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When America Becomes South Africa
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If African-Americans didn’t get out and vote for Hillary Clinton, they would be dissing him and his legacy. So warned President Barack Obama, in a speech at the Black Caucus Foundation in Washington DC, on September 17.

The woman whose election promises portend a war on whites, Walmart and the wealthy has nothing to fear. Obama’s political cant notwithstanding, there isn’t much of a chance blacks will side overwhelmingly with Hillary’s rival.

Like never before, the 2016 election has been characterized by “a muscular mobilization of a race-based community, coercive control of territory and appeals by powerful charismatic leaders.”

What do I mean by “coercive control of territory”? Consider what would transpire if Donald Trump were to campaign “big-league” in Birmingham (Alabama), Charlotte (North Carolina), or South Los Angeles. Riots would erupt. (Incidentally, the thing where private property is invaded and looted is not called a protest.)

As sure as night follows day, the American democracy is destined to resemble that of South Africa, where a ruling majority party is permanently entrenched, and where voting is characterized by what has become Barack Obama’s signature tactic, a “muscular mobilization of the race-based community.”

The last, twice-repeated reference is out of “Into The Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South-Africa.” In 2011, the book used the tragic example of post-apartheid South Africa to forewarn Americans of the effects of a shift in their country’s founding political dispensation, a shift being achieved stateside through immigration central-planning.

America’s political class has been tinkering with the country’s historical demographic composition for decades. The consequence of the mass importation of poor, Third World immigrants is that America, like South Africa, is headed to dominant-party status, in which a permanent majority intractably hostile to the minority consolidates power, and in which voting along racial lines is the rule.

It used to be that the Democratic Party was this nascent majority’s political organ, offering a platform of preferential policies for a voting bloc whose “interests are viewed through the prism of racial affiliations.” Obama’s Dreams from America are for a country in which the historic majority is destined to become a marginalized minority, consigned to the status of spectator in the political bleachers. Ditto Clinton’s dreams. But, as election year 2016 has shown, the Republican Party is vying for a similar mantle.

That South Africa is riven by race is indisputable. Each election is “a racial census as far as whites and blacks are concerned.” In the much-ballyhooed, historic election of 1994, “only two to three percent of whites voted for historically black parties and perhaps five percent of blacks voted for historically white parties. The ANC relied for ninety-four percent of its vote on black support. The historically white parties had been barred from campaigning in the black townships.” Yet elections since 1994 have had the blessing of every liberal alive, and that includes many of the world’s self-styled conservatives.

“The rule of the people, demos, and the people’s ethnicity, ethnos” invariably clash, argued Michael Mann, “one of the leading historical sociologists of our time.” In “The Dark Side of Democracy: Explaining Ethnic Cleansing” (2004), Mann contends that in the earlier, more formative stages of their development, democracies are prone to carrying out murderous ethnic cleansing, which in extreme forms can become genocidal.

“The growth of popular sovereignty, the institutionalization of universal citizenship, [and] the creation of mass society” have often seen “ethnic groups laying claim to the same territory resort to the use of force, and, when frustrated, to murderous ethnic cleansing and even genocide.” Examples of this phenomenon in modernity: the ethnic expulsions and massacres in the democratized former Yugoslavia and Rwanda during the 1990s, the genocide of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire under the Young Turks (particularly in 1915-1916), and the mechanized mass murder of the Jews in Nazi Germany. While the infant South-African democracy fits snugly within his thesis, democracy devotees [the writer is not one] have accused Mann of twisting like a Cirque du Soleil contortionist to stretch the definition of democracy in making his case.

Where Mann is at pains to prove the murderous nature of young democracies, the arguments against democracy for South Africa, which have been propounded by Duke University scholar Donald L. Horowitz, have considerable force. Finely attuned to “important currents in South African thought,” Horowitz offered up an excruciatingly detailed analysis of South Africa’s constitutional options.

In “A Democratic South Africa?: Constitutional Engineering in a Divided Society” (1991), Horowitz concluded that democracy is, in general, unusual in Africa, and, in particular, rare in ethnically and racially divided societies, where majorities and minorities are rigidly predetermined.

Prone to seeing faces in the clouds, the new South Africa’s Anglo-American cheerleaders were impervious to such sobering pronouncements. It remained for students of democracy such as Horowitz to hope only that “the probability will … recede that one person, one vote, one value, and one state will degenerate into only one legal party and one last election.”

“Elections to be meaningful presuppose a certain level of political organization. … The primary problem is … the creation of a legitimate public order. Authority has to exist before it can be limited, and it is authority that is in scarce supply in the modernizing countries,” warned Samuel Huntington in “Political Order In Changing Societies.” Little did Huntington consider that, with enough tinkering by its ruling elites; a modern and mighty country like the U.S. could devolve into an atavistic and dangerous place.

Not nearly as hopeful as Horowitz was that “noted student of nationalism” Elie Kedourie. “If majority and minority are perpetual, then government ceases to have a mediatory or remedial function, and becomes an instrument of perpetual oppression of the minority by the majority,” concluded Kedourie. It was after a visit to South Africa that he wrote the following, in the November 1987 issue of the South Africa International:

The worst effects of the tyranny of the majority are seen when parliamentary government on the unalloyed Westminster model is introduced into countries divided by religion or language or race. Such for example was the case of Iraq … where an extremely heterogeneous society came to be endowed with constitutions which made no provision for diversity, and where the result was tyranny of one groups over the other groups in the society.

A prerequisite for a classical liberal democracy is that majority and minority status be interchangeable and fluid in politics; that a ruling majority party be as likely to become a minority party as the obverse. By contrast, in South Africa, the majority and the minorities are politically permanent, not temporary.


America’s Founding Fathers had attempted to forestall raw democracy by devising a republic. Every democratic theorist worth his salt—Robert Dahl and Elaine Spitz come to mind—has urged that the raw, ripe rule of the mob and its dominant, anointed party be severely curtailed under certain circumstances fast approaching in the United States of America. These are “whenever people of different languages, races, religions, or national origins, with no firm habits of political co-operation and mutual trust, are to unite in a single polity.”

In other words, multicultural America.

Adapted from “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South-Africa (2011).

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  1. iffen says:

    Examples of this phenomenon in modernity

    What is this?

    We don’t have enough trolls in the comment section? Now the writers are trolling the commenters.

    All you 88s relax; I can take care of this for you.

    Ilana Mercer, you left Israel off your list of examples.

    BTW, this is one of your better articles here at Unz.

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @boogerbently
  2. Nero says:

    “only two to three percent of whites voted for historically black parties”

    I would also like to mention that instead of muslims, the Netherlands should be accepting abused and poverty stricken Afrikaners, they are the ones who no doubt should be given refugee status.

    • Replies: @Shaka
    , @Anonymous
  3. Binyamin says:

    ‘Mass importation of poor third world immigrants’ -says Mercer, a poor third world immigrant herself. At least most third world immigrants to America become productive members of society whether working in Starbucks or in Microsoft or in Goldman Sacks or as an engineer in one of the countries’ myriads of defense and space related industries, just to give a few example. They are a better class of human being than a full time internet blogger whose contribution to society in terms of wealth creation is zero. The funny bit is, since emigrating to the West, Mercer has become something of a white’s rights advocate despite being as swarthy and foreign looking as Col Qaddafi. Being a serial immigrant, she has recently fantasized about emigrating to Hungary presumably because according to her estimate there are no blacks or Muslims in that country (by the way, I am not making this up).

