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Weimar America
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Unstable countries are unstable, this not always being obvious in those countries, and then comes a man on a horse. The United States, methinks, is not particularly stable.

That anything seismic might happen is an idea doubtless inconceivable to most Americans, who still remember the America of Reader’s Digest, but is daily less improbable. Weimar America is not stable. The cracks in the foundations, the social crumbling and virulent antipathies grow daily more evident.

The economy declines, jobs leave for other climes, the petroyuan looms, college graduates crushed by debt find no work, the middle class shrinks, and the young begin to live perforce with their parents. Times of diminishing expectations are dangerous.

City after city joins the ranks of the bankrupt, semiliterate, corrupt black Bantustans which by honest naming would be called Lower Third World. Their culture is utterly alien to that of Eurowhites. Across the open border to the south pour huge waves from the Latino slums, less alien to Eurowhites, less hostile, but nonetheless threatening to form yet another country within a country. The Third World proportion of America closes rapidly on a full third. Despite desperate attempts to impose multicultural harmony, experience shows that widely disparate peoples who do not like each other do not enjoy happy endings. My country ‘tis of three, sweet land of dystrophy….

America can no longer be called a democracy. The Constitution recedes in memory. Congress and the Supreme Court amount to nothing. Washington rests uneasily in the hands of a half-mad clique of geopolitical illiterates, warlike misfires playing dangerous games like little Kaiser Wilhelms in a sandbox. Presiding over the city is Septimius Severus, Bokassa III, a negligible pol from Chicago who doesn’t like whites or understand European norms of government. He will keep the borders open and civil liberties in retreat.

A sort of insanity rules, warning of stress building along many political San Andreas faults waiting for the Big One. A pathologically aggressive United States bombs countries almost at random while little boys are dragged from school in handcuffs for pointing a finger and saying “Bang.” Girls suffer from bulimia and anorexia, lunacies nonexistent in psychically healthy societies. A crack-brained feminism makes cockamamie circuses of the universities. Bastardy runs at a perilous thirty percent among white women, verging on cultural disintegration, and seventy percent among blacks. The epicene young grow in sheltered, meaningless hothouse-suburbs, never having worked, baited a hook, been in a schoolyard fight, or existed outside of a feckless bored helplessness.

From the cellars come prancing homosexuals, men in dresses and panties, the surgically altered inverts and sadomasochistic hobbyists. The high schools are become drug markets, differing only slightly from the middle schools. Life is a cabaret, old chum, here in Caligula’s bedroom.

An actual breakup of America does not seem inconceivable. Maine wants out. In the Southwest, Hispanics move rapidly toward demographic and then voting majorities. These states were once part of Mexico, and Mexicans know it. If they chose to ignore the federal government? Mississippi is thirty-seven percent black. An increase of five or ten percent by birth or immigration, a tipping point, white flight, et voila, a black republic. Would Washington send troops to retake these regions? It can’t even enforce its marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington State.

Below this seething maelstrom of degeneracy lie dangerous shoals of cultural conservatism, of people who believe in two sexes and birth within wedlock and orderly society obedient to law. They are quietly very, very angry at seeing everything they stand for eaten away by the multi-culti, touchy-feely, everything-goes miasma emanating from Washington. They speak of personal responsibility, learning the multiplication tables, English as the national language, and no toleration of crime– and they know who commits it. Whether you think them simple-minded and fascist or wholesome and self-reliant defines which side of the gaping cultural divide you inhabit.

In times like these arises a yearning for a strong man to sweep away the filth, banish the disorder, and restore a possibly existent former Elysium. Such desires usually involve assertion of the national myths, in this case of the brave, self-reliant, and clean-living Davy Crockett and the immaculately wholesome small towns of Norman Rockwell. These never were, which doesn’t matter. The America of 1960 came much closer than what we now have.

And so a strong man arises from somewhere. With luck you end up with Lee Kuan Yew instead of Mussolini or, worse, that dark squatty effeminate blond Aryan superman of the Beer Hall Putsch. Unfortunately you can’t tell who you have got until after you have got him.

Authoritarianism is not without a pull. Among old hands who have been around the East one not infrequently hears approving reference to the immigration-and-customs forms the stews handed out on final into Singapore’s airport. I doubt that I can quote it verbatim, but I can come close.

“There is a death penalty in Singapore for importation or possession of drugs. This penalty is carried out.” Color in the original. Singapore’s problems with drugs were, well, exiguous. Why, who would have thought it?

In these conversations there usually comes up the case of the young American caught vandalizing cars in Singapore. The punishment is a particularly agonizing form of caning. This caused horror in the US on one side of the cultural divide, but satisfaction on the other. “Reckon the stupid bastard’s going to key any more cars?” As a society becomes ever more permissive and lawless, this sort of thinking gains in attractiveness.

In America, something is going to happen. It will not happen just now. Things are not yet bad enough. Wait. Whether it will be a continued slow sinking into an internally chaotic semi-bushworld status, or a serious war with Russia and China started by brain-burnt sexagenarian adolescents in Congress and pasty neocons with Napoleonic fantasies, or a coup by the military, or something else, I don’t know. A Pentagonal coup d’état does not seem likely, granted. Our generals are not greatly political as long as they get their toys and wars, and they lack the doughty moralism of a Hindenburg or Ludendorff.

In practical terms, though, four helicopter gunships and twenty Black Hawks of troops arriving over Washington from Quantico would do it. Whether the public would care enough to do anything about it, or whether there would be anything they could do, is uncertain. Enough people are sick enough of the current state of things that they might say, what the hell, give it a try. The crucial question world then be how the rest of the military would respond.

