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Expose: the Labour Party Treats Palestinian Supporters as Mental Cases
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If you need further evidence that the Labour Party is a dark political force that doesn’t deserve the light of day, the following will supply the confirmation you need.

Mrs. Marianne Northam (74) joined the Labour Party so she could cast a vote in favour of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership as she believed him to be “a man with integrity and principles.”

As a true humanist of Left orientation, Mrs. Northam opposes bankers and is largely disgusted by Israel’s institutional racism and barbarism. It seems that such political inclinations are no longer welcome in Corbyn’s Labour Party. Mrs. Northam was informed by the Party that she was suspended and subject to investigation. She was warned not to share “the information she received from the Party identifying the name of the person who has made the complaint against her, any witnesses, the allegations and the names of Party staff dealing with the matter.” Mrs. Northam was threatened that if she failed to follow their instructions, “the Party reserves the right to take action to protect confidentiality, and you may be liable to disciplinary action for breach of the Party’s rules.”

In the official letter that the Party sends to its hundreds of suspended members, it advises the member to contact their GP to seek help for their mental condition. “You can contact your GP who can help you access support for your mental health and wellbeing.” As if opposing Israel, Jewish politics or banking is a matter of mental illness. And if you do not want to have the NHS involved, our ‘opposition’ party provides an alternative: “The Samaritans are available 24/7 – They offer a safe place for anyone to talk any time they like, in their own way – about whatever’s getting to them. Telephone 116 123.”

For those who do not know, The Samaritans is a registered charity aimed at providing emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, often through their telephone helpline.

Let us examine what Mrs. Northam did that earned her both a suspension from the Labour Partly and the ‘need’ for the support of mental health specialists.

The Labour Party questioned Mrs. Northam about some FB posts.

I watched the video. It is critical of one banking family and its vast influence. The video doesn’t refer to the Rothschilds as Jews or Semites. It produces an argument that deserves attention, discussion and maybe refutation. But this is hardly the approach taken by our so-called ‘opposition.’ Corbyn’s Labour is against all bankers except one specific family of oligarchs. Here is what the Labour inquisitor wrote to Mrs. Northam:

“Do you agree with the sentiments expressed in this video?

Do you recognise that the Rothschilds/New World Order is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory?”

Labour is supposed to be against prejudice. Simply on the basis of the above question the NEC (Labour’s National Executive Committee) Board must be suspended from the Labour Party for prejudice in favour of one Jewish banking family that is apparently beyond criticism.

Video: Watch Lord Rothschild Discusses How His Family Created Israel orchestrating the Balfour Declaration:

Mrs. Northam’s ultimate crime was being a FB friend of yours truly. It seems one wannabe musician named Steve Cooke was really upset by Mrs. Northam circulating my writing as the following screenshot provided by the Labour Party reveals:

Let’s examine what are my ‘antisemitic’ views:

Apparently Mrs. Northam posted to her FB page an article I wrote in 2013 titled, Holocaust Day Backfired. Labour’s inquisitor interrogates Mrs Northam as follows: “Do you agree with the comment in this article, ‘In the context of the Holocaust Memorial Day, the verdict is clear – the Israelis learned something in Auschwitz, but apparently not the most obvious ethical lesson.’

Do you agree with the comment in the article, ‘I guess that those British Jews who came to their senses probably realised by now that imposing a Holocaust Memorial Day on the British people was a grave mistake. However, I am delighted with this commemoration day. It is indeed a very special opportunity we should all cherish. Every year we will use this commemoration to remind Israel and its Lobby what we think of the Jewish State, its politics and its repellent operators in our midst.’

In a recent paper I provided a detailed explanation why the contemporary Left is dead in the water and why the Labour Party has been reduced into an assortment of those with limited intellectual and mental abilities. A person with a working brain would see that my comment argues that Israelis and Jews should demand that their Jewish State implement the universal moral of the Holocaust. I do often raise the question of how it is possible that Israel ethnically cleansed Palestine just three years after the liberation of Auschwitz. I ask, how is it possible that The Jewish State put into place racist immigration laws just 5 years after the defeat of Nazi Germany? I argue that the Jews should be amongst the first to apply the lesson of the Holocaust. Instead the Jewish state is, unfortunately, the most racist country in the world. And it enjoys the institutional support of Jews around the world as well as Corbyn’s Labour.

The Labour inquisitor writes to Mrs. Northam

“The Chakrabarti Report states:

  • ‘Excuse for, denial, approval or minimisation of the Holocaust and attempts to blur responsibility for it, have no place in the Labour Party’ Do you think your posts are against the spirit of this?
  • ‘Racial or religious tropes and stereotypes about any group of people should have no place in our modern Labour Party’ – Do you think your posts are against the spirit of this?”

