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In a new book, “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed,” I argue that Donald J. Trump is the quintessential post-constitutional candidate.

In the “Opening Statement,” titled “Welcome To The Post-Constitutional Jungle,” oldies will recognize a nod to the Guns N’ Roses classic, “Welcome to the Jungle,” as well as to broadcaster Mark Levin’s coinage.

We inhabit what Levin has termed a post-constitutional America. The libertarian (and classical conservative) ideal—where the chains that tether us to an increasingly tyrannical national government are loosened and power is devolved once again to the smaller units of society—is a long way away.


Where the law of the jungle prevails, the options are limited: Do Americans get a benevolent authoritarian to undo the legacies of Barack Obama, George W. Bush and those who went before? Or, does the ill-defined entity called The People continue to submit to Demopublican diktats, past and present?

The quintessential post-constitutional candidate, Trump’s candidacy is for the age when the Constitution itself is unconstitutional. Like it or not, the original Constitution is a dead letter, having suffered decades of legislative, executive and judicial usurpation. The natural- and common law traditions, once loadstars for lawmakers, have been buried under the rubble of legislation and statute. However much one shovels the muck of lawmaking aside, natural justice and the Founders’ original intent remain buried too deep to exhume. The Constitution has become just another thing on the list of items presidential candidates check when they con constituents.

The dissembling words of many a Republican presidential candidate notwithstanding—for most promise constitutionalism—a liberty-lover’s best hope is to see the legacy of the dictator who went before overturned for a period of time. The toss-up in the 2016 election is therefore between submitting to the Democrats’ war on whites, the wealthy and Wal-Mart, or being bedeviled by mainstream Republicans’ wars on the world: Russia, China, Assad and The Ayatollahs.

Or, suffering all the depredations listed and more if Candidate Clinton is victorious.

Thus the endorsement over the pages of “The Trump Revolution” is not necessarily for the policies of Trump, but for The Process of Trump.

Until such time when the individual is king again, and a decentralized Constitution that guarantees regional and individual autonomy has been restored—this process of creative destruction begun by Donald Trump is likely the best Americans can hope for. Put differently, in this age of unconstitutional government—Democratic and Republican—the best liberty lovers can look to is action and counteraction, force and counterforce in the service of liberty.

And a force of nature Mr. Trump has most certainly proven to be. You name it; Trump has tossed and gored it. The well-oiled elements that sustain and make the American political system cohere are suddenly in Brownian motion, oscillating like never before. An entrenched punditocracy, a self-anointed, meritless intelligentsia (which is not very intelligent and draws its financial sustenance from the political spoils system), oleaginous politicians, slick media, big money: They’ve all worked in tandem to advance a grand government—national and transnational—that aggrandizes its constituent elements, while diminishing those it’s supposed to serve. These political players have built the den of iniquity Trump is destroying.

Against these forces—RNC, NRO, NATO, a whole alphabet soup of acronyms that stand for statism—is Trump, acting as a political Samson that threatened to bring the house crashing down on its patrons. The hope expressed is that by drastically weakening The Machine’s moving parts—Trump might just help loosen the chains that bind each one of us to government.

Trump, the book argues, evinces the necessary moxie to blast away at an overweening political system. Who can deny that he has already done a laudable job of fumigating some serious snake pits? Undeterred, the Trump holy terror has even blasted the scold from Fort Vatican for living walled-off in Vatican City, while preaching to Americans that for their security needs, they must reject walls and “build bridges.” Pope Francis’ shopworn shibboleths, currently disgorged non-stop by candidate Clinton, are straight out of a Chinese, fortune-cookie wrapper. (Or a Deepak Chopra lecture.)

In a sense, Trump is coming from a libertarian angle: Government lives off the people. Government must, at the very least, serve the people. More laudably, Trump doesn’t collapse the distinction between “America” and the U.S. government. To the political cast, “America” is the U.S. government. To them, making America great means making government great. Trump exhibits no confusion of category. He doesn’t equate “America” with the U.S. government. To Trump, making America great means making the people great.

