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Testosterone, Going, Going, Almost Gone…
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There are only two men in the 2016 presidential race: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Like or dislike her, there’s no questioning Hillary’s manly bona fides. Mrs. Clinton is as tough as she’s philosophically misguided.

At the first Democratic debate, on October 14, 2015, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee shuffled meekly to their respective podiums.

Only Jim Webb and Mrs. Clinton strode onto that stage like soldiers.

Unless her handlers coach her on acting femininely, you’ll never catch Hillary blubbering about Bill and Chelsea coming first in her life.

She doesn’t!

They don’t (come first)!

No, siree. For Hillary, it’s ambition before family.

Still, when Hillary expects it to pay political dividends, she fights like a girl, claws drawn.

Her April 19 victory in the New York primary could hardly be bettered. But it’s unlikely to soften Mrs. Clinton’s sharpshooting. She and rival Bernie Sanders have been locked in a cycle of sorts, where Sanders will try mightily to stand up to Hillary, and she’ll swat him down like a fly.

Incredibly, Sanders is too petrified to lay the ruination of Libya at Hillary’s sturdy feet. And he has only to recount the ambient horrors of Hillary’s foreign policy—the vote for “the disastrous war in Iraq,” for one—and Mrs. Clinton’s Amazon Warriors at CNN and elsewhere crow, “Is Bernie Sanders taking the low road?”

It’s a little late in the game, but April saw Bernie try his utmost to expose Mrs. Clinton’s record for all to see. His thundering, “Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be president,” however, soon gave way to a whimper, a squeak, a “she started it”; “I would have preferred an issue-oriented campaign.” Mumble-mumble. “Where’s my mommy?”

Sanders finally settled on, “I question her judgment, not experience.” The senator was soon bowing-and-scraping again because a surrogate attached the words “corporate Democratic whores” to Hillary’s incremental approach to socializing the medical means of production. (Yes, Sanders’ Fabian fondness for the state, economic planning and centralization exceeds Hillary’s.)

Sanders’ resistance in the face of ruthless machine politics mounted on behalf of Clinton by Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been flaccid. At the same time, the senator has been fierce in his defense of Hillary’s email security breaches as secretary of state. He famously fought off Hillary’s critics, neutering himself with this zinger:

“The American people are sick and tired [of] hearing about your damn emails.”

Compared to battle-axe Clinton, Sanders is a mouse, not a man.

Early in March, The Mouse scolded The Man for interrupting him. Said the timid Sanders, “Excuse me, I’m talking.” Right away, the gynocentric national media erupted in a “debate” that revolved around a preposterous proposition:

Was poor Bernie sexist?

Of course, Methuselah jumps to attention whenever Hillary reprimands him for his failure to stand by President Barack Obama on gun control.

And who can forget when, in August of 2015, socialist-in-Seattle Sanders skedaddled as a couple of girl protesters got in his face and grabbed his mic?

Don’t let Hillary’s “wife, mom, grandma” routine fool you. That’s her Twitter handle; that’s not her.

You sense that if she had her way, Hillary would ditch the familial shtick. But Hill’s a smart cookie; she goes through the “wife, mom, grandma” motions because she must.

Unlike the mucho Hillary, some other “men” racing for the White House have successfully “transitioned,” as Caitlyn Jenner would say.

Guess who caught hell for sending out a girly, sanctimonious, pity-me fundraising email about the personal sacrifices made by a presidential candidate? Hillary? Donald? Not on your life. Both thrive on the grueling schedule.

The “man” griping about a lack of work-life balance was Ted Cruz.

There’s a lot that’s phony about Cruz, but it’s not his Twitter handle. It identifies him correctly, first, as the “father of two” and “Heidi’s husband.”

Likewise, on Twitter, the real John Kasich is “husband and dad” before he’s “governor of Ohio.”

Obama is one of the girls, too. On Twitter, the most powerful man in the world, the POTUS, dutifully defers to FLOTUS and family first.

Manifestly ambitious men in their element never used to pretend their ambition didn’t inform who they were and what they did. Those are the ways of men molded in the image of woman.