Think of it as Merle Haggard versus Justin Bieber. Or Sarah Palin versus Paris Hilton. But something is going to happen.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology 
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  1. Is there anybody out there charismatic enough or ruthless enough to be an American strongman? I really doubt it. And Americans don’t really view the State like Germans did in the Weimar Republic. If you talk to people from a social democratic, ethnic nation-state it really is like conversing with somebody from another planet. The State is a huge part of their consciousness. Americans are attached to an Ideal. We really have no experience of what it’s like to live in a blood-and-soil polity.

    I’m a city-boy. But I have a lot of Facebook friends who are rural whites. They are still in the conservative-ghost-dance phase and are completely distracted by college football and whatever their preacher is telling them. OTOH, they are armed to the bloody teeth. And angry, as Fred notes.

    • Replies: @Luke
    , @Steven
    , @KenH
  2. Retired says:

    A bit fevered take on his former country. Of course where is lives now is worse than the distopia he describes above.

    Let’s see what happens in the mid terms and thereafter. If a Reaganesque figure is elected POTUS in ’16 we can at least temporarily stop the decline, hopefully until I’ll Fly Away.

  3. Kiza says:

    If someone’s musings could be classified the same as movies, then this text would be classified as horror comedy. I utterly enjoyed reading it, it is one of the best I have read in recent months and probably the best ever by Fred. Humour was always there in his writing but never so powerfully contrasted to dark outcomes and supported by a little bit of literary exaggeration. This is the ultimate statement on America and human society in general. This is how fascism happens – by disorder begging a return to order. “Clever” scheming by the US elite will end up in tears for everybody. The first step will be fascism, the second step will be the end of the society. Those states which manage to get out of the “United States” early will be the lucky ones. Not a good future whichever way you look at it, but one which needs to happen. Enough is enough.

  4. quercus says:

    All of which leads me to ask the question — if the United States is so “exceptional” as many of the dullards in Washington claim, how the hell did we get to this point?

  5. Mark says:

    Retired, the cause of our “decline” is purely racial and everyone knows it. Why should we wish to delay it until after we Fly Away? That is immoral.

    We owe it to our children to speak out against the “displacement” of Whites now, in our lifetimes. No matter how uncomfortable that is. Putting it off just means that centuries of White children will live in misery at the mercy of Brown people. That would be evil on our part.

    • Replies: @viking
  6. fnn says:

    “Fascism” is what Alex Jonesians and self-lobotomized lefties call any authoritarian govt that isn’t explicitly far leftist. Here’s the left-wing Counterpunch site describing the Abe Lincoln regime:

    Lincoln ruled over an oppressive police state under which a military draft was implemented; income tax was introduced for the first time to help finance a Civil War that killed 620,000 young men; dissenters were imprisoned without trial; ‘habeus corpus’ was suspended in some regions; and legal documents were authored which paved the way for corporations to becoming recognized as the equivalents of “legal persons.”

    You’ll get even more of much the same at the libertarian Lew Rockwell site. Was old Abe a fascist?

    • Replies: @Bud
    , @Anonymous
  7. I don’t think the cause of our decline is purely racial – the white majority just has little backbone and has allowed all this degeneracy to happen. We have tried to solve problems just by throwing money at them – hoping they’d go away – instead of imposing a stronger discipline upon ourselves and others and establishing a stricter social order.

    We see a declining work-ethic and an ever increasing body of unemployables (both black and white) – also middle class kids from ‘decent’ homes who see no incentive to work hard; or to work at all. Every family seems to have at least one. Is this the inevitable consequence of a society which has blossomed into huge prosperity and which has subsequently raised kids that had everything and therefore lost their incentive to struggle? I do think that is part of it.

    The incredible loss of manufacturing jobs is a tragedy for America – not only because the jobs are gone but also because the expertise to do world-class manufacturing is being rapidly lost. Try hiring an operations manager, a manufacturing foreman or a quality assurance manager with experience – you will be very lucky to find them.

    Media exert and extraordinary influence upon society and you could be excused for thinking that America’s media are hell-bent upon degrading us as fast as they can. The disgusting rap “lyrics”, so degenerate, brainless and obscene are being pumped into kids’ heads – and dignified, for God’s sake, by mainstream media as art-forms worthy of serious critique. Flip through the hundreds of US TV channels and try to find something intelligent – it will take a while. Art too has been steadily degenerating: whether it is graphic art, music, architecture – ugliness seems to be ‘in’ with a vengeance: objects are held up with reverence that contain absolutely no talent whatever. In my time, most kids could sing a bit – listen at your local restaurant as they belt out “Happy Birthday to You” not a single one in tune!

    Now, as we sink ever deeper into debt, the Chinese become our largest creditor even as we prepare an Asian strategy to counter them (with their own money!). When the inevitable happens and we become insolvent, my fear is that we shall then use our unequaled military strength to protect ourselves from the consequences of our defaults.

    Fred is right in most of what he says: a change is bound to come but things need to get a lot worse first.

  8. Jm says:

    American expats often seem rather resentful of their former home. Perhaps the resentment stems from their understanding that while they may be somebodies abroad, they will always be nobodies at home.

  9. Sean says:

    I happen to believe that the international situation is the cause of states contemplating an alteration in internal political arrangements; that is when internal dissent can act as a catalyst. Weimar was under pressure from France which deliberately ruined the Germany’s biggest bank Credit-Anstalt Crisis of 1931 to forestall a Austria- German customs union that would have given Germany leverage to economically integrate Europe under German leadership (that sounds familiar).

