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What Cultural Marxists Would Say About Looting
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Florida Looting. Credit: RedNationWeekly.
Florida Looting. Credit: RedNationWeekly.

Tucker Carlson and his guest Dan Bongino raised what you might call a look-away issue: Looting.

As the two looked on at footage of looters in post-Irma Florida, TV talker and guest volunteered that “this” was “not about race.” “This,” presumably, being a reference to the looting.

Here was one of those, “Who are you going to believe, me or your own lyin’ eyes?” moments.

Messrs. Carlson and Bongino were watching an embarrassingly uniform group of outlaws in action. Mr. Carlson even went on to quip that the looting landscape comprised not mothers in search of diapers and infant formula, but people dressed to the nines in gold chains.

If the “gold-chains” allusion is not a proxy for race in our navel-gazing nation, what is?

What, then, is one to take away from these obfuscations coming as they do from our side? That looting can “strike” anyone? That anybody can “catch” looting from Florida’s contaminated flood waters? (Incidentally, wastewater infrastructure is buckling under, due in large part to unmanageable population growth. Immigration is stinking up Florida. Literally.)

Please don’t tell your viewers that flaws of character marring individuals in certain groups in significant numbers are a systemic, societal, structural problem. That argument is taken. It’s the case made by Cultural Marxism and its watered-down political offshoots of multiculturalism and political correctness.

In a manner of speaking, when conservatives hearken back to the “Democrats'” Welfare State to explain away the color of crime; they, too, are making the Cultural Marxist argument.

Recall how blacks rampaged through Milwaukee, hollering their white-hot hatred for whites? “He white. Beat his shit,” yelled one hoodlum in footage featured on “Hannity.” But crime, race and the reality of such racial hatred was quickly averted in the ensuing discussion. Instead, Mr. Hannity and Sheriff David Clarke blamed … Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. Or, something like that.

To go by the doctrine of Cultural Marxism, looting in Florida and elsewhere is black because blacks are locked-out of American institutions. Never mind that the black agenda (perspective and attendant claims) is echoed throughout the culture (in music, art and film), transmitted by the education system (at primary, secondary and tertiary levels); is repeated by most media, most think tanks, by the publishing industry and by public administration. Why, Sen. Tim Scott, a black Republican, has just read President Trump the riot act over the president’s comments following the events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Metaphorically speaking, free African-American politicians and activists are boiling the bones of their enslaved ancestors to make soup. The suffering of slaves is being exploited posthumously to shape discourse in politically advantageous ways.

As ostensible outsiders, blacks (gays, feminists and the antifa Idiocracy, too) are compelled, in Cultural Marxism, to continue upending what remains of America’s staid, stifling institutions.

For a central tenet of this institutionally victorious form of Marxism is that middle-class values—the kind that built America—are evil and fascistic. (Also fascistic are monogamy, the nuclear family, heterosexuality, whiteness, conservatism, Christian conservatism, the quaint idea of good and bad, God and the Ten Commandments. Like Regan MacNeil, played by Linda Blair in The Exorcist, any symbol of goodness will send a Cultural Marxist into paroxysms typical of the possessed.) Thus, does Cultural Marxism march on, an ill-founded, purely political construct that appeals not to empirical evidence and reason, but to the roiling, base emotions of rage and resentment.

In its triumphant march through this country’s institutions, Cultural Marxism’s representatives have sought to eviscerate bourgeoisie morality. One such middle-class idea upon which an entire justice system once rested was that the individual bore responsible for his crimes—not a political structure, conjured by well-fed communists in academia, in a thinly veiled push to supplant traditional morality.

On the BBC News, age-old truths have long since been replaced with the abstractions mentioned. BBC anchors exculpated the looting in Florida, and elsewhere in British territories, with reference to desperation, disparity and … slavery. To the BBC’s editorializing “news” anchors, blacks don’t commit crimes, but are driven to commit crime by an inherently unjust white society, in which power relationships are rigid (so ossified as to elevate a black man, Obama, to the presidency).

Overall, conservatives are to be commended for upholding the principle of individual responsibility irrespective of skin color. But in the same way that it’s obvious the left-liberal BBC News has become a creature of Cultural Marxism, it should be plain to see that where conservatives reduce the reality of crime to a political theory—too much welfare, too little capitalism, not enough Trumpism—they’re flirting with Cultural Marxism lite.

Conservatives will have taken a giant leap for civilization (and against the Southern Poverty Shakedown Center) were they to candidly confront the indisputable realities of race and crime in America.

Writes polymath Ron Unz: “[T]he statistical relationship between race and crime so substantially exceeds the poverty/crime relationship [poverty being one of those societal structural impediments, I presume] that much of the latter may simply be a statistical artifact due to most urban blacks being poor.” To discount the immutable reality of race and crime in urban America is to discount “the real-world impact of these grim statistics.”

Never-ever are righteous individuals within a community to be fingered for what the wicked among them do. Still, seekers of truth should be able to talk about trends within communities without fearing a loss of reputation and marginalization. The kind of trends social science measures. Or, once measured.

As I put it in Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa:


“Provided they are substantiated by hard evidence, not hunches, generalizations are not incorrect. Science relies on the ability to generalize to the larger population observations drawn from a representative sample. People make prudent decisions in their daily lives based on probabilities and generalities. That one chooses not to live in a particular crime-riddled county or country in no way implies that one considers all individual residents there to be criminals, only that a sensible determination has been made, based on statistically significant data, as to where scarce and precious resources—one’s life and property—are best invested.” (pp. 41-42)

Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly paleolibertarian column since 1999, and is the author of The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016) & Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011). Follow her on Twitter, Facebook,Gab & YouTube

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  1. Well, sure, people who have no property can’t be expected to have any respect for the institution of private property. And with their number growing, the system is getting less and less stable, requires more and more violence to stay intact. But I don’t think this has anything to do with any “Cultural Marxism”, which isn’t really a thing.

    • Replies: @LauraMR
    , @phil
    , @MBlanc46
    , @Stalin
  2. Ms. Mercer, you would be in a position to give a complete substantiation of the reality of Cultural Marxism, dominant now in academia outside of STEM, and accepted as unassailable by the establishment media in both the UK and former US. It is so dominant now that to question it is an Orwellian Thought-Crime. It is so dominant now that the entire Body Politic is infested, corrupt, and decaying. It is terminal. Sites like this are like the monasteries of the Dark Age.

    • Agree: AndrewR
  3. Don’t take this one criticism as dislike for your entire article, Ilana, as it was a good one. Here goes, though:

    Instead, Mr. Hannity and Sheriff David Clarke blamed … Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. Or, something like that.

    I am seeing a lot of blindness on behalf of the unz commenters about one of the evils of Socialism. I mean, there are people on here idiotically touting “Single-Payer”, meaning US Feral Government-run health care, for crying out loud.

    Now, this is not to negate any of your arguments, Miss Mercer; I just think you missed something here, that possibly Mr. Hannity (I don’t think that much of him anyway) and the Sheriff from Milwaukee have in mind. Whatever, it’s been in my mind and that of any real Libertarian. What the welfare state, started mostly during the President-for-Life Franklin Roosevelt reign, but much enlarged by the Congress during the Lyndon Johnson administration, does is redistribute money. That is simple, and not arguable by anyone sane.

    The problem we end up with always under any form of Socialism is the moral hazard. Those who have a tendency to be irresponsible but wouldn’t be due to worries about being dirt-poor, hungry, or dead will tend to do things very irresponsibly if that is encouraged by law. Those who are responsible by nature will continue to be even as a part of their lives (the lost years of labor taken away in taxes) are removed.

    What happens in the fairly long run, in terms of heredity? Well, the irresponsible ones, usually in conjunction with being the stupider ones (not always) will have more kids. That is to be expected, as there will be no big fear of a life of struggle, due to Big Brother Government (the smiley-faced side, presenting the loot that is the stolen portions of the lives of the American hard-working taxpayers) covering all losses. The responsible ones (usually the smart ones, too) will limit their procreation due to the big hit they take as much of their labor is stolen (the dour-faced side of Big Brother Government, representing the theft under threat of prison of portions of lives).

    Knowing what people on here know well about HBD and inheritance, what kind of people will we end up with more of, and what kind of people will become more scarce? Is this so hard to think about?

    Put 2 and 2 together now, Miss Mercer. Do you see why Socialism does indeed have a big effect on the culture of the citizens subjects in a nation?

    There’s a whole LOT of blame to be put on the welfare state when we look a the looters and other cultural rot we have in America. It didn’t start with LBJ, but he is one of the major culprits.

  4. Anglin clown show finally jumps the shark.

    ROTFL. Daily Stormer now hosted by Israel.

    • LOL: fish
  5. Globalists say the US needs to bring in more immigrants to run businesses.

    But they also say blacks have a right to loot those businesses.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @jacques sheete
  6. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    CultMarx types always say “it depends” on who’s doing what to whom.

    Meanwhile, mad props for daring to mention…

    unmanageable population growth

    The underlying reason we’re in such a hurry to wreck the few places on earth not yet wrecked.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Simply Simon
  7. Notably, Fox News went out of its way the next day to do a story and show full screen photographs of perhaps the only two white looters anyone could find. The two white guys had stolen a telephone pole or something, for whatever reason.

    Fox found its Great White Defendants* and used them to offset the Black Facts — gangs of blacks busting into stores and hauling out merchandise — facts that were so obvious on their network the night before.

    So, every MSM outlet will bend over backwards to erase any clues when bad behavior is indeed black. Fox has shown itself to be as guilty as the rest of them in this regard.

    *Tom Wolfe, Bonfire of the Vanities

    • Replies: @Realist
  8. All democrats are not looters; but all looters are democrats.

  9. This is only a racial issue in the most segregated and racist society on Earth: Murrica.

    Don’t you understand that these people are just doing what your elites are doing? Looting. The same way that energy wasting, over-consuming “Middle Class” America (does that even still exist?) is looting the world from its resources by wilfully marching into every given war by the commands of their ruling class.

    Don’t you understand that the thing you call “Cultural Marxism” (a completely false use of the term Marxism that only an uneducated Murrican could do, btw) is just used and designed in order to divide and conquer your segregated society even further? Apparently not, because with your article you’re just fuelling this even further and by that oblige your ruling elites. You don’t have to be a “Cultural Marxist” to have a clear view, but you don’t have to be such a blind, duped subject to the money aristocracy either.

    I can’t tell you, how glad I am to be European, and not Murrican. We have tons of problems here (most of them caused by our elite’s subservience to Murrican elites), but we also have a civil society. When East Germany was flooded in 2002, nobody looted, people from all over the country went there to help. Katrina in New Orleans? Yea, well, you keep telling yourself it’s just a racial thing, I tell you it’s because your whole country and society is kaput and probably has never not been.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
    • Troll: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @hyperbola
    , @Ace
    , @Parfois
  10. Brabantian says: • Website

    What the above article misses is this: Whatever the differences of blacks versus whites etc … the fact is nonetheless, that black crime, is at least half the result of the cabal oligarchy exploiting those differences, and related vulnerabilities, in order specifically to create social destruction … Black crime is in part a direct result of intentional, devious social engineering by elites, as follows:

    It needs to be recognised that a large part of the ‘problem’ in America’s cities and crimes by black people, is
    (a) A drug trade fostered by the US Deep State & government itself
    (b) A decades-long selling of perverted ‘role models’ for black people sold by Hollywood & media, from the ‘Blaxploitation films’ to the ‘Gangsta’ fetish, trading on the human inclination to imitate what is glamourised
    (c) A progressively escalating police & judicial mauling of average black people, leading to many black youth feeling that they have a high likelihood of getting arrested & going to jail even if innocent, so might as well have a little enjoyment before then ‘You’re gonna do the time, anyway, so why not commit the crime?’

    However true it is that there are large number of black criminals … it is also true that many blacks are convicted by kangaroo court false evidence & procedures in a wholly bogus USA prosecutorial system, where the ‘public defenders’ are under threat to railroad their clients in extortions, false evidence is common, other criminals are given ‘deals’ to give false witness, juries are selected for stupidity, etc … USA police & prosecutors even sometimes say, ‘If he didn’t do this crime, he probably did something, so it’s good he’s going to jail’

    It is very pleasing to the oligarchy, that the legions of white people financially mauled in kangaroo divorce & alimony court proceedings & general lawsuit extortions … do not think to make common cause with the blacks being railroaded into jail

    Remember that the oligarchy itself has a vested interest in increased crime & social conflict & hate amongst lower classes … lower & middle classes fearing & hating each other, is the ultimate distraction from the predations of the oligarchy

    Blaming blacks – but not mentioning how the oligarchy manipulates blacks, and destructively exploits their lives and minds – is exactly where the oligarchs want the ‘alt-right’ to go … Just like the oligarchs wants blacks to blame ‘whites’ but not the oligarchy as such

    The oligarchy wants to both create social hate … and create stressful cognitive dissonance by making it illegal or career-dangerous to write or speak about what is happening … the oligarchs want whites to hate & fear blacks … not have the races join together against the oligarchy … It unintentionally helps the oligarchy, to focus on perpetrators of crime, but not discuss the oligarchs and media who fostered & motivated an underclass to imitate criminal role-models … For historical etc reasons blacks have been the most vulnerable to such an oligarch agenda … and the oligarch cabal has made full, evil use of that vulnerability

  11. If the “gold-chains” allusion is not a proxy for race in our navel-gazing nation, what is?

    Call it the quasi-WASPy former Manhattanite in me, but gold chains make me think of the guidos at the Jersey Shore, Staten Island, or the Seven Sisters on Long Island. They were merely remarking on the Chutzpah of people with obvious wealth on display needing to loot. If there truly was a racist bone in either of them, they would have used the term Bling.

    In a manner of speaking, when conservatives hearken back to the “Democrats’” Welfare State to explain away the color of crime; they, too, are making the Cultural Marxist argument.

    This is merely operating in survival mode. To go any farther in the direction of the truth would be political suicide. While the majority of Americans are somewhat conservative, there are enough guilty souls among them who buy into what is being spoonfed to them by the MSM to turn them away from not just Conservatives but even the Republican Party if the dare utter anything that can be spun as racist (remember the term Macaca?).

    BBC is a state sponsored propaganda outlet. One can expect them to spout the party line.
    The MSM has the critical mass to ensure any

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  12. LauraMR says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    They are not poor. They are criminals. Not at all the same.

    You know little about the poor if you think they are criminals.

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  13. El Dato says:
    @Priss Factor

    So we will end up with businesses that loot themselves.

    > Reaching that level of Africa.

  14. I must be old fashioned but did Marx, Engels or Lenin ever cared for gays, other sexual deviations, negroes and all this? It was all about working people and who owns the means of production. These memes like social justice and social Marxism is not even left but a tool of those in power to delitimaze the real left, while dividing and ruling over divided masses. Any idea who financing all this? I also fail to notice intellectual Giants among this mass of suckers. Mob by itself is gullible and can be led anywhere. Hence it is important to know the motives behind those who direct them and in this case as I stated motives are quite obvious.

  15. If the “gold-chains” allusion is not a proxy for race in our navel-gazing nation, what is?

    Are banksters a race? Do they wear gold chains or are diamonds their main shtik?

    Why whine and moan about looting on a pissant scale when there’s plenty of real looting going on in the offices in DC and N’Yawk?

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  16. Anonymous [AKA "unculturalmarxist"] says:
    @Priss Factor

    .is is Iceland
    .il is Israhell

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  17. There is no other group of people on the face of the earth with their hands stuck out in perpetual expectation of a handout than blacks. Crime, welfare, corruption, do nothing at work, etc., all something for nothing.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  18. Che Guava says:
    @Priss Factor

    That is irony! I wondered if the ‘.is’ in the Saker’s Web address meant that, but never looking it up to see if it was the country code.

    Not that I dislike his writing, but in his recent (late August) article, first posted here I think, re. ‘net censorship by businesses, he commented on the irony of some group having a ‘.is’ address.

