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I know I’ve been AWOL for a while, but technology problems can keep even the most devoted blogger at bay. Anyway, I have composed a response to some of Razib’s (and others’) most common arguments in disparaging the moralizing, civilizing influence of Christianity and other religions.

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Quick question: Does anyone know much about Nigerians in Japan? There are a few near where I live, and I remember reading somewhere that Japanese is similar to a certain Nigerian language. Interestingly, I’ve seen them hang with several trendy young Japanese, i.e. the men and women who get deep tans and dye their hair strawberry blond. Perhaps these would be “jiggers”, analogous to the white hip-hop imitating whiggers.

BTW, for an interesting Japanese/Nigerian exchange, scroll down this review of Fumiko Enchi’s novel “The Waiting Years”. Maybe Nigeria and Japan aren’t such odd bedfellows after all.

Godless comments:

Impolitic comments without statistical substantiation have been removed. Concerning the Japanese-Nigerian language connection

The function of tone is different in tonal languages. By using a different tone for one word, the meaning of that word can be dramatically changed. For example, in Igala, a Nigerian tonal language, the three letter word “awo” can have many meanings depending upon the tones used in its production….Tone may also be used grammatically; used mainly or exclusively for the signaling of grammatical distinctions. This is often the way it is used in African tonal languages. It is often used to distinguish between main clauses and subordinate relative clauses. (Katamba 188). In Japanese, tone often has this grammatical function. It is used to distinguish words, but is also used to mark sentences.

I was kind of surprised at this, but now I see that the similarity is just coincidental. Given the geographic separation, the difference in characters, etc., Japanese & Igala are certainly not part of any “Indo-European”
-like language superfamily.

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I was busy during the “brights debate a few weeks back, but Steve Sailer’s recent comments jogged my memory. As one of the only theistic Gene Expressors, I’ll concede that atheists’ unpopularity is for the most part undeserved. Having known several atheists in Europe (and many whom I suspect are closet atheists in America) I think that atheists’ ill-rep is mostly an image problem. In my experience most American atheists know that they are ill-favored and tend to keep mum. Therefore, an atheists who readily identifies himself as such quite frequently has a GIGANTIC chip on his shoulder and alienates most believers due to his hystrionic antisocialness. Not to say that many believers don’t have an instinctive revulsion for atheists (as they often do for theists, but I suspect that relatively few religious Americans have close friends who are open atheists. Therefore, whenever some self-infatuated wanker decides to promote himself on the back of his school-aged child, religious people read the paper and say “Huh, I was right about them.”

However, as a believer myself, I can assure you that “brights” is not the way to go. Richard Dawkins manifests in great abundance the atheist stereotype that I find to be probably the most accurate among them: noxious arrogance. I am not saying that religious people cannot be arrogant, but however great a scientist Dawkins might be, an image repair campaign of this magnitude requires skills and talents he does not have. Stone-hearted atheists who feel unloved, listen up: Chuck the obnoxious intellectuals and hire the best PR consultant money can buy. And here’s some free advice: trying to improve your image among believers by implying that you think they’re all stupid is a really dumb idea. Maybe Dawkins isn’t as “bright” as he thinks.

P.S. from duende: As of tomorrow, I’ll be in Japan for 4 weeks, so you won’t see me around here much.

Godless commments:

Sailer’s a great guy and I like him a lot, but he’s totally wrong on the Dawkins issue. I mean, Dawkins may be a militant atheist, but he’s done a *huge* service in advancing the public’s understanding of evolution. Others (like Gould on the left, Robertson on the right, etc.) did much to advance the public’s *misunderstanding* of evolution.

As for theism… needless to say, as “godless” I disagree with duende. I do feel that if you believe in religion, you believe in magic and fairy tales. In the end, there are no believers in foxholes, because when push comes to shove you’ll reach for your gun rather than your cross. Science *works*, but religion does not.

