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Only the Democrats Could Have Lost to Trump
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A great uproar goes forth from the enemies of the Trump Beast, with much gnashing of hair and pulling of teeth. He will be a terrible President, they say, and they may well be right. There are ominous signs, particularly as regards foreign policy, and he seems radically incoherent and contradictory. Interestingly, his critics have no slight idea why he won. The reason is obvious: He won because everybody was campaigning for him, in particular the media, Hillary, Black Lives Matter, Obama, Democrats, and far leftists. Everybody worked for Trump. He couldn’t lose.

The election was a referendum on Marie Antoinette’s court. It was the revolt of the unnoticed downtrodden, the financially sinking, the working classes rising against privileged snots–but it was engineered by the elites. The glittering elect of course did not say “working class,” this being a loaded phrase redolent of Marxism and of the Democratic Party of five decades back before it became a royal court. They spoke instead of disgruntled white men, racists, homophobes, sexists, and the Islamonauseated–phobic, I meant.

The rich and powerful are on display in Washington, white, well paid, secure, above average in intelligence, often from Oberlin, Amherst, Swarthmore, Yale. The better sorts of schools, you know. They cluster in Washington’s posh barrios of Bethesda, Upper Connecticut, Cap Hill, and Great Falls. They drink together and talk to each other and believe that they must be right because everyone they know agrees with them.

Theirs is not a personal arrogance–they are nice people and you would like them–but an arrogance of class. Since nobody tells them they they are either arrogant or a class, they do not know. Since everybody around them lives at a high standard, it does not occur to them that they they live at a high standard. They exist in a small mental box.

They do not know that that in the bleak down-scale strip development of Jeff Davis Highway, a half-hour away, reeking of exhaust and blowing with trash, an aged veteran on crutches lives in a dismal residential motel. Every mourning he hobbles to Dixie Lee’s Diner–I forget its actual name–for a cheap breakfast because it is all he has. Or ever will. He is waiting to die. The elite don’t know, and wouldn’t care.

The upper crust are also moral frauds, though they do not know this either. Nice liberals to the roots of their teeth, in principle they believe that we should all love each other, and they hate anyone who doesn’t. In practice they approximate George Wallace. Ask when they last went to the ghetto for dinner, whether they have ever been in a restaurant with a majority black clientele, whether they would send their precious children to the public schools of New York. Ask whether they have a blue-collar friend.

The privileged worked hard for Trump. Every time they described his people as uneducated white males, implicit dregs, they drove votes to Donald. And they so described the working class unceasingly.

It made him President. Good, bad, or indifferent, it is how he got in.

The privileged denigrated all whites unlike themselves. Then Hillary made her “deplorables” speech, confirming her contempt for half of America–those uneducated, shapeless, dull-witted proles in Flyover Land, obese, farting and belching, swilling Bud, watching NASCAR for god’s sake in awful trailers. And why not not sneer at them? Why did Hillary need their votes? Did not Rachel Maddow love her?

For Trump it was gold, pure gold. If he had written her speech, he could not have come up with a better line to destroy her. It was the purest product of the establishment’s hubris. She did it to herself. Sweet.

It made him President.

Black Lives Matter also did yeoman work for the Donald. As they and snowflake Brown Shirts and excited millennials blocked highways and beat Trump’s supporters and shut down rallies, and vandalized cars, and of course looted, they presumably thought they were working against the Trump Monster. Not a chance. Out there in the uncharted barbarian lands between Manhattan and Hollywood, in dark primeval forests where Cro-Magnons are still a rarity, people were sick of lawlessness, and of an establishment that tolerated it. It produced more votes, perhaps not for Trump or even against Hillary but against the class that she represented.

Immigration. Here Hillary and Obama did great work for Donald. As Obama frantically brought in as many “refugees” as possible from everywhere, anywhere that might not be compatible with the people upon whom he would force them, Hillary promised to import huge numbers of Muslims. It was luminously stupid politics, but politically she was luminously stupid, so it fit.

It is why she is not President.

She knew that the backward peoples of Flyover Land ought to want hundreds of thousands of Somalis and Pakistanis and who-knew-what to live with, and if they didn’t, she would force them and it didn’t matter because she had big donors and everybody in the media loved her.

However incoherent and ignorant Trump was, the Establishment was determined to elect him. Elect him it did.

Then there is the insularity of the privileged. Its extent is hard to grasp. It worked mightily for the new President. Hillary has probably never been in a Legion hall with, god, that kind of people; if she had, she might be President. Instead she set a trotline for big donors and hung with the rich. They told her, didn’t they, that she couldn’t lose.

These, like her, knew nothing of the lives of most Americans. Has Bill Kristol hitchhiked in the chill of three a.m. on a secondary road in Appalachia, total wealth twenty-five dollars, hoping sparse traffic would get him to Roanoke? I am accepting bets. I doubt that Katie Couric, or any of the babbling bubble heads, has ever worked in a truck stop or gas station for minimum wage, if that. How many have ever baited a hook, had a paper route, or had to decide between a warm coat with winter coming on or paying the cable?

This is why Trump took them by such surprise. They were dealing with a country they had never seen. And didn’t like. Lord only knows what kind of President Trump will make (unless God also is wondering, which I find plausible) but he had the country figured out. Which is positively weird, given that he is a filthy rich New Yorker.

And the media. These too did great work for our new President. All the corporate outlets were furiously against him, apparently assuming that their opprobrium would crush the upstart. Were they not CBS and NBC and the Washington Post, respected news outlets that people would believe and trust?

Well, no, actually.

And so the talking heads chuckled and sneered and utterly underestimated and got handed their ass. They should have registered as lobbyists for the Donald.

The newsies did not understand that they were widely hated. Their obvious slant, often approaching verticality, looked like (and was) hostility to anyone who was willing to consider Trump. The common sentiment in Flyover Land became, “If these bastards don’t like Donald, he must be OK.”