    There will will have to be something similar happen, like China pulling the financial plug on the US, for real change in political arrangements.

  10. fnn says:

    The decline isn’t primarily racial. The West wouldn’t be allowing racial replacement if it wasn’t already in decline. Spengler, Francis Parker Yockey, Carle Zimmerman and J. D. Unwin are maybe the guys to read about this.

    Or John Bagot Glubb:

    “As the nation declines in power and wealth, a universal pessimism gradually pervades the people, and itself hastens the decline … Frivolity is the frequent companion of pessimism … The resemblance between declining nations in this respect is truly surprising … The Roman mob, as we have seen, demanded free meals and public games … Gladiatorial shows, chariot races and athletic events were their passion. In the Byzantine Empire, the rivalries of the Greens and the Blues in the hippodrome attained the importance of a major crisis … The heroes of declining nations are always the same – the athlete, the singer or the actor.”

    “The works of the contemporary historians of Baghdad in the early tenth century are still available. They deeply deplored the degeneracy of the times in which they lived, particularly the indifference to religion, the increasing materialism and the laxity of sexual morals. They lamented also the corruption of the officials of the government and the fact that politicians always seemed to amass large fortunes while they were in office. The historians commented bitterly on the extraordinary influence acquired by popular singers over young people, resulting in a decline in sexual morality. The ‘pop’ singers of Baghdad accompanied their erotic songs on the lute, an instrument resembling the modern guitar. In the second half of the tenth century, as a result, much obscene sexual language came increasingly into use, such as would not have been tolerated in an earlier age.”

    “An increase in the influence of women in public life has often been associated with national decline. The later Romans complained that, although Rome ruled the world, women ruled Rome. In the tenth century, a similar tendency was observable in the Arab empire, the women demanding admission to the professions hitherto monopolized by men. “What,” wrote the contemporary historian, Ibn Bessam, “have the professions of clerk, tax collector or preacher to do with women? These occupations have always been limited to men alone.” Many women practiced law, while others obtained positions as university professors. There was an agitation for the appointment of female judges, which, however, does not appear to have succeeded. Soon after this period, government and public order collapsed, and foreign invaders overran the country. The resulting increase in confusion and violence made it unsafe for women to move unescorted in the streets, with the result that this feminist movement collapsed.

    • Replies: @Augustus Finkin
  11. Breaking up would be a more desirable outcome than fascism. We could split into relatively independent, happy polities and mutually coexist, but as Fred points out, if we stay together as One, then we will need a strong-arm police state type government to maintain order. It could plausibly be argued that dividing America was the plan from day one, that is from the time Eastern European refugees flocked to America before, during and after WW2. Their goal was to divide and rule and they have succeeded.

    On another note, informed whites are very angry about being lied to by Obama, Holder, their handlers and the Press and nothing strikes deeper than interracial rape and murder statistics. Rape in particular. Those of us who can do numbers and are familiar with the Justice Department’s statistics cannot forgive those who ignore, sweep under the rug, rationalize, try to explain away the fact that 20,000 white women will be raped or sexually assaulted by black men this year and next year and the year thereafter while statistically no black women will be raped by white men. And yet the media harps about alleged instances of white Masters diddling their black slaves a century and a half ago, ad nauseum. It is this disconnect that enrages white men. We won’t forget or forgive and if God won’t bring Justice to this world, then we shall.

    • Replies: @quercus
  12. Bud says:

    I don’t know that Abraham Lincoln was a ‘fascist’, but the Civil War was a catastrophe — an avoidable catastrophe. I prefer to think of Lincoln as a Shakespearean tragic hero. In any case, I can’t understand how people view him as having been one of our best presidents. He was a disaster for this country. It’s lucky that the country recovered after the Civil War.

  13. Jim says:

    I think contemporary America is much deeper trouble than Weimar Germany.

  14. There are decent folk of every race. Just seemingly, in America, less and less. There are predators without conscience at all levels and one could make the case that the most dangerous aren’t even the underclass.

    Being lied to, being spied on, being ripped off. That’s the current situation for the decent folk, no matter your ethnic background.

    • Replies: @viking
    , @Tom
  15. Helluva comment fnn. I never would have suspected that a former Muslim State would have empowered women. Who would of thunk it?

    There’s something about the feminizaton of a culture along with the decline of testosterone in the leaders, the enfeebling of the economy, anemia in manufacturing and inventiveness, inability to maintain concrete infrastructure i.e. ignorance about and indifference to the world of things, increased value placed upon verbalization versus visualization, outlawing one’s right to physical self defense, reliance on lawyers and courts to settle disputes, popularization of homosexuality; all these seem to run together in a herd.

  16. Its a rare thing to see one’s own diagnosis laid out so comprehensively. I take the dissolution of our constitutional order as a given. I think many more will come to see this as time progresses. As a conservative writer and local radio commenter, I encounter more and more people who see what’s coming and quietly admit as much, though not for attribution.

    One point needs to be made clear. Actual conservatives, as opposed to the FOX News sheep, are called fascists while representing the last hurdle to true authoritarianism. The conservative republican ideal represents a barrier to mass politics. Mass Democracy has always led to civil strife and authoritarian government.

    It’s debatable whether that republican system could ever have stood against the solvent of the racial, multi-cultural babel we see now. But the idea of free citizens acting responsibly within a limited government framework that generally reflects their common culture is the conservative ideal. And it is doomed.