Understandably, The Donald has the political players rising on their hind legs in defense of their realm. And he has hitherto shattered the totems and taboos these players enforce. Debated as never before are vexations like immigration, Islam, and, yes, the legitimacy of the Republican National Committee.

In line with advancing a positive analysis of The Process that is Trump, a close reading of “The Trump Revolution” will reveal that matters of process are being underscored, such as the differences between political incentives in operation and apolitical incentives in operation: Trump’s.

Trump cannot be compared to a politician. While his Republican rivals were sponsored by super PAC puppet masters; Trump put-up and pledged to the American People a chunk of his life, his fortune and sacred honor. Other than his position statements over the years, Trump has no policy making past. In the nomenclature of law, one might say Trump’s record is clean. The candidate has no political criminal record. (Come to think of it, El Chapo has a cleaner criminal record than the last two American presidents: He had fewer people killed.)

While “The Trump Revolution” deconstructs the evolution of the Political Trump, this book, at the same time, applauds The Donald’s destructive creativity. A masculine force at full tilt, Mr. Trump is creating new reality on the ground. The modest hope expressed in “The Trump Revolution” is that an utterly different political animal, Donald Trump, might actually do some good for the countrymen he genuinely seems to love.

ILANA Mercer is the author of “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016), and “Into The Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa” (2011). She has been writing a popular, weekly, paleolibertarian column—begun in Canada—since 1999. Ilana’s online homes are & Follow her on

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  1. “loadstar”=lodestar and “political cast”=political caste

    -A Pedantic Drone

    • Replies: @ilana mercer
  2. The living document lies buried next to the invisible hand.

  3. Klokman says:

    The Constitution a living document? It was shredded by the Congress that approved it and the 8th president of the USofA–toady king George the 1st. One cannot read the Anti-Federalist papers, nor Merrill Jensen’s half century old The New Nation and believe the “Founding Fathers” were really serious about liberty. It was British Business as Usual from the beginning. Tom Paine had the pulse and beat of American politics from inception.

    If one believes half of Donald’s rhetoric will get enacted we’re still in for the next phase of suffocating totalitarianism. Hannah Arendt documented the process a half century ago, as did Eric Hoffer, and neither indicated any other outcome but complete burnout of civility and crushing dictatorship. Edmund Burke was right about what drives this rush to self-destruction: “It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”

    The die was cast in 1787. Since then it was filled with molten monkey metal and now is rapidly cooling.

  4. A good piece apart from the reference to Mark Levin. The epitome of the bought man, Levin may growl but once Conservatism Inc or the MSM throw him a bone, he quietens down. Much like Mark Steyn and numerous others.
    I have warmed to Miss Mercer over the years, despite my reservations. Obviously, these reservations largely relate to her attitude to the State of Israel. But she is the daughter of a rabbi, so I at least I have some understanding of her background and its influence on her behaviour.
    What has impressed me is, as a white former liberal South African, she has been one of the very few to recant her former views. The likes of Christopher Hope, J M Coetzee, the Gordimers etc, all quit South Africa for safe, white countries. None have recanted their views. None have ever said black majority rule was a bad idea. Give Ms Mercer her due.

  5. El Dato says:

    I saved this comment a short while ago. I do think it’s a summary of sorts:

    “If you really want to shove it up the establishment’s a$$, voting Trump is the only way to go, even if the best hope is merely that Trump will be so erratic that he’ll be like a gigantic monkey wrench that strips the gears of the war machine. Whether Stein or Johnson manage to poll 2% or even 5% won’t matter to Hillary if she wins, and then we’ll get four more years of the same old garbage.” (or, as eloquently said in the article, quite likely arbitrary amounts of worse garbage)

  6. MSimon says: • Website

    You want to embarrass a “constitutional” conservative? Ask about the missing Drug Prohibition Amendment. I do it all the time. Usually I get silence as a reply. Recently I got accused of being a Liberal. Progress!.