I admit that I have less respect for people who can’t understand this, but I don’t push it in their faces. This is because I now understand that blaming them is like blaming people who can’t understand math. Developments in neurotheology and heritability estimates[2] for religious belief have made me realize that arguing with someone who believes in God is often much like teaching someone to do mathematics who just doesn’t have the ability…it’s pointless because their brain simply isn’t programmed that way

…religion and belief in God is a human construction. I covered Bouchard’s twin studies showing a roughly 50% heritability of religiosity, Persinger’s research in replicating spiritual experiences in the laboratory (with electromagnetic fields), Ramachandran’s research with temporal lobe epilepsy-triggered religious experiences, NDE’s being replicated in the laboratory (all to show that religiosity and religious experiences are at least, in part, a function of our genes and biology…

I’m thankful that I don’t have quite so developed/influential a “god zone” in my brain. I’ll close with Sailer himself:

Anti-religiousness is the appropriate professional prejudice of scientists. The “Far Side” cartoon summed it up. A lab-coated researcher is filling the left and right sides of a black board with equations, but the only thing connecting the two clouds of symbols are the words, “A miracle happens here.” Another scientist suggests, “Maybe you could give us a little more detail on that middle section.” Relying on miracles in science is like relying on the lottery in retirement planning.

The difference, of course, is that relying on the lottery is far more certain.

[1] I am open to counterexamples.
[2] Ctrl-f for “religiosity”.

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The Washington Post reports that a gene variation makes some people more vulnerable to clinical depression after a major trauma (e.g. divorce, job loss). The article utters nary a word about IQ or testosterone, but offers this tidbit:

“Moffitt’s study, being published today in the journal Science, involved Caucasian patients, specifically a group of New Zealanders of mainly English, Scottish and Irish descent. There has been limited study of such genetic variations in other ethnic groups, Moffitt said, although preliminary studies indicated that groups in West Africa, as well as African Americans, were more likely to have the protective form of the gene. Small studies in Japan, Korea and China found a higher frequency of the gene that increases vulnerability, she said. Neither Moffitt nor Weinberger knew of any studies examining the question in Hispanics or Native Americans.”

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Michelle Malkin is justifiably horrified by a spate of hot car deaths involving young children in daycare centers. She tries to tie it into her theory of how Americans are indifferent to their children, but I’d be interested to know the average IQ of low-level daycare workers (i.e. the one that perform the actual childcare). Among my friends, relatives and aquaintances, women of average or better intelligence who want to work with children become teachers, social workers, child psychologists etc. The lousy pay assures that few people who are smart enough to earn a college degree will stay in the profession. This might create pressure for more courses to qualify for state certification, but I’d rather see the standardized test scores, along background checks, for anyone minding my child. But I’m sure NO state certification exam will include an IQ test.

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There has been some recent question about my ethnicity, with godless saying that I am of Iberian Spanish descent, and razib saying that I am Irish American. In fact, they are both right, but just so I don’t get pigeonholed I’ll be thorough about the crazy quilt that is my genetic heritage. On a board full of high caste South Asians, Jews and Malaysian Chinese, I may be bested only by David in gene pool diversity.

My mother is (ethnically at least) an archetypal Georgia cracker: Heavily Welsh and English with a little Cherokee thrown in for kicks. My paternal grandfather was 100% Irish, a computer nerd before his time. My paternal grandmother was from New Orleans, and her background was a patchwork of German, French, and European Spanish. The Spanish part came from a Galician ship’s carpenter who settled in Cuba and had sons who left the country for better prospects (we actually found some distant relations in a Mexican Gulf Coast City). But anyway, New Orleans was the only big city on the Gulf in those days, and that’s where this enterprising fellow went and begat a son who sired my beloved grandma. As far as I know these Cubans were 100% white. They certainly looked it, as they were all blue and grey eyed with blond to reddish hair. So I am English, Welsh, Native American, French, German, Spanish and Irish. Probably a few other things as well, but that’s about as much as we know. Luckily I don’t care about ethnic twaddle because I could get mortally offended on behalf of ANY of these folks!

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Some of you might have noticed that Gene Expression’s Spanish gypsy has been AWOL for a few months. I was cramming for finals March until May, and now I’m slogging through my math and science requirements. Anyway, I’ll still post from time to time. Here’s a brief one because I have math class tonight (AAAAAUUUGHHH!)

