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Why Are Mexican Bands So Large and Loud?
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Dear Mexican: I’m reading the redneck rhetoric in your most recent column, and I feel retarded to continually be surprised by the hate guised as nationalism that so easily flows from mouths of these degenerates. At least we don’t have to worry about that “nice” stereotype like the Canadians. Isn’t it possible that no one wants to make taxpayers out of all of the illegals because this would entitle them to minimum wage? I agree that if you’re going to enjoy the benefits of this country, you should maintain your culture, but also become a legal American citizen. But can we afford to actually pay full price for the labor foundation that we currently enjoy at such a discount?

Dr. W

Dear Gabacho: Interesting punto! Gabachos don’t want undocumented Mexicans to become American citizens because they’re Mexicans, and they really feel that once we become the majority, we’ll rip out their hearts, wrap them in bacon, and serve them as a breakfast burrito. And they also want us to remain perpetual peons, even if making us legal brings more money to the American economy. A 2013 paper by the Center for American Progress found that if undocumented immigrants were granted legal status and the possibility of citizenship that year, the United States’ gross domestic product “would grow by an additional $1.4 trillion cumulatively over the 10 years between 2013 and 2022.” Not only that, but analysts Robert Lynch and Patrick Oakford forecast the creation of 203,000 jobs per year in that time frame with amnesty. On the other hand, if said undocumenteds only got legal status in 2013 but weren’t eligible for citizenship for a decade, the GDP would grow by a relatively modest $832 billion. That’s more of an economic stimulus package than Trump could ever possibly conjure up—but since gabachos hate truth nowadays, the prospect of amnesty long ago went the way of the Paris climate accords.


I’ve been to a number of Mexican-sponsored events that include the typical banda, those bands with forty members and every instrument known to man. My question is why do those grupos bring such enormous speakers? For a party taking place in a backyard or a room that fits no more than 50, they’ll bring speakers large enough for a stadium. And since we’re on the subject of bandas, why do they have so many friggin’ people in them anyway?

Split Eardrums, but Happy


Dear Gabacho: The more speakers any Mexican band use, the angrier gabachos will get. This isn’t rocket science, pendejo.
Why is it that if you call anybody from Latin America that’s not from Mexico a Mexican, they get mad? But everybody from Latin America calls any white person a gringo, no matter if they are Canadian, English, German, French, etc. It seems to me that Latin Americans want to be called by their country of origin but don’t give a crap about a white person’s country of origin. Would this be racism or prejudice?

Gringo Greg

Dear Gabacho: Because a “gringo” is technically a white foreigner regardless of country. Besides, spare me: you gabachos call us “illegals” even if our families have lived in Aztlán since your ancestors were dying of the Black Death.


Ask the Mexican at [email protected], be his fan on Facebook, follow him on Twitter @gustavoarellano or follow him on Instagram @gustavo_arellano!

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  1. “A 2013 paper by the Center for American Progress found that if undocumented immigrants were granted legal status and the possibility of citizenship that year, the United States’ gross domestic product “would grow by an additional $1.4 trillion cumulatively over the 10 years between 2013 and 2022.”*

    Yawn. IOW, $140 billion a year.

    To put that in proper context, the annual revenues of one company by itself, Walmart, is three times that amount. If Walmart went away tomorrow, no one would notice, except for the people who were employed by Walmart.

    By the same token, remove millions of low wage illegal workers from the economy and what most people would probably notice is that (a) they’re paying $1.25 for a head of lettuce instead of 99 cents, and (b) the freeways, schools, and hospitals are suddenly less crowded and resemble a first world country again.

    * P.S. Citing the Center for American Progress as if it is a non-partisan, down-the-middle resource is like running to the SPLC for data on so-called hate. It’s a leftist think tank that has an axe to grind.

    • Replies: @Wally
  2. Why did my parents work so hard to come in legally if you can just come in illegally and get amnesty?

  3. Why Are Mexican Bands So Large and Loud?

    To drown out the fact that they are no good.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  4. To Mr. Paul Craig Roberts: Thank you for your article of June 8th on “The American Catastrophe”. It is up to your usual high standards.