Certainly Donald Trump has never described himself as “husband to Melania, father to Ivanka, grandad to … .”

“President of the greatest country on earth. Bite me,” is how a Trump in the White House would likely announce himself on social media.

Other than Gov. Chris Christie, who’s been eliminated from the running, Mr. Trump is the only Alpha Male among his Republican rivals.

Who endorses Trump? Mucho men do: The Border Patrol Union, Sherriff Joe Arpaio, the race-car drivers’ association (NASCAR), the New York Veteran Police Association, actors Jon Voight and Scott Baio, boxer Mike Tyson, rockers Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, kickass Kirstie Alley.

“Bad” words: That’s another thing men who’ve successfully transitioned to the world of women dislike.

“I don’t like that word,” quivered Kasich, when his Super PAC called Mr. Cruz a liar. “It might damage his brand,” fretted his groupies in mainstream media. “For the sake of the kids,” the governor once pleaded, “please watch the tone; stop the shouting.”

Like the women folk who give them their marching orders, Kasich-country hates honest language.

Another trend in America’s hopelessly feminized discourse is anger-shaming. This particular female ploy is used (against manly minds) to negate righteous indignation.


After all, forceful speech could very well signal a resolve to pursue unwavering positions. We can’t have that! To the women folk—and their house-broken males—strong language indicates it’s time to restore calm and equilibrium. Anger is bad, they’ll intone, while insisting unambiguous words be replaced with words signifying sameness and stasis—tolerance, consensus, unity, openness, inclusiveness.

Tellingly, only Trump has owned his anger. Only Trump has refused to be henpecked.

“I am very angry because our country is being run horribly and I gladly accept the mantle of anger,” he roared.

“He’s playing the politics of anger to get a rise out of a crowd” was the consensus on “Anderson Cooper 360°,” the eponymous show of CNN’s Alpha female.

“Donald Trump has brought the party down to a new low. He’s feeding off of people’s anger about this country on both parties,” contorted bloodless Republican Erick Erickson, of Red State fame.

Moaned a “Politico” writer to MSNB’s Kate Snow: “His brand is macho. He bullies. He wields power. He plays to win.”

OMG! And what next?!

As to, “Act like a grownup”, “Be the adult in the room”: Who other than a mother reprimanding a child or henpecking a husband (or Republican strategist Ana Navarro) would use such anemic, prissy clichés?

Hillary would— but only to control the men.

One thing seems certain: If nature is allowed to take its course; the showdown on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November 2016 will likely be between the two men in the race:

The Hildebeest and The Donald.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton 
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  1. Steers are easier to herd than are bulls. Unfortunately, we’re what’s for dinner……..

  2. Sean says:

    “You’re likable enough, Hillary.” Obama’s interruption is supposed to have backfired in New Hampshire, but I wonder. He realized Hillary was handling the question really well and turning his charm against him, so he instantly interjected.

    Clinton’s “that hurts my feelings” and “he is very likable” show her being well prepared for issues about he personal qualities, and implicit questioning over her being a woman (Palin had a lot of that). Obama was a uniquely difficult opponent for her to use being a woman.

  3. The left, and the cuck right hate, HATE right wing figures who grasp that politics is a mortal struggle. Because that connects them to a real base of support capable of unleashing a transformative wave that will sweep all before it.

    Putin is likewise accused of being ‘macho’, and he enjoys 80% support. No wonder these people are scared.

    • Replies: @rod1963
  4. rod1963 says:


    This is why the establishment went out of it’s way to prevent right wing populists from running for office and instead found the most boring and dull beta males they could find to run for office. This insured that the people would generally remain indifferent to politics and just do as they’re told. A alpha male populist changes all that, he energizes the base and gets their attention focused on the collective screwing they’ve gotten from the elites.

    And once energized and focused the people no longer fear the government, the government and it’s masters fear them.

    • Replies: @stickman
  5. Forgive a blatant sexist comment, but Ms. Mercer is a babe a right-thinking mensch could only hope to meet.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @SteveRogers42
  6. Hillary behaves about as manly as a drone operator. Or a mob boss.

