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The Donald vs. the ‘Deep State’
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President Trump has credibly accused Obama of wire-tapping the Trump Tower phones during the 2016 campaign.

Whether the tapping of Trump Tower phones can be traced to Obama; whether it’s true or false—consider the counter-accusations floated by President Donald Trump about Barack Obama as part of a strategy.

The president is in survival mode. He’s backed into a corner and is fighting back with brio, counter-punching at the Machine intent on unseating him. The Donald is destabilizing the destabilizers.

The opinion makers were incensed. “He had no evidence when he smeared his predecessor. Just contemplate the recklessness—the sheer indifference to truth,” yelped the New York Times. “The administration can’t substantiate the wire-tapping claim,” screeched the MSNBC collective. On CNN it’s been incontinent outrage, every hour of each day, since president Trump shot across the bow at Obama.

Marching in lockstep, media have ruled that Trump’s wire-tapping taunt is unworthy of investigation. At the same time, the RussiaGate conspiracy with which media are hobbling the Trump presidency, and for which no credible proof exists—that’s beyond reproach as a news story.

Fake News’ fantastical idée fixe is that the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin to rob their “beloved” Hillary Clinton of her presidential birthright. To them, that’s what you’d call a perfectly legitimate and logical line of inquiry!

A Corrupt Newborn? Come Again?

Pursuing an investigation of the Trump Administration on the grounds that it’s deeply corrupt is like accusing a newborn baby of stealing a sibling’s toys. Trump’s policy making “past” is a few weeks old; Trump’s political record a few months old. Donald Trump is a political newborn.

In the language of law, President Trump has no political criminal record. (Come to think of it, El Chapo has a cleaner criminal record than the last two American presidents. El-C had menaced and murdered fewer people than 43 or 44.)

If anything, the counterclaim against Obama is much more intuitive. Obama has a long, checkered political past, having passed the “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act of 2008. This legislation retroactively legalized the Bush administration’s illegal and unconstitutional surveillance, first revealed by The New York Times in 2005, and indemnified the telecommunications companies for their cooperation in these acts.” (The assessment excerpted is courtesy of Bill Moyers, considered an august force on the Left.)

If a veteran political operative like Obama is considered beyond reproach, incapable of abusing power—all the more so is it irrational, irresponsible and in Third-World style to hound an administration not yet fully assembled or ensconced, for a political past it lacks.

Sane people must walk away from Fake News’ Russia Ruse.

Like nobody before, President Trump has threatened the existence of the unelected, extra-constitutional Deep State—the intelligence community included. This fire-breathing monster has taken its first victim (Gen. Michael Flynn). And it plans to take Trump down.

WikiLeaks vs. the Deep State

The greatest libertarian alive, a martyr for truth like no other, is Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. Whether fighting visible government or the Deep State; Bush or Obama, Mr. Assange is a hero.

Right now, Our Hero is in the process of blowing the lid off the CIA. Assange’s latest data dump has exposed the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency for the habitual hacker it is. Revealed, too, is the CIA’s modus operandi: For their own cyber-infractions, the agency is, allegedly, in the habit of forensically framing other actors (like Russia?).

“I think the president is absolutely right. His phone calls, everything he did electronically, were being monitored,” ventured Bill Binney, a 36-year veteran of the National Security Agency. Binney, who resigned in protest from the NSA in 2001, told Fox Business that “everyone’s conversations are being monitored and stored.”

During the Bush era, the mantra of DC operatives like Karl Rove was, “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.”

Not much has changed.

They Create Your Reality

A reality not of the making of America’s entrenched punditocracy, its self-anointed intelligentsia, slick Big Media, slimy politicians, Democrat and Republican, spooks and bureaucrats—will be rejected as rogue. Or, dubbed as conspiracy.

But the Deep State is not a conspiracy; it’s a term. The term has long since been deployed on the Left and by libertarians alike to denote the state within a state, operating, for the most, extra-constitutionally.