  7. bossel says:

    a benevolent authoritarian

    Libertarian my arse …
    Which probably only proves again, simply calling yourself Libertarian doesn’t make you one.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @ilana mercer

    That website only says its a variant, its still more correct to say lodestar. It is similar to lodestone (A magnet) The word lodestar conjours an image of a vessal being drawn to a star like metal filings to a magnet. Quite poetic. Loadstar makes it sound like a star is burdened with some kind of weight. This is of course absurd.

    • Replies: @hhsiii
    , @Wally
    , @Clearpoint
  9. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Trump’s Dark Enlightenment… or Entertainment

  10. hhsiii says:

    “it’s” a variant; “it’s” still more correct.

    Sheesh. You need practice on this pedantry thing.

  11. Wally says: • Website

    You really should quit digging.

  12. @ilana mercer may not be sufficiently reliable. For example, when I consulted it recently, it gives a definition of a legal term that is utterly odd, obscure, and contrary to long-established common usage.

  13. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Jews who say Joe McCarthy saw communists everywhere apparently see Nazis everywhere.

  14. bunga says:

    Trump says a lot of things and espouses his positions on numerous issues that the GOP of Bush-Cheney Neocons gangs hate to see disclosed in broad daylight for discussions

    1 ““Maybe you would have had a unified Korea. Who knows what would have happened? In the meantime, what have we done?” [to the possible Koreans integration]

    The fact is that the Koreans were getting closer to unity and resolving their own problems back during the Bush administration, but the neocons stepped in and scotched

    2 [ to the Neocon’s continuous drumming up for more violence in rest of world in the name of liberties and justices]
    “When the world looks at how bad the United States is, and then we go and talk about civil liberties, I don’t think we’re a very good messenger.”

    3 [Then you have Russia that Neoocns like to hate because it has been according to Neocons and according to some big mouths of GOP including the radio talk show hosts and guest ( I heard today some one with Mark levine and certain army guy mixing Russia N Korea Iran IS and Cuba all in one bucket ) do not share American ideas of the world . The accusations fly from the even from neo liberal interventionist out of the perch of NY Times without much variations .]

    “Sanger channels their palaver by accusing the Russians of doing all sorts of provocative ”

    4 [Not that long ago some Hewitt excoriated Trump because he suggested that he would be neutral and even handed on Israel Palestine issue. Next time you write about Trump make sure you cover the essential points and focus on the Neocons and “Scooper Jackon ” wing of Democrats who are enraged to see the discourse shift ]

    5 “Jeff Stein at Newsweek – “Does Donald Trump have a subversive partnership with Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine?” – and Israel’s unofficial ambassador to the American media, Jeffrey Goldberg, who takes the lead in the hunt for red Trump-tober:

    “The Republican nominee for president, Donald J. Trump, has chosen this week to unmask himself as a de facto agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a KGB-trained dictator who seeks to rebuild the Soviet empire by undermining the free nations of Europe, marginalizing NATO, and ending America’s reign as the world’s sole ”

  15. Binyamin says:

    Most of Donald Trump’s pronouncements places him well to the left of all recent Republican presidential nominees on many issues. The Donald will not tamper with welfare entitlements. Medicare is safe. Jobs will not be outsourced abroad. The march of globalization will be halted. Protectionism will be official policy. This means Reaganomics will be ditched. The military will be cut back and will retreat under the official policy of isolationism. Even God has been ditched from the convention. No more Moral Majority, no more talk of the sanctity of marriage and there will be government support for easier availability of contraceptives. Heck, the guy even talks of LGBT rights, in an Republican convention, of all places!
    Trump is neither a libertarian nor a conservative. He is far more sinister. What basically summarizes Trump more than anything else is the fact that he is a demented megalomaniac who probably fits the DSM IV criteria for the diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Just to give an example- Trump refuses to release his tax returns not necessarily because he has fiddled his taxes but because the returns will reveal he is not a billionaire at all but one of countless millionaires in the country. In short a bog standard millionaire. Such is the degree of his egotism.
    As far as Mercer’s poorly argued article is concerned, associating Trump with libertarianism is simply preposterous. It displays a profound misunderstanding of libertarian philosophy, an ideology which makes no distinction between human beings based on colour or creed or religion. The whole idea of libertarianism is to oppose big government and to emphasize the rights of individuals. The building of a wall on the Mexican border requires all the resources of big government. What Mercer calls ‘libertarianism’ is in reality the insidious ideology of race realism and white nationalism (as if whites are a nation!). But then Mercer is a fake American, a fake libertarian and a fake US constitutional expert (she has no legal training). All fake.