I would like a Labour representative or Mrs. Chakrabarti herself (the next time she pays a visit to one of my concerts) to point to where the denial, approval or minimization of the Holocaust appears in my article. In fact, my argument relies on the opposite conclusion. I demand that Jews and Israelis be subject to scrutiny based on the moral lesson of the Holocaust. I guess that someone in the Labour’s NEC must believe that Jews and Israel are beyond criticism. Maybe before they preach to us about discrimination, they should look in the mirror.

The Labour inquisitor continues: “ Rule 2.I.8 in the Party’s rulebook states:

‘No member of the Party shall engage in conduct which in the opinion of the NEC is prejudicial, or in any act which in the opinion of the NEC is grossly detrimental to the Party.’”

This Kafkaesque statement alone provides ample reason for Mrs. Northam to show the Labour party the finger as by now every Brit should do. But I will address the Labour inquisitor’s question.


By rejecting the idea that the Jewish State apply the moral lesson of the Holocaust and by censuring such an ethical message as “detrimental to the party,” the Party is admitting that it is a discriminatory institution that is removed from universal ethical thinking. The Labour Party is now openly racist and should be dissolved immediately in accordance with its own anti prejudice rules!

The Labour inquisitor: “The Party’s Code of Conduct: Social Media Policy states that “treat all people with dignity and respect. This applies…..offline and online’ – Do you think the posts in this pack are consistent with this policy?”

And I answer, how is it disrespectful to demand that the Jewish State be subject to the same rules as anyone else? In fact, it is Zionist to the core, as Early Zionism promised to make Jews people like all others.

The Labour Party is institutionally bigoted. It discriminates in favour of a racist criminal state. It terrorises and harasses anyone who questions the criminal and genocidal conduct of that state. The Labour Party has little or nothing to do with Labour values let alone Left principles. It is a disgusting occupied body.

The Labour inquisitor ends his letter to Mrs. Northam: “Looking back at the evidence supplied with this letter, do you regret posting or sharing any of this content? Do you intend to post content of this nature in the future?”

It seems that Mrs. Northam has made up her mind. She has closed the door on this repellent compromised party, and every thinking Brit should follow her. The Labour Party in its current form is an authoritarian Israeli Hasbara unit. It may be the most dangerous party in Europe as it is deliberately endangers our most elementary human rights: The right to speak and think freely, the right to explore ethical and universal thinking and the need to criticize that which needs criticism.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Britain, Israel Lobby 
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  1. MarkU says:

    The Labour Party is institutionally bigoted. It discriminates in favour of a racist criminal state. It terrorises and harasses anyone who questions the criminal and genocidal conduct of that state. The Labour Party has little or nothing to do with Labour values let alone Left principles. It is a disgusting occupied body.

    I can’t disagree with very much in the article but it seems a little unfair to single out the Labour party in this way. The last time I checked there were 100 “Labour friends of Israel” out of the total of about 230 MP’s, whereas about 80% of the conservative party belongs to the “Conservative friends of Israel” The liberals also have a “friends of Israel” organisation. In total something like 2/3 of our parliament are in these organisations. I think it would be more accurate to describe our whole parliament as a “disgusting occupied body”, along with our media.

    One of the reasons that the Labour party is behaving in the extraordinary way described is that it is under constant attack from the media on the subject of “antisemitism”. “Antisemitism” with its ever widening definition is being used to delegitimise criticism of Israel and (along with PC culture generally) is being used to destroy free speech. The same situation exists in the US as most of you will know.

    This comment is NOT intended as a defence of the Labour party btw.

    • Replies: @Herald
  2. Ram says:

    Jeremy Corbyn has been politically castrated by the Judeo-Nazis. Anglo-Saxon voices have been silenced.

  3. anon[237] • Disclaimer says:

    He does however espouse anti-semitic views

    why are anti-semitic views any worse than say, anti-white views?

    • Replies: @MarkU
  4. Didn’t you know, according to latest Alex Jones conspiracy theory, its the “crypto muslims”. He has done the research, lol. Jones calls all doubters “leftist anti-semites” and mentally ill.
    The Jews in both camps are utterly nuts, and both call opposition to them mentally ill.

    Isn’t it kind of strange, one only hears on the “progressive left” and “the alt right” the same weaponized language? Common denominator, both jewish operations.

  5. MarkU says:

    why are anti-semitic views any worse than say, anti-white views?

    Because criticism of Israel or any Jewish person (except Gilad Atzmon or similar persons of course) however true or however mild, is pure concentrated evil of the most pernicious sort and indicates a desire to round up all Jewish people everywhere and put them in great big ovens, probably. Whereas, according to some people, it isn’t even possible to be racist against white people at all, and even if it was we probably deserve it because our genes are an abomination, or because some people in the past did some reprehensible things and they had the same colour skin as us.

    Any more questions?

  6. Out of curiosity, what is Ms. Northram’s solution for housing her money if not in a bank? Maybe, she has found a way to do her transactions in the non-evil BitCoin, which is supposedly more private, albeit all transactions are posted in indelible 0’s and 1’s in the BlockChain. That seems antithetical to privacy. But who are the serfs to question why? Yet, I would question the advertising value of indelible consumer data among other things.

