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I have just read in Army Times that, to my delight, the Army is making soldiers wear the prettiest red high-heels in the pursuit of gender-equality. Yes. They look like little girls playing with Mommy’s shoes. It has something to do with understanding the psychological problems of women, a matter of importance in combat. It necessarily was done with the approval of the Army’s generals in the Pentagon, particularly Chief of Staff Odierno, since they are in charge of the whole Army shebang. I write them in astonished admiration, thusly:

Dear General,

I see that on your watch the Army is turning into a transvestite marching corps in high heels, a Ziegfeld cross-gendered or bisected gay-bath sexual zoo vacuuming up every sort of erotic loony, not to mention becoming a home for unwed mothers and prostitution rings. I commend you. I have always wanted to be defended by a freak show.

I do not question your qualifications for command. You doubtless have a firm handshake, a steely gaze, an imposing presence, and a perfect grasp of PowerPoint. But a general who is so afraid of feminists that he forces his troops to play dress-up, well, I mean, what if there is a real war?

I applaud your forthrightness in bringing the doughboys out of the closet in those cute red heels. They are so precious! (By the way, have you considered foot-binding?) As a former Marine in Vietnamese days, I have always suspected the Army of being cross-dressers. How candid of you to confirm my suspicions.

True, traditionalists, and warriors, and cranky old Marines will say that you are just another sorry two-bit, peace-time, careerist politician of a pseudo-soldier who doesn’t have the balls to stand up to feminists and protect the service from becoming a display ad for Victoria’s Secret. I am shocked. How could they think such a thing?

Yes, General, yes. I understand. Putting GIs in those darling heels is supposed to provide some kind of uplift (though I believe brassieres are better for that). But I know perfectly well, and you may suspect—check with your dominatrix—that feminists get a hoot out of watching those macho men (ugh!) tottering around before the whole world in heels, like teen-age girls preparing for their first prom. “Heeeeeeeeeeeee-ha-ha.” Likely every diesel-dyke in a Women’s Studies department is rolling on the floor. Tippy-toe. Tippy-tippy-toe. “Hey, Sheila, look what we made them do!”

What I figure, General, is you ought to set an example for the troops by wearing panties and a bra (if you don’t already wear panties: I give you credit for miltary foresight.) A good officer–we had some–doesn’t order his men to do anything he himself wouldn’t do. Walk a Mile in Her Skivvies, General. (Actually, when I was a hard-charging young Gyrene, we spent a lot of time trying to get into women’s skivvies. Now it’s going to be mandatory?)

But you can do more for equity. There should be clear expression of the Army’s commitment to transvest–justice, I meant to say. I can imagine a whole new gendered approach to insignia of rank: Artificial hooters, in easily-washed silicone and real flesh tone. Enlisted men would get small ones. Officers would have big mommas. You, being an exalted military figure, would have three. The Command-in-Chief could wear an udder.

Now, General, I speak only for myself as a Marine who carried a rifle in Viet Nam, but others may agree with me. (A “rifle” is one of those awful long thingies (no, not those long thingies) that make boomy noises and stinky smoke and put stains on your cocktail dress that just ruin it.) Outside of Da Nang we used to lie behind sandbags at night with mortars coming in (a “mortar” is one of those gun thingies with a tube—no, a different kind of tube, General—that shoots–never mind) hoping a hit wouldn’t spray a buddy’s guts around. To a man we were thinking, why couldn’t we have a leader like a Pentagon general to give us cute little heels instead of these uncomfy old boots?

But let us get back to serious military questions. The effect on our enemies of the boob-insignia will be profound. The Afghan resistance fighters will be stunned, just stunned, to see American soldiers in high-heels and varying numbers of breasts. As the Mujahedeen gape, paralyzed with amazement, our soldiers will be able to approach them and give them therapy on the value of non-violence and rape culture. Each mujahid would be encouraged to express his feelings and find the roots of his anger. They could all be given a breast to take home and fondle.

I can see by your feminization of the ranks that you are socially progressive. Good. I imagine that you are against the culture of violence that prevails in the military. But what can you expect in a society that has so many gun thingies, and glorifies them? We need to de-emphasize war, and substitute caring activities involving cooperation. You could lead from the front by taking part in social activities, perhaps being pivot man in a circle jerk. On YouTube (No, not that….)

I hear that also on your watch the Army has taken measures to make the service more LBTG-friendly, as well as more inclusive and welcoming to single mommies. I think you should go further. For example, the Army could use armored nail-salons to keep the troops looking great and feeling good about themselves, and those funny old tanks need changing tables inside the turret-thingy. And big guns look tho phallic. They must make women anxious. The only thing they are good for is drying lingerie. The guns, I mean, not the women.