The term was explained nicely by an expert solicited by the Public Broadcasting Service’s Bill Moyers. “The Anatomy of the Deep State” inveighed against the Bush-era Deep State apparatus. These observations obtain across party-lines:

“All complex societies have an establishment, a social network committed to its own enrichment and perpetuation. In terms of its scope, financial resources and sheer global reach, the American hybrid state, the Deep State, is in a class by itself. That said, it is neither omniscient nor invincible. The institution is not so much sinister (although it has highly sinister aspects) as it is relentlessly well entrenched. Far from being invincible, its failures, such as those in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, are routine enough that it is only the Deep State’s protectiveness towards its higher-ranking personnel that allows them to escape the consequences of their frequent ineptitude.”

Washington Post writers Dana Priest and William K. Arkin ought to be the first to acknowledge that the use of the concept is perfectly proper. In their special series, “Top Secret America,” the two chronicled “the scope of the privatized Deep State and the degree to which it had metastasized after the September 11 attacks.”

The “deconstruction of the administrative state,” attested Stephen Bannon, assistant to the president and White House chief strategist, is President Trump’s goal. Bannon said so at the Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC (CPUKE, before Trump).


Similarly, my June 2016 book, “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed,” made the case for “The Donald’s Creative Destruction.” I argued that what you’re witnessing in media and among national and transnational elites is one colossal, ongoing, political grand mal, in response to Trump.

Trump is rocking their world. And not in a good way. The sprawling political apparatus that makes up the D.C. Deep State is now writhing like a fire-breathing mythical monster in the throes of death. Or, so we hope.

Alas, the president is behind enemy lines. A Congress, to whose members he handed victories, in 2016, has reverted to siding with the Democrats and the Deep State against Donald Trump. An FBI riddled with partisan operatives has joined the House and Senate intelligence committees to “investigate” Trump on trumped-up political chargers. One month into Trump’s presidency, and the treasonous Left is calling for his impeachment. Their darling, lifelong megalomaniac John McCain, has dared to call Trump a dictator. On and on.

In this constitutional Mad Max, the post-constitutional candidate is doing what the Forgotten Man had hoped President Trump would do: punch back. Hard.

Understanding President Donald Trump, then, means shifting to process mode. It means jumping a level of abstraction to look, not at a particular Trump tweet, claim, or verbal thrust and parry. Rather, you must consider their combined, devastating effects on oft-subversive, extra-constitutional, Deep State structures.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, Deep State, Donald Trump 
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  1. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    Or, so we hope.

    Even a brief review of the global situation is a very good testimony to the fact that it is over. The only issue is how the abdication will proceed for this proverbial deep state–purely in media virtual space or with a real blood on the streets. Karl Rove’s “empire” is done. I would, however, add more–it never existed in the first place, a hologram did.

  2. gustafus says:

    The Deep State miscalculated AGAIN.

    Whodda thunk the Trumpet would bring down the apparatus intrinsic to survival in a multi cultural USA.

    What a gift. Total surveillance looked mighty attractive when we were surrounded by enemies in our own country…… now what?

    I love it. A few more REAL rather than False Flags … and it’s game over for Islamization AND Latino takeover.

    And not a moment too soon… the IQ of the west is plummeting…. Western Civilization is at stake.

  3. MEexpert says:

    The First, the Fourth, and the Fifth amendments are all gone, thanks to Congress passing FISA.

    There is only one political party – Republocrats

    There is no independent Judiciary – even the Supreme Court, whose job it is to review and reject unconstitutional laws passed by congress, is either too scared or powerless to do its job. FISA rubber stamps every search or wiretap order.

    There is no Free Press, aptly called presstitutes.

    CIA, NSA, FBI, and all the other alphabet organizations are running the country instead of serving it.

    The industry is dictating the Military and the Military is telling the Commander-in-Chief what to do.

    BUT, we have the best “democracy” in the world and every four years we have peaceful transfer of power. But soon after the knives come out.

    Almost, every American is out for blood. Whether it is the Muslim blood, or African, or Chinese, or Russian blood. The only slogans you hear is bomb, bomb, bomb—- or war, war, war.

    God bless, sorry I mean HELP, the United States.

    • Replies: @Johann
  4. “even the Supreme Court, whose job it is to review and reject unconstitutional laws passed by congress, is either too scared or powerless to do its job. ”

    Show me where in the constitution such power is given to the Supreme Court.

