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Why Does My Chicana Friend Say She's Oppressed?
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Dear Mexican: I have a Chicana friend who comes from an upper-middle class family, goes to a prestigious PhD program and has never had to take out student loans or work a real job, but she is constantly complaining about how “oppressed” she is. Examples she gives are seemingly trivial things, such as not being called on in class, a professor being mean to her one time, and not feeling “emotionally safe.” She even said I my questioning her micro-aggression stories was itself a micro-aggression! I don’t know what to make of it—hanging out with her is hard because I have to walk on eggshells constantly. I know Chicanos and Chicanas who come from objectively worse circumstances and have had way harder lives than she has, yet don’t act like the world is against them. Does she have a victim mentality?

Gringo Blanco

Dear Gabacho: We’ve got a name for people like that in Mexican Spanish—fresas. Strawberries, because they bruise easily. Okay, so the Mexican doesn’t know the actual etymology of the snobbish meaning of fresa, but makes sense, ¿qué no? Racism against Mexicans does exist in doctoral programs nationwide, and we shouldn’t assume that raza in rarified worlds don’t feel discrimination’s sting (just ask George P. Bush). But it seems like your pal, to use the old baseball phrase, was born on third base and go through life thinking she hit un triple. Tell her to work a day as a strawberry picker to know what the hard life really is. That said, Mexicans who suffer real shit and don’t complain aren’t somehow better than llorones—we’re Mexicans in a racist society, after all, not Jesus pinche Christ. And even He cried on the cross.


I am currently incarcerated, and have a one-year subscription to a newspaper that carries your column. I am Chicano, and I’m a fan of your column. I just want to ask you a couple serious questions and I hope you can personally respond back. I’ve been reading up on Mexican history and I’m a little confused. So my first question is why did the Texas Revolution start in 1836 between Mexicans and Anglos? Secondly, how did the Battle of Texas lead to the Mexican-American War?

Pinto en La Pinta

Dear Homie in Prison: I usually don’t answer two preguntas in one shot, but I’ll make an exception for the homies in Chino. Besides, the answer is muy easy. The Texas Revolution started because Americans hate Mexicans. And the Mexican-American War happened because Americans hate Mexicans. And now you know why Donald Trump rescinded DACA. Oh, and #fucktrump.



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Ask the Mexican at [email protected], be his fan on Facebook, follow him on Twitter @gustavoarellano or follow him on Instagram @gustavo_arellano!

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  1. Señor Gustavo Arellano is a great stylist. One might not agree with his conclusions; yet, we all fall under the spell of his brioso cadences.

  2. Thirdeye says:

    Gustavo blew it on three counts.

    1. Mexicans are not a race. Conquistador Mexicans are on top of the racial divide in Mexico just as they are when they come to the USA. But that doesn’t stop them from donning the Mexican hat to make a claim on oppressed status. The Latin political establishments in the American west are dominated by the Conquistador race (LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa et al).

    2. Upper levels of academia are eager to promote promising advanced degree candidates with other than Euro-American backgrounds.

    3. At least as many Mexicans as Americans were participants in the Texas Rebellion. It was the opening battle in what would become the Mexican Revolution. American settlers sided with the Tejano rebels against the feudal lords of Mexico. They did form two distinct factions that differed over the path of the rebellion. The Americans favored secession. Mexicans favored carrying the rebellion into Mexico proper to foster a revolution.

  3. bjondo says:

    The Chicana hanging around with Jew princesses. And maybe some Jew princes.

  4. jim jones says:

    I am English, I worked as a strawberry picker while at University

    • Replies: @LauraMR
  5. WJ says:

    I rarely read this tripe on UNZ but it is a good reminder as to why Mexico is such a miserable dunghole. Perpetual victimhood coupled with a low IQ plagues the Mexican immigrant community on either side of the border. Pobre Mexicans. Go wave the flag of Mexico in Mexico.

  6. That said, Mexicans who suffer real shit and don’t complain aren’t somehow better than llorones—we’re Mexicans in a racist society, after all, not Jesus pinche Christ.

    Do you mean that Mexico isn’t a racist society? As far as I can tell, racial prejudice is pretty much universal. The idea that America is somehow uniquely racist is itself racist.

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
  7. By the way, don’t ever become a history teacher.

    The gringos wanted the land, they didn’t care much about the Mexicans. For that matter, the Indian tribes and the few Mexicans living in those territories cared little for the Mexican government (not that they thought better of the American government). As Mexico had held the land for less than twenty years and had done virtually nothing to develop it, and the territories were thinly populated by people who felt little or no loyalty to Mexico, Mexico’s claim to the land was tenuous to begin with.