They made him President.

It reminds me of when Bob Brown started Soldier of Fortune magazine, purporting to be a rag for, oh horror, squeak, mercenary soldiers. The media fell into convulsions denouncing him, cough, splutter, how could…. And with every denunciation, circulation went up. Ol’ Bob, he just smile.

But the talking heads couldn’t figure it out. Did they not all agree with each other? Did not all of America hate what they hated?

Well, ah…heh. Urg.

So when he slapped down Megyn Kelly of Fox News, the talking heads exploded with delighted horror. Trump had just screwed himself with women, who would vote en bloc for Hillary. Whatever minute chance he might have had was now dead. Chortle, chortle.

Actual results: 42% of women, and 53% of white women, voted for…oops, ah…Trump.

Why? An obvious hypothesis is that women think for themselves, and did. Perhaps they thought Megyn, an abrasive plastic Barbie who probably gets more daily maintenance than a 747, was…an abrasive Baribie….

Trump could say to them, to Hillary, the media, the Insular Good, to BLM and the Snowflakes, “Thank you, thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Fred is reachable at [email protected] Put “pdq” in the subject line of your email will be heartlessly autodeleted. Lack of response usually due to volume, not bad manners.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, American Media, Donald Trump 
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  1. Yeah, it’s all true, but you make it sound like it was all cultural. But I suspect it was primarily economic. The cultural factors tend to kick in when there are economic problems… If those same people felt like they are benefiting from the neoliberal globalist economy, they probably wouldn’t mind it (including all the excesses) too much…

    • Replies: @meyou
  2. J1234 says:

    Jill Stein is now saying there was voter fraud….in Trumps favor. Yeah, right. She’s probably just trying to prove to liberals that her own candidacy wasn’t what cost Hillary the election. (Her candidacy didn’t cost Hillary the election, but liberals believe what they want to believe.)

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  3. Clinton just being a Clinton is what did her in.

  4. As a generality, people who work in the production economy trended toward Trump.

    People whose occupations consist of talking on the phone, going to meetings, and answering e-mail trended toward Clinton.

    As for “Megyn,” Fox’s artificially gorgeous talking head, may she be the lucky winner of a ride on a billionaire’s rocket to Mars.

    • Replies: @in the middle
  5. BenKenobi says:

    The “Deplorables” thing is amazing. Especially how those so called immediately took the term and wore it as a badge of honour. I know I do.

    I wonder if these people are aware of their memes?

    Is Hillary aware of “what difference does it make”?

    Is Obama aware that every time a Dindu does nuffin’ he referred to as one of “Obama’s Sons”?

    Is Sotomayor aware that she is sneeringly referred to as a “wise latina”?

    • Replies: @Ivy
    , @in the middle
  6. Diogenes says:

    A very clever, nicely written, piece of sarcastic wit! Liberals were so clever that they outwitted themselves. A “class war” between two solitudes each championing their cause through a presidential candidate neither of which belongs to the warring class.

  7. And I’m almost gobsmacked by the fact that they’re still at it. Just observe Chuck Schumer proudly telling the American people that he isn’t going to help Trump build his wall, or Rahm Emanuel declaring that Chicago is still a sanctuary city, in utter defiance of the expressed will of the voters. For some reason, these people still think that the country is on their side. They have no idea how much they are hated. They’re setting themselves up for a post-retirement career as a lamppost ornament.

  8. Dwright says:

    Ok , this is a really good Reed article.
    If the past is prologue, the next will be crap.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  9. Ivy says:

    They can have a Pauline Kael* Memorial Dinner to commiserate about their loss, and ponder how they will survive the coming ice age.

    *”How did Nixon get elected, I don’t know anyone who voted for him”. (Paraphrased, possibly apocryphal, but instructive nonetheless)

  10. I do wonder how much discussion there was in the Clinton campaign about support from Wall Street, former Republican administration officials, Hollywood, newspapers, foreign politcians etc. Even if personally ignorant of the resto of the country, they must have done enough data analysis to know those are negatives with at least some people.

    An “important people united against the Donald” front looked awful unappealing to a lot of us not-so-important people.

  11. mh505 says:

    Another good one, Fred; and more proof you are definitely back to form. Keep up the good work and stay away from conspiracy theories … err, I mean conspiracy facts 🙂

  12. John Jeremiah Smith [AKA "MCPO USN"] says:

    Ok , this is a really good Reed article.
    If the past is prologue, the next will be crap.

    It’s really funny how you dumbshits don’t get it.

    • Replies: @Platonic Negro
  13. Rurik says:

    Which is positively weird, given that he is a filthy rich New Yorker.

    he loves his family and has a deep affection for that other, traditional America that the elites snark against with venomous scorn

    he bristles at the relentless vilification that is heaped in generous portions upon the white, working man of America by the Rachel Maddows and Bill Mahers from their imperious, schmaltzy pulpits

    He doesn’t want his sons to marinate in the bile of NYC and Hollywood elite’s smug derision and serial defamations

    and tens of millions of deplorable Americans agree, to the delicious chagrin of some very alarmed elites and their ‘identity politics’ remoras

    nice one Fred!

    they were as ever hoist upon their own petard of arrogance and spite

    may Donald Trump and the deplorables of this nation be just as gracious and charitable to the Bill Mahers and Amy Schumers of this country as they would have been to us.

    • Replies: @Bernardista
  14. Gene Su says:

    Ask when they last went to the ghetto for dinner, whether they have ever been in a restaurant with a majority black clientele, whether they would send their precious children to the public schools of New York.

    DeBlasio send his son to a public school in Brooklyn. Note that it is an “elite” public schools that has only civilized blacks but it is a public school nonetheless.

    • Replies: @Kyle a
  15. Somebody ought to send this essay to Bill Clinton, he would understand it, then he could mansplain it to Hillary.