    Jefferson’s understanding was that the Sovereign States would nullify unconstitutional law.

    Despite all the bullshit the US Constitution is is piss-poor document for defining and limiting government powers

    • Replies: @Alden
  5. MEexpert says:

    Show me where in the constitution such power is given to the Supreme Court.

    Perhaps I should have said courts. Supreme Court is the final stop in this process, so ultimately it falls on its shoulders to decide if the law is unconsitutionaal or not.

    Where is the power of judicial review found in the Constitution?

    Rather, the power to declare laws unconstitutional has been deemed an implied power, derived from Article III and Article VI. The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. . .

    I guess you must have been sleeping through when the courts were deciding the constitutionality of laws. I wonder who allowed them to do that? They have been doing it since 1803 (Maybury vs Madison) and in 1996 the Supreme Court declared the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as unconsitutional.

  6. Miro23 says:

    There’s no doubt that the Deep State feels under threat. Trump wasn’t supposed to win the Presidential election and has successfully defied their power.

    And it’s even worse, because he did it through establishing an “America First” bond with the American public, such that attacks on Trump have come to be seen as attacks on America itself – with for example a new level of public hostility towards the MSM.

    Which opens up the possibility of a US End Game which would inevitably include the military.

    The Deep State urgently needs the security of an Emergency Regime (dictatorship) False Flag operation that works (unlike 9/11 ) to deploy the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the NSA against America Firsters, but unfortunately for them they’re short of time, and a coup d’état needs the subversion/neutralization of the military.

    They’ve successfully taken down Flynn, and no doubt have the NSA focused on every other piece of top military communication, but at some point they have to change tack, select collaborators, and offer the military an alliance in absolute power with every material inducement , mirroring Bolsheviks tactics prior to their successful coup d’état (Petrograd, Russia 1917).

    For his part, Trump is playing on the natural affinity of the military for patriotism and “America First”, he’s promising them the moon on military spending and he’s surrounding himself with ex generals, so he’s positioning himself along the same lines and knows that 1) US CCP’s (Counter Cultural Progressives) are not natural friends of the military 2) the military is full of the people they describe as “Deplorables”.

    Trump still seems to be trying to get the Deep State to back down peacefully, and there certainly are elements in it that want to cooperate (he’s offering to overlook a lot of past issues), but the evidence is that he, and the core Deep State are preparing for a fight.

    Another unknown is the attitude of the public. If they were faced with another 9/11 type event would they believe it and support another war? Judging by Breitbart comments they already take the “Russian hacking” story to be MSM lies.

  7. Binyamin says:

    Julian Assange is a traitor by any yardstick. His irresponsible endeavors have caused incalculable damage to legitimate Western interests. His Wikileaks have put lives at risk, of intelligence agents carrying out anti terrorism work, often in extremely dangerous circumstances. Look, all major democracies now have freedom of information acts enabling vigilant citizen’s organizations to make it virtually impossible for any government to sit on dodgy information, however embarrassing it may be. We did not need Wikileaks to uncover the latest shocking scandal to emerge from a Western nation- the horrific news from Ireland that its Catholic church was complicit in the murder of hundreds (possibly more) of children born out of wedlock who were buried in unmarked mass graves from 1920s until the early 60s. It was the work of diligent journalists. There are legitimate secrets pertaining to defense, intelligence work and national security enabling the state to be one step ahead of terrorists, organised criminals including cyber criminals, financial fraudsters and external enemies. And lest not forget its not just Islamist terrorism. Alt right terrorists are, increasingly, a major security security headache in the West, a fact intelligence and security agencies are fully aware of but you will never hear about it on Fox News or on one of the ‘alternative’ websites.
    Assange is a narcissist and Wikileaks is all about him. He is also a coward. He is facing serious criminal charges in Sweden -relating to allegation of rape which he has denied. However, instead of going through the due judicial process, he is currently hole up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London. This, despite Sweden being one of the most liberal countries on earth and if any country will guarantee him a fair trial it will be Sweden.
    The hero worshiping of Assange by sections of the far left and certain fringes of the paranoid hard right shows the hard left and the hard right have much more in common with each other than they will care to admit. Just look at Steve Bannon. By any yardstick the man belongs to the far right. Yet he is on record as having said he considers himself a Leninist. By this he presumably means in the manner of Lenin he wants to smash the current state (to create a better one?) and off-course in the manner of the old murderer Vladimir he thinks the end justifies the means.