    Typical of government work

  7. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @The Alarmist

    Don’t apologize. You made her day.

  8. Ilana Mercer could have assembled this post almost directly out of comments I’ve made in various venues over the last six weeks or so. Even our turns of phrase are similar. This observation is not meant to be either accusatory or fawning. Just a recognition that our minds are very similar, at least when it comes to this subject.

    I would also add that Hillary Clinton made mincemeat out of Trey Gowdy at the Benghazi hearings, in what should have been a slam-dunk (right through the basketball ring!) for the anti-Hillary camp. Hillary Clinton left an American ambassador to be slaughtered, ruined and destabilized an entire nation, and blamed it all on a stupid video in what was an obvious fabrication, and Gowdy couldn’t make any of it stick to her. It was one of the weakest prosecutorial efforts I’ve ever seen, and it is precisely why we need an un-cucked male to take it to her.

  9. I don’t sympathize with the alpha male cult. It seems a worship of R.B. Cattell’s D factor of personality: Dominance (versus Submissiveness). [There has been intellectual regression from Cattell’s work in the Big-5 consensus approach to personality traits.]

    But I have to admit that Bernie is overly submissive, even to the point of subconsciously adopting Hillary’s verbal tic, the “you know what?” rhetorical. He has even took to speaking of “great people” (his laid-off campaign workers) in subconscious imitation of the verbal style of Donald Trump.

    • Replies: @stickman
  10. why does nobody call her what she is. A warmongering corporate whore?

    • Replies: @Reactionary Utopian
  11. I’m still waiting for Roissy’s explantation as to why tofu-eating Japanese metrosexuals haven’t got on board with open borders and western-style left liberalism.

    As far as the liberal estalishment goes the message seems to be – we don’t really give a toss if you’re alpha, beta or omega, as long as you’re liberal:

    -liberal alpha male: adventurous guy with few insecurities

    -conservative alpha male: crass, aggressive bully

    -liberal beta male: modest guy who likes kids and treats women well

    -conservative beta male: uptight guy who’s patronising to women

    -liberal omega male: quirky, interesting guy who likes to do his own thing

    -conservative omega male: repressed loner wierdo.

  12. Rehmat says:

    “There are only two men in the 2016 presidential race: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.”

    Hmmmmm! I didn’t know Hillary Clinton is a MAN, though she had been accused of being a lesbian in the past.

    Donald Trump is set to win GOP nomination while Bernie Sanders is being thrown under the bus by his own Tribe for becoming a self hating Jew. He, mostly probably withdraw in favor of Hillary Clinton, and run as her vice-president deputy.

    Earlier this month, Sanders was accused of BLOOD LIBEL by former Israeli ambassador in Washington MK Michael Oren.

    • Replies: @dahoit
    , @stickman
  13. dahoit says:

    The black voters across the nation,especially in the NE and South,assisted her in throwing Sanders under the bus of ignorance.
    Now there is the ultimate self loathing.
    HRC is a bubblehead.An intelligence rating just above jellyfish.Her appeal is only to feminazis,LGBT,minorities and Zionists.
    My wife overheard an Indian immigrant coworker say;I’m voting for Trump!,to his fellow Indian coworker.
    The Ziomonsters are in a tizzy.

  14. mtn cur says:

    Whether the result is a white house with billary or Donald punk, our post literate electorate gets their politics and religion from the crock show hosts and their hope to be rescued by fakes who try so hard to show that “I’ve got a real pair swinging,” is going to give them and the rest of the world the next series of disasters which all but the kids actually do deserve. Next we will see these fruits riding into Tombstone on a white horse, fully clothed I hope. Electing jerks to high office because they talk tough while surrounded by security details of the best thugs money can buy is why your uncle rides a wheel chair instead of a harley or a horse , granting the kill ratio left most of his opponents in a grave, along with 30:1 noncombatants dead or maimed for every hostile actually hit. Cheap talk by the misleadership about acting only in American interests is why footing the bill for American troops to guard the investers every nickels worth in anything anywhere maintains a financial blackhole sucking value away from honest suckers and into the portfolios of the vampire class. “We” already know who won the election and it wasn’t people with clean dirt on their hands.