    For an individual bank user, anti-banking rants are like railing against the oil industry for ransacking the environment with two SUVs — plus a couple of trendier, bumper-sticker-laden compact cars for each of the Woke kiddos — sitting in the driveway. The kiddos will drive those environmentally friendly cars until they acquire two family-friendly, absenteeism-friendly, crony-parent jobs per household, graduating to the dual-bigly-SUV stage of life. Those gas guzzlers are a practical matter: handy for the multiple, long, yearly, family-friendly road trips for above-firing parents, whereas the jet-fuel guzzlers in the sky are better for the environmentally Woke’s multiple vacation trips overseas.

    Except for the Fourth Amendment-crushing surveillance capitalism underlying all of the financial services and the top-80%er-take-it-all monetary policy, banking matters are more practical than political. Attempts to pin the blame on any one group seem lame given the ubiquity of users of banking services & banking jobs across social groups.

    I don’t live in NYC, so my idea of a banker is an affable Christian with a slight Southern accent. It’s not just an idea, either, since a lot of bankers were customers in the business that I formerly worked in. There were no Jews in the group, not one. Banking is just a practical matter of comfort and ease of use, plus the lack of a viable alternative. It’s not a racial or ethnic thing, or if it is, it’s demographic in a regional sense.

    But mental health pronouncements from armchair analysts of all kinds are just over-the-top. Too many underemployed Westerners have PSY degrees. Some of them have landed gigs in the media. That’s why every mass shooter is labeled as mentally ill on the spot. None are evil / all are mentally ill. And everyone who disagrees with this opinion is mentally ill if I say so.

    It is not just rude treatment by Ms. Northram’s party, but over diagnosis of mental cases society-wide. It has been going on since at the least the Eighties chat-show culture, which certainly did not target Muslims or supporters of Palestine, conflating mental health issues with political opinions however wrong or right they are. It wasn’t particularly Jewish in origin, either, but every disparate action or statement in the world is now labeled as some manifestation of a psychological disorder.

    There are different reasons for it, spanning from working-class, married parents who make a little too much money to qualify for the full platter of single-mom welfare treats—from reduced-cost housing, to free food, to monthly cash assistance, to free electricity, to up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credit cash. Non-eligible womb producers can sometimes parlay an ADHD diagnosis for their kid into a monthly SSI check that covers their small, unfashionable house note or rent.

    That’s a practical, opportunistic reason for embracing the over-diagnosis culture, as is a safe government job in some PSY-related field, especially in a market economy yeilding so few full-time jobs that pay enough to cover rent without being in the category of citizen / noncitizen who can afford to work part time by staying under the earned-income limits for multiple welfare programs in a single-breadwinner household with American-born kids.

    Part-time work with welfare and child tax credit-augmented wages in single-breadwinner, womb-productive households is one of the major factors undergirding the “booming” economy. This is a “booming” economy where female employment in the USA is at “historical highs,” but 95 million working-aged citizens are out of the labor force, not counting the 7 million recent Unemployment Compensation applicants who are counted as “unemployed” instead of as “out of the labor force” and the half of all “employed” people who work only part time.

    It is not surprising that so many groups are invested in hustling one mental health angle or another—either as unofficial mental health professionals or as mentally ill lite, seeking unearned income from government. In a part-time churn-job economy, where wages have not risen for 40 years unlike the skyrocketing rents, a mental health hustle is better than sleeping in their car or in some autocratic mom’s basement.

  7. Herald says:

    The Conservatives have totally sold out and are sinking fast in the Brexit fiasco. Hopefully they will disappear without trace.

    Labour’s 100 “friends” are overwhelmingly Blairite making them vehemently anti-Corbyn. No doubt about it, Labour is total write off for Palestinian justice and for any other good government.

    UK national politics are a complete and utter shambles and are getting worse, with no end in sight.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  8. MarkU says:

    I agree completely, even the damn Greens are at it now, they are buying into that PC “if you aren’t into mass immigration you must be a racist” nonsense. They are even buying the “Russian meddling” bullshit, the latter I suspect because it delegitimises the brexit vote. UKIP are out because Farage has left and Tommy Robinson is in. For the first time in my life I have no-one to vote for.

    • Replies: @Herald
  9. pB says:

    Gilbert Keith Chesterton:

    Symbolically speaking, the dirty misers who rule us
    will put us in a mad-house–unless we can put them there.

    Utopia of Usurers

  10. Herald says:

    For the first time in my life I have no-one to vote for.

    I gave up toyally on mainstream political parties, when Lord Levy’s man at Westminster the Rt Hon Tony Blair found a nice warm comfortable spot in George W’s trousers.

    Truth be told I had known for years that no major politician was worth the candle, but Blair’s disgusting brown nose was the final back breaker.

  11. Paul says:

    Follow the shekels!

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