The Washington Post is waxing a la Book of Revelation about Cali’s budget crisis. Here’s the Post’s analysis:

” As in many other states, the shortfall is largely the result of the national economic downturn — which has been especially severe in Silicon Valley, an engine of California’s $1.3 trillion economy. Soaring health care costs for the poor and new expenses for homeland security are other contributing factors. Republicans here also contend that Davis, who was narrowly elected to a second term in November, has spent recklessly while in office and relied on accounting gimmicks to balance the budget last year.”

Gee, who do you think the poor could be? For most of my life, poor has been the polite term for ghetto blacks. Is the vocabulary of political correctness changing so that poor now means penniless, functionally illiterate Mexican illegal immigrant? Or will poor simply be anyone who with the rotten luck to be born on the wrong tail of the Bell Curve? I invite the etymological musings of all Gene Expressors.

Update from duende: Anyone notice the author’s surname? No wonder she’s hesitant to finger Latin American illegals as a budget drain.

Comment from Razib: As David has noted on the message board, the main reason for California’s budget shortfall is the high-IQ bureaucratic elite in Sacramento. “The poor” are in fact usually just tools, proximate elements, in the ultimate well being of the bureaucratic class.

Update from Godless: A few comments:
-I find the tone of this post unnecessarily pejorative. Unskilled illegal immigration *is* a big problem – but it is a problem caused by the mainly white businessmen who hire illegal immigrants under the table, by the mainly white mandarinate in Sacramento (as Razib commented), by the mainly white INS and Border patrol, and by the mainly white amnesty-dangling administration. Change the attitudes of those in power and you change illegal immigration. The Spanish-surnamed do not have this sort of power.

-I’m uncomfortable with the idea that ethnicity trumps all when it comes to balanced reporting – certainly there’s no shortage of non-Hispanic reporters that would softpedal the immigration data. Another point – we’re not sure whether the reporter’s family came in legally or illegally. As reported by Steve Sailer, those immigrants who’ve come in legally tend to oppose illegal immigration, because of understandable opposition to further wage competition. Finally, seeing as duende herself is of (European) Spanish ancestry (and likely has a Spanish surname)…shall we disregard her posts on the grounds of her surname alone? Unless she takes an ideological position to our liking, that is…

Addendum from Razib: Camille-err, I mean duende, is I believe black Irish….

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Is it just a coincidence that Bush announced his intention to send us to off on a holy war on St. Patrick’s Day? Maybe W sees himself as an inspired missionary to drive the snakes out of the Middle East.

God save us from the squalor of war.

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The Sunday Post Magazine has an article about arranged marriages for American South Asians. For the non-South Asians at Gene Expression (there are must be at least 2 or 3 of us) it will be educational. My thoughts:

1. Says a meddling aunt “Character is something we can see a little better than youngsters do”. I don’t know if this justifies arranged marriages, but you must admit that most young people can be overly taken with superficial characteristics (beauty, charm) that mean little in the long run.

2. “Traditional Indians don’t expect a partner to be that improbable combination of soul mate/confidante/red-hot lover/best friend.” I’m starting to believe that the concept of a soul mate was a ploy designed to enrich divorce lawyers and self-help book authors. Seriously, finding your “soul mate” is like winning the lottery: It will be great if it happens, but don’t plan your retirement expecting a check from Ed MacMahon.

3. Vibha discusses frustration with trying to meet quality men in bars and clubs. That there is no general social structure to ease people into serious courtship and marriage is a serious social problem. The Internet might mitigate this problem somewhat, but this issue must be addressed. It’s appalling that an American woman would have to agree to an arranged marriage to get help from older, more experienced adults in meeting marriage-minded men.

4. This seems to be a happy ending for Vibha, but forgive me if I am a bit cynical about declarations of bliss from honeymooning newly weds. I wish them all the best, but I’ll believe it when they are still happy together in ten years.

Nonetheless, I shall leave it to the brown folks to comment more.