  16. Nope. I have to disagree with Fred. It was Trump’s to lose and Trump’s to win.

    He beat 17 Republicans AND Hillary. He destroyed both the Clinton and Bush dynasties.

    He seemed to lose his footing several times but, when he got back on message, it came through loud and clear.

    The game is rigged.

    The establishment is corrupt.

    Drain the Swamp!

    I’m even starting to believe his “I am your voice. I alone can fix it. I will restore law and order. “ statement.

    He doesn’t need air force one. Trump Tower is probably nicer than the White house. In fact, he doesn’t need the Media or Washington. They need him. The ability of the Establishment to coerce him is much more limited that with Obama. He has things they want. What do they have that he wants or needs?

    So it was Trump all the way. He may be smarter the people like Fred and the MSM give him credit for.

    A lot smarter.

  17. cybele says:

    I think you are right (although you meant your argument tongue-in-cheek). I think the elites did mastermind his election because they know the free-trade game is up, it’s just a matter of time.

    BTW, the president who has deported the most illegals in history: Mr. O:

    • Replies: @Kyle a
  18. all of that wouldn’t matter if there is no electoral college 🙂 trump played the game very well. at least the people behind him did.

  19. Fred is correct.

    That the Democrats abandoned a base of working class whites in favor of a coalition of the privileged, the perverts and the parasites is amazing.

    That they would then actively and viciously attack them is astounding.

    • Replies: @Chuck Barnard
  20. @Bill Jones

    That the Democrats abandoned a base of working class whites in favor of a coalition of the privileged, the perverts and the parasites is amazing.

    That they would then actively and viciously attack them is astounding.

    I would say “predictable”, not “astounding”.

  21. AHAHAHAHAHA !! Absolutely, Fred !! you NAILED it to the CORE !!

  22. I don’t think Fred gives Trump enough credit. He wasn’t a good candidate, he was a great candidate, a historically great candidate even. Sure, the media “helped” Trump by calling him a fascist every day for 500 days and demanding that he apologize for saying “good afternoon” in the wrong tone of voice. Then again, if the media were fair to Trump as opposed to being slanderous partisans, he’d have won too, maybe more convincingly. His messaging was spot on, he worked tirelessly and people gravitated to him. I’d like someone to name another Yankee from Manhattan who could sweep the Deep South. It may not happen again in 500 years.

  23. Anyone think (or hope) our current cold civil war turns hot?

    • Replies: @Karl
  24. Don’t forget: Nearly a decade ago Trump noticed that the establishment’s “invade the world/invite the world/in debt to the world” policies were destroying the country and ravaging its native-born working class and middle class. About four years ago Trump began speaking publicly on these issues. When Trump decided to run for President the explicit raison d’etre of his campaign was rescinding the establishment’s disastrous policies and replacing them with policies to ameliorate and reverse the catastrophes the establishment had created. The only response of his opponents was to slime Trump. They knew they could not defeat him on the issues. Every time Trump managed to debate on the issues he shot up in the polls. This election was a de facto referendum on broad policy issues; the most important in my lifetime. The policies with which Trump has aligned himself won.

    • Agree: Miro23
  25. pyrrhus says:

    It’s an impressive fact that Hillary’s being a 50k violator of the Espionage Act and the biggest official bribe taker (from such outstanding countries as Saudi Arabia) in US history didn’t enter into this article or the votes of many Americans. Peak decadence….

  26. @John Jeremiah Smith

    I love most of Fred’s articles but I can’t think of another columnist who, from time to time, pens articles the sole apparent purpose of which is to send half his readership into an apoplectic frenzy.

    That he periodically engages in such clear trolling of his own audience sometimes makes it hard to tell when he’s serious or not.

    • Replies: @Delinquent Snail
  27. AaronB says:

    All good, except this class is not “nice in person”, and you would not “like them”, and it goes far beyond an arrogance of class. “Nice” people don’t rise to power and retain it just kind of by accident, as an oversight, you know. You’re naive about power, Fred.

    I live with these people, and they are some of the worst humans you’ll meet – aggressive and dishonest hustlers who are obsessed with money and power, and these values are not “accidental” but are passed down generation by generation and inculcated through parenting and culture.

    Yes, some of this class manages to remain “nice”, but by and large the way it remains the ruling class is by developing and perpetuating a culture of aggressive hustling, an obsessive and single minded focus on status, a sense of entitlement, and a willingness to say or do anything.

    No, not nice. And the alt-right, far from representing anything different, is the mirror image of these values and is in fact an imitation of the tactics and techniques of the old ruling class by those who feel left out and have adapted them for use in their own quest for power.

    No one represents a fundamentally different approach to life – it is arrogance vs arrogance, aggressive hustling vs aggressive hustling, dishonesty vs dishonesty, etc. Just check out voxday.

    This is America, and maybe this is “normal”.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @JackOH
  28. Anonymous [AKA "MikeH"] says:

    Around Oct 24, 2016 Michael Moore said:

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  29. @Si1ver1ock

    A lot smarter.

    I’d never seen a single episode of the apprentice. Then today, I checked out some excerpts on YouTube, and I agree with you, he’s a lot smarter.

    He knows how to win, and seems to always be alert — focused — on effectiveness — on the impact on winning — of any words or actions.

    Nice is good. People like nice. Truthful is good. Being truthful with others shows respect for them. But winning always trumps both “nice” and “truthful”. Particularly for Trump, and particularly when they obstruct in any degree his winning. Trump’s not a bad guy. He can do truthful, he can do nice, he can do respectful. But he will brush these values aside when confronted with a rough and ruthless situation or adversary that obstructs or otherwise threatens his path to winning.

    It’s early yet, and Trump’s in a new and complex game — all those super weaselly powerful men, smiling in their coy villainy. They won’t fool Trump, but neither will they fall in line easily. He’ll probably have to make an example of someone. The Chinese have a saying: kill the chicken to scare the monkey. Who I wonder who will be the “chicken”?

