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White Girl Bleed a Lot
The Raging Success of American Racial Policy
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Having just gotten home after three weeks of travel in the US, I find on the web yet more accounts of racial attacks on whites by mobs of black punks. They grow more common. How long are we going to tolerate this? Why do we put up with it at all?

Because of race. Race underlies almost everything in America, but silently, very silently. The unendingly bad relations between blacks and whites determine even things that ostensibly do not involve race. Race determines admission to universities, what tests can be given to students in high school, who has to pass exams for promotions in police departments whether they can read or not, how many of what groups you have to hire. It determines what can be taught in the schools, what standards are required of teachers, what mode of dress must be permitted to students, even whether standard English may be required.

It is everywhere. Beneath the debate of outlawing guns lies race. Conservatives want guns to protect themselves against blacks, but can’t say so. Liberals want to eliminate guns so as to disarm blacks, of whom they are afraid but cannot say so. If you think this is not true, tell me who people fear when they buy guns. Are liberals worried about being shot by white, forty-dive-year-old duck hunters? Do conservatives expect to find Jewish violinists crawling through their windows at night? Then whom do they fear?

The rash of high-school shootings by white adolescents is a godsend for those opposed to the Second Amendment, since it provides plausible non-racial cover for wanting to illegalize firearms. Race, again.

We decide where to live, where to eat, where it is safe to walk, where to send our children to school, by race. When we get on the subway late at night, which we hesitate to do because of race, we check the race of other passengers when choosing a car. We fear blacks, especially young ones. We cannot say it.

Racial hypocrisy is national policy. A bit back, when John Derbyshire wrote that parents should teach their children to avoid groups of blacks, outrage arose—from whites who carefully live in white neighborhoods, carefully send their children to mostly white schools, and themselves never venture into the ‘hood. The sin of Derbyshire was to state explicitly a policy which we all practice, but under a shroud of moralistic prevarication.

Now we have the wave of savage attacks by gangs of blacks against whites. As any sentient being has noticed, the government and the media diligently hide these attacks. At least, the media have done so in the past. If feral blacks beat a white man into brain damage, we hear that it was done by teenagers, or youths, or children. (Whites are about half of the population of Washington, DC, and the rest are teenagers.) Race determines press coverage. But the censoring works less well now.

The flies in the ointment of suppression are the cell cam, the surveillance camera, and the internet, the only free press we have. Increasingly footage of these racial attacks appears on the web. Interestingly, more of it appears on television than was the case in the past. The news presenter will still speak of the perpetrators of flash-mob robberies as “youths” but sometimes will also show the video from the surveillance camera. This is not accidental. The rules are changing.

I once thought that the reporters playing this game of hide the racial Easter egg knew of the intense hatred for whites prevalent in the black underclass and feared that if whites knew what was going on, and reacted, an explosion would occur. This seemed to me at least arguably the best course in the face of an intractable problem. Yet many reporters, especially women, regard any notice taken of misbehavior by blacks as morally contemptible. They aren’t cynically holding the lid on. It is a sincere ideology.

If the problem of race were stable, ignoring it would be one thing. But it is getting worse, which is another. We see now what amounts to a race war of low intensity. Is there a nicer way of putting it? Maybe “an inter-pigmental conflictual situation.” But across the country there occur hundreds of attacks against whites by ferals, and they are brutal attacks. We are not talking of black eyes and bloody noses. These are assaults by gangs of, er, teens who repeatedly kick the victim in the head while laughing about it.

If you doubt this, I suggest reading White Girl Bleed a Lot, by Colin Flaherty.

Now, if gangs of whites were similarly attacking blacks, I would suggest twenty years, no parole. If the victim suffered lasting damage, I would say life, no parole. The dirtballs would get the picture and stop attacking. I would then be beloved of the Washington Post for my stern stand against racism. If I suggest that blacks be held to the same standard, I will be accused of being blood brother to Julius Streicher and David Duke. See what I mean about everything being race?

Behind the idea of cracking down on racial attacks there always lies, unstated, unadmitted, the image of burning cities. Los Angeles burned because blacks didn’t like a verdict. It could happen again. It could happen in many cities. This has got to be at the back of the minds of cops, prosecutors, mayors, and Congressmen.

I see columnists, some of them black, worried that if Obama loses the election, blacks may riot, as many on Twitter have said they would. They may, or they may not, but you don’t have to wonder whether whites will riot if Romney loses. Perhaps the presidency is a new entitlement.

Many whites are getting sick of the attacks, the crime, and the endless demands for special privilege. Being sick of it is of course a Thought Crime and often a firing offense. Having government and the press firmly on the side of the teenagers makes dissent dangerous. But as hostility grows, as attacks multiply, and as ebooks and the web make suppression harder…I don’t see a happy ending.

The problem of race is one of many American problems about which it is impossible to do anything but continue with what we are doing, however poorly it is working. The campaign against drugs is an utter failure, but we can’t stop it or change it. The war on Afghanistan is a failure, but we can’t stop fighting it. The schools are a disaster, but we can do nothing but keep on keeping on. So with race. Things will stay the same, or get worse, until they blow as we stand by, paralyzed and muttering clichés.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    As a young black man who is a junior in college, i found the title of this article intriguing. In the aftermath of the Travoyn Martin Case i think Americans are definitely taking a cold hard look into the effects of race in matters of crime and justice. I personally do not attack whites/ blacks or anyone savagely; some of my best friends are white and i feel my generation is moving past the civil-rights era racialism view of the world that older southern blacks and southern whites usually lean toward to. I think teenagers/ young adult
    men as a whole are pretty violent prone, compared to other populations. I know in my own area there was alot of media coverage over a group of white teenagers who savagly beat a homeless black man. I cant say that there are roving groups of young angry black men looking to harm white people. Other then racist fringe groups lilke the “New Black Panthers”, most young black men like myself just want capital and will pursue any avenus available to us to pursue it. Whether it be education(like me) ,work ,sports, or drugs.

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