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The Beauty and the Beast - Gilad Atzmon vs. Rachel Riley
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In recent weeks Rachel Riley, a British TV celebrity, has tossed the Antisemitic slur in the direction of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach, Aaron Bastani, yours truly and others. In her first extended Ch 4 interview it became clear that Riley isn’t exactly an astute political philosopher. You can watch the entire Ch 4 interview here.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Britain, Israel Lobby 
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  1. ariadna says:

    Gilad’s criticism of Rachel Riley is not balanced at all. He never mentions anything positive about her like, for instance, the fact that she is pretty, has nice hair or that she — according to her interviewer– did pretty well as a presenter of some quiz shows and something he called “football coverage.”
    Instead Gilad focuses exclusively on the opinions she expresses, which are more than likely not even hers.

  2. @ariadna

    Are you praising him with faint damnation or just trying to be humorous?

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  3. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    Over time, Obama and his advisers came to believe that Netanyahu had been playing them, occasionally feigning interest in a two-state solution while expanding settlements in the West Bank, thus making the creation of a viable Palestinian state increasingly difficult to conceive. By Obama’s second term, his aides no longer bothered to mask their frustration with the Israelis. “They were never sincere in their commitment to peace,” Benjamin Rhodes, one of Obama’s closest foreign-policy advisers, told me. “They used us as cover, to make it look like they were in a peace process. They were running a play, killing time, waiting out the Administration.”

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  4. Riley is only half-Jewish, at most. She seems to have recently discovered anti-Semitism exists and it has blown her mind.

    Amongst the other people she has accused last week, were Noam Chomsky, the childrens’ writer Michael Rosen (both actually Jewish) and Stan “The Man” Collymore (an ex-footballer, and non-anti-Semite, needless to say).

    She also sicked a twitter mob onto some random 16 year old girl who mildy questioned her narrative.

    She is almost at Louise Mensche levels of derangement (Mensche nee Bagshaw is a shiksa, and once called out Theodore Herzl for anti-Semitism because he used the word “Zionist”).

    She seems to be a dupe of a influence op run via a twitter account called GnasherJew. The editor of the Jewish Chronicle also seems to be involved.

    Any doubts about it vanished when Theresa May deployed the anti-Semitism card today in her response to Corbyn. It was apropos of nothing.

    Clearly, Riley was deployed last week with this in mind.

    The Integrity Initiative seem to be a likely candidate to be involved in this farce.

  5. Gilad, I have nothing to add to your excellent commentary, because how could I? Great stuff, as always.

    Instead, I’m going to focus on something very superficial and humorous. Contrary to what many think, the many including several Jews and white nationalists (these two groups have a lot in common. Gilad, you have written about this brilliantly) refuse to believe that there are Jews with blond hair and blue eyes. On the contrary though, I have met and seen many jews of this description, but it has been a long time, since I now live in an area with few to no Jews. The funny thing about Ms. Riley is if you were to remove any indication that she is Jewish, she would be the dream girl for the David Duke and stormfront crowd. She’s not the first Jewish girl that this applies to. LOL. I’m not including Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer because they appear to have embraced the MGTOW philosophy.

    I remember having a discussion with a white nationalist on twitter about the origins of Jews. He seemed pretty convinced that they all fit a certain physical description. I mentioned Blond hair, Blue
    eyed (at least she looks that way to me) Scarlett Johansson to him. Apparently, he didn’t know she was Jewish. He then responded to me by saying Johannson’s a pseudo-Jew. I guess anyone who didn’t meet his pre-determined description of what a jew is supposed to look like couldn’t be a jew.

    Then, again, maybe he’s right about people Johannson. After all, the middle eastern origin of ashkenazi Jews is a hotly debated topic.

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  6. @jimmyriddle

    Mr. Riddle, can you please provide any information and/or links to back up your statement that Ms. Riley is “only half-Jewish, at most”? I’m not saying you are wrong. You very well may be right, but I would like to see the evidence that supports your statement. Thank you.

    • Replies: @jimmyriddle
  7. swamped says:

    “a lot of people are saying they don’t want Jews to exist”…sorry, couldn’t get past this point, had to turn it off, even though video’s apparently barely over seven minutes long, there’s no more point: this woman is obviously daft!(although it is TRUE that a lot of intelligent people – including quite a few Jews – don’t want Israel to exist) the best thing about this video has to be the host’s tie, hilarious!

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  8. It would be nice if she would just shut up and do math, but it seems to be fashionable to be a SJW these days. You can always turn the volume down and just admire the scenery.

  9. @anon

    ‘Over time, Obama and his advisers came to believe that Netanyahu had been playing them…’

    That sounds like something out of a Monty Python skit. How could anyone have any knowledge of Israel at all without almost immediately becoming aware of her utter dishonesty?

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
    , @Wally
  10. Unfortunately, some of the things she is saying are often used by Jews in America (who don’t seem to know what Zionism means or some of her other memes). She is exactly what her handlers want a her to be: pretty looking half Jewish girl who says lightweight stuff while this dim witted interviewer is creaming in his pants.

    Most of the idiots will focus on her beauty and believe some of her stuff because they aren’t really listening. It’s called the Bimbo Complex and it works very well. You have to admit the Jews are really a creative bunch…..they have all the bases covered.

    I just surprised that she didn’t sing Happy Birthday to Theresa May…since Kennedy is dead.

