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In delving through Reuters-Ipsos’ polling archives I stumbled across a survey asking respondents whether or not they agreed with the statement “young black people in America will use any excuse to riot and loot”. The poll was conducted from the beginning of May through mid-August of 2015. To put it in proper context, recall that Freddie Gray died April 25th, less than a week prior to the poll’s commencement. Z-Man’s neighbors subsequently smashed and burned parts of what remained of Baltimore to the ground with the blessing of the mayor who infamously explained that the city “gave those who wished to destroy space to do that”.

The results shown exclude “neither agree nor disagree” responses, constituting 26.3% of the total. The percentages who agreed that young blacks will riot and loot on any excuse among the 74.7% who expressed an opinion:

Majorities across the board, excepting blacks and Democrats–though even among non-black Democrats, more agree than disagree.

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From the refreshingly candid Forward, months before the fraudulent accusations were brought against Kavanaugh, we got The Jewish Case Against Brett Kavanaugh:

Putting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court means losing a crucial check on the power of a president who has made white nationalism a central tenet of his worldview and policy agenda. Anyone in the Jewish community making the mistake of embracing, or even tolerating, a white nationalist administration, is making a devil’s bargain, and the price is either our safety or our conscience.

A Supreme Court majority shaped by Donald Trump means that the most vulnerable among us — immigrants, women, Muslim Americans, people of color, LGBTQ Americans, and yes, Jews too — will be at even greater risk of harm from Trump’s agenda, untethered from true oversight by either of the other branches of government.

Jews as the most vulnerable among us? Ha! It’s not 1939, shylocks. We’re approaching a point where the sense of Jews as victims has fallen completely out of living memory. Whatever white privilege is, Jewish privilege is it on steroids.

Immigrants don’t like Jews. Muslims don’t like Jews. People of color don’t like Jews. As the Democrat party becomes less white, the knives will start to come out for the most privileged of the remaining whites. Who are the most privileged residual whites? Schumer and Feinstein!

Meanwhile, through outmarriage and below-replacement fertility, the 2% is on its way to becoming the 1% is on its way to becoming the 0.X%.

The differences between American Jews and Israelis are becoming ever more pronounced. The cucked right is beginning to wake up to the idea that Israel is an admirable nation-state and that “Jew” is not synonymous with “Israeli”.

Walls, the ethnostate, the importance of native fertility and repelling the infiltrators–so, so much to admire about Israel.

And then there are American Jews, reacting to a frat goy like Kavanaugh like a dog on a walk reacts to a cat in the bushes.

Once the cucked right stops revering Jews and attacking “anti-Semitism” in the West, the ability for the self-interested, privileged few to attach themselves onto the train of officially oppressed groups will go away.

What’s one way forward for Levantine-Americans?

Become white Americans, not just culturally but also biologically. As mentioned above, it’s already happening. When a small numerical minority intermarries at high rates in the broader population and has below-replacement fertility, the days of that small numerical minority existing as a distinct group are numbered. The orthodox population that emerges from this soft population bottleneck a century down the line isn’t going to look or sound like Jon Stewart [Leibowitz].

For this to happen, Jews must lose their designation as an oppressed class. They will have to be thought of in the same way Episcopalians currently are, albeit with even more privilege and an even greater head start in life.

This is imperative. If they won’t relinquish the designation, it’s going to be torn from them anyway. Listen Eli, it’s easier for both of us if this is consensual.

It has been noted as the calumnies against Kavanaugh proceeded, his Catholicism has afforded him no protection at all. He may as well be a WASP. In America, where European muttery is the norm, white is white.

The POC ascendancy doesn’t distinguish between white Americans of English descent and white Americans of German descent. Right now, they have to be regularly reminded to distinguish between white Americans of English descent and (((white))) Americans of Russian descent, but that distinction is on the way out.

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The videos have all been up for several days now. Nick Fuentes was the conference’s most impressive speaker even without handicapping for age:

Nicholas Fuentes delivered a masterful speech, and not just because he cited the Hispanic Heritage Survey’s bottle of white pills. If our Occidental Renaissance is to occur, Gen Z is going to have to lead it. If we are fortunate, Fuentes will play a major part in that.