    At least on this occasion Mercer the wannabe YouTube star has spared us her YouTube freak show. It was quite funny. I had always regarded the average full time Alt Right blogger as dirt poor and deservedly so since they do not generate any wealth. Even I did not know that Mercer, as shown in her ludicrous you tube rant, was living in a cupboard. No doubt behind the video camera lay stack load of unsold copies of her dreadful Donald Trump book.

    But seriously folks, yes identity politics is wrong if identity politics means voting according to to one’s ethnicity or background or religion. People should vote according to their conviction. But then what on earth is Donald Trump doing except espousing white identity politics?

  4. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    But seriously folks, yes identity politics is wrong if identity politics means voting according to to one’s ethnicity or background or religion. People should vote according to their conviction

    Yes, and people also should donate substantial amounts of cash to my personal unicorn farm, which I have a business plan for and it promises to be very profitable.

  5. Druid says:

    She’s is a Ziofascist idiot!

  6. Truman says:

    When has Trump ever said anything about “Whites” in America?

    Israel doesn’t have open borders and is an ethnostate.

    Meanwhile, in America, Europe and the rest of the world, Jewish Supremacist organizations such as the ADL, the SPLC, and others, are at the forefront of attacking, slandering, smearing and denigrating anyone of any other ethnic group who dares to stand up for their community’s right to exist in their own homeland.

  7. Quebeker says:

    I think this is a very clear vision of the future of the Western world.

    And guys, if you don’t like the messenger, just look away and focus on the message.

    I happen to be a long-time fan of Ms. Mercer, and I make no amends for it

    • Replies: @ilana mercer
  8. joef says:

    There will be no reversal of this because the politically correct indoctrinated majority do not want to recognize that this is a significant problem: Racial balkanization plus economic decline equals social instability. The libs will say that criticizing afro americans, and wanting to protect your own interest is racism, coupled with a secret desire for Black genocide. Thus these baseless accusations cause the debate to be silenced, especially for faint hearted Whites; and the problem just continues to fester, and grow worse over time. However there will come a time when the problems are so big that it will no longer be abled to be ignored. By then the damage will have already been done, with most of urban America looking like Detroit/Camden. Violence will be routine and scarcity will be the norm, and it will not be any better for Blacks, as anyone else, suffering what will become a long term crisis. It did not have to be this way, but this is what the leftist and radical afro americans wanted – – be careful what you wish for (while the rest of us suffer the consequences it). Those who cannot confront reality does not mean that reality will not eventually confront you (academic obfuscation will not save your life when its time for life and death struggle).

  9. I had the fortune of visiting South Africa with my family about 2 years ago. If America does become South Africa, hopefully we get the wildlife.

    • LOL: iffen
  10. Realist says:


    Where is your condemnation of Zionist Jews (such as your father) who made South Africa what it is today? These Zionists are trying to do to America what they did for South Africa.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
    , @Karl
  11. Tobo says:

    Can you link to a single time that Trump has explicitly used white identity politics?

  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    White population in South Africa has risen since 2000.

  13. Ximenes says:

    The question is, will the fate of America’s historic majority go the direction of Russians in the Soviet Union, or whites in South Africa? The Communist elite eventually drew the Russian majority to its side as their right hand man and partner in crime, so to speak, as Geoffry Hoskins ably described in “Rulers and Victims: The Russians in the Soviet Union.” Those Russians who didn’t have the wrong bloodlines, who weren’t too attached to their Christian heritage, or any other ethical system for that matter, were allowed to live, so as to assist the regime in bullying the minorities, and eventually even got to inherit Russia back when the parasite finally moved on. Putin’s family is a symbol of that (Putin’s grandpa was a cook for Lenin and Stalin.)

    The whites in South Africa were never a majority, of course, but they made up a solid 25% I believe in the 1980s, when it looked like they would be secure forever. When the blacks took over in the 90s, about half the whites fled to other outposts of the West, leaving the remainder to be slowly exterminated.

    Like the Russian, we make up a majority (for now). On the other hand, we’ve only been here a few centuries, like the Afrikaans. It could go either way.

    • Replies: @Shaka
  14. iffen says:
    @Thomas Garrett


    Exactly what wildlife are you talking about?

  15. @Thomas Garrett

    “If America does become South Africa, hopefully we get the wildlife.”

    I hope you don’t mean more like Noah Trevor.

  16. @iffen

    We may have, too quickly, repudiated the Klan.

  17. pyrrhus says:

    “Mass importation of poor third world immigrants’ -says Mercer, a poor third world immigrant herself. At least most third world immigrants to America become productive members of society whether working in Starbucks or in Microsoft or in Goldman Sacks or as an engineer in one of the countries’ myriads of defense and space related industries, just to give a few example.”

    Liar!… South Africa was a relatively wealthy country, especially for those with IQs above 70, when Mercer emigrated. And “most third world immigrants” have NOT become productive, they have become welfare sponges and violent criminals. More than 21000 illegals have been convicted of murder in the last 15 years alone.

  18. AnalogMan says:
    @Thomas Garrett

    I had the fortune of living most of my life in South Africa, up until about two years ago. Sorry to have to break it to you, but you can kiss the wildlife goodbye.

    Africa is awash in guns after decades of civil wars. Poaching is big business. The white rhino is already extinct.

    At the same time, Africa’s population is exploding, while food production declines. Africa survives only because of food handouts from Western countries. These handouts only aggravate the problem, as local farmers can’t compete with free food from the UN, so they don’t produce any crops.

    So what happens when the foreign aid dries up? All it would take would be a widespread crop failure, an economic collapse, or a hardening of attitudes in donor countries… I’m convinced it will happen, sooner or later. Then you will see a huge die-off in Africa, with deaths from starvation and competition for remaining resources in the hundreds of millions. But before it’s over, Africans will eat everything living on the continent – including, eventually, each other.

    Goodbye, wildlife.

    I see that as inevitable. There’s only one way to mitigate the disaster; that’s practicable, at least. But it won’t be done.

    Collect and preserve genetic material from as many specimens as possible with a view to repopulating Africa using zoo animals to breed new populations. Excluding, of course the putatively human specimens.

    You want to limit the death toll? Then, stop feeding them. Now.

    • Agree: unit472
    • Replies: @Shaka
    , @Johnny Smoggins
  19. AnalogMan says:

    Thank you. Beat me to it.

    I can’t believe the unmitigated brass cheek of these anti-Apartheid agitators who betrayed their country to establish a “rainbow nation”, then buggered off to their (((other))) country to avoid having to live in their creation. Only to re-emerge in America, rebranded as a conservative or “libertarian”.

    • Replies: @Realist
  20. Jason Liu says:

    …dominant-party status, in which a permanent majority intractably hostile to the minority consolidates power, and in which voting along racial lines is the rule

    Isn’t that what you people want, though?

    The ANC is basically a conservative black man’s party that favors the black majority. It’s just dressed up in the remnants of Apartheid leftist revolutionary language, like a lot of “socialist” parties are in third world countries. White South Africans make up the whiny liberal minorities over there.

