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Anti-BDS Bill Defeated
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Some may be happy to learn that the US Senate didn’t pass the ‘anti BDS bill’ on Tuesday. But a look at the vote reveals that America’s politicians are fully removed from the American ethos of freedom. Fifty six mostly Republican Senators, just 4 shy of the 60 needed to pass the bill, voted to enact a law contrary to the Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech as granted by the 1st amendment. The defeated bill included a provision to allow states and local governments to punish Americans who boycott Israel. This was an astonishing and nearly successful attempt to legislate crude government interference with freedom of speech in its most protected form: political speech. The fact that such a bill made it to the floor of the Senate confirms that the American political establishment is an occupied zone committed to silencing opposition to Israel and its lobby.

Democrats did not necessarily oppose the anti BDS bill on first amendment grounds. Instead, most Senate Democrats have vowed to block all legislation in the Senate until it votes to end the government shutdown. Trump has closed the Federal government until Congress accedes to his demand for $5.7 billion to begin to erect an Israeli style ghetto wall on the Mexican border.

If the president is so desperate to defend America’s southern border, perhaps he should consider not giving military aid to Israel, even if just for two years. This would free $8 billion and give Trump enough cash to build his wall and then maybe he could invest the remaining $2.3 billion where it’s really needed: to make America great again.

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  1. Good news, for sure, but a close call.

  2. JC says:

    really the only reason it failed was for something else..the shutdown otherwise this congress would have proved to everyone that it is completely israel controlled…with US media completely on the side of a foreign country over US citizens rights…very few even knew what this bill was about…anyone that thinks israel is a good country go red mondoweiss and read about all the BS they pull on the Pals…just an example…Mother of Palestinian man killed by Israeli forces sentenced to 11 months in prison for ‘incitement’…….What goes through the head of soldiers, young Israelis, after they shoot an unarmed Palestinian teenager in the back with live ammunition, prevent him from getting medical treatment, move him around, putting him on the ground and then picking him up again – and chase away an ambulance at gunpoint? For 15 minutes, the Israel Defense Forces soldiers carried the dying Mahmoud Nakhle, pulling him by his hands and feet, it’s not clear why or where, before allowing him to be evacuated.

    • Replies: @Dave churbuck
  3. Biff says:

    I was one hoping it would pass lifting that pendulum higher and higher – as for free speech and constitutional rights; they’re dead in the water anyway.

  4. MarkinLA says:

    It only failed because it didn’t get cloture. That’s why it needed 60 votes. It would have passed if it had gotten cloture which is a vote to start debate and a vote to end debate. Sometimes a vote that ends up failing will get cloture to start debate and never get it to end it so a real vote won’t be taken.

    It had enough votes to pass, if not for cloture, this is the scary part.

    • Replies: @Wally
  5. lorien says:

    I think that the angle mostly forgotten on anti-BDS legislation is that it favors one religion over another. The entire foundation of our involvement with Israel is that a few very powerful people really, really want to go to heaven. They actually believe that by showing support of Israel, land of the chosen people, that they will get a pass through the pearly gates if they can show that they really meant to support those chosen people.

    The 1st Amendment doesn’t just prohibit establishment of a state sponsored religion, it also prohibits favoring one religion over another. *All* of our support of Israel does just that – it favors Christianity and Judaism over all others.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
    • Disagree: apollonian
    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  6. Al Moanee says:

    “I’m not objecting: but if that concentration of the cunningest brains in the world were going to be made in a free country, I think it would be politic to stop it. It will not be well to let the race find out its strength. For if the horses knew theirs, we should never ride again”.

    Mark Twain, in 1898, when asked about the first Zionist Congress just convened in Basel, Switzerland

  7. Svigor says:

    Jews or Freedom; pick one.

    • Agree: apollonian
    • Replies: @WTF
  8. guitarzan says:

    Will they bring this bill up again after a government restart?

    • Replies: @RobinG
  9. @Al Moanee

    Great quote. Do you have a citation?

    • Replies: @pogohere
    , @Al Moanee
  10. Anon[225] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews do everything to destroy White America, but GOP, the ‘white party’, suck up to Jewish Power like a bunch of whores.

  11. RudyM says:

    The first Senate bill of this Congress was the anti-BDS bill. Meanwhile, in the House, the Democrats are pushing HR.1, a bill which includes various clauses which would make it easier for non-citizens to vote in the United States. Glad that Congress has its priorities in order.

