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The Klan Speaks
A Letter From A White Supremacist Of The Fifties
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The following is a letter recently found in the attic of a building in Arlington, Virginia, that once served as headquarters of the American Nazi Party. The author, though unknown to me, is clearly a racist of the vilest sort. We may profit by understanding the mind of such a man.

From: George Rockwell, Arlington, Virginia. May 6, 1955

To: James Braswell, Grand Klagon, Knights of the Invisible Empire, Ku Klux Klan

Dear Klagon Braswell,

In answer to your concern about preventing the rise of the Negro race after the disastrous Supreme Court decision of last year, I am somewhat more optimistic than you. I believe that, by judicious policy, we can, if not eliminate the problem of Negroes, at least control it indefinitely.

We cannot place hope in extermination or deportation of Negroes en masse, nor is there real hope of the reinstitution of slavery. The public mood will not now countenance such measures. We need rather a means of subjugating the Negro race while appearing to have other ends in mind. Fortunately, I believe that it can be done. Permit me to suggest a plan.

First, the thorough demoralization of Negroes is essential. They must first be made dependent on Whites, and then persuaded that they cannot achieve anything of worth on their own.

I believe this end may best be accomplished by instituting an all-encompassing system of public welfare. As you know, many Negroes now live in a state of poverty. We must argue in Congress that decency requires the provision of federal payments to allow Negroes to live at a fit standard. The economy is growing at such a rate that the country can carry the burden without undue difficulty. We should stress the benefits for the children, as this invariably evokes a favorable response.

Once welfare has been instituted, I believe that it will come to be accepted as normal by Whites, and then forgotten. After Negroes have been for several generations dependent on the largesse of Whites, they will, having had no experience of self-sufficiency, lose all initiative.

However, welfare alone will prove ineffective. The next step will be to destroy all social structure among Negroes. The most we could hope for–dare we dream? –would be to frame the welfare laws in such a way that married Negro women could not receive aid. The result, if luck held, would be a sharp rise in bastardy. The women would not be able to raise their offspring well, and these in turn would produce further young out of wedlock.

We must strive to make universal illegitimacy seem a natural condition. Crime and further demoralization will assuredly follow.

The third essential step will be to ensure that Negroes receive as little education as possible, though of course we cannot phrase our intentions this way. Fortunately Negroes now have little tradition of academic endeavor. It may be hoped, and even expected, that if we provide them with poor schools, they will, having no experience of true education, not demand better.

Next, we must at all costs ensure that Negroes not learn Standard English. A Negro who speaks intelligible and grammatical English is likely to be accepted socially by Whites. The consequences would be incalculable. We must encourage the notion that the degraded English now spoken by Negroes is in fact a real language, to be conserved and cherished.

A grave problem is that there will inevitably arise among Negroes men of intelligence and determination who will endeavor to elevate the station of their people. These men will be very dangerous. We can better thwart them, not by opposition, which would harden their determination, but by inviting them into White society, feting them, and making much of them in the public prints. Vanity and privilege will emasculate them, while making other Negroes believe that their race commands esteem among the better classes of Whites.

In order to accomplish all of this, we must have the support of much of the public, and of influential institutions, particularly the press. I believe it is possible. We must argue, as noted above, that welfare is the road of compassion, and appeal endlessly to warm feelings unaccompanied by thought. The elites of the White world crave a sense of helping the downtrodden. They do not, however, want to make difficult decisions.

Those who question any of our program must be ruthlessly portrayed as being hard-hearted, motivated by cupidity, and filled with loathing of our African population. If we can somehow associate our opponents with Nazis, we will succeed so much the better.

The withholding of education is crucial. We cannot of course argue that Negroes need or deserve poor schools. However, the privileged of the nation transparently believe that Negroes are inferior to the other races, but do not have the self-awareness to see that they believe it. They will fall easy prey to reasoning that avoids placing any expectations on Negroes other than those of continued helplessness. We must provide the privileged with excuses for doing this.

For example, we should argue that requiring Negro students to learn grammar and mathematics constitutes a racially arrogant imposition of European culture. Because pampered Whites do not think Negroes able to succeed, they will, given any excuse at all, favor the lowering of standards in Negro schools. They will then censor any who point to failure and thus, by hiding it, ensure its perpetuation.

Finally we need to engender among the well-off and the press a visceral intolerance of any policies toward Negroes other than ours. Our current Senator from Wisconsin has shown how to do it. The attitude we need to inculcate among reporters, who fortunately are not very intelligent, is that if you don’t agree with means to a high-sounding end, then you disagree with the high-sounding end. Intolerance fortified by righteousness is invincible.

You may find this an excessively optimistic program. No. If we can carry it off, I say to you that in the year 2000 Negroes will be concentrated in urban ghettoes, speak English barely comprehensible to Whites, live in shameless bastardy, and be so devoid of both schooling and self-respect as to be without hope of advancement.

Trust me. All things are possible with enlightened social policy.

Yours in hope, George

OK, OK, Rockwell didn’t really write this letter. But. . .couldn’t he have?

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
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