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 TeasersiSteve Blog

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A growing trend among among social justice jihadis, especially Women of Color, is exhaustion from all the emotional labor they perform enduring microaggressions on campus. From Inside Higher Education:

Surviving Institutional Racism in Academe

A faculty member describes some of the lessons she’s learned the hard way.

By Anonymous

The author is a faculty member at a small liberal arts college.
November 17, 2017

Readers, I will be honest with you: when I accepted my first tenure-track position, I was excited to formally join the academy. I naïvely assumed the bubble of academe would insulate me from, well, everything. I raced toward my Ph.D. in search of social protection, professional stability and financial freedom. Instead, I found early-career emotional, physical and mental exhaustion.

… Most of us, instead, experience professional death by a thousand cuts. We spend our days ducking microaggressions, hurdling stereotypes and navigating emotional distress. Most of us will be denied tenure, and many will be too exhausted to protest if we managed to land a tenure-track job at all.

When I went to work mobilizing support for change, I had no idea the toll institutional racism in this setting and academe more generally would take on my physical health, my spirit and my passion for educating. …

Here are some lessons about surviving academe’s institutionalized racism that I have learned the hard way.

The job of a professor is physical work. In graduate school, I rarely heard discussions of the physicality of academe. … A short critical comment in faculty meeting requires brute force to momentarily pause my shaking hands as I stand to address fellow faculty. There is no alternative action in this example. To allow my hands to shake would undermine the little power I’ve amassed, but the physical exhaustion I feel afterward is palpable.

… I let students unload their experiences on me, but it is difficult to maintain emotional distance when we are angry about the same things. … I lost sleep, I cried. I want to give these students a voice but almost lost mine in the process. …

… I thought myself a burden to those struggling through their own fatigue.

I’m not just making fun of this essay. There really is a trend to proclaim oneself “exhausted.” Here are some other examples:

13 Stunning Photos Capture How Exhausting It Is to Deal With Daily Discrimination


What it’s like to be black on campus: isolated, exhausted, calling for change

Black people aren’t making things up: The science behind ‘racial battle fatigue’

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From the National Bureau of Economic Research:

Racial/Ethnic Differences in Non-Work at Work

Daniel S. Hamermesh, Katie R. Genadek, Michael Burda
NBER Working Paper No. 23096
Issued in January 2017

Evidence from the American Time Use Survey 2003-12 suggests the existence of small but statistically significant racial/ethnic differences in time spent not working at the workplace. Minorities, especially men, spend a greater fraction of their workdays not working than do white non-Hispanics. These differences are robust to the inclusion of large numbers of demographic, industry, occupation, time and geographic controls. They do not vary by union status, public-private sector attachment, pay method or age; nor do they arise from the effects of equal-employment enforcement or geographic differences in racial/ethnic representation. The findings imply that measures of the adjusted wage disadvantages of minority employees are overstated by about 10 percent.

Commenter Thomas asks:

How would this factoid come out through the Universal White Privilege Translator?

“Privileged people who think they are white monopolizing all the work at work, marginalizing black bodies from the privilege of work.”

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From Radar in 2007:

Screenshot 2017-11-20 18.32.01

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From Yahoo News:

Israel to shut migrant centre and deport Africans

AFP AFP•November 18, 2017

Jerusalem (AFP) – Israel’s cabinet voted on Sunday to close a migrant detention centre, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced an agreement to deport 40,000 Africans who entered the country illegally. …

“The infiltrators will have the option to be imprisoned or leave the country,” the public security ministry said in a statement.

Israeli official figures from June 30 show a total of 38,043 African migrants in the country. …

Speaking ahead of Sunday’s vote, Netanyahu noted that after building a fence on the Egyptian border and deporting some 20,000 African migrants through various deals, Israel has reached the third stage of its efforts — “accelerated removal”.

“This removal is taking place thanks to an international agreement I reached that enables us to remove the 40,000 infiltrators remaining, remove them without their consent,” he told ministers.

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After the Walker Cup golf tournament at the Los Angeles Country Club in September, I walked down Wilshire Boulevard and stopped off in the Beverly Hilton hotel. There were a couple of hundred elegantly dressed black people lined up to get into a ballroom to attend a gala in honor of rap mogul Russell Simmons on the 25th anniversary of his Def Comedy Jam series.