    May I point out one inconsistency in your position? You don’t like that the Leftoids, with their absurd pretension that there is a “right not to be offended” by others’ speech, want to restrict the First Amendment rights of everyone else so that they can continue to dwell in their cocoons of inflated self-regard. It’s their intellectual “safe space”, which keeps them roped into their little playpen.

    Do you do the same thing by disabling your comments section? Fred Reed, bless his ornery old soul, is ex-military and can take a few rounds of “incoming” without fouling his trousers. There are some stupid and ill-bred commentators at this website. Please consider emulating Fred Reed and all the other columnists who, enjoying the privilege of being on this site, take advantage of Ron Unz’s hospitality to speak their minds freely. They then extend this hospitality to all others — including crackpots. Are you ready for Marine boot camp, or would you rather keep the bullies out of your sandbox?

  5. Problem #1: No a day every body gets offended by any silly thing. My neighbor is a Vietnam vet, and man he speaks his mind. He does not give a cr*p if people get offended and for sure they do. As a sideline, when i was in Saudi during the gulf war, guys from Arkansas and Kentucky, spoke freely about how their grand parents hanged blacks in the old days. Also spoke freely about their prejudice against certain races, and told jokes about anything, except when a minority was present. So did minorities spoke about Euro-Americans freely when they were not present, etc. Every one has its prejudices, but hide their heads in the sand when confronted. I can give a darn about prejudices, as long as it does not get personal, and or violent. The problem when we do it for the sole purpose of offending or hurting some one, then I have a problem. But don’t kid your selves, we have our own prejudice, and or dislike for certain people. I hate the Vietnamese language, when they speak it in my presence. So that makes me racist? well, so be it.

  6. Gustavo Arellano is so boring with his made-up letters. I think he’s just taking up space here at

  7. @Priss Factor

    Spot on. However some Gringos and Tejanos do a pretty good yob (musicianship wise) of cultural appropriation. (a whole lot better yob than the two WSJW Tortilleras from Portlandia who had to shut down their roach coach)

  8. Medvedev says:

    “would grow by an additional $1.4 trillion cumulatively over the 10 years between 2013 and 2022.”

    The utter stupidity of the Center for American Progress just amazes me. Ah, who am I kidding, they’re just spewing propaganda.
    What matters is the quality of life and well-being of your citizens. Luxembourg has less then a million people, yet enjoys one of the highest standards of living and based on GDP per capita twice as rich compared to US. And India on the other hand, having 1326 million people doesn’t make life of an average Indian better.

    What I can tell you for sure, they will become a net drain on society and generate more debt. Take Pew Research Data for foreign immigrants and their educational attainment:
    30.9% of Americans have Bachelor degree or higher. As for immigrants: 42.5% of European, 51.2 of South and East Asians, 48% of Middle Easterners and just 6.2% of Mexicans.
    And if you look at illegals their educational attainment maybe even worse.
    Sure, they will contribute, but they will take much, much, much more from the system.

    • Replies: @james wilson
  9. Wally says:
    @Sgt. Joe Friday

    “A 2013 paper by the Center for American Progress found that if undocumented immigrants were granted legal status and the possibility of citizenship that year, the United States’ gross domestic product “would grow by an additional $1.4 trillion cumulatively over the 10 years between 2013 and 2022.”

    Predictably, the massive cost of crime, education, food stamps, healthcare, and other welfare freebies is never factored in.

  10. Another reason for shitty loud-ass Mexican musiquita?

    It trashes property values in barrios where it its played, exacerbating White flight and lowering barriers to entry by more vatos.

  11. They’re far better than the dark, swarthy violence and overall bad attitudes of Blacks. But overall, I got no use for POC, they have no use for me. And so why mix us?

  12. @Medvedev

    Yeah, 14 trillion added over ten years. That’s why Mixico is hungering to get their Best and Blightests back.

  13. If they’re worth so damn much why is Mexico expediting their exit?

  14. Boris N says:

    Unless you are pure blood 100% Azteca, your ancestors were also dying of the Black Death.

    The people of a mixed descend have always amused me, when they say “While my ancestors did this and that, your ancestors did some other ugly things.” Which of your ancestors? Why do your ignore the other side of your lineage when you are uttering such ridiculous statements?

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