Fuentes was born in 1998. He’s all of 20 years old. He left a strong impression of precocity today, especially the way he handled thinly-veiled mini homilies that were couched as questions during the question and answer session following his speech.

The boomers who tore into him spectacularly misread the situation on the ground. Jordan Peterson has one of the best-selling books in the world because he understands the challenges young men face. Fuentes does, too, and he has the added bonus of being part of that very cohort. People who are able to resonate with these young men are worth their weight in gold.

Fuentes’ presentation dominated in terms of online viewership, so the assessment wasn’t a unique one:

He hosts a livestream show during the week beginning at 8pm EST. That falls in the middle of the nightly bedtime ritual with the next generation so I only catch it occasionally but this is one red-pilled Gen Zs in your social circles should be made aware of.

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As someone with high hopes for Nicholas Fuentes, this discussion does not disappoint. Richard Spencer is thought-provoking, too.

Except for when he offers up this canard, that is:

This assertion was initially reported by the US Census in May of 2012 based on population estimates from 2011. Fortunately, the CDC releases actual birth data for the previous year based on all recorded births across the entire country each June. A month after the Census’ sensational estimate, the actual figures came out and undercut the incorrect estimate. And that incorrect estimate has continued to be incorrect in each subsequent year.

The following table shows the actual percentage of total births in the US that were to non-Hispanic white mothers by year going back to 2011 (sources for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016):

Year White births
2011 54.4%
2012 54.0%
2013 54.1%
2014 53.9%
2015 53.5%
2016 52.1%

Some of these white women are of course giving birth to multiracial babies. For obvious reasons, tracking the mother’s race is easier than tracking the father’s. By a strictly one-drop rule, the percentage of births to whites is surely below 50%, probably well below it, since baby Elizabeth Warren and Nick Fuentes would be included in the non-white tally by this accounting. It would also dictate we describe the US on the order of 1% or 2% black, since the majority of blacks in America have some European ancestry.

Parenthetically, Spencer’s example of Alabama is way off the mark. As of 2016, the latest year for which data is available, 60% of babies born in the state were non-Hispanic white (at the link are pie charts showing the racial distribution of births for all 50 states and the Imperial Capital).

The thrust of what Spencer says doesn’t suffer a loss of relevance just because it’s exaggerated, but precision is important. So is avoiding unnecessarily ingesting black pills. We’re not licked yet.

A primary purpose of the alt right (or dissident right, or identitarian movement, or whatever the preferred phrase) is to change the culture. Celebrating procreation–our procreation–needs to be part of that change.

In his conference remarks last year and during his speech this year, Jared Taylor expressed regret for not having had more children, noting specifically that the reason for it is that he assumed he wouldn’t like fatherhood and nobody ever told him how wonderful it would be–he ended up discovering it later in life.

I understand this rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Hell, it probably rubs most people the wrong way since most white people are below replacement!

It’s an issue that gets me fired up not only because it’s literally of existential importance but also because I held off, Idiocracy-style, through my twenties. I’ve never liked caring for pets. What were the chances I’d enjoy parenthood? With the benefit of hindsight, 100% as it turns out. I’ve now experienced a range of emotions I could not have experienced without having become a father. Unconditional love is reserved for our children, no one else.

Don’t read this blog for emotional safeguarding, please. There is no point in fighting for an abstract idea of our posterity if we don’t create any actual posterity to fight for.

We talk about the need for self-improvement. To get off the couch and into the gym. To stop drinking from the pop culture sewer and start distilling a salubrious culture of our own. To stop being supine and start standing up for ourselves. The shame we feel when we pass on the potential to grow the tribe is the same sort of shame we come up short on these other endeavors. Pressure to power. Stress to strength. Remember, others have done more with less.

