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On Voter Fraud (It’s Baked Into the System) and Those Not-So Stupid Trumpsters
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For journalists to discourage an inquisitive stance, even distrust, toward government and the elections process is astounding. But not surprising. I’m thinking of CNN journo Brian Stelter who asserted—they never argue, do they? They only ever assert—that skepticism about voting irregularities in America is “dangerous.”

Well, a journalist decrying inquisitiveness and skepticism: Now that’s dangerous.

Stelter—he’s a danger to journalism—and the rest of the media Idiocracy like to repeat that Russian hackers (never the Stelters of the world) are undermining America’s great electoral system. I ask you: What can the Russians do to us that America’s elites have not already done?

When broadcaster Lars Larson attempted to find out whether one Arcan Cetin was a citizen of the US, ICE, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told him, essentially, “Sorry, our obligation is to protect this migrant’s privacy.”

“Who,” you ask, “is Mr. Cetin”? Cetin is a contributor to the phenomenon I term “murder-by-Muslim-immigrant.” He murdered five innocents, north of Seattle.

Arcan Cetin voted, reports Mr. Larson. But nobody at ICE was willing to tell a good citizen like our broadcaster if Cetin voted legally or not.

As it turned out, a sigh of relief was in order. The stellar Mr. Cetin, who, like most Muslim immigrants, voted Democrat, violated the Sixth Commandment five times, but, thank G-d, did not appear to have violated the commandment against voter fraud. Rumor has it that the murderer had been awarded citizenship, although it’s impossible to ascertain.

The point I’m making here is that you can rest assured voter fraud is rampant in the US as in any banana republic—and not only because an American is barred from checking whether a Muslim murderer is a fellow-citizen. But because leftists have fought down-and-dirty to bar any proof of citizenship at the time of voting. Yes, the law requires, in my state, as in most of these United States, that you be a citizen, as well as a resident of the state in which you’re voting. But you don’t always have to provide proof of citizenship when voting.

To vote in Washington State, as in most states, what’s needed is a driver’s license or a current State ID card. Essentially, the American voting system, thanks to the triumph of left-liberalism, is based on an honor system.

Journalist John Fund’s research has shown that when they vote, “80 percent of non-citizens vote Democratic.” And that “6.4 percent of non-citizens voted illegally in the 2008 election.” Funds’ sources confirm that a significant number of “non-citizens register as voters” and have voted in sufficient numbers to sway elections.

And when these efforts fail, the government might just step in to commit indirect voter fraud.


For instance, the Feds recently and wrongly granted citizenship to hundreds facing deportation, an “error” the culprits where unwilling to correct. The point is that leftists, Obama’s DOJ, in particular, have pursued every legal remedy in the book against states seeking to require proof of citizenship from voters.

The point is that we’re a sprawling country of competing interests, in which raw, ripe democracy has long-since usurped the old constitutional republic, where limits were placed on the power of thumping majorities. In a rank, raw democracy, where might makes right, and almost every vote is a lien against someone’s private property; voter-fraud by default is a big deal.

Donald Trump’s supporters might be the losers in something of a rigged electoral system; but they’re certainly not stupid.

That’s another oft-repeated thing. Trump’s base of supporters is referred to as whites without college degrees. Again and again we hear that Mr. Trump is over-performing with white men without college degrees. The reference is intended not only as a demographic marker, but as a Mark of Cain.

Worse has been said about this statistical cohort. Quoted in “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” are Republicans and Democrats alike, maligning Trump’s Middle America as worthy of contempt.

You had writer Kathleen Parker hissing about Trump’s “undereducated” supporters. There was Joan Walsh, Salon editor-in-chief, proclaiming on MSNBC that she looked at those people and felt sad. “They share such a low common denominator,” groaned Joan about the “crazy, entertaining, simplistic talk” of the Trumpsters. “They’re all Republicans. … they really don’t have a firm grasp on reality,” she sneered.

National Journal’s Ron Brownstein had his own taxonomy for Trumpsters. “Upscale Republicans” (or those on the panel with him), vs. “blue-collar Republicans.” Nothing but “downscale whites,” derided another Democratic strategist.

Anyhow, implicit in tethering a lack of education to Trump support is that the more educated a voter, the smarter. And the smarter the voter, the more likely he or she is to support Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

But correlation, of course, is not causation. My hypothesis points to a confounding variable or factor—another variable related to both education and voting-patterns that could account for the good sense displayed by Trump supporters without college degrees.

Voters without college or university degrees have not been institutionalized during life’s formative years.

Voters without college or university degrees have not spent years in the tertiary school asylums.

In other words, many of Trump’s supporters are less likely to have been brainwashed and propagandized by the asphyxiating, postmodern, racial and gender agitprop that makes college-educated kids so insufferable and subject to group-think.

Spending protracted time in college or university is almost guaranteed to turn-out individuals whose uniformity of opinion is as scary as its uninformed nature.

Some support for my theory, namely that support for Trump is associated with a less propagandized population, is evident from the fact that Trump has an advantage with independents, which, as the label indicates, have a greater propensity to think outside-the-box.

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  1. You can’t get a driver’s license that proves citizenship anymore without proof of citizenship and legal residency, requiring a birth certificate or U.S. passport, nor a regular social security card. Non-citizen status for legal immigrants who provide proof of their legal residence is also recorded in the driver license records.

    Few immigrants, particularly legal ones, would attempt to vote. Not only is a single vote virtually meaningless, the penalties for doing so are draconian. It is a serious offense to do so, which forever after prevents ever becoming a U.S. citizen and subjects one to deportation.

