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The Spirit of Santiago
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I came from Jerusalem ostensibly to launch my book in Spanish translation; but even more so to congratulate and bless you for your decision to pull your soldiers away from the wrong side in what is called the Iraqi War, but what is actually the battle for Palestine. When I wrote so in the series of articles presented in this book over a year ago, it was a wild opinion shared by a selected few; while majority was fed by stories of a war for liberation of Iraqis, a war for democracy in Iraq, a war to terror, a war to stop Saddam’s WMD, or a war for oil. A year passed and all these explanations vanished like smoke in the night. No WMD were found in devastated Iraq; no connections to al-Qaeda were revealed by tortured prisoners of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo; liberation of Iraq turned out to be the brutal occupation regime; as for oil, at the beginning of the war, oil price stood at 20 dollar a barrel, while now it is about 40 dollars. The oil companies that were blamed for pushing for the war, are pulling out of Iraq, and oil production is well below its pre-war levels. On 29th of April, 2004, the Guardian reported that BP decided to leave Iraq saying that the oil company has no future there.

It leaves us exactly with one reason for war, the reason we stated over a year ago. Sometimes it is called ‘the war for Israel’, but this definition misses the point: the state of Israel does not need this war for its safety; Israelis do not need this war for their well-being. The Jews can live as equals in Palestine or elsewhere; but they want to dominate water, land and souls of the others. For this reason they kill children and ruin homes of Palestinians in Gaza and Iraqis in Faluja. This is the war for Jewish supremacy waged by the US adepts of this concept, against the principle of equality of all dwellers in the Holy Land. In such a war, Spain has no reason to side with the forces of Jewish supremacy, to provide cover for mass destructions in Palestine and for mass tortures in Guantanamo.

Spain had no reason to fight for Jewish racism as your country has a glorious anti-racist record often distorted in modern Jewish narrative which became the dominant Anglo-American discourse. You are blamed for so-called Expulsion of 1492. But majority of exiled Jews came back, gave up their racist tradition of superiority, agreed to share bread and wine with other Spaniards – for that is the meaning of Eucharist – and became honourable citizens of Spain. S Teresa of Avila and S Juan de la Cruz are the shining examples of their glory.

On the other hand, England under Cromwell accepted the exiled Jews and received kudos from the Masters of Discourse for this deed. They do not speak of its connection with fencing out the English commoners, with massacre of Irish peasants and Scots, and with massive genocide of Native Americans in their colonies, but the regimes that are ‘good for Jews’ are rarely good for anybody else.

The same Masters of Discourse vilify Spain for its treatment of Native Americans. But in the end, Spaniards married natives and brought forward the modern nations of Latin America, while the North American colonists, who were very good to Jews and considered themselves ‘new Jews’, killed off almost all natives and transferred the remainder into reservations.

They vilify Spain for your inquisition, but in the Protestant countries thousands of women were burned on stake as witches – something that can’t happen in a country that venerated Mother of God as you do.

Indeed it is a mistake to think that theology is an irrelevant occupation of useless clerics, while only material possessions matter. Theology is the deep foundation courses on which the palace of a society is built. Without foundations, the palace will collapse at a blow of a strong wind, let alone earthquake. It was the reason of Soviet collapse: quasi-religious communism had no strong theological foundation and did not survive. In the ‘neo-Jewish’ US, the Judaic paradigm came forth in place of apostolic Christianity, and with it the New World Order of dwindling middle class, vast security apparatus, growing social gap and impoverishment of spirit. It is not the first time the Judaic paradigm rises in the world; but such societies invariably collapse for they lack broad social base. Now its adepts decided to ensure its survival by making it globe-wide; this is the reason of wars and expansion, for their design would not survive on any smaller scale.

Everywhere they promote leaders who accept their theology and ideology. Such leaders can belong to the Right like your Aznar, or to the Left like Tony Blair in Britain, but they invariably support the Judaic idea of superiority and are ready to send their countrymen to fight for it in far-away lands. Maybe they are good for Jews, but they are bad for the rest. Indeed, now the struggle of Left and Right became obsolete in face of the new dichotomy, and here in this room I see people whose fathers exchanged fire at Hueska and Tarragona in the 1936-1939 war. My uncle fought in the International Brigade for the Republic, while maybe your father fought on the side of Franco, but now we stand united for spirit, tradition and equality against supporters of spirit-less and rootless supremacy.

The old wars remain in the past. You fought the Moors, but now Spain is a good friend to Morocco. You fought Napoleon, but now you are friends and allies with France. In a similar way, the war of Left and Right belongs to the past, like war of Carlistas and Isabellinas, of York and Lancaster, of Union and Confederacy. The Right and Left tendencies do not disappear, for both are needed for society like two arms and two legs for a man. The Right ensures continuity of tradition and preservation of the roots; the Left promotes equality and ability to reform. Their Ying-Yang struggle makes society work; while total victory of one of the two paradigms derails society.

The tragic and destructive confrontation of Left and Right reached its peak in your Civil War and at the World War Two, where the two great anti-bourgeois movements, ‘left and right disciples of Hegel’ shed their blood ad majoram US gloriam, to the greater glory of the neo-Judaic US, the ultimate winner of war. I came to this understanding in Russia of 1990, when the pro-American neo-liberals called the veterans of Stalingrad, the patriots of Russia, – ‘red-brown’, claiming there is no difference between Communism and National Socialism.

Nowadays we have pseudo-Left and pseudo-Right, for there is no difference between Thatcher and Blair, Bush and Kerry – both equally support Israel in its drive for supremacy. In Spain and France, the left and the right-wing newspapers were united in their condemnation of the Passion of Christ by Mel Gibson as ‘offensive to Jews’. Thus, instead of Left and Right, we have a new dichotomy, a new split, by attitude to Judaic supremacy. Today the US fights the Muslims for Israel, but Huntington, the leading theorist of the war, already calls to contain the Hispanics in the US, as they are not sufficiently devoted to the Jewish cause.

You can gauge your leaders by their attitude to the plight of Palestinian peasants. If they prefer to hobnob with Sharon, they will be bad to you, as well. All of them will go, as Aznar went, for the people understood the reasons for the war. There can be only one solution in the Holy Land that will bring peace to the world – that of full equality of Jews and non-Jews in the whole of Palestine, of deconstruction of the supremacist Jewish state and its conversion into a true democracy for all. It was called for by late Edward Said, and now by Mustafa Barghouthi, the most popular Palestinian leader. More and more Israelis also reach the conclusion that there is no other way to stop the bulldozers.

Spain has an important role to play, for Spain is inherently connected with the Land of Christ and St James, your favourite saint whom you call Santiago. This Palestinian fisherman was beheaded by orders of Sharon’s predecessor, King Herod Antipas, and his head was taken by his disciples to your shores to be interned in Santiago de Compostella, but his heart remained buried in Jerusalem, and Cathedral of St James rose above his tomb equally venerated by Palestinian Christians and Muslims, for in our land Christians and Muslims live together in great peace and harmony sharing same places of veneration and – no less important – same enemy. Their enemy is not ‘the Jew’, for Jews can live peacefully with Spaniards and Palestinians, but the spirit of Judaic supremacy which has to be defeated and it will be defeated.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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