Now, mean old military historians who say that in a real war soldiers die because of posturing peace-time political pogues (I was in an alliteration company)—what do they know? A few thousand lives are a small price to pay for gender-equity. Besides, those who do the fighting are not the girly-boys, the boy-girls, the katoys, the to-be-decideds, the climbing vines with their cucumbers chopped, or the single mommies who have to look after some random guy’s kid. These, the core of the Army, will not be troubled. As you have shown, we must stay with core values.

Don’t pay attention to those macho infantry men (ugh!) who say that women should try walking in men’s shoes—unloading a six-by of 81mm mortar rounds under fire, or changing a truck tire in sand in Indian territory with night coming on. Everyone knows that trucks unload themselves by pushing some kind of button or something, and anyway we have drones.

Them’s my thoughts, General. And I suspect that every guy who ever served in a combat zone shares my overwhelming respect and admiration for you. If anyone criticizes you and you feel all upset and flustered, take your Midol, breathe deeply and it will get all better soon.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy, Ideology • Tags: American Military, Feminism 
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  1. memorials says:

    funny. Semper Fi Fred, although to what exactly has of course always been the real question that nobody who volunteers is old enough to think to ask. And even among those who survive the mayhem of the melee the question seems to be lacking. The ideals we had faith in do still shine in the shimmer of the mirage though, don’t they? Or is that just the glimmer of the rocks on the bankers’ wives’ fingers?

    • Replies: @pyrrhus
  2. Rich says:

    The US military is a disgrace. I never was a big fan of officers, I only met a couple of good ones during my time in the Army, but this surpasses even their usual idiocy. Members of my family have served in the US military for generations, but now, under no circumstance would I ever encourage another relative to serve. Let the SJWs do the fighting.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  3. Fred. You are a JARHEAD. This makes for difficult thinking process and early onset of senility.

    Meanwhile, at our Pentagon we have personnel assignments putting GOD in charge:

    “He put me in charge of failing programs worth billions of dollars. I have no ability to do that – NO TRAINING TO DO THAT – God did that.”

    “He sent me to Iraq to negotiate foreign military sales; deals through an Arabic interpreter. I have no ability to do that – I WAS NOT TRAINED TO DO THAT – God did all of that.”

    So, when it comes to the sand in your panties over the new Army dress(es) ..

    .. GOD did that –

    • Replies: @SecretaryNS
  4. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says:

    “I have just read in Army Times that, to my delight, the Army is making soldiers wear the prettiest red high-heels in the pursuit of gender-equality.”

    Here’s another way to look at this.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to have rich Neocons and Liberal Zionists wear heavy army gear & boots and go through 3 months of grueling boot camp to appreciate what it means to be a soldier?

    These neocons don’t serve in the military. Their parents haven’t either. And their children and grandchildren don’t. They live like kings and queens.

    But they run much of foreign policy and have gotten American soldiers embroiled in all sorts of situations where they got killed or maimed and did a lot of killing and maiming of Arabs/Muslims.

    So, don’t put soldiers in high heels. Put the Neocons in some army gear.

    Abroad, Neocons and Liberal Zionists use US soldiers as attack dogs to invade and blow up other nations.
    But at home, the very same elites emasculate the military so that it will be subservient to the Jewish-Homo cabal that runs NY, DC, Chicago, San Fran, Los Angeles, etc.

    The Neocon and Liberal Zionist message to US soldiers is: Be a man and kill a whole bunch of ‘muzzies’ over there, be a wussy and walk in high heels in over here.

    If indeed so-called ‘progressives’ really care about ‘equality’ in the military, how about giving all soldiers the right to vote for which wars to fight abroad. If US were attacked, soldiers should have no choice since it’d be a matter of national defense.

    But if it’s a foreign venture where the security of US is NOT at issue, shouldn’t the very men who would have to do most of the killing and dying be given a choice/voice in the matter?

    Should they be used merely as cannon fodder by politicians who are little more than shills for the likes of the Adelsons and Nulands of the world? Shouldn’t they have a voice in the matter?

    All this ‘gay’ crap in the military is a red herring. Progs say it’s more ‘equality’ and ‘justice’ in the military, but if equality should really matter in the military, let soldiers have the right to decide which wars to fight or not fight in cases where American security is NOT threatened.

    The fact is, whether US military has homos/trannies or not, it is little more than a running dog of AIPAC. True equality for military men would be the right to voice their views and to oppose military ventures that don’t serve US interests but only serve the interests of globalists and AIPAC.