  16. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    What France really needs is a new French Revolution against its Cuckois Globalist Elites. The Muslims are in France in such huge numbers because the Cuckois Elites let them in at the behest of their GLOB masters.

    There would be no Muslim masses to worry about if not for the immigration policy pushed by the Globalists and the Left.
    French radicals and ‘progressives’ love to morally elevate themselves in contrast to ‘racist’ French by embracing foreign masses. The result of such moral preening is predictable. We are seeing the mess today.

    So, the main enemy of the French people are the French elites who are scum-collaborators to the Globalists.

    Get rid of the French cuck-collaborators, and the rest will follow.

    Btw, the bigger long-term threat to the French is not the Arabs and Muslims, who are at least half-civilized. The bigger threat are the black Africans who come to beat up white boys and hump white women and use white wombs to hatch mulatto babies.
    But because Negrophila, along with Holocaustianity and Homomania, is one of the holy trinity of the West, this truth cannot be said. Black Africans come to Europe to assimilate to Black American rap and mandingo culture. That is the real threat to the French.

    Also, while whites feel no special attraction to Islam, many whites in both EU and US are totally enthralled with Negroes in sports, music, and sex culture. That is the much bigger threat. Also, black Africans are even outbreeding the Muslims and Arabs.

  17. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    How about a fascist-democratic book of Trump? I’m bothered by peter-thielism. He says we need to stop with the ‘fake culture wars’ in favor of economics.

    Pledge of Allegiance and School Prayer were examples of ‘fake culture war’.

    But anti-‘gay marriage’ stance is part of True Culture War. Real Culture War. Marriage is the most important social and moral institution of civilization, but Jews and homos defiled and shamed it. Globalism doesn’t merely call for tolerance of homos and acceptance of the fact that homos are born homos. Personally, I am for those things.

    Instead, the GLOB promotes homomania as the new religion. It is huge. It is not part of some ‘fake culture war’.
    This is not some cookie-cutter issue like ‘pledge of allegiance’.

    This cuts deep into values and morality and truth. If we live in a world where a homo’s anus is put on same pedestal as a woman’s vagina, we are living in a sick world indeed.

    What is fake about the opposition to the homo agenda is its silly-nilly religious character. The main issue shouldn’t be about religious liberty. It should be about true morality and moral freedom. Marriage must be preserved and defended as a bio-moral institution aligned with natural truths and moral needs. If ‘gay marriage’ is allowed, there is no logical argument against polygamy(which is better than ‘gay marriage’, btw) and incest marriage. If we invoke ‘religious liberty’ to oppose the homo agenda, it concedes moral high ground to the homo agenda. It says ‘gay marriage’ makes total sense in secular world, and ONLY religious rational can be used to oppose something like ‘gay wedding cakes’. That is the ‘fake’ part of the culture war. In truth, homo agenda is an attack on true secular moral culture. Homo agenda pushes not secular freedom but homomania as a new religion. Homomania, like communism, is secular in name only. Just like one had to worship Marx and Lenin in commie nations(despite all the bogus stuff about ‘scientific socialism’), homomania requires us to celebrate, revere, and near-worship homos as the angels of the ‘rainbow’. It reduces adults into something like kids hooked to Teletubbies. True secular culture is rational, critical, skeptical, and moral. Homomania is the worship of decadence as the new spirituality.

    True culture war must defend true marriage and denounce the homo agenda and name the JEW as the main puppet master behind it.

