. But it deserves looking into.

Whatever the causes, they shouldn’t be a mystery for too long because insurance companies have a lot of data on vehicle fatalities.


“The Old Colossus” or “A Vision of 3000 AD,” from a tweet by @TechKaczynski:

• Tags: Poetry 

From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

Undocumented Irrigation
by Steve Sailer
February 22, 2017

The ongoing Oroville Dam crisis has received modest national attention, in part because the press hasn’t figured out how to blame it on Trump.

Moreover, attributing the surfeit of water to global warming, the only other respectable choice, seems inane.

But the history of California water projects is worth considering in some depth. The struggles over California infrastructure—not only physical edifices but also the tremendously influential 1974 movie Chinatown—have played a central role in some of the bigger changes in public and elite attitudes.

California led the way into big-government modernism by building dams for the masses, then into postmodernist disdain for the palpable. The main constant has been that everything gets more expensive.

Read the whole thing there.


Of course not!

We all know, from first principles, that immigrants are Good.

We also know that Sweden’s natives are very, very white, and thus are Bad.

Therefore, we know, both from abstract reason and from documentaries like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which people are the real problem in Sweden: the white nativist native whites.

And also the Russians. (If any.)

From my review in Taki’s Magazine:

Fight the (Imaginary) Power
by Steve Sailer
December 28, 2011

The more popular it is to worry over some organized threat, the less of a danger it likely is in reality. After all, if some group or institution was truly fearsome, most people would either be terrified into silence or admiration.

For example, Dan Brown made a fortune off his The Da Vinci Code pulp novel during this low ebb of the Catholic Church’s powers with a tale of how a nearly omnipotent Church conspires to cover up pagan feminism’s golden age. … But Brown is practically Edward Gibbon compared to his successor as a global publishing sensation, the late Stieg Larsson, author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (or as it was originally titled in Sweden, Men Who Hate Women). Himself a hate-filled lefty nerd, Larsson concocted an elaborate fantasy world for true believers in the conventional wisdom. …

You may have somehow garnered the impression that Sweden is a politically correct social democracy where the main problems women face (qua women) are oppression and rape at the hands of Muslim immigrants whose traditional misogyny is sometimes excused in the name of multicultural sensitivity. Otherwise, Scandinavia would appear to be a feminist utopia. …

But readers of Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, which has sold nearly 30 million books, know better. Larsson fearlessly exposed the true plagues menacing contemporary Sweden: rich Nazis, Christian male chauvinists, rapist legal officials, and two generations of billionaire serial killers—the first preying on Jewish women, the second on immigrant women. …

Read the whole thing there.

• Tags: Movies, Sweden 

Here’s the Google Translate of the page for the Swedish bestseller “Mass Challenge” about immigration by economist Tino Sanandaji:

Mass Challenge

by Tino Sanandaji
DANISH BAND , Swedish, 2017
295 SEK

Most Swedes have great goodwill and tolerance towards immigrants, and wish that immigration could have done better. Sweden’s experiments with large-scale immigration from the third world to a welfare state has been unique in its scope but have in many respects failed. Sweden’s social problems today is increasingly concentrated in the part of the population has an immigrant background. Foreign-born people account for about 17 percent of the population, and second-generation immigrants, for additional five percent. Foreign-born people make up despite this, 53 percent of them with long prison terms, 54 percent of the unemployed and the group receives 60 per cent of the paid social benefits. 71 percent of the country’s child poverty among households with a foreign background, while 76 percent of the members of criminal gangs have invandrarbakgrund.

… Since the early 1990s, they have an immigrant background accounted for half of the increase in the proportion of low-income people, more than half of the reduction of powers among pupils leaving primary school, about two-thirds of the increase in social assistance and more than one hundred percent of the increase in unemployment – which dropped from Swedish born. Problems such as throwing stones at police and rescue personnel and arson are also highly concentrated in immigrant areas. It is important to develop concrete actions that give all immigrants Sweden has received a place in Swedish society. This in turn requires a sincere and evidence-driven analysis of how Sweden got here …

Tino Sanandaji have Kurdish background and was born in Iran in 1980. He came to Sweden at the age of 9 with his brother and their parents . He took an MBA at Stockholm School of Economics in 2004, a PhD in Public Policy at the University of Chicago in 2011 and has since conducted research in economics.

