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Are Mexican Women Racists?
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Dear Mexican: I find Mexican women to be very prejudiced. Is it their lack of education or the fact that they don’t assimilate well? Is anyone schooling them on appropriate behavior, and are they being told that racial prejudice has reached a point where it’s barely tolerated in the U.S.A? I’m offended by their racist stares—I call this “racist stares” because it reminds me of the 1950s, when the white folks were doing it. As well as how many people live in one house with the multitude of trucks, leaving all the daily trash in from of their houses for the trash pick-up day from the business they run out of their houses. Do we pay for this in our monthly water bills because the trash debris fee is higher than the usage of water.

I now live across from such a female who gives out racist stares every chance she gets…she looks like a giant Godzilla. A shemale, with her tiny husband she probably picked up at the border and beats to keep him in line (no joke: it looks that way). And her 10 kids—five by the one that left her, and five by her border husband. When she is “dressed” up in her jeans and body shirt, she looks like a fat sausage.

I called another a racists because her kids were in the backyard calling out the “n” word—and no, they weren’t talking to each other. Guess what she did: she invited the one only black person she has ever had over to her house to show she is not a racist. Typical…I’m just curious because you go in the Mexican stores and everything is in Spanish yet American stores label everything in dual languages. Americans have been most accommodating to all immigrants, not just Mexicans. You can’t go anywhere outside of the U.S.A and live unless you are able to support yourself and not take jobs from the native population.

Toby Keith is Mine

Dear Gabacha: There is not one thing you mentioned that makes me think your Mexican female neighbor is racist. You, on the other hand…from the “giant Godzilla” to the “border husband” to describing her as a “fat sausage” and speculating about her husband, you sound like a bitter gabacha whose man left her for a Mexican woman long ago. Get over it, honey. Besides, Mexican women are only racist to Mexican women—you can look it up!



What’s the deal with hanging 15 feet of toilet paper in “el baño” to cover the gaps in the stall walls? I only see this coming from Mexican men, because I only frequent men’s restrooms, and only in the restrooms predominantly frequented by my Mexican coworkers. But frankly, what kind of man—other than the occasional Idaho Republican—wants to peek through the gap or catch a fleeting glimpse of another man taking a dump? Is this kind of male-on-male bathroom voyeurism a problem in Mexico, or are Mexican men simply more self-conscious than gabachos?

Degenerate John

Dear Gabacho: Assimilation at work. In Mexico, we freely shit out in the barn, the better to mix with other manure. In the U.S., we become as prudish as Jeff Sessions. Then again, staring through gaps is a habit for Mexican men—how else do you think we’re able to get over walls and fences so easily?


Ask the Mexican at [email protected], be his fan on Facebook, follow him on Twitter @gustavoarellano or follow him on Instagram @gustavo_arellano!

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  1. I love race-ism.

    There is artificial race-ism and there is natural race-ism.

    Artificial race-ism is necessary against the forces of Natural Race-ism.

    Nature and Evolution made Negroes tougher and more aggressive than white folks. That is natural race-ism. Nature was race-ist in making blacks evolve into a tougher and more aggressive race that poses a threat to the white race.

    So, whites needed Artificial Race-ism to balance out the Natural Race-ism that favors black thugs against white victims. Artificial Race-ism has been necessary to create safe space for weaker whites against dangerous blacks.

    • Replies: @Logan
  2. I don’t know but they are sure hot, i can tell you that

  3. Jason Liu says:

    what is a racist stare and how does it differ from a regular stare?

  4. Logan says:
    @Priss Factor

    Given the history of white and black peoples over the last 500 years, it is blindingly obvious that for almost this entire period white people have been on average ” tougher and more aggressive” than black people.

    To be fair, that has clearly reversed in the last few decades, but the timeline shows clearly that such change is cultural, not genetic.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Priss Factor
  5. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks are far more aggressive and audacious on a personal level, and in gangs, which is much the same thing. White groups (and mestizo groups) just tend to be better at it when they do get aggressive.

  6. There is nothing racist about mexican women: they love the White man’s EBT, Section 8, TANF, Medicaid, 0bamaphone, and K-12 childcare (AKA public education).

    They come here to work……………..the system.

  7. @Logan

    Given the history of white and black peoples over the last 500 years, it is blindingly obvious that for almost this entire period white people have been on average ” tougher and more aggressive” than black people.