  15. stickman says:

    Good points. I wouldn’t exactly use the description “right wing” populists as the real American eagle needs two wings to soar. Populists is a right-on description, even if being populist and Bill of Rights Constitutionalist is not considered by the Heifer Hierarchy as being politically correct.

  16. stickman says:
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    Bernie’s male ancestors have been subject to the blood-ritual of removal of neonatal man-hoods for at least 1,200 years. Submission has been forcibly imposed on these manufactured beta males via fear programming which emasculates them before their conscious mind has chance to develop. Woody Allen strikes me as the archetype of the Wounded Weenie.

    • Replies: @mtn cur
    , @dcite
  17. stickman says:

    The term “blood libel” should be strictly reserved for those who openly advocate for neonatal sex abuse of innocent infant males. Perhaps Hillary secretly wishes she could be a Mohel. That may be why Bill turned to Monica, the Rabbi’s daughter, for fitting assuagement.

  18. TG says:

    “There are only two men in the 2016 presidential race: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.” Hah! Good one!

    Hillary Clinton, the candidate of Wall Street and War, who never met a country she didn’t want to bomb into screaming chaos. Meanwhile Trump is the candidate of peace and negotiation.

    Sometimes (metaphorical) testosterone can lead people to mindless aggression. And sometimes it can give people the confidence to hold back (think: Eisenhower). I guess we have both types on display here.

  19. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    It’s interesting how you break it down into its essence Mercer. Reminds me of a movie: They Live in that it was about some special glasses that allowed visibility of reality unmasked. it seems like there is always a reality that is not seen, in passing. One might have to pop a pill to see it, or wait for an epiphany, or night mare etc.

    People cleverly role play into gender shape shifting, this whole obsession with a woman president is a sickness. But not so much if the men are in default… as they are, and as the humans are. So as we acknowledge that the world is deeply sick, then it sort of seems logical, that some tigress of a woman should appear to save the day, (Woman, ya know, On Horseback)

    Bernie is a weird phenomena too, nobody was much critical about his age, which would have been all the talk if it wasn’t tacitly understood that he was not really a president candidate, but a sociological tool, to give the youngsters their object lesson: Don’t be idealistic, it gets stomped on, or sometimes, they get killed and ”Leave a Beautiful Memory”.

    I guess Bernie’s supporters will split into no vote, some Hildebeasters, and if they hear the faint dog whistle that Trump does emit, he could get quite a few too. By that I mean that Trump has made good sensible comments, in-between pandering to Repub talking points, Which the optimistic might interpret as a sign.

  20. @Captain Willard

    ….and, the vaginification of the American male continues, unabated.
    Well, the white, heterosexual male, anyway.

  21. @Bill Jones

    That’s easy. Warmongering? Yep. Corporate? Check. Whore? Not hardly. Whores are often attractive, often pleasant, and they give honest value for voluntarily-paid money. The Hildabeast does not qualify. To call her a whore is insulting to upstanding sex workers.

  22. “Other than Gov. Chris Christie, who’s been eliminated from the running, Mr. Trump is the only Alpha Male among his Republican rivals.”

    What qualifies Christie? Shouting at school teachers? Creating traffic jams as group punishment? Following Trump around and kissing his ass? Christie is no alpha. Christie is merely an ass hole.

  23. mtn cur says:

    I dunno, growing up in the macho part of the bible belt, I always figured that leaving the gills permanently exposed signified the sustainable opposite of erectile dysfunction.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  24. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    It’s because the balls and guts have been cut off from the heart and mind.

    When a people are hungry and feel danger, their hearts/minds are connected to issues of guts and balls. Since survival is paramount, their hearts and minds favor their own tribe. It’s like Jewish Zionists felt endangered after WWII in the Middle East, so Jewish hearts/minds were one with Jewish balls/guts.
    But white folks grew rich and comfortable in the West. So, their guts became disassociated from their hearts. Why worry about feeding your own people where US has enough food to ‘feed the world’? And white minds have been disassociated from white balls since PC says it is evil for whites to seek sexual solidarity to produce white kids over non-white kids.