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Lest you all think I’m an anti-sex crab, I will post an essay about my views on the sexual revolution and free love in about two weeks. Also, I must quibble with our “Darwin’s wolves” motto. The she-wolf is a bit fierce for my sensitive nature. I shall instead be Darwin’s lioness; a sleek, tawney huntress who rips out jugulars and bites through bone, then goes home to cuddle with her young.

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(NOTE from duende: I accidentally published this beneath Razib’s “black chix” post. Sorry if it’s taking up too much space. )

Recently, in Razib’s “Jungle Fever” post, an acolyte posted the following phrase, “black = ugly”. In a rare burst of sensitivity, Razib gently chided him, and the debate focused more in sexual attractiveness than aesthetics.

However, I think this is a great opportunity to consider one of the most important factors of globalism and biodiversity: the exportation of Western aesthetics around the world. Western standards for beauty of the person have, for the most part, persisted since antiquity. Here’s a fairly good example. There are a few variations, but the standard is pretty basic: high forehead, straight nose, large wide-set eyes, small but full mouth, and a small rounded chin like an egg. As the picture shows, this was also the ideal for children and adolescent boys. Certain characteristics here also apply to adult men, such as wide-set eyes, but features like a strong chin are also prized, so the aesthetic usually isn’t so readily applied to adult, masculine men. Also since beauty standards always weigh more heavily on women than men, I’ll focus on women in this essay.

Now deviating slightly from this motif doesn’t mean you’re condemned to ugliness. Sweeping your hair off your face can make a low forehead look higher. If your eyes are too close together, you may be saved by a particularly small mouth. Here’s a test: place your index fingers on the outer corners of your eyes. Move them down your face until you touch the corners of your mouth. Ideally, the motion should form something of an inverted triangle. Proportion is the key.

Razib has noted that the beauty standard prized by African Americans is not very African. However, comparing these two photos, who looks more like the aforementioned Madonna? As far as African-looking women go, a big problem with their facial features is that their mouths and noses are too wide. Personally, I think that Miss Barbados is quite lovely. But she is not the Western archetype.

A wide mouth can make a woman’s face quite awkward by throwing off its symmetry. Mojo from Joe Millionaire (see the pop-up photo gallery) had this problem, as does Monica Lewinsky. Wide, ungainly mouths aren’t limited to any race, however black people on average tend to have wider mouths.

Orientals tend to have smaller eyes than European whites, but their mouths also tend to be a bit smaller. In the Oriental women I’ve seen, mouths as wide as their eyes are slightly less common than in white women. The application of Western beauty standards in Oriental cultures is clear by the prominence of stars like Gong Li and Kyoko Fukada. Both have the specific facial symmetry admired in the West. The latter would probably have had no suitors during the Meiji Restoration , so clearly the standards have Westernized. However, I disagree with Maxine Hong Kingston that Orientals who get eyelid surgery are “trying to look white”. I think that people who get that surgery want their eyes to be larger than the mean for their races, but to them eyes as round as white ideal would look strange. I went to high school near a military base, so I knew a lot of mixed Oriental/white kids. I remember one girl who was half-white and half-Chinese. She looked very Chinese, short and slim with long black hair and a delicate face. However, her eyes were as large and round as mine, sans any hint of epicanthic fold. It’s hard to describe how unsettling this looked. I felt uncomfortable around her because this girl always looked as though she’d just suffered a terrible shock.

Perhaps Orientals without the epicanthic fold are so rare that they are shocking. However, I wonder if large, round eyes require the support of a certain type of facial structure that is simply uncommon in Orientals. Maybe a less rounded face, sans the layer of subcutaneous fat is necessary to make round eyes the centerpiece of a face instead of a pop-up ad. Even though traditional Western aesthetics don’t cotton round faces, they frequently make Oriental women look young, which can make up for the difference. I think the biggest problem that Orientals have in conforming to the Western facial aesthetic is the higher tendency toward flat noses. I seem to remember somewhere reading that nose jobs are very popular in China.

