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So I guess you need to be a more successful actor to get full teeth work done? Also, in most cases Key of Awesome actors are better looking than who they are parodying (see the Ke$ha and Rihanna). Not in this case.

• Category: Humor 
7 Comments to "Problems"
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  1. Sean says:

    It’s facial structure, like almost all Europeans her face is a bit small for her teeth. She just naturally shows her teeth while the real one does the opposite, and she is far younger. The Rihanna parodist may be prettier, but she is bland looking.

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  2. Dylan says:

    “This is the verbal equivalent of blackface.” I was complaining about that just the other day. Thanks.

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  3. Robert Ford says: • Website

    that girl is hot! also, Iggy needs to cut Gwen Stefani a check for that one

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  4. Sean says:

    I think showing a lot of your teeth when you sing or talk is something stars naturally don’t do. No matter how good your teeth are it looks uncool. The beautiful star has a ‘horny sad face’ as the parodist called it. Rihanna’s face is rather immobile in that way.

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  5. josh says:

    probably your least technical post, but i still don’t get it. Oh well.

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  6. Sean says:

    I don’t think it’s at all simple why some people are just compelling or ‘ beautiful’. Rihanna has an very large forehead; is that a problem her talent lets her overcome, or is it an asset? (Marilyn Monroe had a huge forehead).

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