  8. Brabantian says: • Website

    Ilana Mercer is trying to sell us whom no less than Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu openly named years ago as a CIA fraud & Israeli agent, Julian Assange. Aging Zbigniew Brzezinski also blurted out that Assange is a CIA-Mossad hoaxer.

    Zbig told us that anti-9-11 truth Julian Assange, media-promoted to CIA stardom by the Deep State’s own core media, heads a Wikileaks which is blatantly a ‘limited hang-out’ of selected material supplied by the CIA itself. With lawyers from the Rothschild family, Assange was promoted by the CIA – MI5-MI6 Fake News leaders, NY Times & Guardian, which tell lies on all major CIA agenda topics.

    The story of Assange as ‘living in a closet at the London Ecuador embassy’ is well-known as a fairy tale, UK police watch the place so he can be moved in & out for his balcony photos & meetings. Per Aangirfan, Assange’s childhood is associated with an Australian mind-control & child abuse cult ‘The Family’ involving paedophile rape, starvation, beatings, & giving children LSD:

    This latest Wiki dump, like the material of Dick Cheney’s young hoaxing friend Edward Snowden, is just detail on what was known 10 years ago. Multiple agendas are in these ‘fake leaks’ scams: Increasing blackmail & intimidation by the CIA; rat-trapping real dissidents & silencing or even killing them, after they are duped into contacting Wikileaks, ex-gay-p-rnographer & Rothschild employee Glenn Greenwald, NY Times or Guardian; & framing the limits of what is official ‘dissident’ discourse, sidelining all others because they aren’t famous like the anti-9-11-truth Rothschild trio of Assange, Snowden & Greenwald.

    This can all be seen by digesting the Snowden fraud, Putin even openly hinting his guest Snowden is a scammer … Snowden even claims he first ‘leaked’ to Dick Cheney’s friend & biographer at the CIA’s Washington Post HA … intel report at European governments on the Edward Snowden hoax, also touching on Assange:

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Max Payne
  9. Whenever the New York Times puts out a story on Trump always remember that it was the NYT that gave long employment to:
    Walter Durhanty (Stalin publicist)
    Herbert Matthews (Castro sycophant)
    Short term, Jayson Blair (low IQ fiction writer)
    Currently, self-infatuated idiots like Nicholas Kristof, Thomas Friedman and David Brooks.

    The NYT should issue an apology to the country for being the NYT.


    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Ivy
  10. shortsell says:

    The press is not doing its job. We do need Wikileaks. The invasion of Iraq in 2003 was the biggest criminal enterprise since the Red Khmer’s genocide of its own people and the US MSM sat obediently and cheered every time a Cruise missile took down civilian infrastructures.

    The Bush administration lied countless times, murdered tens of thousands of innocent people and turned the Middle East into a gigantic unsolvable mess which has already cost us trillions of dollars. If what we did to Iraq had been proposed as a script for a b grade movie in the seventies, Hollywood producers would have rejected it for being too unrealistic. This is how badly the US press failed its duties. Except for Seymour Hersh and a few others, the US press prostituted itself to the Bush administration. They blindly supported Bush to the extent the Völkischer Beobachter supported the Third Reich…

    I usually don’t do ad hominem attacks but you are a patented cretin for espousing such nonsensical beliefs.

  11. Agent76 says:

    Nov 24, 2015 The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government Explained

    America’s next president will inherit more than a bitterly divided nation. He or she will also inherit a shadow government—a permanent, corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country. As John W. Whitehead warns in this week’s vodcast, all it will take is another terrorist attack or a natural disaster for such a regime to emerge from the shadows.

  12. Command architecture.
    Financial circles.
    Bohemian Groove
    Deep state.

    Trump is shaking it little bit.
    But it will be Western Europe that will brake the foundation of this entity.

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Are (((you))) and (((Binyamin))) working together then?

  14. Ben Frank says:

    We need a PATCO moment. The striking air traffic controllers in 1981 were breaking the law and the President replaced them all.