    Also, Peter Thiel’s economism stinks. I don’t care if people gave him a standing ovation at the RNC. Conservatives just worship the rich as long as they throw money at you.

    True, economics and jobs are important, but that is exactly how US got sucked into globalism. It’s as if anything should be sacrificed for ‘jobs’. There were all these nice-sounding arguments about how global trade is going to make all the world richer.
    We don’t need a ‘fake culture war’, but a nation that sacrifices culture and values for economics is also wrong.

    A nation needs both culture and economics.

    The difference between a Liberal Democracy(or global democracy) and a Fascist Democracy(or national democracy) is a matter of their hierarchical structure. Both kinds of democracies allow free enterprise, free elections, and national interest. Even the most liberal democracy or global democracy have some degree of national interest. Even Sweden, cucked as it is, will not allow 50 million foreigners to just pour in.

    But the difference is a fascist/national democracy puts race, culture, history, and territory above economic interests whereas a liberal/global democracy puts economic interests(and sham-universalist PC) above national, territorial, and racial interests.

    Israel is a a fascist/national democracy. It allows free enterprise and free elections. But by law and political emphasis, it elevates national, racial, cultural, and territorial integrity(preservation of Israel as a Jewish state) above economic interests. Israel is all for more economic opportunities but will oppose economic policies that undermine the power and survival of Israel as a strong Jewish state.

    In contrast, Germany is a liberal/global democracy. It will even accept demographic displacement of its native population IF massive immigration/migration means more cheaper workers and ‘economic growth’. Or if massive migration promotes multi-culti sham-universalism of PC.

    We must not oppose democracy or free enterprise.
    We must choose fascist-national democracy, just like Israel. To embrace fascism/nationalism doesn’t mean the rejection of capitalism or democracy. Rather, it puts the interests of nation, culture, race, and territorial integrity above economics and political ideologies. In a fascist-national democracy, the main laws and principles put National-racial-territorial-cultural integrity at the very top. Democracy and Economics are at lower rungs and serve the highest racial-national-cultural-territorial rung in the hierarchy.

    In contrast, in a liberal-global democracy, the nation, race, territory, and culture must bow to the needs of economic growth and PC universalism.

    A fascist-national democracy is all for economic growth… as long as growth does not endanger of the racial, cultural, historical, and territorial integrity of the nation. This is the formula of Israel.

    In contrast, a liberal-global democracy will sacrifice even the survival of nation, race, culture, history, and territory if opportunities produce more economic growth and generic universalism of rap and hollywood.

  18. @Binyamin

    There are very sound libertarian arguments against things like legal abortion (cf. Ron Paul, Doris Gordon), subsidized immigration (Murray Rothbard, Hans Herman Hoppe), state lotteries (worse than not-the-state’s-job), and same-sex “marriage” (part of “The hostile takeover of civil society by the state” –Jennifer Roback Morse)

    But you don’t hear them from modern Libertarians. Certainly not this Johnson guy.

    We support Trump because he’s the only American in the race. The rest are post-American.

    Once our dispossession has been arrested, we can go back to arguing about tax rates, pot policy, eminent domain, which races can be trusted with guns, etc.

  19. Outwest says:

    Tax returns deal with income. Wealth is a different line on the balance sheet. And isn’t the tax return requirement a Living Constitutional requirement conjured up by the media?

    Trump may not be ideal. But he’s not more of the same. Before you can build something anew the obsolete has to be torn down. Maybe (this being the operative word regarding Trump) he can at least start the process. Can’t say this about Mrs. ServerLeaks.

  20. @ilana mercer

    Just because it’s passable in the degraded language of America, doesn’t make it correct.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  21. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Europe now gets its values from a creature like Barbara Specter.