    I may be wrong, but I don’t think Trump will allow himself to be co-opted. He won’t acquiesce, he won’t accommodate. I expect him to tear down and rebuild both the Republican party and the American political culture. Otherwise “the owners” of the country will come to own him — which I believe is their current “Plan B” — and keep the system just the way it is. That would be Trump losing, and he will do everything he can not to let that happen.

    The Trump era begins. I’m lovin’ it.

  30. @AaronB

    I lived and worked in DC fo about five years. The scumbags of both parties in DC are rude, condescending, and just plain unpleasant in person, most of the time. From top staffers down to interns, they are pricks and need to be thrown out of power and out of our country.

  31. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    He will be a terrible President, they say, and they may well be right. There are ominous signs, particularly as regards foreign policy

    At least he’s not for Hillary’s war with Russia in Syria instigated by way of a no-fly zone, or for Hillary’s bombing campaign on Russia for alleged interference in the US election, or for Hillary’s new Crimean war to rid the majority Russian inhabitants of that peninsula of Russian rule.

  32. @RadicalCenter

    You don’t move that culture in one cycle. Maybe in two. For instance, in the agencies? You have people that are just getting warmed up, career people and they’re liberal, they will undermine the new SecState and they cannot be fired. Bureaucracies exist below Deputy SecState that are entrenched. The staffers will go from the White House and the heads of the Agencies but the rank and file hired in the past eight years, the baked in personnel you inherit you’re stuck with.

    It took two Nixon terms to clear out the old New Frontier Democrats and Jimmy Carter found it difficult to move things. Reagan made further changes, then Bill Clinton was ruled by the culture Reagan set up in two terms, but he didn’t change cultures. Obama? He’s “liberaled up” the Agencies pretty well, accelerated affirmative action to the point where the Federal Government is one big lazy Black society club. These folks are going to keep things low and slow, it’s going to take a VERY aggressive Trump a full two terms to change the present culture.

    Hey, I installed and repaired their telephones, voice mail, their computers for over thirty years in DC. They were civil to ME, but then, they needed me, I guess. I could walk if they got out of hand with me, they couldn’t have that. But they were plenty nasty to their people, merciless about firing, yelling at their secretaries all the time, it was remarkable how they got away with it. It was the worst at NOW, Planned Parenthood, the women’s organizations, the best environments were the Blue Collar entities, public works, maintenance departments of the agencies, cops, too, they seemed pretty steady, but then I guess in offices full of cops, all the contestants are armed, that breeds respect and cool..

    Most, and the worst incivility of course, nearly always involves the women. From Capitol Hill down to the lowliest interns, anywhere you have a high percentage of women, you have tension, treachery, backstabbing and a state of war between the women and those bitches will CUT each others’ throats to get ahead, steal another woman’s job or even husband.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  33. @Rurik

    Unlike Hillary, with her Chicago vowels clanging up against a counterfeit Southern accent, DT wouldn’t be caught dead with his sleeves rolled up trying to act like Joe Six Pack.

    He gets it. There is nothing wrong with being filthy rich. No one aspires to be poor.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Rurik
    , @Bill Jones
  34. Now that’s a good one Fred! The elites and media got their asses handed to ’em, it was awesome! I straddle these two worlds of which Fred speaks, having grown up in rural flyover country and now as an older guy live/work in the DC Beltway bubble, or “behind enemy lines” as I call it. Fred describes the big city folks well — you would like them, I have several I call friends. But they don’t know anyone who lives on a gravel road and are not the most tolerant bunch ever. Folks in flyover country absolutely do not want massive immigration and they don’t want DC snobs who think they are smarter than they are (they aren’t) telling them what to do, and ripping off their tax money for stupid pie-in-the-sky things like Solyndra and then laughing about it. And — it is their country, too (George Clooney I am looking at you, you arrogant horse’s arse. and Jon Stewart and Colbert and several others). Trump deserved to win. Maybe the Beltway crowd will learn a little humility; they should get out more often and not just to other rich places. A few visits to rural Missouri, South Dakota, or Texas would do ’em a world of good. They should take a page out of Donald Trump’s book and go out there and *enjoy* their visit. Folks in rural America love the entire country, and they hurt on 9/11 as much as anyone — and they love guys like the NYFD, believe me. They voted for a rich New Yorker! The Beltway crowd, like Fred describes to a T, doesn’t know anyone but like-minded people, and they miss a lot b/c of it. Donald Trump showed that he is a man of the people and is not a snob and a jerk, but a warm-hearted down-to-Earth red-blooded American who loves this country and its people. The elitists and hilLIARy — the losers — couldn’t care less about them. Well done President Trump!

  35. Che Guava says:

    abrasive plastic Barbie who probably gets more daily maintenance than a 747

    Like many points on this, but that is my fave line!

    Well said, Fred, although she is only of many. The Barby doll newsreaders and commentators on US TV since at least the days CNN started being piped out internationally (I can’t say anything abt. times before that, not US, but suppose it must have started earlier) are a unique cultural phenomenon.

    Not as if the men aren’t blank-eyed teleprompter readers, for the most part, too, but they do tend to be a little better at faking it in the spaces between the spells of reading from the teleprompter.

    UNESCO should recognise Barby news as a world intangible cultural asset, worthy of protection!

    Robotic near-burlesque as news presentation.

  36. JackOH says:

    ” . . .[A]ggressive and dishonest [emphasis mine] hustlers who are obsessed with money and power . . .”.

    Agree. The corporate and government salarymen I’ve known don’t actually believe in the policies and regulations they’ve laid out for the rest of us. Those policies and regulations are tools for their own career aggrandizement. (I’m broad-brushing of course, and there are plenty of good people in business and government. But, as you say, the “aggressive and dishonest hustlers” among them often win the day at the expense of, well, all of us.)