Here’s a new article from the Los Angeles Times that helps explain why the old fogeys at the Los Angeles Country Club don’t let in showbiz folks like Simmons and Ratner:

Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner face new allegations of sexual misconduct

NOV. 19, 2017

… In several of the accounts, the women said that [moviemaker Brett "Rush Hour"] Ratner, 48, surrounded himself with powerful friends, including [rap mogul Russell] Simmons and filmmaker James Toback, who, while sharing Ratner’s playboy lifestyle, have also been accused of engaging in sexual misconduct. Those friendships, some women said, enabled inappropriate behavior within the group, sometimes by active participation and in other cases by simply providing venues for incidents to take place.

RH3: Brett, Chris, Roman

These men and other older, controversial Hollywood friends — including producer Robert Evans and filmmaker Roman Polanski — have served as father figures to Ratner, who had a distant relationship with his late dad. Evans, the former Paramount Pictures production chief who was convicted of trafficking cocaine, explained his relationship with Ratner in a 2007 Vanity Fair story: “I was his Hollywood father. I don’t know whether I should be proud of that or not.”

Simmons, who co-founded Def Jam, has often described how Ratner first curried favor by furnishing him with models after they met in 1987. Then an undergraduate studying film at New York University, Ratner seemed to know where the models lived in Manhattan, Simmons has said.

“He was willing to do anything to be of use,” Simmons wrote in his book “Do You!: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success,” published in 2007. “After he hung around a bit and figured out that I liked models, then he made it his business to take me to every model’s apartment he could find.”

Ratner, who has said his father abused drugs and became homeless, found in Simmons a willing surrogate. “He’s my son, all right,” Simmons told Vanity Fair.

I wasn’t actually aware that a son should serve as his father’s pimp, but you learn something new every day.

I’m probably the only person who will admit to finding Ratner’s “Rush Hour” movies funny. I bet Brett Ratner originally intended to name his Jackie Chan-Chris Tucker “Rush Hour” trilogy about two buddy cops, neither of whom speak English

“Traffic Jam” in honor of his father-john Russell Simmons’ “Def Comedy Jam.”

Chris Tucker reminds me that African-Americans, at least in Los Angeles, really don’t like the Spanish language.

Also, commenter Dave Pinsen observes:

OT, but related to Steve’s previous post about golf clubs:

On Sunday night’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David’s Hispanic handyman asks Larry if he can take his family to Larry’s golf club to use the pool over the weekend. Dialogue along these lines ensues:

Larry David: “No, you can’t go there. They’re racist.”

Cesar the handyman: “You belong to a racist club?”

Larry David: “All clubs are racist.”

In real life, Larry is a member at Riviera in Pacific Palisades, which is less ethnic than most other L.A. clubs. O.J. was a member, although they emptied his locker out upon acquittal; Johnny Mathis is a member.

I’ve been raving about LACC lately, but Riviera, where the pros play ever winter, is a phenomenal design. Having been acquired in the late 1920s, it’s a more awkward piece of land than LACC, but it’s a phenomenal design by George Thomas, the final architect at LACC. Riviera, like Charles Blair MacDonald’s earlier National Golf Links of America, is a rare classic golf course that’s a little bit … funny in that odd terrain features, like the giant mound on Riviera’s fifth hole are emphasized rather than smoothed out. When Thomas didn’t have any weird land to work with, like on the sixth, he violated all the rules of golf design by putting a sand trap in the middle of the sixth green. The PGA Tour golfers are not a light-hearted bunch normally, but even they crack up trying to figure out how to deal with the damn bunker in the middle of the sixth green.

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From the Washington Post:

Collapse of German coalition talks deals Merkel blow, raises prospect of new elections

By Griff Witte November 20 at 3:37 AM

BERLIN — The sudden collapse of talks to form a coalition government left German politics in turmoil on Monday, with Angela Merkel reckoning with one of the worst crises of her 12-year chancellorship.

The breakdown of the talks ends the possibility that Europe’s largest economy will be governed by a never-before tried coalition among Merkel’s conservatives, the pro-business Free Democrats and the environmentalist Greens. The country is now facing the prospect of new elections.

That awkward alliance — dubbed the “Jamaica coalition,” because of the parties’ colors — was considered the only viable path to a stable government following inconclusive September elections.

