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Why Do Mexican-Americans Support Illegals?
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Dear Mexican: The Mexican-American community is the most adversely affected by the influx of illegals. Only the politicians have any gain from lumping all Hispanics into the Latino category. Are proud, hardworking Mexican-Americans actually willing to continually diminish their own children’s American future purely to facilitate the radical Chicano politician’s dream of a fearful, disjointed, Third World California? So far, the racist Chicano politicians are succeeding at making fools of the Mexican-American community. Where is the outrage? The Mexican-Americans I know are exemplary parents. Since when did the community at large cease to feel an obligation to its own children?

My Best Friend is Brown

Dear Gabacho: Of course Mexican-Americans are the community most affected by undocumented folks. They’re our primos y tíos deported by the migra, as well as the parents of young children left without mami or papi. Their hard work shames us pochos into working harder; their resourcefulness while living in this country leads to hilarious Mexican memes that get turned into listicles by the kids over at Buzzfeed and More importantly, illegal immigrants are a constant reminder to our kids of any number of Biblical verses—do unto others this, strangers in a strange land eso—that keep us in check, our culture strong, and ensure we don’t turn into amoral assholes like ustedes Know Nothings.


Your column is typically about culture, society, love, life, and death. But I want to ask about something more important—beer. Why is Mexican beer bland? Most of the beer in Mexico is a variant of a light European lager. Sure, not all beers are that way. But why doesn’t the beer follow the vibrant foods of Mexico? Is beer just a liquid to wash down interesting food? A palate cleaner, like a flavored water? Is beer a gateway to stronger drinks like mezcal?

Cerveza Sammy

Dear Gabacho: The Mexican has never favored beer, probably because he drank too much of it as a four-year old y me dió asco. But I know enough to tell usted that nearly all the major Mexican beer brands are lagers because of the German, Czech, and Austrian migrants who founded brands such as Tecate, Negra Modelo and Bohemia (what—you thought it was named after the last Aztec emperor?). I also know enough to turn an aficionado like you onto Mexico’s burgeoning microbrewery scene in Baja California, where I’m sure you can find stouts, IPAs, and red ales worthy of Pliny the Younger. Finally, my cerveza knowledge is such that I know once-regional Mexican brands are now invading el Norte to capture gabacho dollars—Victoria started a mass ad campaign some years back, and Montejo (a golden lager most popular in Yucatán) just made its American debut. But what do I know? I’m just a humble mezcal borracho, after all….


Ask the Mexican at [email protected], be his fan on Facebook, follow him on Twitter @gustavoarellano or follow him on Instagram @gustavo_arellano!

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  1. J1234 says:

    I felt like I should leave a comment. You receive so few.

    So…….how ’bout this weather?

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Of course, illegal immigration from Mexico doesn’t harm Mexico, (they get rid of their unemployed surplus and get remittances sent back home) but America is supposed to cheerfully endure it.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    i always read this guy just to see how over the top his racism of whites can get….and you never disappoint bro.

  4. It is strange that Unz let’s him spew this ethnic nationalism given Unz’s oft bandied concerns about the rise of white nationalism. Kind of makes you wonder if the ranting against neo-cons isn’t just a smoke screen.

  5. Dr. Atl says:

    @ Jimmy: So…….how ’bout this weather?

    Pretty normal down here.

    And I, too, can’t wait ’til Unz drops this racist.

    Ask why legal immigrants from Mexico support illegal immigration, and you’re called a “Know Nothing Asshole.”

    That’s better than about two weeks ago, when he labeled a questioner much worse, but, in Spanish.

    Gustavo: por qué no te vas a la verga, culero?

  6. Illegals are criminals, you lying sack of shit.

    Illegals come here to take our money, but like all your parasite countrymen, they hate us, they hate our country, they hate our laws and customs, you lying sack of shit.

    If they stopped and thought about the fact that their customs and laws and work ethic turned their country into an ocean of shit, while our very different customs, laws, and work ethic turned our country into a place rich enough to be worth parasitizing, they might learn something — but they’re too lazy and stupid for that, you lying sack of shit.

    I’m willing to believe that recently arrived welfare parasites are less lazy than the ones who’ve been sucking my blood for a generation, but that’s a pretty low bar to clear, isn’t it, you lying sack of shit?

    If Mexicans weren’t lazy stupid peasants, they’d have a country worth staying home in, you lying sack of shit. But they are, so they come up here to beg for handouts from their betters — who they hate.