  37. @Jeff Davis

    Excellent post.

    One of the totally ignored aspects of the election and DT is the fact that he is a reviled by the left “Businessman, and not a BSing lawyer or so-called “Intellectual”.

    They, the left, try to portray him and all “business” people as crude, unread proles and unfit for such an office as president, however the actual reason behind their adversion for business folks is not to be found in the intellectual element rather they know that a shrewd business guy such as DT has their number and can see through them and their bullshit.

    And they know that they will eventually be exposed as for what they really are : Grifters and parasites.

    Authenticjazzman” “Mensa” Society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Wally
  38. Trump got the job because he has more to lose. The ruling mafiosi undoubtedly prefer someone easier to blackmail.

    Trump is no more the Messiah than the Hillabeast was Mother Theresa.

  39. Che Guava says:

    Many orders of monks and nuns (Christian and Buddhist) and most or all of the Hindu gurus who are not total charlatans do aspire to poverty.

    The former two types even take vows of poverty in many orders or schools.

    So it does exist.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Bernardista
  40. @RadicalCenter

    The scumbags of both parties in DC are rude, condescending, and just plain unpleasant in person, most of the time.

    I’ve noticed similar things when dealing with “professionals” in other fields, too. The rule seems to be that the more power a person has, the more likely (s)he’ll be to abuse it.

    The other thing I’ve noticed is that all it takes is just a few dollars more than the other guy for a person to feel superior. Or “Chosen.”

    Pretty funny stuff.

    No wonder Juvenal wrote, “Difficile est saturum non scribere.

  41. Che Guava says:

    Why in

    Authenticjazzman” “Mensa” Society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

    do you still have a double inverted comma at the end of your username?

    Why do you still mention your dubious claim of Mensa-hood after every post? I have already explained that it just draws attention to your obvious intellectual shortcomings.

    Why do you have Mensa in double quotation marks? I would be able to understand it if you were doing it to cast doubt on the validity of the club, or of your claim.

    reviled by the left “Businessman, and not a BSing lawyer or so-called “Intellectual”.

    Sorry, your quotation marks are not balanced. Use of initial capital letters is, as so often, wrong.


    The word you seek is ‘aversion’.

    really are : Grifters

    Yet another misplaced space, yet another incorrect capital letter (‘big letter’ may be more likely to reach you). Unless you are using a colon to mark off a heading, the next letter is a little letter.

    • Replies: @Kyle a
  42. meyou says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    Good article! Would add social, economical, political, cultural reasons for voting DJT. I, personally, could/would never, never, EVER vote for a Dem; if someday a paper clip runs against a Democrat candidate, it will have my vote. Amen.

  43. Unlike Fred, I am not a Presbyterian. Therefore, I knew Trump would win and WHY he would win.

  44. Rehmat says:

    Donald Trump victory is celebrated in Israel, India and even at the European Union.

    MEP Udo Voigt, 64, German lawmaker at European Union parliament in a recent interview with Iranian Mehr News Agency said: “Trump is seeking a way to ease tensions with Russia and its president Vladimir Putin. It’s likely that Trump will unite with Russia in Syria to put an end to the crisis, helping Bashar Assad. This is while Iran is Russia’s biggest ally in Syria. The US government cannot neglect Iran’s political influence in the Middle East when trying to enforce new policies in the region.”

    Udo Voigt added: “I believe that since Donald Trump is a smart and successful businessman, he will try to find ways for having a common and logical economic relations with Iran, especially because US economy needs to expand and develop and Trump is the man who can make it happen.”

    The German member of European Parliament expressed: “As a member of Delegation for Relations with Iran in European Parliament, I’m aware of Iran’s great potential and abilities in economic field.”

    I wish I could be as optimistic as Voigt, but the realities on ground are against such hopes as Donald Trump’s family and his White House team are full of Zionist Jews and Israel-Firsters.

    Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei’s comment on the US election result were: We neither celebrate nor mourn it.

    Iran’s ‘moderate’ president Dr. Hassan Rouhani also showed his indifference to Donald Trump’s victory by saying: US election results have no effect on Iran’s policies.

    However, I must give credit to Udo Voigt, a German nationalist, for giving the Organized Jewry his piece of mind. He has collected more honors from the Organized Jewry than Donald Trump can ever dream. For example, The Local (May 27, 2014) called him “neo-Nazi”, “Hitler admirer”, “son of Nazi SS”, “Holocaust denier”, etc.

  45. “Theirs is not a personal arrogance–they are nice people and you would like them–but an arrogance of class.”

    Nice people don’t hate and seek to destroy the rest if the nation for no good reason like these people do.

    “She knew that the backward peoples of Flyover Land ought to want hundreds of thousands of Somalis and Pakistanis and who-knew-what to live with, and if they didn’t, she would force them and it didn’t matter because she had big donors and everybody in the media loved her.”

    Add hispanics and immigrants, in general, and you are on the right path. I don’t think many Americans are enjoying the Latinization/third-worlding of their neighborhoods, towns, cities, etc.

    I voted for Trump as a vote against Hillary, but I don’t expect much from him. He’ll backtrack on everything he said about ridding the nation of illegals, and his implicit whiteness was a sham. I doubt that he and his children have attitudes towards average Americans that differ much from those of people like Hillary Clinton. We’ll see, but I mostly believe that Trump’s campaign was about Trump stroking his own ego, and mostly proved that a billionaire could defeat a multi-millionaire.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  46. Unlike Fred, I am not a Presbyterian. Therefore, I knew Trump would win and WHY he would win.

    Because he was from Thebes?

  47. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Please read the following article and expose the neocon Zionist Noam Chomsky all over the world who pose as a ‘left’. Only dumb Zionist Jews believe this imposter!