    • Replies: @TomTom
  5. 2/1 Doc says:

    “Get some FRED”

  6. “Be all that you can be.”

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  7. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factor"] says:
    @Fran Macadam

    Given that the US military is just a whore for Zion, this high-heel stuff makes sense.

  8. J says: • Website

    Contra Fred, the Army has found an effective, creative, a most politically-correct way of humiliating and breaking the recruits’s spirit of resistance. Definitely, the Army thinks out of the box.

  9. whorefinder says: • Website

    so when do we just start hiring goths and huns to do our fighting for us, leaving our little cross-dressers to contemplate women’s rights all day long while marching in the color guard?

    adrainople can’t be too far away at this rate.

    • Replies: @Sean T
  10. Meanwhile in Russia, the Defence Minister crosses himself as he passes through the gate of Savior Tower to start of this year’s Victory Day parade:

    The tower gate was once the main entrance into the Kremlin. In Czarist times, anyone passing through the gates had to remove their headgear and dismount their horses. This tradition was broken in the Soviet era.

  11. @Ronald Thomas West

    What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

    “Hey Fred, what about the $30 hot dogs in New York? Maybe you should worry about THOSE before worrying about a total non-problem like the emasculation of our largest military branch.”

    Great point, RTW!

  12. Tom Welsh says:

    Just… bloody… MAGNIFICENT!

  13. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Draft the childless neocon skank Anne Coulter into the Marines…this Republican pinup girl is at again over at making the case for mass murder in the Middle East. This is why I won’t send a penny into

  14. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Steve Sailer should not get so excited when the repellant War Criminal Skank Anne Coulter quotes him in one of her columns. Anne Coulter is a War Criminal who wants to save the Republican Party.

    Ron Unz should carry Anne Coulters’ commentary so that the morally decent commenters on Unz Review can take whacks at the skank in the Unz Review comment section.

    War is a Racket…and its the Republican Party Pinup Girl’s Racket…..

    • Replies: @rod1963
    , @Priss Factor
  15. rod1963 says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Both parties are complicit in the Neo-Con agenda you complain about. Who toppled Mubarack, Gaddafi, tried to start a fight with Russia over Syria, who approved the arming and equpping of ISIS? Obama and Hillary along with select members of the House and Senate.

    Lots of blood to be spread around but it’s not on the hands of some two bit pundits.

  16. @SecretaryNS

    “Hey Fred, what about the $30 hot dogs in New York? Maybe you should worry about THOSE before worrying about a total non-problem like the emasculation of our largest military branch”

    Fred’s all worried about some soldier might get his b**w-j*b from a man rather than a woman and drops altogether the ball as to real concerns when his worries are compared to ‘people who behave as stupid as the look’ also known as the Christian Taliban running the Pentagon…

    …and thanks for the inspiration to post up the satire

    Great point, RTW!

    You’re welcome

    • Replies: @Vendetta
    , @SecretaryNS
  17. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The military should be composed entirely of dykes, gays, trannies and the other hard-to-define types and they should be housed all together without any separation between them. I’m sure they can learn to operate all those nifty tanks, planes and missile systems. The rainbow battalions would certainly be a new, bold concept. The genius of this idea is simple: in case there really is any conflict, taking casualties would no longer be a political liability but might even be considered a good thing. Who’s going to care about dead trannies and dykes?

  18. Good to know that jarheads ain’t as dumb as word had it, out in the Atlantic fleet in ’69.

    You went too easy on Odierno, Fred. He needs to have his ass kicked up between his earlobes. Along with all 535 + 1 of our loathsomely corrupt Federal government.

  19. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    It goes like this:

    1)Post-WW2 Democratic-Republican Party Gangster Foriegn Policy=War is a Gangster Racket.

    2)Never admit 1) in public even though it is obvious.

    3)1)+2) requires the thin veneer of “OUR NOBLE INTENTIONS!!!”


    4)Because we are “morally superior to the Russkies”…we must FORCE DIVERISTY on the Native Born White American Christian Majority…starting in 1963…followed by the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act(The Native Born White American Extermination Act)

    5)In 2015….The Narcissitic Kenyan Foriegner threatens to thermonuclear annhilate The Conservative Orthodox Christian Russian People in the name of Homo Rights…although, the real reason is to steal Russia’s natural resources in the Caucuses and Siberia..including beautifull young Russian Women for the enjoyment of violent psychopathic serial rapist Billy Clinton from Hot Springs..and his two very Dear Friends billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstien and now suspected pedophile Alan Dershowitz.

    6)1-5 requires the homo norming of American Society…and the US Military as fast as possible.