This isn’t a blanket call for MOAR WHITE BABIES (though that’d be fine with me). I know my audience. All human behavioral traits are heritable. The personality characteristics that make you a race realist grateful for your ancestors and guided by a concern for your descendants are personality characteristics your children will tend to share. If we don’t do it (heh), we’ll be relying on the Mennonites and the Mormons to secure a future for us.

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Around the time of the Kate Steinle verdict, it was suggested that Trump or Sessions order the feds to arrest a sanctuary an accomplice big city mayor for flagrantly violating federal immigration law. Cuffing governor Jerry Brown would be even better. It’s the kind of thing Trump has the cojones to do.

It will be wildly popular. Following the Steinle verdict, I took a look at a poll of San Franciscans–who went 85%-9% for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump–and found just half the city’s residents wanted it to remain an accomplice.

One of the most leftist cities in America, in the state that has both the largest Hispanic and the largest illegal alien populations in the country, and the residents are evenly split on the sanctuary city question. Guess how the rest of the nation feels?

Way back in 2012, when Obama was in the midst of unconstitutionally issuing an executive order to grant ‘temporary’ amnesty to nearly one million illegal aliens, Reuters-Ipsos asked if law enforcement should arrest people in the US who simply lack of legal residency documentation, no other preceding crime necessary. This is, of course, what accomplice cities–and now the entire state of California–work to keep from happening. The following graph shows percentages, by selected demographic characteristics, who agree that the ‘undocumented’ should be arrested for so being (N = 2,761):

Majorities across all racial, sex, religious, and political lines oppose cities and states shielding illegal aliens from interior immigration enforcement. And this was before the issue gained its Trumpian salience. Public sentiment is likely even more overwhelmingly in favor of the feds and against the accomplices now than it was then.

Frog march, with cameras rolling, a miscreant like Brown or de Blasio down the stairs into a white van and prepare for Trumpslide 2020.

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Over Christmas a cousin from South Carolina brought her boyfriend who, unbeknownst to me until last night, follows on twitter (which I promptly verified–thanks Ann!). The next couple of hours flew by. He’s a Gen Zer who worked on Rubio’s presidential campaign. Some observations he shared with me follow. My sense is they’re veracious, but take them for whatever you think they’re worth:

– This is slap-in-the-forehead obvious, but I’d never paid close enough attention to notice that Rubio is not the son Abe Simpson could be proud of. I guess I’d assumed it was Rubio’s childlike features and his neotenous mannerisms–hinting at closeted homosexuality–that Trump was drawing attention to with the “little Marco” sobriquet. That he is about 5’6″ is a more parsimonious explanation, though.

– Through March of 2016, the Rubio campaign was most concerned by Cruz, who our guy is convinced had the highest IQ of any candidate from either party in last year’s election. That was the case even before Iowa but especially so after it. They knew ¡Jabe! wasn’t going anywhere months before the first state contest and thought Trump an unserious vanity candidate (so have a good laugh at the globohomo elites who bankrolled the former’s campaign to the tune of over $100 million). They continued to dismiss Trump even after he won in New Hampshire. It wasn’t until South Carolina that they began to orient themselves to their real threat.


– Speaking of ¡Jabe!, our guy went to one of his rallies as well (no, not the infamous please clap event). He was stunned by how incompetent the candidate appeared (“like Goofy”). There was visible confusion as to when the thing was going to start, who was going to introduce him, even where he was going to stand.

Gangly, uncertain, fawningly nice to the few supporters there who talked to him in person–an alpha male he clearly is not. When ¡Jabe!’s team found out our guy was working for Rubio, they offered him front row tickets to the then-upcoming South Carolina debate if he’d switch to team ¡Boosh! (he declined, and not just because he already had front row seats–desperation is repellent).

– Nikki Haley is a non-entity in person. Our guy met her and spent five painful minutes fumbling through an uninspired conversation with her. She wasn’t emotionally or intellectually invested in anything she said. Short her on ever becoming president. The only thing she has going for her is that as a woman and a POC, she’s a two-fer.