    {Recently, leftist pundits throughout US and Latin America have plagued the reading public with gross distortions of historical events contributing, in their own way, to the demise of the left and the rise of the right.
    The leading international figures in this deceptive left-wing punditry include the famous Noam Chomsky, once eulogized by the New York Times (NYT) as ‘America’s most important public intellectual’. Such effusion is not surprising: Professor Chomsky and the NYT both supported the presidential candidacy of the warmongering Hillary Clinton, the perpetrator of seven wars that uprooted 20 million people from Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, sub-Sahara Africa (Is this any different from Stalin in the ‘30s?) and author/supporter of numerous coups and attempted ‘regime changes’ in Brazil, Honduras, Venezuela, Paraguay and Ukraine.}

  48. Canute says:

    This is as good a recap of the campaign as I have read. At the end of the campaign there were a few stories floating around about Bill Clinton throwing his phone off the roof of a building and screaming about being cut out of the planning sessions. I have to assume all of that was true. As manifestly evil as Bill is, he has political instincts that rivaled Kim Il Sung. The stories also serve to underscore H.Rodham’s consistently bad judgement political skills, both of which could only aspire to reach the level of “ham-handed.” From her days of going after Billy Dale and through the Clinton healthcare initiative, it was clear that Hillary was furtive autocrat who crept around in the darkness in preference to anything approaching a stride of confidence, much less a Trumpian stride of confidence. When her closely controlled staff at the Department of State supported her idea of pushing a big red “re-set” button you knew immediately that Hillary had acquired exactly zero photons of wisdom – it was going to be amateur night, and indeed, it was from Dixie. They didn’t even translate the word correctly, which is unthinkable in any foreign ministry anywhere in the world.

  49. Fred, you got carried away with hyperbole and forgot your beat-reporter roots.

    “Upper Connecticut” is mostly trees and rural towns with little houses and working-class residents.

    Southwestern Connecticut, on the other hand, is as snooty and overfed as any of the other 1% enclaves you mentioned.

    I say this from direct observation in the present day.

    Other than that, spot-on.

    • Replies: @MKP
  50. Kyle a says:
    @Gene Su

    He’s black by all accounts. The son that is.

  51. Why did Trump win?

    The same reason Brat upset Cantor in the 2014 primary, despite being outspent more than 25:1 – the first time a house majority leader was ever been beaten in a primary.

    The same reason Brat did better in the general election of 2014 than Cantor did in the 2012 general election, despite being underfunded and facing a 3 way race including a strong libertarian candidate.

    The same reason Kobach was elected Kansas Secretary of State with 60% of the vote, while Brownback was elected Governor with only 50%.

    The same reason the Democrats were afraid to run a senate candidate against Jeff Sessions.

    The same reason Montana voted against welfare for illegal aliens and Oregon voted against drivers licenses for illegal aliens by such large margins in recent referendums.

    Americans don’t want open borders!

  52. Kyle a says:

    He did no inland deportations. All were border crossers apprehended at the border. Funny how that works out.

  53. @Platonic Negro

    “That he periodically engages in such clear trolling of his own audience sometimes makes it hard to tell when he’s serious or not.”

    That’s why i love reading his stuff.

  54. Kyle a says:
    @Che Guava

    He’s in the horn section of his jazz ensemble. Enjoys blowing his own horn.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  55. Wally says:
    @Che Guava



    They appear to be free of material trappings, but they are supported by others, they are rent seeking non-productives.

    IOW, they don’t actually work, they get a free ride.

    Poverty that is not.

    • Replies: @Anon
  56. Wally says:

    “Authenticjazzman” “Mensa” Society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.”

    And full of it.

    You’re trying just a little too hard to believed. Hilarious.

  57. rehmat: you can find a jew in a pizza. Go to doctor.

  58. Rurik says:

    Unlike Hillary, with her Chicago vowels clanging up against a counterfeit Southern accent, DT wouldn’t be caught dead with his sleeves rolled up trying to act like Joe Six Pack.

    “unlike Hillary”?

    when’s the last time you saw her mopping a floor?

    I don’t think it matters if Donald Trump has built a shed or driven a nail. He seems to have a sympathy for the type that do; the deplorables, or at least is good at faking it. Even that is better than the gorgon war sow.

    I just hope he wasn’t a ruse to get the patriotic Americans to fund more wars and bleed in far away lands slaughtering innocent people for Israel.

    • Replies: @Bernardista
  59. Michael Meo says: • Website

    This is an admirable post. It isn’t political analysis, however. It’s poetry.

  60. Andevro says:

    Two major omissions: America First and not Israel
    No more war but dialogue

  61. Truth says:
    @Jeff Davis

    I may be wrong, but I don’t think Trump will allow himself to be co-opted. He won’t acquiesce, he won’t accommodate. I expect him to tear down and rebuild both the Republican party and the American political culture. Otherwise “the owners” of the country will come to own him — which I believe is their current “Plan B” — and keep the system just the way it is. That would be Trump losing, and he will do everything he can not to let that happen.

    The most intelligent thing here is the first four words.

  62. @Wally

    “And full of it” : so are you, and I really don’t care if you or anyone else here “Believes” me or not.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” Society member since 1973, and pro jazz artist.

  63. Madame’s chief problem is that she has contempt for anyone who isn’t “credentialed” –meaning about 99.95% of the American populace.

    Back in the early 80s when Slick was still Governor of Arkansas, he dragged Hillary to a Razorback game. Slick, being a Good Son of Arkansas, was rooting the Razorbacks on like everyone else in the stadium.

    Everyone except Hillary.

    And what was Hillary doing?

    Reading a book!

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @Che Guava
  64. markflag says:

    You neglected one group. Hunters. The sneering at gun owners, the promises to get guns out of the hands of citizens, rankled. I suspect it had a lot to do with Pennsylvania flipping. Except for Pittsburgh, Philly and the burbs around it and Centre County (home of Penn State but even that a much lighter blue than expected) PA flipped. Today is the secular high holy day. The first day of buck season. With rifles. Schools remain closed in many parts of the states because most of the guys and some of the girls wouldn’t be there anyway. There is a good reason why ‘The Deer Hunter’ was filmed in PA. The state is full of deer hunters. Do not threaten that right. Mrs. C did. Bang. Not all the flip but the shrillness about guns was a threat to a way of life, or at least a way of life for a few weeks.