  12. This big hokey vaudeville routine is being performed purely to divert your attention from the fact that an obscure functionary at State DRL or DoD could turn off aid to those Israeli scumbags like a faucet.

  13. Wally says:

    The elephant is still in the room.

    Talk about representation without taxation, “that shitty little country” is it.

    Israel’s $38 Billion Scam, Bibi wants more and Congress might deliver,/b>

    Discussion here:
    The very 1st Bill of US Congress for 2019, you guessed it, gives 38 Billion $$ more to Israel :

  14. @JC

    The world now knows of the genocide and multilation of children by israel upon
    palestine and koows that the same fate awaits the rest of the world that israel wants.
    Governments are the painful death of the world aided by their fake religions.
    IF, you have not figured out how to live with a failed predatory government.
    I would strongly suggest you get to it before your stomach eats what little
    is left of your Spine. See,

  15. more dog-and-pony show from the DC branch of the ZOG:

    26 states have already passed and gubnors-signed anti-BD&S,

    12 others will soon do so. Then the rest.

    In Texas (see: Christian Zionists) you literally have to sign a pledge-of-allegiance to Israhell to do business with the state or get/retain public employment.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  16. pogohere says: • Website
    @David Bauer

    So far:

    Never the Twain Shall Meet

    Theodor Herzl and American humorist Samuel Clemens crossed paths more than once, with unexpected consequences.

  17. Al Moanee says:
    @David Bauer

    Mark Twain: Concerning The Jews, Harper’s Magazine, March, 1898.


    • Replies: @niceland
  18. RobinG says:

    I got a notice that they were bringing it up again on Friday (Jan.10). Don’t know the result of that.

  19. And, yet, 26 States already have their own versions of BDS laws — including some that require individuals working in or for government agencies having to sign ‘loyalty to israel’ oaths — or they don’t get their jobs. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas in ’17, companies trying to claim disaster relief had to sign these same oaths or forfeit receiving any disaster relief from the Texas State government.

    We’re nowhere near out of the woods that requires us to kiss the asses of these israeli and other jewish monsters …

  20. niceland says:
    @Al Moanee

    Thanks for this link. This is the funniest article I have read in months. Informative as well.

  21. @Al Moanee

    Thanks for that. I’ve read a lot of Twain, a long time ago, but never ran across the piece from which that quote originates. The whole thing is worth a read, however. I wonder what Twain would say, if he were alive today, about the honesty, industry, morality, and weakness of political power of those who now claim to be Jews.

    Also from his piece,

    In the cotton States, after the war, the simple and ignorant negroes made the crops for the white planter on shares. The Jew came down in force, set up shop on the plantation, supplied all the negro’s wants on credit, and at the end of the season was proprietor of the negro’s share of the present crop and of part of his share of the next one. Before long, the whites detested the Jew, and it is doubtful if the negro loved him.

    The Jew is being legislated out of Russia. The reason is not concealed. The movement was instituted because the Christian peasant and villager stood no chance against his commercial abilities. He was always ready to lend money on a crop, and sell vodka and other necessaries of life on credit while the crop was growing. When settlement day came he owned the crop; and next year or year after he owned the farm, like Joseph.

    -Mark Twain, Concerning The Jews, Harper’s Magazine, March, 1898

    As we’ve been told by a now absent “genius,” and all around know-it-all, “debt is good.” Yeah, it sure is!

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  22. @lorien

    The amendment in question denies the right of the federal government to establish a religion. It does not bar people of faith from being a part of government, expressing their views, voting based on their faith, it does not bar students from meeting on campus to share their faith, have religious clubs, wear items expressing their faith, etc.

    And while the description of Israel to faith has some salience on this question, I think it fails to address, the secular continuing theme that the rhetoric concerning jewish treatment during WWII remains a constant as the signature example of national genocide — whether one thinks its myth or not —

    It remains a powerful vehicle for eliciting support for Jews and Israel — with a soft touch.

    It is disconcerting that such legislation could be considered and worse that the vote was that close for any reason.

  23. @Dave churbuck

    OK, I took the bait and went to the site.

    After scrolling down a bit, I found this bit of utter ignorance from some speech.:

    Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and had gone to war. Millions have been killed because of this obedience.
    We recognize this for Nazi Germany. We know that the problem there was obedience. That the people obeyed Hitler.

    Goofy ideas like that not only make people look stupid, but show that they are worse than ignorant, they’re brainwashed, and not worth listening to. The dude is parroting nearly century old war propaganda and thinks he knows what he’s spouting off about.