But after weeks of contentious negotiations over asylum, tax and environmental policies, the Free Democrats unexpectedly pulled out just before midnight Sunday, leaving Merkel with few options — none of them attractive. …

The possibility of a new election that could open the way to further gains for the far-right Alternative for Democracy Party (AfD) — and further unsettle the politics of a country that has been Europe’s rock of stability — sent the euro sliding in early trading. …

Although the parties were considered far apart on key issues, most observers had predicted that they would put aside differences to avoid another election that could enhance support for the anti-immigrant AfD, which won seats in Parliament for the first time this year after gaining nearly 13 percent of the vote. …

But asylum rules and the country’s reliance on coal proved to be the sticking points.

The Greens had insisted that refugees who have won asylum in Germany be allowed to bring their families to join them.

What could be better for the German environment than millions more Muslims?

By the way, since I’m basically a cognitive critic interested in how and why people think in some ruts but not in others, I’m struck by how this lengthy article in the Washington Post never mentions Dr. Merkel’s decision in late summer 2015 to let a million Muslims march on Germany.

One reason this momentous event is disappearing down the memory hole in the U.S., it strikes me, is that at least in English we don’t have a simple term to express that momentous event, the way that “Brexit” makes it easy to remember and discuss the subsequent reaction in Britain.

So what should we call it? I like Merkel’s Mistake, but that probably won’t be allowed into the Washington Post.

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Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe, who was always being mentioned in the 1980s as the Democrats’ next Supreme Court nominee, has an amusingly demented Twitter account these days. Today, Tribe intuits the anti-Semitic conspiracy behind a Trump misspelling in a Tweet:

Screenshot 2017-11-19 21.59.13

Tribe once wrote a law review article entitled “The Curvature of Constitutional Space: What Lawyers Can Learn From Modern Physics” for which noted physicist Barack Obama did the sciencey parts, so you know it’s totally legit. Here’s Tribe and Obama brainstorming the physics bits:

Here’s a question: With Trump as President, Professor Tribe doesn’t seem quite right in the head. Ok, he’s 76 years old, that’s understandable, that happens to people. Or was he always like this? Was he like this back when he was advertised as the liberal legal giant?

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From Sports Illustrated:

By Chris Chavez November 19, 2017

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat during the Star-Spangled Banner but then stood up for Mexico’s national anthem before Sunday afternoon’s game against the New England Patriots in Mexico City.

Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch’s Raider’s lost 33-8. I’m guessing that the Patriots’ Tom Brady stood respectfully during the playing of both anthems.

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Although transphobia is high on the list of the mortal sins of The Current Year, not being transphobic enough to keep your paws off the female impersonators can also get a guy in trouble. From Deadline, on the fate of the great comic actor Jeffrey Tambor (needy sidekick Hank on The Larry Sanders Show, Arrested Development), who stars in Transparent as a father who decides in late middle age that he’s really a woman:

Jeffrey Tambor Exits ‘Transparent’ After Sexual Harassment Allegations

He’s accused of not finding the various transgenders employed by the show sexually repulsive.

What society needs, apparently, is more transgendermania and Complete Decorum.

Lots of luck, America!

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The Amish make an interesting testbed for nature-nurture studies, since the plain people so radically social engineer their environments to equalize them. The Amish are like 18th Century SJWs who, rather than just complain like 21st Century ones, actually built a sustainable culture that minimizes inequality. When progressives say things like, “All we have to do is create a culture that minimizes inequality,” well, the Amish more or less did that. (The Amish are like the Mormons, who do an impressive job of reproducing 1950s American mass middle class prosperity, on steroids and CRISPR.)

One of the late anthropologist Henry Harpending’s later theories (with Greg Cochran) before his recent death was that the Amish over their 10 generations in America have been evolving toward being more naturally Amish-acting. (The Amish have little in the way of gene flow in from the outside because they don’t pursue converts, and they let their teens who find the plain lifestyle personally intolerable leave.)

A major problem facing medical studies, whether of genes or diets or whatever, is self-selection messing with our understanding of the arrow of causality. For example, if people who have a certain genetic mutation live ten years longer, is it the gene variant, or is it because the gene encourages them to choose for themselves a certain lifestyle? Or because a certain lifestyle is statistically correlated with a certain gene for coincidental reasons?

But studies of gene variants among Amish populations suffer less severely from those problems of deducing causation from statistical correlation. The Amish don’t allow much in the way of self-selection of one’s lifestyle, however, so nature-nurture conundrums are slightly less complicated in the case of studies of the Amish.