– Getting back to Rubio, he’s naturally affable and moderately intelligent. Not intelligent enough to avoid the robotic implosion, though. That’s when our guy left the campaign (he glommed onto Rubio initially because he thought he had the best chance of getting the nomination and was hoping that would create an avenue for him to get a staffing position in the administration), along with an exodus of others. Said exodus didn’t get much attention, but it happened.

Or is this him?
Or is this him?

Senator Tim Scott, an early Rubio backer, caught the debate at a watch party our guy also attended and when Rubio repeated himself for the third time, Scott got up and left while the debate was still taking place. This was just days after Scott had publicly endorsed the Florida senator. He never voiced support for Rubio after that.

– Our guy also met Hillary Clinton after going to one of her rallies. He estimated there were about 200 people in attendance, but unlike senor ¡Jabe!, her team managed on-air optics that made the event look packed from the perspective of the viewer at home. He got to talk to her for a couple of minutes afterwards. She caused him to experience the uncanny valley. She resembles a human, but something is off, and in an unsettling way.

– Our guy is now a MAGAman and regrets not having read the tea leaves a couple of years ago. He wasn’t able to parlay his tenure on the Rubio campaign into a spot with the notoriously lean Trump operation. He’s only 20 years old, so his wandering is understandable. Most of us have been there.

Whatever you make of that, it made for much better-than-average Christmas conversation for me!

As for Christmas, congratulations to VDare for fighting in the trenches for decades, slowly but surely reclaiming lost ground in the War on Christmas, so the god-emperor could swoop in for the coup-de-grace and take credit for the victory:

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Those marching through the institutions are still susceptible to being utterly routed if middle America were to find the organization and motivation to take to the field. That’s easier said than done, of course, but many of the necessary sentiments are there.

In 2012, the GSS asked about the best and worst ways to organize “a family with a child under school age” in the context of parental breadwinning and homemaking responsibilities.

The following table shows the net desirability score for the six possible arrangements, computed by taking the percentage of respondents saying a given setup was the best of the six and subtracting from it the percentage of respondents saying a given setup was the worst of the six.

The higher the score, the more desirable the arrangement. The lower the score, the less desirable, with negative scores indicating generally undesirable arrangements (N = 977; PT = part-time employment; FT = full-time employment):

Arrangement Desirability
Mother PT, Father FT +39.9
Mother home, Father FT +34.3
Mother FT, Father PT (4.7)
Both parents PT (6.1)
Both parents FT (25.0)
Mother FT, Father home (38.3)

Implicit in the questions is the understanding that the parent more desired at home is making a material trade off by foregoing paid work. Having that parent work part-time instead of staying home or working full-time is a way of trying to split the difference.

The conventional nuclear family arrangements–the ones that accord not only with millennia of human experience but also with the biological and psychological realities of human nature–are the most desirable.

The Mr. Mom, feminist lawyer setup is perceived, by far, as the least desirable.

Inverting sex roles is viewed less favorably than is the attempt to make them indistinguishable. That flattening out, in turn, is viewed less favorably than living in accordance with Nature by letting men be men and women be women is.

We had it figured out. Now the progress takes away what forever took to find.

GSS variables used: FAMWKBST, FAMWKLST

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Early this week I did a written interview with Julian Langness. It’s more in a philosophy-of-life vein than what’s generally covered on this blog, so check it out if you’re interested.

Langness was Obama’s youngest delegate in 2008. He has since had a change of heart and he didn’t have both feet in to begin with, so don’t worry, we’re not dealing with a Jason Kessler here.

He also has balls of steel. He spent time on the old continent walking through no go zones and locking horns with any invaders who tried to stop him. He chronicles it in his aptly named book, Fistfights with Muslims in Europe.

My first exposure was this speech:

It very obviously will not be my last.

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From Reuters-Ipsos polling we see that just 28.3% of respondents (n = 2,532), when asked to “Describe your understanding of the events at the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia prompted by the city’s plan to remove a monument of Confederate General Robert E. Lee”, described it as “rioting and intimidation” from the Alt Right against “mostly peaceful left-wing counter protests”.