    What’s more likely in America is a single party that milks racial strife and anti-white resentment for as long as possible, presumably until some non-whites become so assimilated that they stop caring about race hysteria.

    • Replies: @Ace
  21. Ace says:

    That is one of the greasier, stupid, ad hominem attacks on a kind-hearted, intelligent woman I’ve read in a while, say 50 years.

    Seriously folks.

    Do point us to your own writings, blogs, and YouTube productions so we can enjoy the excellence of your learning and analysis.

  22. Ace says:
    @Jason Liu

    There’s zero chance of assimilation. It’s pure leftist, moon calf fantasy, a smoke screen.

    Like the Muslims, resident Africans will be unable to restrain themselves and telegraph their intentions. Whites won’t take stupid pills forever, as soaring gun sales attest.

    We’re entering the advanced, highly visible stage of forced mass immigration and “civil rights” insanity. And the coming economic dislocations will be huge with attendant much diminished white patience for calls to “share” or for leftist traitors. “Negro fatigue” will take its place in DSM-VI.

    White S. Africa and Rhodesia had to bend because of powerful US and European pressure. There won’t be such powerful nations pushing suicide and insanity on us as we did on them. The constraints that were workable for monoethnic Western nations will be cast off to deal with what the terminally naive and committed traitors have created.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  23. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    White people come to America, lie, rob and kill. White people come to Africa and do the same. But the world would be better off without black people?

    You pale monkeys! Without the Arabs and the Jews you would be nothing. Your civilization is a gift.

    • LOL: AndrewR
  24. i’m a former white south african in exile. Illana’s tribe delivered the country to black rule. Just as they are doing in the US and EU. For anti-goy hatred and short term profit. Come clean illana!

    • Replies: @The Original George
  25. @Binyamin

    Ilana Mercer is a published author whose book “Into the Cannibal’s Post” should be read by every white person in America. And she writes under own name which is more than can be said for you.

    “But then what on earth is Donald Trump doing except espousing white identity politics?”

    I admire your rather vibrant imagination.

  26. Anonymous [AKA "SteveHofmeyr"] says: • Website

    Could well be, almost a million have fled the country. The remaining South Africans are still murdered at 33/100 000 which is 5 times the world average. The white farmer (commercial farmers are predominantly white) is still wiped-out at 130/100 000. Compare this to the rates of their ancestral countries, at 2/100 000. Amazing how much (death) can be ignored while you fly the banners of democracy.

  27. Shaka says:

    They are free to go back where they came from. No one wants them in Africa they are parasites.

    • Replies: @Joe Franklin
  28. Shaka says:

    What the hell are you talking about. Whites were never the majority in South Africa.

    • Replies: @The Original George
  29. Shaka says:

    Stop the aid it’s dumping.

  30. Shaka says:

    [Instead of several short comments, it’s preferable to combine them into a single more substantial one.]

    White supremacists are illogical retards. You never owned South Africa and it was never yours to begin with. You should go back to Holland where you came from after we take back our rightful land.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
    , @Ron
    , @Marcus
  31. The present bush-world trajectory of ‘anti-Apartheid’ Holland, Sweden, USA and UK is Schadenfreude time for all European South Africans, wherever they may now be.

  32. Anonymous [AKA "Broerjan"] says:
    @Thomas Garrett

    The African wildlife is already with you in the USA, if you look at he peaceful demonstrations of BLF one can see 100’s of years out of Africa has not change much in their behaviour

  33. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    If the USA wasn’t bombing, invading and destroying ME and African nations that Israel brands as ‘existential’ enemies and wants destroyed, then there wouldn’t be a problem with refugees fleeing in terror for their lives to safer climes.

    And if the BDS movement wasn’t becoming so successful, then certain parties wouldn’t be giving free life jackets and providing the fleeing refugees rides to Europe in new Zodiac boats.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  34. Anonymous [AKA "Derik"] says:

    No it hasn’t. Replacement fertility rate is 2.1, South African fertility rates : White 1.8, Black 2.9, Coloured 2.4, Indian 2.0. Average whites emigrating was 24,000 per year. And then there are the murders…

  35. Tom Welsh says:

    “If African-Americans didn’t get out and vote for Hillary Clinton, they would be dissing him and his legacy”.

    Excellent. So now they know what to do! It’s always good when the powers that be tell us what they want. So that we can do exactly the opposite, which is most likely to be in our interests rather than theirs.

  36. Tom Welsh says:

    “The woman whose election promises portend a war on whites, Walmart and the wealthy has nothing to fear”.

    If that sentence were spoken aloud, there would of course be a pause for prolonged laughter immediately after the words, “election promises”. Because of course anyone who is over 15 years old and has not been asleep, like Rip van Winkle, for most of his life, knows very well that election promises are worth nothing at all. Remember, “Read my lips: no new taxes”? Hahahahahahahaha, those old jokes are evergreen.

    It doesn’t matter in the least what Hillary Clinton promises. Remember the promises Barack Hussein Obama made when he was campaigning? Some people believed enough of those promises to think that an Obama presidency would be distinguishable (in some ways, at least) from a George W Bush presidency. Well, they were wrong about that, weren’t they?

    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. What about “fool me one thousand times and counting…”? It would be nice to believe that American voters are quicker to learn from experience than Charlie Brown. However…

  37. Rehmat says:

    Obama is as much a liar as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. None of them cares for the Afro-American public. For these Blacks are political guinea-pigs to be used like their masters in Israel have been doing for decades.

    In America’s 350-year history, only two Afro-Americans have reached at the top of political ladder; Gen. Colin Powell and Barack Obama. There are more Senators and Congressmen representing 2% Jewish population than 18% Black population.

    Comparing apartheid South Africa with United States shows Obama’s historic ignorance. In south Africa, the White occupiers remained in minority while in the US the Whites have slaughtered more than 90% of the Natives.

    If Afro-Americans are smart, they should vote Green’s Jill Stein under the current circumstances.

    On Friday, the US Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein in a statement on her campaign website called for an “independent” 9/11 investigation as the previous investigation undertaken by the Bush administration was full of “omissions and lies”.

    Jill Stein said the Bush administration’s initial 9/11 inquiry was not adequate and “was not given enough money, time, or access to relevant classified information,” saying that “a new inquiry is necessary.” She said that a new inquiry would use independent research and would not be “dominated by members with an interest in protecting the reputation and careers of foreign affairs and intelligence communities.”

    The official 9/11 Commission closed in 2004 and detailed the failures of the CIA and FBI in preventing the attacks. The extensive report was criticized for conflicts of interests from a number of investigating commissioners.

    • Replies: @steve tanton
  38. utu says:

    “parliamentary government on the unalloyed Westminster model is introduced into countries divided by religion or language or race.” – The success of Westminster model in Britain was possible by (1) banishing Jews in 1290, (2) extermination and force conversion of Catholics in 16-17 century.