    If you stopped thinking of history almost exclusively in terms of race, you’d be much less of a bigot.

  8. All non-Wasps, worldwide, have been brain-washed into viewing themselves as dis-enfranchised “Victims”, and no outside attempt to change their mind will be successful.
    This is all part of the global anti-white war, waged by same ” progressive” assholes who are tearing at DT 24/7.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army Vet, and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Wally
  9. “we’re Mexicans in a racist society”

    I AM SO MOTHER FUCKING SICK OF THIS SHIT. Then why are you fucking here? Take your ass somewhere else then asshole.


  10. Wally says:

    ” Racism against Mexicans does exist in doctoral programs nationwide”

    There is no proof for that whatsoever.

  11. Wally says:

    Faux ‘refugees’ don’t come here to work and improve themselves, they come here for the free ride they can get by claiming they are victims.

    They are generally unemployable at anything beyond the most basic tasks, and are too stupid to work productively in a modern society.

    The left loves them though, because they will vote for the left.

  12. Thirdeye says:
    @The Plutonium Kid

    Mexico is at least as racist as the US. The Conquistador race that dominates the Mexican upper classes and the imagery of Univision looks down on the Mestizos and Chicanos.

  13. LauraMR says:
    @jim jones

    Do report back.

    Who did you meet on your worldly travels?

  14. Jeff77450 says:

    Gustavo, I have frequently felt negative emotions towards you, e.g. anger & outrage. Today for the first time I feel disappointed in you. You know darn well that the Texas Revolution and the war with Mexico didn’t occur because Anglos hate Mexicans. I explained the Texas Revolution in some detail here a couple of months ago. When America invaded Canada in 1812 was it because American Anglos hated Canadians? No, of course not. The Texas Revolution was mainly about the government of Mexico changing the terms, to include the Constitution of 1824, with the people, both Anglo and Mexican, without their input or consent. The main reason for the invasions of Canada and Mexico was arguably greed.

    According to one source the number of Mexicans in Texas and the Mexican Cession in 1848 was ~80,000. The maximum rate that a population can increase each year is 3%. 80,000 increasing at a rate of 3% for 169 years is 11,818,968. According to Wikipedia there were 57,470,287 Latinos in America as of 2016. (Wild guess on my part: At least 30,000,000 are here because of illegal immigration). So despite all the “oppression” crybaby nonsense the majority of Latinos are here because they, their parents and other ancestors *chose* to be here. So how bad can it be? If you think there’s a better deal outside of America I say *go* for it. You won’t be missed.

  15. We do NOT hate Mexicans. We view Hispanics as warm,vibrant,colorful band,him,vibrant..OK we hate your lousy guts!

  16. IvyMike says:

    The Americans who came to Texas never considered themselves as anything other than Americans, just as the English who came to the New World never thought of themselves as anything but English. My ancestors in Texas weren’t about to take orders from Mexico, especially after the Mexican Constitution abolished slavery. It was more disdain than hatred that powered the revolt, the hatred was born in the slaughters committed by both sides. Texas did not join the U.S. after the war because the divide over slavery that ended with Secession was already paralyzing the American political process.
    I don’t think the 1848 war started because Americans hate Mexicans, truth is the American Army was mortified by the real hatred the Texas volunteers had for Mexicans. Don’t talk to me about gringos on the West Coast hating Mexicans, my Texas brothers have a long history of true hatred of the Mexican. Like when Cesar Chavez showed up in the valley to unionize farm workers and the Texas Rangers took him out on a country road and showed him a noose. One of the 1st books I read in Mexican (it ain’t in Spanish) is El Diablo en Texas by Aristeo Brito. Great stuff.#fucktrump

  17. “The Texas Revolution started because Americans hate Mexicans. And the Mexican-American War happened because Americans hate Mexicans.”

    Glib, but shows que our escritor es ignorant as dirt about history. The Texas revolution began in the cotton growing areas of East Texas, where the gringos from the EEUU depended on slave labor. The revolution began because the government of Mexico outlawed slavery. Muy antes de la indispensable nation.

    • Replies: @LauraMR
    , @Texan1
  18. MarkinLA says:

    prestigious PhD program

    Chicano Studies is not a prestigious degree.

  19. LauraMR says:
    @Anne Frank

    There were other issues but, yes, slavery was a key one.

  20. Why Does My Chicana Friend Say She’s Oppressed?

    Because the American leaders of diversity say she’s oppressed by Gringos and that she should demand reparations in the form of entitlements from the US federal government.

