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Why Don't More Latinos Live in St. Louis?
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Dear Mexican: There are less than 3% Latinos in the St. Louis area, and less than 4% of St. Louisans are immigrants. This is very, very, low, and it actually makes St. Louis look pretty bad. Why does everyone here feel like they have a say in the illegal immigration discussion?

Gaga for Gibson

Dear Gabacho: It gets worse than what you wrote. Out of the 25 biggest metropolitan areas in the United States, St. Louis is the only one with a Latino population than five percent—and the latest info from the American Community Survey clocks in the Gateway City at a whopping 2.9 percent. I could fit more Mexicans in the cab of my ’79 Ford Ranger than there are in St. Louis. The easy answer is to presume that the city is muy racist, but it’s also home to the largest Bosnian Serb population in the world outside of the Balkans—and most are Muslims. But it’s easier than that: St. Louis is just a bit over four hours away from Chicago, the ciudad with the second-largest Mexican community in the United States after Chicago, a community with roots that go back nearly 125 years. Nothing against the Lou, but why would Mexicans stay in the Jalostotitlán of the Midwest when they can move to the Jerez?

Why is it that people in this country seem to think that randomly sprinkling accent marks over something makes it Spanish, rather than realizing that an accent mark marks an accent? Right after reading your column, my eyes fell on an ad for a restaurant serving “authentic Mexican food,” including “mole.” ¿Qué cosa? Sounds like a cross between comida poblana and a bull fight!

Diacritical Diana

Dear Gabacho: You know what’s the weirdest thing about this phenomenon? How gabachos will put a tilde over “habanero” to incorrectly turn it into “habañero” yet always neglect the tilde in “jalapeño” and turn it into “jalapeno.” And then when they pronounce their mistakes! “Habañero” in an American accent to to the Mexican ear sounds like someone who likes restrooms, while “jalapeno” sounds like someone who likes to pull pitos. But it’s not a surprise that gabachos do such butchering—according to English, only French is worthy of proper diacritics, while the rest of the world’s language can go jala pene.

I’m from Bent, New Mexico (no kidding, and no pun intended), and my dilemma lies in my own idea for a performance piece. To simultaneously transcend all cultural AND sexual borders, I will be in blackface, lip-synching (flawlessly) a rather vocally challenging Sarah Vaughan song, draped in my evening gown consisting of nothing more than the Mexican flag itself. (And plastic, gold high-heels, of course). As political correctness goes, I understand that it’s oka for a black person to perform in blackface, but is it OK for this brown “mexicana hombre” to go so far? And garbed in the Mexican flag? Will I be offending or enlightening?

Pina (insert “tilde”) Culera

Dear Pochx: Do it in the American flag, and Hollywood will give you an overall deal—just ask Carlos Mencia.


Ask the Mexican at [email protected], be his fan on Facebook, follow him on Twitter @gustavoarellano or follow him on Instagram @gustavo_arellano!

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  1. fitzGetty says:

    … do they have those — as in Rochdale, Oxford, Rotherham, etc etc — rape gangs in St Louis where preteen non moslem local girls are terrorised without apparent sanction ? For incomers, its apparently often an entitlement…

  2. Dons Boys says:

    Ever been to St.Louis? I wouldn’t want to live there. Its one of my least favorite cities. It doesn’t top that list, but its in the top 10. I sometimes travel through there, and I’m always happy when that city is behind me. I wouldn’t be happy at all if life forced me to live in St.Louis.

    • Replies: @Wally
  3. Wally says:
    @Dons Boys

    No doubt you prefer the murder capital of Chicago.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Father O'Hara
  4. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    What the hell is wrong with you? You’re just picking a fight. This guy said nothing to you and said nothing about Chicago. You have a real problem.

  5. “and it actually makes St. Louis look pretty bad”

    WTF does that even mean? seriously what are you trying to say cause I don’t get it.

  6. @Anon

    “and said nothing about Chicago”

    St. Louis is just a bit over four hours away from Chicago, the ciudad with the second-largest Mexican community in the United States after Chicago, a community with roots that go back nearly 125 years. Nothing against the Lou, but why would Mexicans stay in the Jalostotitlán of the Midwest when they can move to the Jerez?

    • Replies: @bucky
  7. The last question was pretty funny.

  8. @Anon

    There’s a lot of hate and contention around here lately, more than I’ve personally witnessed before. Everybody seems on edge.

    It gets pretty old but what can you do?

  9. Wally says:

    How dumb can you get? Obviously, very.

    Chicago is mentioned in the article, that guy said plenty about St Louis in comparison.

    Do try to catch up.

  10. bucky says:

    I’m pretty sure he meant to say the Los Angeles has the most Mexicans in the US and this is a typo.