    Technology. White folks had the guns, organizations, and laws on their side.
    But once those artificial race-ist advantages were removed, natural race-ism favored Negroes for reasons of BAMMAMA or blacks are more muscular and more aggressive.

    Imagine if smaller Japanese had enslaved bigger Germans for 500 yrs. Suppose Japanese monopolized the guns and rigged laws to favor them over Germans. And indeed, smaller Japanese lorded over bigger Americans and British in SE Asian POW camps because they had the gun.

    But if you remove the artificial race-ist advantages, bigger Germans will quash the smaller Japanese.

  8. This is probably one of the funniest articles in this column in awhile.

  9. Are Mexican Women Racists?

    Only those on upper class, ;)

    Las blanquitas

  10. Everybody is racist, it’s human nature, part of our basic animal instinct. Humans are naturally conditioned to suspect and reject those who look and sound vastly different from us, it’s the same reason why they don’t put tigers and lions in the same cage at the zoo.

    The most racist people are the liberal whites, it’s why they are always banging on about race, because that’s all they can see when they look at people — the color of their skin and the fold of their eyelids. When liberals talk about diversity, they only meant diversity of skin color, never diversity of thoughts, because they can’t see past race. It’s why it’s the height of hypocrisy when they then call everyone else racist.

    Having grown up in a multicultural country that doesn’t give two hoots about political correctness, I can tell you that the more “diverse” a country is, the more racist it becomes. Eventually everyone hates everyone. You can’t fight human nature.

  11. That is actually a triple headed question o qiuizas, parte del problema.
    which woman type?
    1. the chicana
    2. The recien llegada (newly arrived)
    3. The new ‘immigrant
    4. Native/indigena
    5. Otra categoria de mujere(s)

  12. A Cuban guy I once knew who cheated on his wife left and right told me that in the Latin culture, if a man does not cheat on his wife, his father would think he’s gay. The creep didn’t even have the decency to admit he lacks morals, but instead claiming he’s cheating out of filial duty. That is about as F up as they get.

    Someone once said that in Mexico, a man’s manliness is measured by how many women he’s slept with and how many men he can keep from sleeping with his sister. That in a nutshell is why Latin culture is so F, and why latin countries are so F, and why the US too, is F when we begin importing this F up culture by importing these F up people en masse.

    • Replies: @tierrarosa
  13. @Priss Factor

    @Priss Factor

    Black men are physically weaker than White men.

    Mean age of the sample was 47.5 y. Substantial cross-sectional age differences in grip strength and physical function were consistent across race/ethnicity. Racial/ethnic differences, with and without adjustment for covariates, were evident in all outcomes except grip strength. Racial differences in lean mass did not translate into parallel differences in physical function. For instance, multivariate modeling (with adjustments for age, height, fat mass, self-rated health and physical activity) indicated that whereas total body lean mass was 2.43 kg (approximately 5%) higher in black compared with white men, black men had a physical function score that was approximately 20% lower than white men.

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  14. I certainly hope so! I would like to think that when my Mexican-American girlfriend dumped me it was because I am white rather that I am lousy in bed.

  15. Logan says:
    @Priss Factor

    Kind of begs the question.

    Which is why did white folks have the tech on their side?

    Because they invented it. (Actually, the Chinese invented much of it. But Euros invariably figured out how to use the tech to more efficiently kill people.)

    BTW, it goes back far before the last 500 years. When did sub-Saharan Africans develop a society like Alexander’s Macedonians, the Persian of Cyrus, the Romans or the Vikings?

  16. @Priss Factor

    the problem with multiracial societies is: they can´t be fair. When the law allows people to physically fight for resources West African have unfair advantages, East Asians unfair disadvantages. When the law allows free association, use of weapons, organized warfare then East Asians have unfair advantages. It is like with sharks and lions: let them fight in the water and the shark will win, let them fight on land and the lion will win. Both, shark and lion, are in their ways impressive and maybe even beautiful creatures, neither is supreme to the other.
    Antiracism means Asians and to lesser extent Caucasians are not allowed to fight the way they could (e.g. by not accepting NAMs in important institutions, free market), Subsaharan Africans are allowed to fight the way they can.

  17. Thank you, Paul Craig Roberts, for the insightful article on the Anglo-Zionist Empire unraveling (not).

  18. For me, Mexican women are racist when they won’t have sex with me and they are anti-racist when they have consensual sex with me.

