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Israel, UK and Brexit
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Introduction by GA: The following is a translation of the last segment of an article in Ynet yesterday on Brexit. The article explains that: the Jewish State has located itself as post Brexit Britain’s gateway to the world: “Once out of the EU, Britain will have to sign separate trade agreements with each state, and Israel will be the first.” And that: “Israel has become Britain’s strategic ally.” And, of course, “the British government totally disregard the boycott campaign against Israel. On a political level, they boycotted the boycott.”

A few years ago we learned that back in 1982 Oded Yinon devised an Israeli ‘plan for the Middle East.’ The following Ynet’s segment provides us with a glimpse into the current ‘Israel’s plan for Britain.’

If you have been puzzled by the insane institutional campaign against Corbyn (BOD, Jewish Chronicle, CAA, etc.) the Ynet article raises the possibility that the campaign has not actually been about ‘antisemitism.’ It is more likely about shekles: Corbyn in Number Ten could easily interfere with ‘Israel’s plans for Britain.’ The Ynet article may also help Brits to understand the bipartisan forces that operate intensively to push Britain to break away from the EU. For some reason some of the staunch Israel supporters within the Government and in the Parliament are also pushing hard for Brexit. Ask yourself, do they do it for Britain, Brits and British national interests or are they, once again, serving the interests of that dark and oppressive foreign state.

The Brexit Hurricane,7340,L-5456081,00.html

“…It turns out that on some fronts the British began to prepare in advance. When it decided to withdraw from the European Union, Britain was even more enthusiastic about reaching agreements to sign bilateral trade agreements, this time not through the EU, but with countries around the world. The Brits saw the signing of these trade agreements as evidence of Britain’s steadfastness. Time and time again, British leaders, headed by Teresa May, said that “Britain can maximise its business and commercial potential beyond the EU as well.” Israel was one of the first stations in that campaign. Once out of the EU, Britain will have to sign such agreements with each state, and Israel will be the first.

In recent years, Israel has become Britain’s strategic ally. Innovation, technological, intelligence and cyber capabilities have made Israel one of the most popular potential partners in Britain. The volume of trade between the two countries rose to a record $ 11 billion last year, of which $ 5 billion was Israeli exports to Britain, and the rest was British imports to Israel. After the United States, Britain is the largest exporter to Israel, and trade relations span a wide range of fields – energy, pharmaceuticals, food and technology – and the British government’s total disregard of the boycott organizations against Israel. On the political level, they boycotted the boycott.


In the past year, teams of British and Israeli economic ministries have gathered to discuss bilateral trade agreements. They had to draft new agreements, since the current trade agreements between the two countries were within the framework of the European Union. Ohad Cohen, head of the Foreign Trade Department in the Ministry of Economics, who was in charge of the talks on the Israeli side, said that the British had entered talks with a simple task: to continue without unnecessary shocks, to repeat most of the clauses in the agreement that Israel signed with the EU in 1995.

“They came and said, ‘Whatever was, will be,'” Cohen said. “In other words, they wanted Israel to continue to trade with Britain on the same terms, with full customs exemptions, and to make very small changes to existing agreements, especially in quantities. Britain has named Israel as one of the first countries with which it wants to sign a bilateral agreement, and it is important for the British government to ensure that the commercial ties between the two countries are not harmed.”

According to Cohen, the negotiations were oblivious to the many changes that have stirred the British political system in the past year. The British did not arrive with any panic for the negotiations with Israel, not even when ministers resigned one by one and Theresa May’s government was crushed under the wheels of Brexit. “The only difference is that they were required to set up a unit that deals with trade agreements, which they did not have before, because before everything went through the EU institutions in Brussels,” says Cohen.

Thus, in the coming month a trade agreement between the two countries is supposed to be signed. After Israel, Britain expects to sign trade agreements with some 70 other countries, including its closest ally, the US. The agreement with the Americans is very important, because for a Brexit government this is a prestigious card and a proof that Britain can stand on its feet even outside the European Union…”

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Brexit, Britain, Israel 
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  1. Tyrion 2 says:

    Israel is first to support an independent UK, the independently-minded Hungary, Czechia, Italy, Poland etc, so according to Atzmon… they’re against European national self- determination. Bizarre.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  2. Tyrion 2 says:

    Also, Israel already has a trade agreement with the EU so they’re just showing the same support, but quickly.

  3. @Tyrion 2

    Jews play a double-game:

    outside Israhell, the Jews

    attack the Whites and their nations,

    while maintaining the Zionist occupation of Palestine

    as a bolthole in case

    they don’t get away with it.

    generally, hasbaras like Tyrion get $2.39 per comment, but

    at that rate

    he’s still overpaid.

    • Agree: neutral
    • Troll: Tyrion 2
  4. Ivan says:

    About the Israelis and their supposed talent in cybersecurity : It is similar to the local rogue locksmith offering to secure your house after he himself had picked the locks earlier. They are just lying thieves.

  5. Sean says:

    Britain has always had a close connection with America, it does not need Israel for that. The Jewish lobby is linked to brexit but in a different way than Gatzmon thinks. A lot of the impetus for the then LibDem / Conservative coalition led by PM David Cameron (former PR man for City bankers) to promise a referendum in the run up to the general election and then threaten he would lose it against the Brexiteers if concessions were not made was from venture capitalist in the City Of London who the French and Germans wanted to regulate, tax, and prevent over leveraging by.

    The aforementioned swashbuckling City figures resisting EU regulation were largely Jewish. Boris Johnson is mainly a representative of these interests. According to the EU president Donald Tusk , Cameron privately revealed he did not expect his conservative party to get a overall majority in the election and thought the LibDems would stop the Conservatives fro fulfilling their commitment to hold the referendum. In the event Camerons tough talk impressed the electorate (even though they were oblivious to the City’s concerns, being more worried about EU immigration into the industrial heartland of the Midlands.

    In the negotiations that took place before the UK’s referendum on continued EU membership, but before the referendum was actually held Cameron got everything he wanted on City freedom from EU regulation, but nothing on EU freedom of movement. The trouble was the EU had conceded on the wrong thing as far as the bulk of the British electorate were concerned because “north of Watford” the EU immigrants were having a real effect on the supply and demand for labour, and a significant proportion of Labour party supporters decided they had seem enough.

    Having given to the UK of the City of London financiers a carte blanch to leverage, the EU were did not a few trivial things on the welfare benefits EU immigrants could claim even though what the British were asking for was of limited duration. Some of the East European EU members (Poland and Czeckia) vetoed British welfare treating EU immigrants differently and so cameron went home with what he wanted, but not what those who had goiven him the overall majority were happy with. Hence, when it came to the referendum, working people voted against remaining in in far greater numbers than had been anticipated. Jewish intellectual are all remianians,, and are aghast at Brexit.

  6. bjondo [AKA "5 dancing shlomos"] says:

    parasites, bloodsuckers, ghouls
    always need allies

    smile and bend over.
    you still owe us
    for longshanks.

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