Unfortunately, although one can get a nose job quite easily, narrowing your mouth is a bit more difficult. To my knowledge there is no operation that can give you a cupid’s bow if you were born grinning from ear to ear. However the, uh, success story of Michael Jackson suggests that it might be possible if you have the money and the free time. But unfortunately, at least as far as African features go when judged by Western aesthetics, black=ugly is more accurate than not. However, there is a lot to be gained by slightly altering your perspective to view different cultures through their own standards of beauty.

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Does Steve Sailer, mentor to Razib and me, have some special appeal to brillliant minds stuck in mediocre state schools? Is it his fascinating, yet deceptively plain-worded insights that settle in the mind like a lazy cat? Is it the cool composure of his modest, yet tireless intellectual courage? Is it his skepticism toward trendy neocon rhetoric that, unbeknownst to anyone else on the Right, has the substance of cotton candy?. Who knows? I suppose I should be grateful to Steve for routing me to Gene Expression and offering me the opportunity to enrich my mind with Razib’s writings as well as his. But at this point I sort of feel like Eliza Doolittle after Henry Higgins transforms her from a Cockney flower girl to a respectable lady. How can I go back? How can I tolerate the egotism, self-deception, and shameless self-interest and hypocrisy that is the basis of most people’s intellectual life when I have become so spoiled by Steve’s sober ethics and refreshing optimism?

Update from Razib: Speaking of Steve, he has an article up on the Mongol y-chromosome lineage. Please remember that much of what is written about the Mongols was by conquered or vanquished peoples, so the Great Khan probably wasn’t any more bloodthirsty than Caliph or King, though his military success left a higher body count.

Also, my first email to Steve in the winter of 2000 had the following phrase in it:

“I find the evidence for human biodiversity far more compelling that I would have thought, but I still hold that culturalist explainations for differences seem more likely….”

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{A lot of people are coming to this post from metafilter-please note that the poster of this piece is female, “duende.” Also, she is not the only blogger on Gene Expression, and our views are diverse, so don’t go confusing our posts. The resume you are looking at is that of “David,” not “duende.” I am “Razib,” and I am the most prolific blogger in these parts, but my views do not necessarily reflect those of of everyone else, and vice versa. Also, someone mentioned that this site is pro-life-some might be pro-life here, I don’t know, but I support abortion on demand. Additionally, I, like several other of the bloggers here am a “person of color.” Please recalibrate your insults accordingly, also, any regular GNXP readers with metafilter accounts can clear up misconeptions here….}

A few of you noted that my recent post neglected to mention a primary reason that Oriental women are attractive to white men: relatively few of them are feminists. I purposefully left that question out because in recent months I’ve become unsure of what constitutes a “feminist. Ten years ago, there would have been a brighter line between the lesbo man-haters and the nice girls.

Since then, it has become much more easy, and trendy, to criticize feminism. Now, most of this criticism is richly deserved. As Christina Hoff Sommers and Sylvia Ann Hewlett have demonstrated, one can criticize feminism and still be loyal to women’s equality. However, it is little appreciated that one can criticize feminism and be psychologically indistinguishable from the prototypical feminist. It’s easy to laugh at hairy pits and bizarre conspiracy theories, and it’s easy to convince people you dislike feminist mentality by eschewing the obvious trappings.

I’ve heard women scoff at the idea that women’s career opportunities are curtailed by the patriarchy, then turn around and declare that they’d never “submit my sexuality to any man” (i.e. be faithful). I have a beautiful sister who dresses carefully to impress and is always a knock out. She’s charming and personable, and guys always like her. However, when seeing a pregnant woman walking through a parking lot, she once exclaimed “That’s disgusting!” Neither of these women buy the patriarchy line, but both are contemptuous of marriage and motherhood. Are these women feminists? I don’t know, but if I were a man I’d want nothing to do with either of them.

Most women careerists have learned that feminist rhetoric is counterproductive in the workplace. So even if they really believe it, few make their case. Still, in Washington I’ve been struck by the similarities between Democratic career women and their Republican counterparts. There are some stylistic differences, but in my experience Republican career women are just as likely to not want children, to consistently put career over relationships, and to be utterly impossible at emotional intimacy.