    With his near-accurate talk of ‘Anglozionist Empire’, he is making the fool of himself to criticising any other who is choosing the Israel registrar, I certainly would not!

    • Replies: @jpb
  19. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    They’re just aping their brothers-in-arms, the Jews, who have used Holocau$t™ Fables and Fictions to legally loot whole nations, like Germany, which never tires of giving free money and weapons to Israel, so they can wash away that MSM imposed guilt.
    That they take a more direct approach is questionable, but it does work.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
    • Replies: @Anon-og
    , @Carroll Price
  20. El Dato says:

    An inherently unjust white society, in which power relationships are rigid (so ossified as to elevate a black man, Obama, to the presidency).

    It seems the (evidently sarcastic) quote implies that the model of the power structure we should assume (contrary to “woke” narrative) is one in which a “black man” really does have the possibility to pachinko-ball his way upwards and become POTUS by relatively fair and “egalitarian” means.

    However, most would assume the model of a power structure run on behalf and by certain “kuromakus”, towards which you have to conform and which vets or even grooms candidates for the nominal post at the republic’s helm. In that case, Obama would be a construct presented as “black” for electioneering purposes in the worst case or a guy that passed the whole vetting process, being sufficiently “conformative” and having been saddled with quid-pro-quos to be collected later, but still using skin color as an election ace, in the best case. In any case, “blackness” and its implied link to minorities would be a red herring.

    We can’t believe in the latter model while presenting a black POTUS as evidence of the former.

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  21. @Achmed E. Newman

    There’s a whole LOT of blame to be put on the welfare state when we look a the looters and other cultural rot we have in America. It didn’t start with LBJ, but he is one of the major culprits.

    Thank you for introducing the concept of moral hazard, which is something everyone should be familiar with but sadly are not.

    America was colonized by projects that were essentially welfare projects of the time even before it became the USA. The Constitution, in essence, enshrined corporate welfare in stone, and it’s been downhill ever since at least with regard to freedom, justice, and morals.One of the outcomes is the penny ante looting the author is all distraught over. I can barely read her boneheaded malarkey so I wouldn’t know if she condemns corporate and government raiders as well, which is an even bigger and systemic problem.

    All coercive wealth transfer schemes are immoral, and that includes the extortion euphemistically called taxes.

    • Replies: @Ace
  22. Ms Mercer, I’d like to make a number of points.
    1. There are 2 sides to the coin viz: the failure of Florida, Houston etc to deal with extreme weather events. Yes, people numbers are important–whether they be illegal/legal immigrants or domestic (ie retirees). The other side is a failure to invest in public infrastructure consistent with these localities being extremely liable to extreme weather events. Houston with its no-zoning laws has more storm events -serious events – than you can poke a stick at. But hey…fixing levees etc etc costs money.….
    2. Essentially you deny any”…systemic, societal, structural problem[s]” as an explanation of looting or…anything, really. Are you kidding ? You’re as bad as your opponents who try to blame everything on society etc. Sorry, but being burdened with a belief in (some kind) of free will, I’m forced to consider individual responsibility in the context of larger structures which operate on & through individuals & groups. Yes, it has the disadvantage of being complex & totally non-expedient for pushing an ideology/politics but …it helps in picking away at reality.
    3. You know, reading this, I could almost get the impression that whites don’t ever loot…but, no worries, coz, blacks loot MORE….
    4. To be fair, there’s considerable truth in this point:
    “Metaphorically speaking, free African-American politicians and activists are boiling the bones of their enslaved ancestors to make soup. The suffering of slaves is being exploited posthumously to shape discourse in politically advantageous ways.”
    5. Please – PLEASE, drop this “cultural Marxism” shtick: yes, it sounds smart, like a sharp suit looks …except … that it’s dumb. The identity crowd, progressives etc wouldn’t know Marxism if it was deliberately inserted into one of their orifices…. Your references to bourgeois suggests to me, at least, that you are still fighting against that long gone hippie type academic/student from the 60’s…but, I’m just guessing.
    6. I agree: it’s a disgrace that issues of race, immigration etc can not be discussed in the media in an adult way… Sadly, ALL sides have been hijacked for explicit political purposes….
    7. On a general note, Ms Mercer, you have one thing common with the identity crowd: like them you are a “useful idiot”. Like them you hunger for division. Our Elites thank you: anything that keeps “hard working” – or not -people, of whatever sex/gender/race/culture from unifying to build a culture & economy for their own benefit is highly desirable…but, hey, perhaps you’re not an “idiot”: perhaps your goal IS the division of working people for the benefit of the 1%….

  23. @Priss Factor

    Globalists say the US needs to bring in more immigrants to run businesses.

    But they also say blacks have a right to loot those businesses.

    That’s because it’s OK to loot small bizniss (a main preoccupation of government), and it keeps people focused on the drama of small time looting so they forget about the looting they’re subjected to by the government and its owners, corporate America.

  24. phil says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    This is an astonishingly ignorant comment. The institution of private property is essential for promoting the growth of living standards, which are, in turn, essential for supporting art, science, and other features of an advanced civilization. Private property supports the living standards of those who rent or lease assets as well as those who own them. It is a grave mistake to believe that there would be less poverty or squalor if private property were absent.

  25. Che Guava says:

    Good evening, Ilana.

    I have not seen anything but still photos of this hurricane season.

    For Katrina, watching much on television, NHK, the state broadcaster. Much looting and worse, although a sudden stop to showing it after three or so days, the stop preceded by a brief period of only showing the obviously rare cases of individual white or latino criminals (as in, not in packs) doing the same, and often being arrested, too. Never saw that in the case of the pack attacks.

    Overwhelmingly a black people phenomenon.

    Reading english-language press too, many reports, also rapes, threats of that or other violence, sabotaged toilets, etc. at the big Ame. football stadium where many had to shelter, all by blacks. All reliable, firsthand statements. The lies ‘nothing bad happened’ started within a week.

    One of the worst cases of liars covering things up, am knowing that there have been worse cases of that in history and in my lifetime, but I was watching the process closely that time, astonishingly bare-faced lies.

    Am sure there were also many black people to helping out in a good way, but the mayhem also had only one main source, and it was such a lie to deny that any of it happened within days of the initial coverage and real-life events.

  26. Sheriff David Clarke is just a looter writ large. Only difference is he has a piece of costume jewelry that some people pretend gives him “authority”.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
  27. TheOldOne says:

    Ms. Mercer:

    Good stuff; maybe some day you’ll grow up and put aside “Libertarianism”.

  28. anonymou says:

    Looters have no ideology and most have probably never read a book since being forced to in school. They certainly know nothing about Marx who himself did not seem to care much for underclass types nor did he concern himself with LGBT issues. Indeed, the lumpenproletariat was something that could be used against other strata of society which appears to be the case here in the US. There was no hurricane damage in the 1977 NY power blackout yet blacks started looting the moment the lights went out. It’s what they do and in this regard they’re very predictable. They’re the reason everything is wired up with cameras and security is everywhere. It’s a feature of everyday life in the US.

  29. @phil

    I am not trying to speak for Mr. Mao here, but you have a serious reading comprehension problem. Slooooowwww dowwwnnn. Your principle is in the right though.

  30. Raffler says:

    What person wakes up in the morning and decides to loot? That is rhetorical.

    Looters as seen during numerous natural disasters and civil unrest periods act as opportunists, and not as conscious deciders. There does not appear to be any brake on their activity as the need arises, as there no moral or conscience factor may be discerned.

    Time preference signaling and lack of constraint cry out for strict discipline and rule of law. The absence of those factors results in societal breakdown.

  31. yeah says:

    Ms. Mercer writes with much passion, much force, and some truth about the foibles of the loony left. Unfortunately, she – and a lot of very smart and educated folks who ought to know better – affix the label “Cultural Marxism” to whatever they don’t like. Many of us moderate folk also dislike much about the loony left; but we would rather knock down the real thing and not some straw man erected in haste and without thought by craftsmen lacking basic knowledge of what they are setting up for the express purpose of being knocked down.

    Now, Marx was all about who owns the means of production in a society, the resulting class relations, the economic crisis and collapse that follows concentration of wealth, and other such fairly technical and philosophical stuff, reading which used to put most folk to sleep, even the faithful communists. Had Marx written about trannies, gay rights, bathroom rights, race relations, and the other psychopathologies that curse our age, he may well have been the mascot of the DNC and the loony left. No Ms. Mercer, Marx had zero position on what you pretend he was about. Better do some reading in that area or, if the effort seems a waste of time, at least stop labelling sparrows as crows.

    There ain’t no such thing as the “left” in the good ol’ USA. Never has been, perhaps never will be. The US has had “leftist democrats”, “leftist progressives”, leftist trade unionists (in the distant past) and other such make-believe left. And now we have the “Loony left”, of certifiable lunacy but make-believe left content.

    The people who fund the lunatics know what they are doing. They and their media label these folk as “Progressives” (to be sold in the name of human progress) or as “Liberals” (to be sold as kind and reasonable). Their agenda includes everything that will maintain the flow of dollars in their direction, keep full-spectrum control firmly in their hands, and keep everyone else bewildered and at each others’ throats. Promoting identity politics and political correctness, fostering obsessions with minority rights, rationalizing selective acts of looting – these are all part of the same agenda. You do have to read up on both Marx and Machiavelli (Machiavelli is mandatory, Marx be taken as an elective) to understand what is going on, because the problem is not simply isolated acts of looting and its encouragement by the puppet masters. We face an enemy far, far cleverer than the straw men that are set up to make us feel better.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  32. Here’s a white looter robbing a brown dude in broad daylight and with a smart ass, sanctimonious attitude.

    No problem, apparently, for the true believers.

  33. @Brabantian

    You got it. I already used my “Agree” button.

  34. @LauraMR

    They are not poor. They are criminals. Not at all the same.

    You can make any kinds of laws, and call those who break them ‘criminals’.

    That, however, won’t change the social dynamics produced by the actually existing social conditions.
    And that’s all there is to it.

    • Replies: @LauraMR
  35. @Ris_Eruwaedhiel

    There is no other group of people on the face of the earth with their hands stuck out in perpetual expectation of a handout than blacks.

    And I thought bankers were mostly N’Yawk white boyz. Stupid me.

  36. Sparkon says:

    The summer after JFK’s assassination and LBJ’s ascension to the presidency, a series of race riots broke out in American cities, beginning in NYC after a black youth was shot by a police lieutenant.

    Major riots in black neighborhoods caused a series of “long hot summers.” They started with a violent disturbance in the Harlem riots in 1964, and the Watts district of Los Angeles in 1965, and extended to 1971. The momentum for the advancement of civil rights came to a sudden halt in the summer of 1965, with the riots in Watts. After 34 people were killed and $35 million in property was damaged, the public feared an expansion of the violence to other cities, and so the appetite for additional programs in LBJ’s agenda was lost.
    According to press secretary George Christian, Johnson was unsurprised by the riots, saying: “What did you expect? I don’t know why we’re so surprised. When you put your foot on a man’s neck and hold him down for three hundred years, and then you let him up, what’s he going to do? He’s going to knock your block off.”

    That’s your block being knocked off, not Lyndon Johnson’s.

    Later, Johnson reportedly confided to the Austrian ambassador that he, LBJ, was being visited in the White House by the Holy Spirit. One might wonder if Mathilde Krim was slipping something into LBJ’s drinks.

    Biographer Randall B. Woods has argued that Johnson effectively used appeals to Judeo-Christian ethics to garner support for the civil rights law. Woods writes that Johnson undermined the Southern filibuster against the bill:

    LBJ wrapped white America in a moral straight jacket. How could individuals who fervently, continuously, and overwhelmingly identified themselves with a merciful and just God continue to condone racial discrimination, police brutality, and segregation? Where in the Judeo-Christian ethic was there justification for killing young girls in a church in Alabama, denying an equal education to black children, barring fathers and mothers from competing for jobs that would feed and clothe their families? Was Jim Crow to be America’s response to “Godless Communism”?

    Wood states that Johnson’s religiosity ran deep: “At 15 he joined the Disciples of Christ, or Christian, church and would forever believe that it was the duty of the rich to care for the poor, the strong to assist the weak, and the educated to speak for the inarticulate.” Johnson shared the beliefs of his mentor, FDR, in that he paired liberal values to religious values, believing that freedom and social justice served both God and man.

    “Judeo-Christian ethic,” indeed.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @hyperbola
  37. In Charlottesville, the Unite the Right did everything right and legally, but its rights were violated by the State and attacked by antifa mob. But the narrative was ‘blame the right’. Alt Right got the Palestinian treatment.

    In contrast, the globalist-financed Antifa janissary go around doing stuff like this. But there is far less coverage. What’s funny is the speaker at Berkeley wasn’t even controversial but libertarian-conservative Ben Shapiro.

    • Replies: @Talha
  38. Wally says:
    @Serg Derbst

    Don’t you understand, “Murrica is so racist” that black & brown fake refugees are pounding down the door to get into?

    How are all those cavemen Muslims working out in Europe’s “civil society”?

    Here’s the latest:
    ‘Terror in London: Bomb on the Tube’

    How’s that unelected EU Parliament?

    For a claimed ‘European’ you aren’t too smart.

    And BTW, a map of Europe’s Secessionist Movements: LOL.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @Talha
    , @Anon
  39. Wally says:

    More fake news excuses for black behavior.

    The facts are:

    ‘Analysis of Washington Post police-shootings data reveals surprising result – nearly 2x more whites than blacks shot by police’
    – For every 10,000 white people arrested for a violent crime, 38 white people were killed by police.
    – For every 10,000 hispanic people arrested for a violent crime, 21 hispanic people were killed by police.
    – For every 10,000 black people arrested for a violent crime, 21 black people were killed by police

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Bill Jones
  40. joef says:

    Recall how blacks rampaged through Milwaukee, hollering their white-hot hatred for whites? “He white. Beat his shit,”

    blacks don’t commit crimes, but are driven to commit crime by an inherently unjust white society, in which power relationships are rigid (so ossified as to elevate a black man, Obama, to the presidency).

    These two quotes from your article summarizes well the afro american mentality… a mentality that we are unable to reason or bargain with.

    any symbol of goodness will send a Cultural Marxist into paroxysms typical of the possessed.) Thus, does Cultural Marxism march on, an ill-founded, purely political construct that appeals not to empirical evidence and reason, but to the roiling, base emotions of rage and resentment.

    This is a good summary of the feelings of radical leftist/progressives… a mentality that also cannot not be reasoned with or placated.

    They are not exactly synonymous in goals, however they are in a mutually beneficial relationship that cooperates in obtaining demands from their host society.

    Even when progressive leftist complain about environmentalism, that the earth is a finite planet with finite resources (which I agree from a different conservationist paleocon point of view), they seem not to be able to grasp that economics is also finite (that there is an assigned production possibility frontier to almost any economic resource).

    For some reason they believe in the free lunch concept of infinite wealth, thus, the above groups will always be looking to seize more financial resources without regards to the consequences (it like remolding the house by ripping the wooden studs from one section to add a room somewhere else… and goes further with wanting to rip one room’s worth of materials down, but wanting to build two rooms worth of additions from the same materials).

    We are seized by the throat from these irrational human beings, who are leading this country into further & further cultural/economic dysfunction. When things fall apart, it will be self correcting in the sense that these parasites will die off when the host society no longer has the carrying capacity to support them. However, this will include much in the way of pain, suffering, hardship, violence, and scarcity, for the rest of us as well. And all of this because we are unwilling to stop these petulant people from destroying it.

    If we continue to allow these irresponsible people to recklessly dip into the financial well, eventually the well will get low, and possibly run dry. Afros, who are very conditioned to react with violence to every unmet demand, will of course respond in a similar manner (only this will be much more long term). Not accustomed to resistance, what they will not be able to handle is that some people will actually shoot back in self defense (while other liberal leaning persons will just become victims… the people who are least able to defend themselves, will have the most to lose… becoming a casualty from the situation they helped to create).