    Employees of intelligence agencies who have placed political agendas above their duties to the American public should be fired. There are tens of thousands of employees in both FBI and CIA, and many of those would never be missed.

  15. annamaria says:

    “He is facing serious criminal charges in Sweden -relating to allegation of rape which he has denied.” And this is how you have undermined all other statements, suggestions, and insinuations in your post.
    “Assange Case Fact-Checker”:
    1. Assange has not been charged and he is not wanted for trial. The UK Supreme Court acknowledged that Assange is not charged in Sweden. The prosecutor acknowledged in correspondence with UK authorities that the matter is a ’preliminary investigation’, and that no decision had been made to charge.
    2. Assange did not “flee”. Assange stayed in Sweden for 5 weeks in order to be questioned, during which time the prosecutor declined to question him on a number of occasions. Assange left Sweden with the consent of the prosecutor.
    3. Assange has already been cleared and the woman says the police made it up in order to ’get him’. On August 25 2010, Assange was cleared of the suspicion of ’rape’ by Stockholm’s Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne, who stated she “made the assessment that the evidence did not disclose any offence of rape”. On 25 of August, the prosecutor stated that “The conduct alleged disclosed no crime at all and that file (K246314-10) would be closed”. The case was only resurrected after a politician, Claes Borgstrom, intervened in the case. The police report states that she felt “railroaded by police and others around her”. While she was at the police station to inquire about HIV tests she sent messages to friends saying that she that she “did not want to put any charges on JA but that the police were keen on grabbing him” (14:26) and “did not want to accuse JA for anything”; that “it was the police who made up the charges”; and that she was “shocked when they arrested JA” because she “only wanted him to take a [HIV] test” (17:06).

    Binyamin, your post is into peddling obviously slanderous stuff. Overall your post reads as an outline of the presstituting MSM’ voluble fight against the courageous, highly intelligent and talented person who dedicated his life to truth. You are not like Assange in any way.

  16. @Binyamin

    “Julian Assange is a traitor by any yardstick.”

    He is NOT American… How is he a traitor to a country to which he has no allegiance?

    • Replies: @Wally
  17. Wally says:
    @Pachyderm Pachyderma

    ZING! Well said.

    Hasbarist Binyamin shown the door.

  18. Johann says:

    Back in 1959 a CIA spy plane was shot down over Russia. President Eisenhower vigorously denied that we had sent spy planes over Russia. The Russians produced the spy plane and the downed pilot,Francis Gary Powers. Eisenhower was embarrassed, he did not know what the CIA was doing. Before he left office Eisenhower warned us of the dangers of the “military industrial ” complex. In 1963 JFK had his brains blown out. In 1974 Richard Nixon who had been reelected by a 49-1 state blow out was overthrown in a coup directed by Alexander Haig ,the CIA man in the White House. What did all these men have in common? They were not intransigent warmongers. Carter got us involved in Afghanistan as a proxy against Russia, Reagan waged the so Cold War against Russia, George HW Bush gave us the first Iraqi war, Clinton gave us the war against Serbia, George W Bush gave us Iraqi War II, Obama continued and doubled down on the Mid East war. Trump knows the score warmongers survive, the peacemakers are done away with. Meanwhile the “boobus Americanus” as Mencken Described him pours gallons of beer down his gullet and screams for more inane sports and perverted entertainment while waving his flag and screaming out “USA USA USA” O Tempora O Mores!

  19. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    Eisenhower was embarrassed, he did not know what the CIA was doing.

    Ike, being a true gentleman, wanted to apologize and asked advice from his SoS Herter. He was advised not to apologize under any circumstance but Khrushchev wanted an apology. The rest is history. FYI, Ike knew about U-2, in fact he authorized Powers’ flight. But yes, Ike, against the background of contemporary “elites” is a colossal figure and a true statesman. Come to think about it–yes, Nixon doesn’t look too bad either.