    • Replies: @Logan
  11. Well Los Angeles ain’t exactly an American city after all. Not really. It, along with the rest of California, Arizona, New Mexico Nevada, and half of Texas, was “annexed” into the US from Mexico.

    • Replies: @Logan
    , @interesting
    , @Texan1
  12. Logan says:

    “the largest Bosnian Serb population in the world outside of the Balkans—and most are Muslims.”

    Darn unlikely. Ethnic identity in the former Yugoslavia, including Bosnia, is pretty thoroughly identified with religion. Orthodox are Serbs, Catholics are Croats, and Muslims are often considered Bosniaks. For instance, in the most recent Serbian census, 0.04% of those who claim to be Serbs are Muslim.

    This is of course an oversimplification, but that a majority of those who identify as Serbs in St. Louis are Muslims is about as unlikely as anything I can imagine.

  13. Logan says:

    Chicago is probably fourth in number of Mexicans in US metro areas. After LA, Houston and Riverside-San Bernardino. Or it might be tied with Dallas.

  14. Logan says:
    @Carroll Price

    These areas were (very vaguely) part of Mexico for 27 years. There were a very few actual Mexicans in parts of CA and NM. The rest of the area almost none. These states have been (tightly) part of the USA since 1848. Isn’t there a statute of limitations for prior claims?

    I find it fascinating that the Mexican claim to “ownership” is based entirely on Spanish colonial claims and that those who make this argument are thus implicitly admitting the legitimacy of European colonial claims.

    Also, ALL of Texas was once part of Mexico.

    BTW, why the scare quotes around “annexed?” You can deny the legitimacy of the annexation, but not that it happened.

    • Replies: @Hrw-500
  15. Hrw-500 says:

    Also, part of the original territory of Louisiana was part of “New Spain” from 1762 to 1802 when it was retroceeded to France who sold it later to the United States.

    Could you imagine what if Spain didn’t retroceeded Louisiana to France? It would been a interesting thread for “alternate history”. 😉

  16. @Carroll Price

    That is not really true. I just read that remains of a population were discovered and they were 15,000 years old so it is their land and mexico stole it from them.

    So who decides which year is year 1 for land ownership… me? Mexico?

    AND I find it odd that a country that speaks a European language can claim ownership to any land if America can’t……….

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  17. @interesting

    From a purely logical standpoint you are correct, but from a humanist standpoint you are incorrect. If you are not already working for the United States government, give it a try. They love people like you. You’d fit right in.

    • Replies: @interesting
  18. Back in the nineties I went to St. Louis for annual four day sales meetings. I got to know a lot of White Mid-Westerners there, including some cops and a couple of Blacks. Whites in St. Louis have flat run out of fucks to give (as a result of Negro Fatigue Syndrome) for any new non-white diversity and it is quite obvious.

  19. fnn says:

    The Dimmycrats must be right about those Roosians:

    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – A mob of angry Mexicans attacked a Russian man in the Caribbean resort of Cancun with sticks and rocks over his repeated insults against locals, and the 42-year-old man was accused of fatally stabbing a youth in the melee, authorities said on Saturday.

    Police rescued the Russian, identified as Aleksei Makeev, after the crowd stormed his apartment on Friday night, said Guillermo Brahms, secretary general of Benito Juarez municipality, which encompasses Cancun.

    Blurry footage of the attack circulated widely on Mexican media on Saturday. In one clip, assailants can be heard shouting “You’re going to die” and “I’m going to cut your head off” as they closed in on the Russian.

    The incident began when a group of people confronted Makeev over his disparaging comments toward locals, many of which he videotaped and posted online.

    Makeev stabbed a youth who got into his apartment, prompting the mob to grow and the violence to escalate, Brahms said.

    The youth later died of his injuries. Makeev, who was taken to hospital for treatment, is being held there under protective custody, the official said.

    Authorities said Makeev made videos of himself insulting people in public places in Russian, English and Spanish. In some, he spoke against a backdrop of swastikas.

  20. @Carroll Price

    “You’d fit right in”

    Was that supposed some sort of back handed insult? Obviously you don’t have a clue about who I am.

    And also……”From a purely logical standpoint you are correct, but from a humanist standpoint you are incorrect”………so okay, do what liberals do, suspend logic and reason and use your “feelings” to make decisions…….facepalm.

  21. countenance says: • Website

    Because Hispanic/Latino immigrants go to prosperous places.

    Of which St. Louis is not one.

  22. […] Gustavo Arellano, writing for Ron Unz’s “Ask a Mexican” column: […]

  23. Texan1 says:
    @Carroll Price

    “… half of Texas, was “annexed” into the US from Mexico.”

    You might look up the Republic of Texas.

  24. @Wally

    We have classier niggers!

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