    Most of us did not ask for this, don’t want it, but nevertheless that is what is going to happen unless there is a course correction (which seems very very unlikely).

  41. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Short version:

    America’s not racist! Now watch an American say racist things!!

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
    , @dc.sunsets
  42. joef says:


    In typical manner, leftist blame crime on poverty, and violence on guns. If you compared the contemporary afro american crime patterns, to the crime patterns of the Great Depression in general, this conclusion would be less robust. The era of the Great Depression had unprecedented poverty in this nation, and firearms were never more available, as compared with todays gun control laws, yet you did not have the level of violent crime in cities as you have today.

    People suffered from severe poverty, and had access to guns, but still did not routinely slaughter their fellow man for material gain. Afros have unprecedented entitlements and benefits, reside in super gun control cities, but just can’t stop slaughtering people. Hmmm, I wonder why?

  43. Anon-og [AKA "Mike Johnson"] says:

    Hey Ms. Mercer,
    No one loots more than your fellow Jews hun… from Israel to Wall Street. But you are not capable of writing an article critical of them because of tribal loyalty. I am willing to bet that even articles like this are written to push the ZIonist agenda that you champion.

  44. Anon-og [AKA "Mike Johnson"] says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Guess who Mercer will never criticize because of her tribal loyalty ????????????

    • Replies: @Jake
  45. joef says:

    A progressively escalating police & judicial mauling of average black people, leading to many black youth feeling that they have a high likelihood of getting arrested & going to jail even if innocent, so might as well have a little enjoyment before then ‘You’re gonna do the time, anyway, so why not commit the crime?’
    However true it is that there are large number of black criminals … it is also true that many blacks are convicted by kangaroo court false evidence & procedures in a wholly bogus USA prosecutorial system

    More statements of make believe from cupcake land of theory, and not real world reality. It is easy to pontificate from afar when not confronted from thousands of man hours of negative personal experience. And please, no “i walked through a black neighborhood once” (in the morning hours while all the thugs were sleeping).

    Fact: afros do commit the majority of violent crime (the crimes do not commit themselves);
    Fact: afros commit more violent crime than prison space available to hold them;
    Fact: for every conviction of an afro for violent crime, they have been arrested numerous times before that, and were not convicted.

    Old tired excuses from people who never had to live with it. All this pandering theory is out the window, when alone, a knife is held to your gut.

  46. @Wally

    How are all those cavemen Muslims working out in Europe’s “civil society”?

    Hey, aren’t you the guy who warns us about divide and conquer?

    Anyway, speaking of cavemen, how’s about them white Krischin ones, such as Hillary and McStain to name merely two of legions?

    Maybe forget about Europe’s “civil” society and concentrate on your own “civil” society, and remember to always stick together, and speak the Gospel of Luv, bro!

    • Replies: @Wally
  47. Talha says:

    Thanks for that map Wally – what a great reference!

    Independent Isle of Man baby!!! And Shetland Islands*!!!


    *Note: They gotta change that name though – what do they call themselves; Shetlanders, Shetlandites?

  48. Talha says:
    @Priss Factor

    Antifa janissary

    C’mon Priss – janissaries? Bro, if they actually had janissaries, you wouldn’t be getting sneaky random stabbings of some coed. They’d be dispersing right-wingers by full-frontal charges and literally putting their heads on pikes! And they wouldn’t be covering their faces either – they’d be wearing bright colors with large hats letting you know whose about to curb stomp you – and the police!
    Antifa are a bunch of stabby chumps – and they and their opponents seem to be on some grand scheme to make LARP a nation-wide phenomenon. And friends don’t let friends LARP.


    • Replies: @Talha
  49. Talha says:

    And they’d be White!!!

    • Replies: @Anon
  50. Jake says:

    “when conservatives hearken back to the “Democrats’” Welfare State to explain away the color of crime; they, too, are making the Cultural Marxist argument.”


    • Replies: @Sane Left Libertarian
  51. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    a little more on communism today as opposed to just a few decades back.

    Communismm without Marx , like…

    …Christianity without Christ.

    The American novelist, Flannery O’Connor, in her The Violent Bear it Away, had her main character founding The First Church of God without Christ, as I recall it. (This could be a false memory of course, but it fits the story.)

    O’Connor’s stories are often called grotesque, but that fits the times we are living in…arguably. Just read a Chas. Blow Negro story anytime in the jewyorktimes for a measure of my claim.

    God Without Christ, Jewish probably in terms of everyday reality, is a nut-case, but leaving all of that aside, as an ex-leftie with intellectual debts as well as liabilities to Uncle Karl, is like communism without Marx, or, Communism without a theory/doctrine of a more or less rational character.

    As it turned out, both the theory and doctrine were wrong but at least it took pains to think, like general liberal theory, as it lay rooted in the Enlightenment, to logically proceed from perceived facts about social and economic life to theory and on to conclusions concerning how to make things better.

    The fundamental idea in Marxism was that any economic system requires a culture that supports the economics of the times. Marx called the cultural idea an ideology and further argued that Ideology was merely a veil which hid or hides the truthful reality ….that is, that it is a class system which in turn can be altered thru revolution just as the economic system can be altered. History was to to deliver us from Capitalism to Socialism and it was all to be happily ever after, etc.

    This idea of economics/culture was not completely without merit inasmuch as today international capitalism demands an ideology that complements the international system of globalism. That ideology of course is Racial Equality, based on the postulate that you cannot sell your shit to people you , in effect, insult by calling them niggers, chinks, etc. The supreme Sin is to do such name-calling since it disrupts The Economic, which, per Marx himself, is the Highest Good. (not completely… per Marx’s romantic notions of his famous Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts.)

    But from a Systems point of view, the Economic System in any commercial society…like ours…is the Highest Good, Raising All Boats, etc.

    Any other postulates or givens are rejected out of hand, like Evolution under largely different conditions, and so on…and that Evolution stopped at some point, like when the jews took over the social sciences a hundred years ago and Declared Race Equality….this of course, to get into the US themselves, and to set in train the Invasions of wretched masses…etc.

    So, back to communism without Marx. Marx used the term nigger. Triple Plus Ungood, and embraced the Enlightenment term of Oriental Despotism , thereby declaring the Third World to be beyond the reach of Dialectical Materialism…that is, that the Stages of Human Development only characterized Whites in Europe. Third Worldism was damned from the outset….a remarkable achievement of Comrad Marx. Marx was a Darwinist. He could see it…the biological. His later third world champions, largely jews, notwithstanding.

    Today, the Left has abandoned Marx although terms like Cultural Marxism are around but are only actually used by Rightest critics of communism and its pimping little sisters….liberals. The left abandoned terms like cultural marxism decades ago. Just as Cultural Bolshevism has been largely a usage only of the Right, especially the racial right, since it has Jewish Question overtones…like that Bolshevism was a largely Jewish affair…the Terror and all. That communism never would have become the , uh, evil that it became without Jewish hatred of Christianity, the West, etc. Be that as it may…

    Today the left is utterly grotesque. Every lumpen element that disgusted Marx, has turned out to be not from the proletariat, but from Ivy League , etc. colleges and the upper middle class in general. Lunatic Ideas, always in the service of making money in the international system, are the Ideology of the Day. Uppermost is racial equality. Bottommost is, like the sculpture that is around in Europe and at the Vatican…a homeless man presumably racked on a park bench as Christ…the celebration of the Absolutely Useless…Negroes, and third world browns, and any and all Victims of The System, are idealized as The Last who will Become First, presumably after the Whites are killed off, or at least White men.

    Today there is a total Denial of rank, and that some folks are just poor in spirit and IQ and everything else as well. They can of course be all be college grads if only whites were dead, etc. This is the Insanity of our time. Words like privilege and elitist are everywhere. The Revolution is Back with a vengeful tenacity that only ‘democratic societies’ are capable of fomenting. We Are All Equal. I am just as good as you! The only reason for my failure is You, or the White Male, or The System, or The Govmet, or The White Race, racists, etc.

    There is no steadying hand of a Karl Marx or other half-way reasonable marxists. It is the mob, the Blacks and beaners and anarchists and jews urging on the low life. Zero theory, just hatreds of themselves and scapegoat.. whites….their own failures, their dimness. Show me who to kill!…. Democracy Now! led by Jews, crazy white ladies, and African and Arab hordes hitchhiking to Europe on Boats paid for by Soros and Doctors Without Brains and the liberal pussies. Especially the white liberal men…castrates, opportunists, cowards and race-traitors. We are all Equal.

    And negroes are more equal by far.
    Christians are indeed without the God of Rationality, even Catholics who used to uphold it….thanks to Greco-Roman antiquity…who had the brains to expose their malformed infants. Today…Idiots First, especially darkies.

    I would add that paleos are about extinct…from an evolutionary standpoint of course: failure to keep up with the counter-revolutionary times.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  52. Wally says:

    Wikipedia? Seriously?

    Zionist Wikipedia Editing Course

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  53. Jake says:

    “Like Regan MacNeil, played by Linda Blair in The Exorcist, any symbol of goodness will send a Cultural Marxist into paroxysms typical of the possessed.”

    They respond, for example, to classic TV such as The Andy Griffith Show and Leave to Beaver the way that Dracula responds to a crucifix.

  54. Wally says:
    @jacques sheete

    I said nothing of divide & conquer. But certainly could.

    No strawmen, two wrongs don’t make a right.

    More strawmen, I do concentrate on my own civil society, try to follow along.


    • Replies: @Anon
  55. Jake says:

    Yankee WASP Elites made The Negro the nation’s sacred pet. They have always used blacks as weapons, tools, and excuses to wage culture war against the vast majority of America’s whites.

    It is probable that if not for that, blacks would be less criminally expressive, shall we say.

  56. Jake says:

    I have read Ilana Mercer condemning more than a few Leftist Jews. In fact, it is that which leads Leftist Jewish organizations to pay people to go online and trash her, with the trashing of choice being that she never always excuses Jews.

  57. hyperbola says:

    On the other hand, paraphrasing Plato/Aristotle:
    (a) “financiers” who deal only with money are basically parasites, and
    (b) society should arrange that the wealth (property) difference between rich and poor does not exceed four-fold.

    Shows how long we have been grappling with these problems. So maybe the “golden mean” is private property with a four-fold maximum limit? Stops a lot of the property concentration that subsequently leads to abusive corruption. If you don’t like the idea of the government deciding what to do with excess wealth of individuals, make the system so that those with excess wealth are forced to donate it charitably to (non-relative) persons/projects of their own choice.

    Maybe we also need a similar practice with corporations? To prevent abusive accumulation of power, no corporation can have more than 10,000 employees? And no corporation may own another corporation?

  58. @Anon

    The only people in this world who aren’t racist are idiot whites afraid of being called names by progressives and communists.

  59. hyperbola says:
    @Priss Factor

    It wouldn’t really surprise me to find out that Daily Stormer is a zionist misdirection operation, but putting it in Israel is probably too unsubtle to contemplate – hence its location in Iceland.

    On the other hand, remember that Breitbart certainly is part of the zionist/israeli manipulations.

    Some of Steve Bannon’s Friends Are Jewish — and They Love His Zionism
    …. to his Jewish defenders — which include Breitbart’s CEO and senior editors for the site — he is an ally and proud Zionist.

    “I can say, without hesitation, that Steve is a friend of the Jewish people and a defender of Israel, as well as being a passionate American patriot and a great leader,” Joel Pollak, an Orthodox Jew and a senior editor for Breitbart News, wrote on Monday.

    Indeed, Breitbart’s origin story has its roots in Israel, according to Larry Solov, Breitbart’s CEO and president, another close Jewish colleague of Bannon.

    In a November 2015 post on Breitbart News, Solov describes the conception of the news site in 2007. It happened, Solov writes, during a trip to Israel with Andrew Breitbart, the Jewish founder and namesake of the website.

    The site was born to defend the Jewish state……

  60. hyperbola says:
    @Serg Derbst

    Perhaps you should look into where and how “cultural marxism” started? Here is a European (well a Scot – for the moment still a European) who can tell you about its European origins.

    Gerald Warner: Impact of politically correct Britain – The Scotsman

    As for European “leaders” being lackeys of Murricans (anglo-zionists), that is certainly true and something you ought to fix. One hopes that you have more success in stripping out the corrupt politicians than Americans have had, but electoral trends in Germany suggest that both sides of the Atlantic are stuck in the same trap.

    Angela Merkel Is A Zionist Sock Puppet – BlackListed News

  61. Jeff77450 says:

    Most of the problems of blacks in America are not due to the legacy of slavery & Jim Crow or because they’re locked out of America’s institutions. Most of the problems of blacks in America are due to a dysfunctional culture that encourages & rewards all the wrong behaviors & choices and because they have an average IQ of 85—yes, they do.

    • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  62. escobar says:

    Can “cultural Marxism” explain: why the sneakers, why almost always the sneakers?
    I have a sneaking suspicion, but cultural podiatrists probably know more.

  63. hyperbola says:

    Those blacks who agree with some of your analysis are subjected to severe repression if they express their thoughts in public.

    …And How the Jews Attacked Him

  64. Eagle Eye says:
    @El Dato

    I believe the Western word for “kuromaku” (literally “black curtain,” i.e. unseen principal) would be éminence grise. Wiki it.

    Mr. Unz made this penetrating and rather sobering observation some time ago in a piece on John McCain:

    I have sometimes joked with my friends that perhaps the best career move for an ambitious young politician would be to secretly commit some monstrous crime and then make sure that the hard evidence of his guilt ended up in the hands of certain powerful people, thereby assuring his rapid political rise.

    Such notions may seem utterly absurd, but let us step back and consider recent American history. Just a few years ago an individual came very close to reaching the White House almost entirely on the strength of his war record, a war record that considerable evidence suggests was actually the sort that would normally get a military man hanged for treason at the close of hostilities. I have studied many historical eras and many countries and no parallel examples come to mind.

  65. Sam Shama says:

    Hello Joe,
    How is the recruitment for the race wars you’ve been promising, coming along?

    • Replies: @Joe Webb
  66. MBlanc46 says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    How do you know that they have no property?

  67. @Achmed E. Newman

    You’re well informed.

    Were you aware that the model for FDR’s Social Security was a program introduced by Otto von Bismarck, Germany’s Iron Chancellor.

    The whole idea was to wed the citizen to the state as nationalist pride and the mutual devotion between ruler and the ruled was eroding to zero in an age of ideology.

    Now that citizens are by all measures completely dependent upon the state, either for their job (Uncle Sam’s treasury underpins what massive percentage of “market” demand now?) or the handouts, and masses of urban Blue Archipelago dwellers couldn’t feed or water themselves for 2 days without constant “attention,” one has to wonder what all this subservience is buying.

  68. @Anon

    Yep. Anything a white person says, if it relates to what their eyes witness, is racist.

    Ah, Mr. Sailer’s crime of noticing.

    Keep going, Anon. Obtain the world you seem to desire. As H.L. Mencken said, you’ll deserve to get it…good and hard.

  69. @joef

    Stop confusing people with reality.

    I’d love to see just ONE of these clowns walk around Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood from 11 Am to, say, 11 PM on a warm Saturday.

    Just ONE.

    Must sign a liability release, first, however. Chicago’s taxpayers already pay out plenty for things like the black policewomen who for fun dumped a previously detained, diagnosed bipolar, young blond CA woman, wearing short-shorts and a cutoff top, in the shadow of Robert Taylor Homes. She jumped from a 7th floor window to escape her ongoing rape, but she didn’t die.

  70. Realist says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    You would think at least one talking head would have the balls to tell the truth, but they don’t want to give up the easy money. No principles.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  71. Sub-Saharan Africans return to their natural state as primitive hunter-gatherers once the order created by the White man evaporates. You can’t really blame them.

