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Are Mexicans Really Latinos or Hispanics?
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Dear Mexican: Recently at the local Northgate market, I saw a man wearing a T-shirt that said “MEXICAN” followed by a clarification: “NOT Latino: Latinos are Anglo Europeans from Italy. NOT Hispanic: Hispanics are Anglo Europeans from Spain.”

I may be crazy, I’m pretty sure the words for those two descriptions are “Italian” and “Spanish.” Do I need to start telling my family that we are actually of Latino descent? What’s the proper term so I don’t refer to all such people as Mexicans like an asshole?

Dago Dino

Dear Gabacho: Don’t pay attention to that T-shirt; it’s the mindless droppings of a group of yaktivists who long ago declared your beloved Mexican the biggest vendido in Aztlán, beating even Carlos Menstealia and Paul Rodriguez. Mexicans are Latinos the way Americans are North American: an identity of convenience, not a matter of the corazón. The only time Mexicans use “Latino,” like Americans with “North Americans” is when trying to group themselves with other people based on perceived shared traits: language for Mexicans, countries to Monroe Doctrine for Americans. Other than that, “Latino” and “Hispanic” are labels with about as much use in the daily lives of Mexicans as condoms.

In the 1820s, the Anglos were coming to Texas (which at the time was under Mexico’s control) for the rich farmland. When doing so, they violated the empresario land system, and brought slaves despite Mexico’s outlawing of it. So my question is: do you think the current immigration issue is simply a matter of “What goes around comes around?”

A Curious Anglo History Teacher

Dear Gabacho: More like “Agua que no has de beber, déjala corer,” which translates as “Water that you shouldn’t drink, let it stream by.” In other words, gabachos should’ve never drunk from the fountain of Manifest Destiny or cheap Mexican labor, because now they’re face with either total Reconquista, or a collapse in their standard of living once cheap Mexican labor and imports goes adios. This brings to mind another aphorism: Be careful what you wish for, because it just might park its car on its front lawn…


My girlfriend and I have had a standing argument about what some of my relatives call me. My cousins’ children call me “tío,” and I say I’m their uncle. My girl argues that they are really my second cousins, and I’m really their cousin, too. I can see her point, but she’s a gabacha and doesn’t understand that they refer to me as their tío out of respect for being older. All our white friends agree with her, but all our Mexican friends agree with me. So who’s right?

El Tío Primo


Dear Cousin Uncle: Que chingada do gabachos know besides how to despoil the environment and kill indigenous folks? But they’re technically correct on this: according to gabacho conventions, the children of your first cousins are called second cousins, while your children and them are first cousins once removed, whatever the hell that means. I still say gabachos should be like Mexicans on this one: even though the technical term for a first cousin is primo hermano, we usually use that to refer to any second cousin or third cousin thrice removed—basically anyone and everyone younger than us in our family. Anyone older? tío. Anyone evil? Trump.


Ask the Mexican at [email protected], be his fan on Facebook, follow him on Twitter @gustavoarellano or follow him on Instagram @gustavo_arellano!

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  1. I recommend south-facing loudspeakers blasting Pink Floyd’s The Wall being played on an endless loop whilst the wall is being built, and the sooner the better. I would be happy to consume a few beers, real beers not cervezas, in the knowledge that the bottles would be broken afterwards and the glass pieces cemented on the top of the wall. People would be welcome to enjoy the lovely Mexican people south of the border.

  2. The wall between the U.S. and Mexico should have been built in the 1820′s to keep the Anglo slave-holders out of Texas and the rest of Mexico. After 1848, it was much too late for a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to serve any good purpose.

  3. While some among us spend countless hours whining and crying about race the Chinese are busy working and making shit and going around the world and buying it up.

    We spend way to much time trying to claim top victim status.

    what a game, the best move is not to play.

  4. @Santoculto

    “Gabacho”…….In the United States it’s a derogatory term used by Chicanos for white Americans”

    so basically this guy is calling White Americans the “N” word…….good to know.

  5. I just want to know if there’s gonna be an express lane installed southbound at all US/Mexico border crossings. Any of you Beaners heard yet?

  6. Is Gus really running out of shit to fling on the wall?

  7. “Are Mexicans Latinos or Hispanics?”

    Who cares? Just so long as Mexicans stop disrespecting the US, its culture and its borders.

    • Replies: @TITA
  8. Adar. says:

    The hacienda system and the peon laborer were more or less indistinguishable from the slavery of the gringo Texican. Just that the black slave was owned through a formal system involving bill of sale, paper work, etc. The peon status was like a slave but no paperwork involved.

  9. All you need to know about Mexicans is that they are nonWhite, third-world savages who come from an underachieving culture. They are parasites who have no business being in a White country.

    Wherever Mexicans settle in large numbers they completely ruin everything that Whites have built. The locality becomes a violent, drug-ridden slum characterized by loud, childish behavior, corruption and squalor.

    Mexicans (and other mestizos and mulattos) are essentially as bad as Blacks; certainly they are as destructive to civilization.

    We need to deport the vast majority of these parasitic savages.

    It will happen. Might as well start now.

  10. ‘Hispanic’ is not a race. It’s just culture and language. ‘Hispanics’ cluster all over the place due to differing levels of admixture. ‘Latino’ is one from a Spanish-speaking country, so that doesn’t say anything about race/ethnicity either.

  11. iffen says:

    first cousins once removed, whatever the hell that means

    One generation removed. I am one generation off set from my father’s first cousins. They are my 1st cousins, but distant by one generation.

  12. CB says:

    Apparently the difference between the author and the gabachos here is that the author has a sense of humour. If you want to say nasty things about Mexicans, at least try to be funny about it.

  13. @CB

    He’s not being funny, merely snarky. At the current moment it’s socially acceptable to portray whites (and more particularly working class and underclass whites) as objects of derision. This is changing as we speak so you can expect to see Mexicans, Hispanics and Latinos commonly referred to derisively soon.

    Also, you failed to even attempt humor yourself while being insulting. Must be in the blood.

  14. Ash says:

    Humour is the correct British English spelling.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
    , @RadicalCenter
  15. prosa123 says: • Website

    A child of your first cousin is your first cousin once removed. Your second cousin is a person with whom you have a common great-grandparent.

    As far as I know, when a person dies without a will and with no close family, the probate courts will go out as far as first cousins once removed when they look for people to get the decedent’s estate. If the closest relatives are second cousins the courts will distribute the assets to the state.

  16. When the Mexicans leave,will they take their bedbugs with them?

    • Replies: @some random guy
  17. @Father O'Hara

    Yes, breaking up families is a terrible thing.

  18. @Ash

    We gotta learn them limeys how to write good American.

  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Mexicans are call Mexicans!
    they are from Mexico! Lol
    You are an ignorant,ignorant,because you don’t know the diference from the word Hispanic,and Mexican?
    this is why in USA Mexicans,are call Hispanics
    you genius!

    Because in our Country we can’t make the diference,between a colombian,and a Mexican
    You are a donky,Iha,Iha, Iha..
    go back to preschool!

    And are call Hispanics.brilliant!great!
    Don’t read T shirts,dumb ass read a geographic book
    God blessyou

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