    And example. My last local newspaper piece suggested that certain institutions of the old Roman Republic would be useful to us if we had the wit and discipline to adopt them. These were not draconian in any way. They had nothing to do with the autocracy of the Roman Empire. I was immediately attacked as a fascist by liberal commenters. Even Conservative friends and readers thought I was advocating authoritarianism in some tongue and cheek sort of way.

    So I think that as our culture and our institutions dissolve, the conservative case against authoritarianism devolves with it.

    The centrifugal forces that pull us apart will produce a reaction as you predict. There will be a period of disorder and perhaps civil war. Order will then be restored under some new dispensation. I don’t see how it could be either a free or moral one, given the turmoil from which it will emerge. Perhaps a Euro-American society will survive on a separate basis.

  17. Id say Jm basically nailed it.

  18. @fnn

    Thank you for this excellent piece, so uncannily true and insightful – few people know of Glubb Pasha today. His book, recounting his thankless efforts to oppose the invasion of Jerusalem by the future Israelis, commanding a primarily Jordanian militia, is a true eye-opener to those who were raised on “Exodus”- and the atrocities then committed against the populace by the invaders have been repeated at regular intervals ever since.

    He was a man of true integrity.

    • Replies: @KA
  19. It is not just America that is at risk, it is Western Civilization, including liberal democracy and free markets. Japan will be the first domino to fall. Over the next twenty years its population will implode and, along with it, its economy. France and Italy also will soon face existential crises from having adopted bankrupt socialist models, which are being compounded by uncontrollable migrations from Africa. At the present time, cities in Russia are trying to cope with tens of thousands of immigrants from Central Asia and the Trans-Caucuses, causing tension between the Orthodox Christians living there and the Muslim immigrants.

    This brings me to the subject of uncontrollable migrations and their role in the demise of civilizations. There are numerous examples throughout history of civilizations being undermined and destroyed by uncontrollable migrations. Rome is an obvious example. The Huns, Franks, Visgoths, Lombards, and Vandals together disrupted and ultimately undermined Roman society. Byzantium was undermined and destroyed, in part, by Turkish migrations into Anatolia. China never fully recovered from the Mongol invasions of the Middle Ages. India was transformed by the Aryan invaders in ancient times. Coptic culture was suppressed in Egypt and Nubia by the arrival of the Arabs and Islam in the Seventh Century CE. And, of course, the Native Americans throughout the Americas were marginalized and largely exterminated by white settlers from Europe. Anyone who thinks that the marginalization of European-Americans from immigration ultimately won’t have a profound impact on American culture and its institutions are dreaming or smoking something illegal.

    • Replies: @Tom
  20. shmiggen says:

    Easy now. Fred is a writer. That is, he must write something interesting, or he will not be read.

    Probable scenario: Hispanics will assimilate, just as the Italians. First generation takes out the trash, cooks the food, and drives the trucks. Their children attend First Communion, go to public school, learn English, and become honest, tax-paying Americans.

    Black people become a majority in Mississippi. Yawn. They’re as American as Apple pie, and have no desire to separate.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. We’ve got it made in the shade: Hispanics are Catholic. This is not a problem. You want to see a real problem? Look to Europe.

  21. Cromwell says:

    There you have it. Catholics are not worried about the Hispanic invasion because they are Catholics.

    • Replies: @Bill
  22. We blew it — big-time. But, anyway …

    I’d like to point out to the “left” bashers here that is was the right who said ALL ALONG “it’s the stupid left and there stupid rants against corporations blah blah blah…” (Do you even KNOW the difference between a normal company and a corporation?)

    Thos. Jefferson: I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.

    Yes, the “left” is guilty on MANY points — especially today. But the right has mostly been willing rooters for what the corporations (not normal businesses) have done to the USA. Vietnam, Nixon’s end of the gold standard, the overthrow of Chile etc., killing for the corporations in Central America and Reagan’s deregulation of everything not for the people and their benefit but for the corporations — who started shipping jobs overseas etc. And the ONLY reason you are, maybe, against the end of Glass-Steagall is because Clinton did it. If BUSH had done you’d be, “yeah yeah yeah.”

    Well, the democrats and the republicans are now fused together representing EXACTLY what this country was supposed to be against in its beginning — those “monied corporations.”

  23. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t know of any reason the US can’t be divided peacefully. The USSR was.

  24. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Fred is a writer.

    This piece ought to open that up for debate. Writers engage their readers by building around a topic; Fred dumps on his readers his pet peeves and prejudices.

    Pieces like this have all the coherence of Dennis Rodman’s tattoos.

  25. Retired says:

    Caused by white liberals. And their minority toadies. With the complicity of RINOs

  26. @shmiggen

    Latinos are areligious or Protestant and some Catholic. I’ve looked at the numbers for Latino immigrants and Catholic parish growth (they can be tracked down). The USCCB’s thesis doesn’t add up.

    Mestizos and Indios have been in Hispanic society for 400 years. They still have not assimilated. It will be no different here. They may be hardworking, docile and apolitical, but they will just not be up to our level.

    BTW, there are huge differences among Italians.

  27. Hacienda says:

    One of the oldest salesman’s/attention whore’s tricks of all time- You and all you know are doomed.
    Christian “Holy Men” are particularly well practiced at this charade.

  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, he was.