    7)The very rapid homo norming of US Society is a direct consequence of the Greedy Cheating Degenerate White Male MEGA-CEO power and ownership of American Society.

    8)MEGA-CEO GREEDY CHEATING DEGENERATES are the force behind legalized homo marriage and homos in the Boy Scouts…just stating the very obvious.

    9)1-8=Straight Teenage White Males in ROTC forced to wear red high heels and walk around Campus or if they refuse and quit ROTC..get sent to Levenworth Military Prison and get gang raped at shower time.

    I declare America to be null and void of spiritual depth…but repelete with “spiritual” syphyluss spirocheetes and proliferating herpes viruses(Ann Coulter’s “Spiritual” Universe.)

  20. Behind this is an even more disturbing slo-mo train wreck that has been going on since the beginning of this administration. BO has overseen the forced removal from the armed services of a large number of career military officers; a number that is at least an order of magnitude greater than the number forced out of the services under prior administrations. The removals have targeted precisely those officers with the spine to stand up against this kind of gutless political kowtowing, i.e., precisely those officers that are fit to command.. More and more of the remaining officer class resembles Odierno. The big question is whether this has been a deliberate effort to destroy the US military or incidental to a purge of highly competent but politically and socially conservative officers.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  21. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    General Ray Odierno is a very good friend of the well known war enthusiast and chickenhawk…NY Giants Coach Tom Caughlin…a verbatim quote form Coach Caughlin:”the young Men of my generation fought in Vietnam so I could play football at Syuracuse”’s that for moral and spiritual rot..and rot some more…..

  22. @SecretaryNS

    At least West wasn’t shilling for hits to his website. A first time for everything!

  23. Vendetta says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    You have one funny satire, RTW. Bozo’s valedictorian speech. The rest is all very tin-eared. Give it a rest, man. Stop posting these links left and right. You look like an idiot.

    ‘Christian Taliban.’ Yeah. First he’s giving a speech on Jesus, next thing you know they’ll be putting a cross-beam on the Washington Monument and throwing acid into women’s faces.

    Someone get the jaws of life so we can extract RTW’s head from his ass.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  24. @Chris Mallory

    At least West wasn’t shilling for hits to his website. A first time for everything!

    If only! (He fired off an advert a few hours later.) 🙂

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  25. @Jus' Sayin'...

    BO has overseen the forced removal from the armed services of a large number of career military officers

    Not necessarily a bad thing, although career guys who hung in there might not necessarily have achieved tenure through competence.

    When I was in, the officer/enlisted ratio was like 1:20. I’ve read that in post-Vietnam years, the ratio reached 1:6 — that’s way too much commissioned blubber in squeaky desk chairs.

    I think we have a design problem in our military hierarchy structure, not to mention the purely social construct of the officer establishment. Do we need ten O grades and ten E grades, plus warrant ranks? Nah. Hell, even the Roman system would work better.

  26. Priss Factor [AKA "The Todd Conspiracy"] says:

    “Hey Fred, what about the $30 hot dogs in New York? Maybe you should worry about THOSE before worrying about a total non-problem like the emasculation of our largest military branch.”

    That has to be the dumbest Muslim ever. Or, is he really a Muslim?


  27. Priss Factor [AKA "The Todd Conspiracy"] says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    “Steve Sailer should not get so excited when the repellant War Criminal Skank Anne Coulter quotes him in one of her columns. Anne Coulter is a War Criminal who wants to save the Republican Party.”

    I think she came around to non-interventionism.

  28. Priss Factor [AKA "The Todd Conspiracy"] says:

    But the military is about taking orders. Whoever is at the top gets to give the orders.

    In the US, the commander-in-chief if the Prez, and US elected the Jewish-and-homo or Jomo-favored Obama.

    Military men are supposed to do as told.

    The military is about obedience, not defiance.

    It creates dogs, not wolves.

  29. @Vendetta

    You have one funny satire, RTW. Bozo’s valedictorian speech

    If you appreciated Bozo, you should have left a link:

    And somehow I doubt you’ve read all 40:


    • Replies: @Vendetta
  30. Vintage Fred after last week’s garbage.

  31. Flower says:

    What is it, 12+ years and counting, and we still can’t defeat an army of stone-age goat herders from Afghanistan. Gee, I wonder why?

  32. @John Jeremiah Smith

    If only! (He fired off an advert a few hours later.)

    What’s cool is, according to my stats, it works. Sucks for you whiner, homo obsessed conservatives.

    ^ It’s a stealth title

  33. Vendetta says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Do I have to read every novel of L. Ron Hubbard’s before I can figure out he’s a hack? Do I have to watch every episode of Glenn Beck’s show?