Therefore, I don’t see any specific political agenda or movement that renders so many intelligent white women unmarriageable. A larger cultural movement, independent of Marxist feminist rhetoric, is the culprit. Camille Paglia wrote in Sexual Personae “Men’s egotism, so disgusting in the untalented, is responsible for their greatness as a sex.” Paglia is no man-hater, but a battle-scarred veteran in the wars against speech codes, false rape accusations, and draconian sexual harassment regulations. However, she fervently supports the entry of women into the professions and corporate world. She correctly sees egotism as necessary for to conquer the world, and as a feminist properly encourages intelligent women to adopt egotism as a tool for the glittering success they are all supposed to want.

Here in Washington, at least, girls from affluent socioeconomic backgrounds are groomed for academic and professional superstardom from the cradle. They are encouraged to delay marriage, if the subject is broached at all by their parents. Usually, they are encouraged to work tirelessly in school and work and avoid serious relationships that are too “distracting”. Now, I can sympathize with this, since women seem particularly susceptible to give up their lives for men when the latter aren’t anywhere near reciprocating their level of commitment. But the biggest impediment to these girls’ romance and marriage prospects is the promotion of the egotism necessary to rise to the top. Now, in and of itself this is not harmful. Self-promotion is appropriate tool for getting ahead. But frequently, by accident or design egotism, like the work ethic, becomes a general moral value. This makes it very difficult to confine egotism to the career sphere, and also difficult to understand why egotism isn’t praiseworthy on general principle.

In my experience, women are much more willing to tolerate egotism in men than men are in women. I suspect that this is due at least in part to women’s expectation of a husband as breadwinner. Men don’t demand career success to the same degree that women do. Having established that professional success isn’t big factor for men, I’m faced with a nearly impossible question: in the long term, what do men want from women? Once the necessary-but-not-sufficient sexual requirement (compatibility and fidelity) is filled, it would be hard to imagine a more subjective question. There are different preferences for certain personality types, interests and life goals. However, my observations over the years of many men from a multitude of economic, racial, and national backgrounds have yearned, in differing terms, for a dream girl who is loving and sweet.

Clearly this is a broad continuum. What might be gentle and kind to Man A may be cloying and suffocating Man B. Man B’s perfect measurement of TLC might seem cold and unresponsive to Man A. Still, there comes a time in every relationship when a woman has to tender and empathetic. If she can’t or won’t do that, it doesn’t matter if she has the face of Helen of Troy with George Eliot’s mind.

Thus, feminism is not completely to blame for cold, unloving women. Venomous, bitchy personalities are certainly not confined to feminists. Wives and girlfriends cannot, and should not, be expected to function as new mothers. Hopefully, with a principled, sympathetic debate, some career women will learn to understand the limits of workplace personae. But I close asking a compelling question: can a society that discourages femininity manage to get enough people to form stable marriages to maintain basic social order?

Update from the Comment Boards: “i am reluctant to speak on this topic as i believe in the primacy of individual choice and contentment, which might not always square with any given social idyll,” (Razib). I believe in this as well. However, many, MANY people make stupid choices based on misjudgements of what makes people happy. Most twentysomethings lazily assume that what’s fun now will fulfill them just as much in 20 years, or never imagine that they are sowing the seeds of their futures right now. At this point I think that bourgeois normality is most people’s best shot for reaching retirement age with the fewest regrets.

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I’ve had some weird experiences with multicultural diversity, such as being frequently mistaken for Arab, Pakistani, Greek etc. However, the most unexpected one is how attractive I am to a fair number of white computer guys who’ve spent most of their romantic lives with Oriental girls. As mentioned, I don’t look very Irish, but people’s most common guess is that I’m Italian. Since I’m too chicken to post my picture, let’s just say I look as Oriental as a typical Italian girl.

This is an important distinction, because when white women talk about the white guys with Asian girls they seem to think such men have some sort of aesthetic or sexual aversion to white women. However, in my experience that’s not true. Here is my laundry list for why some white nerds always go out with Asian girls.

A. HEIGHT. A lot of white computer guys seem to be a bit below the white mean, about 5’6 or 5’7. Since most men like women who make them feel like men, a 5’7 man would usually prefer a woman who was 5’2, rather than 5’5. I’m 5’1, and although that seems a fairly typical for Japanese women, fairly few white women are that short.