What I’m referring to as the Alt Right in the preceding paragraph is referred to as “white supremacists and neo-Nazis” in the poll. The response placing the blame on the Alt Right concludes with the weaselly aforementioned “mostly peaceful left-wing counter protests”, allowing those sympathetic to the left but who know about the inherent violence of the its shock troops to minimize it without too much dissonance. Antifa and BLM are sanitized in the poll as merely “left-wing counter protest[er]s”.

Despite the loaded terms the poll employs, barely 1-in-4 Americans buy The Narrative.

Excluding the “don’t know” and “other” responses, the distribution of perceptions among the general public:

Looks like Trump had his finger on the public pulse with the “on many sides” remark.

The president’s response evinced particular fidelity to the sentiments of his supporters. The distribution among those who voted for Trump (n = 791):

Tangentially, Reuters-Ipsos humorously uses the same image of a balaclava-clad Antifa punching a Trump supporter wearing an American flag that AR uses for its anti-Trump hate map. While it’s probably coincidental, here’s to hoping it’s intentionally subversive.

Reuters-Ipsos riffing off AR?
Reuters-Ipsos riffing off AR?
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In a post discussing the potential generation Z holds, a poll of said generational cohort by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, a non-profit DC outfit “that works to increase the number of Latina and Latino leaders in society”, found Trump crushing Clinton among white high school students (n = 16,275*). The poll was conducted in October of 2016, a month before the election, and nearly all the participants were too young to actually vote. The following graph shows the results alongside those derived from Reuters-Ipsos polling for other generational cohorts in a two-way race. The R-I figures are from those aged 18-34 (n = 9,740), aged 35-49 (n = 9,087), aged 50-64 (n = 10,137), and aged 65+ (n = 6,600), roughly corresponding to millennials, Xers, baby boomers, and silents, respectively. The age ranges don’t match the generational cohorts exactly but it’s as close as R-I allows us to get. The results for Gen Z show how they reported they would’ve voted rather than how they actually voted, as most were too young to do so:

This is incredible, almost literally so. Z-Man continues:

I was standing in front of the big glass windows watching the Antifa loonies, when I turned and looked at the young AR guys taking pics and selfies, laughing and enjoying themselves. On one side of the glass were grotesquely out of shape people in grubby clothes, smoking and gesticulating. On the other were young men in suits, well groomed and composed. It was one of those times when you can stand on the timeline of your life and see the past and the future at the same time.

Maybe meme warfare and the radioactive lameness of the wicked witch explains some of this away, and it won’t be replicable in the future. Gen Z whites were mixed on approval of Obama (37% disapproved, 31% approved, 32% had no opinion). Even if Trump’s advantage over Clinton is half of what’s shown above, though, it portends a seismic shift in the orientation of the next generation of whites. Julian Langness thinks millennials will have to save the West. My money is on the next generation, the one with its back against the wall. Parenthetically, the poll found the expected strong advantage for Clinton among non-whites. She beat Trump 7-to-1 among blacks, 3-to-1 among Hispanics, and 3-to-2 among Asians. The battle lines are being drawn. Thanks to Sid for pointing to the Hispanic Heritage poll. * The methodology is tough to nail down with confidence. The major report findings show a sample of 50,000 for all races. The link to details on methodology lead to an interactive map with a reported total sample of 83,298, of which 45,954 are white. To arrive at 16,275 I took the percentage of non-Hispanic whites from 83,298/45,954 figures and multiplied it by the percentage, 59%, of high school white students voting for either Trump or Clinton.

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At an in-law family function a month ago, four of my wife’s cousins–the oldest about to be a freshman in college, the youngest a freshman in high school–were talking about how oppressive the intellectual atmosphere in their schools are. All four of them mocked political correctness and made clear their support for Trump (albeit they were too young to have voted). I know for certain none of their parents feel the same way.

Yesterday I saw a kid, about 12 years old, wearing a shirt that read “CNN is fake news”.