    I enjoyed Handcock U., but it was a fluke. Sorry, bub.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  34. @Vendetta

    Do I have to read every novel of L. Ron Hubbard’s before I can figure out he’s a hack?

    Speaking of hacks, I had a bit of a read through your comments, to customize a reply with an appropriate satire. You profile as a racist, homophobe Zionist who’d match up well with a certain paranoid fascist pop-legend every bit as phony as L Ron Hubbard:

    Rasputin had his moment. Bernard-Henri Lévy will have had his—this one magnificent and rebellious thing, reality, that will have brought his reputation, suddenly, solidly, into the ranks of history’s shameless pimp brothel-hoods

    Read more

    Enjoy! (noting other people DO follow the links I post here)

  35. @Ronald Thomas West

    Your concerns about Christians in the military (and probably everywhere else) are duly noted.

    Tell me, what do you think more adversely affects a fighting force–the belief that courage and faith will be rewarded in the afterlife, or atheistic faggotry in the here and now? I can see pros and cons to the former, but only cons in the latter. Your comment suggests that it’s obvious that Jesus Air Force General is the tip of the coming theocratic spear. It’s absurd. The Christian faith is rapidly declining in this country. Know when you’ve won.

    Here’s a thought for all you godless godsons of the communists–if you’re going to be running things, just know that a Muslim enemy is more likely to respect and fear you if you don’t give them pictures of morons wearing high heels in uniform. It only confirms the one thing they have right–that the West is a bunch of degenerate sensualists.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
    , @Anon
  36. @SecretaryNS

    Your comment suggests that it’s obvious that Jesus Air Force General is the tip of the coming theocratic spear. It’s absurd. The Christian faith is rapidly declining in this country. Know when you’ve won

    Name me a mainstream Republican candidate for 2016 Oval Office, or a Republican member of the House or Senate leadership that isn’t religious-right aligned and you can pat yourself on the back for what amounts to patent nonsense. Overall decline, however true that may be, is far away from a separate and equally valid phenomena of what remains grasps a wholly out of proportion amount of power in dangerous liaisons.

    Thinking people can have a read here:

    I can’t help but wonder what the family of Pat Tillman would think of the rest of your screed.

  37. Vendetta says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Very funny, RTW. Fuck Israel. Where in God’s name do you go getting that I’m a Zionist? Been a longtime advocate of dumping that alliance and opposing the war on Syria.

  38. Vendetta says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Had a bit of a readthrough of my own comment history just to see what the Hell you’re going on about. And you are either delusional or intellectually dishonest if you somehow manage to pull Zionist out of that.

    Kagame shill, Putin shill, Assad shill? I could at least see where you were coming from if I were accused of any of that? But Zionist? You’re about 180 degrees off. I say Israel is the biggest welfare queen on our entitlements budget and we should stop sending them checks. I say our commander-in-chief should tell the Israelis to turn around and have their planes shot down if Bibi ever tries launching a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities on his own. I say the West Bank settlements should be vacated and turned over to the Palestinians as compensation. I say Israel is a strategic liability, not an asset.

    Why don’t you turn the spotlight upon your own mental malfunctions the next time you write a satire? Guy who looks at blatant anti-Zionists and somehow sees agents of AIPAC.

    Sounds pretty funny to me.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  39. @Vendetta

    Gotta laugh at you’re on the defensive. In any case, a Kagame shill fits the bill, indicating a case of aligned with Susan Rice (this world’s full of strange bedfellows.) She’s a totally White mentality so it fits in some sense.

    And it can’t hurt to point out Israel has had interests in the Kagame occupation of the eastern DRC territories:

    And I notice Susan Rice is still welcome to give speeches at AIPAC … no, this world (and it’s shill voices) are seldom what they seem but attracting trolls such as yourself is a kind of left handed compliment in this virtual life

    • Replies: @Vendetta
    , @Vendetta
  40. Vendetta says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Ha. “Anglo-Saxon camp proxies” – that’s the kind of venom so many misguided ‘progressives’ spit at any African country that actually does stand up and try to do something for itself. For God’s sake man, get a clue and have an independent thought. Stop blinding following whatever the progressive press prints.

    Why does Kagame seek the resources of eastern Congo? Because he actually gives a shit about the future of his country and is looking for ways to wean Rwanda off of dependency on foreign aid. Wonder why it’s “Anglo-Saxon” camp proxies and not “Western” proxies? Because that’s a resentment very particular to Francophone sources. This is not some daring ‘independent’ journalism lifting the lid off of the Empire’s shadowy neo-colonial project. This is reprinted FDLR camp propaganda.

