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Why Do Salvadorans Hate Mexicans?
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Dear Mexican: I need to know why do salvatruchas think they are superior to every Mexican and Guatemalan in every way? I go to a community college in the San Fernando Valley that is infested with them, and the way they portray Mexicans to other people makes me angry. Sometimes, I would like to tell them about what bad and nasty crap they have done since the urban terrorist organization, MS-13 has destroyed the Hispanic community even worse. Now some of us Mexicans are leaving places and migrating to other parts of Southern California. I know that some police at the southern border of Mexico have treated Salvadorans like shit, but that is no reason for them to chingar con los Mexicans’ reputation. It’s hard enough with some of the prejudices we mojados confront every day, but to have another Hispanic culture mess it up any more? Tell me what is wrong with those guys?

Mixed Mexican of Sherman Oaks

Dear Pocho: Do you realize you just wrote for me a Mad Libs of assimilation that people can apply to any successful immigrant group in America ever? I’m ever-grateful! Here, lemme show you:

I need to know why do (newest immigrant group) think they are superior to every (assimilated ethnic group) and (another assimilated ethnic group) in every way? I go to a (workplace or business) in the (old municipal stronghold of assimilated ethnic group) that is infested with (newest immigrant group), and the way they portray (assimilated ethnic group) to other people makes me angry. Sometimes I would like to tell them about what bad and nasty crap they have done since the (gang or national movement associated with newest immigrant group) has destroyed the (assimilated ethnic group) community even worse. Now some of us (assimilated ethnic group) are leaving places and migrating to other parts of (suburbs of old municipal stronghold of assimilated ethnic group). I know that (some situation involving assimilated ethnic group) have treated (newest immigrant group) like shit, but that is no reason for them to chingar con los (assimilated ethnic group) reputation. It’s hard enough with some of the prejudices we (former derogatory nickname for assimilated ethnic group that they appropriated and now use as a term of endearment for each other—but woe to anyone else who uses it) confront every day, but to have another (newest immigrant group) mess it up any more? Tell me what is wrong with those guys?

So, to recap: Salvadorans hate Mexicans because we hated Salvadorans, just like Irish hate Italians because Italians hated the Irish. How about we break that cycle? This Mexican did!



I went to a Mexican birthday party at my neighbor’s house a few weeks ago for their daughter who just turned six years old. I was surprised when I was the only guest who bought her a toy. All she got was a bunch of clothes. I don’t know any white six-year-olds that would WANT clothes for their birthday. What’s up with that?

Confused in Texas

Dear Gabacho: No kids of any culture want clothes as a regalo, period. But Mexican adults know niños grow super-fast, so they give ropa as presents to help others with the cost of living. This custom ends with adolescence, when people start giving Mexican teens condoms—or rather, they should…


Ask the Mexican at [email protected], be his fan on Facebook, follow him on Twitter @gustavoarellano or follow him on Instagram @gustavo_arellano!

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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Salvadorans hate Mexicans because 80% of their women. Get raped on their way to America. I love how Mexicans love to downplay that. It ruins their whole victimization angle.

    • Replies: @in the middle
  2. Twinkie says:

    I need to know why do salvatruchas think they are superior to every Mexican and Guatemalan in every way?

    See for yourself:

    Specifically, look at Table 2: Assimilation by Country of Origin, 2010-2011, p. 18

    Mexico: Composite 2010 (14), 2011 (15); Economic 2010 (64), 2011 (65); Cultural 2010 (55), 2011 (55); Civic 2010 (24), 2011 (25)

    El Salvador: Composite (16), (17); Economic (67), (68); Cultural (58), (59); Civic (28), (30)

    For whatever reasons (probably slightly better selection), Salvadorans in the U.S. assimilate at slightly higher rates than Mexicans do. Of course, neither group should feel all that grand about itself – with the exception of Guatemalans, they display the lowest rates of assimilation among the ten major immigrant groups in the U.S. (see Figure 9 on p. 10).

  3. Truth says:

    LOL, MS-13 was actually created to protect Salvadorians from getting shaken down by Mexican gangs.

  4. True story: my dad was hospitalized at Eisenhower Medical Center in Palm Desert back in 1999 for pneumonia. In the room next door was a Hispanic woman, very ill, with lots of family members gathered around her bed all very upset and conversing loudly in Spanish.

    My dad’s pulmonologist, a middle aged man who spoke with a slight Middle Eastern accent (Syrian perhaps) remarked to me “what is wrong with these people? They do not understand that they cannot bring the whole country of Mexico to the hospital!”

    I turned to my brother and said “how about that? Nobody likes foreigners, not even (or maybe especially) not other foreigners!”

    • Replies: @SFG
  5. Except that Mexican loves to shit on white people, so that Mexican is lying when he said he broke the cycle.

    Trump, build the goddamn wall now and make it cut off California from the US as well.

    • Replies: @in the middle
  6. MarkinLA says:

    Why Do Salvadorans Hate Mexicans?

    Why ask why? Why not ask why not?

  7. “assimilated ethnic group” I fucking laughed out loud at that…….and then there’s this

    “This Mexican did!”