    Here’s a sampling of current federal government entitlements for Latinos:

    1. Government enforced Affirmative Action for Latinos and Hispanics
    2. Government 8A set-aside contracts for Latino and Hispanic owned businesses
    3. Violent Latino criminal organizations operate freely in public (La Raza , MS-13, Latin Kings, etc )
    4. Slavish government support for historically Latino colleges and Latino scholarship programs
    5. Politically partisan Latino churches and associations granted tax exempt status
    6. Most Latino children’s welfare financed by US taxpayers
    7. Government anti-discrimination laws enforcement biased for Latinos
    8. Federal hate speech crime prosecutions biased in favor of Latinos, and other protected groups
    9. Preferential immigration, asylum, and citizenship for Latinos
    10. Disproportionate number of Latinos in cushy federal government employment
    11. Latino voters not required to display govt issued photo ID to vote in public elections
    12.Latino civil right organizations financed and led by filthy rich Diversity leaders
    13. Unbelievably stupid and biased Latino members of the US congress (Luis Gutierrez, Tom Perez, etc)
    14. Latino dominated cities and colleges bailed out by county, state and federal taxpayer
    15. Latino history month
    16. Ridiculous Latino studies in public schools and colleges
    17. Banks forced by the fedgov to give loans to Latinos with bad credit
    18. Latinos go unprosecuted for hoax hate crimes
    19. Latino Hispanic Caucus in the US congress
    20. Sanctuary cities allowed for illegal alien Latinos and Hispanics
    21. Latino and Hispanic only organizations allowed by law, white-only organizations outlawed
    22. Feds assist Latinos to extort money and concessions from local city tax payers
    23. White Privilege nonsense taught in public schools and universities.
    24. Latino and Hispanic scholarships allowed in public colleges, white scholarships are illegal and demonized.
    25. Lowered academic and performance standards for Latinos and other protected class people in public service jobs
    26. Federal government coerces private businesses to implement Latino diversity policies, or else suffer federal prosecution, denial of tax breaks and business licenses, and denial of federal contracts.
    27. Latinos and Hispanics receive government sponsored grants to attend college, white Christian people get primarily loans.
    28. Frequent federal interference in local government prosecution of violent Latino criminals
    29 Blanket amnesty and citizenship for illegal Latinos
    30. Illegal alien Latinos employed in government jobs and public schools and colleges
    31. Illegal alien Latinos enticed to join US military in exchange for fast track US citizenship
    32. Illegal alien Latinos allowed to vote in US public office elections

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  21. Texan1 says:

    The Texas Revolution started because Americans hate Mexicans. And the Mexican-American War happened because Americans hate Mexicans. And now you know why Donald Trump rescinded DACA. Oh, and #fucktrump.

    Some of the Mexican professors I studied with would have laughed in your face.

  22. Texan1 says:
    @Anne Frank

    … The [Texas] revolution began because the government of Mexico outlawed slavery…

    Study about the battle of Gonzales… the citizens refused to surrender their cannon.

  23. Pete22 says:

    Eh… I think that the anecdote in regard to the upper-middle class Mexican complaining about oppression deserves a bit further explanation.

    To wit, this woman has learned to employ rent seeking, justified by her brown skin, to gain as many unearned privileges as possible and because she has been encouraged to do so by the system.

    She’s essentially complaining to the public, the government, universities, the world, and god that she wasn’t born white and she is further implying that this omission by god is the largest personal injustice conceivable to her.

    To that I would say that there are no significant number of white people in Mexico stopping Mexicans from creating the next Harvard, significant space program, from doing paradigm changing research, or from making their nation nicer than Spain (compared for heat). They simply have to be better than Western European White People and all of her racial justice problems will then evaporate as she supposedly experiences them.

    So, what is there to complain about other than what is essentially an invalid whine to “give us your civilization”?

  24. “I have a Chicana friend who comes from an upper-middle class family, goes to a prestigious PhD program…”

    There’s your answer: she has marinated for at least six years in White Genocide Grievance Studies. She’s been taught, both by the (((gaystream))) media and University, that White people are awful and deserve death or at least enslavement. Plus men, even Mexican men, don’t pursue her like they do the White girls at University and she’s been taught that in and of itself is undeserved White Privilege.

    She is stewing in an environment of toxic hate. Working-class people don’t spend four-plus years in such a hate-filled environment, so they turn out better than little miss Chicana X.

  25. @Joe Franklin

    She feels oppressed because she can’t get a good boning by a bolillo.

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