  65. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    IOW, they don’t actually work, they get a free ride.

    “Ora et labora” not mean anything to you?

  66. Sean says:

    Marie Antoinette indeed. ,Hillary had already lost to Obama. Hillary( against Obama), Palin and Hillary again. Any woman was a risky choice. Trump could not have beaten a man.

  67. MKP says:

    “Upper Connecticut” refers to Connecticut Ave, NW, in DC. Basically Connecticut Ave from above Cleveland Park out to 495 (or Jones Bridge Rd).

    All the other areas discussed in that sentence are likewise in the DC area.

  68. Rehmat says:

    Nyeth Zionist moron – there are no Pakistani refugees who can flood the Jewish-controlled EU nations. Pakistan is already home to over two million Afghans made refugees by Jewish-controlled Red Army and US-NATO forces.

    Oh! I forgot, there is one Jew in Karachi who refuses to emigrate to the Zionist entity.

    Jerusalem-based ‘The Times of Israel’ reported on February 26, 2014, the existence of a Pakistani-born Jew. Marc Goldberg claims that his discovery’s real name is Faisal Benkhald. He was born in Karachi in 1987 to a Pakistani Muslim engineer and his Jewish wife. Faisal’s parents died when he was 13.

    Faisal wants to change his name to Fishel Benkhald. He argues that since his mother was Jewish, according to the Jewish law, he is automatically Jewish. Goldberg accuses Pakistani authorities for not accepting Faisal’s claim – considered an apostasy by those Jew-hating Pakistani Muslims.

    Interestingly, Goldberg claims that Faisal’s Jewish mother gave birth to four more children – none of whom is interested to adopt their mother’s religion.

    Goldberg also claims that there are many other Jews who are living under Muslim names to avoid antisemitism.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  69. macilrae says:

    Although his site is not on The List, Fred is clearly a Russian Agent.

  70. pogohere says: • Website

    “He seemed to lose his footing several times but, when he got back on message, it came through loud and clear.

    The game is rigged.

    The establishment is corrupt.

    Drain the Swamp!”

    Trump covered George Carlin ? I like it.

    “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”

  71. Waylon says:

    The United States and the world hopefully dodged a serious bullet by avoiding the Presidency of Hillary Clinton. Or maybe not if George Soros has his way in establishing a “color revolution” on Fifth Avenue right on Donald Trump’s door step.

    Since the media has gone out of its way to aid and abet the creation of a Clinton Presidency, it’s a good idea for every to find as much good honorable and decent human being to inform themselves about the true nature of Hillary Clinton and her entourage. The nature of the beast may well be may well be worse than serious health issues. Many have noted the strangeness of her eyes, the mirrors of her soul. What do they convey?

    Here’s a good medical insight and analysis into this disturbing phenomenon:

    Then there’s the avuncular Vice President of Obama the back-slapping supposed good-guy, at least as portrayed by the media who would take Donald Trump out behind the gym to teach him a lesson. Here’s a clip of him swearing in a fellow Democrat Chris Coons, and telling his thirteen year old daughter “You make me horny”. To think that this disgusting pedohile has been a heart beat away, as they say …

  72. @Kyle a

    I think horn tooting minstrels who’re also Mensans are Menstruals. 🙂

  73. @Connecticut Famer

    Hillary knows all about deplorables; Billy’s yer typical hick trailer park trash.

  74. Only the Democrats Could Have Lost to Trump

    Well he certainly trounced the Republikkin Retards as well.

    Anyway, does anyone seriously believe that Mr T is a Republikkin, or that there’s a emerod’s worth of difference between the 2 major goon parties? When did THAT happen?

    Note the dates.:

    “Well, these … men, whether they were Democrats or Republicans, were willing to do anything to help each other. They were all in the same boat, regardless of party, and so they made rules and did things to help each other get elected…”

    -Jeanette Rankin, interview, 1972 (Published 1974)

    Rankin, running as a Republican Progressive, was the first woman voted to congress and was the only congressperson to vote against US entry into WW1. She was also the only one to vote against the war against Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    “In 1956, I shall not go to the polls. I have not registered. I believe that democracy has so far disappeared in the United States that no “two evils” exist. There is but one evil party with two names, and it will be elected despite all I can do or say.“

    -W.E.B. Dubois, Why I Won’t Vote,

    The Nation, 20 October 1956

    “[Teddy]Roosevelt then said : “Pettigrew, you know the two old parties are just alike. They are both controlled by the same influences…”

    – R. F. Pettigrew, “Imperial Washington,” The story of American Public life from 1870 to 1920 (1922), p 234;id=yale.39002002948025;view=1up;seq=7;start=1;sz=10;page=search;orient=0

  75. @Bernardista

    Trump should have hammered home 4 simple questions:

    1. What the hell have you ever made?
    2, Why do people give money to political filth like you?
    3. What do they expect?
    4 Is that why you betray the American people?

  76. @Rurik

    That’s what I mean. Hillary tried to fake a down home country accent and be one of the folks. I’m no fan of Trump either, but he was mostly just acting like Trump, and that resonates better with most people than pandering.

    Like you I hope and pray that he sticks to his resolve to keep the US out of more Middle Eastern ‘quagmires’ (Bernie’s word for what happens when we try to be the policemen of the world.)

  77. @Che Guava

    Thank you for pointing that out.

    I was employing a more Westernized meaning of ‘poor’ as in being unintentionally broke and fishing through all your pockets for change and coming up with lint and a tic-tac.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  78. Dear Fwed:

    Twump “won” the hearts and minds of the “deplorables.” I don’t think he won the majority of votes but I could be wrong.