    And my response was a facepalm……….hey jackass, I don’t still call myself Irish you dumb fuck……do you know why moron??

    CAUSE I AM ASSIMILATED…….I am an American and yet you still wanna call yourself Mexican.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
    , @in the middle
  8. killey says: • Website

    Why Do Salvadorans Hate Mexicans plz ans me fast plzz

  9. @interesting

    CAUSE I AM ASSIMILATED…….I am an American and yet you still wanna call yourself Mexican.

  10. @Anonymous

    That sounds like hating whites because white cops shoot people all the time. Nothing to do with ‘Mexicans’ raping Salvadorean women. If Salvadoreans were smart, would understand that even Mexicans hate the criminals doing the raping. Rapists don’t care if you are Salvadorean or Chilean, or Brazilian etc. They prey on people heading on their way north, regardless of who you are. Once I traveled in a bus from Jalisco to Nogales, and in the way the bus was stopped by who knows what, supposedly police, or immigration agents., They made all the males to get out of the bus, and all were robbed, except me when they saw me and realized that I was American. Most guys were regular Mexicans heading north, with about five or six non Mexicans. They don’t care! who you are, they just rob you regardless. I have hear several stories of people robbed at gun point heading south during the holiday seasons. They take their vehicles, and a few times even kill the travelers, so what is not to like in Mexico? A government that cannot keep secure the roads at night, etc. So travel at your own risk, Salvadorean or not.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  11. @John Smith.

    Oh no! If he builds that wall, then how are Salvadoreans and the rest get to Calif? That is a horrible idea! Just kidding.

  12. @interesting

    Most people who are ashamed of their ancestry refused to recognize their ancestry. I know several Irishman who are proud of their ancestry. Of course the Brits assured the Irish assimilation way back, didn’t they? So, no, most Irish friends of mine, speak English, not Gaelic by they way. So Irish, English, Ausies, etc. don’t assimilate, nor do Canadians; no need for it. They are the same English speaking people. Would a Spaniard assimilate in say, Cuba? or Argentina?

    So next time don’t be dumb and make some sense,

  13. SFG says:
    @Sgt. Joe Friday

    Sure, assimilated foreigners figure ‘hey, I go to another country, I’m supposed to act like the people in the country’.

  14. Tony says:

    What about the fact that ricans hate dominicans and vica cersa.

  15. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @in the middle

    Hey there my Mexican friend. :)

    That was such a poor example, surely you can do better than that. People can and do hate white cops if white cops are constantly gunning down someone from your race.

    This is human nature. And while you seem to imply from your “white cops shooting people” example that this is just a case of Mexicans raping women all the time and if the women happen to be Salvadoran those silly people shouldn’t take it too personal.

    The reality is that people tend to hate others who constantly pick on them and yes rape them.

    80% of these Central American women are getting raped by Mexican men. This is not just by chance, these women are being targetted. Unless Mexicans are just that rapey to begin with.

    All the more reason to build the wall and keep your kind out.

  16. Salvadorians hate Mexicans because until quite recently, most Salvadorian Immigrants, (at least the ones I know personally, which is just a few family members) actually had to do paperwork, and prove their worth before they were allowed here. They were people of noble origin, who had a formal education or money to pay for them, they were not the cholo rapists and dirt farmers pouring into the Southwest today. (Okay, the miscreants who founded Mara Salvatrucha, were rapefugees, and would never have started MS-13 if we refused them access to America.)

    They hate Mexicans because they are often mistaken for Mexicans by gringos. Most Mexican Immigrants in the Southwest (save Gustavo, and some of my friends, no just Gustavo) are the trashy, low iq people, white people have to deal with everyday, and many of them are tired of it. El Salvador only has MS13 (and they have allied themselves with plenty of Mexican Gangs over the years) Mexico, has Las Zetas, the Sinaloa cartel, the Jalisco Cartel, and plenty of others, but having Las Zetas alone, would single out Mexico as one of the worst countries in Latin America, if not the world, in terms of criminality. If Americans didn’t let the worst people in, maybe the right-wing death squads back at home, would be able to deal with the gang problems, rather than outsource them. Some crazy president has even offered to help out, or so I have heard.


    El Kan Westfaliano

  17. Dramanice says: • Website

    wao this is awesome

    • Replies: @001
  18. 001 says:

    I appreciate the history lessons as I learned a few things on here, one thing I also learned is how ignorant people sound.

    We are all people trying to survive day to day with a smile on our faces but with so many misunderstandings and uneducated people trying to always base their personal opinion it makes it hard.

    At the end of the day I have no hate towards ANYONE as I believe that it’s in everyone’s duty under higher power who created us to respect one and other no mater your ethnicity, color etc…

    I would disclose what ethnicity I am but I would just be judged and profiled so when I ever introduce my self to someone, it’s always just by my first and last name.

    Don’t get it twisted, I’m very proud of where I come from and wouldn’t change it for the world but with so may racist and judge metal peopel, i’m better of saying don’t worry where I’m from.

    For the people that hate- stop hating and maybe your life’s would get better, ever tried that?!

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