    As a matter of fact, I advocate that we stop calling them “looters” and replace it with the much more respectful label of “gatherer.” They were simply gathering those Nike sneakers.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  72. @Wally

    Yeah, the Gruaniad made a big thing of documenting “killed by Kop” until inconvenient truths emerged.

    It has since been quietly buried

  73. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    More strawmen, I do concentrate on my own civil society

    So what part of Israel are you from?

    • Replies: @Wally
  74. Z-man says:

    Ah.. the good old days when looters were shot. Bring them back!!!!

    • Replies: @Talha
  75. Sparkon says:

    Sorry Wally, but it doesn’t work that way with me. If you’re going to attack my source–which is a fallacious argument, anyway– you’ve got to present a much better counter-argument than a link to an Israeli newspaper.

    Of course, everyone knows Wikipedia is not reliable on certain topics, but just because it’s in Wikipedia does not necessarily make it false either.

    In this case, I fail to see what you would dispute about my comment, or what I quoted from Wikipedia.

    So, out with it now: specifically, what is it you dispute about my comment?

    Or did you just miss my point entirely?

    • Replies: @Anon
  76. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Perhaps they don’t want to give up their jobs.

    • Replies: @Realist
  77. .is is Iceland
    .il is Israhell

    Right you are. Damn, it would have been funnier if it was Israel.

  78. LauraMR says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    Since you cannot tell the difference between poor people and criminals, it is unsurprising you consider laws against looting (and theft in general) to be “any kinds of law”.

    Again, poor people are not criminals, no matter what you believe.

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  79. This “cultural Marxist” label for the modern intellectual left, doesn’t really have much political sting. It makes the modern left sound like a nicer, less austere, version of traditional economic Marxism. Also, the word Marxist in the label suggests the modern left still has some enlightenment logic to it, when it is heavily influenced by irrational post modernism. There is a certain amount of logic to suggesting the wealthy exploit the poor, and that economics plays a big part in human behavior, but there is no logic to the idea that Oprah Winfrey is less powerful than a homeless white man. The modern left is totally based on feelings. If you feel oppressed, and others like you tend to feel the same way, then you must be oppressed. No need for logical explanations or material evidence that you are experiencing a bad deal.

    Economic Marxism was myopically obsessed with certain important issues like class, wealth, and the means of production, but the modern left has abandoned any interest in logical analysis and practical issues in favour of subjective feelings. Maybe a better label for the modern left would be the irrational left, or the post-rational left. That would really hit home the point that it has become absurdly irrational, and that the far left has zero intellectual validity, cultural or otherwise.

    • Agree: Mao Cheng Ji
    • Replies: @Jason Liu
    , @Anonymous
    , @helena
  80. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Honestly I’d rather have a LARP civil war than a real one any day.

    And the eventual fate of the actual Janissaries is not too encouraging to anyone starting a modern cadre.

    • Replies: @Talha
  81. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    You are so totally wasting your time on this one…

  82. Talha says:

    You want to revive an undead army of zombie looters??!!

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Anon
  83. Jason Liu says:
    @unpc downunder

    Excellent comment. 99% of people don’t know what Cultural Marxism is. Even a lot of the people spouting it can’t agree on a single definition.

    People who use that term have no understanding of persuasion, effective speaking, or how to package ideas for the mainstream.

    If you mean leftist, say leftist.
    If you mean SJW, say SJW.
    If you mean communist, say communist.

    Or come up with a clearer, more direct word.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @dc.sunsets
  84. Talha says:

    Sure thing. Still, friends don’t let friends LARP.

    the eventual fate of the actual Janissaries

    Yeah, well – that usually happens when you try to revive some version or other of the Praetorian Guard, eh?

    Elite soldiers that are beholden to no one but themselves (and the emperors they help install) – what could possibly go wrong??!!

    But back to the point; you’d agree that describing Antifa as janissaries is doing a real injustice to the janissaries right?


    • Replies: @Anon
  85. Realist says:

    That’s what I said no principles.

  86. @Priss Factor

    I follow the Daily Stormer website. They are not controlled by Jews. They go overboard with blaming Jews for everything (David Duke and Kevin MacDonald do the same thing).

    I think Anglin is beginning to realize that we have to support the state of Israel because if you don’t want Jews in your country they need their own country. (((Illana Mercer))) has to be shipped to Israel. She and her rabbi father contributed to the looting problems in South Africa.

    Our problems are caused by the RCC/Zioevangizers. If you accept black/Asian priests-popes you are the problem. Kevin MacDonald was on a recent David Duke show saying that Christianity cannot be blamed for the problems caused by Jews. Yes it can. Specifically the Caucasian cuck RCC/Zioevangizer male will not defend the West is problem. Why? Because of the evil satanic belief of “universal brotherhood” and “universal church.” I am a Christian but it is time for the churches to be separated by race/ethnicity.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  87. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    All this tough talk coming from a woman who called Kevin MacDonald an anti-Semite for suggesting that the Jewish Lobby intervenes heavily in American politics

    Comment on Illana Mercer’s ‘Blame The Jews’ by Kevin MacDonald


    WorldNetDaily columnist Jon Dougherty, in a notably wise and judicious article on Friday, deplored the fact that:
    In 2003 America, in order to silence their critics an increasing number of people no longer feel it’s necessary to debate with facts to prove their point. Instead, they choose to shout down detractors with infantile rhetoric, name-calling and insults …
    And Dougherty had the considerable courage to name the leaders in this trend: Abraham Foxman and the Anti-Defamation League. As I noted in my commentary in, the ADL has had no hesitation in pinning the label of “anti-Semite” on anyone who notices the Jewish backgrounds, the long history of pro-Israel activism, and close personal and professional relationships among the neocon cabal in the Bush administration.
    Ironically, a classic example of this “infantile rhetoric” appeared on WND the same day: Ilana Mercer’s column denouncing as “anti-Semitism” my discussion of neoconservatism on Mercer provides an absurd caricature of my views on neoconservatism and other Jewish intellectual and political movements. She says that I depict the “gullible gentiles” in these movements as “marionettes” manipulated by wily Jews.
    Where do I say anything resembling that? In fact, I think that the motives of these non-Jews are a complicated mix of genuine belief and personal ambition. (The attractions of the neocon infrastructure in the media, politics and academe are obvious enough.) But my point remains: The founders and the core members of the movement are Jews who see their involvement as furthering Jewish interests.
    There is nothing inherently implausible about hypothesizing that minority activist movements like neoconservatism would be willing to recruit some majority group members. It makes excellent marketing sense to have at least some spokespeople who resemble the target audience. I have found numerous other examples in my work.
    Mercer also argues that the elected and senior appointed Bush administration officials, in the main not Jewish, ought to be held responsible for the “administration’s blunders.” This is true, but it does not in the least delegitimize consideration of what motivated the administration’s neoconservative members and friends – who generally are Jewish.
    Revealingly, Mercer places the term “Jewish ethnic interests” in quotes – as if to question that there is such a thing as Jewish interests at all. This is the core of the problem.
    We all accept that African-American leaders like Jesse Jackson are pursuing their perceived ethnic interests. No one would deny that the Mexican-American pro-immigration activists advocating open borders are pursuing their ethnic interests. But Jews are somehow exempted from anything so base as even having ethnic interests.
    For instance, Jewish pressure for U.S. support of Israel must be because Israel is a shining beacon of democracy – never mind the reality that Israel is (and is, arguably, perfectly entitled to be) an expansionist ethnostate. And Jewish support for mass immigration must be because they are liberals bent on “promoting justice.” But I believe I have demonstrated that the pro-immigration elements in American public life have, for over a century, been largely led, funded, energized and organized by the Jewish community as part of a conscious strategy to lessen U.S. ethnic and cultural homogeneity, a development Jewish leaders are on record saying is in their interests. My view of the critical role of Jewish organizations in altering U.S. immigration policy is a mainstream scholarly opinion (see, e.g., Hugh Davis Graham’s “Collision Course: The Strange Convergence of Affirmative Action and Immigration Policy in America“; New York, Oxford University Press, 2002, pp. 56–57).
    Mercer may be right that it is a poor long-term strategy for Jews to allow the immigration of large numbers of Muslims. Some isolated Jews have worried about this, most notably Stephen Steinlight, a senior fellow at the American Jewish Committee. But to date, Jewish organizations have not abandoned their pro-immigration policies.
    Mercer, in an amazing gap in logic, accuses me of having a “messy habit of mind” for ignoring that “on issues of race and immigration, neocons are not that different from liberals.”
    But of course, that is exactly my point: Liberal immigration policy has been supported by the overwhelming majority of Jews across the Jewish political spectrum, and this is quite the opposite of traditional conservative attitudes. This is one reason why I believe the neoconservative preferences for mass immigration prove they are an ethnic, rather than an ideological grouping.
    I am a professional academic. My work has focused on the influence of the Jewish identity on intellectual, social and political life. Others laboring in parallel rows in the same vineyard chose to consider other ethnic groups. They are never attacked.
    Ilana Mercer reminds us that Freud said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Why is not scholarship sometimes only scholarship?

    • Agree: utu
  88. @Sergey Krieger

    I must be old fashioned but did Marx, Engels or Lenin ever cared for gays, other sexual deviations, negroes and all this? It was all about working people and who owns the means of production.

    What everyone calls “Cultural Marxism” could perhaps be understood as Lysenkoism or Stalin Communism. All people are exactly equal in ability (except for our brilliant leaders in media/government) any proof to the contrary is racist as are those scientists who reveal them. A racist is even worse than a capitalist although white men are automatically presumed to personify both State sins. Only by prostrating himself in public (and often) before he’s accused may a white man have a chance at escaping charges of racism (and thereby capitalizing on “400 years of slavery”). Fairness requires that all white owned property, the sole result of “400 years of slavery,” must be relinquished to Africans and mestizos (mostly africans but they’d allow a percent or two for other victims of white supremacy). White = Kulak = evil incarnate = capitalist class = must be expropriated/destroyed for utopia to exist.

  89. Anonymous [AKA "Jamesso33"] says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    The only link between cultural marxism and traditional marxism is that they both use the same tactics to achieve their end; division. Study the history of post modernism in our educational systems to understand how this is achieved. Cultural marxism is not marxism but most cultural marxists are marxists.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  90. Anon-og [AKA "Mike Johnson"] says:

    This woman is a Zionist tool and a liar, I don’t trust her Pro-American lean at all because again, Jews and Israel are exempt from criticism.

    Out of Their Minds For Israel


    “Being in love can be wonderful, but it does tend to make one overlook the faults of one’s beloved. The perils of infatuation couldn’t be clearer than in the case of a couple of articles appearing recently on WorldNetDaily, Joseph Farah’s “Why Israel Must Prevail” and Ilana Mercer’s “Liar, Liar, abaya on fire.” (No, I didn’t make up the column title to embarrass her or anything – I guess love makes a title like that seem “cute.”)
    Let’s start with Mercer’s column. She explains Israel’s war crime of shooting at ambulances in the West Bank as follows: “Israel regularly intercepts Palestinian ambulances because, very plainly, some have been rigged with explosive belts, while using the time-honored Arab decoys: women and children.”
    Where is the documentation for Mercer’s charge? Well, there is at least one clear case of an ambulance used for military purposes: “Until now, only one instance has been proven: this week Israeli journalists reported proudly that undercover soldiers used an ambulance in order to approach a house in which a ‘wanted person’ was hiding.”
    And, of course, when it comes to using civilians as decoys, Israel does pretty well itself: “In each of these cases, the IDF routinely coerced civilians to perform life-endangering acts that assisted IDF military operations. Eyewitnesses and victims described to Human Rights Watch how friends, neighbors, and relatives of ‘wanted’ Palestinians were taken at gunpoint to knock on doors, open strange packages, and search houses in which the IDF suspected armed Palestinians were present.”
    While on the topic of ambulances, Mercer says, “As the motorcade of U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell sped toward Jerusalem, Israeli security was in the process of foiling an explosives-laden ambulance, on a collision course with the Powell entourage.”
    Whoa! The Palestinians were trying to assassinate Powell, and, as far as I can tell, it never made the US news! A search did turn up some mentions of an incident with an ambulance while Powell was in Israel:
    “Soldiers at the Maccabim Checkpoint apprehended a PA Red Crescent ambulance containing explosive belts being smuggled into Green Line sovereign Israel for use in terror attacks. The initial report indicates there was also a dead body in the vehicle. Additional confirmed details will be published as they become available.”

    Although this report is from a hawkish Israeli news source, we might note that there is no mention that the ambulance was on a “collision course with the Powell entourage.” (How, exactly, would one detect that a distant ambulance was on such a course, anyway? Didn’t the ambulance have a steering wheel?)
    Mercer continues: “Hiding in the Bethlehem Church are not ‘Christians seeking sanctuary,’ as CNN claimed, but hostage-taking Palestinian terrorists. The hostages are the Christians…”
    But what do the Christians in the church say?
    “The Israeli government has charged that the gunmen are holding monks hostage. But monks reached by telephone, as well as Governor Madani, said they were all there voluntarily. Mr. Madani said there were 35 Franciscan monks and nuns and four Greek and eight Armenian churchmen. They live separately in their monasteries. Mr. Madani and Mr. Salman were staying with the Catholics and were not confined in the squalid conditions of the other men who took refuge.”
    And how about the Vatican? Well, it says: “The Vatican repeatedly announced that all people inside the church are non-engaged and only seeking a shelter that the church is willing to provide. The Vatican repeatedly affirmed that there is no hostage-taking situation.”
    So, if we have a case where both a number of monks and the Vatican are lying, or a state is lying, whom does a libertarian believe? Why, one’s beloved, of course.
    Mercer says: “Another ‘oft-repeated Arab claim repudiated by the facts, and disproved by historical reality’ is that the Israeli 1967 ‘occupation’ of the West Bank and Gaza is the cause of Palestinian terrorism.” She goes on to document violence that occurred before 1967 to make her case.
    The use of quotes around “occupation” suggests an even more startling Arab lie: apparently Israel is not even occupying the West Bank and the Gaza Strip! I guess they never conquered them at all, or turned them over decades ago. Those Arab lies sure do take hold!
    In any event, in any Arab claims I’ve seen, the problem of the Palestinians who lost their homes in 1948 is brought up along with the occupation. Clearly, even prior to 1967, Palestinians had some “difficulties” with Israel that might explain their hostility.
    She continues:
    “Do the media ever pause to pose the no-brainer the Edmonton Journal’s Lorne Gunter poses? ‘If Palestinians stopped their attacks today, tomorrow there would be no Israeli attacks. But if Israel stopped unilaterally, would you trust the Palestinians to follow?’”
    Well, no, I wouldn’t. On the other hand, another “no-brainer” is: If the Palestinians stopped their attacks today, could they trust Israel to grant them independence – real independence, not some Swiss-cheese state laced throughout with Israeli territory? Again, the answer is “No.” Of course that doesn’t justify Palestinian violence. If the Palestinians had taken the high road, as Ghandi did in India, they probably would have achieved independence years ago. World opinion would certainly be overwhelmingly on their side, and even Israel’s “amen lobby” would have trouble convincing the American public that people practicing non-violent resistance should not be granted statehood. But it’s a bit easier for the conqueror to abjure violence than it is for the conquered.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @anon
  91. Z-man says:

    I want to have looters killed.

    • Replies: @Talha
  92. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    To be shot again– no doubt for practice and sport.

    But back to the point; you’d agree that describing Antifa as janissaries is doing a real injustice to the janissaries right?

    Sure– undead Janissaries would be worse.

    • LOL: Talha
  93. utu says:
    @Jason Liu

    Or come up with a clearer, more direct word.

    What about Jewish? Clear and direct enough?

  94. Talha says:

    I know – I was just trolling you, Z(ombie)-man!


  95. @Greg Bacon

    You took the words out of my mouth. Jews have been using the same tactics (anti-Semitism) for the past 70 years, to loot entire countries.

  96. Talha says:

    Solid post Mike – and great reference. When it comes to Israel, her Zionist bias comes out in full swing!


