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Why Are Unfit Parents Fit to Become Americans?
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By now most Americans, for or against, get the idea. All an individual or family need do to live in America, and off the avails of the American taxpayer, is to arrive at an approved port of entry and “lodge a legal claim to stay.”

That’s it.

The same understanding animates an entire, parasitical industry that has arisen to coach the claimants in their claims-making.

The refugee and illegal-migrant racket sprung-up on the backs of the American people is Third World cronyism at its best. “The Trump administration plans to pay a Texas nonprofit nearly half a billion dollars, this year, to care for immigrant children who were detained crossing the U.S. border illegally, reports Bloomberg.”

Did you vote for that?

Brazen border-crossers “rarely hide from border agents,” for they know the rules of the game are that there aren’t any rules. Not for them, not for the lawless.

The law-abiding pay.

The profits from the immigration industry, material and political, are privatized; the costs are socialized.

It has taken a president, in the person of Donald J. Trump, and his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, to expose for all to see a shameful, likely irreversible, fact: American birthright has been frittered away for a mess of pottage.

In exchange for throwing America open to The World, Americans get crime, poverty, unemployment, depressed wages; environmental despoliation; overburdened public services, and zero comity and harmony across their communities.

Or, more like hate. For to oppose this transformative political give-away is to be branded a hater and be hounded, at home, by a Fifth Column of values-enforcers.

There’s no finessing it. This selling of the patrimony and heritage of Americans is theft, plain and simple.

There is no hiding it. Peddling of stolen goods for political favors is the handiwork of political representatives, of legislators.

Through legislative sleight-of-hand and international treaty making American politicians have incrementally robbed a people of their national and territorial sovereignty, as well as their shared identity.

As another patriot, broadcaster Tucker Carlson, put it, nobody voted to change the country thus.

These treacherous “elites vie to see who can reach the greatest heights of rhetorical excess and self-righteous posturing,” spat Tucker in disgust.

His philippic was over a sickeningly sanctimonious press, convulsing over kids detained at the border, in accordance with US law, to which the whole thing is an event, a happening. Mere mortals, like Trump’s Deplorables, must look up to—and learn from—these avatars of morality.

To cap it all, in Trump translation:We have the crappiest, most liberal immigration laws.

He has tried. The president has valiantly attempted to save America.


“During Trump’s first nine months in office,” bemoans the neoliberal Economist, “arrests for immigration violations were 42 percent higher than they were during the same period in Barack Obama’s last year. Non-border deportations rose 25 percent in fiscal 2017. Deportations of illegal immigrants who have committed no other crime, and who were not a priority in the Obama era, nearly tripled. Refugee admissions had plummeted. This fiscal year 16 percent of them are Muslim, compared with 42 percent a year ago.”

For this reason—and with Ahab-like zeal—has the establishment gone after Trump. Only when he is politically annihilated will this establishment rest. Hence the manufactured crisis at the border.

Before the border setback, White House officials had been “drafting a package which would, among other things, make it easier to deport children who arrive alone at the border.”

As had ICE agents increased their presence at courthouses, vowing to use courthouse arrests for “specific, targeted aliens” with criminal records, gang affiliations or removal orders, or who pose national security threats.

But now it’s, “The kids, the kids”: Members of the chattering class, the noise makers, have been tripping over one another to prove each one of them is on the side of the angels.

Magnificently did Tom Homan, acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, stand up to the sniveling, manipulative media with facts about the law and the right of national sovereignty.

And, what do you know? They, in the person of the Wolf Blitzer prototype, crumbled, apologetically. Alas, flabby, lickspittle Republicans are too dumb and devious to have figured out that a backbone, and fidelity to just law, frightens Democrats more than anything.

To the horror of one CNN practitioner of yellow journalism—sensational, sentimental, never impartial—the removal of kids into the care of the more responsible adult cohort was working.

From Honduras came a CNN report that at least one Honduran parent of sound judgment would not be embarking on the journey to the US. A net-positive, however, was framed as a negative by the network’s activists-cum-reporters.

Henpecked at home, from within the White House, President Trump has begun to relent on zero-tolerance at the Southern border and has issued an enabling executive order. Enabling because bad parents will continue to deploy children as human shields to gain entry into the US.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that children are born into disorganized, chaotic families. But a child is either the responsibility of his parents or of the state.

The judicial trend of the state as parens patriae has seen the family usurped by the state as the primary socialization agent. The state-as-parent is the purview of progressives, not conservatives.

Parents who put kids is such precarious a predicament are unfit. Why, then, are unfit parents fit to become Americans?


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook,Gab & YouTube

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  1. Why, then, are unfit parents fit to become Americans?

    Because they will vote Democrat. But I think you knew that.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  2. Rational says:


    Thanks for the good article, Madam. You are so right.

    The libs realized that the Russian collusion scam was not working, so they made up a new “scandal” to attack Trump—that he was separating families.

    Now invading a country is a criminal offense, 10 times worse than breaking into homes.

    If you love your kids, don’t do crime, as you can be arrested and put in jail, and separated from your family. So crime = separation.