This is another version of the general conundrum in nature-nurture related studies that as the environment becomes more equal, genes become more important. The heritability of height, for example, used to be only moderate due to poor environments, such as malnutrition, keeping individuals from reaching their genetic potential for height. But, since most forms of height-reducing inequality have been greatly diminished, height is now much more heritable (a.k.a., genetically determined) than only a few generations ago.

From the NYT:

Amish Mutation Protects Against Diabetes and May Extend Life

Amish carriers of the mutation live on average to age 85, about 10 years longer than their peers. Among the Amish who did not have the mutation, the rate of Type 2 diabetes was 7 percent. But for carriers of the mutation, the rate was zero, despite leading the same lifestyle and consuming similar diets. Tests showed that carriers of the mutation had 28 percent lower levels of insulin, a hormone whose chronic elevation can lead to Type 2 diabetes.

The article suggests the sample size was only 177, so I’m not sure how trustworthy these results are.

… Amish men and women who inherit two copies of the PAI mutation, one from each parent, for example, produce no PAI-1 at all and develop a bleeding disorder similar to hemophilia. So-called carriers who inherit just one copy of the mutation, however, produce less PAI-1 than the average person but still have enough of it to avoid any obvious clotting disorders or other downsides.

So, this mutation is like the sickle cell mutation that evolved in Africa as a desperate stopgap against falciparum malaria: inheriting one copy of the mutant gene gives you a better chance of surviving the most dangerous form of malaria, but two copies kills you young (without modern medical intervention).

The researchers of this Amish mutation are hoping to come up with a pill you could take that would mimic in effect the one allele version.

This appears to be related to the tendency of modern civilized humans to have blood that clots too easily for our easy lifestyles. Our ancestors evolved hunting large, dangerous beasts and then wielding dangerous farm tools. They presumably got wounded all the time, and therefore they needed blood that clotted fast. But we don’t need quite as much clotting ability anymore. (Of course, we’d need some or we’d be hemophiliacs, which is not good.)

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From the New York Times:

Slavery Ensnares Thousands in U.K. Here’s One Teenage Girl’s Story.

… A report by a British government commission on modern slavery and human trafficking, released last month, described a sprawling practice that ensnares tens of thousands of people in Britain.

Many are immigrants. But the high number of victims from Britain was an unexpected shock — cases involving British citizens like the teenage girl were the third-largest grouping, after those involving Albanians or Vietnamese.

A majority of child-trafficking victims were also found to be British. …

“We kind of let it slip that we have vulnerable people in our own communities,” Kevin Hyland, Britain’s first independent antislavery commissioner, said in an interview. …

Then, during the school holidays in July last year, the teenager disappeared. It was not until seven months later, after her mother said she had resigned herself to the fact that her daughter might be dead, that a detective told her that she had been kidnapped and enslaved.

“Enslaved?” the mother, whose identity is also being concealed to protect her daughter, recalled asking the officer. “I just kept repeating that word. I didn’t understand it,” she said in a London park where she often goes to try to manage a panic disorder that developed after her daughter’s disappearance.

During the months when her daughter was missing, “I thought about every possible scenario that could have happened to her,” her mother said. “But slavery? I didn’t even know that happened in England.”

Britain recorded 2,255 modern slavery offenses across England and Wales last year, a 159 percent increase from the previous year. According to the government commission, the rise suggests that, while slavery might be increasing, so is awareness among the police and public. …

The man was grooming the teenager to “go country,” meaning that she would become a drug runner. While most British citizens are trafficked for labor or sex, an increasing number of young people are being drawn into the drug world because of the relatively new phenomenon of distributing narcotics from urban hubs to small towns. …

The man, whom she knew as Ziggy, took her phone and money. He then drove her to a dark, squalid garage with no windows, where she lived for the next seven months with various drug addicts.

“Everything changed,” the girl recalled. “Ziggy started to beat me and told me I wasn’t worth anything to them anymore.” …

When members of the gang and different drug addicts started to rape her every night, she finally decided that nothing could be worse.

Did Ziggy look more like Ziggy Stardust or Ziggy Marley, or somebody in-between? There’s no mention in the article of the ethnicity of the grooming gang.