These are merely anecdotes, of course. But I suspect I was less surprised than most by the rapturous reception Trump received at the Boy Scouts jamboree, an event that occurs every four years. The entire speech is here. A sample:

The headline from a BBC article on the event is perfectly germane: “Trump boy scout Jamboree speech angers parents”. Do the scouts themselves look angered to you?

The Alt Lite is the new counterculture gateway, the dissident right the new counterculture.

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Red-tailed hawks being mobbed is a common sight here in the central provinces:

I remember as a kid wondering why these hawks didn’t turn on their harassers. They could put a lethal stop to these things if they wanted. It’s not natural for them to do so, though, so they don’t. They put up with it because they can afford to. It’s a hassle they tolerate–until they don’t:

Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter are both now allowing AmRen to carry their columns.

In a recent video, Stefan Molyneux approvingly mentions one of the most important formulas for understanding human societies, Diversity + Proximity = War. He also mentions human biodiversity, population differences in IQ, and how these things preclude non-East Asian non-whites from functioning in Western societies.

Less cerebrally, there are viscerally images like this that illustrate the same:

There’s a reason the aphorism about a picture being worth a thousand words has such staying power. Still, supplementing pictures with words often accentuates the effect, as is the case here.

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Processing the end of Richard Spencer’s NPI speech and trying to figure out what to make of it, I felt compelled to drop in at The Z-Blog to see if he’d publicly expressed his thoughts. I’m glad I did. I’d be echoing his sentiments with less eloquence and precision here if I hadn’t done so.

Let’s consider some of the moving parts. First, the attention Spencer has received over the last week:

It dwarfs that of other leading Alt Right-ish figures. Spencer is now the recognized name–and face–of the Alt Right, and he’s also now associated with leading a Nazi salute (claims that Roman military salutes were the intention are optically immaterial as is the fact that he merely raised his water glass in toast) to close out a speech where he urged people of European descent to conquer and destroy. The provocative use of the German word “lugenpresse” has been used in Germany over the last couple of years, but the connection to Nazism is what will stick in America.

Of course they’ll call anyone Nazis, -ists, -phobics, and all the other deplorable identifiers regardless of what they say or do. But over the last several years, and the last 18 months in particular, those charges have become risible. The general public now increasingly dismisses them as indicative of empty virtue-signalling and hypocritical double-standards.

As these deterrents have ceased to any longer deter, people have fumbled their way to our ideas, our issues, and our conceptions. They resonate. They identify what so many people feel in their guts to be true about what the West is becoming–or unbecoming. The conference title “become who we are” encapsulates this perfectly. The meat of Spencer’s speech is quite good.

White people don’t want anything to do with Nazism, though. Nazism doesn’t symbolize European unity. To the contrary, it symbolizes the most self-destructive, nearly suicidal episode in the 2,500 year history of the West. It strips away the empirical and familial foundations of civic nationalism and replaces it with white supremacy, and it’s the team name of the losers to boot.

The number of people–normal, salt-of-the-earth Trump people–who are moving (and being moved by events) towards a sense of racial identity is orders of magnitude greater than the people who will look into a movement that splashes in WWII-era German words, gives the Nazi salute, and talks about conquering and destroying. And now whenever the term “Alt Right” comes up, so will images–real images, video from people standing in front of Spencer as he says “hail Trump”–of ‘neo-Nazis’ giving the HH salute.

Speaking of looking into the movement, untold numbers of potential recruits found their way as a consequence of Hillary Clinton’s bizarre speech denouncing the Alt Right. Beyond the immediate news headlines from her speech, those who went looking found articles, posts, podcasts, and videos from those giving introductions and summaries of what the Alt Right is, what it stands for, and what it hopes to accomplish:

NPI’s 2016 conference and subsequent theatrics have given even more attention to the Alt Right than the Hillary did, but now instead of sending people to Jeff Deist to have it explained to them, search results will forever bring up video of people yelling “hail Trump” and giving Nazi salutes.

People will continue to move in our direction. It remains to be seen if the Alt Right is able to continue to function as an umbrella term for dissidents on the right as that dissidence fractures.

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