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Where Are the Mexicans in Las Vegas?
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Dear Mexican: I recently relocated from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and am longing for my Mexicans. As you know, in Los Angeles it is easy to find amazing Chicanas — whenever I wanted to meet beautiful, intelligent Mexican ladies, I would head to Main Street in Alhambra on any Thursday night and be in utter heaven. But I have not been able to get my bearings in Vegas. Do you have any insight into the Mexican social scene here, or can you offer some advice on where I should look? I would also be interested in learning some history about Mexicans in Las Vegas generally, and their current status out here.

Buscando a Mis Chicanas Desiertos

Dear Pocho: My cousin Raymond moved out to Vegas from La Puente about 20 years ago to find the good life, so you’re not looking hard enough. And once the Raiders relocate there, you’ll have your share of Silver and heinas forever more. But the Mexican only goes to Vegas to speak every summer at the Latino Youth Leadership Conference, (which takes young raza and forges them into future leaders), so I’m not the right hombre to answer your pregunta. So I forwarded it to the homie that first invited me, Edgar Flores, has been state assemblymember for Nevada’s 28th District since 2014—BOOM. Take it away, Assembly -chingón!

“More than 30 percent of the Vegas population is Latino/a—I’m guessing you’re spending too much time in Summerlin or Anthem and not enough in North and East Vegas if you don’t see beauties wrapped in bronze skin,” Flores writes. “The Clark County School District is nearly 50 percent Latino…seriously, vato, where you been looking? Whole Foods? Also, LV residents are so tired of the LA takeover so they keep all their spots hidden, but I got the info on their “hideouts.” If you’re looking for a quickie hit up, Blue Martin on Thursdays, Firefly on Fridays, or Señor Frogs on Saturdays—at all three spots, locals get down to spiced-up music. If you’re trying to keep it straight paisa, then weekends at the Broadacres Marketplace is your spot: listen to live banda and norteño music, buy some tools, eat mariscos, or open a small business—it’s all there. Seriously, it’s all there! Intellectual Chicanas are either kicking ass in their professions or at UNLV. UNLV in 2012 was designated a Hispanic Serving Institution—so you’ll see so many mujeres with a book, you’ll think you are at your abuelita’s house on a Sunday morning during her comadre bible readings. Good luck, perdido!”

Gracias, Assembly chingón Flores! And raza: He’s one of the good ones. Let’s help get him to higher office, ¿qué no?


Soon-to-Be Immigrant


Why is it that Mexicans pile into the front seat of a truck even when there is a back seat? I have seen this many times and I don’t understand why they can’t open the back door and sit back there. Do they enjoy sitting so close together? Is that why they also stand so close to you in lines at the grocery store?

Backseat I Take Cuz He Echoed “Shotgun”

Dear BITCHES: The familia that smushes into the front seat of a 1979 Ford F150 Supercab together, Reconquistas the United States together.


Ask the Mexican at [email protected], be his fan on Facebook, follow him on Twitter @gustavoarellano or follow him on Instagram @gustavo_arellano!

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  1. Don’t really need them, but if you turn on the lights, they scatter like cockroaches.

    • Replies: @LauraMR
  2. Fuck man… fucking weird is this shit going to get?

    When I end up in a new area I don’t seek out those that look like me, I just hang out with whoever is there…..must be my privilege speaking.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  3. Psst, I’ll let you in on a secret. There’s a place with tens of millions of Mexican women: MEXICO. Good place for you guys to move and start looking.

  4. LauraMR says:
    @Jim Christian

    That works on anyone, little man.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  5. @LauraMR

    That works on anyone, little man.

    Yeah, well you must stay far away from them. Larval-stage “strong women” agree. Stay away from gross roots savagery and diversity if you know what’s good for you. Just don’t admit it yourself and to signal your racial virtue, criticize all who recognize the threat. From your gated community. That’s the liberal line. No one stays away from violent, grass-roots diversity like the Democrats of academia and media.

  6. @interesting

    When I end up in a new area I don’t seek out those that look like me, I just hang out with whoever is there…..must be my privilege speaking.

    Stay out of the neighborhoods where diversity is savage, thieving and broke if you know what’s good for you. Privilege be-damned, racial-virtues notwithstanding, these people will “F” you up. That goes for the diversity of the deep ghettos of Detroit, Baltimore, Philly, Chicago, need I go on?

    The diversity Liberals hang around with in Academia and politics, the diversity that has a job, that diversity doesn’t count. I need liberals to sample the diversity of the deep ghetto, of MS-13, of meth labs and gangs. Never happen of course.

    • Replies: @LauraMR
  7. LauraMR says:
    @Jim Christian

    Your rant does not get one single thing right… other than you rant.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Where Are the Mexicans in Las Vegas?”

    They got an ICE office in Vegas now?

  9. In Vegas, Mexicans replaced black women as housekeepers in the giant hotels. Now the blacks have no purpose except crime, welfare and breeding more blacks on the taxpayers’ dime.

    • Replies: @Yance
  10. @LauraMR

    Not a rant, statement of fact. YOU know I’m right, too. Hence, your lazy reply. Whatever you are, tranny or woman, the lazy streak is always there.

  11. Yancey says:

    I’m in Vegas. Less Mexicans then Cali, but still too many.


    Welcome to the desert. We have the best restaurants in the world and a great night life!

  12. Yancey says:

    Avoiding Mexicans is not difficult in Vegas. Safe areas are the high end places. Foundation room atop of the Mandalay. Delano is a very plush place to have a drink, or ten.

    East Vegas is Mexico. I never go there, for any reason – it has been colonized. Nice shopping center off the 215 in Summerlin. Blacks are around, but not many. Good restaurants in that area.

    Seven Hills, most of it, is gated. Section eight has taken a toll though. The townhouses and condos that were going for 180,000 dropped to 90,000 over the past ten years. Good news is they are back up. Bad news is remnants of blacks still are about.

    Low crime, relatively safe in comparison to Los Angelos. Traffic is nonexistent. I can get from one end of the city to the other in under an hour. Rush hour congests in what we call the “spaghetti bowl”. Side streets are always an option, nothing compared to Boston or Philadelphia traffic, or LA.

    Been here 12 years and like it. It is a mean city in many aspects, but it’s Vegas.

  13. Yance says:
    @george strong

    That was true years ago. Now the black Moslems have those jobs. As a womanizer I frequent the casinos/ hotels here. There has been a shift to low wage recipients. Blacks are ass out. Mexicans too. The new arrivals are straight up Moslem and they are not very nice people.

    Small population of them, but they grab those low wage jobs and work 60 hours a week. Some of them buy nice homes. The Mexicans are being “Americanized” and getting lazy.

    Still a good city though.

  14. Ever thought of hanging out at the jail? according to statistics, that is where you will find plenty of your own kind.

  15. I believe that there are at least three Hispanic grocery store chains in Las Vegas.

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