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Razib Khan
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 TeasersGene Expression Blog

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Since there was some discussion about East Asian genetic structure below…I pulled about 20 South Koreans I have in my data. Merged them Han and Japanese from the HGDP. I then ran a PCA and plotted it, and also unsupervised ADMIXTURE, and plotted it.

The results are below.


Screenshot 2016-08-29 03.09.33

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Over at my other weblog I review a paper on the genetics of Koreans. The title is a shout-out to an old Korean American friend of mine who received a great deal of grief from his female Korean American peers for openly admitting that he was into a Hmong girl. She was very good-looking, but as they said, “But she’s Hmong….”

• Category: Science • Tags: Genetics, Koreans 
Razib Khan
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