  29. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    shmiggen, Hacienda

    love it! Of course Fred is just airing his pet peeves so that he can be read! The absolute and complete demographic transformation of the most powerful nation on earth ever by two-bit lands from its southern border lands is NOT a big deal!

    I understand all the Hispanic commenters here -the “new” Americans. They will dictate the terms from now on. But please understand it from my viewpoint. I am not American. And I am not a “new” American of Hispanic origin. So I find this funny. Let America rot. Let the Hispanics win. The rest of the world knows that the “new” Americans will not go to the moon again. That’s all there is to it. Love it!!

  30. quercus says:

    “…. 20,000 white women will be raped or sexually assaulted by black men”.

    How many white women altogether will be raped or sexually assaulted this year, next year? 20,000 is what percentage of the black male population? Is that percentage far higher than it is for the white male population of those charged with rape or sexual assault. Can you provide a link to the source of your information?

    In order for me to gain any meaningful, objective assessment of your claim I need to see all the information, which unfortunately you do not provide.

  31. @quercus

    You don’t need the micro-analysis; just look at the macro effect: people will pay thousands of dollars–as much as they can possibly afford–for white neighbors.

  32. Sunbeam says:

    Quercus the point he is making is that inter-racial rape is pretty much a black perpetrator on white victim thing.

    The converse, white perpetrator on black victim is almost a non-existent event.

    The numbers are particularly disconcerting when you consider the disparity in numbers between whites and blacks.

    Now if you are feeling froggy, I feel confident that most rapes are with racial groups. But while not all rapes are reported, just guess for me what you think the likelihood a black woman will be raped in a given year is? Now I don’t have any numbers for you, but my cynicism hasn’t been wrong yet.

    And as far as: “In order for me to gain any meaningful, objective assessment of your claim I need to see all the information, which unfortunately you do not provide.”

    Well for me to doubt the man’s claims, you know in a meaningful, objective way…

    I’ll need to see all the information, which unfortunately you do not provide.

  33. shmiggen says:

    Mestizo is mixed. That is to say, they are half white, if not more. Mexico is 15% Amerindian, 15% white, and 70% mestizo. The mestizos are half white, if not more.

    Just thought I’d remind you.

  34. @ quercus

    The United States Department of Justice and the FBI Uniform Crime Report have been collecting and documenting these statistics for decades. Here’s a good general introduction by Ron Unz

    and more on the subject

    and the Wall Street Journal on murder

    and Mother Jones on mass murders, the events which so excite the proponents of gun control legislation. You may notice, if you are honest and have an eye for that sort of thing, that so-called mass murders comprise a fraction of 1% of all homicides in America.

    You’ll have to access the FBI and Dept of Justice data on your own. I’m not going to do your homework for you.

  35. Bill says:

    In order for me to gain any meaningful, objective assessment of your claim I need to see all the information, which unfortunately you do not provide.

    Yeah, Threecranes, don’t you know your purpose in life is to provide remedial assistance to the Google-impaired?

  36. Bill says:

    Probable scenario: Hispanics will assimilate, just as the Italians. First generation takes out the trash, cooks the food, and drives the trucks. Their children attend First Communion, go to public school, learn English, and become honest, tax-paying Americans.

    As Steve Sailer is fond of pointing out, we don’t need to speculate about whether or not mestizos are going to assimilate. Mestizos today are not like Italians in 1900, newcomers to the US. Mestizos have been here since before there was a US. They do not assimilate. Generation after generation, they are uneducated, criminally-inclined, lumpenproletariat. Conquistadors assimilate just fine, but what we are getting are not conquistadors.

  37. Bill says:

    White Catholics have almost exactly the same opinions on immigration as white Prots. Cromwell’s financiers, though, they have different opinions.

  38. Rex May says: • Website

    Fred is like Pat Buchanan rewritten by Mark Twain, and I mean that in the best possible way. I’ve quoted this and quibcagged it here:

  39. rod1963 says:

    Hispanics aren’t assimilating and there is no reason for them to as the government and white Leftists have gone out of their way to allow them to keep their language and culture.

    Look at their kids in our public schools. We bend over backwards to help them celebrate Mexican holidays, etc. We even ban the American flag on t-shirts so it doesn’t offend them. We teach them in Spanish(more like gutter Spanish) and dumb down the course work so they don’t feel dumb as rocks.

    And what do they do, they drop out. Some 50-75% of them never graduate high school and end up becoming criminals or government moochers.

    But they go to college!! And how many graduate(most are liberal arts majors) and how many try to get a degree in engineering, science or medicine and actually make it? Very, very few.

    At best they are forming a permanent and violent underclass along with the blacks.

    Look at our prisons, full of Hispanics and blacks. Not whites, not Asians. Hispanics and blacks.

    No country can exist once this group gets big enough.

    We simply cannot support all these moochers and criminals with a crippled economy and a shrinking tax base.

    When that happens the fun will begin.

    • Replies: @Bliss
  40. shmiggen says:


    Miscegenation will lead to vibrancy.

  41. Luke says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    As a rural white I can tell you that “armed to the bloody teeth” is somewhat of an understatement. We are considerably better armed than that. Just saying.

