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First She Scoffs At the Country, Then She Coughs All Over It
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How does evidence against something, become evidence for that very same something?

Plain evidence against the good health of Hillary Clinton has become, with the aid of the malfunctioning media, evidence for her stamina. “She has the constitution of a boar,” said a defender on Fox New, following Mrs. Clinton’s very pubic collapse at the 2016, 9/11 memorial.

“She powered through it all,” parroted the rest.

“Pneumonia blows over like the flu” was the consensus on MSNBC, as they collected affidavit after affidavit from their reporters to swear to how humid, crowded and uncomfortable it was for Hillary on that fateful, New-York day.

“Probably nothing,” said that no-good neurologist Sanjay Gupta, at CNN, mere hours before the news of Clinton’s pneumonia broke.

How does a display of faltering health from Hillary become a reason to doubt the stamina of a man, Donald Trump, who’s like The Incredible Hulk?

Like magic, Trump materializes at multiple events a day, hops from Mexico to Louisiana, and seems to be having fun while at it. “Give me more,” his whole countenance seems to scream.

Then there’s the sexism angle (where, in the YouTube video that accompanies this short text, the writer is forced to reach for some “Dutch Courage”): How is it that we hold a female presidential candidate with pneumonia to a different standard than a male presidential candidate without pneumonia?

Now there’s a no-brainer.

How do we pivot from a real problem, the reality of Hillary’s ill-health, to hailing her strength: Hillary is obsessively private—chastely so—rather than suspiciously ill? In this context, Trump, naturally, is said to be deceptive rather than manifestly robust and revved-up with energy.

How does a display of deplorability by Hillary Clinton—lumping in her highness’s “basket of deplorables” millions of Trump supporters in fly-over-country—become a ruse to put VP candidate Mike Pence on The Rack and extract a confession from this mild-mannered man about the deplorability of a third, unrelated party, David Duke?

And how is the deplorable Hillary’s list of thought crimes, imputed to Trump supporters, stand as evidence of anything other than a form of totalitarianism?

And the American media-pundit complex dares to talk about Russian authoritarianism?

Finally, first she scoffs at the country, then she coughs all over it. So tell me this: How does Hillary Clinton’s dangerous decision to cough her way around the country—rather than come clean about her infectious disease and quarantine herself—show that, at the very least, Hillary’s decision-making is profoundly flawed?

Over and out.

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  1. The video of the author reading the piece is an interesting addition. For we compulsive multitaskers, it allows us to “read” the content while doing something else, like maintaining our electronic check registers (what I was just doing). Other contributors here should consider doing likewise.

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  2. WmG says:

    Hillary Clinton has a near-death experience and the main stream (a/k/a Democratic) media immediately demands to see the medical records of …..Donald Trump. Can’t say we are surprised.

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  3. Svigor says:

    She didn’t have pneumonia. That was obviously a cover story, hastily cooked up after the video surfaced, and after the staged baby-kissing photo op (no way in Hell cankles risks even one low-information voter by kissing a baby while suffering “non-infectious” pneumonia).

    Pneumonia = “C’mon, people; think! W need something that’s serious enough to explain away her seizure, but nothing too exotic-sounding; exotic diseases scare voters.” “How about pneumonia?” “Yeah, pneumonia, that’s the ticket.”

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  4. Svigor says:

    Then there was the “everybody at the office has pneumonia, it’s no big deal!” So, it was infectious pneumonia, before it became non-infectious pneumonia, because baby-kissing.

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  5. attonn says:

    At large publicly-traded companies senior executives are compelled to retire at the age of 65, no matter how deserving and/or willing to continue they may be. There must be a reason for that, including inevitable decline of mental and physical faculties at that age or soon after. Hillary is almost 70 (6 years older than senile and declining Angela Merkel), and she insist she is lucid, healthy and ready to be the CEO of the most complex governmental machinery on Earth? I just find that totally incredible. At least, Trump with all his billions must have taken much better care of himself during the preceding 50 years than constantly-lying, psychopathic hag with temper from hell. As evidenced by his far superior stamina and endurance.

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  6. imbroglio says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen and heard Ilana.

    Ilana, you must join Milo’s tour. Or do one of your own!