On a Sapir-Whorf note, the English-speaking world used to have a term for this, but now we don’t: white slavery. Not surprisingly, England now has more white slavery than back when everybody knew the term. From Wikipedia:

White Slave Traffic Act of 1910

To battle sex trafficking in the United States, in 1910 the US Congress passed the White Slave Traffic Act (better known as the Mann Act), which made it a felony to transport women across state borders for the purpose of “prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose”. Its primary stated intent was to address prostitution, immorality, and human trafficking, particularly sexual trafficking. As more women were being trafficked from foreign countries, the US began passing immigration acts to curtail aliens from entering the country. Several acts such as the Emergency Quota Act of 1921 and the Immigration Act of 1924 were passed to prevent emigrants from Europe and Asia from entering the United States. Following the banning of immigrants during the 1920s, human trafficking was not considered a major issue until the 1990s.

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Commenter landru observes of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner (a long-time iSteve favorite for his comic lack of self-awareness):

Weiner’s new book was inspired by the look he saw a construction worker give a fifteen year old girl in NY. When successful tv show producers ogle “pretty…innocent looking” fifteen-year-olds, that’s just them doing their job. You know, observing and eavesdropping. But when nasty construction workers do the same thing, that’s just terrifying:

Weiner is like Larry David with no sense of humor.

From NPR:

Heather, The Totality is a slim novel that begins simply, introducing readers to a perfectly pleasant though unremarkable couple, Mark and Karen Breakstone. They live in one of the well-appointed apartment buildings near the Carlyle Hotel — and Weiner suggested we go for a walk in the neighborhood that inspired the book.

“You know, so much of my life as a writer is made out of observing and eavesdropping,” he tells me as we walk along. “And I was just walking and I happened to go down a street and walked by this building. And before I walked by the building, I saw this girl.”

She was a young girl, Weiner says, about 15, very pretty, kind of innocent looking. A construction worker was standing nearby, he says, “and I sort of saw her walk into the building, and right at the moment this guy looked at her, and it really turned my stomach. It made me scared.” Weiner describes the look as “something between sexual and homicidal at the same time. And I just felt like, that girl is not safe in that building. It was not a construction worker leering at a woman — not that that’s OK, but that’s not what it was — it was something scarier, and she was completely oblivious.”

There’s a whole terrifying world out there of Catholic construction workers named Bobby invading from New Jersey five days per week to prey on the beautiful 15-year-old girls of Manhattan. If the Matthew Weiners don’t take a stand to protect their Upper East Side womenfolk from the marauding Bridge & Tunnel People, who will?

When you stop and think about it, James Toback was a hero for inviting all those tens of thousands of Upper West Side girls back to his room at the Harvard Club. At least he was trying to keep them away from the Mook Menace.

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Commenter loveofknowledge writes:

The whole time the Ferguson Michael Brown hoax was going on, I was asking myself, why are they doing this? Are they TRYING to start a riot?

If the media gets everybody convinced that this was a case of an innocent black kid murdered by a racist white cop… well then people are going to expect an arrest, trial, and conviction of the cop.

When that doesn’t happen, people will be angry and think the system is racist. And nobody will know that the real reason the cop can’t possibly be charged with anything is because the black kid was actually the perpetrator and not the victim, as the witness testimony and physical evidence makes clear.

Criminal charges against the media for inciting riots? They certainly would deserve it, whether that’s really possible legally I don’t know. But it would have been a start if anyone had even called them out on it verbally! President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder totally went along with the hoax, but I don’t even remember any Republicans making any forceful denunciations of the whole thing.

The Michael Brown hoax was actually a major factor in me ultimately voting for Trump. If Trump had been president at the time, it could never have happened like that. He would have destroyed it with one tweet about the lying press, fake news, etc. – maybe with a link to the Justice Department report (which if you haven’t read it, really lays out how unambiguous that case truly was; the evidence overwhelmingly backs Officer Darren Wilson’s version of events).

That story went on for months and made me feel like the little kid in the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, even around my own family and peers. When everybody gets their news from mainstream sources, everybody believes these narratives, and they think I’m the one that’s crazy.

It’s not like I had to dig that deep either, the truth about that case was reported in mainstream sources like the L.A. Times and Washington Post, which I found from Drudge Report direct links.

That’s part of how media bias works I realize, they actually do report the facts, they just create a misleading impression if you don’t read carefully and already have a degree of skepticism. I know Steve has talked about that a lot.

I have to wonder though, is there any hope for ever having an honest media? What’s it going to take, and what’s the strategy? I appreciate that there are commentators like Steve who point out the lies, but nothing ever seems to change.

There should have been all sorts of self-criticism in the media about how they screwed up the Michael Brown story so badly. There should have been presentations and panel discussions about it at conferences that journalists go to or whatever. There should have been public acknowledgements of it and vows to regain the public trust and restore integrity in the business. As far as I know, nothing of the sort has happened.