  42. viking says:

    we need to push non whites south and out

  43. viking says:
    @Fran Macadam

    yes this is the problem that allows it to continue many decent blacks but ten times the violence rate of whites 100 times that of Asians. the IQ gap means that even decent blacks are almost always on a kind of welfare even when working. and the 1 in 6 blacks of average or better intelligence do not work to bring their people up but to bring us down. Think what diversity costs us not just the trillion a year in welfare and the mounting interest on those borrowed trillions. think about the cost of cultural suffocation we cant shame white slackers because the inference would be blacks are lazy the same for single mothers and a million other situations. think of the costs of an ever growing government that is essentially a jobs program for low IQ minorities, think about the cost of our best and brightest siphoned off into the apology industry for progressivism, think about the costs of lower standards government set asides affirmative action, race lawsuits, everything is more expensive because nothing works from public toilets to public schools think about what america would be like with a third less people what immigration does to american wages and real estate costs and how american whites wont form families under those conditions,

  44. nikto says: • Website

    A note to commenters complaining of welfare payments: what you don’t pay in “handouts” to in-groups you will pay in war costs against out-groups. “Handouts” are conveniently re-spent in the same economy that employs the “white” working class while war costs will inevitably be either collected by financiers or irreparably exhausted on battlefields.

    It is often lost on the lower class “white” man why his betters may choose to pay welfare to those on the apparently losing side of social divides. If the motivation were charity you can rest assured own “race” group would get priority. The motivation is maintaining the domestic aspect of the so-called democratic peace.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  45. @nikto

    That’s refreshingly honest. Unfortunately the social and financial capacity for transfer payments is running out. And while this is happening, we are importing people whose only marketable skill is a willingness to do dull, strenuous work (until about age 55, when they have to go on disability). Those kinds of jobs will be automated out of existence over the coming decades.

    Fred is right; this does not end well. I don’t think American elites will be as willing to live cheek-by-jowl with the underclass, as they must in Brazil. Nor do I think heavily armed non-elite whites will just roll over and die like their betters wish they would. (Whites are actually the best on the planet at organized violence once you get them mad enough.)

    • Replies: @nikto
    , @Gordo
  46. nikto says: • Website
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    Yes, that may very well be the case. I certainly don’t mind living long enough to see what will occur in coming decades.

  47. KA says:
    @Augustus Finkin

    His was the only true battle ready brigade from Jordan but he commanded less than 6000 soldiers .. Rest of the Arab forces were composed of rag tag farmers poorly trained and armed numbering less than 1/3 of highly trained and expetienced Jewish forces .
    His book should be an interesting read .

    Thanks for the excerpts.

  48. Svigor says:

    That anything seismic might happen is an idea doubtless inconceivable to most Americans

    Actually, I’m continually surprised by how many Americans find it more and more conceivable. My worry is how abstractly they view it all.

    The funny thing is that I generally scoff at all the doomsaying coming from the right. No one wants to admit that the future is far more likely a long, slow, agonizing decline than a shooting war. Shooting wars are sexier. But we’re being slowly boiled, and it’s working.

    America can no longer be called a democracy republic.


    dark pale tall squatty masculine effeminate brunette blond Jewish Aryan superman untermensch


  49. Svigor says:

    No, our decline isn’t purely racial in nature. Our destruction will be, though. Nations can recover from declines in short order. But nations that welcome other nations en masse are no longer the same nation. The old one is dead. There’s no recovering from that.

    So, yes, for all intents and purposes, our doom is entirely racial.

    Yeah, Threecranes, don’t you know your purpose in life is to provide remedial assistance to the Google-impaired?

    But I have to document everything for every Tom, Dick, and Harry every time the JQ comes up (no, that’s not directed at you, Bill).

    Miscegenation will lead to vibrancy.

    Which is why I can’t figure out why the Smartest Ethnic Group in the Universe seems so determined to avoid it. Don’t they want to be vibrant?

    As a rural white I can tell you that “armed to the bloody teeth” is somewhat of an understatement. We are considerably better armed than that. Just saying.

    Indeed. A lot of rural whites have enough to share. And share. And share. If you catch my drift.

    A note to commenters complaining of welfare payments: what you don’t pay in “handouts” to in-groups you will pay in war costs against out-groups. “Handouts” are conveniently re-spent in the same economy that employs the “white” working class while war costs will inevitably be either collected by financiers or irreparably exhausted on battlefields.

    A note to commenters making spurious economic arguments: what you pay in war costs today, you don’t pay after you win. As opposed to eternal Danegeld to the protected groups, which libs will have you paying in perpetuity.

    As for re-spending, I’ll keep it and save myself the skim white (and “white”) libs are taking off the top, thanks.

    It is often lost on the lower class “white” man why his betters may choose to pay welfare to those on the apparently losing side of social divides. If the motivation were charity you can rest assured own “race” group would get priority. The motivation is maintaining the domestic aspect of the so-called democratic peace.

    It is often lost on “betters” that they telegraph their hatred when they put “white” in quotation marks. More importantly, it’s often lost on them who’s doing all the fighting. Even more importantly, it’s often lost on them that there’s no shout from Heaven when the worm turns.

    • Replies: @nikto
  50. Svigor says:

    I also tend to scoff at the estimations of anger on the right. Truly angry people camp out on the Mall in DC in droves. They block off bridges, encircle gov’t buildings, form human chains. They mount tax revolts and passive resistance on a massive scale. All of these things are sure to precede a shooting war. We haven’t seen anything approaching this. The Tea Parties are as close as we’ve gotten yet. There’s a lot more flex in white America yet, IMO.

  51. Voltaire says:

    Republicans complain about welfare payments to poor people without considering that the federal government has been engaged in massive middle class welfare programs since the end of World War Two.

