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Collapse, Stagnation, and Explosion - Myspace, Yahoo!, and, Facebook
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A tale of three firms via Google Trends. I’ve been checking in on Facebook’s numbers in Google Trends for years to see if I can see evidence of plateauing. Not quite yet. Interestingly all three companies were drawing similar search traffic on Google at the end of 2008, after which Myspace began its long descent, while Facebook had an inverted trajectory, and Yahoo! kept muddling along….

(Republished from Discover/GNXP by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: Facebook, Technology 
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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ron Simon and Ivana Lorkovic, Explosion. Explosion said: Collapse, stagnation, and explosion – Myspace, Yahoo!, and Facebook: Source: — Mond… [...]

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  2. Interesting post (I’m definitely going to run this for a lot of other sites, like reddit and delicious).

    Here’s another graph that shows the results if you add .com to the end:,,

    There’s another tab that says websites next to searches, but it only has data since 2009.Does anyone know how this metric differs from Alexa and Quantcast? Here’s the sample data I got from that tab:

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  3. Here’s another way to visualize the data: (that’s super interesting since it colors the popularity of each search term over time [in each country])

    So facebook darkens first in US and Canada, and then for the other countries too.

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