And here’s a recent interview with him in English.


I’ve been dealing with car problems, but as always, lots of stuff is happening. What do you think?

• Category: History 

If you go back about 3500 years ago, the Late Bronze Age was going pretty smoothly with big, fairly stable civilizations / empires in the Fertile Crescent, Egypt, and Greece.

Before the fall

But around 1200 B.C. most everything fell apart, leading to a dark age out of which eventually emerged a new Iron Age civilization. For example, the Trojan War was so famous in Greece subsequently because it was a glamorous late event in a high Bronze Age civilization that had shortly afterwards declined. It was the writing down of the Homeric epics about the Trojan War several hundred years later that marked the revival of related-but-new high civilization in Greece.

Here’s an interview with GWU professor Eric H. Cline promoting his book 1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed.

What Caused The Mysterious Bronze Age Collapse?

May 20, 2015

written by James Wiener

Cline downplays the famous but mysterious Sea People who fought the Egyptians in 1177 BC as a chief cause.

… Of these, I would rank them in that specific order of importance: climate change; drought and famine; earthquakes; invaders; and internal rebellions. Although human beings have survived such catastrophes time and again when they come individually, such as rebuilding after an earthquake or living through a drought, what if they all occurred at once, or in quick succession?

But what if it were technological change itself that was the impetus in the transition from Bronze Age to Iron Age? It wouldn’t be the first time that barbarians with better weapons overran more sophisticated civilizations.


From Town & Country:

A Manhattan Private School Cancels Skating Party at Trump Rink

Dalton parents reportedly refused to send their kids to the party in protest of the president.

FEB 17, 2017

This is a story—like so many Upper East Side stories—that has its origins in the weird and wild 1980s. During that decade, the city of New York had promised to renovate Central Park’s Wollman Rink in two years, but the beloved landmark remained closed instead for six. In stepped Donald Trump, who convinced Mayor Ed Koch to let him finish the work in four months as long as he could manage the venue.

Trump made good on his side of the deal, and Wollman Rink is still managed by the Trump Organization today.

But the association with our new president apparently didn’t sit well with an elite Manhattan private school that counts Anderson Cooper and Claire Danes among its alumni.

According to the New York Post, the Dalton School canceled its annual skating party, “Dalton on Ice,” because “parents refused to send their kids in protest of the president.”

From Dalton’s website:

Tuition for 2016-17 in Grades K-12 is $44,640, which is among the lowest of our peer schools. … Depending on a student’s interests and needs, and to foster equity, there may be additional funds available for programs which require payment beyond tuition (such as the After School Program, global trips or student activities in the high school.)

Back to Town & Country:

The parent characterized Dalton as “definitely a progressive school,” and said “it’s a very diverse community.” …

… “How difficult is it to find an alternative venue without the controversy and ickiness attached to it?”

I’ve often mentioned how the word “controversy” has changed implications over my lifetime from positive to negative.

But “ickiness” is an illuminating word that helps us understand the latest stage of Ruling Class ideological evolution: Dalton parents fear that their children would be exposed to ritual pollution and thus risk losing their Brahmin caste status and drift down toward the horrors of Deplorableness.

Any good Hindu could have explained it to you at any point since the Aryan Invasion of India.

According to economic historian Gregory Clark’s research on surnames, India has by far the least social mobility of any major country.

To Dalton parents, whose children have nowhere to go except down, declining social mobility due to growing religious / status purity taboos is a feature, not a bug.


The brand new earthen Teton Dam in Eastern Idaho collapsed on June 5, 1976 at 11:57 am. The entire reservoir of about 288,000 acre feet (or about one-twelfth of the Oroville Reservoir’s capacity), roared down upon two towns in the flood plain, demolishing them.

The human death toll was remarkably low, either 11 or 14 according to various sources, but about 13,000 cows were killed.

The Oroville reservoir is now down almost 48 feet below its brim to 853′ elevation. The goal is to lower the water level to 850′, which is what they were holding it at when it suddenly shot up earlier this month to 902′.

Outflow down the damaged main spillway has been cut from 100,000 cubic feet per second down to about 55,000 cfs, while the inflow from the moderate rains a few days ago is up to around 40,000 cfs. So the drop in the lake’s elevation is down to just over 1 inch per hour.