    “… this entire myth, so prevalent then and even now about Hitler, and about the Japanese, is a tissue of fallacies from beginning to end. Every plank in this nightmare evidence is either completely untrue or not entirely the truth.
    If people should learn this intellectual fraud about Hitler’s Germany, then they will begin to ask questions, and searching questions…”

    Murray Rothbard, Revisionism for Our Time
    Mr. Rothbard was an American Jew and an historian of the very highest caliber.

  24. @jacques sheete

    So now we have to tear down all the Mark Twain statues now?

    • LOL: niceland
  25. Renoman says:

    Israel is America’s ball and chain. They were fools to ever begin to support them as they now pretty much control the Country.

  26. Read the book “Beyond Democracy” You will begin to understand that we no longer live in a Country with Liberty.
    The JIG is up and the joke is on you. Now Laugh.

  27. Read the book “Beyond Democracy” We no longer have a Country with Liberty.
    Remember the USS Liberty. Remember the dead and injured. Theirs your liberty.

  28. These anti-BDS laws are a good reason to support BDS!

  29. JamesinNM says:

    Full on BDS!

    Eliminate all foreign aid.

  30. lavoisier says: • Website

    If there was only one reason to boycott Israel it is legislation like this.


    But how does one boycott the whores in Congress who vote for such obviously unconstitutional laws?

    Better yet, how does one hold these whores accountable for their crimes against the citizens of the United States of America???

  31. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Haxo Angmark

    In Texas (see: Christian Zionists) you literally have to sign a pledge-of-allegiance to Israhell to do business with the state or get/retain public employment.

    In Texas?????

    What the hell has happened to the lone star state??

    • Replies: @Anon
  32. Anon[336] • Disclaimer says:

    Texas is run premillenialst protestants, which makes them Christian Zionist by default when not in zealous action (some being more vocal supporters of Israel).

    Premillenialism, at its root, is essentially the predicted timing coordination of a Christian belief in a coming golden age of sorts, in which Christ will reign, with the Jewish belief in their Messianic period in which the Jewish Messiah will reign.

    In other words it aligns, in time, Christian beliefs with Jewish belief in a coming golden age. Of course, at least in theory, the two religions disagree as to who will rule at that time. Many of the premillenialists even believe that Jews will be killed en masse, which is actually also what the Jews believe if they are taking their Tanakh seriously. Though, the end accounting for the Jews is that everyone else will perish except a remainder of Jews.

    Prior to premillenialism, which seems to have been invented in the 19th century, virtually every Christian denomination was amillinelialist.

    Amillenialism is the belief that the existence of Christianity, from its inception, marked the messianic period.

    For amillenialists, any possible Jewish Messianic period in the future would have marked the end of the Christian messianic period (in Catholic terms, the end of the world) and the beginning of a highly dystopic period.

    The consequences of premillenialism is that large groups of Christians support Israel because its existence is he harbinger of their messianic period to come. The reality is that they are merely supporting a Jewish march toward the conditions that the Jews need to meet to make their messianic period a reality. One of those last conditions being the genocide of most if not all Christians (long identified as Edom by the Jews, Edom being genocided in Jewish scripture). Though, I suspect that many of those Christian Zionists will convert to full-on Jew worship and submit to Noachide laws if and when the time comes.

    The reality of the situation is that premillenailism is a completely new Judaizing reform that essentially just turns Christians into heretical supporters of the Jewish state, for a predicted result that most likely will not come for them. However, that being the case and Texans being rather strong willed as well as religious, this support is apparently now codified at least in-part.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  33. lavoisier says: • Website

    A melding of the fanatical with the fanatics.

  34. WTF says:

    You are either very ignorant, stupid or both of those things. Or maybe just a troll?

    Israelis, Jews, Zionists are not all the same. You obviously havent stopped wearing a nappy.

    Noone likes your pathetic racism.

    Grow T F Up!

    • Disagree: apollonian
  35. Too close for comfort.
    Little Marco is such a POS.
    I didn’t know anything about this and I’m sure that 99% of the
    American people had no info about this.
    Up to me, Israel would get NOTHING.

  36. @WTF

    ‘…Israelis, Jews, Zionists are not all the same…’

    They’re close enough. Anyone who identifies as an ‘Israeli’ is almost necessarily a Zionist, and in my experience, while many or perhaps even most Jews want a ‘nice’ Israel, they still want an Israel.

    Let’s review. A Zionist is someone who supports a Jewish state in Palestine. If you support the continued existence of Israel, you’re a Zionist.