    If the libs are against separating families, we must:

    a. Ban immigration, as most aliens leave their relatives when they come to US, for studies, work, etc.

    b. Ban DCS, as DCS removes children from homes, which results in children being separated from their biological parents.

    c. Ban divorce, as that results in children being separated from their fathers;

    d. Ban the retraining order VAWA racket, which is used by woman to make money and cover up their illicit affairs and drug use by lying that she is in “fear” of her man, as that separates families and makes it harder for the innocent father to see his innocent children.

    e. Stop supporting Israel, which imprisons and shoots Palestinian children and separates them from their families.

    f. Stop supporting abortion, which separates the child from his family—for ever.

    Liberals are the #1 cause of children being separated from their parents.

  3. republic says:

    Unprecedented coalition of Jewish organizations and synagogues are now protesting outside the ICE offices today against Trump’s racist immigration policies and the use of children as pawn. #familiesbelongtogether #MoralEmergency #KeepFamiliesTogether

    why do members of a certain group want to destroy the white majority in the US?

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  4. @Bragadocious

    Why are unfit parents fit to become Americans”

    Why? Because their Democrat mentors, their supporters are insane beyond hope, and they do not give a shiot about the children involved, rather their main concern is the advancement of their “progressive” world-view : Communism, and the establishment of a “rainbow” utopia.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and proJazz musician.

  5. anonymous[185] • Disclaimer says:

    They’re using children as unwitting props in their campaign, hiding behind them. The children themselves have no agency of their own but are being used by adults. Looking at it it’s clear that the hard line is working the best and sends the clearest message everywhere that the flagrant lawbreaking winked at by previous administrations is over. Only an unambiguous policy gets the idea through. American law has to be followed; there is nothing un-American about obeying the law, is there? All lawbreaking aliens must not be allowed to benefit from blowing their noses at American law. They are lucky they are getting such nice treatment from the civilized Americans, unlike their own home countries who abuse their own illegals as well as their own citizens. It’s a new day, finally.

  6. Rich says:

    I’m pretty sure that in just about any State in the US, if someone took their child with them to commit a crime, say breaking and entering, once arrested, the children would be separated from their parents. These parents are criminals, who’ve also endangered their children by taking them on a long, arduous journey for the purpose of breaking the law. It’s not really about democrat votes, it’s about cheap labor, keeping down the wages of the American worker. Where there are an abundance of illegal aliens, wages in restaurants, non-union construction jobs, landscaping and other low skill jobs, wages stay low.

  7. From my blog, that has links:

    Jun 24, 2018 – Fake News About Immigration

    Most Americans are confused by the massive propaganda for open borders. The world’s billionaires want open borders to drive down wages, destroy the remaining unions, shatter national pride, and increase their own power and profits. They have directed their major media to warn that only racists oppose open borders, and twisted the positive term of “nationalist”, which means someone who is proud of their nation and wants to protect it, to mean an evil Nazi.

    The billionaires have begun another political offensive to bribe and threaten US Congressmen to grant a third amnesty to illegal aliens, something opposed by the majority of Americans. This is disguised as overdue immigration reform, but will only increase the problem of illegal immigration in the coming years, especially from Africa, which is producing hundreds of millions of excess people each year. Meanwhile, corporate America spins stories that higher wages will eliminate jobs because it makes automation attractive, while also claiming a labor shortage exists. How often to you see job advertisements seeking unskilled workers? Never! 

    Public opposition is so strong that most of our corrupt Congress is not following orders from sponsors for open borders, like the powerful US Chamber of Commerce. Few Americans know that President Trump agreed last year to give the so-called “Dreamers” amnesty, but insisted on other reforms to inhibit the flow of unneeded immigrants. This was rejected by the world’s billionaires and their political organization known as the Democratic Party because they want open borders. President Trump is hated by most of his fellow billionaires because he wants to end mindless immigration laws that hurt US citizens, like allowing family chain immigration, admitting refugees, and phony asylum visas. Why should poor, elderly parents of recent immigrants be allowed to move to the USA and eventually apply for welfare benefits? Why can’t the USA aid refugees by sending aid, rather than entry visas? Why has asylum for political reasons become asylum for any reason?

    The billionaires launched a new propaganda campaign to label those who oppose open borders as child abusers. For the past month, stories have filled our corporate media about “family separation” that occurs when illegals are arrested for committing crimes. American law enforcement has done this for decades and no one objects because it makes sense. If parents are arrested, law enforcement does not leave children abandoned. They are transported to the local child protective services agency for care until a parent is released or another relative agrees to take them. This is done everywhere, even in San Francisco.

    Yet suddenly, President Trump and American immigration officers are labeled as evil child abusers by our corporate media for arresting criminals. One of America’s leading corporate propaganda outlets, Time magazine, published a disgusting cover story showing evil President Trump smirking at a crying child. This wasn’t denounced as distasteful and unfair, other corporate stooges applauded. A few days later, this was uncovered as fake news, the girl had not been separated from her mother. Her mom had left her hard working husband in Honduras, traveled for days to the USA and walked across demanding asylum. She could have applied for asylum after crossing the border into Mexico, but that nation does not offer perpetual free food, free housing, and free medial care to illegal immigrants.