  39. mcohen says:

    ahhhh the good old days in south africa.plettenberg bay in january,durban poison on rocky street.those were truly good times.colonial enterprise indeed multinational companies stealing resources from african countries and using the local white population to secure there assets with 18 year old national servicemen.
    the horror the horror
    british colonialism at its finest.pall mall fine cut or uncut whatever your taste.
    then the berlin wall came down,cuba went home and ……”vote for meaningful change” arrived from madison avenue.citibank pulled the loans and regime change
    multinational mining companies still feeding at the trough.few years back miners rioted for better pay and hundreds were shot dead.great youtube video.white officer ducking out the way as black police officers fire away with automatic rifles.B L aM BLaM

    do not and i say again do no blame south african whites for british not forget that many afrikaaners died in btitish concentration camps,

  40. imbroglio says:

    I agree with Ace and Pepe. Ad hominems prove nothing. I don’t know whether or not Ilana may have been dirt poor when she arrived here, and one can both blog and work at Starbucks (I know someone who does,) but Ilana offers commentary FWIW, and quite a few think it’s worth a lot.

    The coming of the Dems as the controlling, race and ethnic based party with the Pubs, Libs, Greens etc as also-rans is a phenom that others have been discussing throughout the election cycle. Ilana places it in context.

  41. The next constitutional train wreck in this country will make the Civil War of the 19th century seem like a warm-up act.

  42. Hrw-500 says:

    Speaking of South Africa, blogger Mike Smith posted a recent post about South African farms along with a book from Dr. Philip Du Toit titled “The Great South African Land Scandal” parts of this book is available also on this blog.

    And the “road apple” is about to hit the fan in South Africa and let’s see if the “prediction” of the novelist Tom Kratman depicted in his dystoptian novel “Caliphate” who mentionned after a civil war, a resurgent South Africa?

  43. WJ says:

    My preference would have been that Ms. Mercer would simply state that the USA should have the same immigration policy as that of Israel and the same type of wall as what Israel has built in the last ten years.

    Trump has not espoused white identity politics. HRC, on the other hand, has enthusiastically pandered to black extremists such as BLM, even going go so far as to invite the thug mothers, Trayvon Martin’s and Mike Brown’s, on stage at her rallies.

    But whatever, you are lost in your fantasy of Pedro the magical software engineer, who came to America and in spite of being a poor latino managed to outperform all of those lazy Americans.

  44. @AnalogMan

    But for the White man, lions, tigers, elephants, gorillas, rhinos, crocodiles and so on and so forth all over the world would have all been shot, eaten, skinned, turned into aphrodisiac pills and made into hats, boots and umbrella stands decades ago.

  45. nsa says:

    To paraphrase Twain, everyone complains about the jooies but no one does anything about ’em. Everyone knows the jooies hate and fear gentiles, and utilize minorities (especially the afros) as shock troops for their assault on whitey. Will whitey go full faggot and bend over and spread his cheeks for the khazarian criminals….or will he channel up his inner nazi and evict the jooies? And when the jooies are evicted, how will he get rid of the hundreds of millions of beaners and afros?
    The Immigration Act of 1924 (signed by Coolidge) essentially banned non-white immigration in order to preserve the racial makeup of the country…over jooie opposition (money) , of course. The Immigration Act of 1965 (a multi-culti wet dream signed by the filthy jooie stooge, Johnson) essentially sealed the fate of white america…and was widely celebrated by the traitorous jooies, of course. RIP, white america……..

  46. wally says: • Website

    Predictably we see this laughable nonsense from Mercer:

    .. the mechanized mass murder of the Jews in Nazi Germany …

    Which did not occur, and easily demonstrated as such.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    Jews have been marketing the ‘6,000,000’ lie since 1869:

  47. @Shaka

    Obviously, reading comprehension is not your strong point, is it? Ximenes clearly stated that whites were never a majority in South Africa.

  48. @Joe Franklin

    ” Illana’s tribe delivered the country to black rule. Just as they are doing in the US and EU. For anti-goy hatred …”

    – Indeed, but in spite of the massive evidence of their hatred for us, there are millions of whites who practically worship the Jews. Most notably a sect of “Christians” colloquially known as “born again”. For them, Jews can do no wrong. Such stupidity from a large segment of the race of people that created Western Civilization is astonishing.

  49. annamaria says:

    A good paper on the blood-sucking squid [Feds] on the face of humanity”

    The Biggest Heist in Human History, by MIKE WHITNEY: “

    There have been $3 trillion gifted to the financial system


    “…the Fed has been dumping money into the financial system while predicting stronger growth. That would seem to suggest that the Fed is insane, but is the Fed insane?
    No, in fact, the members of the FOMC are extremely-bright, well-educated professionals who have a solid grasp of the economy and the many intricacies of the financial system. These are smart guys, real smart. So, maybe they have an ulterior motive. Maybe that’s why they’ve stuck with the same failed policies all these years.
    But if they have an ulterior motive, then what is it? What are they trying to achieve?
    The easiest way to answer that question is by simply following the money. We’ve already seen that QE and zero rates have done nothing for growth, so –the question is– where have these policies had the greatest impact?
    Why, the stock market, of course!
    It’s a subsidy, a gift, a handout. Even so, $3 trillion is a lot of money, enough money to light a fire under stocks and send them into the stratosphere. Which it has. But let’s not kid ourselves, stocks didn’t triple because production, earnings and growth are all going great-guns. That’s not it at all, in fact, they’re all unusually weak. Stocks are in record territory because the Fed’s relentless interventions have kept them elevated, which has propped up the insolvent banking system and generated gigantic profits for Wall Street.”

  50. gwynedd1 says:

    There are 14 million Jews. Seems to me the numbers don’t really matter. Saving every precious idiot will only dilute what ever it is trying to be put together. Who ever “my people are” , I would prefer them in quality , not quantity.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  51. @Shaka

    the corollary of your vile argument is that blacks should leave the EU

    • Replies: @Shaka
  52. @Quebeker

    Or, examine your own filthy biases and mouth (with reference to your interlocutor, Q). The messenger (this writer) is not incidental to the message (what she writes). How we love our Jew-qua-Jew haters. (NOT!) The Jew-hating detractors here have done nothing in their sorry lives, but nothing, to advance discourse or consciousness or fight for a cause in a meaningful, sustained way. Nothing.

  53. @Shaka

    White supremacists are illogical retards. You never owned South Africa and it was never yours to begin with. You should go back to Holland where you came from after we take back our rightful land.

    Are you a Pygmy or a Hottentot? Those were the only two groups inhabiting most of South Africa when the Dutch landed and claimed the land. The Bantus were still well to the North and East. Of course the Bantu would have treated the Pygmy and Hottentot much worse than the Dutch did.

    As late as 2003, the Bantu have been cannibalizing the Pygmies. Verily, Verily a supreme culture on display.

    Some have said that at the rate the Bantu were migrating, they might have reached the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Town some time in the 1970’s. Great explorers (or anything else) they were/are not. But they did pioneer the use of cow dung as flooring material. But they might have stolen that from India.

  54. iffen says:
    @ilana mercer

    The Jew-hating detractors here have done nothing in their sorry lives

    They are pretty good at pushing along Jew-hating.

  55. KenH says:

    The Democrat party is implementing policies that are designed to make whites an irrelevent, politically impotent minority in the nation they founded and built. While blacks will never be a super majority in America like they are in South Africa, non-whites will have a plurality in about 20 years, but possibly sooner with our continuing mass importation of the third world.

    The Republicans, acutely aware of the nation’s changing demographics, are slowly selling out to cultural Marxism and non-white racial chauvinism. White people who don’t hate themselves or liked America better when it was 80-90% white have no political representation.