    You lying sack of shit, if all you parasitic pigs hate us and our country so much, why should we let you in? You’ll never be Americans. You don’t even want to be. You can’t even comprehend the idea of an honest and competent government, or an honest election. My grandparents came here because they thought it was a great country, and Ireland was an ocean of shit. They wanted to be Americans. It was still a mistake to let the Irish in, but at least they’re willing to be loyal when they get here.

    If your dirty little pigsty of a country is so much better than ours, why not stay home? If you love the Zetas so much, why didn’t you stick around to enjoy their ambiance?

    When you take such pride in being a parasitic sack of shit, does it ever occur to you to wonder how a man would feel about being a creature like you? Or is that over your head?

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  7. Ron Unz says:
    @Lars Grobian

    Although harsh criticism is perfectly fine, comments with too much profanity relative to their substantive content may be rejected, and commenters should keep this in mind.

  8. Easy. They love it when Uncle Samantha takes money away from white people by force and redistributes it to the brownfolk in exchange for voting Democrap, and they want all their brown brothers and sisters around the world to experience the joy of armed robbery by proxy in exchange for votes. Most mexicans, including the author of this blog, hate white people, and so they love it when whites have their possessions stolen from them at gunpoint and handed over to the mexicans.

  9. I don’t understand why Mr. Unz allows this avowed anti-white racist to publish his hate speech on this site. Shouldn’t this brown supremacist be working for Slate or Politico or some other white-hating publication?

  10. Drain52 says:

    Of course Mexican-Americans favor illegal Mexican immigrants. Blood is always thicker than good sense.

  11. athEIst says:

    comments with too much profanity relative to their substantive content may be rejected,

    Yeah, there was a lot of rage-induced profanity.
    There was plenty of substantive content.
    Thanks for letting it get posted and Thank You Raul Flamingo for saying what needed to be said.

  12. The answer is tribalism. Viva la raaaaaazzzzaaaaa!

  13. In multicultural countries, there is a tendency for people to vote against their economic benefit and for their race or ethnicity. 100 percent of the votes went to Obama in some non white Philadelphia precincts. In Alabama, white voters have a tendency to vote much more uniformly than other states. I think in time, white voters will vote in a similar manner as many non whites do now.
    It is only a matter of time before we have white La Raza groups and white al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons. I doubt if the Ford foundation and the US Government will be donating to the white groups though as they do now to La Raza and other anti white Latino supremacist groups. The day is coming when the USA becomes a fully balkanized tribal society, the better to allow the billionaire American in name only open border globalists that have been pushing multiculturalism down our throats, to pick us clean.

    Whenever I hear people, as Mr Arrelano did in his written response, start claiming biblical permission or forgiveness for the current illegal anti American immigrant invasion, I am reminded of those who have also used the Bible and a strong sense of morality to present an opposing view.

    Sessions: No Scriptural Basis For Idea That U.S. Can’t Enforce Its Immigration Laws

    Illegal immigration is immoral says Catholic Father Bascio

    Personally, I like Mexico and many of the Mexicans I have met and worked with. Mexico has a wonderful immigration system and laws and enforces them well. it is a criminal offense in Mexico for foreigners to get involved in their politics, unlike what Mexicans do here. In addition, Mexico has a keen sense of obligation to its working class and guards their southern border much better than we do. Finally, the Mexican immigration system admits very little immigration, as we once did, and also gives preference to those immigrants coming from Spain, not because they are racist, but because those from Spain would assimilate the easiest and share a common history, culture, language, values, morals and ethnicity. We also once did the same. Mexico has much to teach us about what good things we have abandoned and need to reintroduce.

  14. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Just saw some photos of the author, Gustavo. He suffers from gay face, or at least he’s exceedingly wimpy looking. Gustavo hates white people because all the pretty white girls would never give him any lovin’.

  15. I love that Ron Unz who publishes Derbyshire also provides a forum for Garellano.

    Thanx Ron – way to go on energizing that $15 minimum wage too. No more Wel Fare for Wal Mart !

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Illegal Mexicans arrive in the US “strangers in a strange land.” Really?

    Anyone try talking English in McAllen Texas or LA lately?

    All illegal Mexicans arrive in the US with a support network of friends and family already in place. They direct them to the employers who hire illegals and the apartment complexes that allow 19 in a one bedroom.

    Oye, Güerito Racist, this is why Asians look down on you!

  17. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Arellano used to be somewhat amusing, but if I were Ron Unz I’d really be asking myself why I am giving this guy a forum. Calling the readers of this site (or LA Weekly, which also carries this column) amoral asshole know-nothings is the sort of stuff you expect from the proprietors of Voz de Aztlan or any number of equally loony websites.

  18. Calogero says:

    The actual Native Americans also hated the savage Aztecs who murdered their way into what they now call erroneously “Aztlan”.

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