    • Replies: @Alden
  20. @Binyamin

    Baloney, baby! “[Assange] is facing serious criminal charges in Sweden -relating to allegation of rape which he has denied. However, instead of going through the due judicial process, he is currently hole up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London. This, despite Sweden being one of the most liberal countries on earth and if any country will guarantee him a fair trial it will be Sweden.” As soon as Assange went to Sweden, the due judicial process of that namby-pamby spineless cowardly country, Sweden, would turn him over to the United States for torture etc.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  21. mtn cur says:

    An astute commenter here pointed out that the “military industrial complex” was now the “military banking complex” due to industry having been offshored by “patriots.” If we follow the chain of command back to the lair of the beast, we find the “Military Yacht Club,” which is not run by admirals or generals, but by yacht owners.

  22. iffen says:

    What did all these men have in common? They were not intransigent warmongers.

    1 out of 3 is not too bad.

  23. Ivy says:
    @Stephen Paul Foster

    Paul Krugman is another NYT columnist where the subjective masquerades as objective. His shilling for Hillary was only one aspect of his post-Nobel meltdown.

  24. nsa says:

    Hey, Binnie…’s the weather there in Tel Aviv? Raining so you decided to stay indoors and do a little trolling?

  25. Sean says:

    After crushing the ISIS viper, Trump will use US proxy forces to support the US allied anti Assad forces and halt Russia’s ally (the Assad regieme in Syria) with a maelstrom of heavy weapons support. Maybe the Iranians infantry will be targeted to kill two birds with one stone. That will shut up McCain, prove the Russians have nothing on Trump, and stop the flow of otherwise unstoppable Iraqi refugees. Implacable use of violent force is needed now, not tweets. Trump must show he dares do what Obama did not.

  26. iffen says:

    stop the flow of otherwise unstoppable Iraqi refugees

    We can stop the flow of Iraqi refugees by killing Iranians?

  27. I took the trouble to read the CIA’s laughable “report” on Russian hacking. About 70% of the report involved whining that Russia used “online trolls” and “fake news” and propaganda (mainly through RT) to belittle and undermine Hillary. I could make a similar claim about the British, whose media and politicians and left-wing trolls worked feverishly 24/7 to destroy Trump. A British national even tried to take Trump out. Of course they get a pass because…why again?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  28. Skeptikal says:
    @Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften

    Sweden: Home of Nazi sympathizers.
    It is all there in the Stieg Larssen books.

  29. MEexpert says:

    Maybe the Iranians infantry will be targeted to kill two birds with one stone. That will shut up McCain, prove the Russians have nothing on Trump, and stop the flow of otherwise unstoppable Iraqi refugees.

    Just to prove to McCain that he is not a Russian agent, Tramp must start a WWIII. Very smart.

    Implacable use of violent force is needed now, not tweets.

    To denounce the ISIS’ barbarism the US must become barbarian also. Isn’t that what the American Indians accused the white man of – “pale face speaks with the forked tongue?”

    • Replies: @Sean
  30. Alden says:
    @Bill Jones

    I agree. The constitution is so broad that every sentence can be twisted to mean anything a federal judge wants it to mean.

  31. Alden says:

    Nixon was overthrown by the collaboration of Mark Felt a disgruntled FBI man denied promotion by Nixon and the rabid DemocratUC party propaganda rag, the Washington Post.
    Certainly it was a deep post collaboration between the WaPost and a high ranking FBI man

    As far as I know, Haig had nothing to do with Nixon’s overthrow.

    • Agree: MEexpert
  32. Alden says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    Nixon was the most anti White president ever. It was under the Bixon administration, not the Johnson that affirmative action became the law of the land. It was Nixon’s EEOC that changed the shall not discriminate against blacks 1968 civil rights act to absolutely and totally discriminate against Whites forever and ever amen.

    It was Nixon who created the Hispanic race by executive order just in time for the 1970 census. It was Nixon who added Hispanics and Asians to the black affirmative action beneficiaries. It was Bixon who imposed the Philadelphia Plan on the labor unions. The Philadelphia plan eliminated the math and mechanical ability apprentice exams and such requirement as a high school diploma for entrance into apprenticeship programs.

    Nixon the republican was the affirmative action President.

    • Replies: @MEexpert
  33. MEexpert says:

    It was Nixon’s EEOC that changed the shall not discriminate against blacks 1968 civil rights act to absolutely and totally discriminate against Whites forever and ever amen.

    Nixon was sworn in as President on January 20, 1969.