    Barbara Specter: Of course I agree, absolutely! Something else here that is very important needs to be said. Swedish women should not be racist. They should not be afraid to go out with Muslim men, to marry them (even if they are the third or fourth wife), and to have their babies. Blond hair is inherently racist, and if Swedish women have babies with Arabs and Africans, this repulsive symbol of racism will be gone forever. Islam is a peaceful, tolerant, and progressive religion! Bigots want you to think that Islam is somehow violent. That Islam somehow oppresses women! This organization, the European Advocates for Women, is spreading lies! They claim that in Islam women do not enjoy equal rights. That is simply not true! The prophet Muhammad, viewed all of his wives as his equals. They enjoyed full equal rights and equality with him! That isn’t just my opinion; it is a matter of historical fact upon which respected academics agree.

  22. Trump a libertarian….nope and NOPE! Libertarianism is really another way of saying “Democrat”.

    • Replies: @Joe Franklin
  23. Yeah, the system is broken, so let’s move a circus into the White House to “deconstruct it”… oh, wait…

  24. AndrewR says:

    My dear (((friend))), libertarianism is the product of a very specific population at a very specific time in evolution. The idea that all populations are equally predisposed to libertarianism is nonsense on the scale of flat earthism and young earth creationism. Any pro open borders ideology sows the seeds of its own destruction. Extending the welfare state to any immigrant only hadtens the inevitable.

  25. Durruti says:

    Ilana Mercer,

    Nice boldly written analysis.

    “I argue that Donald J. Trump is the quintessential post-constitutional candidate.”

    Our last Constitutional President, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated, along with the Republic, on November 22, 1963. The Coup D’etat in Dallas (Canby & Weber), orchestrated by the MOSSAD/CIA, inaugurated a sucession of imperialist American governments. The death toll of American interventions, from Vietnam, to Indonesia, to Guatemala, South Saharan Africa, and Afghanistan & the Middle East, approaches 6-10 million, depending on who is counting.

    The American Senate placed the death toll in Vietnam at 2 million.

    There is no easy short cut to a world where the People may enjoy Life, liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness. The electoral circus of twin political Demo-Repub gangs of actors cannot provide the avenue to freedom, only the roadblock.

    We need to restore our Democratic Republic, with its Constitutional foundation. Only after a restoration, can the bleeding wounds of our humanity be healed.

    For the Democratic Republics, here and there!

    • Replies: @Durruti
  26. Well done, Mercer, very well done. Good content, good reflection and conclusion, good tracing of process.

  27. Art says:

    To the political cast, “America” is the U.S. government. To them, making America great means making government great. Trump exhibits no confusion of category. He doesn’t equate “America” with the U.S. government. To Trump, making America great means making the people great.

    Excellent point – kudos.

    Hillary wants to make the government great.

    Trump wants to make the people great!

    That is a world of difference. It is simple and true. And it is communicable.

  28. Trump is not for us. I don’t know how many times I need to say this.

    His kids married Jews. Enough said.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  29. Biff says:

    “(Come to think of it, El Chapo has a cleaner criminal record than the last two American presidents: He had fewer people killed.)”

    Something Americans will never understand.

  30. woodNfish says:

    Trump exhibits no confusion of category. He doesn’t equate “America” with the U.S. government. To Trump, making America great means making the people great.

    And that has been my main reason for supporting him from the beginning.

  31. woodNfish says:

    Well sir, you are no Libertarian either, but you are blinded by your own ideology. A country with no borders is not a country. You claim Trump is a narcissist. What kind of person do you think it takes to run for president? Obama referred to himself 119 times in his speech to nominate the witch. How’s that for narcissism? You don’t like the fact that Trump won’t release his tax returns. There is no legal requirement for him to release them, so why should he?

    Libertarianism doesn’t exist outside Western culture. As with our nations economy, if you want to destroy it, just open it up to globalism and multiculturalism. Anyone with a lick of intellect knows these are both weapons of our destruction. You are either willfully blind to that fact or you are a gruber. I don’t think you are a gruber – take off your blinders!

  32. Durruti says:

    I wish to append a lovely article by Joel Meyers – discussing the candidacies of Clinton & Trump.

    Hillary & Donald: Which is the “lesser” evil?

    After the parade and thunderous pronouncement by recently “retired” General John Allen at the Democratic Convention, it is now clear that Hillary Rodham Clinton is as least every bit as dangerous as the flagrantly fascist tinged Donald Trump, and may be even more dangerous.