All that has happened is the number of homicides went up 20% from 2014 to 2016.

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I got a free ticket to the UCLA-Arizona St. football game at the Rose Bowl last Saturday. Both of L.A.’s college football stadiums, the Rose Bowl (UCLA) and the Coliseum (USC), are enormous 1920s piles with lots of cheap bench seats in the end zones. Nobody would build these kind of non-luxurious stadiums these days, so there are often a lot of tickets left over for charity and group-type events.

It was an entertaining game, with UCLA winning 44-37, although the lengthy TV commercial timeouts after each of the multitudinous scores and for sundry other reasons, robbed much of the momentum for spectators.

Today is the annual USC-UCLA game, which is mostly of interest as the first (and perhaps last) matchup between perhaps the two top SoCal high school quarterbacks of recent years, Josh Rosen of Manhattan Beach and Sam Darnold of San Clemente.

Both are strong NFL prospects. Which one is better? I got denounced in the NYT by Malcolm Gladwell as a bad person a number of years ago for furnishing data to Steven Pinker calling into question Gladwell’s claim that it was impossible to predict which college quarterbacks would thrive in the NFL, but I don’t doubt it is hard.

Rosen certainly looked like a fine college quarterback last week. I didn’t get there until the second quarter, after a bad first quarter following sitting out a game due to a concussion. While I was there, he was close to unstoppable, throwing for over 350 yards in the last three quarters. He has fine technique.

On the other hand, Rosen seemed a little skinny for an NFL quarterback. An excellent technician, he had a superb season as a true freshman in 2015 and was being talked up as the best Jewish quarterback since Sid Luckman of the 1941 Chicago Bears (he’s half-Jewish but looks quite Jewish). But in the two years since, he has been slowed somewhat by injuries.

He’s definitely tough: in the 4th quarter he ran for the goal line on 3rd down but got hammered on two yard line. When he popped up, his face was covered in blood. But he was back on the field a few minutes later to run out the clock.

However, the NFL doesn’t have much sympathy for those weak enough to be injured. When Rosen got hurt last season, opinion on his attitude turned against him. Rosen’s a bright economics major, but the NFL scouts decided bright equaled cocky. They didn’t appreciate him mentioning he had to skip an economics class he’d wanted to take last semester for spring football. And, especially, the football universe did not like Rosen mentioning “Alabama” and “SAT” in the same sentence:

“Look, football and school don’t go together,” Rosen explained. “They just don’t. Trying to do both is like trying to do two full-time jobs. There are guys who have no business being in school, but they’re here because this is the path to the NFL. There’s no other way. Then there’s the other side that says raise the SAT eligibility requirements. OK, raise the SAT requirement at Alabama and see what kind of team they have. You lose athletes and then the product on the field suffers.”

A reasonable point, but what sounds reasonable to guys who really like being economics majors sounds like Bad Attitude and Cocky Loose Cannon to the NFL, especially if they get hurt.

In contrast, USC’s Sam Darnold, who looks kind of like actor Michael Shannon, sat out 2015 as a redshirt. He failed to win the starting job in the summer of 2016, but when he was eventually given a chance last season, he got tremendous results, throwing for 453 yards in the Rose Bowl game.

NFL scouts then fell all over themselves proclaiming Darnold a second coming of Tom Brady who can be counted on to make the gutty winning throw in the big moments out of sheer heart. So never you mind that Darnold has a laborious throwing motion that’s closer to Tim Tebow than Dan Marino, he has the Right Stuff on the inside.


Update: Final score USC 28-UCLA 23, with Rosen throwing some beautiful long completions in a hard-fought loss.

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From Reason:

Robby Soave: The third part of your series [in The Atlantic: The Question of Rape in Campus Sexual Assault] focuses on the fact that we don’t know what the exact numbers are, but it certainly seems like there’s a disproportionate number of students of color and immigrant men who are being accused of these issues.

Emily Yoffe: No one’s talking about race, but in the cases where the name comes out, you type in the name and it’s a black guy, it’s a black guy, it’s a black guy. The way you get hard numbers is the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights demands that institutions of higher education report the race of students being punished, the way they do in the K–12 realm. But they don’t. I think they don’t want to know.

Let me put one little caveat on that. There’s a danger. When you say we’re going to collect information that could change behavior, it’s not a neutral thing. So are schools going to say, “We’ve got to make sure we’re accusing more white guys, because we could get in trouble otherwise”? That’s not the outcome you’re looking for.