  37. Gyre07 says:

    It looks like it’s going to pass at some point, but it also looks like everybody is going to ignore the illegal law as a big “F_ck You” to the same people who try to shove this pile of heresy down the American People’s throats. Passing visibly unconstitutional and unenforceable laws isn’t just bad public policy, it’s a form of treason. But the schmucks on Capitol Hill are going to have to figure that out for themselves, quite possibly the hard way.

  38. @Dave churbuck

    I suggest looking at this channel on YouTube where the subject for discussion is the operationalized philosophy of the West under Natural Law (given the name “Propertarianism”). We must remove the (((parasites))). And their (((crime base))) must be turned to glass….

  39. @WTF

    If (((you))) are one of (((them))), (((you))) are not us….I don’t have the time or the inclination to be so calculating in favor of mercy or favor to (((your))) group when ALL of your most influential (((tribal leaders))) want the extermination of my people…..if there EVER is going to be peace between our peoples, the (((good ones))) must reign in their leaders….Maybe appoint a person from this group the Neturei-Karta ( who seem to get on some level how fucking sick we Western people are of being parasitized and destroyed to negotiate peace….but, my patience and that of MANY MANY MANY others is 99.999% exhausted….the RAGE at this violation of reciprocal fair dealing when BOTH of my fucking grandfathers fought against the NAzis and now I live in a society so fucking sick and disgusting I can barely take care of my own progeny….WOW. The fucking GALL. FUCK YOU ALL. You show us no respect, and offer no reciprocity. And, as a group (and God judges all nations as nations) you deserve a fiery chastisement…..God told Noah that next time he would destroy his people he would not come with flood but with FIRE. I pray for Thor to provide that FIRE.

    • Replies: @HdC
  40. HdC says:

    Do you conclude that, perhaps, your grandfathers, and the US as a whole, “gored the wrong pig ie. fought on the wrong side of WWI and WWII???

    Methinks that if sufficient people are able to answer a resounding YES to the foregoing query, it would go a long way in their understanding of what is happening now politically: Bigger and bigger lies required to cover up the lies of yesterday, yesteryear, yesterdecade… HdC

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  41. anarchyst says:

    It takes approximately 80 to 100 years for “historical records” to finally lose their “winner’s bias” and to become somewhat historically accurate, at least most of the time.
    Most 20th-century accusations against the “losers” of these historical events are now losing their “sting”.
    Calling a person a “Nazi”, “racist”, “white supremacist” and other formerly derogatory terms no longer has the negative connotation that the “winners” desire.
    WW1, WW2, the so-called jewish holohoax (oops, I mean “holocaust”) and other 20th-century historical events are losing their “winner’s bias”; the real truth is finally coming out.
    The same thing is occurring with the (failed) American “civil-rights” movement of the 1950s and 1960s as the leftist jewish manipulation of blacks is finally being recognized for what it was–as a communist-run massive societal destabilization scheme.
    Even the 9-11 WTC attacks are being questioned as to who was behind them and the methods used to bring the buildings down. Hint: It wasn’t Saudi Arabia…
    The one saving grace of this “outing” of the TRUTH is that the 20th-century “manipulators” of history are finally being exposed for what they are, and they have no power to “shut it down”.
    The internet plays a large part. Those who want to maintain the “status-quo”, keeping the ordinary citizenry in the dark are having a more difficult time as the internet makes it possible to bypass the “filters” that the powers that be used to control.
    When it comes to conspiracy theories, calling someone a “conspiracy theorist” used to be a political or social “death sentence”. Not any more.
    As an aside, being around during the Kennedy assassination, I took it upon myself to read the official “Warren Report”. Even at a tender young age, I thought to myself “what a crock of sh!t”…

  42. Esthera says:

    Thoughtful and kind people, I implore you! If you actually are an anti-Semite, you do the BDS movement no favors by spreading your hate in writing–please refrain! This is a humanitarian effort based on the purist form of dissent, seeking justice in the face of powerful entities who continue to oppress people they don’t like. It seems those forces are also very active, and successfully so, in eroding our constitutional rights, such as demonstrated by this galling (and why not say it, “unAmerican”) Senate bill. If the BDS activists are seen as unhinged bigots by the mainstream, then it’s over. As it is, the corporate media have completely ignored this story. If you stopped any ten people on the street, it’s likely that, at best, only one of them will have any idea that this is going on. Why the reality of Americans being forced to sign an oath to a foreign power is not front and center on our media discourse is extremely troubling. Don’t delegitimization the movement by being an asshole! It will come back to bite you.

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