    In diversity ideology, the racist label only applies to white gringo people, so the concept of a racist Mexican woman is irrelevant.

  19. I’m an old, blue-eyed gringo soul who lives on Social Security and the border of Mexico, name of the dusty, crappy little town withheld to protect the guilty.

    It’s 98 percent Hispanic down here so I don’t really need to tell you, but will, that I’m surrounded on all sides and all corners and from above and below and every other place and/or freaking direction by the brown brothers. And sisters.

    Once here, on the odd occasion that you encounter another pale-faced gringo, the typical reaction for both of you is stunned bemusement. You stare at each other and do your best not to leave your mouth hanging open too long so that the pre-dementia drool you’ve been cultivating lately doesn’t spill down your scruffy-whiskered old chins. The question that remains unspoken is: what the fuck did you do so wrong that they sent you here?

    At any rate, I got what I took to be a couple of those racist stares referenced above just the other day from a couple of rather frumpy, plump [it’s the border of you know where] 30-somethingish latina housewives as I took my quotidian stroll through the very pleasant public park that I get to by walking through roughly four blocks of what is supposed to be the worst neighborhood in town.

    In many ways, the park is an oasis in the heart of the desert-barrio. The fact that such a nice place would exist in the middle of a community of authentically rough customers doesn’t make much sense, like most of the town and its inhabitants.

    But, white but alright: I’ve never had any problems as I’ve made my way to and fro along my way most places around town and I’ve been living here for going on 13 years now. And, I’d have to say that I’ve been treated better here than just about anyplace I’ve ever lived and I’ve lived all over. Too many places. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that the browns are even more surprised to a gringo here than the gringos are to see a gringo here, and consequently, don’t know what to say or do, so, in many cases, just stare, sometimes hatefully. But you can cop that anywhere and all over these increasingly dysfunctional and disunited states of ours. It’s the norm. It’s the American Way of Ways that goes way back.

    Anyhow, back to the story:

    I always nod or say hola to whomever I see on my way to and fro, down and back. When I walked past these two gorditas watching over their gaggle of little kids chattering like magpies on the playground, what seemed to be 10 to 15 of them but couldn’t have been, I reflexively nodded, waved, and said hola then got those stone-cold, deep-virulent, baleful stares for my trouble in return. A couple of the little kids, however, smiled and waved back. And probably got the crap beaten out of them when they got back home for their trouble.

    I mention all of this merely to tell you that such overt and apparent whitey hate is rare here, especially among the females. The chicanas are far more likely to be positively inclined toward the more exotic, for down here, white meat, and positively adore the blue-eyed flava and iteration. They can look pretty sullen initially but when you say hola first they immediately flash some of the sweetest and prettiest smiles you will ever see on the face of the earth and it is clear that they mean them. Part of the problem the other day may have been the fact I had my sunglasses on, the better to protect my oldish, blue peepers from being blinded by the light of the savage Southern sun that is on its customary rampage this time of the year as we speak. I’m thinking that if the gals had seen the old baby blues, they couldn’t have helped rewarding me with a warmer response.

    I’ve learned that many of the Mex women secretly covet white males and fantasize about being rescued from their often less than desirable domestic circumstances by one, a white knight intent on chivalry, as it were; but either don’t feel they are worthy or that whitey would ever have a true and abiding interest in them, which explains some of that initial apparent sullenness. Key word apparent.

    And, I know a couple of real cuties who don’t keep it a secret at all. They openly admit preferring white guys and having sworn off the brown brand for all time.

    As you can imagine, this tends to make white males, in some cases, rather unpopular among the brown ones.

    Why can’t we all just get along?

    Well, we sort of do for the most part, but it sure can get exhausting mentally, physically and spiritually, at times for all of us when we take a chance on leaving our homes.

  20. @Latino culture

    Sorry, but I have lost my sense of humor for this subject. Sad but true. It is deeply ingrained in the culture. With the exception of true born again Christians, marriage as it is understood in this country is unknown. The 12 year old boy’s right of passage is to be taken to a local prostitute. A man in his twenties steals a young girl of 13 from her family. The mothers do not challenge their sons , yet they are left to shoulder most of the burdens that these social norms impose. Now the women are becoming just as bad as the men in this regard of sexual immorality. They only marry in the US to create their INS paper trail. Pitiful. Really pitiful. God help us all.

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