    • Replies: @attilathehen
  97. @Jake

    “when conservatives hearken back to the “Democrats’” Welfare State to explain away the color of crime; they, too, are making the Cultural Marxist argument.”


    This is where the conversation should take place. LBJ is no more responsible for this behavior than Trump. The signature part of the War On Poverty was Medicare, which saved a lot of seniors of all races, creeds, colors, and genders from destitute “golden years” (and which, BTW every single Nordic country and most others have some variation of). I don’t see seniors burning and looting cities.

  98. @attilathehen

    Christianity cannot be blamed for the problems caused by Jews. Yes it can. Specifically the Caucasian cuck RCC/Zioevangizer male will not defend the West is problem. Why? Because of the evil satanic belief of “universal brotherhood” and “universal church.” I am a Christian

    Don’t you worship a Jew? How does that work exactly? You blame Jews as bad people but on Sunday worship a Jew (or his Heavenly Father who must therefore also be the same Yahweh the Jews worship).

    You even state that Christianity can be blamed for what Jews have done. No shit. Christianity IS a Jewish fairytale. Sold to our Greek, Roman, and many Northern tribal ancestors and now we are all twisted in knots that our women are whores, our sons are fags, we worship the lowest savages found on the planet, and spend untold lives and treasure on usury, supporting and protecting a minuscule population of Jews in an inhospitable region surrounded by a billion blood enemies. Then we wonder what went wrong.

    Start with tearing down your temples. Rediscover your ancestral gods or abandon fairytales completely. As long as you believe the fairytales you can be led by the purveyors of those tales.

  99. @Anonymous

    both use the same tactics to achieve their end; division.

    They both want to expropriate all property of the bourgeoisie – in America that is the middle class white. They promise redistribution of this wealth to the proletariat – in America this is (1) Africans, (2) every other nonwhite. The Inner Party is exempt of course.

    So it IS classical Marxism but adds Communism and Lysenkoism with us as the kulaks and Africans as oppressed proles. I’m not sure what “Cultural” adds, perhaps it alludes to the Africanization of our culture.

  100. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Castile has an important secessionist movement while the Donbass only wants “greater autonomy”?

    I agree with your point but that map is screwed up.

    • Replies: @Wally
  101. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Interested in any of these causes ?

    Nigerian occupation of Biafra :2 million killed.
    Sudanese occupation of Darfur :800,000 killed.
    Indonesian occupation of Papua : 500,000 killed
    Russian occupation of Chechnya :150,000 killed
    Turkish occupation of Cyprus and Kurdistan 75,000 killed
    Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara :40,000 killed
    Israel Palestinian conflict :23,000 killed

    • Replies: @Anon-og
  102. Ace says:
    @jacques sheete

    Where did the Constitution enshrine corporate welfare in stone? Regulation of corporations was not a power granted to Congress. The vast majority of the police powers relating to the health, welfare, safety, and morals of the people were left to the states and the people. Basically, everything was left to the states that was not an enumerated power granted to Congress.

    States were not inhibited or prevented by the Constitution from controlling corporations. Nothing in it says they are privileged entities. Nothing in it leads inexorably to a special position for corporations. It mandated no special treatment for them other than to say that what the federal government couldn’t do, the states could.

    Nor do I see how the Massachusetts Bay Colony was essentially a welfare project. It was a project of people who were more prosperous than was the case with other colonists. Emigrants boarded the ships with supplies and resources they provided for themselves. No one provided assistance to the Pilgrims, half of whom died from cold and their stupid experiment with socialism. They prospered when they got their act together not when some ship arrived to save them.

  103. Ace says:
    @Serg Derbst

    If only this were a segregated society.

  104. Ace says:

    ** kangaroo court false evidence & procedures in a wholly bogus USA prosecutorial system **

    That is a special distilled, refined, spun-down, peptide-enriched, GMO-free load of garbage. It’s almost stupid enough to make me think you don’t know absolutely nothing about the American justice system.

  105. Parfois says:
    @Serg Derbst

    @ Serg Derbst

    Don’t try to teach the Muricans what Marxism is all about: they have been weaned on an anticommunist formula and are incapable of telling the difference between Right and Left. For most of them the foot soldiers of the Murican oligarchy – Liberals and Democrats – are communists!!! No wonder with such inverted logic they call “cultural Marxism” to the ideology propagated by their capitalist masters to keep them busy with political correctness and identity politics instead of seeing the extreme class inequalities and obscene wealth of their ruling elites.

  106. Parfois says:

    @ Brabantian

    I think you are wasting your time trying to shed a bit of light into opaque crackpots. They can’t see the forest for the trees and are incapable of turning their heads around “complex” issues such as social class, political Right and Left and how the power elite controls their limited thinking processes and shapes their (also limited) worldview.

  107. Anon-og [AKA "Mike Johnson"] says:

    oh it’s my favorite Zionist argument. “Look at the worst possible examples of violence when comparing what the Israelis do”. But of course, the Israeli themselves like to liken themselves to being a Western nation with western values in a bad neighborhood except when it doesn’t benefit them right? And of course, let’s ignore the billions upon billions of dollars every year that we spend on Israel which qualifies it as a major concern to us and let’s turn away from the Jewish groups trying to erode our constitutional right to boycott Israel by criminalizing support of BDS. Are you aware of the dozens of bills circulating through congress that would penalize,fine and imprison those who dare boycott Israel? Most haven’t passed but the attack is relentless, bill after bill being pushed. Are you aware of the blacklists put together attempting to smear university students who protest against iSraeli policies by smearing them as antisemitic so as to kill any hopes of professional careers for these young people. Are you aware of the attempts to redefine antisemitism on college campuses so as to include criticism of Israel as a condition? You know all this but still make bullshit deflections.

    • Replies: @anon
  108. @Stan d Mute

    First, Jesus was not Jewish. David’s great grandmother Ruth was a gentile, ending the Jewishness of Jesus.

    Second, Christianity has been the fabric of Europe for 2000 years. It cannot be ripped out. What is needed is a new Christian church for Caucasians/Europeans. Christianity is based on Platonic/Aristotelian philosophies, i.e., pagans. We need to teach this.

    Third, supporting the state of Israel does not mean helping them. Our military invention is led by the neocons, Zioevangizers. The Israelis can take care of themselves. But until we deal with the RCC/Zioevangizers we will be involved in horrible wars.

    Fourth, the “savages” are being dealt with. The Negro Football League is worried because the stadiums are empty (most NFL teams are owned by Jews). People are beginning to see that cuck pope Frannie is the problem and the RCC is ending in the USA. Movie revenues are way down because people are boycotting propaganda films. From the 1930s to the mid-60s, the Hayes Code kept a lid on Hollywood garbage. Movies that had small parts for blacks were censored in the South. We need to do our own censoring, boycotting. We need our people to make better choices.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  109. @Talha

    Hey Talha, bro, it’s been a while. Her Zionist bias is the flipside of your Muslim bias.

    Let’s recall our religion lesson, Islam is a Christian heresy.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Talha
    , @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  110. Parfois says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    @ Sergey Krieger

    The source of the socio-political conditioning prevalent in the US (the funding is no secret, from CIA thinktanks to Soros) can easily be traced to the wholesale migration of the Frankfurt School to New York at the outbreak of WWII. All the directors and most contributors to their outpourings were Jews. Basically all US universities adopted their dogma: change social institutions (e.g. the family, religion) and the cultural side of society in respect to person-to-person dealings (individualism) but leave the economic and political structures alone. With such stagnation a society can’t evolve.

  111. Wally says:

    That minute distinction without a difference means the “map is screwed up”?

    • Replies: @Anon
  112. Wally says:

    The Zionist Occupied US.

    Israeli occupied territories:

  113. Joe Webb says:
    @Sam Shama

    I just saw a national poll that showed about one-third of the country supports the general White Character of the country and wants to preserve it. Can’t find it now but the other numbers were interesting and positive.

    This is only the beginning.
    The jews are next after WN dumps its Neo-nazi contingent and gets realistic.. Actually jews will be the last to be repatriated, sans Bomb, to Madagascar.

    That would be one third of whites presumably, with many more sorta there in the counter-revolution.

    So Sammy boy, clickity- click, sammiglick. Get your various passports ready. J

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  114. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @unpc downunder

    pomo…exactly, the craziest crap to come out of jewish lunatics. Marxism had some worth, the Pomo crowd is nutty, and full of hate. JW

  115. Realist says:

    “Metaphorically speaking, free African-American politicians and activists are boiling the bones of their enslaved ancestors to make soup. The suffering of slaves is being exploited posthumously to shape discourse in politically advantageous ways.”

    Descendants of slaves in America are the luckiest blacks on the planet.

    • Replies: @joef
    , @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  116. @LauraMR

    Again, poor people are not criminals, no matter what you believe.

    Are you familiar with the term ‘non sequitur‘?

    • Replies: @LauraMR
  117. @The Alarmist

    Forgot to type ‘Covfeve’ there. Technical issues yesterday.

  118. Che Guava says:

    Thank you. Now checked.

    It is like how people assume ‘.ch’ must be China, but is Switzerland.

    Facepalm from here. Won’t be forgetting the ‘.il’ ‘.is’ codes again.

  119. TTSSYF says:
    @jacques sheete

    Your comments are exactly why I no longer engage in any kind of “discussion” with people on the political Left.

  120. Talha says:

    Hey Bro-Sis,

    your Muslim bias

    Of course I’m biased as a Muslim – but I don’t go around touting my Libertarian-principle bonafides and then throw them out the window whenever my tribe is involved.

    Islam is a Christian heresy

    Of course – how could it be otherwise? It calls for universal spiritual brotherhood of man where all races/ethnicities are united by faith. And – as you have brilliantly pointed out in post #88 – “universal brotherhood” is an “evil satanic belief”. I’m glad you are here to clear the air on true (non-heretical) Christian beliefs as taught by the (non-Jewish) Son of Mary (pbuh) such as; a lowly non-Caucasian man (especially a Black), should never assume to be able to share the same sacred space as you.

    I assume the following in this true-beliefs church of yours is growing leaps and bounds, no? I mean I looked for “Church of the White Man” and “Church of the Holy White’s-Only Shepherd” but couldn’t find it under the World Council of Churches:

    I also looked for the “Church of muh White Safe Space”, but couldn’t find that either – what are you guys listed under? I mean because your awesomeness beliefs totally aren’t heretical so you should be there right?


    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  121. KenH says:

    As the two looked on at footage of looters in post-Irma Florida, TV talker and guest volunteered that “this” was “not about race.”

    I’ve been looking for an excuse to call Tucker, “cucker” and it looks like the moment has arrived. Tucker should be smart enough to understand that more tinkering with domestic and tax policy won’t change the nature of blacks for the better. We’ve tried everything under the sun short of stripping white people of all their wealth and possessions and most blacks still act like jungle savages.

    • Replies: @joef
  122. @attilathehen

    First, Jesus was not Jewish. David’s great grandmother Ruth was a gentile, ending the Jewishness of Jesus.

    Seriously? I suppose next you’ll claim his apostles weren’t Jews either? But didn’t Mary tell Gabriel she was a “handmaiden to Yahweh”? Then name her kid Yeshua? Why not go whole hog revisionist and claim Yeshua, son of a handmaiden to Yahweh, was really an African or maybe a Viking?

    And your Yeshua worship didn’t reach Northern Europe until what – the 800’s? So 1100 years from the earliest Germanic converts and a bit longer since St Patrick in Ireland. I see no comment on the substitution trickery involved in simply replacing our ancestral holidays with Yeshua days (i.e. solstices etc). Nor on the Jewish mysticism of “12” as in Yeshua’s apostles or Muhammad’s imams or Joe Smith’s apostles.

    The strongest case you made, that the savages are under control because NFL, is laughable. Every college is still rabidly pursuing savage “student athletes” who will go on to victimize naive white suburban students. Every major city in America is either partially (NYC, SF/Oakland, Miami) or fully uninhabitable (Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago) due to negro savagery. Our entire culture is rotted from normalization of negro behavior. But it’s all good because NFL ratings are down?

    Obviously you cannot think critically about 2,000 year old mythologies or the relationship of those ancient myths to the peoples who created and evolved them. Your biases, like most, probably have far more to do with simply following what you were taught as a child than any process of logic and reason. For whatever reason, I abandoned all myths as a young boy. Santa, easter bunny, Yahweh and Yeshua, they all evaporated into the ether at the same time for me. My parents were unhappy but how can one convince a precocious 7yo boy who understands evolutionary processes that a magic invisible sky fairy exists? When I was booted out of Presbyterian Sunday school that was the end of their proselytizing and my interest in objective analysis of mythology.

    Of course you could have argued that Yeshuanity gave us Western Civilization but then I’d point out the Greeks and Egyptians and Romans gave us a pretty good start long before the Jewish prophets Yeshua and Muhammad. And that Yeshua worship was simply patched atop our ancestral mythology – providing no benefit in logic, reason, and science. Mythology had long been established as a tool for the elites to control the frightened ignorant masses everywhere in the world.

    Oh well. At least you recognize that the Yeshua worship cult leaders are behind normalization of negro behavior (“we are all Yahweh’s children”) and mass immigration (“it wouldn’t be Yeshua-like to make them stay home in the squalor they created”). Maybe someday you’ll have the objective ability to think critically about invisible sky fairies in general and logical ability to see the purposes of such fairytales for frightened morons and their masters.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  123. @Talha

    It would amuse me to no end, your criticism of Yeshua worshippers while worshipping a knockoff from six centuries later, if not for the horrific body counts involved. You’re both worshipping Jew God YHWH. You just choose different insane “prophets” whose “visions” (today they’re called hallucinations) both rejected by the majority of Jews then and now.

    But your claim of universalism for your version of the mythology is more than matched by the Yeshuans. Yeshuan missionaries have worked tirelessly to take his myth to every corner of the world and every people in the world since 1AD. Pew Research says Yeshuans are 30+% of global population while Mohammedans are only about 23%. Your claim fails spectacularly. But then since you’re ALL worshippers of YHWH it’s clear that the Jews are the real success story here.

    I hope your sky fairy doesn’t strike me dead for pointing all this out 🙂

    • Replies: @Talha
  124. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Look at the worst possible examples of violence when comparing what the Israelis do”.

    Hmmm So you admit that there are dozens of examples of countries using extreme violence much worse than then anything Israel has done . Kudos for you for being able to admit the truth !!

    let’s ignore the billions upon billions of dollars every year that we spend on Israel

    Most of those countries listed receive hundreds of millions or billions of dollars from the US and as you yourself admitted , those countries are using far more violence and are far worse than Israel.

    Are you aware of the blacklists put together attempting to smear university students who protest against iSraeli policies by smearing them as antisemitic

    You admitted yourself that there are many countries far worse and far more violent than Israel . So why are these bright academics singling out Israel and silent in the face of far worse violations by multiple countries if not anti-Semitism ??

  125. Che Guava says:
    @Joe Webb

    Well, Joe,

    I’m sure you know, the Germans had that idea (Madagascar), I am not sure how that would have been for the inhabitants!

    Stalin set up an autonomous Jewish region for them, last I read, it is still a separate region in the Russian Federation, but almost none to living there now, his successors, unfortunately for the USSR and Russia, allowing their slow climb back to influence and destructive power.

    Even Japan was having an idea, briefly policy, for setting up a Jewish homeland in part of Manchuria (to helping our German allies, also with the idea of it being a centre of productive development, little chance of that, see below, but never tested).

    The Tsarist govt. tried something similar, many years earlier, not a state, but setting them up for productive work in a particular region, eventual reward for that was the Bolshevik coup d’etat. They didn’t like separation from business with exploitation and/or rapacious interest rates.

    So many attempts to helping them to have their own state or situation, always met with ingratitude.

  126. JEC says:

    “African-American politicians and activists are boiling the bones of their enslaved ancestors to make soup.”

    A very shrewd observation.

  127. joef says:

    Descendants of slaves in America are the luckiest blacks on the planet.