  56. @Anonymous

    “White population in South Africa has risen since 2000.” Irrelevant, even if true.
    What’s important is the proportion of the population that is White, not the absolute numbers.

  57. PSR says:

    Anonymous says:
    September 30, 2016 at 6:10 am GMT

    “Your civilization is a gift.”

    Yes, we know that quite well. You’re welcome.

  58. nsa says:
    @ilana mercer

    Jooies are widely reviled everywhere by a large portion of the population, including Israel. Maybe you should examine the reasons why. And it’s not just jealousy or scapegoating…..rather it takes something much deeper and primal to engender such extreme hatred…’s called self-preservation of the host society. Think about it.

  59. TG says:

    As regards South Africa, I would suggest that the underlying dynamic is the desire of the rich for cheap labor.

    What on earth am I talking about? Well South Africa used to have a low fertility rate (black and white, thank you very much), and became pretty prosperous. If they had been allowed to remain prosperous perhaps the blacks and whites could have come to some accommodation – we’ll never know, but shared prosperity is a great healer.

    But the elites wanted cheap labor, so they imported massive numbers of people from other, poorer African countries. And there is no social dynamite greater than a mass of angry young men with no clear path to getting a decent job and supporting a family…

    Now the South African elites are black – and they are still importing massive numbers of immigrants from the rest of Africa in order to keep wages low. Because greed is color blind.

    Now native black South Africans are protesting all these other black Africans that are being imported into the country, and of course, the natives are being slandered as racist.

    But hey, let’s blame it all on whitey to keep the lid on.

  60. In our modern strange new world, sadly a multicultural soft landing would be a Brazilian type outcome for the USA. Start looking for a gated community now.

  61. Svigor says:

    But seriously folks, yes identity politics is wrong if identity politics means voting according to to one’s ethnicity or background or religion. People should vote according to their conviction.

    “If.” Leaving aside the issue of who died and made you God…what if one’s conviction is to vote according to one’s ethnic interests? Or one’s religious interests?

    What if one’s conviction is to look at Israel and say, “I want the same thing for my people”? Oops! Can’t oppose that without being either an “ANTI-SEMITE!!!” or an obvious liar.

    • Replies: @Karl
  62. lavoisier says: • Website

    Absolutely right. The situation in SA is very different than the situation here. Whites were, and are, a tiny minority in SA and they were oppressed on all sides by the good whites of other Western nations; led, predictably, by leftist Jews with a hate on for the goyim and an unnatural faith in the nobility of the savage.

    Totally different scenario going forward. Few of us are left with any illusions concerning the nobility of the savage and we know that we are being lied to by our elites. Furthermore, we understand their innate hostility to white people and our civilization. Hence, we have developed a bit of immunity to their lies and manipulations. Furthermore, and most importantly, we are armed.

    Even Ms. Mercer has recognized her previous folly in supporting black rule and has come to a more realistic appraisal of reality. This understanding has come too late for the white people of South Africa, but it is a welcome understanding regardless.

    The future of America is Civil War. Whites will not go quietly into oblivion here. If we do go quietly, shame on all of us.

    • Replies: @Ace
  63. It’s not about Israel. Israel is a foreign country, period. Africa too is a foreign country and democracy and voting is not worth dying for and neither is defending those who are lying hypocrites and should not be defended.
    Oh and for those who don’t know, America isn’t Africa, the ME or South America. So all those blacks who own Africa and fight for their rights here in the states are on the wrong continent.

    The American Indians gave land and shared the land with the persecuted Christians. There were no troubles until all the other denominations showed up especially those hostile to the persecuted Christians (Jews and Catholics). Blacks Mexicans Catholics, Jews Muslims etc are the thieves who are stealing the land from the Indians and the Christians who lived on and shared the land together. African’s Jews and South Americans like the Palestinians who and other muslims who squat here because they really couldn’t care less about someone elses land as they claim. Hawaii didn’t become a state until August 21, 1959 so this isn’t their land either, like Puerto Rico, Cuba, The Babamas, Haiti etc . Blacks weren’t required to fight any wars either I guess because maybe they are African? Well they got their special rights by JFK and then he was assassinated and they were now official with rights and the blacks were drafted just once during the Vietnam conflict but they been special with special rights ever since. They had the right to vote after the Civil War, can’t figure out why they lost all those rlghts though, they were elected to all kinds of offices and given education and all but something maybe a war that their rights got taken away?

    The treatment of the Christian family at Ruby Ridge and people at Waco should be a clear give away as to how some Christians and groups are treated. People want to kill the Westboro Baptists for their speech but when a Muslim shoots a bunch of people everyone makes excuses and says things like “well more people die in accidents than from terrorists”,.

    Caring about someone else’s land; get off ours first and take the Obama’s with you.
    I feel for the South Africans, the communists who hate God did a number on them with the support of ugly little commie groups screaming about apartheid all the while stealing someone elses land.

  64. Rehmat says:

    World Jewry count never changes. It’s 13 million in 1938, and after the so-called SIX MILLION DIED, is still 13 millions today.

    However, Holocaust has become a WMD for anyone who challenge the score – because now Holocaust has replaced Judaism as a religion.

    On September 28, 2016, Jeremy Corbyn ally and vice-chairperson Momentum, a grassroots movement, Jackie Walker refused to quit her post as demanded by the country’s Organized Jewry over belittling Jewish new religion: Holocaust.

    Ms. Walker who has Jewish family roots, irked the powerful Jewish lobby groups by her statement on Holocaust Day event organized by the Labour party. She is accused of insulting the word “Holocaust” by claiming that Jews are not the only people who have been persecuted in the past.

    “In terms of Holocaust Day, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Holocaust Day was open to all people who experienced Holocaust?,” she said.

    On Wednesday, in a statement, Walker said people ask me to define “antisemitism”. She said she is against all kind of anti-Semitism including UK’s Jew actor David Schneider’s definition…..

  65. @ilana mercer

    Dear Ms. Mercer,

    Is it true, as other posters have alluded, that your father decided to ‘fight for a cause in a meaningful, sustained way’ to end apartheid in South Africa? Is it then true that your family are now responsible for the genocide of White South Africans, the economic destruction of a once-prosperous country, and the World-leading HIV epidemic?

    Perhaps it would have been better for all if your family had done, as you put it ‘nothing in their sorry lives’. Because, while we appreciate that your family has ‘advanced discourse’ (and perhaps their own consciousness), the net effect on the world at large has been overwhelmingly negative.

    Perhaps this is the difference between your race and my race? Your race has a neurotic, pressing need to dissect, analyse, ‘understand’, and ‘improve’ absolutely everything, INCLUDING other people’s societies. And then when you’ve finished learning from your experiences, you disown the fruits of your actions and move on to a fresh substrate for more experimentation. Good for you, good for your publisher, perhaps even good for your people’s intellectual life, but very very bad for the landed people whom you ‘grace’ with your transient presence.

    Please try to understand the damage your people do. And please try to understand how incredibly livid landed people become when left to deal with a situation your people created and have since disowned. In the mind of landed people, the perpetual cycle of meddling and disowning that is characteristic of your race is absolutely poisonous.