    For the record, Mr. Trump’s positions against Wall Street’s elites, offshoring jobs and condemnation of destructive foreign warmaking, along with ratcheting down tensions with Russia, are all reasonable and responsible and why so many support him – including clear sighted foreign born citizens too.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
    , @TheJester
  2. Despite having a couple advanced degreees, I still managed to fill in the oval for Mr. Trump. What remains to be seen is if the machine that tallies that vote actually counts it for Mr. Trump. There are many opprtunities for fraud in the US system, and our desire for making voting and tallying easier and faster only add fuel to the fire.

    I for one would welcome a return to paper ballots completed by pen and ink check marks on election day, before which I could only complete upon properly documenting my citizenship and eligibility to vote and after which my index finger is dipped in indelible ink to evidence the fact that I have already voted, and said ballots being counted by humans in the days following the election. I would crawl across broken glass to vote if it meant my vote got its proper weight and value in a free and fair system rather than the one that has evolved.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  3. @The Alarmist

    I’m surprised that purple fingers are ok for our Satrapy in Iraq, but not here.

  4. Quebeker says:

    Whatever fraud is involved or not, this election by itself is a watershed event. So many people seem to be waking up from a long slumber. There is now a chance for real change, but it will not come from the ballot box. It will come from people who stop listening to oligarchs who tell them what is right and what is wrong. The rest follows naturally

  5. i2016 says:

    I volunteered as a Poll Watcher for True The Vote for the 2010 mid terms and what an eye opener that was.
    There were 3 of us with one designated as the only individual who would be allowed to interface with the precinct captain and have a seat at the table where voters signed in. Two of us sat off to the side and just watched the proceedings We were required to take some training and register with the county in order to be allowed in the polling station on election day. It was tough duty and a long 16 hour day.
    I learned then that the polling station workers were actually employed by the incumbent political party. So if a Democrat was the incumbent, then he/she gets to hire the people. That doesn’t seem right to me.
    We were purposely placed in Democrat run polling stations because of the fraud that True The Vote has found to occur right inside the polling station on election day. There are several ways it can be accomplished and apparently very easily too.
    We observed more voters were turned away that day than actually voted. Many of whom said ‘well I voted here last year’. I’m convinced they were turned away only because we were watching.
    Election fraud is only 2 days away.

  6. Realist says:

    “Voters without college or university degrees have not been institutionalized during life’s formative years.

    Voters without college or university degrees have not spent years in the tertiary school asylums.

    In other words, many of Trump’s supporters are less likely to have been brainwashed and propagandized by the asphyxiating, postmodern, racial and gender agitprop that makes college-educated kids so insufferable and subject to group-think.”

    A degree in anything except STEM or medicine is worthless. The last thing we need is more people with a degree is psychology, business, women’s studies or black studies. Those are the people living in their mother’s basement.

  7. Spending protracted time in college or university is almost guaranteed to turn-out individuals whose uniformity of opinion is as scary as its uninformed nature.

    Amen! The less educated (indoctrinated) American is the smarter American. But that’s an argument that’s going nowhere. The more pertinent reality is that many millions of Americans are being stigmatized as stupid bigoted racists. To our face. On TV. Like we’re not watching. The full extent of hatred and contempt for the white working man is on display such that we cannot help but see it. Thanks to the Trump campaign we now know that we are targeted for extinction and that our only friends are each other. This is valuable knowledge and the beginning of solidarity. Until now I have been saying that the American working class is like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. That is about to change.

  8. We have recently moved from PA to MD- (do not move, be content where you are the experience is horrifying and that’s with the wife’s firm picking up the bill. We all survived but it was a damned close run thing.)

    I go to get my drivers license,

    I have my two requisite pieces of ” official” mail
    I have my PA drivers license
    I have my social security card
    I have my British Passport
    I have my Greencard – pink, btw.

    After providing irrefutable proof that I was not an American the final question was
    “Would you like to register to vote?”

  9. If you watch a lot of TV, then you’re likely as brainwashed as the debt-ridden overeducated.

    Tune out, turn off, drop in.

  10. Well, a journalist decrying inquisitiveness and skepticism: Now that’s dangerous.

    You are very polite. But you are not required to elevate these ass holes the the status of journalist. The corporate media are the Imperial Ministry of Misinformation. The drones they employ are and should be referred to as propagandists.

  11. Alfa158 says:
    @Fran Macadam

    We appreciate the service you have done in researching and clarifying this issue.
    As a further service, could you please append a list you compiled from your research into this issue of how many people have been caught voting illegally, and the corresponding draconian punishments they have suffered. If the data was available, please also break down what percentages of those draconian punishments consisted of permanent bans from citizenship and/or deportation.
    Thank you in advance.

  12. @Corvinus

    Nice try Corvinus. Those links are to dated studies, and the first of the two is especially meager on detail wrt illegal alien & non-citizen voting. You would do well to educate yourself by reviewing the 2014 study by professors @ Old Dominion U & George Mason U. cited in the link below. Of course voter fraud doesn’t have to be “massive” to swing an election when the victory margin is only 0.1 or 0.2%. It just has to be significant.

  13. TheJester says:
    @Fran Macadam


    Your assumptions about voting laws might be operant in your state … but they do not cut it generalized to the nation at large. Indeed, the criteria for voting varies from state-to-state ranging from no-ID to a photo-ID crosschecked against a pre-registered address. Interestingly enough, the most open voter criteria appear to operate in Blue states. They are invitations for massive voter fraud with no way to identify the extent of the fraud nor the profiles of the perpetrators of the fraud.

    Tty this for background:

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