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Women In the Military
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About our policy of putting women into military jobs for which they are not suited:

It isn’t working. It isn’t coming close. Sure, many women many jobs in the service do fine work. They know who they are. So does everyone else. The others are the problem. Regarding which:

For years I wrote a syndicated military column, and still get a lot of email from the troops. The following are some of these letters, edited for brevity and to obscure the writer’s identity. Note the contrast with what you read in the newspapers.


My last tour was during Desert Storm, [which was] basically the first real test of females in a combat zone and, in my opinion, failed miserably.

For example, an effort was made to reunite the females in our outfitwith their husbands that were serving in different units to celebrateThanksgiving together. The result was that 3 females evacuated due topregnancy following these “conjugal visits”. Furthermore, one of the girlSgts decided to cash in on her gender and amassed quite a sum of money inher off hours.

During convoy “rest stops”, any males found to be on the curbside of the vehicles were punished under Art. 15, UCMJ, for”spying on the ladies” while the “ladies” were relieving themselves. Now a vehicle must be checked during stops: oil, tire airpressure, trailer hitches, etc. How can one do it when they arelimited to the road-side only?

Upon arriving at our Saudi Arabia / Iraq border containment areatents were erected. Of course you know who was detailed to erect the female tents! Right, the males!

Then there was the issue of latrines, you’ve seen them with the cutoff 55 gal. barrels to catch the dung. Guess who was not detailed to the s- -t burning detail? Right again, seems the decision was made to keep thegirls away from such a common task.

Can you imagine being in a Hummer on a cross country ride in the middle of the desert and it comes time for a potty break? There are no bushes, trees, rocks, just miles and miles of sand. The female has to go #2 and refuses to go behind a sand dune becausethere might be somebody watching from a distant dune.

When suggested thatshe lean up against a tire on the passenger side, she refuses because shemight get her clothes dirty leaning against the wheel. When given a shovelto dig a “cat hole”, she gets offended.

The bottom line is this, for eachtask the “girls” could not or would not do, a male was diverted toaccomplish the mission, a Captain dug her a hole and instructed her how touse it, pathetic.


US Army (Retired)

Dear Fred,

As one of a long string of Captains who have recently departed the UnitedStates Army, I can assure you that this is not about money. As far back as I canremember, all I ever wanted was to be a soldier. I realized that goal as an Attack Helicopter Pilot.

[In training] I was told that falling out of a run at the WarrantOfficer Entry Course was grounds to be set back. I saw menset back. I saw women fall out constantly, but were kept. During a briefing from Perscom, the Lieutenant Colonel told us that any woman inthat room could raise their hand and he would put them in AH-64 [Apache: a sophisticated anti-tank helicopter] training. He told the men in the room that there was not enough money to train them.

Later I served with a woman who had raised her hand. She was now pregnant and wanted nothing more to do with the Army. A slot had been wasted on a quota.

The same quota system also placed women in my unit supply room who couldn’tlift a tent. So, while we were already under manned, now I had to pullsoldiers off of the perimeter, to help out the women. These were also thesame women without the upper body strength to pull back the charging handleon an M-60.

No, it is not about the money. It is about the destruction of aninstitution that we once held dear.

Name withheld.

From a long-time friend:


Speaking of our political correctness, I will tell you something that I only know anecdotally–that is to say, I have no survey figures to pass on, but am relating what I see and what appears to be true to me. Do not use my name if you ever relate this in any way.I have been in [several] Reserve Army units during my Army career. I have been involved in many others through annual training sessions and TDY assignments. It appears that a significant number of the women in the Reserve units are minority single mothers. In some units, they seem to be a majority of the women in those units, but that may be merely my overreacting to what I was seeing.

Each is supposed to have a “child care” plan provided as part of their mobility record. However, upon questioning, those few I talked to revealed that they had no such plan. Call-ups frequently result in the minority (and some white single mothers) women suddenly “discovering” their mobility child care plan won’t work for some reason (in fact, it never existed and I even suspect some of planning it that way). We find out that we lose 10-15% of each unit being called up. In war, a 15% combat loss is considered devastating.

Standards have all been removed for women to allow them to meet quotas where otherwise few or no women would be present. There are a few men who cannot meet physical requirements and they are eliminated. Many women cannot even reach the triggers of the service pistol or M-16 rifle. Many cannot shoot on the ranges, and say that if action occurred, they would cower in their Hummvees or foxholes because they could not fight and kill. These should not be allowed in the military at all, but they are kept in for political correctness reasons.

Again, this is anecdotal, but it is a serious problem in this politically correct military whose general officers are committed to telling the politicians what they want to hear: that women in the military are working out. They aren’t.

You know the story. . . .

Name withheld

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Feminism 
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