  34. […] you haven’t heard of Ilana Mercer, I just ought to mention that she’s a terrible awful person.  Now that the PC nonsense is over […]

  35. Sean says:

    To denounce the ISIS’ barbarism the US must become barbarian also. Isn’t that what the American Indians accused the white man of – “pale face speaks with the forked tongue?

    ”Denounce ISIS barbarism (or that of the Assad family dictatorship, because they have killed more Syrian than ISIS, though ISIS have not had the help that Assad has got from Russia) that is just talk, so this is the “Promise them anything, give them what they get, and fuck them if they can’t take a joke” foreign policy that Kissinger is alleged to have articulated in relation to the Kurds who were abandoned the last time they were used by US power . McCain and Graham want to abandon them again. So we abandon the Kurds who fought ISIS, and them we abandon the Anti Assad forces that we backed (not even Assad sais all the rebels are ISIS) For the sake of argument allowing the US backed are similar to ISIS, the US cannot abandon them now without losing credibility as a state that it pays to be associated with.

    The world is watching and saw how the US backed some of the rebels and then was paralysed as their protegies y were blasted to kingdom come and the civilian infrastructure infrastructure, built by western aid, was deliberately targeted. EG

    Russian bombs damage British-funded bakery designed to help 18,000 Syrians
    The air strike on the Syrian village of Hazano came hours before the DFID-funded facility was due to open. The Kremlin claims that its air strikes are targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), also known as Daesh. But Isil are not present in or near Hazano.

    The US will need Russia’s help against China, but if the Russians won’t ally with the US if it see the US abandons it allies. The US has to stand by them, and share their fate, for good or ill. Great countries sometimes have to actually have to act like it.

    Now is the time to stamp Trump’s authority on US policy by a clear message to the Assad regime it’s going to face advanced US weapons if it tries to take the remaining US associated rebel controlled areas. No one believes US warnings now so he will have to convince with action not words.

    To do what he wants to do domestically, Trump needs foreign policy hard line realism to stop the rot. It would be much better if the Obama’s wavering over Syria had not emboldened Russia, but that needs to be dealt with by the new incumbent in no uncertain manner. The Russians had a big broad road and they floored the accelerator, some traffic calming is in order. They needs to understand they will run into serious trouble ahead.

    Trump has been invulnerable to the extent he is perceived as an American nationalist, and much of what he said about foreign policy had an offensive- realist flavor. The Donald never claimed to be a libertarian, it was more a case of Rand Paul altering his policy (and hair) to something Trumpian.

    • Replies: @MEexpert
  36. MEexpert says:

    What gobbly gook are you talking about. Your comments don’t even make any sense. In the American so called “Civil War” almost 750,000 people were killed without any outside help. Was Abraham Lincoln demonized or prosecuted for war crimes?

    Syria is an internationally recognized sovereign country. Syria has not asked for US help. We have no business interferring in the Syrian civil war, if that is what you want to call it. Russia was invited by the internationally recognized government of Syria. There presence is legitimate. American troops are invading a sovereign country.

    More civilians have been killed and more infrastructure damaged in Syria by illegal American and allied bombing. Every one wants to butt in. Turkey wants to attack Syria because it doesn’t like the Kurds. ISIS and the Al-Nusra front, an Al-Qaeda affiliate, are American creation and that is who we want to protect from elimination by the Russian and Syrian forces. Even the CIA and the Pentagong have admitted that there is no moderate opposition in Syria. They are all different incarnations of Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

    President Trump should keep his promise and let the Russian forces clean out ISIS from Syria.

  37. @Sean

    I M O. I think Trump should focus now in his enemies in American Continent, not in Middle East or other far places. Forget Assad, he is not trying to invade USA and he does not have millions of his men living in USA. He is not trying to impeach Trump.
    Trump also must get a good relationship with Russia, Putin could help Trump in case of things get worse in USA. It is not advisable to face many enemies at the same time. First eliminate one threat, next a second, and so on. USA always have soldiers in many countries, they should be on the border eliminating invaders. If country A invades country B in MiddleEast, that problem must not be solved by USA.