    White folks need an awakening. There is the idea of Dark Enlightenment, but it has little value. But maybe we can change its meaning to arrive at something harder.

    Dark Enlightenment or Dark Illumination is like a Diamond bullet to the head.

    Classic Enlightenment is the product of health, well-being, and optimism applied to reason that is all theory.
    Most Libertarians and Liberals are into such utopianism. They have a set of beliefs that seem so true, and they think society will be redeemed with application of such a perfect formula. People who know life only through health and happiness don’t know the full measure of life. It is only when a person grows sick and skirts with death that he comes to feel the weight of the full weight of life.
    Enlightenment is Pursuit of Happiness. Dark Enlightenment or Illumination is the Passage from Horror.

    Dark Enlightenment or Illumination comes from an unexpected place. From a moment of crisis, despair, loss, chaos, and disorientation. All suddenly seem cruel, horrible, absurd, and meaningless. Everything you held dear either crumbles like a house of cards or is revealed as empty. Your assumptions turn into dust. You are about to give up and throw in the towel… but then, you are struck with a realization, a diamond bullet, in the pit of hell. And this sudden illumination within the heart of darkness makes more sense, has more truth, and offers more depth than a 1000 pages of theory premised on idealism and optimism. (Michael Corleone was hit with a diamond bullet when his father was shot. It was then that he realized that he was his father’s son and a Sicilian above all the boy scout stuff about red, white, and blue.)

    To be red-pilled means to see that PC is phony. Red Pill makes you realize that the light of Enlightenment isn’t real/natural but artificial. Red Pill turns off the switch, and you find yourself in utter darkness because you’d grown accustomed to the false light masquerading as natural light. Red Pilling is only the beginning of the journey.

    It is only when you’re hit with the diamond bullet in the head that you begin to see the glow within the darkness and move toward the place where the glow grows bigger and brighter. Toward the natural light, the true light of the sun at the end of the tunnel. The light sought by Plato.

    Red Pill is the first step. But to go all the way, we need the Diamond Bullet. The final climb from the hole where the light was all artificial. To the real light.

  25. woodNfish says:

    Sorry Ilana, but clinton is more than willing to use her sex to hide behind when opponents begin throwing stones. She did it when running against the head n…., I mean obama, and she’ll try to do it with Trump as well.

  26. attonn says:

    They don’t make men like Donald anymore. It’s a dying – in fact, pretty much dead – breed, with Trump a rare living reminder of what men were when America was still a masculine, boundless, can-do country.

  27. Sam Shama says:
    @mtn cur

    called that one well mc.

    betraying deeper insecurities there sticklady, better to change handle before writing comments that cry for it.

  28. stickman says:

    bb: As a satisfied septuagenarian and an intact male i am quite lacking in insecurities. The neurotically insecure happen to be those who miss something and refuse to face that painful dilemma.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  29. Sam Shama says:

    yeah allright i guess, still doesn’t explain the over the top, gratuitous swing at Bernie.

  30. @unpc downunder

    Liberal alpha male or conservative alpha male: one willing to force what they believe is the best way to survive onto everyone else in order to promote their own survival.

    Liberal beta male: guy tending to have a socializing brain. Major dupe.

    Conservative beta male: guy tending to have systemizing (male) brain. Major dupe.

    Liberal omega male: tending towards an extreme socializing brain. Dupe.

    Conservative omega male: tending towards an extreme systemizing brain. Dupe light.

    Liberals have a more tribal heritage while conservatives have a more formal hierarchical heritage.

  31. @unpc downunder

    Put me down on the aggressive bully list. That way if I ever meet you out in the real world you’ll understand when I beat the everlovin’ snot out of you for being an arrogant prick.

  32. turtle says:

    Right on, Ilana.:)
    Only question, will the Clintoon temporarily ditch the strap-on for knee pads while she orally gratifies Benny Nut&Yahoo, as her (promised) first official act?

  33. dcite says:

    It’s also a universal rite among Muslims from Nigeria to Kazakhstan. Doesn’t seem to have had the same effect on them.

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