    Hate to break it to you, Ronald, but the FDLR, the perpetrators of a genocide that killed nearly a million people and left their own country in ruins, are playing the anti-imperialist wing of the left for suckers. They know exactly how to play you guys. They are smarter than you.

    You want to talk about “the terrorist army that invaded from Rwanda”? That’s a word for word perfect description of the Hutu FDLR. They came first. They came two decades ago and conquered the east of Congo as a base to continue to attack and threaten Rwanda. You know where M23 came from? The militias of the Banyamulenge and the Congolese Tutsi, you know, the people who lived there before the FDLR came in with all the Hutu refugees and took over the region. The militias these minorities created for their own self-defense against the FDLR invaders since the Congolese Army was nowhere to be found and couldn’t even beat the FDLR if it was trying to (which it never was, Mobutu and Kabila both conceding to the FDLR’s occupation of the east).

    “Continuing genocide in the Congo” – yes, that’s the FDLR, perpetually projecting and casting themselves as the real victims when, you know, they were the ones who chopped up a million people.

    And you want to talk about UN complicity and the perfidious West? Who was it that created the safe passages for the FDLR genocidaires to escape from Rwanda to Congo – who in effect facilitated the FDLR’s conquest of the eastern Congo? It was the UN that allowed these murderers to get away and covered their retreat, which it could have easily cut off instead. It was the UN that allowed the Interahamwe and FDLR into the refugee camps in the Congo where it fed and housed them and showered aid donations intended for the victims of the genocide upon its perpetrators instead. And it’s in France, in Belgium, in Germany, and even in America where many of the leaders and prominent figures of the Hutu government found asylum as “political refugees,” where they live to this day unpunished for their crimes.

    These are the people the anti-imperialist left has been duped into shilling for, the successors of the Khmer Rouge as the most abominable, self-destructive mass murderers the Third World has ever seen. The Khmer Rouge of course being another group who similarly co-opted the anti-imperial left for a time as its shills and apologists. The left had the communist Vietnamese Army that overthrew Pol Pot and crushed the Khmer Rouge as its ready made socialist heroes; they should have been singing the praises of Ho Chi Minh for actually saving the people of Cambodia, but instead they became the principal apologists of Pol Pot and clique.

    To Hell with Susan Rice as well for what she did to Libya. She’s yet another of the many vile women who should have no place in our country’s politics – Victoria Nuland, Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Diane Feinstein, Samantha Power, Wendy Davis, Michele Bachmann – all of them belong in a gulag in Alaska, along with rest of the neocon, neoliberal establishment.

    And if you think that you’re somehow ahead if you make a bullshit accusation and I shoot it down, then yeah – I gotta laugh too.

  41. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    “Your concerns about Christians in the military (and probably everywhere else) are duly noted.”

    Soldiers have to take orders. US military can be 100% Fundamentalist Christian, but it will have to do the bidding of the Commander-in-Chief. If the Prez is a homo-propagandist and Israel-firster, that all the US military will be. It doesn’t matter what you believe. Your actions are dictated by the top leader.

    So, if your president orders you to attack a nice Christian nation, you must do so even if you are a nice Christian.

    Military men are attack dogs. Nothing more… except when they defend their own nation.

  42. Vendetta says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    I’ll throw you one more example too, just to be clear that this is not an isolated mistake but part of a long pattern of leftist betrayals of African nations – the Republic of Biafra, created by the Igbo people of Nigeria, who sought to escape the domination of the Hausa-Fulani, sharia-ruled north, a domination imposed upon them by the artificially drawn borders the British Empire left behind.

    An issue the Left loves to posture and lecture about, those accursed artificial borders – but where was the Left when the Igbo people tried to escape these borders in the hopes of modernizing their country and freeing themselves from the religious tyranny of the north?

    There they were, lining up behind the Soviet Union and alongside BP-Shell and the British government – in support of the Nigerian military junta, condemning the Igbo people’s struggle for independence as an imperialist “divide and conquer” scheme to dominate Nigeria, when of course it was Biafran independence that was threatening BP-Shell’s lucrative oil contracts with the Nigerian government. And there they were until the Nigerian Army starved two million Igbos to death, when of course they did the about-face and started panhandling for donations to save the starving children.

    That’s how the Left likes its Africans – as starving, helpless beggars, not when they are proud, spirited people fighting for their own futures. Biafra didn’t get two nickels from the Left while they still had a chance to win the fight.