  11. @jimmyriddle

    She provides us with a magnificent view of Zionist politics … we should promote her work…

    • Replies: @Per/Norway
  12. @Pinche Perro

    You maybe right,,, however, a beauty expert commented on my FB page that Riley reminds her of Sarah Netanyahu,, it made me laugh… What Riley exposes in her reference to here ‘non jewish look’ is the biological orientation self identification that is so common amongst Ashkenazi Jews …

  13. @swamped

    Don’t blame the messenger 🙂

  14. @Gilad Atzmon

    Yes, but watch an episode or two of Countdown and you will see she is good with numbers … perhaps an idiot savant, albeit pretty.

  15. @Colin Wright

    No kidding. Either Ben Rhodes is being disingenuous here, or else he and his boss were the absolute most naïve people ever to enter the White House. Is anyone really capable of imagining Bibi Netanyahoo seriously wanting a viable two-state solution?

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  16. Mulegino1 says:

    Gilad is like my step-grandfather who said: “I’m married to a Baptist. I can’t act like a Jew anymore.”

    In all seriousness, the Jewish identity is centered around Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Word Incarnate. If you hate Him and want Him dead, you are a Jew. If you are indifferent to Him, you are an enigma. If you embrace Him, you are one of us and that is all that matters.

    Jesus is the point of contention and the pivot upon which the world swivels.

  17. @Pinche Perro

    She once said (on TV) something to the effect that her father was Irish Roman Catholic and her grandfather was Russian Jewish. Her upbringing was secular and from reading her rather unlettered tweets it’s obvious she is not part of any Jewish community. She breathlessly reports “discoveries” that cradle Jews would take for granted.

    Her latest boyfriend is a Russian ballroom dancer. So, maybe that awakened her interest in her Jewish roots.

    She isn’t a dunce – she studied physics at Oxford, but she is clueless about this stuff.

    • Replies: @Pinche Perro
  18. Wally says:
    @Colin Wright


    “Over time”, my ass.

  19. Wally says:

    Mental illness in Jews is well known, very obvious.

    The latest confirmation:

    ‘Scientists Discover Gene That Predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to Schizophrenia
    Variations of the DNST3 gene make Ashkenazi Jews 40 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia and similar diseases.’


    Does the strong Jew tendency towards mental illness assist in their ‘holocaust’ fantasies?

    • Replies: @bjondo
  20. bjondo says:

    DNST3, euphemism for the Torah.

    From a diseased belief system, diseased minds.
    Disease passed from generation to generation.


  21. @ariadna

    ” Gilad focuses exclusively on the opinions she expresses, which are more than likely not even hers”
    So??? She literally sells her position and ability to lie to the masses to the highest bidder and you try to tell G.A he is unfair?
    He is both civil and right in his vid, my thoughts when i heard her dribble was far less civilized tbh.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  22. @Digital Samizdat

    ‘…Is anyone really capable of imagining Bibi Netanyahoo seriously wanting a viable two-state solution?’

    Now, don’t exaggerate. I’d guess Netanyahu would be prepared to accord a substantial measure of autonomy to China.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  23. bjondo says:
    @Colin Wright

    would a very small headstone
    at the bottom of the atlantic
    count as a state?

    pretty sure
    benyammerin nuthinyahoo
    and the other diseased loons
    would agree to this bit
    for the ‘don’t exist’ palestinians.

  24. DFH says:

    Riley is only half-Jewish, at most. She seems to have recently discovered anti-Semitism exists and it has blown her mind.

    Sounds like the Jewess equivalent of Paul Nehlen

  25. (((Rachel Riley)))

    is an ethnic (ashkenaz) Jew in the maternal line, and

    (correctly) self-identifies as such:

  26. Altai says:

    First Stephen Fry, now her, the power of Jewish ethnocentrism seems to overpower any pretence of liberal ideals. It’s shocking. I genuinely think they don’t see it.

    Rachel Riley has no reason to have a personal stake in Israel she’s a millionaire celebrity in Britain with as far as I know, no connections to it. But apparently whatever level of Jewish ancestry she has is enough to trigger tribal feelings I don’t think she’d muster for England.

    These people acting like anti-Semetic stereotypes will create real anti-Semetism. The constant special pleading and double-standards. Not once have I heard the word ‘Palestinian’ in this debate.

  27. JamesinNM says:

    Read the Oded Yinon Plan, Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 compared to Romans 2:28-29, and content on International Community of Orthodox Jews web site NKUSA dot ORG. The truth can withstand honest scrutiny, but a lie cannot. You can dim the light of truth with a shade or hide it with a cover, but you cannot extinguish it. At the final judgement, the truth will be shouted from the rooftops, and all evil will suffer the second death.

  28. Blindlight says: • Website

    Wow, that’s really brave, a female celebrity condemning antisemitism! Really pushing the envelope of acceptability eh Rachel?
    Reality=anything Jews claim in the media. Conspiracy theorist is anyone who dares disagree. THAT’S also called terrorist behavior, not accepting their official story
    Like I said, really brave for a celebrity to champion Jews

  29. @Gilad Atzmon

    Gilad, I think she’s MUCH better looking than Netanyahu’s wife, a total pig. Don’t get me wrong. Ms. Riley is as dumb as a box of rocks, but she’s easy on the eyes.

  30. @jimmyriddle

    Fair enough. Thanks for the additional information. I read that her mother is Jewish, which according to the Jewish religion, which makes her Jewish. That said, the Jewish religion isn’t my religion, so what it says is true doesn’t mean crap to me. I’m just stating how the Jewish religion sees Ms. Riley, and she obviously agrees with it, even if she is a “secular Jew”.

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