    The Allen pronouncement is coupled with a recent nuance in the Hillary-DNC campaign, which is constant and repeated Putin-baiting of Trump. This was a motif in the Hillary-supporting speeches of ex-President Bill Clinton and current President Barack Obama.

    Both had lied the country into expanded imperialist wars, including but not limited to Yugoslavia in Hilary Clinton’s case and Libya and Syria in Obama’s.

    Perhaps more important, in both cases, Hillary Clinton, as first lady and as Secretary of State to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama respectively, was decisive in pushing the regimes over the top into military aggression, in relation to which the administrations were initially opposed or at least hesitant.

    In Libya and Syria, it is clear that Hillary Clinton was fully aligned or dominant in collusion with Generals Allen and Petraeus and their terrorist proxy forces, including elements of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other mercenary forces, such as MOSSAD–CIA, active in the war crimes in the overthrow of legal and recognized governments in Libya and Syria.

    Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine is strutted out with the boast that he worked in U.S. government programs in Honduras, training Hondurans as carpenters and electricians. Such programs are obvious covers for CIA-type spy operations, preparatory to regime-change coups d’etat, as actual or ongoing contingency plans.

    Shamelessly, Hillary Clinton was heavily involved in the Pinochet-style coup in Honduras, bringing fascists to power and rounding up and torturing opponents and moderates, reportedly by the hundreds. Hillary Clinton also told the New York Daily News that the coup, which overthrew the popular, elected government there, was “not illegal”.

    The H. Clinton candidacy was presented at the Democratic National Convention as “liberal” and “progressive”, relying on repeated themes promising government help with paying student loans to parasitic banks, medical charges to parasitic insurance companies, and even a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Citizen Union Supreme Court Decision, breaking all restrictions on corporate buying of elections.

    These promises are at least as hollow as Donald Trump‘s threats to build a Mexican border wall financed by Mexico.

    The seemingly obligatory and unanimous Putin-baiting of Trump by all significant Hillary Clinton supporters adds to the ominous indications of a Clinton regime. It combines with the reality that under the Obama regime, U.S./NATO forces are closing in all along the Russian border, threatening invasion. This comes in the wake of a US-NATO-EU takeover in the Ukraine, with the active and blatant participation of unabashed Nazi left-overs from World War 2. This has led to a situation in which American-led imperialist viceroys are running the show in Kiev, and running the country into the ground. As an illustration of the depths of corruption of these efforts, and their connection with the Democratic Party regime, Vice President Joe Biden’s surviving son has been made CEO of the Ukrainian energy monopoly!

    The Putin-baiting brainwash put out by H. Clinton and her handlers and supervisors implies that Trump is criticized as being insufficiently enthusiastic about World War 3 promoted by H. Clinton and Co. To the extent that this may indicate the actual political differences among the contenders, it makes the Democratic Party more dangerous when it comes to the all-important World War 3 issue.

    H. Clinton, in her debates with Bernie Sanders, has indicated she favors establishing a no-fly zone over Syria, enforced by the shooting down of Russian planes and attacking Russian ground forces, who are there at the invitation of the legal, recognized Syrian government, unlike the U.S. operated regime-change mercenaries and U.S. military trainers, advisors and other accomplices.

    Thus, the Hillary Clinton “Democrats” are more dangerous not only because of their direct policies, but because they are more sneaky about it. Naive public opinion, especially the leftwing thereof, thinks that the “Democrats” are more restrained in military aggression than the “Republicans.” But the “Democrats” have historically started all major wars, and are equipped to do so because they specialize in programs that buy off the population to support imperialist war, and creating the welfare-warfare state.

    Just think of the jobs that can be created in military industries, and the unemployment among the young eliminated by converting workers into soldiers, their pride swelled with media praise for imperialist war crimes and crimes against humanity. Many would agree to invade other countries on the promise of a GI Bill replete with college attendance and job preferences.