    That is what defense spending actually is and the reason it didn’t diminish with the fall of the USSR in 1989. Defense spending is now so engrained into the American economy that it cannot be ended without serious economic turmoil. Places like San Diego, Norfolk et. al. would end up having riots on the streets led by middle class shop owners if the huge military bases there were closed. Our massive farm subsidy programs are also just middle class government welfare programs whose major beneficiaries seem to be huge corporate farming interests.

    When WW2 ended, politicians were fearful that the economy would quickly slide back into a depression of the type that had started in 1929 and continued on up until war boom (which had initially started first with lend lease spending and then with actual war time funding.)

    Government make work programs in the 1930s had been largely proved to be ineffective in improving the economy. FDR’s widely vaunted programs life the WPA and the CCC had had virtually no effect on ending the depression. Just witness the severe economic downturn of 1937, four years after FDR had come to office. The economy of the US had just continued to limp along during despite all these massive government efforts.

    War had allowed the government to end almost all unemployment by using the draft to force younger men off the unemployment roles. It had also allowed the government to force the much better paid employees of the various government work make programs into the mandatory but very poorly paid government military conscript labor pool. A CCC employee, for instance, made about $120 plus free food per month. An army private made just $50 plus free food. As a result conscription proved to be a huge money saver for the government when compared with the previous much more expensive government programs which, incidentally both the federal and state governments had to pay for. Wartime spending also allowed the federal government to relieve the state of their required painful contributions to the make work programs. Now the government could simply federalize all the funding by simply printing more money or demanding higher income taxes. War proved to be a win-win situation for all levels of government. Don’t think for a moment that our various levels of government haven’t forgotten this lesson.

    Military spending result in disastrous boondoggles like the F35 fighter plane. The Germans, with the help of large scale government funding and cooperation, make Mercedes Benz and BMW cars which are loved the world over. We expend out riches on crap like the F35, F22, or the widow maker Osprey planes which absolutely nobody wants. (or would buy without pressure from the US government.)

    Forget peace. It just isn’t happening.

  52. ktwop says: • Website

    A most enjoyable rant.
    The politics are almost irrelevant in the big picture (though perceived degeneracy will usually be followed by a period of authoritarian puritanism – a la ISIS or Boko Haram).
    The big picture is determined by just fertility and arithmetic.

    “The last 50 years has seen a sharp decline in the pink races and an increase in the brown and yellow races. The next 50 years will see the yellow races beginning to decline and the brown and black races increasing sharply. For the 50 years to 2100, the browns will stabilise and only the black races will still be increasing. By 2100 a relatively stable mix of races may be in place.”

  53. coyote says:

    “the pink races”…??? gliberal crap never ends. we are euro, christian, and white out here in flyover country. we got yer pink hanging and you can wrap yer elite lips on it. “flex”? flex is for yoga soccer moms. not many of those around here, either. march on DC? how quaint- even the ragheads know better than that. the biggest problem about all this current bs is how long it is taking for it to all fall apart, so we can get on without the all mighty state.

  54. Dave37 says:

    I don’t know about Mr. Reed but from my time in Alabama in the 50’s and 60″s I occasionally get the disquieting feeling that those oltime Klan members would be saying about now “we told you so”. But everytime is different and I suspect economics not politics will be the real concern of modern America though I wouldn’t rule out somebody shooting. Personally I would prefer a Constitutional Convention before people start shooting each other. Don’t know if it would really fix things but sounds like more fun than killing each other.

  55. SFG says:

    “Which is why I can’t figure out why the Smartest Ethnic Group in the Universe seems so determined to avoid it. Don’t they want to be vibrant? ”

    Determined to avoid it? So determined there’s a 50% intermarriage rate?

  56. nikto says: • Website

    A note to commenters making spurious economic arguments: what you pay in war costs today, you don’t pay after you win.

    You cannot win a war on a concept; relative poverty, in this case. Your confusion comes from mistaking “race” with economic class. Once you have supposedly won the war against the poorest outcast decile of a society you will be faced with another poorest decile. This new group of losers of the social divides may not be of the same “race” as the previous losers but they pose the same challenges.

    Unless you wish to engage in perpetual war against losers you have to reckon with the Pareto distribution in a less violent way. Namely, the so-called handouts.

  57. Steven says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    “OTOH, they are armed to the bloody teeth. And angry, as Fred notes.”

    Yes, they are, but so are the far more armed to the teeth militarized police forces, who know where their paycheck comes from. The US is also the most obese country on earth, which means those “troops” are going to need a lot of bootcamp to be worth anything. Above all, the obesity is just a sign of what is internally “obese”. So I think a few tanks rolling down the street and a few hundred yahoos mowed down with high tech weaponry would send them home scampering back to the TV and their video games. Just look back and look at what E. Europe was like under the Soviets (thanks to our having betrayed them to Stalin). It all came down at last, but certainly not because the locals were an effective fighting force, but rather from much more complex political-economic factors.

    • Replies: @Tom
  58. SFG says:

    “Just look back and look at what E. Europe was like under the Soviets (thanks to our having betrayed them to Stalin). It all came down at last, but certainly not because the locals were an effective fighting force, but rather from much more complex political-economic factors.”

    Right, and the USA has much better bread and circuses.