    And the most unappreciative!! (instead of hating whitey, they ought to thank whitey for willing to bankrupt the rest of the nation in order to provide afros with unearned entitlements … instead, we will bankrupt ourselves for these ungrateful afro americans, and then deal with the violence in its wake … but for what benefit?)

    • Replies: @Realist
  128. joef says:

    more tinkering with domestic and tax policy won’t change the nature of blacks for the better. We’ve tried everything under the sun short of stripping white people of all their wealth and possessions and most blacks still act like jungle savages.

    And thats exactly what our leftist & corporatist leaders are willing to do to the working/middle class of America. These parasitical afros will consume until there is nothing left to give. And since we are politically unwilling to put a stop to it, we will eventually devolve into a failed state. After afros may burn, loot, and shoot, but without assistance they won’t last very long.

  129. Talha says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Hey Stan,

    Thanks for your opinions. Materialism sometimes amuses me, if not for the horrific body counts involved.

    rejected by the majority of Jews then and now.

    This is a silly metric. The number of Jews that have converted to either Christianity or Islam over the centuries easily matches the number of Jews that exist today. Christianity and Islam are also rejected by the majority of Buddhists because – surprise – they’re Buddhists and if they convert, they are no longer Buddhists – thus, a majority of Buddhists will always reject Christianity and Islam.

    Pew Research says…

    …keep your eye on the graph…

    We got a late start – about 6 centuries, we’re doing OK.

    it’s clear that the Jews are the real success story here

    You should totally promote this at the various Holocaust Museums; “Dude, what’re you talkin’ about! You guys are totally winners!”

    I hope your sky fairy doesn’t strike me dead for pointing all this out

    We don’t believe in a sky fairy – that would be disbelief. Now if you are talking about God, then why would He bother with you? I mean, you’re chump change compared to men like Dawkins and Harris who are making thousands and thousands promoting the same ideas. He’s being fairly tolerant and forbearing with them – why wouldn’t He extend the same courtesy to an anonymous internet guy like you that barely has any influence?

    But hey, I take no offence with any of this – when you meet Him, you can tell Him how amusing you thought this all was – joke’s on Him right??!! Yuck, yuck! 🙂


  130. J1234 says:

    Metaphorically speaking, free African-American politicians and activists are boiling the bones of their enslaved ancestors to make soup. The suffering of slaves is being exploited posthumously to shape discourse in politically advantageous ways.

    There’s one ingredient that’s left out of the recipe…the modern enslavement of blacks by other blacks that still exists in Africa. It was legal in many locations until 15 or 20 years ago, but is practiced under the table to the extent that it probably involves millions of victims. The silence of slavery-obsessed African Americans on this issue is deafening, for anyone willing to listen (which isn’t very many.)

    In the looting video, I noticed that several of the looters had newer cars than I do. Our newest vehicle is an 11 year old mini-van. We bought it new, but I had to put another engine in it last year. It makes most economic sense to keep a vehicle as long as possible as long as it’s still road-worthy. I also still have a Chevy truck that I bought near new in 1995.

    The looters now have newer shoes than I do, as well.

  131. @Anon

    “unmanageable population growth” Agree, the source of many of the problems in the United States and the world. Over the past 90 years that growth has been startling. When I was in grade school during the 1930s the US population was 130 million and world population was 2 billion. We students thought India at 300 million was overpopulated and China at 500 million grossly overpopulated. Now the US population is 330 million plus and world population 7 billion, a more than three-fold increase. With the Caucasian race losing ground due to a low birthrate, and the Hispanic birthrate and immigration soaring it will not be difficult to forecast future demographics. Draw your own conclusions as to whether that is good or bad.

  132. Realist says:

    Yes, a testament the the stupidity of many whites.

  133. @Talha

    Hey Talha, remember your Asian, Paki, (avg. IQ in Pakistan 84). Over 99.9% of Muslims are black/Asian, low IQers. Your belief system is a late starter with inferior biological beings.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @anon
    , @Stan d Mute
  134. @Stan d Mute

    Yes, the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians gave us a good start but why didn’t they develop science? In ancient Greece and Rome they had knowledge about industrial machinery but didn’t use it. The theory is because they had access to slaves. The Egyptians were ruined by miscegenation with blacks (this occurred when Islam took over) so they became useless (mixing with blacks produced IQ loss). In India, the ancient Aryan Indians were destroyed by mixing with Asians.

    I understand what you’re saying. I believe in IQ and evolution and my Christianity and politics are based on the first two. World history can be summed in 2 words: IQ. We are now at the point in history where we can start to bring this out. The problem is that the Caucasian RCC/Zioevangizer male refuses to deal with biological reality. Also, I don’t want to throw out 2000 years of Christian history. We must take what is good for the West and discard the rest. The worst of Christianity is its universal brotherhood message. This is what needs to be discarded.

    The first step is making people understand IQ. That an IQ of 90+ is needed for a functioning society. IQ differences lead to stark racial differences. This means segregating from Asians/blacks, who are second and third in IQ.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  135. Talha says:

    I know!!! Can you believe it??!!

    What was your congregation called again – “The Holy Order of Who The Hell Let These Niggaz in the Church?” Do you allow female priests? Gay priests? Gay transgendered female priests? Only White of course – I mean, that would be a silly question!


    • Replies: @attilathehen
  136. Giuseppe says:

    A worse crime than the actual looting is the fetish the politically correct media make of exculpating the looters.

  137. escobar says:

    Is there any topic that would not invite comments on the evils Jews do, and apparently do so well?

    Bowling? Whippet racing? One-armed golfers? Enlarged prostates among white Christian males as compared to Jewish males? The plot of Jewish comedians (Jack Benny to Sid Caesar) to undermine Christian civilization? And Jews in classical music, from Mahler to Bernstein–and on and on…

    Never have so few done so much harm to so many?

    Israel has too much influence in US politics and foreign policy. Yeah.
    Quite a few Jews are indecent and dishonest. More than in other groups?

    Never mind. As a white, Christian American said: “Think nothing, laugh never, the Sphinx was less clever.”

  138. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Hey , how dare you debase the noble Porki muslim culture !!!!
    These are people so fantastic that they won’t even marry outside the family so as to preserve their superior gene pool.

    Of course this has resulted in Porkis having 13 x more retarded children . But dont worry allah and mohamed will fix it soon !!!! Mohamad was also quite discerning in choosing his brides , if you get what I mean……

  139. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    It’s a distinction that the creator has gone to considerable trouble to emphasize. These are simply illustrations. I will not list everything wrong with the map, but here: the movement for independence of the Degno delle Due Sicilie is also not represented, despite being again of considerably more importance than any Castilian movement. Catalan independence is significantly a more important issue than Catalan-Valencian independence. The depiction of Northern Ireland is misleading because relatively few want it independent– the issue is whether it be part of Ireland or the UK.

    There is more, but the upshot is that the map is not a particularly reliable tool for anyone who is really interested in that kind of thing.

  140. LauraMR says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    You have criminalized the poor, time and again. In fact, your only concern has been to justify your belief that they are criminals. It’s on the thread for everyone to see.

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  141. @Clay Bishop

    Haha, I had to chime in to finish your new terminology, Clay.

    “They are just different from us culturally, being part of a paleolithic looter-gatherer society and all. Can you blame them?” Overheard at the student union cafeteria.

  142. geokat62 says:

    Yes, the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians gave us a good start but why didn’t they develop science?

    Excerpt from the Introduction to The Forgotten Revolution, How Science Was Born in 300 BC and Why It Had to Be Reborn:

    The period from the late fourth to the late second century B.C. witnessed, in Greek-speaking countries, an explosion of objective knowledge about the external world. While Greek culture had reached great heights in art, literature and philosophy already in the earlier classical era, it is in the so-called Hellenistic period that we see for the first time — anywhere in the world — the appearance of science as we understand it now: not an accumulation of facts or philosophically based speculations, but an organized effort to model nature and apply such models, or scientific theories in a sense we will make precise, to the solution of practical problems and to a growing understanding of nature. We owe this new approach to scientists such as Archimedes, Euclid, Eratosthenes and many others less familiar today but no less remarkable.

    Yet, not long after this golden period, much of this extraordinary development had been reversed. Rome borrowed what it was capable of from the Greeks and kept it for a little while yet, but created very little science of its own. Europe was soon smothered in the obscurantism and stasis that blocked most avenues of intellectual development for a thousand years — until, as is well known, the rediscovery of ancient culture in its fullness paved the way to the modern age.

    What were the landmarks in the meteoric rise of science 2300 years ago? Why are they so little known today, even among scientists, classicists and historians? How do they relate to the post-1500 science that we’re familiar with from school? What led to the end of ancient science? These are the questions that this book discusses, in the belief that the answers bear on choices we face today.

  143. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Europe was soon smothered in the obscurantism and stasis that blocked most avenues of intellectual development for a thousand years

    Not this again…

  144. @anon

    I like that word “Porki.” I hope you don’t mind if I use it. It’s a great double play on words as Muslims don’t eat pork, ala the Joooooz (unless it’s Chinese, then it’s kosher). Judaism/Islam are flip sides of the same worthless coin.

  145. @geokat62

    Thanks. Christianity provided the stimulus for science as it was “holy” to try to understand God and his creation through science. I read something once that the Greeks were waiting for Christianity because they had reached a dead end to their knowledge. Now we are in a totally different situation as we now know that IQ is the most important objective truth and this needs to be the basis for the future.

  146. helena says:
    @unpc downunder

    But the ‘post-rational’ idea was tried and the megaphone turned it right back on the right. As far as the media is concerned, fake news is what is on social media (especially Trump’s twitter), and the term MSM has been outlawed at least by UK media.

    I’m working with the idea that the right has to mirror exactly what the left says. So, the term NeoMarxist mirrors the term NeoFascist. And if the NeoMarxist label took off – regardless of intellectual analysis or meaning (the left is irrational after all) – the left would find itself stuck in a did/didn’t, is/isn’t argument. And for now, that would be something of a victory. Because, what the NeoFascist label does, by labelling people who are nothing to do with fascism but just want to have a grumble about immigration, is to shift the centre leftwards. This is an ideological tug of war and pulling the rope back to the mid-point would be helpful at this stage before Europeans all fall over.

    But rightists are by nature driven by accuracy and analysis and that weakness has been used against them. Like the scene in Rain Man when Hoffman is trying to work out ‘who’s on first base?’ and Tom Cruise finally snaps and says, ‘it’s not a riddle, you can’t solve it!’. Well that’s the way it is with the left, it can’t be solved or reasoned with. It is immune to logical argument, criteria for comparison, and all those tedious classification things that enabled social development. But the left has managed to make the right’s propensity to reason look like the autistic person unable to understand the world they live in – hence a favourite leftist phrase is, ‘this is the 21st century’, as if that were a well argued theoretical explanation.

  147. @Talha

    No trans, gays in my church (evolutionary defects). But Islam loves them:

    Afghan bachi boys:

    Iran trans:

    Being Asian, first cousin marriage, low IQs leads to this.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Talha
  148. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Bacha Bazzi ( boy play ) and the lesser known Bacha Berisha ( boys without beards ) are not only common in Muslim Afghanistan but also in Tahlas homeland of Muslim Porkistan.

    Of course the terms being Persian in origin we can guess Iranians are devotees of the practice as well ( with apologies to the resident Iranophiles).

    As you so stated these practices seem to be endemic in Muslim lands , it goes hand in hand with the degenerate effects of marrying your cousins for generations. Indonesia and Malaysia has similar called Banci and Turki , Tajikistan , Uzbekistan have similar also. Of course it has nothing to do with Islam and NAMALT ( not all muslims are like that ).

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  149. Talha says:

    But Islam loves them

    I know!!! Can you believe it??!!

    You should totally tell all these people like JihadWatch to back off – they keep saying stuff like we punish people who commit open sodomy with death and silly stuff like that! It is obvious we totally love gays!!!

    Just this year in Istanbul, the police came out in full force to help LGBT marchers cool off with state-sponsored water(cannon) trucks.

    Being Asian, first cousin marriage, low IQs leads to this.

    Yes, it is quite a test to be us – we are too stupid to know that we shouldn’t be Asian. Have pity upon us – please don’t send us back to that continent, then we’ll be back at step one.

    You keep avoiding my question about the name and size of your growing church/congregation…don’t you think other intelligent White people here are interested in joining?


  150. @Talha

    Talha, Talha, Talha, the West is my “church.” You have to go back to Porkistan. It’s been fun though.

    • Replies: @Talha
  151. @anon

    Iran means land of the Aryans. How these people have fallen through miscegenation with Asians, conversion to Islam, cousin marriage. Ancient Persia was great (Cleopatra was half Persian and half Macedonian). There is only a small remnant of the original Aryans left. Let us learn from their demise.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  152. anon • Disclaimer says:

    You should totally tell all these people like JihadWatch to back off – they keep saying stuff like we punish people who commit open sodomy with death and silly stuff like that! It is obvious we totally love gays!!!

    Actually you might be on to something . The repressed homosexual feelings and the overt acts of homosexuality and pederasty so common in the Muslim world drives the deviants to prove themselves by acts of agression towards their fellow homosexuals by throwing gays off buildings or extecuting them by other means .

    The boy love and homosexual pederasty that masnisfests iteslf so virulently in places like Afghanistan and Porkistan in the form of Bacha Bazzi and Bacha Berisha contrasts well with the exectution by hanging in places like Iran and Gaza for the death penalty crime of homosexuality.

    Witness that 14 Muslim apartheid states have the death penalty for the crime of homosexuality . Included in the aforementioned list are : Afghanistan and Porkistan. Both hotbeds of homosexual pederasty commonly referred to as Bacha Bazzi.

    A very informative video about Bacha Bazzi in Afghanistan.
    BTW the video was originally by RT , around UNZ a very reputable source .Its bad vlad putin the king of alphas approved !!!!!!!! OMG

    Top comment : Let me get this straight. They have sex with boys but if you are homosexual they kill you

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  153. Talha says:

    It has, Da Hen! Until next time, Sis.

    My regards to Da Rooster.


  154. Talha says:

    Yes this is definitely an issue in certain parts of the Muslim world. Afghanistan and the Northern parts of Pakistan (where many Afghanis live) is where you will see this. The Taliban had rooted it out with fairly strong measures, but it seems we helped put it back in place:
    “The Taliban made the practice punishable by death, but bacha bazi has been resurrected since the fall of the Taliban.”

    Hopefully, once we leave – the Taliban will shut it down again (at least there’s some silver lining). Of course, pederasty seems unfortunately to be more widespread than just those areas. There was of course the huge scandal that the Roman Catholic Church was involved in. And there’s stuff like this:

    death penalty for the crime of homosexuality

    Actually it should be for homosexual sex – and that which is witnessed by four people – a pretty blatantly public act. I’ve read Tel Aviv is the place to go for that kind of stuff – do they have a refugee program for gays? That would actually work great for both sides! Who says Muslims and Jews can’t cooperate for the greater good?


    • Replies: @anon
  155. geokat62 says:

    Cleopatra was half Persian and half Macedonian


    • Replies: @Anon
  156. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Actually it should be for homosexual sex – and that which is witnessed by four people – a pretty blatantly public act

    Dunno , Hamas executed this guy for accusations of homosexual sex. There was nothing said about 4 witnesses.

    Iran executes several hundred homosexuals a year. Guess thats a hell of a lot of gay public sex in front of 4 witnesses willing to go to court and testify !!!!!!!!! Oh dear

    Here Iran executes a teenager for homosexuality .

    I’ve read Tel Aviv is the place to go for that kind of stuff

    Correct , Tel Aviv is the place to go for consentual gay sex. Porkistan is the place to go for non-consentual (rape) Homosexual Pederasty , Bacha Bazzi , Bacha Berrisha .In this video they report 94% of Porkistani truckers engage in pederasty with boys .Several Porkistani guys on this video very casually admit to raping boys some as young as 8 years old.