B. DARK EYES. In my mind’s eye, one of the most annoying deficiencies of English is that we don’t really have a word for the deep brown eyes common in Southern Europeans, Arabs, South Americans etc. Many Northern Europeans have pale brown eyes, sort of like wood panelling, but deep dark eyes are fairly uncommon. I suspect that a lot of white men who like Oriental women are drawn to dark eyes. Dark eyes were a constant theme in Marlon Brando’s romantic life, hence the string of Latina, Oriental, and Polynesian women in his life. In my experience in the
increasingly stratified DC area, white men who like dark eyes usually go for Hispanic or Oriental women based on their socioeconomic class.

C. INTELLECTUAL TOLERANCE. This is the big one. Everyone says they want intelligence in a spouse or partner, but most people won’t tolerate for the eccentricities that high intellectual abilities often produce. However, in my experience Orientals of both sexes are more willing to make allowances for this kind of thing. This may be a misreading on my part (Jason Soon can respond), but I suspect that the higher average IQs of Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans might induce them to take these personality quirks in stride. Since my father and brother are both socially functional, kind hearted versions of Ignatius Reilly I really don’t mind if a guy fancies himself Prince Caspian. This also explains why few white computer guys date Hispanic women.

Hope this doesn’t sound like some sort of personal ad. But I’m trying to make a point. There are some genuine Asiaphiles out there, most of whom are not shy about declaring their disgust of white American women. However, most white computer guys from middle-class homes do not have some sort of physical or psychological repulsion towards white women. Indeed, these white/Asian relationships aren’t without their problems, e.g. she frequently has to hide him from her dad. Because like tends to attract like, most white computer guys would love to connect with a white girl who meets the above qualifications. But, as mentioned, we are few and far between.

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VDare had a great piece the other day on the image of Martin Luther King. In Gottfried’s view, the MLK has become the new redemptive martyr for secularized Christians. As for claiming that life wasn’t so bad under segregation, I’m skeptical. But here’s a great quote from Brimelow’s introduction:

“I don’t think King can bear the symbolic weight our interlocutor wants not merely because of King’s personal failings (adultery, plagiarism, fellow-traveling etc.) but also because he quite probably didn’t believe all that tactical color-blind rhetoric himself.

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Steve Sailer linked to this study showing that people sending resumes with black-sounding forenames. Throughout the my life, I’ve noticed that people who refuse to discuss black crime rates and illegitimacy rates will laugh about names like Vershawn and Tamala. Why can’t people who believe that the CIA gave Bob Marley cancer conceive that most white people think that typically black names are ridiculuous?

This got me wondering how this works for Asians. If you put “Yuriko Watanabe” on your resume would an employer be more likely to hire you than if you signed yourself “Mary Margaret Sullivan”? Would an employer say, “She’s probably a drunk. Hire the Japanese chick.” Are Asians with English first names like “Sarah Kim” more likely to be hired than those with ethnic first names?

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Fascinating article over at Frontpage. Just a few notes:

“To the racist, the individual’s moral and intellectual character is the product, not of his own choices, but of the genes he shares with all others of his race.”

By “intellectual character” I think that he means preferences, say, of Toni Morrison over Joyce Carol Oates. He skirts the IQ question, but also postulates this:

“This philosophy is why racial division is growing at our colleges. The segregated dormitories, the segregated cafeterias, the segregated fraternities—these all exist, not in spite of the commitment to “diversity,” but because of it. “

I agree that constant preaching of diversity and identity politics can increase self-segregation, but the author doesn’t seem to note that many people self-segregate on their own, without any prompting from Diversity Consultants. Interesting article, otherwise, though I must quibble with his use of “skin color” as a synonym for race. By that method Gong Li and I are the same race, at least when she stays out of the sun.