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  7. […] USA – -( “First She Scoffs At The Country, Then She Coughs All Over It” is my first YouTube attempt, now on The Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine. Here’s an excerpt from the text, which you can read in full at The Unz Review: […]

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  8. Quebeker says:

    Another reminder of the contempt with which these self-annointed elites hold the Little People. Nice touch here, with Ms.Mercer effortlessly oozing old-world beauty and grace. She could indeed captivate attention just by reading the phone book

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  9. S Hayes says:

    She has the constitution of a boar? I think they meant boor, or board. After a hot, sweaty day of appearing in public, coughing, head bobbing and staring into the distance, Frau Clinton collapsed with pneumoniac-dehydration, and was whisked away to her daughter’s apartment and ER care center. I asked myself a few questions, mostly because no one else listens to me: When I was ill with dehydration some years ago, I got IV fluids for a couple of hours. How did she get hydrated so rapidly? Why was she out doing photo ops if she had pneumonia? Who suggested the pneumonia gambit at the apartment? Must have been her personal physician. And then this: If there is nothing wrong with this woman and she’s in the pink and can open pickle jars at a single bound, why is she surrounded by medical people with epi-pens and gurneys and what amounts to the blue tray team constantly within arms reach? Anyone? Anyone?

    I put it to you that no one believes anything she says, not even those who support her and lie for her. Why else to they have to lie? Why else to they have to spin like tops? About the only one in that crowd who says anything truthful, accidentally, is Bill. He just blurts things out. Good thing for her there is time delay and editing online. I noticed he said a few things last week, and she was back on the trail like a flash to get him off the stage. He’s getting really careless.

    It must be Trump’s doing. He put the double whammy on her and she’s hexed. Whatever it is with her, she is clearly unhealthy. The deceptions are not working. The covers and the lies and the flippant attitude are not working. But, you know, she does kind of resemble a boar sometimes, from the right angle.

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  10. Realist says:

    “Plain evidence against the good health of Hillary Clinton has become, with the aid of the malfunctioning media, evidence for her stamina. “She has the constitution of a boar,” said a defender on Fox New, following Mrs. Clinton’s very pubic collapse at the 2016, 9/11 memorial.”

    Two things.

    The MSM doesn’t see it as a malfunction…they see it as their duty to set the electorate straight.
    She has the constitution of a whore, or nicer version ‘of a bore.’

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  11. Realist says:
    "Plain evidence against the good health of Hillary Clinton has become, with the aid of the malfunctioning media, evidence for her stamina. “She has the constitution of a boar,” said a defender on Fox New, following Mrs. Clinton’s very pubic collapse at the 2016, 9/11 memorial."

    Two things.

    The MSM doesn't see it as a malfunction...they see it as their duty to set the electorate straight.
    She has the constitution of a whore, or nicer version 'of a bore.'

    should read boor not bore.

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  12. I was having an aneurysm with the Media Spin that Hillary has revealed so many records about her health while Trump is the one hiding things with his ’5 minute letter’. The doctor who wrote the letter has examined him for many hours prior to writing that letter. It is obvious that Trump has incredible energy.

    I like how Hillary is going out in public while she has pneumonia and he letter invents some new type of non-contagious bacteria, is it a bacteria that doesn’t spread to humans?

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  13. S Hayes says:

    Non-contagious bacterial pneumonia? But, apparently everybody in the office staff got it. It was like the flu, and it apparently flew. It was flew pneumonia. Everybody got it except that little girl on the sidewalk and Chelsea’s kids, I guess.

    Well, she’s off the trail again today, having cancelled a NC appearance. Bummer. I was hoping to catching another glimpse of her left eye wanderings. And here we all thought it was Bill who had the roving eye. With this woman it’s just a matter of chronicalling her latest lie-de-jur.

    You know, it must be tough to be a reporter and come to work everyday and check your inbox to see what you have to spin and lie about for her every damn day. You get a message that says, Hillary said this today or last night, blah, blah, blah. See what you can do to fix it before the midday edition or the midnight posting. We want a piece from you explaining why a massive stroke and life support machine better qualify her to understand the plight of the infirm.

    And then you write it, and you honestly expect readers to believe it, and you go home and look in the mirror and are satisfied that you have again secured your retirement with this rag you work for. And then you go to sleep, Lord knows how.

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