    Please do not blame us when we hate the sinner, as well as the sin.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Sam J.
  66. Ace says:

    If Ms. Mercer supported black rule I suspect it was in the face of the baying of the goodwhite hounds, including Jews with their apparent perennial obsession with fixing a fallen world. She was in good company with all the good whites here in the U.S. who swooned over MLK and the “promise” of the “civil rights revolution.” I remember being at university in St. Louis in the early ’70s and that translated for me in seeing black thugs filter onto campus and making some kind of student lounge into a “thugs only” affair, replete with loud music and theft. In short, it didn’t start well and I never saw anything after that to convince me that it was an aberration. The attempt at conciliation and extra support only led to more ridiculous demands and concessions leaving us at the current high-water mark of destroyed cities, bastardy, parasitism, crime, and a political life that “twisted and distorted” doesn’t even begin to describe. Paul Kersey’s term “Black Ruled America” pretty well captures the full disaster.

    Well, the decay, crime, and black hatred of whites is out there for all to see and whites fleeing west from Philadelphia are meeting the whites fleeing east from Pittsburgh. “Negro fatigue” is at an all-time high and won’t ever recede to the levels of more naive times.

    The whole Western world is possessed of an infantalism, a dependency, a passivity, and a complacency that has amounted to a perfect storm for whites. But as Robert Louis Stevenson observed, ”Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences.” And the threat of imminent hanging focuses the concentration in a wondrous manner. There are enough good people with us who never did lose their minds and we’ll carry the day against the hormone-drugged and emotionally-overwrought who don’t know the meaning of “cover and concealment” and “sight picture.” Tomorrow will not be like today and I relish the slow slide back into the mental habits of our sterner and more realistic ancestors. Only God knows how we collectively sank so low but we did. Even that is not forever, thanks be.

  67. Anonymous [AKA "MichaelMaier"] says:

    Please go hang yourself. Wanting to be away from filthy, diseased and murderous savages is hardly illogical.

  68. Karl says:

    > These Zionists are trying to do to America what they did for South Africa.

    The zionists I know – are building Zion.

    What’s the last three things **you** did to build a White National Homeland?

    • Replies: @Realist
  69. Shaka says:
    @Joe Franklin

    You think I give a damn about blacks in the EU? I only care about South Africans and send them back to the homeland if they are there. The rest of the blacks are not my problem or concern.

  70. Karl says:

    hello Svigor,

    can you tell us the last three things you did to help build a White National homeland?

    Are the Circassians, white enough for you?

    I could probably get you set up in an permanent RV parking site at one of the two Circassian towns we have here.

    Buying a house is completely possible, if you’re patient enough to wait for a seller. It does happen occasionally, though most are passed down in the family.

    They are a real mainstay of the Police here. Man, they really love them a government pension and that exemption from hunting licenses.

    How about Russian Orthodox ? Plenty of them here. Maybe they’re all just Master Actors, but they APPEAR to be basically happy living here amongst us. Especially since visa-waiver Israel/Russia got put in place by Putin.

  71. rod1963 says:
    @ilana mercer

    The Jews have little to do with the racial predicament we now face. Especially in regards to the importation of 3rd worlders.

    Whose to blame? Take look at the local convenience store, fast food joint or any of dozen other industries that depend on low wage, disposable labor. That’s right all those business people who put the almighty buck ahead of everything including a future for their children.

    Then there all those Christian churches who are raking in big money from Uncle Sam to import Muslims.

    Lets for example take a look at Twin Falls Idaho, where a bunch of Muslims were imported by local churches and welcomed with open arms by the local business community who hired them over white Americans and city hall that only saw a increase revenue stream because of the checks they get every month from Uncle Sam.

    Did I mention local authorities covered up the rape of children by Muslims? Oh yeah that’s a side benefit.

    Variations of this go on across the country.

    Jews didn’t put a gun to these peoples heads. No the political and business class wanted this because it makes them richer.

    The rest of the whites looked the other way as long as they had a fat wad of money in the bank. They are as guilty as the others because they knowingly ignored what is going on.

    Look if the Chambers of Commerce thought open borders and immigration was bad, it would stop in 24 hours.

    So folks, please stop using the Jew as some all powerful boogeyman, whites have a lot of traitors in their midst ranging from cultural Marxists to your local money grubbing businessman who hires illegals to the Silicon Valley titans who have replaced their white workforce with foreign hi-tech coolies.

    The sad thing in all this, is that whites still have the power to break this system but lack the collective guts to do so.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
    , @Sam J.
  72. Anonymous [AKA "David H Overton"] says:

    Ilana Mercer’s article is a timely warning about the tyranny of race-based majorities. If you’re interested in the example of South Africa, you can read my near-future fact-based novel, “Ruined Rainbow: Which Way South Africa?”, which will hopefully be published some time next year.

  73. When America Becomes South Africa, will Israel support human rights abuses in the US and help it with its nuke program? 😉

    “When, in 1990, South Africa became the first country in history to terminate its nuclear weapons program, the world found out that South Africa had developed the bomb. What the world did not know was that Israel was deeply engaged in helping her.

    Israel actively helped South Africa with technology for systems to deliver the warheads, provided her with tritium and cooperated in testing. South Africa brought Israeli atomic scientists into the country and the two countries exchanged secret scientific intelligence. Importantly, Israel helped South Africa to build the longer range missiles she desired to deliver nuclear warheads. Israel also provided South Africa with thirty grams of tritium, a radioactive substance that increases the explosive power of thermonuclear weapons.”

    – Ted Snider, Shimon Peres and the Nuclear World,Mondoweiss

    – See more at:

  74. Ex-Saffer says:

    I was among the two–three percent of white South Africans who voted for a historically black party, in my case, the ANC. I had no admiration for them, agreed with nothing they stood for yet I voted for them anyway. Why? Because just for once I wanted to vote for a party that would actually win and that wasn’t run by Jews for Jews or dominated by Afrikaners. Sucks, doesn’t it, being a person of English descent in a proposition nation riven by in-group-out-group rivalry where you are in a minority in a minority. I know all about Mercer’s brand of in-your-face Jewish chutzpah. I endured half a century of it in Johannesburg and it is one of the reasons I had to leave the place. Blacks, too, but a distant second. They did nothing like the harm to me that Jews did.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @sb
  75. @Binyamin

    Bizarre, offensive, biased, wrong. Adjectives, adjectives, adjectives…I could go on seemingly forever on this strange reader-comment. Guess Ilana Mercer does not fit into a politically correct America, at least not the one favored by this commenter.

    White identity politics of Trump? How about a common sense approach to economics, trade, foreign affairs, national security, the Constitution and SCOTUS? Apparently what works is of no concern or consequence to you and everything good must be somehow full of demographics? Why must liberals always focus on color, on race, on ethnicity? What as economic or relationship policy between nations have to do with this? Perhaps in a homogeneous society, but ours is hardly that. Insecurities over being a member of the majority? Surely. Grow up and deal with the truth. Western Civilization has been and still is the dominant force of the modern world.