But I talk about Colgate University, which was one of the few places you could actually get numbers because there was a race discrimination complaint brought. Colgate has about 4 percent black student enrollment, which means 2 percent black male. That year, 50 percent of the accused were black. And I had another example where the numbers were almost precisely the same at a large state school—about 2 percent black male enrollment, and the semester I was looking at, at least 50 percent of the accused were black.

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Commenter Buffalo Joe explains:

The left is not coming to the defense of their own and now Kirsten Gillibrand says Clinton should have resigned. All will fall on their swords so that they can push the claim that Trump should now resign because of allegations of sexual harassment against him. Am I in need of a foil hat?

This is the plan to turn Weinstein Lemons into Trump Impeachment Lemonade.

But can progressive women get themselves organized enough to drop Phase One — the accusations against leading liberal figures — and, as Democrats used to say, Move On to Phase Two — Get Trump!

Or will Phase One just stretch out into an interminable Airing of Grievances against leading liberal men as woman after woman elbows her way into the Spotlight of Attention?

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Commenter anon observes:

“It was hot uh permanently traumatizing.”

Bingo and Yup.

I mean it’s a Pussing Contest.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

On the one hand, they get to brag how HOT they are/were and men just couldn’t resist them. They turned the head of every man.

On the other hand, they get to lament about their vicitmhood at the hands of these misogynist men (whose crime seems to be they liked women too much). Rape!

What a combo.

From the male perspective, there used to be the madonna/whore complex.

Now, from the modern female perspective, there is the vixen/victim(or vixtim) complex, aka hussy/hissy complex.

It’s so irresistible — a formula that fuses opposites into unity is hard to come by — that it could be the basis for a female religion. The genius of Christianity was, after all, the fusion of defeat with victory. Poor victim Jesus… turned out to be Son of God, indeed God.

But will any Vixtim have the vision to bake a religion out of this?

It may be good to be the king but it’s just divine to be a vixtim.

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A survivor of the Hancock Park Golfocaust, Matthew Weiner, creator of the Mad Men soap opera, remains in the news on charges of being an “emotional terrorist.” I had never heard of “emotional terrorism” before, but it seems like a popular title among authors of self-help books.

Technically, emotional terrorism isn’t actually a crime, yet, but, hey … It’s the time for the Airing of Grievances. From the Hollywood Reporter:

Marti Noxon Backs Matthew Weiner Harassment Accuser, Calls Him “Emotional Terrorist”

NOVEMBER 17, 2017 10:41am PT by Bryn Elise Sandberg

Marti Noxon is speaking up about Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and the sexual harassment allegation surrounding him.

In a series of tweets on Friday, the television writer-producer — who formerly worked on the AMC drama as a senior consultant — described Weiner as an “emotional terrorist, who will badger, seduce and even tantrum in an attempt to get his needs met.” She added that “everyone at Mad Men, regardless of gender or position, was affected by this atmosphere.”

I’m shocked, shocked to learn that a guy who is talented at creating emotional situations that million of women will find worth watching tends to have strong emotions and is adept at manipulating others’ emotions in service to his emotions.

I mean, I can’t recall anybody calling me an “emotional terrorist,” but then I’m not really fascinated enough with emotions to even watch more than six hours of Mad Men, much less create it and be its showrunner.

Noxon’s tweets come a week after former Mad Men assistant-turned-writer Kater Gordon came out and accused Weiner of sexual harassment. Gordon told The Information that while writing late on the series one night, Weiner said to her that she owed it to him to see her naked. …

[Noxon says,] “Responding to her statement, Matt claimed he would never make that kind of comment to a colleague. But anyone with an even cursory knowledge of the show Mad Men could imagine that very line coming from the mouth of Pete Campbell.”

So, you are saying that Mad Men, a show about the Bad Old Sexist Days when guys with names like Pete Campbell had all the really good jobs, is actually Matthew Weiner projecting himself into his characters?

Uh, okay. So why is this so unexpected? Or maybe Weiner was trying out a line of Pete Campbell dialogue? Or something …

Gordon’s claims have also upended Weiner’s press tour for his debut novel, Heather, the Totality. Roughly a third of the previously scheduled book events have been canceled — including stops in Seattle, D.C. and Los Angeles — and there have been awkward moments at some of the ones that have gone on as planned. When the harassment allegations came up at one, Weiner reportedly told the audience that the claims were “simply not true,” and then deflected to his involvement with Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and Mad Men’s feminist themes.