    • Replies: @Talha
  157. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Actually it’s more like 1/3 Persian. (31.25%, though I could be wrong)

    • Replies: @geokat62
  158. @Stan d Mute

    You put your finger on a thought that I have had.

    One of the things that I dislike about Christianity and Islam is that adherents are supposed to identify with and imitate a genetically and culturally alien people. I’m of Northern European descent and even as a child had no interest in the tales of middle eastern nomads. I enjoyed stories of European mythology – I read the Iliad at age 9 – and identified more with my European ancestors and kin.

    I see it as a cognitive dissonance for an adherent of the Alt-Right to accept a Jew as his savior. The irony is that secular historians claim that Jesus had no interest in reaching out to gentiles; his message was for the “lost sheep of Israel.” It was Paul who created a faith that was palatable to gentiles.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  159. @joef

    The crime rate shot up in the economically booming 1960s when job opportunities expanded for blacks. Inbetween the spread of an attitude that law abidingness was racist, desegregation and the lifting of certain informal police methods of keeping blacks in line, blacks felt free to, well, be black. Steve Sailer also pointed out that the majority of black births were to women below the one-time average black IQ of 85 and the gangbangers set the moral tone of black culture.

    • Replies: @joef
  160. @LauraMR

    You have criminalized the poor, time and again.

    No, you are criminalizing the poor, time and again.

    I said that people who own no property have no stake in the institution of private property. And you somehow feel that this perfectly sensible statement is criminalizing the poor.

    So, if you really must act on your bullshit outrage, why don’t you spit in the mirror.

  161. @Jeff77450

    Not just lower IQs, but higher testosterone, greater extroversion, more impulsive, limited future orientation, etc.

    • Replies: @Jim
  162. @attilathehen

    Islam is a mishmash of Judaism and Christianity. Mohammed (piss be upon him) first instructed his dupes to face Jerusalem when praying. After the Jews rejected his self-proclaimed prophethood, he instructed them to face Mecca.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  163. @Realist

    After his “Rumble in the Jungle” bout in 1974, Mohammed Ali responded to a reporter’s question about what he thought of Africa by saying, “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat.”

  164. @Talha

    Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion because Moslems, as a whole, have the highest birth rates. It’s also dangerous for Moslems to leave Islam: Islam is like the roach motel; you can check in, but you can’t check out. Apostates are threatened with death by both their families and governments. Even reformers are accused of apostasy and threatened.

    It’s really in your interest that non-Moslems remain in control of their countries. Considering how many Moslems have left and wish to leave their Moslem homelands, you need a non-Moslem society to leech off of. It defeats your purpose if, say, France becomes an Islamic state. Eventually, it would deteriorate into another Moslem dungheap.

    • Replies: @Talha
  165. @geokat62

    A contemporary of Jesus, Hero of Alexandria invented the steam engine, among other things, but it wasn’t put to practical use.

    • Replies: @Anon
  166. @anon

    In many Moslem countries, the majority of marriages are between first or second cousins. It keeps the money within the family and the loyalty. The downside is lower IQs and high rates of miscarriages, stillbirths and disabled babies. It also fosters an extreme nepotistic attachment to family. Moslem cultures are noted for their lack of civil mindedness and concern beyond one’s own tribe.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  167. @Talha

    The attitude in Moslem countries is that homosexual activity, which is pervasive, is acceptable as long as one is not blatant about it. A gay pride parade is going over the line.

    British journalist John Bradley wrote a book about this:

    • Replies: @Talha
  168. @anon

    A common attitude through history is that homosexual activity is acceptable, but not homosexuality as a lifestyle choice. In other words, homosexuality is acceptable as a side dish, but not the main course. If a man marries and has children, most people don’t care what he does on the side, as long as he isn’t blatant about it.

    Another distinction made is between the, ahem, “active” partner and the “passive” partner. The passive partner is typically younger or of a lower social class.

  169. Talha says:

    That plenty of Muslim jurisdictions play hard and fast with the rules is well known – that is a major problem in the Muslim world and a valid criticism; the lack of law and order and vigilante violence. If you’re looking for me to explain or defend the actions of Pakistani tuckers – well, that’s just silly. They will pay for their crimes – either in this world or the next.

    Here Iran executes a teenager for homosexuality

    As far as Iran is concerned, the article states that the crime was sodomy (not being a homosexual) – the article states he admitted to it – the only contention is was it forced or consensual; did you even read the article before citing it, or did you just copy and paste it from your cheat-sheet?

    Now about those Orthodox Rabbis that seem to have a penchant for little boys – how do you account for them? A simple search for words like “Rabbi child sex abuse” brings up plenty of hits and videos.

    Furthermore, why do so many of them escape to Israel to escape charges in their home countries?
    “Diaspora pedophiles increasingly use Israel as ‘a haven,’ activists charge. As sex offenders flee their home countries for the Jewish state, grassroots efforts at raising awareness of their presence has led to a slander lawsuit”

    Tel Aviv is the place to go for consentual gay sex

    And now the holy streets of Jerusalem – the place where prophets walked and revelation descended – also have to put up with this nonsense:
    “Israel’s main gay pride parade will reportedly take place this year in Jerusalem, rather than in Tel Aviv where it is traditionally held.”

    So tell us, do you support all these things? Are you proud of them? I mean, this is getting silly and juvenile isn’t it; you posting links to stupid things some Pakistanis do and me posting links to stupid things some Jews do – what exactly is the point of all this?


  170. Talha says:

    Hey Ris_Eruwaedhiel,

    is acceptable as long as one is not blatant about it

    This is somewhat correct – depending on how one defines “acceptable”. People know it is a sin – even many of those engaging in it will readily admit to that. But it is tolerated because private sin or vice is between people and their Creator. This will always happen – whether homo or hetero; some people will fall into temptation and commit sins. Human beings are faulty and that is what repentance is for. It is a mercy upon people that God veils their short-comings from others – to cast away that veil is deep ingratitude.

    A gay pride parade is going over the line.

    Precisely! Public advertising to vice is not tolerated; this has deleterious effects on society.


    • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  171. Talha says:

    Hey Ris_Eruwaedhiel,

    Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion because Moslems, as a whole, have the highest birth rates.

    Sure – I think Vox said something like; “The future belongs to those that care to show up.”

    It’s really in your interest that non-Moslems remain in control of their countries.

    “It’s really in their interest that non-Moslems remain in control of their countries.” So – why aren’t they having kids in a system they have propped up with a democratic framework? That’s not intelligent.

    Sure – non-Muslims run them fairly well – no arguments there. A nation of a dwindling demographic of non-Muslim technocratic elite and teeming Muslim masses – sounds grand.

    It defeats your purpose if, say, France becomes an Islamic state.

    There is no “purpose” – though I’m sure some Muslims are keen on taking over – dun, dun, dunnnnn – bwaahahahaaa! Most of us are simply living life and having kids, others seem to think that’s not a priority anymore – this is a mathematical equation. In fact, it seems the achilles heel for one side is they have no “purpose”. As far as welfare, why are European nations supporting Muslim slackers? Cut off the welfare payments to Muslims and they’ll probably go back to their countries of origin – what’s stopping Europeans from doing this? Do they have no agency in dealing with the consequences of decades of stupid policies?

    Eventually, it would deteriorate into another Moslem dungheap.

    Possibly. Have you ever been to the Muslim world? Sure, I don’t recommend going to Somalia or Afghanistan, but places like Selangor, Istanbul, Sarajevo and Amman certainly have their charm – Tashkent, Damascus, etc.

    Morocco seems to becoming an increasingly popular place for Europeans to retire:


  172. @Talha

    Fifty years ago, there were gay bars and meeting places in Western cities, but gays and lesbians were usually left alone if they were discreet and kept it to themselves.

    In the late 19th Century or early 20th century, Mrs. Patrick Campbell, a popular actress, remarked (regarding Oscar Wilde?), “I don’t care what they do, as long as they don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses.”

    I mentioned John Bradley in an earlier post. He wrote that the Saudis turned a blind eye to rampant buggery by boys as the price to keep them away from the girls.

    • Replies: @Talha
  173. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Heron’s steam engine would have had to have been substantially improved before it could become anything but a toy, but I get your point– this certainly could have been done.

  174. Talha says:

    And there is evidence that some of the Ottoman caliphs may have dabbled in sodomy as well. Again – as long as it was not done publicly – resolving the sin was between the servant and the Master.

    My brother worked in Saudi for a year. He didn’t report it being blatant or widespread, but he did mention there were hints and insinuations you could overhear in some conversations between certain co-workers about a side homosexual relationship.


  175. joef says:

    the majority of black births were to women below the one-time average black IQ of 85 and the gangbangers set the moral tone of black culture.

    Your comments sums up one of the roots of the problem well. My critical response towards afro american behavior is exactly that: a criticism of their cultural antisocial behavior patterns, not for having dark skin color itself (despite what limo libs & progressives claim).

    Our race relations are actually in the afros hands, not ours. They are the ones who need to reform their antagonism; and if they did not pay attention to radical leftist progressives, that agenda would become mostly disempowered (which is probably the New Left greatest fear).

    If afro americans chose to get along with their host society they would receive reciprocal treatment by the rest of society as well. But thats where I see no hope, because afros refuse to let go of their animosity, and belief in perpetual entitlements. Of course this is not a sustainable situation in the long term.

    The ones I feel sorry for are the few rational honest hard working Black family men, who do not buy into all this radical afro american nonsense. What will he do if things devolve into regional failed state conditions in this country? Afro violence will definitely target Whites, and the Whites who refuse to be willing victims will incorporate a shoot first, ask questions later, method in order to survive violent chaos.

    Under such tumultuous conditions, there is no where for a legit Black family to go to under those circumstances, thus have the most to lose from this bad end result. [my only advice is to stay away from identity politics, and establish your social capital within a community of trusted neighbors, especially a Church – – and you would have my prayers, because you are going to very screwed].

  176. geokat62 says:

    Actually it’s more like 1/3 Persian.

    Checked your link, but couldn’t find any reference to her purported Persian ancestry (I even searched for the word “Persian,” but got zero hits). Perhaps you meant to reference another source?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @attilathehen
  177. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    While I do not as a matter of fact have any friends who LARP*, neither do I see what you have against the practice.

    I don’t mind political activity (such is part of how our republic is supposed to function) but I do mind gangsterism.

    *I think this is other than you mean– thuggery in dress-up is still thuggery, though, and I prefer to call it that rather than slander what seems to be an innocent form of fun.

    • Replies: @Talha
  178. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    They give a genealogy– do the work yourself. Check mine, I did the math in my head, late at night.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  179. @joef

    Great post, Joef. I think that you are right. I am pessimistic about the ability of whites and blacks to live together amicably because of black resentment about slavery and Jim Crow and blaming whites for their problems and shortcomings. Any number of blacks chortle about the looming slide of whites in minority status, but they don’t realize that they will fare worse under Asians and Hispanics, who regard them inferiors.

    We could see a breakup of the US into multiple ethnic-based nations.

  180. @geokat62

    Here’s a source for Cleo’s Persianess. The ancient Persians were Aryans.

    Big picture, this clears up the “we wuz kangz” nonsense that was going around for years. I blame cucks for this. Also geneticists confirmed that the ancient Egyptians were Caucasians.

    Cleopatra was Caucasian, European, white.

  181. @Ris_Eruwaedhiel

    Yes, a Christian heresy. I read the Koran. A farrago of Old Testament Judaism, pagan Arab beliefs and some Christianity. Nothing but jumbled nonsense.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  182. @Ris_Eruwaedhiel

    Here’s an interesting article about Jesus.

    It’s easy for us to dismiss Christianity in the 21st century. Your Northern European ancestors were Christian for hundreds of years. Islam is not important in the West. We defeated the Muslims over the centuries and the problems we have with them today are now caused by the Roman Catholic Church and Zioevangizers.

    This is why I said to Stan that we cannot get rid of 2000 years of historical Christianity in the West. It is woven into our history. What we can do is update the churches in that we get rid of the “universal church” belief that is destroying us. I was a cradle RCCer but the RCC because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes. This is the starting point. As for the Jews, they are not God’s chosen. This myth is supported by the Zioevangizers and some RCCers. The state of Israel needs to exist to send people who claim to be Jews to it. Also, I don’t need religion to argue against polygamy, gay marriage, most divorce and abortion. But cucks in the West can’t go there. Christianity works well with natural law and observation. And IQ, which is related to race, is the way to go. This is what we need to work on.

  183. @attilathehen

    It’s hilarious to me how I can shred a Christian and he either just shuts down or silently prays for my poor baptized soul, but a Mohammedan feels he has to defend his primitive mythology.

    Funnier how so damn much of Mohammedan teaching is just “how to wipe your ass.”

    I guess Mohammed knew his audience well huh? How nasty and stupid musta people be to need a sky fairy to tell them to wipe their asses?

    But regarding these old mythologies in general, note the things the great givers of wisdom provided and so too what they omitted. Did YHWH or Yeshua or Hammy explain gravity? Provide insight into how DNA conceptually mirrors AI software code?

    At least our ancestral mythologies attempted to explain thunder and lightning, the sun and earth and moon. Jews were taught to avoid broads on the rag and Hamsters were taught to wipe their asses.

    Do our myths define us? Is it that Hamsters know that abandoning their mythology would lead directly to 1.6 Billion shitty asses? Or are Jews terrified that if they forget their myths men will bathe in menstrual blood? Yeshuans quake in fear that without their holy myths neighbors’ wives will be coveted?

    Maybe big questions like DNA/AI coding & hardware, gravity, time, etc are all just too big for contemplation. Maybe Talha Paper can enlighten us.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Talha
  184. @attilathehen

    Yes, a Christian heresy. I read the Koran. A farrago of Old Testament Judaism, pagan Arab beliefs and some Christianity. Nothing but jumbled nonsense.

    Wow, sounds much like:

    Yes, a heresy. I read the New Testament. A farrago of Old Testament Judaism, pagan Greek/Roman/Germanic/Norse beliefs and some Golden Rule common sense. Nothing but jumbled nonsense.

    • Replies: @Anon
  185. geokat62 says:

    …do the work yourself.

    Here’s some related info I managed to pull from another source:

    The Persian ancestry is the Ptolemy III married a daughter of Antiochos I and his wife Straonice named Apamea II who was 1/4 Persian. Also Ptolemy V married Cleopatra I of Syra, who was the daughter of Laodice III and Antiochos III, now the Persian ancestry of the Seleukid dynasty at this point was very low, as after Antiochos I’s marriage the dynasty was marked for the time with marriages to Greek women, however, Laodice III was the daughter of Laodice II who was the daughter of Antiochos II, and Laodice I, and King Mithridates of Pontus, who would thus have a fair amount of Persian ancestry. Meaning that Cleopatra I would have been roughly 40-50% Persian. At this point no further outside marriages occurred. So there are two sources of Persian blood, one of whom was 1/4 Persian and the other of whom was ~1/2 Persian. Doing some rough math there are 8 Principal people who are responsible for the Ptolemaic column of whom 6 were greek, one was half Greek, and one was a quarter Greek. So… not getting in to the intricacies of how the intermarriages worked, the total percentage of Persian blood would have been low.

    Based on this info, it appears that Cleopatra can trace her Persian ancestry from two sources:

    1) Ptolemy III’s wife, Apamea II who was 1/4 Persian; and
    2) Cleopatra I who was 40-50% Persian

    Are you working with these same assumptions or something else?

    • Replies: @Anon
  186. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Stan d Mute

    If you found Germanic/Norse beliefs in the NT (or thought it was jumbled in the sense that the Koran is jumbled) you have been straining your eyes more than a bit. Get some rest.

  187. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Stan d Mute

    It’s hilarious to me how I can shred a Christian and he either just shuts down or silently prays for my poor baptized soul, but a Mohammedan feels he has to defend his primitive mythology.