    As Americans, we should be far more concerned with what works rather than with what feels good. Based upon the idealism of our largely leftist teachers and the pontificators of America’s “ruling class”, the New Totalitarians of the Democrat-Socialist Party (they are no longer “Democratic”) it is “feelgoodism” and pretend economics that rules. Most Americans operate with difficulty in a crony-capitalist economy with a fall-back onto the free stuff offered by the forever shifting fascist leadership who predictably draws power from those on the take. What a cozy, convenient relationship. Government workers now surpass manufacturing jobs in America 1.8 to 1. H1-B visas are fine to displace Americans, for foreigners are more important than our own. The haves always get richer, the spread always gets wider between them and the have-nots as a system approaches any form of totalitarianism, but s’ok, it’s always the capitalists fault, the Republican’s fault. Democrat economics, the economics of crony-capitalism of big-government tax & spend Keynesian planning is a failure, a huge failure and the citizens are paying a huge price for their ignorance. But perhaps that’s the way it should be. “We have found the enemy and he is us.” (Pogo) “A republic if you can keep it.” (Franklin) Human frailties and the “Kool-Aid” of liberalism is just too strong a social aphrodisiac. And here I thought liberals were all about immigrants – well, they are, but not if they’re legal, Christian or Jewish and conservative.

  76. @Rehmat

    I contest your comment on Trump – he is NOT a liar. You are obviously mistaken and/or biased, perhaps just listening to leftist talking points. There is nothing to substantiate what you say, and quite the contrary, there is an excellent youtube video to substantiate the opposite.

  77. If you don’t favor democracy (a majoritarian system), what do you favor? Perhaps you’ve written something about this to which you could link.

    I’d be interested both in the form of government you’d prefer in an ideal world, as well as any reforms that you think are at least remotely within the realm of feasibility here in the USA.

    Thank you. And, as some others here have said, I may not agree with you, but I admire your willingness to forthrightly state your views in the face of inevitable ad hominem attacks.

  78. Ron says:

    You may be surprised to know that this white man agrees with you, up to a point. Our intrusion on native peoples has often been disastrous for them. Our compulsive military intervention in the affairs of other nations has been arrogant, to say the least.

    The problem with your statement is that Africa contains within it very little potential for peace or progress. Average I.Q.s are low, as are skills and educational levels. STDs are rampant as is sexual

    immorality, lack of self discipline, organizational ability and creativity. Family units are fragile to non-existent, and crime rates among blacks are the highest in the world.

    It is easy to change Rhodesia into Zimbabwe, where economic disaster occurred without white leadership, but changing Zimbabwe back to Rhodesia is probably impossible.

    I my personal opinion, we whites need to learn to mind our own business and leave other peoples alone to determine their own fates. but you probably wouldn’t like the result.

  79. Anonymous [AKA "Witou"] says:

    Has The writer actually seen the results of the last elections in which the Democratic Alliance won Capr Town, Johanbesburg, Port Ekizabeth and Pretoria. More skewed Jewish bullshit …. South Africa has consistently criticized the Israeli regime for its abuses of Palestinians.
    I live in Cape Town and I would never want to live in any other country. Same goes for most whites who could have left in the last 20 years but chose to stay.
    Don’t buy her ill-informed analysis.

  80. utu says:

    Your voting did not matter. The decision was made. Israel dumped SA. That was the chief reason.

    You should tell us more about Jewish and Israeli dealings in SA.

    Why Jewry and Israel dumped SA? Was it because they did not need SA for their nuclear program anymore?

    How gambling, Sun City and casinos by natives was invented in SA and later the know how of the scheme of casinos was transferred to Native Americans?

    What about biological weapons and ethnically selective weapons developed by Israelis and South Africans?

    • Replies: @Ex-Saffer
  81. Realist says:

    Learn the truth about what many Zionists are doing to America,
    Spread the word about what many Zionists are doing to America
    Support the White National Homeland in every way I can.

  82. lavoisier says: • Website

    Very true. There is plenty of blame to go around for sure. Two of the horseman of our liberal apocalypse have to be stupidity and greed.

    But liberal Jews, unfortunately, have played a disproportionate role in bringing us to our current sorry state of affairs in this country and in the West in general.

    I am just glad that there are many Jews like Ms. Mercer who are now leading the fight against the current madness.

    And that goes for Mr. Unz as well!

  83. Rehmat says:
    @Greg Bacon

    The BDS movement has long been hijacked by the “anti-Zionist Zionists”, as Gilad Atzmon called them. It’s condemned by the pro-Israel thugs to boost BDS credentials which poses no threat to the pre-1967 Jewish occupation of historic Palestine.

    The so-called “pro-Palestinians” activists, such as, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Max Blumenthal, Rabbi David Lerner, Omar Barghouti, Bishop Tutu, Winnie Mandela, Richard Falk, Roger Waters, Jewish Voice for Peace, etc. all have different opinions about the “BDS: Non-violent Resistance to Israeli Occupation. Benjamin Netanyahu is on record for equating BDS with Holocaust.

    Now, if one reads BDS Declaration, he will find to his surprise that BDS is not against the Jewish occupation of 78% of the historic Palestine. BDS uses the word “occupation” for the West Bank and Gaza Strip but not even for East Jerusalem which all were occupied by Israel as result of its 1967 War of Aggression. The BDS demands from Israel; 1) Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands occupied in June 1967 and dismantling the wall, 2) Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality (meaning Israel has the right to exist within pre-1967 borders); and 3) Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN Resolution 194.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  84. geokat62 says:

    Now, if one reads BDS Declaration, he will find to his surprise that BDS is not against the Jewish occupation of 78% of the historic Palestine.

    I took your advise and I actually read the BDS Declaration. Here’s, in part, what it says:

    “For nearly seventy years, Israel has denied Palestinians their fundamental rights and has refused to comply with international law.” [if what you said were true, this would have read “For nearly fifty years,…”]

    BDS uses the word “occupation” for the West Bank and Gaza Strip but not even for East Jerusalem which all were occupied by Israel as result of its 1967 War of Aggression.

    According to BDS Declaration:

    “Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall.
    International law recognises the West Bank including East Jerusalem, Gaza and the Syrian Golan Heights as occupied by Israel.”

  85. Anonymous [AKA "the dog"] says:
    @Anonymous (sorry)

    Jooos have been on the run for 5,775 years. There must be a reason for it.

  86. Sam J. says:
    @ilana mercer

    “…The Jew-hating detractors here have done nothing in their sorry lives, but nothing, to advance discourse or consciousness or fight for a cause in a meaningful, sustained way. Nothing…”

    So untrue. More Jew lies. We’re trying to show that the Jews are a tribe of psychopathic evil wanderers that have been kicked out of EVERY single country they’ve gone to in any numbers for thousands of years. There’s a reason for this. No one can stand psychopaths for long. The only technique that psychologist have come up with to deal with psychopaths is to get them away from you. We raising consciousness of the evil psychopathic behavior of the Jews and the mass destruction they cause. Like the 60 Million killed by the Jews in Russia or the 10 million starved to death in the Ukraine. The Jews demonizing South Africans, destroying the country, like the US, then moving on is another prime example.

    As for the South Africans being a majority. Yes they were. According to Wikipedia there’s 10,000 Bushmen in South Africa now. You know there were vastly less when the Dutch got there. 1,000? Maybe less. So the Whites were a majority shortly after they got there. Over time the Blacks in the North, not Bushmen, moved South to take advantage of the prosperity Whites created. Now, with help from the White hating psychopathic Jews, the Blacks from the North own the country. As one we know would say,”Disaster”.