    Ronald Thomas West, why don’t you explain what you would do if you were in Kagame’s shoes in the 1990s? Please explain how you’d rebuild a country that was salted and burned by the retreating Hutu forces without taking a dime from the evil imperialists.

    Please explain how you’d deal with a 20,000-30,000 strong armed force of the same people who committed the genocide against yours, camped right across the border in a country that has no law and order, no effective armed forces, and a government that’s complicit with the FDLR’s presence – in a region home to a vulnerable minority of your own people – the same people the FDLR are hell-bent on wiping out.

    Please explain how you’d develop the economy of your tiny, landlocked, resource-barren, overcrowded country and uplift the millions of your people who are subsistence farmers.

    Please give the circumstances Rwanda is faced with an even cursory thought before you decide to condemn one of the most effective leaders Africa’s had in decades to the “Anglo-Saxon Zionist corporate proxy” dustbin.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  43. @Vendetta

    I have to laugh at the ‘left’ ad hominem, you don’t know who I am or what I’m about.

    Insofar as your specious (and quite criminal) justifications for the Israeli invested (you dodged that) Kagame regime crimes in neighboring Congo, here is the real recipe I will gladly explain per your request:

    The corrupt regimes handing us (in the western democracies) raw resources on the cheap are no less dependent on us than we are dependent on corrupt regimes to keep the value of our stocks competitive. It is a trap, where if the western democracies allow for social equity to be realized, and must pay a fair market value for resources consequently, the value of stocks will drop in the market ‘adjustment’ to the new circumstance. In a situation of many cases of exploitation, concerning many nations and hundreds of stocks at the exchanges in Frankfurt, London, Toronto and Wall Street (among other exchanges), a drop in these values reflecting a fair market value wealth redistribution necessary to achieve social stability in the developing nations, would also see a dramatic drop in the stocks of the military-industrial sector which is inter-dependent with the corruption and associated expenditures on counter-insurgency necessary to prop up the corrupt regimes providing resources on the cheap.

    Read more

    • Replies: @Wyrd
    , @Vendetta
  44. Wyrd says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Well, Ronnie, from your Google profile pics, it appears you’re an old hippie who drives around the country in a Winnepago fighting against The Man, that is, when you were not dropping acid in a teepee while playing bongos along to your Santana records. You apparently soil your tie-dye drawers at the thought of some mythical Christian fascists establishing a theocracy that would require you to cut your hair, take a bath, and attend sunday school.

    Oh, and the pic of your ear fungus is a nice touch.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  45. @Wyrd

    Just for you fascist slime-bag

    ^ by Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson

    And as for the fungus reference, people can draw their own conclusions as to my friendliness to dopers (at least I have the balls to explore other cultures, and unlike many rednecks, I saw the Vietnamese as human as well)


    • Replies: @Wyrd
  46. Vendetta says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    That you have the complete and utter shamelessness or lack of self-awareness to say that I dodged something in the midst of a chickenshit non-reply in which you dodge everything is just staggering.

    Let’s face facts Ronald – you speak from your ass when it comes to Rwanda. You haven’t even read a single a book about this country or what happened in it, and you are credulous enough to believe anything you read in the Daily Kos. You don’t care one single bit about the people of Rwanda. Not one. You don’t care at all about Kagame’s achievements in reducing poverty, inequality, corruption, disease, and infant mortality. None of that means anything to you because the welfare of the Rwandan people is irrelevent to you.

    What you care about is that he took Israeli investments.

    Why shouldn’t he?

    Israel didn’t put him into power. He isn’t an Israeli puppet. So why shouldn’t he accept their investments in his country’s economy? Why should his people stay poor and miserable and refuse opportunities to build up their own country? The Kagame government’s aid money doesn’t disappear into Swiss bank accounts and luxury cars. It gets invested into improving the country. The statistics on Rwanda’s economic growth and living conditions speak to that.

    How’s this for a corrupt dictatorship, Ronald?


    Burundi – prevalence 36.7%
    Uganda – prevalence 33%
    Kenya – prevalence 31.9%
    Tanzania – prevalence 28.6%
    Rwanda – prevalence 6.6%.

    Quite frankly, in your assumptions of Anglo-Zionist superiority, you expect that Third Worlders are always the dupes, the idiots, the hapless pawns. It would not even occur to you to think that it might be Kagame who is playing the West for fools and not the other way around. Taking advantage of their aid and investments in order to build up a nation that can stand on it own and determine its own future.

    I’ll ask again, Ronald. What would you do if you were in his shoes?

    “I have to laugh at your ad hominem about the Left.” No, Ronald, you half-wit, what you have to do is quit laughing and pasting your blog links and actually come up with some sort of a credible response.