Posted by duende at 10:37 AM

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Today, Steve Sailer asks this question:
“Why did “widows with children” become “single mothers?” There used to be a hierarchy of respect and sympathy for young mothers without husbands: widows were at the top, divorcees in the middle, and never married single mothers at the bottom. Now, even widows call themselves “single mothers.” Is society better off because of this? Let’s be frank: women who have children without a husband are harming society. Why should they be treated as sympathetically as a mother whose husband has died?”

I once told Razib that Sailer educated me far more than my classes have. But if I’ve learned anything useful studying English, it’s been how to handle any feminist, on any campus, by noting the similarities in their education, tastes, and philosophy.

One of feminsts’ major goals is not to hurt the feelings of women. Well, not women at large as Christina Hoff Sommers can attest, but women with the right sympathies. The single mother hierarchy is rather reminiscent of high school hierarchy, e.g. the girls who got along best with boys were on top. This causes horrifying flashbacks for the feminists who were on the bottom of this totem pole (so was I, but I grew up and got a life). Out of their own immaturity, as well as misguided sympathy and empathy, they smashed these hierarchies to improve the self-esteem women who have illegitimate children.

These are dully materialistic people who see things in terms of victims and victimizers, rather like ignorant anti-Americans who argue moral equivalence attack on the World Trade Center and bombing accidents like the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. Goals, plans, and the moral importance of individual choices and motivations are unknown in this flat, monochrome worldview that sees effect but is so uninterested in the individual that it can’t be bothered to distinguish between ethical and unethical causes.

Another covert cause is to protect the feelings of black women. 69% of black children are illegitimate.. Even though illegitimacy occurs at all levels of society, it is most common among blacks. To an extent, tolerance of illegitimacy is simply an extension of our attitude regarding other largely black pathologies that white liberals admonish everyone to politely ignore.

P.S. Dennis Prager has an insightful article on this subject. As usual it fails to mention race, but still a good read.

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Rangel and others want to reinstate the draft. Do we have enough young people to “man” an imperial army without tapping immigrants? I doubt it, and I doubt that the immigrants we need will have such loyalty to America. This reminds me of the Roman Army filling its ranks with foreigners after the Romans lost their taste for citizen-soldiering.

The author seems to favor drafting single, childless women ages 18-26. I think this would set off a baby boom among women in those age groups, as well as a few marriages of convenience. I’d do one or the other myself, if I couldn’t wiggle out of the draft some other way. But at 5’1 I’m not soldiering material, so I’m probably safe. Still, Razib might be called to save a 6 foot St. Pauli Girl look-alike from the dogs of war.

A few points from Razib: The men that manned the legions were all citizens. The men that manned the “auxilliaries” were non-citizens, given citizenship after completion of their service, though some auxilliaries were local levies raised by tributary monarchs and nations (generally about half the army were auxilliaries-the system changed in the 4th century and mobile mounted units came to the fore). The Italian character of the Roman army was negligible by the 3rd century-this was the era of Syrian and Illyrian Emperors who defended the empire with their blood and guts (one was captured and decapitated by the Persians-Valerian, who popularized December 25th as a holiday because of his devotion to Sol Invictus). The real breakdown happened when German foederati were allowed to settle throughout and “defend” the empire (particularly after the defeat of Valens at Adrianople late in the 4th century). They had tribal loyalties and it showed. But remember that the Emperors after Domitian were almost all non-Italian by birth, though not necessarily by extraction[1]. Some like Theodosius II were ineffectual puppets, others like Diocletian saved the empire for another generation.

And yes, I would fight off the dogs of war for some of this:

[1] Trajan (Italian origin family that had settled in southern Spain), Antoninus (similar, but from Narbonensis Gaul-the Provence), Marcus Aurelius (from Trajan’s extended family), Septimius Severus (partially Italian origin, partially Punic, from Libya-married to a Syrian woman), Diocletian & Constantine (Illyrian peasant origins), and Theodosius (from Galicia in Spain).

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I’m a bit perturbed that so many of the staggeringly high-IQ individuals on this forum thought I was a man. Hopefully this won’t spark another identity crisis. I thought they were over when I hit 20.

A while ago, one of you all referenced this link. I spent $10 to print it out, and I’m eager to discuss it. Will that person, and anyone else interested in this topic, please email me?

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