    They do this because your juvenile belief that you have “shredded” them, your use of silly terms like “sky fairy”, etc. show that you’re not really interested in serious discussion. Talha is just more patient, is all, possibly due to the degree of Asiatic in his makeup.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
    , @Stan d Mute
  188. @joef

    there is no where for a legit Black family to go to under those circumstances, thus have the most to lose from this bad end result.

    You had me right up to this point. And I used to agree in full (minus your churchy bit at the end). I always pitied the Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell types. Then serious thought on the subject overcame me and I remembered that these unicorns are the most privileged in our society. Plus, your legit black family exists in the reality that 30+% of African males are convicted felons and there are mountains of data showing that children of these African unicorns are dumber than children of poor whites. As our great great grandfathers may have said, “there’s a nigger in every woodpile.” Crudely worded by today’s standards perhaps, but no less true.

    Also, don’t be cavalier about a break up of America. Given our military and civilian weaponry it would be catastrophic perhaps globally. I can imagine only one peaceful way out of this mess we inherited: reparations + repatriation. In other words, supporting Calypso Louie’s efforts to lead the Africans back to their promised land and away from us white devils. $1,000,000 cash to each who can prove slave ancestry and $500,000 cash to those who cannot would do the job I think along with first class one way airfare to any African airport. Given their current and future costs to America those prices are like buying Manhattan for a handful of beads.

    • Replies: @joef
  189. @attilathehen

    Christianity Science works well with natural law and observation. And IQ, which is related to race, is the way to go. This is what we need to work on.

    That was an easy fix.

    Still need to work on your severe cognitive dissonance regarding Jews while you pray to YHWH and Yeshua though…

  190. @Ris_Eruwaedhiel

    It ain’t just Mohamsters:

    Remember – Hammy is to Jew as Mormon is to Yeshuanity and Yeshuanity is to Jew. You’re all worshippers of YHWH. It’s Jewish mythology with Arab or early American or Greco-Roman/Northern European culture and mythologies blended in.

    And maybe a whole lot of people are unable to logically conclude buggering ones brother, impregnating ones sister or mother, and shitting where you sleep are all really stupid ideas without the command of an invisible sky fairy to guide them. Can an IQ of 65-90 get there without their mythology and fears of wrathful sky fairies?

  191. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, you’re on the talk page of the article I linked. Cleopatra I is ~50% Persian (the figure I used) and Ptolemy V is ~12.5% Persian. Since all of the ancestry of Cleopatra VII traces to these two she is ~31.25% Persian, or ~(1/3) Persian.

    Always do math yourself when it is simple, and trust anonymous wiki contributors to the extent you trust anonymous Unz contributors.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  192. @Anon

    If they aren’t worshippers of an invisible sky fairy then what? I’m being kind here. They’re worshipping halucinatory madmen at best and psychopaths at worst. I was born, baptized, and raised in proud WASPy Yeshuanity – descended of Quakers in fact. But I’ve yet to find the merest scintilla of real evidence that an invisible sky fairy exists in over 50 years of diligent searching. Instead, what I’ve found is the somewhat depressing but infinitely more interesting universe of Reality where immutable laws appear to exist such as Gravity and Death and Entropy. Further, we are decoding (i.e. physics, biology, mathematics, chemistry) these laws and gradually understanding our sense data. Sky fairies never explained disease to us nor taught us to avoid, harness, and defeat lightning. I stopped needing guidance on toilet habits as a toddler but I recognize some still need a sky fairy to so guide them..

    • Replies: @Anon
  193. @Anon

    you’re not really interested in serious discussion

    A serious discussion of what? An omniscient omnipotent entity that revealed itself to some random Jewish bastard carpenter, a lunatic in a cave, a child molesting psychopath on a mountaintop, a washed up sci-fi writer, a broke writer sponging off his friends, or the many lost to history who began our ancient myths? Do you seriously suggest I give more credence to one myth over another based on its number of current year adherents?

    Or would it be more “serious” to discuss something we know is real like Gravity? Or maybe DNAs role in human intelligence and behavior? Or how Lysenkoism is integral to Cultural Marxism mythology just as YHWH mythology is integral to multiculturalism?

    • Replies: @Anon
  194. @attilathehen

    You are correct that we cannot wipe out 2000 years of Christian history. There are also practical arguments against polygamy, gay marriage, most divorce and abortion. The official culture of the Soviet Union, after a brief flirtation with “free love” became quite socially conservative. Even in the 1980s, the Commies were tough on gays, lesbians and junkies. It’s called survival and, on top of that, flourishing.

    The fawning of many evangelicals on Jews disgusts me. It reminds me of what someone said about Western-Soviet relations in the Brezhnev era: They spit in our face and we call it dew.

    The Roman Church is blasted for its “conservatism,” but, in reality, it’s only conservative on a few family issues: marriage, life and reproduction. Economically, it’s flaming leftist (I called it the Roman Communist Church) and favors open borders to the West as a way to fill the pews. The Protestants and Mormons often favor open borders as a way to convert immigrants. Many have left the Roman Church.

  195. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Stan d Mute

    descended of Quakers in fact

    Ah, everything becomes clear.

    If they aren’t worshippers of an invisible sky fairy then what?

    Here is a good introduction: .

  196. What would Cultural Marxists say about this:

  197. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Stan d Mute

    As I said, since you are not interested in serious, reasoned, or intelligent discussion, your auditors have the choice either of ignoring you or of engaging in a contest of insults, the latter of which takes up time too valuable to most to use in this way.

  198. geokat62 says:

    Always do math yourself when it is simple,…

    Good idea. I tried reconciling your statement:

    Since all of the ancestry of Cleopatra VII traces to these two she is ~31.25% Persian, or ~(1/3) Persian.

    with the statement I quoted earlier:

    Doing some rough math there are 8 Principal people who are responsible for the Ptolemaic column of whom 6 were greek, one was half Greek, and one was a quarter Greek. So… not getting in to the intricacies of how the intermarriages worked, the total percentage of Persian blood would have been low.

    While it’s true Cleopatra VII traces her ancestry to Ptolemy V and Cleopatra I, there are, according the the genealogy tree you referenced, other descendants of hers who are not related to this couple’s bloodline, namely: Cleopatra II (her paternal great great grandmother), Ptolemy VIII (her maternal great grandfather), and Ptolemy X (her maternal grandfather). Since these individuals are not Persian, my math suggests that Cleopatra II is less than 15% Persian, about half of your estimate.

    Am I missing something?

    • Replies: @Anon
  199. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Am I missing something?


    Ptolemy VIII is the child of Ptolemy V and Cleopatra I, as is (presumably) Cleopatra II, his sister. Ptolemy X is the child of Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra III, who is in turn the daughter of Cleopatra II (above mentioned) and her brother Ptolemy VI who is presumably of the same parentage as her (P. V and C. I).

    • Replies: @geokat62
  200. joef says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Repatriation back to Africa (possibly Liberia) could be the answer if accepted … but you will not get the a) political will to do so; b) afro americans are too addicted to free living entitlements; c) leftist won’t let their manipulated useful idiots go. Therefore thats a pretty dead issue in reality (since Lincoln proposed it), because it is never going to happen.

    Also, don’t be cavalier about a break up of America. Given our military and civilian weaponry it would be catastrophic perhaps globally.

    Cavalier is the wrong word. I am simply acknowledging an unpleasant reality that if things continue as they are, without any abatement, that this will be our eventual destination (whenever that will be).

    I am a paleocon who is allergic to utopian fantasies, whether communist, or anarcho capitalist, so I am not looking forward to our national breakup (besides, my personal desires are completely irrelevant in this regard, because either I am right about this, or wrong).

    I merely acknowledge that this is our probable future if this continues, especially when our national priority is to provide perpetual entitlements to our afro citizens, without any accountability (and judging how much afro racial justice stories occupy the majority of MSM time, it will remain our national priority).

    The canaries in the coal mine is when smaller government bodies (states, counties, and municipalities) start to go bankrupt. At first the Federal govt will attempt to bail them out, but in the long term it will be unsustainable. We are not able to emotionally grasp this because of a normalcy bias towards our current prosperity. However, prosperity is not the normal human condition in history, hardship and struggle is.

    If we continue to misallocate our financial resources as we do, in an attempt to appease the unappeasable afros, that is where we will eventually end up. And I see no reversal on the political horizon; in fact, I see an acceleration. Lets hope that I am wrong.

  201. Talha says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Hey Stan,

    Anon – seems to be right. You bring up a lot of straw man arguments and ad hominem; sky fairies, psychotic visions, etc. I mean, you’re not really an objective observer in this whole thing are you? What purpose does it serve you to believe in a religion or framework that tells you how to live life? You want to live life as you please, guilt-free and anything that gets in your way, well, you can certainly come up with justifications to pooh-pooh it.

    I don’t know the kind of Christians you debated, but we will certainly pray for you, but if you swing, we might land an elbow to the throat. So, to commence…

    I don’t really care to convince you of the merits of Islam. I have met plenty of converts from other religions or non-religion. None of them said; I converted because I thought washing my hands, face AND feet before prayer was so cool! They accept the larger picture and answers to the big questions and conform (submit) to what the corollary expects of them. If you don’t like the doctrine, it makes zero difference to my life – take it up with your Creator when you see Him. Tell Him you did not like the fact that His book didn’t contain insights into DNA or how to build a steam engine or light bulb or how to combat foot fungus, etc. Or that you refuse to follow a 7th century Arab. He might take your objections into consideration…or not – your afterlife, your choice.

    As far as materialism being the bees-knees…You came to a fork in the road and decided that there is nothing beyond the observable senses – a rational route to take. Others took the other rational route; that there are things that exist beyond the observable senses. Having adopted a framework, your conclusions on all religious/spiritual matters are prefunctory. Very rational men like Leibniz, Newton, Farraday and others had no problem believing in a Divine Being. To this day, the majority of scientists do not believe there is a conflict between science and religious belief:
    “When asked about terms of conflict between religion and science, Ecklund noted that only a minority of scientists in each regional context believe that science and religion are in conflict. In the U.K. – one of the most secular countries studied – only 32 percent of scientists characterized the science-faith interface as one of conflict. In the U.S., this number was only 29 percent. And 25 percent of Hong Kong scientists, 27 percent of Indian scientists and 23 percent of Taiwanese scientists believed science and religion can coexist and be used to help each other.”

    One of my own previous teachers is a qualified scholar of the Hanafi school, a spiritual guide in the Naqshbandi Order and an accomplished medical doctor; a pathologist specializing in molecular genetic pathology:

    In observing Western and other cultures, it seems the best way to put your populations into free fall is to make them more and more materialist/atheist. Which is funny because, the entire “purpose” of organisms in the Darwinian framework is to adapt to change and selective pressures and propagate their genetic code to the next generation. That’s how we know an organism is “fit” in an evolutionary sense when the dust clears – survival of the fittest. So why do atheists tend to be those with maybe one kid or none? There are exceptions of course, but have you met many atheists with big families? I think I have more children than all the atheists at my work place combined. But that is the entire purpose according to the atheist/materialist framework. Furthermore, it is well known that atheists or irreligious people have a significantly higher suicide attempt (and actualization) rate than religious folks:

    So why are materialists failures according to their own framework?

    This anthropologist thinks it has to do with an evolutionary method for getting rid of too much genetic mutational load; atheists/materialists seem to be humanity’s way of culling the herd in a time when the same sort of historic selective pressures are no longer present:

    Furthermore, you mention you chose to reject religion at a young age. But you already know that there really is no choosing according to your framework. We are biological machines – our genetics are determinant. You can only describe “choice” in a meta-abstraction of observed behavior – but it’s all really just chain reactions at the molecular level. There is no ghost in the machine – we don’t have souls that make moral or other choices; the reason you are atheist is because of your genetic makeup, same as why I’m Muslim:


  202. Talha says:

    I just think LARP is silly, that’s all. I don’t have any moral objections to it.

    The reason I call what these people are doing LARP is because they look like a bunch of fools playing dress up and banging at each other with sticks and shields and other stuff – it’s just fisticuffs and hooliganism.

    These people (both sides) have no clue what it means when the stuff gets real. When you go up against the state and it decides to run you over with tanks or give the orders for its soldiers to fire live ammunition into the crowd. If you want to know about the real deal scenarios, I suggest reading details on Tienamen Square or the Rabaa Massacre.

    If you don’t like me using LARP, I’m fine calling it cosplay.


    • Replies: @Anonymous
  203. Anonymous [AKA "sulai daffy"] says:

    Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr – Descartes and the Fallacy of Cartesian Dualism

    Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr – The Scientific Revolution Part 1 – The Mechanization of Our Worldview

    Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr – The Scientific Revolution Part 2 – The Reign of Quantity

    Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr – The Fallacy of the Greek Miracle

    Dr Seyyed Hossein Nasr – Nature Abhors Metals – Alchemy lecture

    • Replies: @Talha
  204. Talha says:

    Thanks sulai. Dr. Nasr is definitely a great resource on these topics.


  205. @Jason Liu

    All forms of leftism are subsumed by it.

    In the USA it’s Progressivism (or communism.)
    In the UK it’s Fabianism.

    But all forms of non-Economic Marxism are simply subsets of the Gnostic Heresy (AKA Progressivism….which brings us full circle.)

    SJW’s are Progressives shorn of Christianity, aren’t they?

  206. Jim says:

    Another interesting difference is a 5% frequency of the 2L allele of the MAO-A gene among US black males compared to a .1% frequency among US white males.

  207. Stalin says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    Well said Comrade Mao. Obviously people with gold chains, air conditioning, cars, microwave and giant tvs have no capitalist materials and therefor have no stake in a Wall Street dominated society. They are only following the tenets of your little red book chairman. Who was it who said that “power grows out of the barrel of a gun/”

    Clearly Obama’s red guard are simply securing the funding necessary for the next step of the glorious revolution by reliefing the whites, koreans, jews, etc of their stolen wealth.

    As the SPLC and academia have demonstrated time and time again the ranks of such looters is far greater than during the depths of the Depression because of the growing class awareness of the glorious BLM movement as spread by the godlike Obama, blessed be the prophet’s name.

    So it is evident to the casual observer that Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese. Hindus, Irish, red neck looters are far more common than Obama’s children. And as you have observed their numbers are growing.

    We must stop the reactionary forces from pointing out the obvious or unmasking the work of our useful idiots in the media, academia, and labor unions. Smash the fascists by detsroying free speec, freedom of assembly, and their endless lies about black criminality.

    We all know blacks built the pyramids and wre kings of glorious civilizations that were unmatched in their splendor and achievements.

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  208. @Stalin

    people with gold chains, air conditioning, cars, microwave and giant tvs

    Interesting fantasies. How often do you have them?

    Perhaps you should consider finally getting out of your mother’s basement and moving right into an inner-city ghetto, since people there, apparently, are swimming in luxury…

  209. @Sane Left Libertarian

    If group A is destroyed by largesse, and group B is dignified by largesse, did the largesse create the difference in the groups’ characters?

  210. I still recall a riot form the early 70’s. A then prominent “newscaster” was doing a “stand up”. Behind him a black kid smashed a window and grabbed a TV. The commentator then explained to America that in that day and age, if you didn’t have a TV, no one could blame you for stealing one.

    Did anyone else notice that although the “Cajun Navy” had mobility and opportunity, I recall no reports of them engaging in looting. I guess “deplorables” have more respect for private property.

  211. Anonymous [AKA "KiwiKris"] says:

    A well thought out comment. It’s easy to just come out & blame Blacks for their “predicament” but you have to admit there’s been an awful lot of pre-arranged monkeying around with Black life – the Hollywoods Gangsta / Thug life meme & there can be no denying that young Blacks have been deliberately targeted for hard drug addiction by the CIA & that there’s a policy of imprisoning young Black males. It takes a very determined mother (usually by herself) or rarely both parents, to guide a teenage Black youth through the pitfalls of gangs & drugs & get them into sport or to excel at school so the ghettos can be left far behind.

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