It hasn’t started raining again yet in Oroville, but a fairly big storm is expected from Sunday through Tuesday. The small town of Feather Falls up in the reservoir’s watershed is expecting about 6.5 inches of rain, which would be about 75 or 80 feet of incremental elevation, all other things being equal (which they never are). Fortunately, the week after this onrushing storm is expected have less than one inch of precipitation, with fairly cool temperatures to retard snowmelt.

The official reason for cutting the main spillway’s outflow so far back is to allow the power station to be restarted, which could add 13,000 cfs to outflow.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Interestingly, there’s a fourth outlet, the “river valves,” that used to have 5,400 cfs capacity, but were cut to 2,000 after an accident, and apparently haven’t been used in this emergency.

Here’s a curious headline:

5 Oroville Dam workers fired after posting pictures on social media
By Allison Weeks, KRON and Clemence Robineau, KRON
Published: February 18, 2017, 6:27 pm

So, it’s All Hands on Deck … except that managing our social media presence is, of course, the highest priority. We can’t let the 16,000 residents of Oroville, CA, 7 miles downriver, get their information unfiltered.

That would be inappropriate.


Screenshot 2017-02-18 22.40.02

Personally, I prefer the United States Constitution and the rule of law, even (or especially) if it comes to it.

But then, unlike Bill Kristol, I’m a notorious extremist, so I would, wouldn’t I?


Screenshot 2017-02-18 15.10.57



One reason that there is so much competition on campus these days to be the Single Most Offended Student is that that seems like a way to try out for one of the growing, but still limited, number of paying gigs as Social Justice Jihadis. From the Chicago Tribune:

Publishers are hiring ‘sensitivity readers’ to flag potentially offensive content

Recently, author Veronica Roth – of “Divergent” fame – came under fire for her new novel, “Carve the Mark.” In addition to being called racist, the book was criticized for its portrayal of chronic pain in its main character.

Before a book is published and released to the public, it’s passed through the hands (and eyes) of many people: an author’s friends and family, an agent and, of course, an editor.

These days, though, a book may get an additional check from an unusual source: a sensitivity reader, a person who, for a nominal fee, will scan the book for racist, sexist or otherwise offensive content. These readers give feedback based on self-ascribed areas of expertise such as “dealing with terminal illness,” “racial dynamics in Muslim communities within families” or “transgender issues.”

Big budget movies have been doing this for a few years. George Miller supposedly paid Eve “Vagina Monologues” Ensler $100k to certify Mad Max: Fury Road as officially Feminist Woke. And then of course Miller just went ahead and spent the other 99.9% of his budget to make the same blue collar heavy metal lunacy as he did in his Mel Gibson days.

For their hit animated musical Moana, veteran Disney film-makers Clement & Musker refined this process one step further. Rather than just pay off a potential critic, they hired amenable folks from the relevant minority who might actually contribute here and there. They toured Pacific Islands and put on their advisory board local old-timers with an interest in island legends with whom they had hit it off.

So that could be the next battleground, with young SJWs protesting that artists are hiring as their Sensitivity Readers excessively reasonable and helpful members of each Official Victim Group instead of fire-breathing puerile Social Justice Jihadi know-nothings like they are supposed to.


Your thoughts?


California’s 770-foot tall Oroville Dam is a magnificent structure, except that it’s kind of like a 770-foot skyscraper with a fine primary fire escape, plus a door that says “Auxiliary Fire Escape” on it, but 50 years later when the building’s on fire and the main stairwell is broken and you’re trapped on the top floor, you finally open the door marked “Auxiliary Fire Escape” … and there’s just a big ball of twine for you to lower yourself out the window with.

Historian Marc Reisner’s witty 1986 book Cadillac Desert is a screed against expensive water projects (and against the general existence of Los Angeles). Here’s his version of how Jerry Brown’s dad, Governor Pat Brown, sold his State Water Project, of which the Oroville Dam is the centerpiece, to voters in a 1960 referendum.

Screenshot 2017-02-17 22.46.02

Screenshot 2017-02-17 22.47.38


From the New York Times:

Even When White Men Can Jump …

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz FEB. 17, 2017

… For years, [NBA] owners were accused of padding their benches with white players to increase a team’s fan base. The implicit assumption: If you are white, you will have more fans.