    After the war is over, the Republicans typically step in to limit, cut back, eliminate or renege upon these promises. As the Taoists say, a day of war is followed by a year of dearth. Rather than opponents, the Democrats and Republicans are a tag team. The Democrats preserve their image as the “little people’s” recourse by blaming the Republicans for their failure to deliver on their promises.

    In both cases the sacrifices of war lower the living standards of the bulk of the population and swallow up the promised social bribes. More importantly, they swallow up the positive human spirit, when imperialist enslavement, mass murder, genocide are enforced by war, justified by promised prosperity and benefits.

    The ultimate sacrifices of war will impose a further fall of the standard of living, which will then lead to a more repressive enforcement over the population. Trump seems more willing to eliminate social programs immediately and intensify repression, suppress protest, etc., internally, but less aggressive on major war fronts externally. Both lead to the same end: The intensified exploitation, oppression, impoverishment, and mass death in wars for the corporate 1%, or 1% of 1%, with 1% of 1% of 1% calling the major shots (pun intended).

    Joel Meyers – can be reached at [email protected]

  33. Barbara says:

    They’re all narcissistic psychopaths except Jill Stein and maybe some of the others in 3rd party. We never get to see, hear, or read what they say, so we can’t tell. Should tell you something. Read political ponerology. There’s a free PDF online. If we ever progress we’ll brain scan every candidate and they’ll be barred. IQ tests too. Stupid people who don’t understand their threat will demonize me for saying so. Whatever. If you’ve never suffered a psychopath, you’re unaware of the danger.

    The good of the many outweighs the good of the few.

  34. @Sean the Neon Caucasian

    [Pick a handle and stick to it, or use Anonymous/Anona. Sockpuppetry will get your comments trashed.]

  35. utu says:

    Lana Mercer, Kathy Shadily, Pamela Geller, Rita Katz, Orly Taitz…

  36. @Anonymous

    Let it go already you anal retentive wonders.

  37. Your muddled thinking might be less confused and conflicted if Americans knew the difference between the State and the government.

    The State is all of us. It is also all the folk that serve us, from the National Institutes of Health, through nurses at a VA hospital, through the folk at the country level than help Farmers, through through public school teachers, through policemen, to judges, to the Green Berets.

    The sole members of the government are the Congress and staff, the President and his staff, and the Supreme Court and their minions. Their job is to guide the State to ensure the common good.

    Among the very many things wrong with the world’s worst constitution was the decision to make the president both the head of state and the head of government. In every other country, a king or a president is the head of state. The head of government–usually a prime minister–is a different person. Either appointed by the President (France) or elected by the House of Commons (UK) with the approval of the Queen or (rarely) elected nationally.

    This separation of the two jobs makes it easy to understand that the weakening the State is not necessarily a good thing. The State does many useful things for us all. Moreover, like it or not, not every person is a saint. We need the State to protect private individuals from other private individuals. Without a Strong state, corporations poison the earth and water, sell drugs that kill, etc. If the State is not perfecting fulfilling this job of protection, then the government needs to tinker with the mechanism. But abolishing it leaves us all in a state of nature–a war of all against all and each against each.

    Americans may call themselves conservatives, but they actually are Nihilists. Destroy everything.

  38. joe webb says:

    full of fluff and noise, signifying nothing.

    If this is the work of a libertarian, it proves the uselessness of same.

    Race, Immigration, economic stagnation, nationalism, destruction of traditional society in Europe and the US…..these are the essentials and are not addressed by this useless chatterer.

    Joe Webb Make American White Again

  39. joe webb says:

    if OT Esther married enemies to defeat them, so can we.

    Joe Webb

  40. The bottom line is that Trump, however odious, will be able to do little damage because both Democrats and many Republicans in Congress will be working against him, as will the media. If Hillary wins, our only hope is for Republicans to keep control of at least one house of Congress. Otherwise, nothing will stop her from running roughshod on a scale comparable to FDR, LBJ and Dubya.

  41. Clyde says:
    @Bill Jones

    You Sir have the correct answer!

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