    And in the meantime, I’ll be laughing at you because you apparently don’t even know what the word ‘criminal’ means. If you think it’s criminal for me to argue against you and your non-understanding of history, you are the fascist.

    And a lazy one at that, too intellectually lazy to even come up with a serious response to an argument.

    Yeah, I know who you are. I know what you’re about. You’re a goddamn jellyfish. You’re a transparently spineless, mindless blob drifting blindly and aimlessly along the prevailing currents. You fucking cnidarian.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  47. Wyrd says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Well raise my rent, it looks like we have something in common, Ronnie. When I have a hankering for unadulterated bovine feces, Daily Kos is my website of choice too.

    Keep on truckin’, my friend. You’re the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  48. @Vendetta

    Utilizing the World Bank and BBC to back your assertions of equity via criminal regimes is like trusting the Pentagon with auditing the books of the Dian Fossey foundation or depending on USAID for honest reporting on World Bank facilitated corporate land grabs in Ethiopia, violating rights of entire communities:

    “This report provides unique insight into the investigation conducted by the donor agencies in January 2012. In stark contrast with the official discourse, testimony from the affected communities shows that egregious human rights violations have taken place. The author accompanied the assessment team as its translator and has audio recordings of the interviews conducted in several Lower Omo communities. Transcripts of these recordings, made public with this report, leave no room for doubt that the donor agencies were given highly credible first-hand accounts of serious human rights violations”

    Read more:

    Insofar as the official lies you promote to cover the western democracies protecting corrupt multinational corporate interests, it’s a dirty business has gone on for a very long time, interested people can watch former CIA office Phillip Agee discuss here:

    And here is a list of links to read up on internet gatekeepers who work to provide cover for those corrupt interests:

    ^ Adios dudette

  49. @Wyrd

    Well raise my rent, it looks like we have something in common, Ronnie. When I have a hankering for unadulterated bovine feces, Daily Kos is my website of choice too

    So, that’s what you have to say about the honorable Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson’s article at the Daily Kos. Here’s the same article at Huffington Post:

    You’re like a good church going Reinhard Gehlen, a Nazi so squeaking clean he keeps his Bavarian sidewalk polished to a point you’d feel comfortable eating off it. But on the inside? Not so sanitary…

    “Washington (AFP) – The US Air Force has told a sergeant he will have to leave the military unless he agrees to take an oath with the phrase “so help me God,” officials said“

    A religious-military totalitarian state is born:

    “Mr. Snowden has brought home to us that, while we Americans do not yet live in a police state or tyranny, we are well along in building the infrastructure on which either could be instantly erected if our leaders decided to do so. No longer protected by the law, our freedoms now depend on the self-restraint of men and women in authority, many of them in uniform. History protests that if one builds a turnkey totalitarian state, those who hold the keys will eventually turn them” -former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Chas Freeman

    Read more

    ^ noting other folk follow the links –

  50. Wyrd says:

    Roast me! Hang me! Please, Brer Ronnie, don’t throw me into the nazi/fascist/racist patch!

  51. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factor"] says:

    The American Slipper.

    A trans version of American Sniper.

  52. Sean T says:

    What do you think ISIS is?

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  53. Omerta says:

    The military command sends you to Vietnam to die horribly.

    The military command dictates a march in red pumps.

    They’re both the same thing. The honor you derive from suffering in Vietnam is the authority the military uses to make cadets march in high heels.

    Maybe acquiescing to authority isn’t all that great. Maybe the military is the arm of the State.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  54. @Omerta

    Perhaps most “authority” is irresponsible and little more than an exercise in ego.

  55. @Ronald Thomas West

    You profile as a racist, homophobe Zionist

    Homophobe (n): Greek for “Νιγγερ”.

  56. @Sean T

    An organization created by the CIA, Turkey, Saudi and Israel. It’s aim is to destabilize all threats to the 3 Middle Eastern nations named.

  57. TomTom says:
    @Priss Factor

    You’re missing the big picture. You have correctly identified the culprits (the jews) but here’s why.

    In order to see America’s future, we have to look at where Russia was just before the first world war. Losing in war and then a (jewish) bolshevik revolution. This time around it will be a race war. The jews have set the west up to be destroyed and lose the next great war. They control the BRIC’s (this was a Goldman Sachs initiative). They control it all. Read the Turner Diaries. This is coming to America courtesy of our jewish banker overlords.

    I just hope that US soldiers get to wear colour-coded lipstick to match the shoes! Everyone knows how important that is.

    Oh, and to the US high command that agreed to this abomination, I sincerely hope you are hunted down and slaughtered for being the traitors you are.

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