    Millions of homeless Americans would love to stay in these immigration detention facilities with showers, free food, and healthcare, but are not allowed, nor is their plight approved for news stories in the USA. These are much nicer than jails and prisons where two million US citizens are held for criminal offenses, but our media rarely does stories about them, or their separated children. This truth is hard to find but can be read on obscure websites like Information Liberation.

    Corporate America is angry because they might be forced to raise wages if millions of desperate foreign workers are no longer imported each year. They press their faux “left wing/liberal/progressive” media to support open borders, which is the most anti-worker policy imaginable. Most Democrats know this, but are terrified to speak the truth because their greatest fear is being called a racist, even though immigration harms poor American minorities more than any other group. Few Democrats know their leaders once opposed amnesty for illegals. One great Democrat was Barbra Jordan. Watch her 1995 speech explaining that immigration is not a right, but a privilege granted by American citizens in limited cases, and that “illegal immigration” must stop and violators must be promptly deported.

    If Americans are angry about family separation, they should march down to their local police station and demand this stop. But then they must decide if police should leave children abandoned or toss them in adult prisons with their parents, or don’t arrest people for crimes if they have children. These options are absurd, but not arresting illegal immigrants is the solution demanded by our corporate media. Hauling along children should not result in automatic entry into the USA with welfare benefits. President Obama promoted open borders before he left office, which caused massive problems that President Trump must deal with. Here is G2mil repost about this sabotage of America. 

    May 31, 2014 – Open Border Chaos Worsens 

    President Obama’s gradual opening of America’s border continues, despite overwhelming opposition by working people. Our corporate media mostly ignored news that not only have regular deportations ended, but over 36,000 criminal aliens were released from prisons into American cities. Read this “USA Today” article about the U.S. Border Patrol’s solution to Obama’s dictate not to deport children or their parents. Poor families are flooding across the border and hope they are caught, because the Border Patrol will provide free housing, food, and medical care.

    But the Border Patrol hasn’t the resources to run massive refugee camps and developed a solution. These penniless families are put on Greyhound buses and sent to the city of their choice. If they have no relatives or friends to help, they remain at the Greyhound station to fend for themselves. (Newly arrived “undocumented” immigrants forwarded inland courtesy of the Feds, then abandoned at a city bus station are pictured.) Local communities and charities are overwhelmed trying to cope with Obama’s “do not deport” yet “do not support” policy.

    A new illegal entry strategy has emerged. Don’t avoid the Border Patrol, seek them out. In the past, the Border Patrol quickly sent illegal crossers back to Mexico. Obama now requires them to be “processed” by ICE. After that, most are released into the USA because they didn’t commit a serious crime. Meanwhile, Obama has threaten to act as a dictator and change laws himself because Congress refuses to authorize instant work visas along with social security cards to the millions of illegals in the USA. 

    He also wants to import thousands more skilled workers to replace skilled Americans, spinning the myth that Americans are to stupid to fill such jobs, despite numerous studies that show no shortage of science, technology, engineering, and math “STEM” workers in the USA. And Obama doesn’t care that America’s biggest high-tech employer, Hewlett-Packard, just announced that it would lay of 50,000 workers in the USA this year! I’d bet none of their lower paid foreign workers here on STEM visas will lose their jobs.

    Big business strongly supports Obama, knowing this will drive down wages further, and more consumers equal more profits. The American Chamber of Commerce is threatening to end support for Congressmen who fail to vote for immigration “reform.” Yet even our corrupt Congress is afraid to endorse this disastrous idea. Issuing millions of social security numbers to foreigners will result in long lines at state welfare offices and cost governments billions of dollars each month. Millions more poor foreigners will flood northward so the Border Patrol can welcome them and provide transportation to their city of choice. America’s embarrassing homeless camps will grow into homeless cities, full of new immigrant refugees and American citizens who lost jobs to this flood of cheap labor.

  8. Anon[144] • Disclaimer says:

    Looking back, Clinton did the right thing by sending Elian Gonzalez back.

    • Disagree: Hibernian
  9. I am so damn sick of hearing about refugees, there are no refugees from Central America, there are economic parasites looking for socialism. We need to put our own country back together and learn to get along with each other before we try and implant anymore of these people.

    We are in crisis mode and we need to fix what really ails us.

    It is our country, not theirs. They have a beautiful country they are allowed socialist easy dreams to control and they should reap what they sow.

  10. MarkinLA says:

    A better question to ask is why does this group consistently try to make people feel that Hitler might have just been ahead of his time?

  11. Terrific column and comments. I too am so sick of the whole phony concern “the children,the children” or Chucky Shumer’s “…the agonizing cries of children…”.
    Shumer never said anything about the agonizing cries of Palestinian children. The Palestinian cries were for real, not this nonsense.
    These so called elite men and women in their suits and dresses are just trash in nice clothes. Put nice clothes on garbage and pigs and it is still garbage and pigs.
    If the real Americans get sick of their rulers, some day there will be hell to pay. Or as in USMC 1960s- “payback is a mother”.

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