  87. Sam J. says:
    @Anonymous (sorry)

    You shouldn’t apologize to the Jews. How many Jews actually call their Jew buddies out on their crimes? 10…100 it’s not a lot. They don’t care what damage they do. The Jews used to have a saying, “If it’s bad for the Goy, it’s good for the Jew”. All Whites should constantly say,”If it’s bad for the Jew it’s good for Whites”.

  88. Sam J. says:

    “…The Jews have little to do with the racial predicament we now face…”

    You’re an obvious apologist/liar for the Jews. The Jews are solely responsible for the changing of the immigration laws. It’s not even arguable.

  89. joef says:

    All this Jew blaming is just another distraction from the real problems at hand, which is a hostile group, of radical afro americans, living among us. Playing the blame game is not productive. Identifying the the wrongdoing of the afro american radical, and contemplating its outcome, without any intervention, is what must be confronted (no matter how unpleasant). The obfuscation of blaming Jews, cops, Hispanics, etc just continues to enable our social chaos. Collective guilt is stupid because it does not recognize any individuality. There are also decent Blacks who are held hostage, by the same radical afro american antisocial nonsense, the way that the rest of us are. This is not about promoting hatred, its about facts and their consequences. If afro american antisocial racial balkanization was not a serious problem, then most of us would not even bother commenting on it, so lets stay on topic (instead of universally condemning, without distinction, all of God’s chosen people – – and no I am not Jewish). Yes there are some good & bad Jews, but there is also some good & bad everyone else too.

    • Replies: @Talha
  90. Ex-Saffer says:

    I don’t know anything about those subjects.

  91. Marcus says:

    Mercer’s father was an anti-apartheid activist. You already took “back” the land and have proceeded to transform it into something more resembling its neighbors, so I’m not sure what your gripe is.

  92. Talha says:

    As I’ve said before, I like the cut of your jib. Very balanced comment. I know plenty of Black folks that have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with inner city thug culture. In fact some of them came out of it (and prison) and shaped up their lives and disdain that hooligan nonsense.

    I remember in the 1990’s when gangtsa’s and thugs started breaking out of the ‘hood. Before that it was mostly confined to a certain segment of the population. The entertainment industry gave that stuff top billing and it was all over MTV and then in everyone’s living room. We need to fight back against that culture – and especially the attraction it has in the youth. Antisocial hooliganism is not cool and should be disgraced wherever it shows its face and no matter who engages in it.


    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @joef
  93. Marcus says:

    Heh were you one of the south Asian convenience store owners in the ghetto? Seems they’ve taken over from previous east Asians. Crime has declined significantly since the early 1990s peak, though this may be more due to draconian sentencing: Trump is called the law and order candidate now, but Clinton definitely continued and intensified his Republican predecessors’ polices.

    • Replies: @Talha
  94. Talha says:

    Hey Marcus,

    No, but when I lived in SoCal I used to frequent South Central LA quite a bit and knew many Black people. I don’t know how the demographics have changed since it has been over a decade of me being there. From what I hear many of those places have become more and more Latino.

    Is my experience skewed? Most definitely. I was mostly around Black converts not your average Black person of the area. They were very decent people and were trying to raise solid families and did not want their kids into thug culture. I also knew a Black imam in Northern California very well (he performed my nikah) who started up a private school for the kids in their community because they didn’t want their children soaking up the same poisonous culture. My recent experience with a group of Blacks were a bunch of converts (about 8-10 families) that made hijra from Milwaukee to live in the greater Chicago area. Almost all of the men did some time in prison in the past. They primarily moved here for religious studies and are currently learning much of the same stuff I have been posting about – and will likely be passing me up soon. Their primary teacher is a white convert, an eloquent alim-level scholar of the Hanafi school who I know personally. They give him the due respect and immense deference he deserves as their teacher of sacred knowledge. I once had the pleasure of seeing them interact when they were helping their teacher move his family – white/black nonsense was nowhere to be seen.

    These people have nothing in common with ghetto thug culture other than sharing skin tone.


    • Replies: @Marcus
  95. Marcus says:

    Lucky, I’ve never been to the either the West Coast or Chicago. I’ve done some international traveling, but pitifully little in the states. I side with NOI on race, though I think Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X became mainstream Sunnis later in their life

    • Replies: @Talha
  96. Talha says:

    I side with NOI on race

    Why you self-hating white-devil! 😉

    Yeah – most of NOI went Sunni under the leadership of the late Imam Warith Deen Muhammad (son of Elijah Muhammad) – that was how many of the mosques were aligned in LA in African American majority areas. Once Farrakhan passes away, I wouldn’t give NOI many years before collapse. I think he is the only thing keeping it together.

    Malcolm (ra) was an amazing man – he didn’t suffer fools much; I think he would have had some very choice words (not at all positive) about the nonsense that we see from BLM – especially the later Malcolm – the earlier one was still getting his coordinates right.


  97. The tower of Babel comes to mind.

  98. joef says:

    The hard part is: have we reached a cultural tipping point and did we reach an economic one as well? That is the frustrating part of all this. Thus, trust me, I can get as cutting as anyone else about our current race relations out of this frustration. Its tough to get beyond it when things are so chaotic, so I cannot claim total innocence in my own harsh criticisms. I guess its from a desire of wanting people to wake up to the fact that this racial animosity that African Americans are being inculcated with (from both black and white radicals, and enabled by the naive libs) is not leading anywhere good, and its best to reverse our course before we cannot. But we are not reversing it, its being promoted instead. I try to be objective, and still get caught up in the destructive rhetoric myself; so how much worse is it for those who intentionally choose to be subjectively hostile. I am afraid we are heading to some dark times, and its not going to be good for any of us (contrary to what some believe). The ponzinomics will lead to scarcity, and the racial balkanization will lead to violence. And I’m afraid that there is no stopping it. Maybe when it all hits bottom, then we will learn our lesson, and cooperate & rebuild (but honestly, I do not see it happening before then).
    Protect yourself the best you can, good luck & God Bless.

    • Replies: @Talha
  99. Talha says:

    Hey joef,

    I try to be objective, and still get caught up in the destructive rhetoric myself

    Sure thing, but your comments are a far cry from the nonsense I read from those who either; a) seem to lick their lips over the prospects of a coming race war or b) would like to institute horrendous policies of collective punishment (but don’t have the guts to do it themselves, but wouldn’t mind hiring a jack-booted bureaucracy to carry out such things – gotta keep one’s civilized conscience clean). You’ve been through some things that many haven’t and witnessed some of the thuggery first hand. Yet, you try to balance that with the faith you hold and the acknowledgement that we are all responsible moral actors and that if justice is escaped in this life, well, there will be settling of accounts at some point after.

    Maybe when it all hits bottom

    I hope it doesn’t come to that. Collapse of societies are very scary things. If you read about the desperation during the 100 Years War or during the bubonic plague – it is a shock to the system. But if it needs rebuilding, people with optimism, faith and hope peppered with realistic understanding of human dynamics, like yourself, will be essential.

    Again, thanks for walking that line to keep that balance.

    Peace and may God preserve you and yours in the times to come.

  100. sb says:

    There seem to be a lot of South African Jews in Australia .
    They are even unpopular with established Australian Jewry ( “too pushy” etc )

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