  38. DAR says:

    Truth is hard to come by Traitors are the NWO that want global control and depopulation
    I think anyone who publishes truth is far from a traitor Obama ,Clintons and Bushs are the traitors with Blood on hands in Fakse flags War and pay to play with enemy states
    You need to wait and see what President Trump does before labels are published
    Who did you vote for ? Clinton?

  39. WFaust says:

    Read all other comments again and weigh yours. You clearly don’t have the brain capacity to comment here. Your brain storm will be well received on Foxnews though!

  40. Miro23 says:

    It’s not too difficult to see why the Plutocracy are worried.

    The theory was that their “Independent” MSM could divisively propagandize the public with Blanket Guilt and highlight stories of minority heroes (modern saints) in the struggle for Rights and Freedoms.

    But something went wrong in Jane Fonda World, with the unexpected, but definitive proof that Anglo America found sufficient unity to elect Donald Trump. How did this happen?

    The public is certainly not accepting propaganda in the way it used to.

    The Primary/Presidential debates were direct TV and the MSM couldn’t distort/edit the dialogue since they were broadcast live (and had a giant audience) with Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton being 1) poor TV performers compared to Donald Trump 2) avoiding the topics that resonated most with the public, and which Trump pushed the hardest.

    And then there was the very uncomfortable message that a proportion of lifetime Jane Fonda types and immigrant minorities changed sides.

    IMHO it was ME wars that tipped the balance. Long time SJW types have traditionally been anti-war and finally had to reject the hopeless MSM lies that ME wars were “Fighting Terror”, “Building Democracy” and “Defending Our Freedoms”.

    And on the second point, immigrant minorities probably rather liked the sound of “America First”. Plenty of them came to America to be Americans and get out of the problematic places they came from (rather than bringing them with them).

  41. Realist says:

    Trump is learning that democracy is the most corrupt form of government, and never lasts.
    Trump will quite probably be a one termer.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  42. @Realist

    ” Trump will probably be a one termer”.

    Okay so can you give me the lotto numbers for next saturday, and I will split fifty-fifty with you.

    Look you talk like a german know-it-all, and enough of this fortune telling BS is simply enough.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified, poor kid US army vet, and pro jazz artist.

  43. Trump is bending us over to be fisted by Big Business oligarchs and Wall Street money changers.

  44. annamaria says:

    “Trump will use US proxy forces…”
    Could you enlighten the UnzReview readers who are those selfless proxy that, according to your post, are ready to fight (on the US dime) for the Golan Highs and against non-aggressive Iran?
    If Israelis are so sure of their moral cause, then why don’t they fight themselves against the sovereign Syria (which has already suffered a million casualties thanks to the ziocons-inspired regime change) and against sovereign Iran?
    It seems that Israel-firsters cannot help themselves but to coerce the US to pay more with treasure & limbs for the obnoxious lunatics’ grandiose plan of Eretz Israel. Enough already. The US citizenry has no interest in your squabbles with the locals. Take your Fifth column from the US and UK and make the “chosen” target as many birds as they wish, away from the normal people. Would not it be great for the western civilization if the “implacable use of violent force” were directed against mega war-profiteers & ziocons, ASAP.

  45. annamaria says:

    Michael Hudson on Democrats’ woes:
    “…if you look at how the party’s been in the last 25 years – since the Clintons and Robert Rubin – it’s hyphenated. It’s gone for identity politics. And the identity politics you have is, for instance, the national association for women for Wall Street and the Cold War, you have the LGBTQ also led by a Wall Street neocon leader for the Cold War. So you’ve had women, LGBTQs, blacks, all led by neo-cons and neoliberals. But the one group you don’t have is wage earners. Workers. Hillary depicted them as homophobic racists. And if you’re a wage earner, a member of the working class, you’re a homophobic racist. That was the image she had, and that drove them into Donald Trump’s court. So it was really Obama and Hillary that made Donald Trump their legacy.”
    Hilarious and absolutely correct.

  46. Apolonius says:

    It is time for you at Hasbara to update your story about Assange. The post you have vomited is very stale!

  47. Max Payne says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    Operation Snowden; A CIA program to oust potential US dissidents especially within the intelligence community. Part of Full-Spectrum Dominance, particularly in the media and as a form of inter-governmental blackmail.

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