  59. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    You all ar right. Everyone feels it. The country is in for a wild ride of decline or dissing ration in this century. I think our corporations and k street along with the military will prevent break up for awhile. The big factors that could upend everything is the dollar as world reserve currency which our liberal PC bullying of traditionalist nations whether Russian or Arab is quickly helping doing away with. The second factor is oil and the James Howard kunstler scenario. Can we run the web or the basics of our economy on renewable energy in time? America undergoes at least 3 revolutions at once. Demographic insanity via immigration policy since 1965. The robot automation revolution. Not enough jobs which means either huge welfare state or collapse, etc. and then the web revolution. Social automation killing parades, festivals, etc. and America since the 60s has decided to conduct a exsperiment to see how the first global nation works out. Terrible policy. Rolling the dice. Thinking ppl see this I.e. The ones who still should be at the wheel of America for the good of all Americans, euro and or Asian Americans ppl who actually read, debate, etc. the whites see this futuristic shit storm and decline of religion and find refuge in the nfl, internet, and kardashian aspirations. I believe our future is braZil. We grow 2nd world multi racial economically divided united by national sports obsession. But guess what? You guys are the smartest people in America. You have the best ideas.perhaps when president sharpton crashes the car in a decade they will come ask us to help with the mess they created as we predicted it all. I’m in my early twenties. I’d like us all to have a state we could all move to like Maine or Montana or Canada. Nice mountains. No AryAn nations garage. Just a area that looks like America before the 1965 catastrophe. If possibly we need to get as far away from blks as possible. The kardashian wave is coming. This nation has so many problems most ignore politics as truth can get u called racist and fired, a huge problem in itself, and instead focus on wealth and a job. But don’t give up guys nor give in to Jew bashing or extremism. I am half Jewish like sailer. Trust me our goal should be for Europe to survive. One euro nation needs to survive like Iceland untouched till after this period wether it be peak oil or collapse brings us back to history via the lessons of riots, rape and pillage. If America stopped pumping and the economy went stop as the the ebt cards it will nit be like japan after Fukushima it will Mexicans, blacks, Asian speaking communities, and then the euros breaking off into groups for survival or safety. I wonder in such a the road novel type scenario what becomes of the many unfortunate half breeds that the e network helps raise on tv? I think it would be good if euros closed the door on them in such a scenario. They walked out that door let us shut it. Live and let live. No coercision. Let those seek shelter and safety with their new tribe. Anyways, u guys are great. Don’t get down. This is a great site so glad to hear so many good comments!

  60. KenH says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    America was never just a creedal nation as we are led to believe. There was always an ethno-national core majority of whites and at the nation’s founding only “free white persons” were eligible for citizenship which persisted well into the 19th century. Up until the 20th century all settlers and immigrants were of English, Scandinavian and Northwestern European stock. So while America was never mono-ethnic it was mono-racial and 90% white until the immigration reform act of 1965 and subsequent liberalizations which in effect allows the entire third world access to this nation and has reduced whites to just 62% and falling fast.

  61. Tom says:

    You’re very far off.

  62. Tom says:
    @Fran Macadam

    “There are decent folk of every race”.

    Yes, but statistics are everything.

  63. Tom says:

    “…which are being compounded by uncontrollable migrations from Africa”.

    There is nothing uncontrollable about it. It is fully controllable given enough will to control it. The influence of the haters prevents us from doing so with at least an endorsement if not direct implementation from any modern western state.

    It wouldn’t take much deterrence, either, Just enough to communicate that the risk isn’t worth their lives. Deaths from boat accidents are not enough. The state will to kill an invading political force must be demonstrated. If they get in, then no more shelters and no more welfare. Just hard concrete and an armed escort to the gates. They will stop coming.

  64. Bliss says:

    Look at our prisons, full of Hispanics and blacks. Not whites, not Asians. Hispanics and blacks.

    Not true. Non-hispanic whites constitute a third of the prison population, around half a million. You can’t just dismiss such a huge number. This despite the well documented prejudice in sentencing against blacks and hispanics.

    Secondly many of the hispanics in prison are classified as, and self-identify as whites. Most of the rest are majority european genetically.

    Bottomline: european genes account for the majority of the incarcerated population in these Disunited States of America.

  65. Gordo says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    “Whites are actually the best on the planet at organized violence once you get them mad enough”

    Yes, from the hoplites onwards. That is why they hate us, are scared or us, and are determined to destroy us. Once we open our eyes they are a footnote in history and we will be building cities on Mars, they must stop this happening.

    • Replies: @Bliss
  66. Bliss says:

    Reality Check:

    1. Europeans were no match for the mongoloid Huns and Mongols.

    2. Brown bedouins from the Arabian Peninsula, along with their black Abyssinian allies, crushed the Eastern Roman Empire and conquered Iberia and Sicily from the Western Roman Empire.

    3. More recently, the vietnamese defeated both France and the US. And Afganistan defeated the Soviet Union.

  67. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I really enjoyed the content and style of your article.

    Of course, I do not enjoy the truths that you have pointed out about the State or lack thereof which was United and American.

    I like the “Weimar” title and its implications and I want to point out that, unfortunately, the US is far beyond that stage of Germany’s history.

    The coup of the US democracy has already happened, starting with the creation of the Fed central bank, then the assassination of JFK, and finally the Patriot (Enabling) Act following 9/11.

    The people who control this country are not those who we elect (merely puppets)! Although, there is still freedom of speech and the truth can be found, the general population are in a dream and cannot see. I assure you that, although it does not appear that there is a strong leadership in this country, there most certainly is – but it is invisible, and it is not leading US to where you might imagine. It is absolutely intent on despotic world domination and has already outpaced Hitler.

    One other interesting parallel to observe here is that those invisible, clandestine, scheming elite who are now crushing this country in its grip and who are threatening the entire world largely share the same blood, ideology, and complete lack of human conscience as those who dominated Weimar Germany.

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