    He was able to dupe the deplorables because he’s a much better hustler than the War Hag. He also won because the War Sow was undoubtedly told to stand down once the elite came to their senses and realized that Twump was really more their man. It’s explained in a much better article right here on UNZ and it’s a tragedy that the volume of comments on that excellent piece is low.

    Judging by what seems to be going on in the field of foreign policy advisers, it appears to me that the power has already gone to Humpty Twump’s head, and we peasants and prols are in for some deep doo doo. No doubt the Deplorable Hopey and Changey thing is gonna turn out much like the Obummer one.

    Furthermore, his infrastructure projects will likely and naturally benefit the “elite,” and mark my words, will function like the various USAID pork barrel projects worldwide. They’ll build unneeded, substandard junk at inflated prices and saddle the rest of us with debt.

    Where do people get their faith?

  79. @Rehmat

    I have no clue what you are going on about. I didn’t mention Pakistanis, Muslims, Jews or zionists, though I would rather both groups fight it out in the ME than have people in the U.S. who are attached to foreign lands, peoples and ideologies. I’m not at all fond of either group.

    Did you ever see the old t.v. program Karachi Kops on WorldLink Television? Anyone who has seen that program understands exactly why people like you CHOOSE to live in the West, no matter how much you claim to hate living here.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  80. Che Guava says:


    I worked it out from analyzing words (cultish flavour at times), and from the claimed timing, about a week ago.
    AJM was in one of those Californian brainwashing cults, like EST.
    This particular one (sure, I don’t know which) had a sideline in handing out Mensa memberships to the ‘graduates’ from their courses.
    That makes it all make sense.

  81. Che Guava says:

    Oh! I forgot, there is one Jew in Karachi who refuses to emigrate to the Zionist entity.

    Nobody knows, even the mods, but Talha, the other regular Muslim poster on this site, says that Rehmat is probably a collective organism. Can’t see it myself, but Tal may be correct.

    However, the line from Rehmat that I cite above is a kind of mission statement, pretty ugly.

    Liked your comment. Seriously, Rehmat doesn’t deserve any serious level of reply.

    He will never reply to another poster who makes a telling point, just puts them on the ‘ignore’ list. I would love it if your post makes him bite, but I would guess that he has (or they have) already hit the ‘Ignore this poster’ button.

    Regards to you, Floyd.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  82. Che Guava says:
    @Connecticut Famer

    rooting the Razorbacks

    I thought, even in ‘Murrican regional dialects, ‘for’ was needed in that phrase.

    In other versions of English, it means that Bill was having sex with a particular kind of wild boar.

    Perhaps he did?

  83. Anonymous [AKA "detrie"] says:

    Polls indicate that for every vote Hillary lost to Stein, Trump lost 2 to Johnson, so overall, the third parties helped Hillary. If could go deeper, with some believing she stole votes from Stein in the same way she did from Sanders and Rocky in the primaries. This may explain why Stein wants a recount, not to change the result, but to show the corruption.

  84. […] The Unz Review: Uniquely Talented. Only the Democrats Could Have Lost to Trump By FRED REED […]

  85. Karl says:
    @george strong

    > Anyone think (or hope) our current cold civil war turns hot?

    anyone who can shoot straight is cooling down.

    The rest are like Sophia Wilansky

  86. @Che Guava

    Regards to you, too, Che. I wouldn’t think Rehmat is more than one person, but maybe Talha understands something that we don’t. I’m not sure if it’s worse that there could be more than one Rehmat, or that it takes more than one person to equal a whole Rehmat. It’s more comforting to think that Rehmat is only one person..

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  87. @The Grate Deign

    Man! That Megyn chick really, really gets on my nerves! Actually I do have a strong dislike of that rag..

  88. @BenKenobi

    Calling her a ‘wise latina’ is like calling Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg a ‘wise kike”
    The Yiddish word for “circle” is kike!

  89. @Si1ver1ock

    Oh yes! Well, now with the Donald as President, hopefully we start the de-puzzyization (a new word for the English language) of the white male. I am so sick of how the media and feminism has created a docile-dumb down white male. Women run their man like a docile dog and then we ponder of the why of the dysfunctional of the American family. Every time there is a man’s outing, my friends’ wives rave and whine before my friends have a chance to go out; while wondering and worrying of the consequences once they get home if the wife does not get two or three phone calls, while they are out. I agree that the wife is your companion and help meet. But, not your dictator and slaver. Lets man up. Enough of feminism and slaving wives.

  90. Anonymous [AKA "NoProgress"] says:

    The real republicans also lost to Trump. Nobody won this election except for a rich blowhard and his family.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
    , @Ragno
  91. @Anonymous

    bro, this is fucking awesome. mr moore deserves alot of credit for predicting it 🙂

  92. @OilcanFloyd

    I have thought previously that Rhemat was more than one person due to sensing slight variances in writing style.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  93. @Anonymous

    First of all you are wrong with your accessment of DT , he may have come across as a “Blowhard” this only being his image with which he gained the attention of the the disenfranchised US flyover folks.

    It all boils down to this fact :

    There were only two choices.

    Would you have prefered the other choice of the most dissolute version of a human being possible.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” Society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

  94. @NoseytheDuke

    Would different personalities have similar writing styles?

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  95. Andevro says:

    two omissions why Trump won: Make America first
    and dialogue instead of war

  96. @OilcanFloyd

    Anything is possible but often there are nuances to our writing that indicate our identity. Priss is a good example here at unz, despite using a variety of handles there are frequently clues as to the writers identity that many here recognise as the individual formerly known as Priss.

  97. Ragno says:

    ….for which, thank Heaven!

  98. Anonymous [AKA "Sapere Aude"] says:
    @Jeff Davis

    Jeff Davis, you write well. You sound like a columnist.
    Love your handle!

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