… But we now have probably the best data set ever accumulated on the fandom of N.B.A. players: Facebook likes.

I downloaded information on the likes of 215 N.B.A. players who have fan pages on Facebook.

… While Facebook does not ask users to denote their race, it uses a variety of information to identify someone’s ethnic affinity, which can be useful for targeting ads. My research suggests that this ethnic affinity measure correlates strongly with race.

Screenshot 2017-02-17 17.33.15

Barea is a white Puerto Rican who has played important roles in the successes of the Puerto Rican national team in international play. (Puerto Rico, by the way, is officially a separate nation for the purposes of the Olympics and other sports).

Cody Zeller is pretty much the 1983 movie Hoosiers come to life. He was the state of Indiana’s Mr. Basketball in high school and played for the Indiana Hoosiers in college.

Raymond Felton is a journeyman point guard. I don’t know why he is so much more popular with blacks than with everybody else. It’s perhaps less that he’s super popular with blacks as he’s less popular with everybody else. He’s been arrested for carrying an illegal gun and he’s been benched for being overweight.

Jeremy Lin is of course Mr. Linsanity, a Taiwanese-American Harvard grad who had a famous seven-game hot hand streak in 2012.

Overall, I estimate that the average white player in the N.B.A. has a fan base that is 56.7 percent white and 22.7 percent black. The average black player has a fan base that is 46.7 percent white and 32 percent black, a significant difference.

… Do white fans give an edge to white players or black fans give an edge to black players?

… we find that there is a clear edge to being of a certain race. But it goes against what many white owners and journalists have long thought.

If a white and a black player are similar on paper, it is the black player who will have more fans.

Among black Americans, black players are roughly twice as popular as comparable white players. But black players get a slight boost from fans of every racial group. Compared with white players who are similar to them in all ways I could think to measure, black players have more fans among white Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian-Americans.

If you like diversity with a small d, you might prefer to follow baseball, which is pretty representative of the national population, as we saw with the Chicago Cubs in the World Series last fall. But if you like Diversity with a capital D (i.e., black supremacy — e.g., you are outraged that Beyonce has won merely 22 Grammys), then you follow basketball.

Honestly, I was blown away by the overall size of this advantage. Roughly speaking, I estimate that a white player would have to score 10 more points per game to have as big a fan base on Facebook as he would have if he were black.

That’s a lot of anti-white bias.

But the actuality might be even more bigoted.

Unfortunately, since Facebook doesn’t have an Unlike button, there’s no obvious way to measure white bigotry against white basketball players, which has been a noticeable phenomenon at least since all the hate against Duke U. in the early 1990s for winning with a diverse roster rather than an all-black one.

So, this analysis understates how bad the anti-white bias is because it doesn’t measure white fans who exhibit racial animus against white ballplayers. (I’m not aware of any examples of a black fan who roots against black players the way it’s common for white fans to root against white players.)

Asian-Americans also have a huge advantage in building a fan base, although this is driven almost entirely by Mr. Lin, who is the 27th most popular player despite being the 80th most prolific scorer.

… If African-Americans were discriminated against in building a basketball fan base as well, it would show that white privilege can even show itself in one of the arenas in American life in which blacks have had tremendous success.

But African-Americans getting a boost in support? What should we make of that?

Welcome to the last half century?

I realize that we are constantly lectured about how oppressed blacks are by white hatred, etc etc. But this obsession is increasingly antiquarian. For example, the New York Times has run ten articles since January 26, 2017 mentioning Emmett Till, who was murdered 62 years ago.

One interesting follow-up analysis that could be done with this database is whether white American fans like white European and white South American players much. My impression is that white American possess virtually no feelings of racial affinity toward non-English speaking white players.

For example, in 2011 German-born Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks put on a spectacular performance through four rounds of playoffs to beat LeBron James’ Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. But I’m not familiar with any evidence of white Americans rooting for the white German out of racial affinity, despite the heroism of the underdog Nowitzki punching up, as it were, against the overdog LeBron.

Steve Sailer
About Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer is a journalist, movie critic for Taki's Magazine, columnist, and founder of the Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals.

The unprecedented racial transformation of California and its political consequences.
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.