Rather like Harvey Weinstein’s fight against the NRA …

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For years, I’ve been mentioning the striking amount of space taken up in the brains of influential people by family memories of great-grandpa not being able to join the Los Angeles Country Club (so he had to join Jewish-only Hillcrest CC instead).

The Los Angeles Country Club takes up something like 0.9 miles of both sides of Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles’s main drag, right next to Beverly Hills.

Screenshot 2017-11-17 17.25.43

Behind its huge hedges, it’s the most conspicuously hidden away private golf club in America. While the largely elderly membership long attempted to maintain a low profile, psychologically, it acts as a giant turf marker, like a dog peeing on a tree, that says: “We were here first.”

I was there in September for the Walker Cup (George Walker Bush gave the US team of amateurs a pep talk to go beat the Brits in his his great-grand-daddy’s tournament), standing next to the 13th tee behind the dying Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion. Of course, there was a giant hedge and the ex-Lutheran Hugh could never, ever get in to LACC, because he was show biz.

It really is a phenomenally great golf course. The old WASP real estate developers who built Los Angeles from 1887 onward (and in Los Angeles, virtually nobody can claim their ancestors “settled” the place — most newcomers arrived on the train and subdivided rather than settled) had an eye for land and they picked out the single best piece of golf land for themselves.

Of course, as I’ve been occasionally reminded, not that many people really care about golf course quality. But a surprising number of people care about minor variants in the social standing of their ancestors, such as whether great-grandpa could get into LACC or not.

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As you’ll recall, in September 2015, Angela Merkel’s sudden whim of inviting a million marching men into the heart of Europe was widely proclaimed an audacious masterstroke that would no doubt envibrantize Germany’s economy with all those Syrian engineers. But, the cooler heads cautioned, there might be some short-term adjustment issues unless the other nations of Europe, such as Poland, were forced to take their fair share of Merkel’s Muslims.

Polish voters reacted to the EU’s demands by giving the populist conservative Law & Justice party the first majority in parliament in modern free Poland’s history.

It was almost as if the Poles, having looked around Western Europe, don’t want Muslim immigrants to establish a beachhead in their own country. As Will Rogers might have said, if you find yourself standing on nice level ground, don’t start digging.

But from the New York Times op-ed page, we learn that Polish resistance to the German chancellor’s demand for Muslim immigration into Poland isn’t really about Muslim immigration, because Poles are too stupid to know anything about Muslims, it’s really all about how those hateful Poles are bad for the Jews:

Poles Cry for ‘Pure Blood’ Again
By JAN T. GROSS NOV. 16, 2017

… Until very recently Poles had never given much thought to Islam beyond occasionally expressing a sense of historical pride that a Polish king, Jan Sobieski, defeated the Turks in a 17th-century battle near Vienna, thus saving Christian Europe from the infidels. This fits a recurrent theme in Polish national mythology: Poland as a rampart of Christianity, the Christ of Nations. Poland, according to this trope, has repeatedly, and heroically, suffered for the sake of others, especially the rest of Christian Europe.

Those nativist Polish bigots should have let the diverse Mongols loot and burn Krakow for a third time in the 13th Century instead of just twice. The Mongols had their flaws, but at least they weren’t Christians.

… But most Poles couldn’t tell a Muslim or a Buddhist from Jesus.

As we all have learned from Polish Jokes, Poles are ignorant buffoons. For proof, see the documentary Borat.

Their animus, which carries Polish nationalism into such an aggressively xenophobic articulation, springs primarily from a deep pool of ethnic-cum-religious hatred, which is indigenous to Poland and has historically been aimed at Jews.

Anti-Semitism is a deeply entrenched and historically rooted element of this Polish nationalist worldview. …

Poland’s leaders have let an evil genie out of the bottle. What we’ve witnessed on the streets of Warsaw represents a threat not only to liberal democracy in Poland but also to the stability and welfare of the European Union.

Half of the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust were Poles. …

You know, smart people like Professor Gross of Princeton wouldn’t be quite so artless in exposing their ethnic animosities if anybody less rich and less Jewish than Larry David were allowed to have a laugh at their expense. As I wrote in 2016:

When you think about it, isn’t the very idea of Polish voters daring to stand up to the German chancellor and deciding as a free people to not import anti-Semites downright Hitlerish?

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